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Xmas Greetings from Sister Bhavana of NewZealand

25 December 2018




Christmas Greetings from Gianyar - Indonesia Family

25 December 2018




Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Greetings 2019 from Sis BK Meera, Malaysia

23 December 2018



Brahma Kumaris at 15th Annual Yoga Workshop, Sri Lanka

17 December 2018


Dear divine Bro. Ganesh, 


Dr. Chamin Warnakula the renowned yoga master in Sri Lanka had his 15th annual yoga workshop last Sunday 2nd Dec. at the National Youth Centre stadium in Maharagama. 


The full day pgm was attended by 1700 - 2000 public from many areas of the island covering a very good cross section of individuals. 


The former Commander of SL Army Lft. Genaral Daya Rathnayaka was the chief guest. Officers from the Presidents security unit, leading business personals, educationists, prominent media personals were guest of honours along with we BKs. Sr. Sreema took part on your behalf for the welcoming procession, lighting of traditional oil lamp and the opening ceremony of the event. 


Dr. Chamin was very much interested in introducing Raja Yoga at this event since his visit to ARC last September. So as his plan we got a chance to do a presentation on Raja Yoga for Stress free living followed by a meditation session to all 2000 crowd. He had all the arrangements made for us with all facilities, whatever he used for his presentation. So that the presentation became very professional and unique to the participants. He also gave a good introduction of Brahma Kumaris and Raja yoga sharing his personal experience before handing over the stage to us. 


We also had a very good sales of CDs and BK publications at the lobby. Nearly 1500 notices were distributed which carried the message of Raja Yoga and tips for Stress free living. 


Thanks to Dr. Chamin, so many were fortunate to receive Baba's message. 


Some photos are attached herewith. 


Brother, Hope you will like to share this news with Bro. Charlie and POM group, Sr. Meera, Bro. Letchu, Bro. Pure, Sr. Ceilia, Bro. Peru , Sr. Susan and whole ARC family who were special instruments in sustaining this soul at his visit to POM in Gyan Sarowar and ARC, Malaysia. 


Thank you. 

In Baba;s yaad, 

BK Rammi




Sr Judy Johnson Visits Thailand, 15-25 October 2018

15 December 2018


From Madhuban, Mt.Abu, Sister Judy flew directly to Thailand to spend time with the family engaging hearts and souls in sharing the Arts of living practically.


Beautiful experience was shared in English from two programmes, beside deep impact expressed in Thai for full Thai service news.


17 October, 18, The work-shop on “Engaging Hearts and Minds” by Sr. Judy Johnson at Aditya Birla Chemicals (Thailand) Limited, Samrong was well received and appreciated by all audience. About 30 officers from middle & senior management team (mix of Thai & other nationalities) of the company attended the program. CEO of the company also attends the program.


It was not just a lecture but mix of presentation, exercise and meditation which made it very interesting. She beautifully explained why in current world of chaos & complexity, engaging hearts and minds of people is very important for leaders. Current engagement in corporates is at IQ & EQ level mainly and why this need to be extended at SQ level. It is very important to discover core to increase productivity of the people. All people heartily participated in the exercise of story-telling and reflection process and understood relevance for leadership. The program ended with meditation in very creative way. People were touched by blessing cards they received with powerful vibrations from Sr. La. On the whole it was an excellent program appreciated by the team including CEO. (Br.Kailash).... click here for detailed report with photos.





Special Program 'In Other Worlds' held at the Museum of World Religions in Taiwan on 4th November

16 November 2018


It was with delight that we came to know from Brother Kim Cunio, a BK of nearly 30 years, that he had been invited to judge the music scores for the International Animation Festival in Taipei.  Dr Cunio is Associate Professor at the Department of Music at the Australian National University in Canberra.  He also specialises in spiritual music from all traditions.


The program, 'In Other Worlds',  was held at the atmospheric Museum of World Religions on Sunday afternoon on 4th November.  Although the audience was small and many of Kim's instruments had been damaged in the flight, the program was extremely successful.  


Previously Kim had researched how to run a Laptop Orchestra and was able to do the concert using his laptop!  With his amazing voice, a laptop and a few little instruments, Kim created a magical atmosphere with everyone participating. His son Samarai delighted everyone with his tabla playing, showing the audience the art behind it. 


The program was concluded with guided meditation from Sister Morni, as well as an interactive discussion between Kim, Morni and the fabulous bilingual MC, Jane Lewis. By the end of the meditation everyone floated 'in other worlds’, and a new type of service was shown in Taiwan.


BK Sister Morni

BK Spiritual Study Center, Taipei, Taiwan





Happy Diwali Greetings from the Indonesia family

9 November 2018



UN International Day of Peace Celebrated in Sydney

11 October 2018

Sr. Margaret Parker represented the Brahma Kumaris at an Interfaith Prayer Service at the Uniting Church in Parramatta on Friday 21 September to mark the United Nations International Day of PeaceThe Uniting Church pastor, Rev. Dr. Manas Ghosh has been conducting this Interfaith service for the past fifteen years. The service started with the lighting of the Peace Candle by Dr Zeny Edwards from the UN Association of Australia while the congregation recited the international prayer for peace. This year, the Armenian Apostolic Church, the Coptic Orthodox and the Sufis joined for the first time. After the prayers, there was an address from the Moderator of the Uniting Church, Rev. Simon Hansford, followed by the lighting of the candles by each member of the congregation. Along with Sr. Margaret, Sr. Vijaya Padayachy, Bharat bhai, Br. Graham Mooney, Br. Josh and Sr. Ranjula attended.

Another Interfaith Prayer Service on Friday September 21 was attended by BK Helen Chapman at the Lindfield Uniting Church, in northern Sydney.  About 120 people were present when the service started at 11.00 am. Twelve representatives from different faiths were present to participate in the leading of a prayer or reading of their particular faith. Helen presented a meditation for peace.

The service started by the payment of respect to the Elders and Leaders of the Kuringgai and Terramerragal peoples whose care, respect for and connection to this land has  been nurtured for countless generations. This was followed by the lighting of the Peace Candle by a local high school student. A lovely touch to the service were 12 local primary school children who each read a short, thoughtful description of their hope for our world. Concluding the service another high school student rang the peace bell 12 times, then all present were asked by the Presider: Rev. Mary Pearson, to come forward and light a peace candle representing the light within each of us. A final prayer and delightful refreshments were ready for all to enjoy while meeting and greeting each other.


On Sat 22 Sep, Sr Priti, Br Dan and Bharatbhai from Five Dock, attended the World Inner Peace Celebration. Along with representatives of many other faiths, BK Sr Priti spoke briefly on inner peace, introduced the BKs and gave a meditation commentary for the audience of about 200.  There was also an exhibition outside the Prymont Theatre Foyer about loving kindness, compassion, inner peace and sustainable development goals (SDGs) where BKs also had a table to give out pamphlets.

Below is the flyer for the World Inner Peace Celebration. This was the second year BKs had been invited to participate this event.



2018 International Day of Youth - Service News from Bali, Indonesia

15 September 2018


2018 International Day of Youth was celebrated in Bali Indonesia with a workshop by the Youth wing of the Brahma Kumaris. The 78 Youth included those from the Brahma Kumaris Youth group, Campuhan College students, Bumi Sehat Youth Centre students and Rotaract Bali-Ubud members. The two-hour theme for the workshop was Fortune of the Future: From Waste to Best where youths were asked to recognize their specialties so that they can use them in worthwhile way and as an agent of change that brings benefit to themselves and others.


Sister Mona
Coordinator Ubud Centre Bali - Indonesia

See additional photos @ www.brahmakumaris.id/index.php?page=eventsubudinternationaldayofyouth



Sister Shivani in Perth, Australia!

9 September 2018


Om Shanti, Greetings of love from Perth, Australia.  


Baba's instrument, Shivaniben visited Perth, Australia from 7th to 9th August as part of her 'Awakening' Australia Tour. 


We have compiled the attached report with a lot of bhavana to express the wonders that Baba has done through His children. It has been a golden opportunity in Drama. 


Thank you Baba, Drama and meethe parivaar. 


In Baba's sweet yaad

Sapna Ruparelia

Service Representative of WA


Download report here.





Raksha Bandhan Greetings from the Singapore family

27 August 2018



Bali Doctors Celebrate Indonesia Independence Day with vegetarian food and spiritual knowledge on August 8th at Himalaya Gitapathashal, Denpsar, Bali

27 August 2018


True independence can only be realized if one is truly free from vices and negativity. This was the topic that was taken up by Sister Janaki during a gathering of 50 doctors at the Himalaya Gita Patshala, Denpasar, Bali. The main emphasis was on the importance of knowing the true identity of the self and empowering the self with self-talk, meditation, introspection, and contemplation.  How the empowered soul can influence the karma and dharma of the soul in the future was also explained. As doctors,  it is vital for them to be soul consciousness and to treat patients with feelings of responsibility, maturity and soul love.


Also, in the same way, true independence of the country will depend on the elevated consciousness of the people. Therefore it is of vital importance that everyone learns to meditate. There was a brief Question and Answer session. All present were very much satisfied both with the vegetarian food as well as the talk.


Thank you, seniors and family, for all your kind support.


In Baba’s Yaad

Bk. Janaki


Download pdf of this report here.



Sister Morni's News from Taiwan

27 August 2018

Our first Taipei class


Sitting in Baba's Room in Sydney at Amrit Vela in February this year, Sr Morni felt a strong pull towards Taiwan. Didi Nirmala was in Australia and gave her blessings for service, knowing that several brothers and sisters had served Taiwan over the past few decades including Sister Rajni from Japan, Brother Warren from Australia and Brother Lee from Singapore. It was time to pull together all the threads of contacts and see if we could get Taiwan on Baba's map.


Charliebhai was in the Philippines retreat centre for a silent COTT retreat at the end of February and out of 26 souls who participated, 5 were from Taiwan. A lovely contact soul in Hong Kong had also been offering to support a centre being established here. Yet another sister from Taiwan, working in HK had just finished the course and attended POM before returning to Taipei.  On the Summer Solstice, June 21, Morni arrived in Taipei having arranged to meet yet another contact soul from Taiwan living in HK who had been to POM and attended murli for a few months.  Kushi from HK also came to help in the setup. It was invaluable to have help from all these Chinese sisters.


The stage was set and within two weeks the first class was held in Baba's newly furnished centre attended by 28 souls!  12 souls went on to do the meditation course.  Another 12 participated in a Non Violent Communication workshop.


Before arriving in HK, Mornibhen arranged a meeting with Ven Hsin Tao who had invited the BKs to the inauguration of the  Museum of World Religions in 2005 and later for an Interfaith Conference. Sr Rajni, Sr Morni and Sr Maureen from London had participated. Sr Morni met the Venerable Master and booked this very calm and aesthetically pleasing venue for the first public program which was held on August 4.


Ayakobhen, Baba's talented violinist from Hong Kong, joined Sr Morni in a program called "The Magic of Meditation and Music", reflecting the magic of Baba that had been experienced in just 6 weeks!  Sisters Vi, Erlinda, Sally and Mabel from the Philipppines; Sister Susanna from Hong Kong and 4 of the COTT guests travelled far and wide to participate. It was a beautiful program which began with a vegetarian lunch organised by the Museum for close contacts, including a brother who had attended one of our classes and agreed to be our bi-lingual MC.  We were 50 in total for this event.


Sr Morni is now travelling for a few months and Brother Pascale and Sister Avis from Hong Kong will be continuing with the magic!



Singapore E-Magazine Issue 3

4 August 2018

Click below links to download the report.

Page 1

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Page 3

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Page 7

Page 8

Page 9



Dr. Girish Patel, Mumbai, Visits Malysia from 6-9 July

4 August 2018

Click on below links for full report of the visit with more photos.

Report for Peace Channel

Report of the visit 6-9 July



Dr Nirmala's June Visit to the Philippines

21 July 2018

Click here for detailed report with photos in PDF format.



Outreach Public Program in Puri (Palace) Agung Anyar, Gianyar, Bali

3 July 2018


There was a public outreach program in Gianyar. It was held in the Palace of the  former Bupati of Gianyar. Present were 150 souls. Sister Bk Janaki gave the introduction of the soul and body and how the two are connected and influence each other. Therefore to keep a balance between the two  meditation is required. She also explained that to be constantly happy, we need to keep a watch on our thoughts.


Bk. Sister Janaki  seen giving her views on the  importance of meditation in Gianyar


Seen in picture is a section of the public who attended the program


Seen in picture are Bk. Sister Janaki  with the former  Bupati of Gianyar Bali  Mr. A.A. Gde Agung Bharata, S.H


Receiving toli and blessing after the program


Report in PDF format.




Didi Dr Nirmal Kajaria's Visit to Sri Lanka

4 May 2018


It was our great fortune to begin 2018 Sinhala – Tamil New Year with our divine Didi Dr Nirmala Kajariaji in Sri Lanka. Sister Savita from Madhuban IT Dept., a silent angel accompanied Didi during her tour to Colombo, Jaffna, Batticaloa and Kandy. April 11th night Didi arrived Dehiwala National Coordinating Center and 12th April Satguruvar morning offered special Bhog for the New Year. Colombo family had the fortune of beginning the Traditional New Year with inspirational thoughts after a half day retreat with Didi ji in Dehiwala, the Main Centre. About 230 BKs from Colombo zone took benefit. All received special New Year toli, blessings and spiritual gifts.


Later in the evening, Didi ji along with Br. Ganesh, the National Coordinator and Sr. Savita from IT dept. Shantivan and senior members of the Kotahena BK family laid the foundation stone for new Baba’s Room and Store at Kotahena Centre. It was followed by BK class where 130 BKs from Kotahena and nearby


Click here for full report with photos.




Family Get Together with BK Ramlochan bhai and BK Suryamani bhai in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

25 April 2018


Arround 180 Bks gathered in Denpasar centre, Bali to celebrate the get-together  with 2 Madhuban Bk Brothers, Ram Lochan bhai  and Suryamani bhai. After murli there was  sharing of experience by both brothers and bks sang some songs and kumaris give  Balinese dances. 


The local Bks were very enthusiastic to listen to the sharing, especially of Dadiji’s purusharth, Dadi Jankiji’s will power over  the body and Dadi Gulzarji’s sharing that she had no pain in the body although she was quite ill. Dadi Prakashmaniji’s life was very bussy but inspite of all the bussy schedule she gave 75% of her total effort for maintening inner strength, inner power whilst running yagya matters. 

Brother Ram Lochan explained that we cannot go to Shiv Baba without Brahma Baba and that we have to have love and regard for both Fathers. Brother Suryamani shared that he was in the media service and recently got involved in reaching out  to the visually impaired children. 

Thank you Baba, Drama, Dadi, Seniors and all family for your continued blessings and support.

Om Shanti



BK Course Book in Braille gifted to the Special School of The Visually Impaired in Bali, Indonesia

25 April 2018


Brahma Kumaris of Denpasar made a visit to Dria Raba School in Denpasar. The Bks were very warmly welcome by the staff there. The headmaster, Mr Drs I Ketut Sumartawan, M.Phil, said that he knows about Brahma Kumaris and he is very happy to get service from them. 

Bk Sister Janaki said that the Bks will surely be happy to render any kind of spiritual service if necessary. The 2 brothers from Madhuban, Bk Ram Lochan Bhai and Bk Suryamani Bhai, donated a complete  set of Brahma Kumaris course  book  in Braille to the school. The students were very responsive and happy to receive blessings in braille. 


Sister Bk Janaki said that the happiness we experience is not based on the body but the spirit. She said that positive thinking and self respect will definitely help to boost self image and self esteem. Further services will continue to be given.


Om Shanti



"Connections" - Singapore Emag Issue for February

17 April 2018



Invitation to First International Hindi Retreat at Asia Retreat Center from 22nd-24th June

12 April 2018


Dear Centre Coordinators,


Om Shanti. 

Please find enclosed an invitation to the  First International Hindi Retreat  which will be held at the Asia Retreat Centre (ARC) in Dengkil, Malaysia


The theme of the retreat is 'Use Everything You Have in a Worthwhile Way and Achieve Success in Your Life'.  


The retreat will be held from 22nd June to 24th June 2018.

Link for online registration: https://tinyurl.com/y6wxpm5t  

Closing date: 30th May 2018 

There will also be the opportunity to extend your stay and participate in the 26th Asian Retreat with Raj Didi, Nepal and Karuna Bhai, Madhuban.


It will be a great opportunity to attend the retreats and receive sustenance from seniors and you will be re-energised, refreshed and empowered through the power of gathering.


Please extend this invitation to those Hindi Speaking students who have been following Brahmin Principles for at least 6 months and interested in attending the retreat. 


For further enquiry, please send an email to meera.nagananda@my.brahmakumaris.org


In Baba's sweet yaad,

BK Meera




Serving the Tourist Guides - News from Bali, Indonesia

25 February 2018


The Indonesian Tourist Guides Association (Spanish Division ) Bali, held their annual general meeting in Barong Bale Kulkul Hall Gianyar, Bali. Among the many items in the day long meeting was a spiritual talk. For this The Tourist Guides Association contacted the Brahma Kumaris of Denpasar to give a spiritual talk to the local tourist guides. More than a hundred tourist guides were present.

Bk. Sister Janaki met this group and told the group that cooperation and excellence in service  were necessary to attract more tourists to Bali.  We are all souls and we need to work together as brother souls of one family. If there was this family feeling then peace and harmony among the tourist guides can attract more tourists. The talk lasted for 45 minutes and the  guides were very happy to meet Bk. Sister Janaki and listen to her talk.


At the end of the talk all present were given blessings and brochures. Many showed interest to come to the centre to get more information on spiritual education. Some also said that they were happy to take the basic 7 days course in Raja Yoga. Om Shanti

Warmest Regards

In Baba’s Yaad

Bk. Janaki

Report in PDF format