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Brahma Kumaris Launch a Hindi Version of the BeeZone App

28 July 2020

On the 18th of January 2018, the BK Global IT team launched a new mobile App called BeeZone in English. We are pleased to inform you that we have now launched a version in Hindi as well.


BeeZone provides tools and techniques for people to relax, refocus, unwind, and move into a positive space – a Zone where they can just Be. This app has been developed as a tool to serve everyone especially at this time when people all over the world are facing many challenges. The App is very neutral and has a number of features including traffic control. It is appropriate for anyone to use, from professionals to kids, also including BKs. We hope you like it and find it useful in serving your local communities.



Hindi animations are available at:



Website:  www.bee.zone


Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.brahmakumaris.beezone


After Download, In Settings, Select Hindi Language





28th July – Memorial Day of Didi Manmohini, Former Administrative Head of Brahma Kumaris (1969-1983)

28 July 2020

Didi (elder sister) Manmohini joined the Brahma Kumaris in its beginning years in 1936-37. Her childhood name was Gopi, and she was born in 1915 to mother Rukmani in Sindh, Hyderabad (presently in Pakistan). They had a family connection with Dada Lekhraj (later, Prajapita Brahma Baba).


Didi Manmohini ji shared her experience in this way:

“I was born in a famous and respected Sindhi family. The family into which I was married was also a very respectable one. Even in my lokik (family) life, our relatives would frequently visit Dada Lekhraj’s family. They were sort of pulled to him. You will probably ask, why? Because Dada was very well-known for his devotion. Seeing his devotional feelings, generosity, magnanimity, and kind-heartedness, the local community had good respect for him. Besides, I would continue to meet and communicate with Baba because of our lokik relations. My lokik mother also desired that her children should forge relations with Baba’s family. However, it did not happen in that way and we were married to other homes.”


“In spite of being in a rich family, I was very unhappy in my worldly life. This is why I would spend more time attending various satsangs here and there. There were all types of comfort in my home, and we were constantly engaged in charity and making donations. I loved the Gita and the Bhagavat ( scriptures) very much. I did not know what would happen through reading them but I just loved the story of gopis in the Bhagavat. I was habitual of going through that story daily. I even visualized myself as a gopi internally. Even my lokik name was Gopi! As I was reading about Krishna’s divine games with his gopis I would shed tears of love. I was so fond of those gopis! I wondered as to how the gopis succeeded in meeting Krishna. So this is how my path of devotion continued.,” says Didi.


“I saw a spinning discus of light in the middle of Baba’s forehead”

Didi continues, “Once my lokik mother (whom they would call Queen Mother in the Yagya) went to see Baba. The next day after having gone to Baba, she sent back her car to take me there, too. In those days having a car was considered something great. I got into the car and went to Baba. Baba was sitting in a small room holding the Gita scripture in his hands and conducting a spiritual discourse (satsang). I had seen Baba a number of times before, however, on that day I was experiencing a special pull to him. I came up to Baba and sat down in front of him in such a way that Baba’s drishti would meet my drishti. I saw a spinning discus of light in the middle of Baba’s forehead. I would not even say that I went into trance. I was seeing this discus of light on Baba’s forehead with my physical eyes. Baba was narrating something but I was hardly aware of what all of that was about. At the end, Baba started chanting the sound of ‘Om’ and I got lost in the love of that chanting. The heart was willing to get merged in the sound of Baba’s voice. Even at that time I could see the discus of light on Baba’s forehead.”


After the satsang was complete, Baba asked me whether I had heard anything during the Satsang. I answered, ‘Baba, I have heard it but I want to learn more.’ Baba said, ‘Come to Om Mandali tomorrow.’ Next day Baba conducted his satsang at another place. I went there and sat down in front of Baba. In those days we did not have the pictures that we are having now. Baba took a sheet of paper and a pencil, drew a picture of the subtle regions and of paramdham (home of souls). I would listen to Baba and the firm faith came in my heart that I was that same gopi described in the Bhagavat.


Didi had to tolerate assaults because of her purity.

When Baba started his Satsang in Hyderabad it caused a sensation in the city. On one hand many were getting divine visions and on the other hand, they were told (during Murlis) to remain pure in family life (celibacy). Baba’s first direction was to remain pure (celibate). As soon as Didi heard that, she decided, ‘I will stay pure.’ As Didi took a vow of purity, her husband quarrelled with her. He even beat Didi once or twice. Once he even threw a glass at Didi and hurt her head. But Didi was intoxicated in her love for Baba’s gyan-murli (the flute of knowledge). As she was listening to the knowledge she would get intoxicated. She would immediately imbibe whatever Baba said and start practising it in her practical life. She had to tolerate lots of assaults after taking the vow of purity. Having become fed up with her husband’s cruelty, she had to leave his house and return to her parents. Didi was Mamma’s right hand in service tasks.


Administrative skills

After the partition in 1951, when preparations were to be made for this organization to move from Sindh to another place, Baba sent Didi for this task. And it was Didi ji who made all the inquiries and selected Mount Abu for this purpose.


She was the image of knowledge, the image of virtues, the image of yoga and the image of tenderness.


And that was not all about her! Didi had many other virtues. First of all, she was a very diligent student. From 1937 until 1983 she was never absent in Baba’s Gyan Murli class. Everyone would see her present in the class with her notebook and her pen. At the time of listening, she would note down certain points of knowledge, and then throughout the day she would share them with the seekers she met. So she remained a diligent student even at the age of 72. And she was also very good in her yoga practice. She would take her bath in the morning and not only would she be seated at 4.00 am according to the discipline but also she conducted meditation for everyone in silence by becoming the image of yoga.


Tireless server
From the beginning of the Yagya, she was very active in taking responsibilities. She did tireless service in this institution by fully surrendering her mind, body, and wealth to the task of awakening people. Even in her old age, she would travel widely across the country doing Godly service everywhere from Assam to Abu, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from Kolkatta to Kach. She even went abroad for this elevated task. Even at the age of 72, she would show her care providing thousands of those coming to Madhuban with all the comforts as well as taking them into the depths of Gyan. Day and night she was busy showering everyone with her motherly love.


The life of renunciation
Didi lived a very simple life, from dressing to meals and behavior. In this way, she remained an image of simplicity and renunciation. Whatever possessions she had she gave them as presents to others and was connected in love with God.


Together with Dadi Prakashmani, Didi Manmohini Ji was carrying out such a huge task of administering a very big international organization. Having an enormous responsibility they could also have enjoyed quite a lot of rights. However, Didi never spoke to anyone with a feeling of having those rights or arrogance of her position. Even if someone disobeyed a particular Maryada (discipline), she would still give them her motherly love so that they did not leave this path of Godly knowledge. Even if someone was dissatisfied because of any reason, she would still sustain them with love so that they remained linked with Shiv Baba and did not leave the path of yoga by sulking with some bodily beings. ‘It is this person’s mistake, it is their fault, so why should I talk to them?’ – she never had such feelings. No, in order to make their mind cool Didi ji herself would say, ‘Brother, if there is something like that in your mind, disclose it. All of us are travellers on the same path. In our divine family, we have relationships of souls. And in my heart there are only pure feelings for you.’ It was sort of Didi’s song for the children, ‘I am a soul, and you are a soul. We are brothers. Baba says, Just study and never fight with anyone.’


Loving behaviour
Didi had such a specialty that by coming in contact and relationships with others she would make them feel belonging here through her love. She would give them her motherly love or would offer a solution to their problem. Didi would bind them with the thread of love enabling them to leave whatever was bad in them. Even if that person did not accept those teachings from others, he would easily accept it from Didi. So in her interaction with others, there was a magnetic attraction. No one ever feared to talk to her. On the contrary, they were pulled by her love. In this way, Didi ji enabled them to move forward on this spiritual path. After interacting with her no one remained distant from gyan (knowledge). The doctor (Dr. Bhagawati) who operated on Didi began considering Didi to be her mother. Didi ji’s interaction was filled with love but at the same time, her stage was constantly beyond. Whenever she gave someone some toli she would ask, ‘Have you eaten it in Shiv Baba’s remembrance or not?’


Didi ji was not just an image of tapasya but also very entertaining. She would listen to jokes and tell jokes but at the same time, she would make those jokes polite and spiritual. She was not dry and even at that age she was simple and joyful like a child.


Conqueror of sleep
All those who came in contact with Didi ji know that Didi ji slept very little. She would renounce her night sleep and practice yoga individually. Sometimes she would wake up at two o’clock in the morning and sit for quite a long time remembering Avyakt BapDada. At other times also she paid special attention to the pilgrimage of Godly remembrance. The fruit of that tapasya is that she won in the race of knowledge and yoga and got into the list of those who are number one.


Didi was Loving, royal, attentive, simple, Yogi, conqueror of sleep, cheerful, and responsible.





REPLAYS of recent Broadcasts by Sister Shivani July 21st through 27th

28 July 2020

(Note that all have English subtitles or are in English.)


27 July - Guided Meditation for Happiness and Health [20:31] https://youtu.be/2zhCY0Pfk9U


25 July - Simple Steps to Self Transformation [15:17] https://youtu.be/WfhirFQMkio


23 July - How to Cope With Change? [23:07] https://youtu.be/agNgFbUy3NU



21 July - Program Your Mind to Think Positive Always [12:13] https://youtu.be/NNyi79waycY






Didi Nirmala - Further health update

28 July 2020

Dear Divine Family, Greetings from Madhuban.


Didi Nirmala has come out from the operation theatre. She asked me to share the message that the operation went successfully. Then Dr Banarasi shared the news in detail as follows:


"Didi's operation has been carried out successfully. Now she has been brought to her room. She has been given water. After one hour she will take meals. She has not been given any dietary restrictions. Everything is ok. Yaad-pyar from Dr Banarasi bhai."


In Baba's yaad,

Br Charlie





Didi Manmohini (A Film With English Translation by Sr Manda)

28 July 2020

Didi Ji left her body on 28th July 1983. This video is a collection of memories of Didi, both audio and video, from different occasions. Click on the above image to play. [51:56]


Please also see Sister Jayanti's class with London on 26th July on Memories of Didi. Just click here.






REPLAY: 24 July - Relationship with Time - Dealing with Uncertain Times from a Spiritual Perspective PLUS Links to Previous Three Broadcasts

25 July 2020

Dear Divine Family,
Recently there has been a series of on-line panels for BKs to discuss ways they are Dealing with Uncertain Times from a Spiritual Perspective.
This series is intended to engage BKs in personal reflection and learn from senior brothers and sisters who have been experimenting with spiritual solutions to practical challenges for many years.  
Please see the recording link for Conversation #4 Relationship with Time with Br Charlie (Australia), Sr Pratibha (South Africa), Sr Kim (Malaysia)


This is a private link for BKs only. See recording links for 3 previous conversations below.  https://youtu.be/P8u2JnK8IWQ
With warm regards,
in Baba's yaad,
The Spiritual Conversations Team


#1 Financial Insecurity

Ken O'Donnell (Brazil) and Mara Gomes (Portugal)



#2 Intensification of Purification: Emotional Eruptions and Relationships

Gopi Patel (UK), Pamela Donnellan (Australia) and Enrique Simo (Spain)



#3 Finding Your Place: Belonging

Moira Lowe (Argentina), Rita Cleary (Boston), Ash Patel (UK)







REPLAY of Exquisite Exchanges with Our Future Form - A Conversation Well Worth Hearing which premiered on July 15

25 July 2020


Dear Divine Family, Warmest greetings of love,

We are attaching an invitation to a conversation on July 15 with Br Charlie, Sr Manda, and Sr Waddy on Exquisite Exchanges with Our Future Form can be replayed by clicking on this link: https://youtu.be/sp_BOIVLMOM..

This conversation has grown out of the Exquisite Exchanges with My Future Life Journal. For more information about the conversation, please email us at exquisite.exchanges@au.brahmakumaris.org 

Much love,

For the Exquisite Exchange Team

Judy J, Petra, and Trish


Click here for Exquisite Exchanges - Invitation letter in PDF file format.




A special invitation for BK young adults globally: Pilgrimage of power Yoga Bhatti Sat 25 July

24 July 2020

Dear Divine Family,

(Please forward this invitation to all BK young adults in your area)


A special invitation for BK young adults globally - Sat 25 July 2020 Pilgrimage of Power yoga bhatti.


Please find attached below the invitation flyer (in pdf format) here.


Timings are:

Sydney – 20:30

Delhi – 16:00 

London – 11:30

Nairobi - 13:30 

New York – 06:30


Please register: bkiyf.eventbrite.com


Zoom Event:

Meeting ID: 961 9374 0369

Password: peace108


The event is for BK young adults (aged between 16 - 40) and youth instruments who hold responsibility in the yagya. It is also open to those 'graduates' (outside the age range) who have participated in previous IYF programmes or have been involved in local/national youth service in their areas.


Many thanks,

In Baba's yaad,

BK Gopi on behalf of the IYF Online Programmes Team



Please register: bkiyf.eventbrite.com






REPLAYS of recent Broadcasts by Sister Shivani from July 14 - 20

24 July 2020

20 July - Are people's behaviour troubling you? [29:04] https://youtu.be/lA5jhP2z3GI



18, July - Keep Your Karmic Balance Sheet Clean [15:17] https://youtu.be/hpYg4DE8TU0



16 July - Steps to Finish Fear & Anxiety [20:17] https://youtu.be/q2-Axw5EZ30



14 July - You Have Strong Will Power [29:15] Ep 23 of BEING Series https://youtu.be/2gJx3l8lv1A







Message regarding Didi Nirmala's health

24 July 2020

Dear Divine Family,


Recently Didi Nirmala has not been feeling well. She went to Global Hospital and it was found her blood pressure was low and so was her heart rate. Her Physician asked her to do an ECG and as a result has advised her that she will need a heart pacemaker which will ensure a normal heart rate.


Didi Nirmala left for Ahmedabad yesterday Thursday 23rd and is presently in hospital there and will have the operation to put in the pacemaker on Monday 27th July.


Didi would like to thank all those sending her messages of love and good wishes.


I will keep in touch with more news.


Much love in Baba's yaad,







Signals from Avyakt BapDada

24 July 2020

Dear Divine Family,


The festival of Raksha Bandhan is a chance to deepen our tapasya and to accumulate the ‘shakti’ to remain stable as each scene of the drama unfolds in front of us. To help us do this, we are sending you some signals from Avyakt BapDada to help us understand what stage we should have and what actions we should take at the current, critical times.  


With love,

in Baba's yaad,






Invitation: Screening & Meet the Cast: 8 Postures of the Heart: Wed. Jul. 29 @ 7pm EST

24 July 2020

Peace Village is happy to invite you to this movie screening ......


8 Postures of the Heart

The Greatest Love Story of All, Between the Soul and God


Throughout time, the most urgent search is that of the soul for God. This is a great love story told by eight Raja Yogi storytellers and eight musicians in celebration of UN International Yoga Day.


Join these experienced mediators from around the globe sharing a piece of their story in search of God, in finding God, and in loving God. The virtual screening of this one hour film, 8 Postures of the Heart, will take place on:


Wednesday, July 29

7:00 - 8:30 pm 


After the screening, you will have the wonderful opportunity to meet some of the cast and musicians.

Reserve your seat: Zoom

Watch live on YouTube

Watch live on Facebook

WhatsApp version


Click on the flier to download.





In Images:  Didi Manmohini - July 28th is her Memorial Day

23 July 2020



“Women – Key to Change the Society” Women’s E-Conference on July 25th and 26th

23 July 2020


Dear divine family, Om Shanti. Please accept Divine Greetings of Peace.

Thanks for your kind cooperation and help to glorify the Baba.


We are very happy to share about our upcoming Women's wing Online E-Conference.

Please circulate in your areas, so that the women of your center and of your contact can take the benefit of this E-conference.


Inauguration of International Women’s E-Conference by Women’s Wing on July 25th:

Topic – Women – Key to Change the Society 

From 11 AM to 12:30 PM IST



Hon. Smt. Draupadi Murmu, Governor of Jharkhand, Hon. Shri Jagdeep Dhankar, Governor of West Bengal,  BK Chakradhari, Director Russia & Delhi Shaktinagar, BK Jayanti Director, Brahma Kumaris., Mrs. Magda Fernandez Vragas, Counsellor and Consul Embassy of Costa Rica in India, Ms. Rita Bahuguna Joshi, MP Lok Sabha, and Dr. Damini Mehta, Singer, Ahmedabad.


Topic – Tips for Good Parenting – July 25 from 6 PM to 7:30 PM


BK Shivani Renowned Motivational Speaker, Ms. Sangeeta Beniwal, Chairperson, Rajasthan State Commission for Protection of Child Right, Jaipur, Ms. Manasi Pradhan, Founder, Nirbhaya Vahini, New Delhi and BK Yugratan Singer, Durg.


Topic- Holistic Development of Women – July 26 from 11 AM to 12:30 PM


BK Sudha, Russia, BK Sudesh, Germany, Ms. Kalyani Sharan, Chairperson, State Women Commission, Jharkhand, Ms. Sheena Chauhan, Renowned Indian Actress & Human Rights Educationist, Dr. Seema Rao, India’s First Woman Commando Trainer, Dr. Savita H.Q. Coordinator. Women Wing and Dr. Damini Mehta, Singer, Ahmedabad.


Topic – Values for Social Change – July 26 from 6 PM to 7:30 PM


BK Sharda National Coordinator, Women Wing. Ahmedabad, BK Poonam Subzone Incharge. Jaipur (Rajapark), Ms. Pragya Prasun Founder, Atijeevan Foundation, Bengaluru, Mrs. Alokananda Roy, Renowned Artist and Social Activist, Mrs.Mugdha Sinha (IAS) Secretary of Art, Literature, Culture & Archaeology Dept. (Raj.), Mrs. Ekktta Sinha Features Head – Raj Patrika. Delhi, BK Asmita Singer, Kolkata.


e-Conference Promo Link:


Watch Live of E-Conference at http://tiny.cc/womenwing2020
Tata Sky: 1084
Jio TV: 1060
GTPL: 578
InDigital: 996
NXTDigital: 984


All Sessions will telecast on Awakening Channel.  www.awakeningtv.in

Contact –  +91 9414155345





Progress Report on the Health & Hygiene and Water Project - Madhuban Campuses

22 July 2020

Om shanti and loving greetings from Madhuban.

COVID 19 has brought many surprises as well as gifts. Here in Shantivan, almost all work had stopped for 2 months and no labour are allowed into the campus. In all three campuses, it has given the residents to ’spring clean’ and many have appreciated it. The atmosphere of tapasya is intensifying everywhere. In the last few weeks we have also restarted the work on the finishing of the Water Treatment Plant project in Shantivan.  

Of course, such times have brought an even more intense focus on improving Health and Hygiene in all our campuses. To safeguard our immediate future, we are making water safety and kitchen/food hygiene a top priority. 

In this light - our focus over the next 6 - 8 months is the following:

Phase 1 - Finishing Shantivan WTP + Vegetable Area expansion  

Phase 2 - Pandav Bhavan WTP and Gyan Sarovar WTP installation 

Phase 3 - Dishwashers for Shantivan and Gyan Sarovar

* WTP = Water Treatment Plant

Please find attached a summary report of the works so far.

With everyone's finger of co-operation we will fulfill Baba's unlimited task.

If you have any queries or feedback, please do contact your RC for further details.

In Baba’s yaad,

Dr Nirmala 

On behalf of the HH Steering Committee

Attachment1:  Instructions for Indian and Foreign Passport Holders

Attachment 2: Donation Letter/Form

Attachment 3: Progress Report of HH/Water (pdf file)




Articles by Three Angels Featured on page 9 of the Daily Guardian, 18 July 2020

22 July 2020

Click on above image to download full size pdf.

Featured articles by:

Sister Jayanti - A greater, much higher love - Demystifying detachment

Sister Aruna - What kind of 'brave new world' do we want to create?

Dr Savita - The Secret to Strength and Greatness: Think and Speak Less




BK and Public Rakhi Messages from Mohini Didi in English, Hindi, Portuguese, French, and Spanish

22 July 2020

Om Shanti and Warm Greetings for Rakshabandhan,

May Baba's canopy of protection be always over you and the thread of avyakt love keep you close.

With special love for this special festival during this special time.

BK Mohini

New York, USA


Download ENGLISH BK pdf here. Download ENGLISH PUBLIC pdf here.

Download HINDI BK jpg here. Download HINDI PUBLIC jpg here.

Download SPANISH BK pdf here. Download SPANISH PUBLIC pdf here.

Download PORTUGUESE BK pdf here. Download  PORTUGUESE PUBLIC pdf here.

Download FRENCH BK pdf here. Download FRENCH PUBLIC pdf here.




July 15 – Memorial Day of Dadi Hridaya Pushpa

15 July 2020

Dadi Hridayapushpa was one of the jewels of the Brahma Kumaris who was responsible for spreading the light of divine knowledge in the south of India. She was lovingly called ‘Tikkan’ by everyone.  She fulfilled immense responsibilities for the Brahma Kumaris Organization while living in Bangalore,  Karnataka. She left her mortal coil on 15th July 1996, to become part of the incorporeal world. She set up a Retreat Center and Spiritual Museum in Karnataka where she inspired many people to walk the spiritual path.

Born in Sindh, Hyderabad, her father’s name was Ratanchand Surtani and her mother’s name was Sita. Her father had a cloth shop in Colombo, Sri Lanka. She was one amongst nine children.  She was called ‘Tikkan,’ or unmoving, for her habit of sitting undisturbed in God contemplation since childhood.

Though averse to marriage, she was married at a normal age. She lost her husband within six months to illness and became a young widow. Drowned in sadness, she started following the deep spiritual urge within her. In these circumstances, she met Dada Lekhraj, the founder father of the Brahma Kumaris, and Om Radhe, his spiritual consort. This proved to be a turning point in her life. Dada Lekhraj gave her Divine knowledge.  Learning about Soul consciousness, Dadi Hridayapushpa forgot all her sadness and became light-hearted and joyful.  She became instrumental in bringing the benefits of Divine knowledge to both her parents, leading to an end of all their sorrows. After listening to Dada Lekhraj, her father turned vegetarian, teetotaler, and staunch follower of the Brahma Kumaris.

From here onwards, Dadi Hridayapushpa practiced spiritual discipline and service in the company of Dada Lekhraj (Brahma Baba). She had immense faith and dedication towards him. She radiated the power of Yogic joy and concentration.  She was an example of a Divine personality giving love and peace to all.




REPLAY LINKS for July 12 Masterclass on Didiji Manmohini by Sudesh Didi

11 July 2020

Link to the full recording: https://youtu.be/723fbyIsCxM

Link to the Didiji video embedded in the recording: https://youtu.be/jKUaPIdXYlI


United Yoga Bhatti – Master Class 

on Ancestor Soul, Didiji Manmohini by Sudesh Didi, 

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Many BKs came together in a united bhatti of 15 minutes of yoga, at the same time worldwide, with the same aim and objective. Sudesh Didi enhanced this United Yoga Bhatti with a Master Class on The Yogi Life of Manmohini Didiji.






REPLAYS of recent Broadcasts by Sister Shivani, July 1-11

13 July 2020

(Note that all have English subtitles or are in English.)


11 July - Is Everything Predestined? Do We Have Free Will? [18:54] https://youtu.be/RuhRYkPOyrI

09 July - Your Thoughts Become Your Reality [15:19] https://youtu.be/wgw2odRua88

01 July - Understanding Your Own Sanskars [29:03] Ep 22 of BEING DIVINE Series https://youtu.be/x4VYSO6XdEw

01 July - High or Low - What is Your Vibration? [19:11] https://youtu.be/0MEl_a3mLVU




24 July - Relationship with Time - 4th in the Series "Dealing with Uncertain Times from a Spiritual Perspective"

12 July 2020

Dear Divine Family,

Recently there has been a series of on-line panels for BKs to discuss ways they are Dealing with Uncertain Times from a Spiritual Perspective.

This series is intended to engage BKs in personal reflection and learn from senior brothers and sisters who have been experimenting with spiritual solutions to practical challenges for many years.  

Please see the invitation and link for Conversation #4 Relationship with Time. This is a private link for BKs only.

24 July - 7 am New York, 12 noon London, 1 pm Johannasburg, 7 pm Kuala Lumpur, 9 pm Sydney

Br Charlie (Australia), Sr Pratibha (South Africa), Sr Kim (Malaysia) will join together to offer three unique experiences.

With warm regards,

in Baba's yaad,

The Spiritual Conversations Team






Message regarding Brij Mohan bhai

3 July 2020

Dear Divine Brahmin Family, Om Shanti & Loving Greetings.

This is to let you know that Bro. Brij Mohan has returned to Madhuban from Ahmedabad. Presently he is in Baba's Global Hospital, Mt. Abu.  He has to undergo two more investigations which will be done in Ahmedabad after 14 days, when he goes for re-checkup. 

He is doing well, it is not serious.

Thanks to all for good wishes. 

In Baba's Yaad

BK Asha

Director, ORC, Delhi




Welcome to the new series " BRAHMIN SWARUP - A LIFE OF BLESSINGS" 1 July

3 July 2020

Dear Brahmin Family,

Om Shanti & Greetings from NY !!!



Welcome to the new series  " BRAHMIN SWARUP - A LIFE OF BLESSINGS "



Please find attachment for zoom guideline

1. How to join Audio

2. How to join and select or change language

3. PDF of above information on how to connect and daily schedule





Invitation: IT Wing - Brahma Kumaris Online Conference-Awakening to the Call of Time

3 July 2020





Replays of recent Broadcasts by Sister Shivani

3 July 2020

(Note that all have English subtitles or are in English.)


27 June - Learn To Love & Value Yourself [16:59] https://youtu.be/hfRPT9a0Ics


25 June - How To Tolerate Someone You Don't Like? [29:19] Ep 19 of BEING DIVINE Series https://youtu.be/0RgDRwg0lgI


23 June - Finish Misunderstandings in Relationships [17:07] https://youtu.be/at0auYxw1M0


21 June - Your Karma Gets Recorded On The Soul [29:12] Ep 18 of  BEING DIVINE Series https://youtu.be/-z7IbKrYtnU


20 June - How To Help People To Overcome Weaknesses? Sister Shivani in Auckland, New Zealand (In English)[23:25]  https://youtu.be/z0SbFsOLdLc





8 Postures of the Heart - Revised Version of the Video

3 July 2020
We hope that you enjoyed 8 Postures of the Heart, which aired on Sunday 28th June on UK YouTube and other local platforms around the world, as well as on the BK Sustenance Webinar platform. We know that many are planning a later viewing as this whole project came about so last minute. We are also aware there were some technical issues on the day. 
A revised version of the video has been created after the initial showing. Please click on below image to access the video.


(No need to use Dropbox this time, as we heard a few people had difficulties with this).
New translations will be added to the revised video over the next few days, as they become ready - at the same link above.
Please do use and share this new version of the video. 
As requested before, please can you also let Judy know briefly at judy.rodgers@us.brahmakumaris.org:
· When did you show the film?
· Where (YouTube, zoom, etc.) did you show the film?
· What response did you receive to the film?

Thank you.
In Baba’s remembrance,

RC Trustees





Online Int'l Couples Retreat 4-5 July - Registration

2 July 2020

Dear Baba's Arms, Om Shanti! 


This is an invite to the next International BK Couples’ Retreat from July 4 through July 5, 2020. The retreat will be online. 


Center/Class Coordinators, please forward this invite to the BK Couples in your class. Theme for the retreat is "As Baba's Arms.”


The BK Couples Retreat seeks to provide the BK Couples and their children a safe haven, where they can participate in activities designed to promote their spiritual well-being and enrich their lives. This retreat, open to BK couples will have a special program for the children 5 years and up and the youth accompanying the adults with age-appropriate parallel online sessions, aimed towards their spiritual progress.


Join us for an experiential and insightful July 4th weekend infused with rich conversations and reflective moments with Sr Mohini as our spiritual resource. 


Registration is through the link below.



You will receive a zoom link for the main retreat immediately after registration. Agenda and zoom links for children and youth sessions will be sent separately afterwards. The retreat will be in English. Translation will be provided where necessary by the retreat design team (please indicate language required in registration). 




Thank you 


Avyakti Parivar





Global Retreat Centre Update

1 July 2020



We hope you are all well in these times. We wish we could invite you right now to enjoy the beauty and colour of the gardens at the height of summer, but we still have lock down rules and also renovations are continuing.


We wanted to inform you of the current situation with the proposed gravel extraction site on the doorstep of the Global Retreat Centre. However, before that, we want to thank you so much for your support for the Global Retreat Centre, earlier in the year. It definitely made an impact on the County Council to know that there is such a strong voice from those who have benefitted from all that the Retreat Centre offers.  However, regarding the update, unfortunately, there is still a possibility of gravel extraction at the site.


Back at the beginning of May, we were informed by a Council representative that the site was to be removed from the list, however, within 24 hours, that was followed by a rider saying, ‘subject to finding enough gravel elsewhere.’ Alternative sites are being considered but so is the possibility of applying for a smaller extraction site at Nuneham.


The Brahma Kumaris are working very closely with people within the locality to ensure that we continue to mount a strong challenge. We are taking legal and other advice as to our next steps.


It’s disappointing that the uncertainty has gone on for so long, however, we hope that, by the late summer or early autumn, we will have good news to share with you. However, until that time, we would still ask for your support in the form of your good wishes and powerful thoughts.


With love

Sister Manda and the GRC family





REPLAY of 8 Postures of the Heart - in Honor of the International Week of Yoga

1 July 2020

Click on the following link to listen to the replay [55:24] https://youtu.be/b2XzCV8Dmgc

8 Postures of the Heart

The Greatest Love Story of All, Between the Soul and God


Greetings of love,


Brother Brij Mohan has had the inspiration to create a special video with representation of BKs around the world in honor of the International Day of Yoga. Because there was so much happening on June 21, we decided to create the video for the end of the "International Week of Yoga".


It is a 1-hour video created for public viewing, that tells the story of the soul's search for God in 8 "chapters" starting with seeking, then meeting, then purifying...and so on to surrendering.  In each chapter there is 1 BK storyteller and 1 BK musician.  Most are souls you know well -- Sister Jayanti, Brothers Charlie and Ken, Sister Aruna, Brother David, Sister Asmita from India and so on.  It's a beautiful and inspiring story and it is intended to serve long after the International Day of Yoga is over.  It's produced by Brother Eric (Montreal) and edited by Sister Anoli (New Jersey).


Webinar & Virtual Viewing Party premiered on

Sunday, June 28th, 2020

11am (New York Time)

4pm (London Time)

8:30pm (India Time)



Webinar & Virtual Viewing Party premiered on


Monday, June 29th, 2020

5 am (New York Time)

10 am (London Time)

2:30pm (India Time)

5:00pm (Singapore Time)

7:00pm (Sydney Time)






RECORDING: The Future of Power Online Conversation from 20th June

1 July 2020


Dear Divine Brothers / Sisters, Greetings from the Future of Power team,.


We are pleased to send you the recording of the first in the series of future of power Conversation, relevant to the current times, launched on the 20th June, 2020: the future of power conversations


Best regards,

Nizar Juma

Host and Coordinator