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Christmas and New Year Greetings from Germany

29 December 2019



Podcast of Sister Jayanti interviewed by Glynis German on Mallorca Sunshine Radio on 23rd December

28 December 2019

Glynis German did a lovely interview with Sister Jayanti for her radio programme on Mallorca Sunshine Radio and it went out on 23rd Dec. 




Scroll down to the "Just Glynis" show listings. Until 30th December, it can be found under the title "Just Glynis - 2019-12-23". After 30th December it will appear in the listing with Sr Jayanti's name.




Season's Greetings from the Austrian BK Family

24 December 2019

Dearest Dadi Janki Ji, Sister Jayanti and all respected Instrument Souls around the Globe,

Season's Greetings to Baba's living stars who serve the whole Kalpa tree by being connected with the eternal Seed to give hope & light to our brother souls.




Update on Global Retreat Centre

25 November 2019

Dearest Divine Family!


As autumn sets in, the beauty of Baba's retreat centre grounds has its own charm and attraction. As the leaves change colour to a palate of reds, yellows and browns in the tender winter sun, the place looks like its on fire, creating a wonderful ambience. Our minds drift to all of you who have so much love for Baba’s place and we know that you are also visiting here in your minds!


Everyone we meet enquires with a lot of interest as to how the work is progressing. Things are moving very well. Due to the specialist nature of working on a Grade II listed building, after a lot of effort, we are especially pleased that we have managed to select a contractor to carry out our work who is locally based. The contractor commenced on site at the end of March 2019. They are very diligent, have high standards of practice and are conscious of providing top-quality workmanship. We hope to have completed the works towards the end of next year.


As would be expected with a building of this nature there have been several challenges. Even though this is a complex project, with Ratanbhai's experience and wisdom and the team of people who are supporting him, one by one those challenges are being resolved. However, this does mean that the work may be delayed to some extent. It also means expenses are rising, even though we are working as economically as we can, bearing in mind BapDada and Dadi’s shrimat that we should not waste a single penny of the Yagya in carrying out our activities.


While the building is an amazing treasure and generally is sound, we have had to deal with a number of regulatory bodies and comply with all their requirements. For example, we are not able to change the fabric of the building (walls, floors etc) in anyway, while carrying out plumbing, electrical works, bathrooms, paint works, etc, as we need to obtain permissions for everything that we do from the various regulatory authorities.


Also despite having carried out an extensive clearing of asbestos prior to the work starting, we have discovered more asbestos as the work progresses. There have also been delays due to the presence of bats in the attic. As these are a protected species in the UK, we required a licence to continue the work in the loft areas of the Main and South Blocks. Having one element of work stall has a knock on effect with connected tasks. However, thankfully, everything is again progressing.


This is also wonderful opportunity to make sure the house is conducive to the service that the world is asking of us at this time. It is a chance to review ourselves and our contribution to service. With this in mind we have started having conversations with our contacts and some BKs. The first of these happened in Madhuban in October with participants of The Call of Time Retreat and also some international BKs. It’s been very inspiring to see people's hopes and aspirations and love for GRC. We hope to do this with the UK family as well in the very near future.


In the meantime, service continues around Oxford and the 12 or so residents who are still there keep themselves busy with various aspects related to GRC renovation, maintaining the grounds and some with lokik jobs etc.


Thank you for your generous support for GRC. It is the good will of the Family that can enable us to successfully complete GRC. Our request is that you give some time for special yoga during Amrit Vela and evening yoga for the project at GRC. Those good vibrations and blessings will certainly spread all around and contribute to the success of the project and service. This is the most precious need of the time.


Lots of love
In Baba’s yaad
Ratanbhai and Sister Jayanti


Update in PDF format




Igniting Minds and Illuminating hearts - Diwali Celebrations at GCH, London

25 November 2019


The auditorium glowed with red and orange warm lights as everyone was received and welcomed to the Diwali celebration at Global Cooperation House ‘Igniting minds and illuminating hearts’ .


There were approx. 350 present with a further 100 who tuned in online. For over 40 people it was their first time to GCH, and a few came after meeting and experiencing the BK’s at Diwali on Trafalgar Square.


‘Diwali is the story of Rama and the conquering of Ravan....persistently using love and compassion over anger and violence. From the warrior prince of thousands of years ago to today....as Rama shows the illuminating of hearts demands forgiveness and love...unconditional love. In this programme we will explore and clarify this.... Opened MC Jaydev Pinara before inviting a celebration Diwali Garba dance, beautifully performed by Mira Salat and four BK sisters, with uplifting energy as they weaved their dance with each other. Holding Diwas, they expressed the light entering and moving with their gestures and concluded to ‘ I am the light, I am the peace of the World’ by Bliss.



Sister Jaymini held the special candle lighting ceremony, to partake in the symbolic gesture of light candles to signify the light of the soul being ‘lit’ by The Divine at Diwali. Once all the invited guests reached the stage two minutes of silence was held to remember this and also to remember all those who have sacrificed their lives for good causes.


Present on stage were the following from left to right: Mrs Nivetha Uthayarajan, Head Teacher of Mitcham Tamil School; Sanjay Tulsidas, BK (UK) Trustee; Ashok Kotha, Former Visa Officer, IHC Mahendra Jadeja, Executive of National Congress of Gujarati Organisations; Gul Chugani,President Sindhi Association; Guruji Rajeshbhai, International Siddhashram Shakti Centre; BK Rachel Priestman; Ratan Thadani, BK (UK) Chair of Trust Board; MC Jaydev Pinara; Anand Sahu, Aircraft Engineer, BJP Young Leader; Ashok Kumar Chauhan, Warrant Officer Army’s Civil Engagement; Cllr Ajay Maru, Former Mayor of Harrow; Cllr Ramji Chauhan, Councillor, Harrow Weald Ward; Sister Jaymini BK Director of BKIS; Sister Jayanti, BK European Director; BK Shivali Sharda; Sister Sushma, BK Jamnagar; Sister Sudesh, BK European Director; Ms Dimps Sanghani, Mrs Universe Charity Women.


Former Mayor of Harrow, Cllr Ajay Maru, offered Diwali greetings followed by BK Ratan Thodani; Mrs Nivetha Uthayarajan; Sudesh Didi and Guruji Rajeshbhai BK Karishma Patel took everyone into a beautiful reflection with her song ‘spot light’ ...Sing and dance and take the chance to be the best we can be...shine in the dark...and be who we are...light up the stars....the beauty in our hearts...can heal any pain and be the start of change...chase our fears away so happiness can reign....


Sister Jayanti, Sudesh Didi were interviewed by philanthropist and Mrs Universe Charity Women, Dimple Sangani who expressed how ‘I feel honoured and privileged to connect and understand more about spirituality with these two yogis and feel ‘mesmerised’ by both their energy’. She asked a series of questions to both, to illuminate Diwali’s spiritual significance and how it is relevant in these times, in our lives, our relationships, and our world. She was keen to find out how the happiness of Diwali could be sustained throughout the year.


Sister Jayanti: I first started to study these spiritual teachings it was like a light that lit my mind and a glow to my heart ..when we see the light within the path ahead becomes lit up and we can see what direction to move in.

Sister Sudesh: It is important to clean the homes but we need to clean the mind, purify the heart, and divinise the intellect...and we must remember to clean out the hidden places where the weaknesses and vices are and for this we need power!


Sister Jayanti: we are the creators of whatever situations we find ourselves in. When we understand how to connect with The Supreme and draw inwards and safe from all the things outside...then we can move in a positive direction. With this power we change our responses to the world and our contribution to society changes; then it is possible our world to change and to bring back an age of Truth and Happiness, Satyug.


They explored how blaming is so negative and how it puts out the inner light and yet encouragement puts ‘more oil on the light, so we can help and support in life’. It was acknowledged too how the more we practise and rehearse the better we become....so when we remind ourselves that ‘I am a peaceful soul’ and practise, experience and feel this we learn how to respond and not react to life.


Sister Jayanti: It is an exercise to come back to natural state of being.....better for you, relationships and the atmosphere’.


Sister Sudesh: We have to go beyond and detach and see the issues in life from this place. Then we become the ‘detached observer and active actor’.

Sister Jayanti: Today’s world can be confusing for all generations and our minds are so loaded. Meditating is a great way to help the conscience become clear; to spend time and gradually remove all the influence, then the soul starts to shine and we move with the pulse of our own conscience. For this we need power by going into silence and connecting with The One Above who will help us move in a new direction towards truth.


Within the big mix of culture and traditions here on the planet, .....human perception will always vary and be multiple. It is when we connect with Satyam, Shivan, Sunderam then we can move in the right way. The signal of Diwali is to rise above, be with The One and realise there is a world of abundance and happiness and joy is ahead of us.


Sudesh Didi: We get deceived by ego when we are in the consciousness of the body and to change a situation where there is anger we need to come with a different energy. We listen and don’t impose, or be afraid. To build positive energy we need to practise soul consciousness over a period of time and this will become like a strong tree that bears much fruit.


Dimple expressed deep gratitude to both for ‘lighting up my inner ness.’




BKs Participate in Multifaith Diwali Gathering at Trafalgar Square, London, 1-7pm 3rd November

11 November 2019


A short video of the event can be seen at: https://youtu.be/NILs21jD98E


‘Diwali lights up the autumn gloom....thousands of people from the Hindu, Sikh, Jain and other communities marked the annual


Diwali festival celebrating the triumph of good over evil, by gathering in Trafalgar Square, London for a free event’- front cover of Guardian, 4.11.2019




Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate Diwali in Trafalgar Square yesterday. It was incredible to see Londoners from all backgrounds and faiths sharing Diwali’s central message of peace and mutual respect’ Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan on Twitter. #Londonisopen



On Sunday, 3 November, London’s biggest Diwali event took place, organised by the Mayor of London’s office and supported by


(DIL), a collaboration of 14 Hindu organisations, including Brahma Kumaris, to deliver Diwali celebrations at Trafalgar Square for its 18th year. Each year it attracts thousands of people from many backgrounds and online reaches out to a global audience. The BK representation was once again led by BK Jaymini Patel with BK Urvashi Patel managing the main stage and BK Dipti Khatry and BK Toots Beckett supporting the BK coordination along with a great team of BK volunteers from GCH and local centres.


At 1pm the festival began with an Opening Annukut Ceremony began in the centre of the Square, off stage. This was a huge celebration of vibrant dances, involving over 150 dancers who gave a spectacular performance and transformed the Square for 20 mins into a beautiful swirl of harmony and colour.


On the large video screen before the stage opening Sister Jayanti’s message wished everyone a Happy Diwali, along with other messages from the various DIL committee’s organisations leaders. This year youth from the DIL Committee, including BK Roshni Kumar, came on stage to offer flowers to Ganesh to start the stage Opening Ceremony then the DIL Chair for 2019 Anita Nomula, Mallesh Kota and Srinivasa Sharma Yadati from Telugu Association of London (TAL), gave beautiful speeches of welcome.


The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, arrived to greet and address the gathering, reminding everyone that ‘Many celebrate the wonderful festival of Diwali, and the story of Rama and Sita is as relevant in 2019 in London as it was thousands of years ago when it was first told...the moral is simple.....light over darkness....good over evil.....friendship over enmity and knowledge over ignorance...and now those lessons are needed more than ever before....and that is why the central message of Diwali is so important as we celebrate in this great city......our diversity is a strength and not a weakness and this is why we are a beacon for the rest of the world....because in London we not only tolerate difference but we respect, embrace and celebrate it.


Click here for detailed report with more photos.