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Wondariya and the Mirror of Truth - A Report

20 December 2014

For 10 days, from Friday 5th December through Saturday 13th December, Global Co-operation House once again transformed itself into the magical world of Wondariya with a new play:  Wondariya and the Mirror of Truth. 

You can watch the entire production here:

The play was written by BK Leza Scott-Riddell based on ideas from a larger team, adapted and directed by BKs Minal Patel and Davina Lloyd, with hands on performance direction from BK Pearl Jordan, all of whom have professional theatre and writing experience.  The play offered a positive, heart-warming message exploring the value of virtues such as courage, self-respect, freedom and inner beauty in a creative, entertaining and enjoyable way.

The story essentially follows the journey of three brave youngsters who accept the King's challenge to go on a quest to seek and destroy the terror that is tormenting all the citizens of Wondariya…The Nogard….an unseen menacing shadow that hangs over the kingdom causing all sorts of chaos.

Along their journey, they encounter a dangerous dancing Ribbon tree, are befriended by a mythical creature - the Catterfly, and come face to face with a Magic mirror that doesn't show things quite as you'd expect…..and finally all have the realisation that the Nogard is not something ‘out there' at all, but is each one's own fearful imagination and when we recognise what it is we can see our strengths again.

Over the course of the 10 days there were 2 performances for BK's, 5 for the public from the local community here in London and 4 for school children from local primary schools. All together over 3,560 came to see the production and everyone emerged from the auditorium radiant and happier after each show. It brought a smile to parents and children alike. The parents appreciated the messages of anti-bullying; technology isn't everything; and gender equality that were woven through the storyline and children all had a different favourite character they loved and identified with.

The main characters met the audience as they left in the main foyer and many ‘selfies' were taken. Each child was presented with a gift of a ‘chatterbox' and a card mirror with a virtue wordsearch game on the back, as well as a friendship wristband with a quality on it that related to one of the characters.

The BK community at GCH was all involved one way or another in making this unique service so special and rewarding, with every department generously giving their time and commitment to make it all such a wondariyan success!

Link to audience interviews: 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iq7VtLcQLZE&feature=youtu.be or click on the image below.



Leicester Experiences Christmas Presence

19 December 2014




Annual World-wide Celebration of Stillness features the BKs

3 December 2014

Just this Day is an annual worldwide celebration of stillness. With special guests Mr Ian Mason, BK Sister Jayanti, Father Laurence Freeman and Emily Johnston, the event took place on 26th November 2014 at St Martin in the Fields Church, Trafalgar Square, London.


Please click the image below to watch the 2.25 hour programme:





Sister Jayanti shares her experience of the 'Just This Day' Event in London

2 December 2014

News from Sr Jayanti (27 November)

For the last several years there has been a programme called ‘Just This Day' taking place, which brings together people of different faiths and traditions in silence, knowing that silence is the way to have unity. Each time there is a specific theme, and this time the topic was ‘Stillness as a Living Value & Meditation as a Tool for Transformation'. This was held at St Martin in the Fields Church which is right in the heart of London, at Trafalgar Square. So it was a very beautiful venue. A person who has become very famous bringing meditation into Christianity, Father Lawrence Freeman was one of the other speakers along with myself, and there was a gathering of 400 people in the Church. We had a couple of hours in which there were several meditations and a chance for sharing thoughts and a few questions at the end. It was a very receptive audience. This has been organised by the School of Economic Science, which is actually a Meditation School. It was a very beautiful morning.

We then went to have lunch at Covent Garden, and after that went to the School of Economic Science, which is by Oxford Street, with one of the other Speakers. It was a good chance to meet people from this particular organization, who have taken inspiration from one of the Shankaracharyas who passed away in 1995. Although he never came to England, yet his students all from a British background who brought his teachings back home, and with the guidance of the Maharishi started this particular School of Meditation.

In the evening Just This Day organizers put together another event at another famous Church, St James Church in Piccadilly. Sr Isabelle together with another woman was there to answer questions from a panel of young people. The programme continued with questions till 9.45pm. Again this was very well received.

On 27 Nov I was able to go to Oxford to do the Welcome Session for a Guest Retreat. Several Countries are participating especially Israel, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia. They will be there for another few days.



Invitation to Wondariya for GCH BK Family on Friday 5th December 7pm

2 December 2014

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

This is a personal invitation to a performance of Wondariya and The Mirror of Truth on Friday 5th December.  No tickets are required - just come, relax and enjoy watching the play. This performance is especially for the BK family.

This is an exciting play with a cast from the GCH family, a brand new adventure for young and old!

Come and join three young heros on their quest to seek and destroy the threat that is terrorising all the citizens of Wondariya. The Nogard - an unseen, menacing shadow that hangs over the kingdom. Along their journey, they encounter a dangerous dancing ribbon tree, are befriended by a mythical creature, the Catterfly, and come face to face with a magic mirror that doesn't show things quite as you'd expect...

7.00pm - 7.30pm     Meditation

7.30pm - 8.45pm     Wondariya and The Mirror of Truth

We look forward to seeing you on Friday, 5th December

Best wishes,

Wondariya Team



New Book Out by Sr Jayanti: The Power of Meditation - a Guide for Beginners

1 December 2014

‘When – through meditation – we come back to the experience of our original state of being, we experience tremendous inner power.'


More than 40 years ago Sister Jayanti dedicated her life to the study, practice and teaching of the ancient system of meditation and spiritual understanding, Raja Yoga. Since then, she has shared with millions her understanding and experience of the deepest spiritual truths. In this beginner's guide to meditation, she shows you simple ways to introduce meditation into your life and experience peace, inner strength and wisdom.

This ‘yoga of the mind' is so effective because it enables you to return to a state of peace, inner power and self-worth anytime and anywhere – just by tuning into yourself. It also gives you the power to exercise choice over your thoughts, feelings and responses. Sister Jayanti shows you how to restore your inner peace, wisdom and power with clarity. Her practical approach makes her work accessible to all. The book covers all the practicalities – like the best time of day for practice – as well as answering esoteric questions, such as how do thoughts affect our actions and what is truth? With her wise words and guided meditations, Sister Jayanti shows you a simple method to remain calm and peaceful when everything around you is not. This incredible inner power will transform your life.

 Available now from: www.inspiredstillness.com



Blogpost: Sister Jayanti, A Woman Who Speaks to the World Today

18 November 2014

Source: Elizabeth Edmonds Blog of 15 November


"Here is a link (click on the image above) to a film made by BK Sister Jayanti for Just this Day.  She made it a few years ago but as she is speaking on November 26th at St Martin-in-the-Fields, it seems a good idea to give you just a little taste of who she is.  I am deeply pleased that many of you who haven't met her will get a chance to hear her speak in person.  However, if you can't get to London on the 26th, you will be able to hear and see all the speakers on You Tube.  Hooray for technology!"




Sister Jayanti's News of the BK Teacher Retreat in Antalya, Turkey, 14-16 November

18 November 2014

News from Jayantiben (14 November):

I arrived in Antalya on the 13th. The journey from London was more or less the whole day. We left home at 5.30am and arrived here at 6.30pm which would have been 4.30pm London time so it took 11 hours or so, but it's well worth the journey. We came via Istanbul but others who came straight directly to Antalya certainly had a shorter trip.

We are now in Antalya (Turkey) in a very, very beautiful spot, with mountains on one side and the Mediterranean Sea on the other. This is called the Turkish Mediterranean Riviera. It's now off season because the cool weather has started; it's still warm but a bit cooler than it would have been. Today it's in fact been raining. 

The Resort we are using for a Teachers' Retreat is very, very beautiful and the scenic view is gorgeous. 130 Teachers from Europe and the Middle East have gathered for an extra retreat. Normally we have two European Teachers' Retreats in Oxford, and this is the third one this year. We usually split them up so that we can manage to accommodate as many as possible even though it still doesn't cover all the teachers. We are now looking at this place wondering if we can make use of these facilities. It can easily accommodate 400 with a skeleton staff off-season, and it can also accommodate 1800 during the peak season when they have their full staff. So it's an interesting avenue to explore.

News from Sr Jayanti from Turkey - 16 November

The Retreat for European Teachers is going really well. Finally on Sunday we've had blue skis and sunshine, and there is an outing to the Olympus Mountain which is a very high mountain, maybe the highest that's so close to the sea.

The program has been very well designed. There are 6 streams and so plenty of choice for people to pick from. All of them are being attended quite well. Some facilitators have taken a session every single day; some others have taken for 1 or 2 days. Everybody is really enjoying themselves. The hotel staff are happy with us and the people working in the different departments are very happy with the kitchen staff.

The Manager took me on a tour of the estate and I was able to see the different facilities. It's a quite huge place with a variety of facilities for people who come here on holiday. He wanted to know whether we would come back again next year, and I said yes I think everybody is happy and so we will. Let's watch the drama!

Each evening, Sr Denise has been interviewing me on different topics: Legacy from Dadi Janki (what is it that we have taken from Dadi, and what does Dadi expect from us), Yoga (how does yoga actually burn away our sins, how do we increase yoga so that then it becomes a real fire yoga and not just luke-warm yoga). So the questions have been excellent and I've been sharing what I understand. Then there have been few questions from the gathering.

You can imagine that teachers who've been around for many years have very subtle, deep questions and so I've been taking up those also.


New Videos - Diwali 2014 at GCH - WATCH NOW


Videos of the Diwali 2014 programme at GCH are now up on our YouTube channel.

Click on the below image to watch the video of the full event:

Click on the below image to watch the interview with Jayanti Bhen on the significance of Diwali:



Don't Miss this Year's Christmas Play at GCH

12 November 2014



Mike George at Harmony House, Leicester, 8th November

11 November 2014

This was Mike George's first visit and talk at Harmony House (HH) since its opening. With his rock star like status in the BK world of lectures and talks, it was inevitable that the hordes of fans would come to pay homage to one of the Yagya's more seasoned performers. So it proved that 220 fans came to listen, nod, laugh and delight in his every word and gestures........Click here for detailed report.



News of Oxford & Shantivan from Sister Jayanti

10 November 2014

I was in Oxford for most of the day on the 8th. The Scandinavian Retreat is going on and we had 46 guests, very good people from all the Nordic countries. They asked very, very good questions in response to my topic of ‘Purity – the Key to Success'.

Dadi Janki had a very beautiful stay on the mountain-top. She went up on the 8th to especially meet guests of the Peace of Mind Retreat as well as BK double foreigners in Gyan Sarovar. On the 9th, Dadi met a large group of the Russian Guests and another large group from UK, Europe, Middle East and South Africa. In the evening Dadi had meditation, short gyan chit-chat, gave toli to Gyan Sarovar residents and then left to return to Shantivan.


30th Anniversary Celebration of Brighton Center, UK

10 November 2014

On Sunday 26th October the Brighton centre celebrated its 30th anniversary with a dance, a talk, ballooons, a cake, and a 20 minute slide show of the last 30 years. Sr Jasu from London came and shared her wisdom. Over 70 people attended, many from the beginning days, and it was a delight to see them all and catch up over the refreshment break. We may have looked older but when souls meet again it feels like we've never been parted.



GRC News from Sister Jayanti

04 November 2014

2 November was the last of Diwali programmes held at Global Retreat Centre. They had two amazing professional dancers – a woman who has taken the course and has stayed at GRC before, and her daughter – who performed the story of the Ramayan and also a story of Shiva. Both were absolutely brilliant, but the daughter was amazing. There was also a video show about Diwali and a talk by myself. The interesting thing was that the room was completely packed, probably around 130-140 people, and only 10% were Indians while the rest were from the local community even though it was a Diwali programme. It was very, very lovely. The decorations also were very beautiful.


Diwali Programme at Global Cooperation House, London 25th October 2014 - News and Photos

04 November 2014

Diwali, the Festival of Living Lights

Shine Bright and Connect with the Eternal light, 25th October 2014 - 7pm

Global Cooperation House, LONDON

With a full house of approximately 480 people, Sister BK Jaymini opened the evening, noting that this evening was to reinstate the spiritual significance of Diwali. Through dance, skit, candle lighting and enlightening words by Sister BK Jayanti this special event at Global Co-operation House created a powerful atmosphere of light and joy.

Many local dignitaries, including the Mayor of Harrow and the Deputy Mayor of Brent; and old friends from neighbouring Hindu organisations including the Hindu Forum of GB and Brent Hindu Association, as well as a representative from ZTV, were invited onto stage to share their best wishes for Diwali. Each one shared happiness at being together together in this atmosphere of peace and unity.

A narrative was woven into the evening by a returning dialogue between a grandfather and granddaughter on the meaning of Diwali and accompanying skits to highlight the fashions now around Diwali and the spiritual significance underlying these.

Sister BK Jayanti shared special greetings from Dadi Janki and a video message was presented by Dadi, in Mount Abu, who encouraged everyone to have a big, compassionate and true heart at this time, and such love for God that everyone experiences this.

BK Trushar Barot interviewed Sister BK Jayanti and the following points arose:

What is the story of Diwali as you understand it? There are several stories. There is the depiction of the killing of the demons and chasing away negativity allowing light to reenter the world often symbolized by the killing of Raven (Dasshera) and then Rama, God, representing truth and goodness creating light in the world again.

We can make this personal to the here and now. Where there is negativity within there is bondage and struggle, yet we can take God's help, which is so powerful that it can work within me and I can experience love, truth and joy which bring health, wealth and abundance again.

How do I take help from God? Because the prevailing atmosphere in the world is negative it is hard for me to deal with anger, greed, attachment and ego on my own as they will keep coming up again and again….but if I go within and allow the light of the soul to be lit and I connect with the Supreme, then these tendencies will melt within.

How do we do this? Every morning make sure the inner light is shining and throughout the day keep connecting. Forget about looking in the mirror. Take a moment to notice the energy within and feel your thoughts and connect with yourself deeply and let your thoughts become calm and you will meet yourself and then you can open yourself up to the presence of God. In these moments of connecting you can feel God's love and light reaching you and the batteries are recharged and you are ready for whatever the day is going to bring.It is the light (strength) within that is so significant.

How do we maintain this? Do all the things I need to do remembering that I am the light……we have got so used to thinking we are bodies but it is not who I am…I am the light and the peace within. It is a switch of consciousness. The external form is not me…..I am the light 

 Diwali is a wonderful reminder that there is always a victory of truth and it is not just a story but a universal truth that ultimately goodness has victory.

The significance of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth at Diwali, is where there is the invocation of the virtues that Lakshmi represents then there is true wealth. They say that Lakshmi will only be present if the home is clean and sparkling and this is a reminder to keep the heart and inner feelings very clean and share good wishes for all. Then love and generosity will follow.

Won't people take advantage when we are giving good wishes to everyone? People recognize the power of truth and when they feel the strength and power within you they cannot take advantage……they will give respect and regard…

How does the power of truth lead to success? With truth we are able to build trust and where there isn't trust disappears. When there is trust there will be cooperation and support. We can see this in the quality of relationships we build around us. The power of truth is Gods power. God is remembered as love. If I make sure that I stay on the path of truth then I am more likely to experience His companionship and love and blessings.

Another aspect of truth is if I am dealing with fear……..it takes me in the direction of falsehood. Fearlessness allows me to follow the path of truth

Truth and love are the two most distinctive qualities remembered as the qualities of God and Diwali is a reminder of the power of love and the victory of love.

There is so much disease and economic struggle, war and family instability…..what impact can we have personally on this all. Why is all of this happening? Whatever is going on inside gets reflected outside.  If I have lost touch with my inner peace, joy and purity whatever I say or do will be reflected in my life and this multiplies……to the global level……

We can try and repair all the external things, yet we need to look at the spiritual cause of so much stress in the world. When we take time to realize that the problem is within us and also the solution is within us and we allow the inner light to be ignited and connect with the Divine we begin to come back to our natural state of peace, truth, love and joy and with this experience there is then a difference in the quality of relationships…and the way we do things…..these ideas are now being understood. It is not just a little group here and there but many are understanding this and beginning to say yes this is the direction we need to be going in.

Things happen according to seasons…now it is time for the light and the dawn……the day is about to begin…..

What will that day look like? When love and light are in the world and we are moving in truth, love and peace together…..

How do we connect with this The Divine light? How do you and I connect. If our attention was somewhere else, we wouldn't connect. The way to connect with The Divine is through our thoughts and feelings…as we turn towards This One we can feel whatever it is that that Being can give to us.

Yoga really means union of the self with the Supreme. It is the union of the heart and soul with the Divine……to connect with the Divine Mind.

How does this happen with someone I cannot see visibly… how do I know it is not my own imagination?

In the awareness that I am the inner being I know that all I am is within this…the light….It is I, not my body that is thinking and feeling. The Supreme Soul connects with us through thoughts and feelings…when we meet someone the recognition is being to being…. so the soul recognizes The Divine and can feel the presence of The Divine. When our thoughts connect and we converse…..it is the heart and soul that connects.

What is He saying to us? He and She, the One Mother and Father is saying come to each one, I am waiting for you and I want you to experience all the treasures I have for you.

This seems a very different image of God that many are familiar with. People get confused with the concept of God. In the awareness of the soul, the form of God is also the form of light, not a physical form. The one with all the masculine and feminine attributes within the same being, all the positive attributes. When I connect with myself I can connect with the Divine and feel all these.

A human being can help to a certain extent but if I can turn to the Divine all the help is available. Whatever the soul needs is available here and now.

Sister BK Jayanti, speaking a meditation commentary, led everyone into a powerful experience with the Supreme Soul and then the evening finished with dancing and the return of Rama and Sita to the Kingdom. Toli and Blessings were shared with all.




London & Leicester Diwali News from Sister Jayanti

28 October 2014

On Saturday, 25 October, we had a very beautiful Diwali Programme in Global Co-operation House. Many, many good friends came to be with us. A full report of the event has been sent already.

On Sunday, 26 we had a wonderful programme for Diwali in Leicester. A celebrity from BBC World Service Asia Radio did an interview with myself. It was very touching the way he would ask the questions and listen to the answers. Many good friends were there for the candle-lighting ceremony, and shared their beautiful visions and powerful thoughts.

I stayed overnight in Leicester and returned to London on Monday. In the evening, there was an event at Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre. The Conservative Party hosted a Diwali celebration and also the launch of the 'Encyclopedia on Hinduism'. Swami Chidanand Saraswati was apparently the person behind this but it's taken around 25 years to compile. 1000+ scholars have worked on this and a whole team of editors. Various Hindu families, Sindhi and Gujarati have contributed towards making the publication happen. So it was a glittering function and very interesting to be in the presence of all the leaders of the Hindu community, plus David Cameron, Prime Minister of UK and his wife Samantha who was wearing a blue sari. It was a special celebration for Diwali. Click here for detailed report.


Grannies go on airstrikes to counter terrorism, a blog post by Elizabeth Edmunds

26 September 2014

I asked this wise woman a question.  I said, it may be easy to wish people well who are suffering from disease and poverty and in every way deserve to wished well but what about those whose heart seems to have hardened and who are full of hatred?  We read about these people everyday in the newspapers and we see them on the news and they seem to be all covered in black clothes as well as having what we take to be black hearts.  And there may be someone in your life who appears to be full of anger or hatred, a neighbour who doesn't like your hedge! someone who is jealous of something you have or do, it maybe what we call a righteous hatred of wrongdoing. That feeling of hatred may be right or wrong but it is hard on the heart.  So, what did the wise woman say and why did I believe her?
She said that you wish them especially well because hard heartedness is only a cover on an essential goodness and probably comes from some old old feeling of being other than themselves.  I believed her and because this question had vexed my mind I tried it out.  This is how I did it and you can try it too.  This is a Granny air strike!!!
You think of the person or the persons, but you don't think of them doing the hateful thing, you don't see them holding a knife or boasting of a beheading, you imagine them waking up in the morning before they have remembered that they have decided to fill their mind with hatred.  You know because you do it too that they have to do all the morning things, they have to do the washing up, feed the children (or maybe dole out porridge to feed their fellow terrorists), they have to brush their teeth and wash their faces and go to the loo, they maybe even tidy their beds and that's when you wish them well, before the horrid thought has got into their head and before they have put on the black clothes and the balaclava and before they have even started to speak the words of hatred to themselves or to another person.
I believe her because I have found it works and you would believe her if you heard her or saw her because she has a purity and kindness about her which are different to the everyday person trudging around Tesco.  She is tiny and beautiful and you could almost put her in your pocket but then you would have her to yourself and the rest of the world wouldn't.  So, you thank her, I did, from the bottom of your heart and you go on your Tesco way and she remains at her place;  you do your work and she does hers but because you have encountered one another, you begin to see that your work is the same as one anothers and you must both go about and do your best in your work. 
You can come and hear her tell you about how you do this work on November 26th at St Martin-in-the-Fields in the morning.  To find out more, go to www.justthisday.org
I hope to see you and your friends there to share in a great big airstrike of goodness. 


Opening of Harmony House (Leicester)  creates a big media splash

23 September 2014

News regarding opening of Harmony house that was shown on ITV Regional news at 6.00pm on Saturday 20th September.
Opening of the new Harmony house has created a big media splash.
Sister Jayanti was on below media for Harmony House opening coverage here in Leicester on Friday 19th Sept 2014 prior to opening of the Harmony House on 20th Sept 2014
Eva FM - 1 hour long Radio Interview - English
Kohinoor 45 mins - Hindi language
BBC FM - 45 mins
Demon fm/TV - 1 hour
Please click the below link to view the midland ITV coverage on 20th sept 2014 at 6.00pm
With lots of thanks to everyone on behalf of Leicester Family
Sister Jaymini


Report on the Celebration of the Life of Br Anthony Strano at Global Co-operation House on 13 September

18 September 2014

Approximately a hundred people gathered to celebrate and remember Brother Anthony, his life and works.  The evening opened with a  biographical video, (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIAOTnabQlo ),created as a tribute to Anthony, which included photos of the early days of the Yagya in London as well as of Greece and the BK greek family; quotes and mention of his books, CDs and also an excerpt from a recent talk he gave in Brasil and finished with a recorded commentary by Anthony leading everyone up to God.
Sister Maureen gave context to Brother Anthony's life and how and when he came into gyan and shared personal memories of the early days in London with Dadi Janki and Sister Jayanti and the family then.  Sister Maureen also shared the message that was sent from Madhuban after his departure, and how Anthony is such a unique soul, who will go on to continue to play a unique role in God's work with his qualities of humility and deep love for One.
There followed further sharings and personal anecdote by Sister Sarah and Brother Neville, who brought Anthony's personality to life and all the fun they enjoyed together as friends on the same journey.  Anthony's authenticity and simplicity as well as humour were three qualities that stood out in their memories, and how he had the capacity to see, but not judge, and remain beyond. Interspersed with these personal sharings were readings by Brother Nik Haddadi, from Slaying the Three Dragons; Brother Minal Patel, who read 'Hero' from Remember; and by Sister Grace Muftali, who read extracts from The Alpha Point.
Sister Jaymini wrapped up the evening by sharing her personal connection with Anthony, from the early days of Tennyson Road, when she had an almost 'motherly' connection with him as a young brother, who frequently needed his clothes mending and food to eat, to the connection that developed as she worked with him in later years in helping to publish his words into books and CD's.
All the way through the programme there was the feeling that this soul is moving on to play a great role and each speaker showed much curiosity as to what this might be and with a definite smile to think how it might be...continuing as an angel with Baba by his side..
'18 steps to an angel' video,(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9q_CI_YDz8A), with words yet to be published by Anthony, closed the evening as well as Sister Jasu read out SisterLenora of Brasil's poem which was written as a witness to his departure and carrying all the best wishes of the family for his onward journey.
Toli, blessings and a sheet with words by Anthony was shared with all.


Heads Up UK Niwassis: Join London's Big Ben Silent Minute Prayer at 12 noon on Sunday 21 September - Intl Day of Peace

18 September 2014

For some years London has been participating in the Big Ben Silent Minute Prayer on the UN International Day of Peace. It would be lovely if UK Centers could all join in with this at 12.00 noon on Sunday, 21 September. As it is the week of the ONE project, it is also an opportunity to experience Being with ONE during the day, drawing on the power of ONE and spreading the light and love of ONE to the world. 


Leicester Centre - Harmony House Official Opening: Saturday, 20th September

18 September 2014

Leicester centre, Harmony House will be officially opened on Saturday 20th September,  by Baroness Verma, Sister Jayanti and Sudesh Didi.  This is an auspicious occasion where only two months ago Dadi Ratan Mohini had inaugurated the House for the BK family.
The webcast from Leicester will begin at 11.30am with the unveiling of plaque outside the building and the main event to tune into is from 11.55am.
Below are some useful links:  [please make them live]
Best wishes
Webcast Team


Join the Being with ONE webcast at Global Cooperation House for one week.....

16 September 2014

In the light of the current speed of change, the instability of many areas of our world, and the suffering of millions, perhaps there is another way we can help.

As spiritual beings we all share the same Source of spiritual light and power. Many now recognise that we can gently raise our consciousness, connect with the Source, and serve as instruments of the ONE to bring a healing light, love and power into the world.

Join us at Global Cooperation House, in Being with ONE, for one week............

Live Streaming of Thursday 18th and Sunday 21st September evening events

Can be accessed on http://brahmakumaris.org/uk/live

Time with One, 18th September, 7 - 8.30pm

Join Sister Jayanti, European Director, Brahma Kumaris, who will share insights into developing a personal connection and spending time with One.

Love for the One, 21st September, 6.15 - 7.45pm

Join thousands across the world, linking into the heart of humanity, by becoming deeply quiet and powerfully connected to The Source.

Best Wishes

Webcast Team



Won over by One, a blog post by Elizabeth Edmonds

15 September 2014

I have blogged about the BK's who I love and here is a chance for you to get to know them.  This week they have a global initiative which I hope that anyone who loves the idea that we are One will join.  There is bound to be a centre near you, they are in 120 countries at least and in every major city of those countries there will be an inner space centre with a smiling BK!  In London, Sister Jayanti will be speaking and reflecting on what this might mean on THURSDAY September 18th, 7.00 pm to 8.30 pm and if you can get there you will feel you have been with One very good friend.  Here is the link to the being with one website http://one.brahmakumaris.org. and here is what their wonderful 97 year old leader has to say to us all. 
The Brahma Kumaris understand this to be a time for personal and world transformation. We believe this happens as each one remembers the ONE above, the parent of all souls. To support this transformation at this powerful time, we have created what we are calling The ONE initiative.
Read rest of blog here


Justthisday.org features the Being with ONE Initiative in their September Newsletter

14 September 2014

Please see below the September Just This Day newsletter, which highlights the Being with One initiative as well as the involvement of Sister Jayanti and also Isabelle in this year's Just This Day event at St Martin in the Fields, Trafalgar Square, on 26th November  - all with Liz Edmunds' customary warmth and enthusiasm.

Welcome to the September Just this Day Newsletter, introducing our friends the Brahma Kumaris and their event this coming week, Being with One.

This month: 

* A reminder to register for Just this Day at St Martin-in-the-Fields on 26th November 2014. Entrance is free but it really helps us to know likely numbers in advance so register now 

* Visiting Central London and in need of some piece and quiet? Hear about St Martin-in-the-Fields' new Sacred Space service 

* Invitation to join the Brahma Kumaris for Being with One, starting this coming Monday, 15th September at Global Cooperation House in Willesden 

* Introduction to BK Sister Jayanti, European Director of the Brahma Kumaris 

* Introduction to BK Isabelle Gauthier, one of the evening speakers. 

* Learn about the BK Challenge on the Granny blog

Sacred Space at St Martin in the Fields

St Martin's is the church of the ever-open door and they now host Sacred Space, a new contemplative service of prayer, music and reflection takes place on the first Sunday of every month at 7.00pm.

Introducing the (extraordinary) Brahma Kumaris

The first time I met the Brahma Kumaris I was surprised and amazed. Expecting a small centre in North London you can imagine my astonishment at finding the huge and impressive Global Cooperation House in Willesden which is the European centre of this organisation. The many women and men who make up the family of Brahma Kumaris are committed to the ideal of each person being a soul which makes each one of us a child of God and therefore intrinsically good. Through the meditation they practice and the way of life they aspire to, they seek to become fully identified soul and to transform society by recognising the pure and good soul in all other people. I am delighted that this year at the central event in London, Sister Jayanti, the European Director of the Brahma Kumaris will be joining Father Laurence Freeman OSB and Emily Johnson to speak about meditation as a spiritual value and a tool for transformation. Experience what the Brahma Kumaris have to offer this coming week by attending Being with One in Willesden,

Sister Jayanti

just mentioned, is an individual we have been hoping would be able to come as a speaker ever since the start of Just this Day. That is because she is a truly unique person and to hear her speak and be in her company is something to look forward to and to treasure afterwards. Register for the event by following this link.

In the evening, another bright soul, Isabelle Gauthier, Spiritual Teacher, Brahma Kumaris, will speak at our Inside Story event

To give you a brief preview, Isabelle says: "Happiness, inner happiness, has always been precious to me. At first it was an aim in life, but it has now become a right that comes with the daily responsibility of re-aligning myself to the fullness of my own spirit and purpose. Meditation - for me the best way to achieve this - has become my way of life for the past 17 years. I deeply feel that the world would benefit greatly in learning how to simply smile from inside out!" 

Register for the evening event here

The Inside Story...

will start at St James' Church Piccadilly at 7.00 pm with music from John-Paul Bowman and Gabriella Burnel. The Church will be open from 6.30 for quiet and meditation. At 7.00 pm, our chairman, Martin Kettle will introduce the speakers, Mrs Laura Hyde, Director of Education, St James Schools, and Isabelle Gauthier who will give a short resumé of their own Inside Story.

A Panel of younger people will then question them on HOW to live a spiritual life in the hurly burly of 2014 with all it's demands on time and energy. If you would like to be part of the panel or have questions you would like them to put, please contact Elizabeth Edmunds at info@justthisday.org.

There is a small ticket cost of £5.00 to attend the evening Buy your tickets from Eventbrite

Those cheerful Brahma Kumaris

A view from our blogging Granny (9 July 2013)

The challenge is to make a BK frown

Spending an afternoon with the BK's means a lot of smiling because they are so cheerful and give you their full attention when you meet them. You will know them by their smile and because they wear white. They are the real early rising smiling variety of meditator and I love them. Here is a challenge; when you meet one you see if you can maintain a serious unsmiling face for more than 5 minutes and even more of a challenge see if you make a BK frown.

My own challenge on a London morning is to get to Global House for the 4.00 am meditation. In order to do this, I will need to go to bed early!



New Video available on "Creating the Future" environment event for youth held at Global Cooperation House

8 September 2014


Sr Jayanti's News from Greece and Madhuban

2 September 2014

On Monday, 25 August, after seeing Dadiji's beautiful transmission with words of wisdom that were absolutely timely and so necessary, I left for Athens. Essentially it was a visit to meet the family and support the various teams that had been set up a short while before by Br Anthony himself. We also had one evening of tribute to him which was attended by many in contact. Everyone had a lot for this very special child of Baba.
I was in London literally for a few hours to offer bhog on Thursday morning, and left for Bharat. Again, after couple of hours in Delhi at the Palam Vihar Centre, I arrived in Shantivan on Friday afternoon to see Dadi Janki who was looking very well, although weak. On Friday evening, Dadi was well enough in the evening to have very sweet chitchat with Dadi Gulzar. The love of the Dadis keeps them going.
On Saturday, it was my fortune to go to Pandav Bhawan. There was a bhatti going on so after morning Murli I met with the group from Indore who are enjoying their bhatti. Upstairs is very pleasant weather with some clouds, but no rain at the moment. Shantivan and Delhi were extremely hot. There haven't yet been the proper monsoons that are needed for Shantivan/Madhuban water supplies or in Delhi.
While going up the mountain to Pandav Bhawan on 30 August for Murli Class, there was sunshine at 6am. Coming down at 12.30pm there was a slight drizzle, but also a spectacular mist that covered the whole valley for at least half the journey. Thousands of tourists were taking photos because it looked so very beautiful and mystical.