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With the rise in the use of social media and services such as Youtube, there have been a number of requests for guidelines to help BK Centres and students who actively engage in and provide content in these internet areas.

BK behaviour in social media, as well as the quality of the content uploaded in these contexts, is as important as the way we present ourselves and behave in the physical world. Whilst our actions and interactions in cyberspace are mostly conducted with good intentions, the aim behind our participation in these media should always be what would be of greatest benefit in providing our knowledge, images and profiles to online audiences around the world. In this, we must understand and respectfully be sensitive to the different cultural, religious and social norms that exist in the global online audience.

The guidelines drawn up by the International Social Media group cover the use of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and are available by clicking the links below. Center Coordinators may provide these guidelines to BK students. Questions or queries about these guidelines may be directed to your regional Social Media Representative (your RC office can give you their name and contact information).

International Facebook Guidelines

International Twitter Guidelines

International Youtube and Online Video Guidelines