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Service News - Suriname - October

7 December 2015

Youth and school programs
In October 80 high school students of the Sri Ramschool(Livorno) participated in a youth motivational Workshop about Success. Through the spiritual ingredients the students learned about the meaning of real success. There was also a session about choosing the right thoughts for success and how this leads you to success. At the end the students had to express the important ingredients of success through creativity. 
20 Teachers of the Savitri School (high school) participated in two session on the power of thoughts: about quality, patterns and how to transform thoughts. This was explained in an interactive lecture setting. The importance of a positive attitude if you stand in front the class and the impact on students. There was also a meditation session were this was explored. 
Enlightenment Fair: Ramlila
Brahma Kumaris participated in the first Ramlila EnlightmentFair, organized for Diwali and Dashera. In a beautiful decorated stall, with mannequins dressed like Ram, Sita and Ravan it was explained that it's not about the personalities, but the rediscovery about the values and vices and choices made based on that.
Celebrations 35 years Raja Yoga IN Suriname 
In October the Surinamese Family celebrated the 35thanniversary of Raja Yoga in Suriname. 60 students and guests came together for a wonderful brunch at the main center. It was an atmosphere of joviality, fun, togetherness and being one family.  Some of the older BK students shared their beautiful experiences of their live with Baba. It was a fun celebration with dance, songs, cake cutting and fun activities of which creating a garland of 35 virtues as ‘my gift' to the Supreme Father.
Service News - November 2015
High schools in Suriname organize yearly motivation sessions for the exam candidates. At the high school ScholenGemeenschap Sanatan Dharm Lelydorp we were invited to participate. There were 100 students of the age 16-19 years. The program started with an ice breaker where students had to share one positive point which they see in their self. This brought more openness in the students who were quite reserved. Zr. Loesshared some beautiful points with  the students about having interest and a good feelings when you want to achieve something and the guarantee of success when doing this. The more positive thoughts I create and continuity with this cycle of positivity will allow me to master my thoughts. The students who sat near each other listened very attentively and felt very enlightened after the session. 
Diwali celebration programs
60 Guests visited our Divali program that was held at the main center in Paramaribo. In the introduction BK brother Bholashared the spiritual meaning of Diwali. He explained the importance of light in our live. "The meaning of darkness is the absence of light. We have to enlighten our inner light, connect our soul with the Source. Then we'll start to shine brighter". The guests enjoyed a wonderful (dia) dance performance by BKsister Renuka and friend. This was followed by a collective powerful meditation, in which the right atmosphere was created to connect with the Source of Light and have that awareness of our inner light. The last step in this guided meditation was to share light with the world and send our good wishes and pure feelings to all road traffic accident victims in, commemorating the UN international day of road traffic accident victims.
With the regular students Diwali was celebrated with significance. There was a beautiful scene with 2 sisters, dressed like Lakshmi and Saraswati, sharing dristhi. Bhog was offered with sweet loving feelings and each one shared in depth what Diwali means to them.
1. a festival about myself, my inner story
2. a festival to bring something new and elevated in my life
3. a promise to the Supreme to let go of what I do not want in my life
4. letting go of old habits (darkness / ignorance) and to show (the day / knowledge) in deeds my lofty elevated actions
5. lighting the light in me by the One Big Diya, with the oil of knowledge that the Supreme himself gives; otherwise, create trying to lit other diyas does not make much sense
6.interest in also lighting the lights of others, when my light is lit.
7. to keep the light burning in my life, by constantly continuing to pour the oil of supreme knowledge
8. not a festival to ask, but to give
9. not only to clean the house and the surroundings, but my own inner change process
10. so do not just calling the deity Lakshmi but recognize her virtues and bring them into my life and also reflect them.
Wellness fair
Amongst many other Yoga organizations the Brahma Kumariswere invited to participate in the Wellness fair at KrasnapolskyHotel. BK Sr Renuska introduced Raja Yoga meditation in an interactive session where the audience was asked to answer two questions :"Who am I" and "Who is God". During the meditation intervals the participant were taken into an experience of being a soul and connecting with the Supreme Soul. 
Vegetarian Food Festival 2015
This annual Festival, in which BKs participated for the 3th time, was again a great success. The theme this year was "A Healthy mind and a Healthy Body". Guest not only learned about the benefits of vegetarian food but also about cooking without onion and garlic and adding extra ingredients such as love and patience to their food. A variety of dishes and snacks were prepared and tasting was free for all visitors.
Spiritual food was shared in the form of a lecture, emphasizing the quality of thoughts during preparation of food. "Whatever thought I create is being absorbed in the food and will have an effect on the mind" shared Sister Renuska. "It will have an impact on how we feel and eventually influences our body."


Service News - Raja Yoga Center, Nandy Park, Guyana

25 November 2015

In the last four months, service took a turn as Sr. Sabita brought new energy to Nandy Park Centre. The  relationship with IP souls was renewed as they were tied the sacred thread during the festival of Raksha Bandhan. A public program was also arranged where 50 souls tied their bond of love with God.
International Day of Peace was observed on Sunday, September 20 (World Meditation Hour) with an hour of meditation where live music created the ambiance, and extracts on peace were read from various religious texts that held the 45 souls in a state of blissful peace. This was something so new that all were quite touched, and left content.
As a result of this success, World Meditation  Hour is continuing with similar zeal and enthusiasm.
The Flash Meditation program was held at 4 locations.  We were a group of 5 to 6 however, not many from the public joined us but it definitely aroused the curiosity of many  who passed by. The BK presence was spread in these areas for the first time.
Youth get-togethers were arranged at two places where 25 youths were served. This will be an ongoing service resuming in 2016.
Diwali program was planned for November 8. It was held outdoors where all guests were given an opportunity to have an experience and exposure to what BKS offer: mini Raj Yoga Exhibition, the Virtue Wheel, Positive Thinking, Meditation, an exhibit showing the spiritual significance of Diwali, and tables offering a wide range of BKWSU information and literature. Guests were entertained with live music as they partake in refreshments and socialize. 110 souls left recharged, renewed, satisfied, and looking forward to coming again.
Service also started for professional groups where workshops are conducted for the staff at companies and organizations. The first was at the  Accountancy Training Centre, with a staff of 8.
The family at Nandy Park Centre also participated in a number of outreach events pertaining to the celebration of 40 years of BK presence in Guyana.
BK sustenance classes and discussions were also held regularly where interaction was quite lively, deep, and enlightening. The first one was with the visit of Sr. Santosh, of Russia, in August.
With blessings of Baba and thanks to Drama, service continues.
With love, from the Nandy Park divine family.




Sr Santosh Visit and Youth Programs - Service News from Surinam

1 October 2015

Sr Santosh Visit

Didi Santosh from St Petersburg in Russia visited Suriname in August during her Caribbean tour for Rakhi and the Caribbean Retreat . She also conducted a public program with the theme ' Time for Change….Now!! in one of the prestigious hotels were 300 people attended. She underlined the importance of ‘feeding' our soul besides the body and shared the depth of soul conciousness in her unique entertaining way. People enjoyed the programme and left the hall with big smiles on their faces.

She visited several government officials and tied rakhi to the Vice President of Suriname Mr. Ashwin Adhin, the first Lady Mrs. Bouterse

Youth Programs

In this month the Brahma Kumaris in Suriname got invited by the Sri Ram school,Secondary Sanathan Dharm School with 450 students. The first program was with the full staff of 24 participants were the Posotive Thinking course was conducted, on the 5th and 10th of August. Many were surprised and deeply touched about the depth of insight given thru the sharing about the quality of thoughts.

Motivational Workshops for the students of 3rd grade was organized on the 7th of August. Here we met 80 students and had a great time with them talking about Success in life. On the 14th of August we conducted another workshop on Success with students from the 2nd grade. This group consisted of 90 students.  These workshops included sharing within groups and working together as a team. They also had a creativity sessions where they made a sketch about the most important ingredients for a successful life: positive thoughts, motivation and knowledge.



Outdoor World Meditation Hour, Chaguaramas, Trinidad

23 September 2015

The world meditation hour was organized outdoor by the sea side in the beautiful scenic area in Trinidad. The place was booked for this purpose was ‘O2 Park' on north western end of the country, Chaguaramas. The atmosphere and the scene were giving approach to send the vibrations of good wishes and pure feelings worldwide. So BKs decided for this place to give Sakash to the world through meditation.
‘O2 Park' is located one and a half hours away from the main BK Centre so BKs started reaching few hours in advance to be on time and also to enjoy the atmosphere of the outdoor activity in BKs.
Tea and snacks by the late afternoon was specially and well organized by the YOUTH GROUP of Trinidad. Lots of blessings to all of them.
After the long journey to reach at this place, BKs relaxed and had tea time & chit chat before the world meditation begins. Of course, they all had toured around the place and enjoyed.
The world Meditation began at 5.30 pm and approximately over 100 Brahmin souls gave their contribution to send Sakash to the world. Within a few minutes the atmosphere became so spiritual, vibrant and powerful that even the staff present at that place were also settled in their office and were not walking and moving around in order avoid disturbance.
The meditation was done through the guided commentaries with the spiritual songs played in the middle by our sound department by bro. Sunil and bro. Hemant. Congratulations and thanks to them to make the event successful and smooth going.
In the beginning, sis. Bharti conducted the meditation for half an hour accompanied with bro. Reynold and sis. Uma by the sides.
Later on sis. Jasmine conducted the meditation with Bro. Vijai and sis. Indira by the sides for another half an hour .
After the powerful world meditation sister Jasmine shared the words of wisdom about peace that now is the time to open up our package of peace so that when the package is open it can start radiating all over including the elements of nature. She then read some points about the international peace day on the next day which is going to be on 21st Sept. 2015.
BK program can never be completed without TOLI. So Toli was given by sister Jasmine, Blessing cards by sister Indira and Drishti by sister Gloria – the youngest (only 85 years old) student reached at this place for meditation.
At the end everybody were given the refreshment parcels to carry as they all had to cover the distance back to home.


St. Lucia Service Report - 26th to 31st August

18 September 2015

Sister Jasmine and two other sisters from Trinidad arrived in St. Lucia on the 26th August 2015 and were warmly welcomed by sister Chandra to an array of programs for spiritual empowerment and sustenance for many  groups of people:

Stress management  sessions
Raksha Bhandan
Women of values 
Pinehill walk and exhibition on health and wellness
A Stress management session was arranged by Sister Chandra and Bro Mark at the Victoria Hospital in Castries for nurses and health care officials on Friday 28th August.  A group of 30 souls attended all of whom expressed how timely it was to have such a session since they were in urgent need to manage the great stress they were all experiencing. 
Below Rakhi   was  tied to all participants in the Stress management  session which they took with great love and reverence. 
On the same day another stress management session was done with a group of 16 prison officers at the Dennery correction centre. They also had Rakhi tied and enjoyed the session thoroughly and they expressed how much they benefitted.
On the same day Friday 28th there was a rakhi program   at the centre in the evening for BK students and contacts.  A very  spiritual  atmosphere was created through meditation and explanation of Raksha Bhandan they were all treated to a delicious dinner.
On Saturday 29th august there was Women of values program, 20 women attended  and the stress management session was also done with this group. This group  had the wife of the consulate to India – Mrs Madhu Asnaani , who attended the POM retreat in Madhuban in 2013, who also lends great support to the centre. Other  influential women also attended. They all had rakhi tied and dinner.
On Sunday 30th  August there was a Pinehill walk from Castries to Rodney Bay  ( Pine hill company the producer of  drinks etc was the organizer and they invited the Brahma Kumaris to participate). Brother Moti participated in the walk and this culminated with a grand exhibition with booths the topic was health and wellness. The Meditation centre was given a booth where we set up our exhibition pictures etc.  There were approximately 5000 people which were mainly youths, those who came to the booth had explanation as well as Rakhi tied. All the BK students gave their full support for this event.
After the Pinehill walk and exhibition the  BK team came to the centre and had lunch and then headed to Vieux Fort the south of the island to a Raksha Bhandan program arranged at Sister Mala and Gopal home for more service this is approximately 1 ½ hour drive from Castries.This Rakhi program was attended by Indian nationals.


Santosh Didi's Visit to Trinidad

10 September 2015

Thursday morning a lovely atmosphere was set as Santosh Didi offered bhog to Bapdada. Didi then shared on the importance of offering bhog and the part it played in changing her life. One story that she shared is that after becoming a Brahma Kumari all lokik friends and people who were close to her started disappearing from her life, so she was telling Baba that the result of loving you is that everyone has now run away from me. So, Baba one day in bhog message said that when one cleans the house the first thing that goes from the house are the mice, mosquitos etc. and in the end only the stuff that is needed and pure stays in the house. So this is what happens when we come to Baba. 
Attended by 380 people, Santosh Didi was the featured speaker with the topic being, "Being with One, Experiencing His Love and Protection".  Sharing beautifully she encouraged all guest to understand the importance of being a soul and being free from all materialistic aspects of this world. – "When we leave this body what do we take with us?" Following this rakhi was tied to all guest present.
With just a few souls, Santosh Didi shared her experiences with Dadi Prakashmani. One deep aspect she shared was the instance of when Dadi left the body the first time and flew away to Baba then came back as Baba had told her to go back, then she returned then left again as she told Baba that body is no more. This showed that Dadi had conquered nature and the authority she held over matter. She also shared how important it is to be witness of the special scenes in the confluence age and for Dadi's day we should tell Baba to merge her in the subtle region and have an experience with her as she is an angel.
All students of Trinidad gathered for murli class read by Santosh didi. She started it very beautifully by asking if our hearts, minds and notebooks are ready. During murli Didi also sang the song Meera would sing for Krishna giving each one that deep feeling of love for Baba. She then made note of certain points while reading murli as she would discuss further in the class to follow. After murli we had an exercise session with Didi.
The class that followed was focused on the experiences of students in Russia and Ukraine as it related to one point Baba spoke of being an entrusted student. She explained the difficulties of attending murli class in Russia and Ukraine, however, those students make so much effort to be present even during severe weather and war. Sharing this she encouraged everyone to attend murli class everyday as Baba is teacher and so this intoxication of God is teaching should be there, this is what it means to be an entrusted student. Didi also played beautifully on the words as Baba has said to become master of sense organs and so this body is like an organization so we should be in full control of each organ.
Students then returned for tying of rakhi in the evening from 5pm-till. Before tying of rakhi didi shared on the significance of tying of rakhi. In this she shared the story of Krishna and Draupadi and also of Indra and Indrani. This rakhi is a bond of protection and so we make a promise to Baba and we are protected. Stepping out of this protection will allow maya to come in. Didi then tied rakhi while the rest stayed in tapasya. A powerful, love filled atmosphere was set as each one made a promise to our beloved Baba. 
Sunday morning was very special and filled with intoxicated fun. Didi showed us all to dance to bangra and ras, everyone joining in and having so much fun. Following that was a beautiful moment as didi gave sister Hemlata a big hug and told the class the specialties of sister Hemlata. She then pinned sister Hemlata with a flower then called all the teachers of Trinidad to come in front. She then told the teachers to hand each other a flower followed by sweet love filled drishti and a hug. The feeling of unity was overwhelming in each ones heart. 
When didi was taking leave from everyone to go to the aiport it was a scene of as if a bride was leaving her home. Everyone gathered around the car singing and clapping with didi leading the song. 


Service in the Home for Elderly and Disabled Patients - Montego Bay

10 September 2015

There was a visit by a BK sister to the elderly and disabled patients Home around the BK Centre in St. James Parish, Montego Bay. The very name is "FAITH & HOPE NURSING RESIDENT". They give their services for the physically challenged people whether they are elderly or the disable. 

Sis. Bharti and Bro. Paul visited this place in order to serve these people and give them salvation through spirituality and meditation. The owner of the Home is Mrs. Brown who was very co-operative and happy for us to visit their place and give some encouragement to the physically challenged people.
There were approximately 25 patients and 4 staff plus the owner Mrs. Brown attended the talk personally. Since few of the others could not sit even on the wheelchair or sofa they experienced the session lying down on the beds in their rooms nearby. It was a session for all of them to relax as they were given the knowledge about spirituality for just 10 minutes and then the practical experience of peace and silence through meditation with the background music and commentary by BK sister. 
They found it very useful for them as if they needed it as this practical meditation made their minds stable for the time they practiced so on few of them request we again continued the meditation for some more time and everybody was much happy to do that. There was just love and happiness to spread to fill their aprons.
At the end they all were given Bhog to eat and everybody's faces were blossomed like a small child. It was a clear picture that was telling that no matter what the physical age is but everybody has child's heart in them. After all, we all are the Children of the Supreme Father the Supreme Soul.


Raksha Bandhan in Montego Bay, Jamaica

10 September 2015

Raksha Bandhan is considered the festival of purity within the human relations, as in the case of   relations between a brother and sister.

This shows that this festival is related to abstinence from vices and practice of purity in order to become a virtuous person. That is why the sacred string called Rakhi is used to be tied both by Brahmins as well as by sisters. It is a custom for Brahmins to visit each house and tie this sacred string, Rakhi, for the protection of each individual. This custom signifies that Rakhi can be tied only by those who observe purity in life and every individual requires the divine protection. By protection, we don't mean physical protection, but it is the protection from vices and bad deeds. It further signifies that God's message of purity be conveyed to each soul. In the light of this spiritual meaning, Raksha Bandhan can be called a universal festival because it is not connected to any particular religion, but is related to universal human values. Its relevance for human welfare has increased in today's situation as every individual is under constant threat of the vices - lust, ego, greed, anger and attachment.
The applications of ‘Tilak' using Sandalwood with rose water on the forehead reminds one the true identity and image of his inner self as point of light, the Soul and the experience of the self-realization.
The custom of tying the sacred string of Rakhi signifies to take a vow of purity in thoughts, words and deeds and thus we are really bound (Bandhan) with the sacred string of God's selfless love and protection (Raksha).
The sharing of sweets after Raksha Bandhan induces us to be soft and sweet in our speech, manners and interactions.
And then only.. would we be celebrating the true Raksha Bandhan.
There was a group of 13 to celebrate this auspicious festival of purity. The atmosphere became so full of divinity, love and happiness. Baba has come to change us from thorns into flowers. Everyone's faces were smiling like the fully blossomed fragrant flowers.


Raksha Bandhan in the Dominican Republic with Sr Santosh from Russia

26 August 2015

From August 14 (night) till 16 (mid-day), Sister Santosh from St Petersburg, Russia, visited the Dominican Republic. It was a short, sweet and intense visit filled with many jewels and yogi vibrations. 
We had a mini-retreat for brahmins, a public lecture at the center and Rakhi celebration.
The family feels very uplifted by the tangible atmosphere of subtlety and soul-consciousness and the sharings of deep love for Baba have touched and inspired all. Thank You BapDada, Dadis and seniors for this precious gift on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.


Raksha Bandhan in Aruba

26 August 2015

From Wednesday 5 August till 7 August we had sister Jean from Guyana with us for our Rahki program.

It was a short visit but very fruitful in terms of what she left behind. For every group there was something special.

We visited contact souls who are in the list of VIP's and IP's. The Rector of the university of Aruba,someone from the media, police, education department of the university and people who are in business.

Rahki always gives the beautiful opportunity to bring souls close to the Supreme Father.

There was a public program and a program for Brahmins.

Every visit and both the programs were filled with simplicity and because of that the hearts were touched and filled with Gods Love.


Raksha Bandhan in Curacao

26 August 2015


Introducing Raj Yoga in French-Guyana

11 August 2015

From the 3th till the 7th July Sister Loes visited our neighbor country, French-Guyana. Sr Seeta, who is in knowledge for 2 years and is living in French-Guyana was very happy to host us in her home, which created a beautiful opportunity to serve the lokik family by our presence, sharing and food.
There were deep conversations, with some of the neighbors she had invited on Friday and Saturday, and three of them also joined us one day for Amrit Vela meditation, experiencing a new dimension of silence.
On Saturday evening there was a meeting on the beach at Kourou, mainly members of the local Mandir from Guyanese background. We shared very naturally about soul consciousness and had a beautiful meditation in the midst of nature.
Sunday morning we visited another mandir in Matoury, another beautiful gathering of souls with deep devotional feelings, who are open to deeper understanding. The one hour spent in listening and sharing was inspirational for many. The president of the temple board shared that he had never felt himself so deeply connected to God as during meditation that day.
We are planning to go back after 3 weeks, as they warmly invited us to spend more time with them and share jewels of knowledge.
Second Visit French Guyana
After the first visit in the first week of July the Brahma Kumaris Suriname were invited from the 23th till the 27th of July for a second visit to French-Guyana. During this trip Sister Loes visited 3 mandirs and met many bhagats. One of the topics was relationships based on virtues and inner powers by using the images of their Devi and Devta's. She also explained about soul consciousness. Sharing blessings was a beautiful way to help connect them with their inner goodness. 
The Tree of of Goodness now also introduced to multimedia room teachers
On 17th July, in collaboration with the Basic Life Skills Program, the 7 Billion Acts of Goodness project was introduced to 16 public schools teachers in charge of the multimedia rooms in different districts in Suriname. The Tree of Goodness was explained by different creative activities. All fell in love with the deeper concept and promised to use this for themselves and the attending students.


Highlights of Visit of Br Mohan Singhal's Visit to Seven Caribbean Countries & the USA

6 August 2015

Dear Divine Brothers & Sisters,
Sweet Godly Remembrances,
Please find enclosed some of the photographs of the visit of BK Mohan Singhal to Guyana, Surinama, Trinidad, Curacao, Dallas and Houstan etc., together with service reports. Complete news of the service in San Fernando Trinidad can be viewed here and the news of service in Puerto Rico can be viewed here.

Scientists & Engineers Wing Office, Mount Abu.

Guyana: (L to R) Br Mohan Singhal; Mr. Venkatachalam Mahalingam, Indian High Commissioner to Guyana; Sr Jean, Centre Incharge Brahma Kumaris Guyana; Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo of Guyana & others after the International Yoga Day Programme (21st June)

Surinama: Mr.Robert Ameerali, Vice President of Surinama shaking hands with BK Mohan Singhal; others are Sr Loes (extreme right), Centre Incharge of Brahma Kumaris Surinama; & Sr Renuka (left)

Surinama: Mrs Subashini, Ambassador of India in Surinama, Br Mohan Singhal & Sr Loes, Centre Incharge of Brahma Kumaris Surinama are seen in an informal chat.

Surinama: Mr Ashwin Adhin,  Education Minister, Surinama receiving Godly Message from Br Mohan Singhal. Sr Loes, Centre Incharge of Brahma Kumaris Surinama is standing nearby.

Trinidad:  Principal of the University of West Indies (UWI) presenting gift to Br Mohan Singhal. Sr Hemlata Behn, Incharge of the Caribbean Region of Centers, is also seen in the picture.

Dallas:- Br Mohan Singhal & Sr Ranjan in group photo with BK brothers & sisters at Tapasya Dham, the newly acquired Retreat Centre in Dallas, Texas USA.

Houston: At a newly built retreat centre, (L to R) Br  Mark, Br Mohan Singhal, Sr Hansa Raval and another BK sister.


Interaction Between the Human Soul and Nature - News of Br Mohan Singhal's visit to Curacao

17 July 2015

It was a blessing to have Brother Mohan Singhal with us for one day and one night. His radiant being, as an embodiment of contentment and experience, together with his deep understanding of Baba's gyan did so much service.
The main instruments of Aruba and Bonaire (Sister Rota and Sister Erna) flew over to Curacao to be with the Family during brother Mohan's stay.
The lecture was well attended (more then 40), with the topic: "The interaction between the Human Soul and Nature". The way Brother Mohan used this topic to give spiritual knowledge about the soul and the Supreme soul and the inner qualities of the soul, was very good. 
He spoke about the "inner nature of the human soul" and the "outer nature or the 5 elements".
The way he explained about how we must achieve the same qualities as the elements have, so we can make the elements our friends, giving clear examples, touched everyone. He also shared the secrets of being happy and making others happy. All souls were very happy and also thankful for the way he explained about International World Yoga Day and the logo, the connection between the colors and the main virtues and powers of the soul. 
The next morning he read the murli for us and afterwards we had a BK class, where Brother shared his experiences of being with Sakar Brahma Baba in his last days:  of recognizing his karmateet stage. He also shared about his BK life from the beginning. 
Brother Mohan's humble nature, his lightness and his power to adjust to every situation made it a great blessing to have him in Baba's Home. He enjoyed the short sightseeing with two sisters and one brother.
Thanks to Baba, Drama and all the seniors that made it possible for us to have Brother Mohan with us.


Report on Young Adults Retreat 2015

8 July 2015

On June 26th – 28th 2015 The Brahma Kumaris in Trinidad hosted its annual Young Adults Retreat at Hosanna Toco Resort, titled "The Silent Spark...Transformation to Lightness."

A total of seventeen Young Adults from the age of 18 and upwards came together for what turned out to be a rejuvenating heart-warming retreat.

On Friday, everyone arranged to meet up and make the lengthy scenic drive to Toco together, making a couple stops along the way, sharing, laughs, love and food.

Our first session on Friday Evening involved Aaron Bhai sharing his experiences on the topic "How to be Light." He shared some deep ideas and realizations that has helped him to achieve both a milestone in his Lokik as well as Alokik life, all whilst remaining "Light."

One of the main points being. Always enjoy everything that comes to you in this Brahmin Life as it is, and will always be the most auspicious life we ever live!


Click Here for the rest of this report



Service News from Guyana

28 June 2015

This year marks the 40th since Baba's message first came to Guyana, on the wings of divine messenger, Sister Jayanti in December, 1975. We are marking the anniversary with a country wide service initiative comprising 40 programmes promoting Raja Yoga meditation, called "Awakening Inner Peace."  The International Day of Yoga and the publicity accompanying it  became the ideal launch pad. Our inaugural event was on the 22nd, the day following IDY. The attached newspaper article captures an interview which blended the two events. So some of the inspirations and energy IDY flow into 40Y (our abbreviation for the 40th anniversary initiative).



Br Mohan Singhal's Visit to San Fernando, Trinidad on 20th June

26 June 2015

On 20th June Br Mohan visited San Fernando Centre after visiting St Augustine and Chagaunas Centres on the 18th and 19th (news here). The precious and powerful day started with collective Amritvela meditation conducted by Br Mohan. The spiritual vibrations filled everyone with Baba's love and happiness.

Sister Hemlata read the Murli at 7.00 am followed by Br Harry introducing Mohan Bhai to the class. Everyone was blessed by Mohan bhai's words of wisdom. Mohan Bhai began by sharing the importance of preparing and offering Bhog, including his own experiences with bhog - describing how Baba values and accepts all the children's love and Bhavna when preparing and offering bhog, which then makes an impact on everyone's minds and intellects.
Br Mohan then explained five types of peace.
1) We get peace by seeing at nature (i.e., through the environment).
2) We get peace at religious places where we experience spiritual and positive vibrations.
3) When someone leaves the body, at that time also there is peace and silence but a certain kind of fear is mixed in that peace (fearful peace).
4) When someone considers himself to be a soul but lacks the knowledge and concept of GOD – The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul.
5) The real peace of mind, which is attained through this knowledge by connecting truly with Baba. This true peace is filled with happiness.
Br Mohan also explained and gave clarity about Drishti, Drishta, Drishya and Drishtant. He mentioned that waste thoughts are those which are not as per our requirements and come without our permission. Normally, thoughts of service are not wrong, but when we sit for meditation and have thoughts of service, those are wasteful. When we sit for meditation there should be just me and Baba and none other. He also shared about soul consciousness and body consciousness: that in order to have a successful connection with the One Father we have to change our dress as well as the address of consciousness and remember Him alone.
Traffic Control should relax our mind and should not become terrific control. Utilize that one minute or three minutes of traffic control in a worthwhile way, as that one minute will pass away and will not be able to come back for another 5000 years.
At the end Br Mohan showed letters written to him in Brahma Baba's own handwriting in Sindhi. He read them in front of the class and translated them in English which was very exciting to all. He also showed a group picture in which he was with Sakar Brahma Baba when he was physically only 17 years old. He allowed these letters and the picture to circulate in the class so that everyone could have a close look at them. He mentioned the days he spent with Brahma Baba on the 17th and 18th January 1969 and how he witnessed Brahma Baba's final and karmateet Stage.
The question/ answer session was very effective. In that Br Kamta played the role of host and asked questions which Mohan bhai answered clearly in a short and sweet manner. Bhog was then offered to Baba. 
This program was shown live on the internet throughout Caribbean Region so that all BKs had the benefit of this multi-benefiting class by Mohan Bhai.
As Mohan bhai was with us on this precious day, we took the best opportunity to celebrate ‘Father's Day' in the class. Our singing group dedicated a song for Father's Day and We honored Mohan Bhai with crown and garland on behalf of all the fathers. Also we cut the cake with all the corporeal fathers who were present in the class. Everyone celebrated with a big heart and happiness.  All the faces were smiling in the One Incorporeal Father's love.
As a token of love and respect to Brahma Kumaris and all the fathers too, Laxmi Jewellers donated gifts to distribute in the class for all the fathers. Of course a BK program can never be considered complete without ‘TOLI' so each and every one received told and blessings cards from Sister Hemlata, Brother Mohan and Sister Jasmine.
Everybody then enjoyed Brahma Bhojan and left in happiness with their aprons filled with spiritual knowledge and experiences of yoga power and peace and happiness. A quick and short visit was made to Laxmi Jewellers for Mohan bhai to step in their shop and bless them and their family.
Thanks to Baba for everything.



New Service Activities in Aruba! January - April 2015

22 May 2015

We have started some newness in our service outreach.

We spread vibrations in the different districts of Aruba, once a week every    Thursday morning.

Once a week we offer meditation to the public from 7-7.30 pm. This is specially for those who have never done the Raja Yoga course but want to spend some quiet time with the self. The meditation commentaries are such that in an incognito way they come to know who they are and who their eternal Parent is.

There is also Positive Thinking for those who are 60+. The purpose is to give a new input in their lives so that life will be meaningful no matter their age. 

The Brahma Kumaris have started a collaboration with the University of Aruba activities on a regular basis. The first activity was the Positive Thinking course once a week during 4 weeks. There were 15 participants. Every week there was home work to make practical the knowledge that they had received. It was wonderful to see the changes in each one.

 People are so thirsty for inner peace and so to satisfy their need we will do weekend courses for them starting with the introduction of the soul and the Supreme soul. The purpose is that they can feel that they are children of God and that they have a right to the inheritance.

Once a month we go to the temple For the Hindiwala group. The Topic is "How to make spirituality practical in your daily life" Some of them have done the Raja Yoga course.

 For the Brahmin family,young and old students, once a month we have discussions on the topic "Looking at Life through your 3rd Eye" This is  to help them to make the intellect more subtle.




Suriname Main Center Celebrates International Day of Happiness

30 March 2015

It was a very happy occasion for all participating in the workshop organized on March 20th for the International Day of Happiness. About 50 gathered in the Main Center and opened up to explore the deeper meaning of Happiness through dancing, creativity (painting, drawing), silent meditation and sharing,  using the AI method. We also explored the difference between pleasure and happiness by skits and a power-point presentation, presented by BK's. 
There were tears of recognition, laughter of joy and also periods of pin drop silence, as they had deeper realizations along the way. Many shared the sense of freedom and safety which allowed them to tap into the inner sanctuary of deep happiness by accepting who you really are.
Media service was done through the newspapers Starnews (online) and De West (evening) accepted and printed a full article which we offered them.

Suriname Service News - February 2015

10 March 2015

Youth Program
On the 7th of February 2015 the BK Youth Group in Suriname was invited to a one day youth camp organized by the High School OS Tamanredjo in the district Commewijne. The chosen theme was The Key to Success. There were 35 students present between the 17-23 year old. The aim of this day was to motivate the students who were preparing for their final exams.
Shivratri Celebrations
Flag hoisting and shivratri celebrations were held at several Geeta Patshala's in Suriname. There was also a public program with the theme In God's Heart. In this program there were several dialogues about our love for God and how we make God part of our life. Br. Sean Taylor and Brother Bhola Narain shared that the relationship with God is a secret, special and sweet relationship where there is no room for any form of pressure. The basis for this is a clean Heart. Being thankful to God and experiencing everyday as a gift was shared  in the second Dialogue with Sr. Liesbeth Piroti en Sila Kisoensingh. They shared that asking God for anything is not necessary, He gives you everything as long as you open your heart. In the third dialogue Sr. Miguella Tilburg en Sr. Loes shared the importance of God in our life besides our daily activities and other successes. Happiness experienced from God is the only true happiness because He doesn't expect anything back from you. 
During the program there were also cultural items and meditation sessions which contributed to an evening filled with peace an silence. 


2015 Shivratri Celebrations in Trinidad and Tobago - Service News with Photographs

3 March 2015

The first BK Shivratri event in Trinidad & Tobago for the year 2015 was held on Sunday 8th February from 5 – 7.30 pm at 14 Milkman Trace, Sobo Extension, La Brea in Trinidad at a Gita Pathshala run by Brother Ramdeo. Read here for more report.



Br. Ramprakash Visits Haiti - Service News with Photos

17 Febuary 2015

Haiti this week (4-6 February) was the most recent host to 7 Billion Acts of Goodness initiative which saw bro Ram Praksh travel to several Caribbean countries. The Haiti leg of the tour was most unique as it included a seminar with over 100 troops of the Indian Military Police regiment stationed in Haiti as part of the ongoing UN peace keeping mission. The troops, including their commanding officer, listened in rapt attention as bro Ram outlined the aims and objectives of the program which has so captured the attention since its launch in 2009.......Read here for the detailed report.



7 Billion Acts of Goodness - Caribbean Island of Grenada

11 February 2015

On Thursday January 29, 2015 at 6:45 am Brahma Kumar Ramparkash Singal arrived in Grenada . A very tiny island with a population of almost 100,000, very well known throughout the world as "the isle of spice." We consider ourselves very fortunate that a yogi of over forty-one years has placed his footsteps here.
His first interview at 9:00am was with (MTV) Meaningful Television. He was told only five minutes but the interviewer went on and on with her questions so he spoke for about forty-five minutes.
By 10:00 am his second interview was with the main national radio station, he was told only fifteen minutes. The interviewer asked him question after question, he spoke for almost one hour. The rest of Thursday was spent meeting people individually. He also met with the founder of (GARP) Grenada Association of Retired Persons, Carol Vasquez. She responded very positively and promised to enlighten every member of her organization with this international project. She said a project of this nature will have a domino effect not only here on this tiny island but throughout the entire world, as everyone is looking for their goodness. She said this project will help them to look inside and not out.
Friday January 30 began with a courtesy call on the Prime Minister of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique at 7:15 am. The Right Honorable Dr. Keith Mitchell welcomed Ramparkashbhai and commended him for making him and this nation aware of such a meaningful and most needed project not only here in Grenada but all over our troubled world.
Rambhai also met with advisor to the Minister of Health, Mrs. Ann David-Antione, Sen. the Hon. Brenda Hood, Minister of Culture & Heritage and several other dignitaries without appointments. This was possible because the Prime Minister's Office and all Ministries are housed in one building known as "The Ministerial Complex."
Rambhai thinks that Grenada is such a beautiful island. He was told by (GIS) Government Information Service, the government television that his stay was too short and he must come again. He happily flew off to Barbados his next place of service.



Service News from Suriname - Br. Ramprakash's Visit, 7 Billion Acts of Goodness and More.......

5 Febuary 2015

From January 23th to 25th, 2015 Brother Ramprakash visited Suriname. It was a short but very effective visit. The main purpose of his visit was the launch of the7 Billion Acts of Goodness project. After several successes in other parts of the world, this program was launched in the Caribbean. He visited many people and many programs were held together with media coverage. This project was also introduced to the Minister of Education of Suriname, Mr. Ashwin Adhin. The Minister acknowledged the importance of values in the education system and the importance of the involvement of our Youth in this. He was very enthusiastic about this concept and offered to integrate this project in the education system......Read here for detailed report with photos.



7 Billion Acts Of Goodness - Service News from Barbados

5 Febuary 2015

BK.Ram Singal spent less than 24 hours with us in Barbados and with his enthusiasm, experience, easy and practical manner, he was able to ignite the sparks of goodness in the hearts and minds of those who attended the programme at the centre. About 40 persons attended the session which was advertised as "Dealing with ‘All of a Sudden' situation."... 

Click here for detailed report with photos.



Shivratri letter to the Region

2 Febuary 2015

Dear Bapdada's Serviceable Instruments:

We are at the end of January, the avyakt month where we paid a lot of attention of creating the avyakt stage, and reinforcing our commitment to Amritvela.  We are also privileged to have the presence of our dearly beloved Dadi Janki with us in London.  Her classes given in London have not only transmitted the wonder of her amazing spiritual journey, but the wonder of her pure and clean intellect and her ever-flowing bhavna take us into the very depths of Baba's love leaves us in awe of who really Dadi is.

Now we are moving into the celebration of Shivratri and we are lucky to have been blessed with such love from Bapdada, the Dadi's, and the family.  I am sure that you are all preparing to celebrate this very auspicious festival with the will to reveal Shiv Baba.

As promised we have uploaded the Shivratri materials created in English on the following website:


No log-in is required to access these materials. They are available to one and all.

The materials available are as below with name followed by a description:

  • In God's Heart Flyer Template - Customizable Flyer
  • In God's Heart Blessings Template (12Up) - Add your own blessing text to this template. There are 12 to a page.
  • In God's Heart Blessings Template (8Up) - Add your own blessing text to this template. There are 8 to a page.
  • In God's Heart Customizable Press Release - This Press Release is from Harmony House, but it can be customized to announce your local program.
  • Maha Shivratri: Ancient Festival Has Relevance Today - 500 word Article in pdf format by Sister Kiran
  • Shivratri: The Dawn Confluence of Light and Darkness - 1000 word Article in pdf format by Sister Kanishta Agarwal, PhD
  • 79th Shiv Jayanti Folio in Hindi p1, 79th Shiv Jayanti Folio in Hindi p2 - Colorful Hindi double-sided folio. Pages 1 and 2 are meant to be printed back-to-back.

I would like to wish you all a very, very happy Shiv Jayanti and as we celebrate Baba's birthday, we will also celebrate the newness that is being born in us every moment spent in Baba's remembrance.

With love in Baba's remembrance

Sister Mohini



Br Ram Prakash's Visit to Trinidad and Tobago

2 February 2015

Launching of 7 BILLION ACTS OF GOODNESS - 26th-28th January, 2015
When Baba speak about the Omens of Jupiter, no doubts that his children who are born under this auspicious sign are worthy. Sis. Hemlata, Br Ram Parkash and Br Harry spend time sharing their
experiences with others and each other.
At 8:00am, they visited the President Sir Dennis Byron and other Judges of the Caribbean Court of Justice and members of staff. As Br Harry had a schedule event with the CCJ, he took the opportunity to invite Br Ram Prakash to share the news about the 7 Billons Acts of goodness which was well received. They were accompanied by Sister Hemlata.
After having breakfast in the car and a cool sweet coconut around the Savannah, they then paid a friendly visit to HE Archbishop Nicola Girasoli - Apostolic Nuncio - Ambassador of
Trinidad and Tobago before going to Talk City Radio 91.1 FM for a one hour long live radio programme from 11 to 12 noon - a weekly programme of the IRO – Inter Religious Organization
At 12.30 p.m. they paid a courtesy call on HE Gauri Shankar Gupta, High Commissioner of India to Trinidad and Tobago.
At 2.00 p.m. at the Parliament, Br Ramprakash was privilege to meet and share with Minister in the Ministry of Youth, Gender and Child Development Mrs Razia Ahmed about the 7 Billion Acts of
goodness. He also met with Minister Marlene Coudray, Minister of Local government, Hon Gary Griffith, Minister of National Security and Hon Minister Embau Mohini.
After lunch at around 3.00 p.m. he then went to the Cruise Ship Complex later in the evening where he addressed the gathering at a programme organized by the BK in Port of Spain.
It was an enjoyable day under the bright tropical sunshine demonstrating what Acts of goodness means.
Om Shanti 


Celebrating the 47th Death Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi

2 February 2015 - Trinidad and Tobago

The High Commissioner of India, the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Cultural Co- operation, the Gandhi Seva Sangh and the Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centre came together and hosted the 47th death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.
The programme started with the garlanding and wreath laying of the statue of the Mahatma at Harris Promenade in San Fernando. This statue is said to be the first to be erected outside India and one out of three in Trinidad.
This was followed by a formal programme at the Raja Yoga Centre was attended by about 150 persons, many of whom are professionals from the Indian community from India who are domicile here. The wife of His Excellency was also present along with other dignitaries.
Sister Hemlata welcomed all to the Centre and conducted meditation, creating a very peaceful and powerful spiritual atmosphere for the proceeding to follow.
His Excellency Gauri Shankar Gupta, High Commissioner of India welcomed all and shared his experiences of Gandhiji, and how he had impacted his own life. He drew references of few of the occurrences in the life of the Mahatma both in South Africa and India. He spoke of the struggles and successes until an Independent India.
Councilor Phillip Montano represented the Mayor of the city of San Fernando, and Dr Carrington represented the University of Trinidad and Tobago. They both and Mr Mahadeo Bissoon a thinker of Gandhi philosophy brought brief greetings.
Former Independent Senator and Mediation Board Member, Rev Daniel Teelucksingh gave a very inspiring message in which he identified some of the main issues affecting the country and the relevance of the life and teachings of Gandhi to its resolve. 
Dr Hans Hanoomansingh, having just returned from the Pravasi in Ahmedabad, spoke about the historic aspects of the Mahatma in Trinidad, and how his life and teachings has impacted the lives of so many very prominent Trinidadians. His keynote address traced from the installation of the first statue at Harris Promenade in San Fernando, the naming of the village after the Mahatma, Gandhi Village, and the formation of the Gandhi Seva Sangh by the late Mr Bisram Gopie.
The event was chaired by President of the Inter Religious Organization Br Harrypersad Maharaj, who shared many quotes of the mahatma, and the inspirations he have had from the mahatma even to the extent of becoming a member of the Brahma Kumaris.
The programme concluded with a vote of thanks by the Director of the Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Cultural co-operations, Mr J P Arya. 
Everyone was then treated to patriotic songs and the Bhajans of Mahatma Gandhi organized by the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Cultural Co- operation followed by a sumptuous dinner.


Br Ram Prakash (NY) Promotes Seven Billion Acts of Goodness in Guyana

1 Febuary 2015

Pioneer of "7 Billion Acts of Goodness," Br Ram Prakash of New York, spent four days in Guyana from Sunday, 18th to Thursday, 22nd January promoting the initiative.  It started with a launch on Monday and culminated with a training session for BK's and contacts on Wednesday.  The time in between was spent promoting the initiative mainly through radio, television and newspapers, as these were the most effective means to promote it in a short period.  There were two interviews on radio, three on television and at least three newspaper articles (all at no cost).

The response was a wave of interest and enthusiasm, which seemed to be due mainly to the simplicity of the concept, the simplicity of implementation, and the fact that just about anyone can find a refreshing goodness in it.  With the interest in the training given and promotional materials offered, indications are that a powerful seed has been planted.

Attached are a few shots of events.

The Guyana family



Sister Mohini's Inspirations for Celebrating Shivratri

22 January 2014

Dear Sisters and Brothers:
2015 is the year of newness at many different levels. One of the ways in which newness can emerge is in the celebration of the various events that we observe. Newness emerges when we look for deeper significance in the observance of something meaningful; zeal and enthusiasm get generated bringing vigor and vitality into the celebration.
The 18 of January is special to all Brahma Kumaris and Kumars, as it touches in us the subtle efforts in embodying the angelic stage and in following the father's footsteps. It puts the focus on "mansa-seva," the subtle service that Brahma Baba is doing at present, and reminding us that this is the type of service that will have maximum impact on the world. The Amritology initiative renewed in us what is foundational to our constant remembrance of Baba. Also the special homework to experience the avyakt stage in the avaykt month is a practical way to stay connected to Baba in the subtle region.
Shivratri is coming up in the month of February and Baba is very clear and specific when He says " you have found the Father, the One who wins your heart, the One who grants salvation to all, the One who removes your sorrow and bestows happiness on you." The Being with ONE Initiative was very inspiring to many, many Brahmins around the world, and so Shivratri is the time to be lost in the love of the Ocean of Love and to share His introduction with our brothers and sisters who are thirsty for a drop of love from the Ocean.
We would like to share with you some of the ways we are planning to celebrate Shivratri in New York and the Tristate area. The motivation is to create a ripple effect in our zeal, enthusiasm in fulfilling Baba's hopes in us. Seeing that Shivratri falls close to the time of Valentine's Day, we have chosen the theme of "In God's Heart."
We are focusing on 4 specific areas:
A simple and beautiful card featuring "Feel in your heart, the gaze of God's Eye" is being printed. This card is intended to give an introduction to Baba in a ‘loving' and ‘personal' way, and goes beyond the celebration of Shivratri and can be used as a general hand-out on God.
Media-Outreach on the significance of Shivratri and importance of time -- this would include getting articles, particularly in the ethnic newspapers, internet outlets, BK center's Blog and Facebook pages and other forms of social media. Also public service announcements on radio that could offer thoughts for today, giving tips on how to connect to God and the benefits. Interviews on radio, tv, etc.
Visiting the Hindu temples and distributing the cards, and perhaps the opportunity to give Baba's message.
A public event at Harmony House on Shivratri. Using creative talents and performing arts to develop an experiential evening that could serve to open people's hearts to receive Baba's love in a profound way. The theme of "In God's Heart" will be the core of the experience and Brother Anthony Strano's poetry from his book of the same name and Sister Sigrun's artwork will be threads weaving through the evening.
We plan to make available to you all the templates that we have created on or before February 2.
The places you can access them are: The Onelink Portal, The Being with ONE website. You can also request these templates by email by contacting Erik on newyork@brahmakumaris.org
With love in Bapdada's remembrance
Sister Mohini