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Sr Jayanti reports from London and on her arrival in Moringen, Germany

15 August 2017

The Rakhi scenes continued with Dadi giving drishti to every group: on Monday to the Hindu Murli Class, andon Tuesday to the Tamil Class.


On Wednesday morning I came to Hannover then by car to the retreat place, in Moringen, which is very, very beautiful. A lot of work has been done here since the purchase of the building last September, and so everything is functioning really well. At the moment, it’s been the Core Group meeting, and we’ve had a lovely space in which to meet. The last couple of days have been rain, but it’s still very beautiful of course. We are very comfortable inside Baba’s home. The first European Teachers Retreat begins on Friday evening.



Sister Jayanti's news re: the First Regional European Teacher's Retreat in Moringen, Germany

15 August 2017

The first Regional European Teachers’ Retreat in Moringen started on 11 August night. The weather has turned cold, and it doesn’t feel like August at all. They had a big stove burning in the main Auditorium that kept everyone warm, together with the love of the family and Baba’s love.


There was a beautiful Welcome celebratory programme with music, song, dance and a comedy skit from the Moringen Team, words of welcome and inspiration by Sudeshben, Jayantiben, Sister Denise and Sister Gabi, so it was a very beautiful programme in an intimate family setting. All the programmes are being held in the Auditorium, which is a one-minute across from the main building on Baba’s property. Everything has been arranged beautifully to give everyone a wonderful experience of going ‘From Om to Om Shanti’. 12th morning after breakfast, there had been several streams of activities happening.





Dadi Janki - Sharing Feelings of Love and Faith - 12th August evening - London

15 August 2017

Dadi wants to share her feelings and her experience (bhasna) with you, whatever the body’s condition. Dadi is very happy to see all her brothers and sisters here - I feel all the love that you have come with. I feel that I brought Baba here and Baba brought me. I will look at all of you with that drishti and you can give me the practical response. My life was practically in Baba’s hands. Baba made me belong to Him and kept me with Him, so I wasn’t aware of lokik relationships. Baba just sat me in His home. Do you all feel: I’m sitting in My Father’s home?


Have you set yourself in such a way that you never get upset? Be so set in your stage that Baba is carefree and Dadi is also carefree about you. Do you feel that with the life you have, you are so light, you take might from Baba and you are an example for everyone, wherever you are on service? An attitude of renunciation, an image of tapasya and a true server?


It doesn’t usually happen that, while you study, you earn an income but here you are doing both at the same time. I didn’t have formal education for even three years, I’m over 100 years old but would you say I’m uneducated? The work I do - I don’t need to read and write in that way. When this house was built, I said there had to be a room allocated for a library, where everyone could come and study. I don’t know if anyone is studying or not.  We are studying and at the same time staying in that remembrance, earning an income and becoming the proof of that by becoming an example. We are not concerned about family or children but just being Baba’s child. My personal responsibility is the actions I perform. If I have made a mistake, then let me ask forgiveness and not make the same mistake again. Because Baba is forgiving. Not to compete with anyone but definitely to race with everyone. 


From deep within the sound comes: Baba. And Baba responds: Child. Some people ask me if I ever sleep or not. Sometimes, lying in bed, I call out Baba. They ask: Why are you calling out to Baba?  I say: Who else is there with me? ‘I sit with You, I eat with You, I talk to You, I do everything with You…’


Are all of you content? Happy in everything that you are doing? Not upset about anything? Let me not be upset with anyone nor anyone be upset with me. This is a picture at Shakti Bhavan with Dadi’s hand giving blessings and the saying: The Lord is pleased with an honest heart. The five fingers are not normally the same but everyone is equal in Dadi’s vision. This is my practical life. From childhood, the Lord has been pleased with me because of having an honest heart. Carrying no money, wearing white clothes, with empty pockets and yet being master of the world - travelling around the world and yet completely carefree. Dadi is enjoying reading a book about the original jewels and their life stories. I am very fortunate that I have seen everyone’s story practically from the beginning. I have lived with all of them; I have given them my company.


Here there are children from every corner of the world – not just London. Whether in London or in Madhuban, I am in Baba’s home. Someone once wanted to suppress Dadi and Dadi told them: I am not eating from you; I am being fed by Baba, I am eating from my Father’s treasure-store. So, let me make sure that I, the soul, am not influenced or suppressed by anyone. Let the mind be peaceful, let the body be cool, let the intellect be connected with just the One. Then no one has any worry – neither I nor any of you. The Lord, the Swami, the Satguru freed us completely from all our worries. Whatever the Father, the Lord, the Swami, the Satguru tells us, that is for our life. If you want to really live, live such a life that others who see it learn to live a life that is worthwhile. No one worries about anyone else and no one should worry about me. Baba Himself the Carefree Emperor, so why should we worry about anything?


Q: I’m not upset with anyone but I think someone might be upset with me…

If you get the slightest vibration of anyone being upset with you, just ask for forgiveness and everything will be fine. I ask myself: Am I upset with anyone?  Is anyone upset with me? If I get the feeling someone’s upset with me, with love, humility and honesty, I would ask them: What can I do for you?  I’ve got the fortune of being able to become detached from the body and to be loved by Baba – what more can I want? Why should I put aside such fortune and get upset with anyone? Every day, morning and night, Baba is making us carefree, giving us so much love. So, are you all happy and content?


Keep this atmosphere of silence. I want to share my feeling and experience – but you have to take it. Not having any desires, just wanting to share this feeling of love and faith with you through drishti.  Such lovely days as these there will never be. Yes, we will be in the golden age but these are the days when we are bringing the golden age to ourselves, so this is an even more important time. Bidding farewell to any last trace of the iron age, we are in the confluence age now. The soul has been separated from the Supreme Soul for so long but now, having found the agent in between, a beautiful meeting is taking place. Baba is the True Satguru. It is this Satguru who is taking our boat across, so that we don’t experience any obstacles. We have found Baba, who is the Destroyer of all Obstacles. Keeping Baba’s company, we are coloured by Him and we colour others also. You are all coloured by that company, aren’t you?  There is no more feeling of the self. This time is the most wonderful time. Sitting in a gathering is a very beautiful experience, because it’s natural remembrance. So, you are all happy? Extra happy?  None of the five fingers are the same, yet each one is very useful to Baba.


Sister Jagruti ended this unforgettable evening with Dadi with a poem written originally for Mothers Day. ‘… Dadi, you are our true mother, because you are very active, alert and an all-rounder… You are a true example of being a tireless yogi. You are ever healthy, ever wealthy, every happy, ever young, evergreen…”


Om shanti.



How Dadi is Managing in London - Amazing!

9 August 2017

News by Jayantiben in London (5 August): On Friday evening, Dadi Janki gave drishti for each one who came for Rakhi, and she sat in the Auditorium for nearly 2 hours, very alert, radiating light.

On Saturday morning, Dadi again sat for about an hour and a half for the Rakhi with the UK-wallas. Dadi had been on the go after Amritvela without rest, giving almonds from 7.30am.


Saturday evening, Dadi conducted yoga for half an hour and was then with the group for about an hour and a quarter. The group consisted of the Residents and instrument Teachers of all the Bhawans. So it was a very, very powerful atmosphere.

We are amazed at how Dadi is managing, and how much transformation has happened in less than a week since she’s been here. Baba has brought her back to the lively, spontaneous Dadi that we used to know. It’s God’s miracle!




Sr Jayanti at the National Retreat in France and Dadi Janki's Arrival in London

9 August 2017

News by Jayantiben in London (2 August): The experience of being in a National Retreat in France was very powerful and beautiful. 185 Residents were present, a few from the European countries, and specially invited guests mostly people from the NCTs. 

On the day of Rakhi itself, we had 200 people because a group of 15 also joined us from Lyon, the nearest city. We had very comfortable facilities for everything, and brilliant cooks serving 5-star Brahma Bhojan. It was a rich timetable following the Madhuban pattern, with classes, panels, Q&A, and interviews, and of course the main programme was Rakhi, which started at 4.30pm and finished at 10.45pm – a very powerful experience of Baba’s presence.

I returned from Lyon airport to Luton, and from Luton I went to Heathrow, where we had the amazing fortune of receiving Dadi Janki, Hansaben, Ketanben and Deviben on 30 July afternoon. It was quite amazing to see Dadi back in London again, having travelled all the way across the oceans. Dadi herself was asking us, is it a dream or reality. I think she herself is surprised to be finding herself in London. Everyone’s concern of course is about Dadi’s health, which is fragile. Dadi prefers to be in more silence rather than speaking. She says, she prefers to be in Baba’s remembrance, and we are understanding that now and accepting it.

On 1 August, Dadi decided to come into the English Murli Classroom, gave drishti to all, and then went into the Auditorium to give drishti. They then gave her a mike, and Dadi spoke a few words reminding us of our fortune, and reminding us of Baba. Dadi then gave toli to all. Everything happens quite spontaneously according to the moment, and time, so we just simply have to be aware and alert and pick up Dadi’s signals of what it is she would like to do.

On 1 August, I came to GRC and we had a Rakhi programme for 105 people who are in contact, and again it was a very sweet, beautiful atmosphere of yoga. On the 2nd, we had Rakhi for the residents and students of Oxford.




In Photos: Dadi's Arrival to London

2 August 2017

Dear Sparkling Jewels,


Om shanti and greetings.


We are very happy to welcome Dadi home in London.  Dadi arrived at the airport just now (pictures attached of the welcome at the airport) and is now on her way to Global Co-operation House.


Dadi looks very fresh and had a very safe and comfortable journey.


Many thanks to Hansaben and team for bringing Dadi safely to London.


More to follow....


Much love





Sister Jayanti winds up Scotland tour

17 July 2017

News by Jayantiben from London (10 July): I am back in London after a short trip to Scotland. In Edinburgh, after the public event, the Consul General came to the Centre to meet us, and there was a little gathering for tea and chitchat, which was very, very lovely. It’s the first time a woman has been appointed in Edinburgh for this role, and she is determined to bring the feminine touch and make a huge difference. Apparently she has been in contact with the BKs in Nepal in the past.

On the 9th, we had an excellent programme in Glasgow. Several people who come regularly to Inner Space had been selected to think about a question that related to their past experience and background, and to share something from that, so this happened and it was a very lively interactive programme; time flashed by. Afterwards, the Speakers and their wives came back to Inner Space for a buffet, which was a really special spread, and they enjoyed it immensely.

On 10th after morning class, we came back to London. There is a difference of 10 degrees Celsius in temperature, and so Scotland was cold and mostly cloudy and rainy, and London is brilliant sunshine and heat. But the hearts in Scotland were very warm and loving also.




Sister Jayanti's Scottish Tour

17 July 2017

News by Jayantiben (9 July): On Friday morning, I left for Aberdeen , and arriving in Aberdeen there was rain. The three cities in Scotland: Aberdeen, Edinburgh, and Glasgow have chosen the same theme: ‘A World in Transition – Where are we going? A New Thinking Conversation’.

In Aberdeen, we had a very lovely programme in the afternoon, with an excellent person who took the course in Dundee but now lives in Cambridge. He is a Medical Doctor, Professor, and registered Nutritionist who has received many awards, and plays a major role in Science and Nutrition. He is also has a good understanding of East and West.

We had a good discussion on the format of the programme, and in the evening the event itself was at the Doubletree Hilton. The programme in Aberdeen was very much a dialogue between the Professor and myself. The Lord Provost of the City came to give his greetings and welcomed us. It was an interested and engaged audience with very good questions, and atmosphere.

On the 8th, we came to Edinburgh, where there is a big family gathering at the moment, with BKs from different corners here. The afternoon programme took place at the Botanical Gardens Auditorium in a very beautiful location. Here we had a Consultant of Medicine, and a Professor from the field of Environment, with Sr Sarah from Newcastle interviewing the three of us. It was again a very fascinating conversation under the same theme. Both people are close to the BKs and deeply spiritual, so that also went well.

On Sunday after morning class and breakfast, we’ll be going to Glasgow, the last stop on our Scottish tour.




In Photos: Celebration of Harmony House's 2nd Anniversary: Early Morning with Midlands Raj Yogis & Evening Public Programme "The Healing Energy of Compassion" plus Interview with Rajiv Popat of Central TV

1 July 2017



June 3rd and 4th News of Programs in London & Leicester from Sr Jayanti

6 June 2017

On Saturday 3rd June we had around 150 people for the one-day Intensive at GCH.  There were many new ones who had just completed the course, together with Brahmins.  The topic was ‘The next step.’  


On Sunday there was a trip to Leicester.  It’s now three years since Harmony House in Leicester started and so the Midlands came together for a Brahmin gathering.  Sukanti interviewed me on the theme of ‘The Mind and the way it works’.  


In the evening there was a public event on ‘The Healing power of Compassion.’  A TV personality from the Midlands who has taken the course in Harmony House was the interviewer.



The Healing Energy of Compassion - Sr Jayanti at Harmony House, Leicester on 4th June

6 June 2017

Click on above image to play this 1 hr, 28 mnt program.



Putting Feelings into Healings - Dr Pratap and Sr Sujata of GHRC at Harmony House, Leicester

16 May 2017

Divine Family,


Please find herewith the Speech of  Dr. Pratap & Sister Sujata of GHRC, Mt. Abu at the Harmony House, Leicester, UK  on 30th April.




Click on the above image to play.



Conclusion of Sr Jayanti's trip to Iceland and return to London

10 May 2017

There was a very successful conclusion to the Spirit of Humanity Forum on Saturday, where the Closing was called the ‘new beginning’, an Opening, so that it wasn’t the end but an opportunity to share ideas for the future. Many beautiful ideas came up. We were surrounded by a circle of Icelandic girls (between ages 11-14) from a choir who sang beautifully. Archbishop Thabo Makgoba’s wife got up and gave each one of them a hug, so it was all very beautiful and touching.

On Sunday morning after Class, the Partners and the Executive Circle of SOH got together in Baba’s home. Many had come for the Murli and Breakfast, and we then had a de-brief meeting but also preparations for the future. It was a very lively interactive meeting, with high energy and good proposals from all. We then left for the airport and came back to London.

Monday was Bank Holiday in London, and so there was extended Morning Class. Guests from Morocco had already arrived in London with Sister Laura, so we had them share in class after gyan reflections from myself, and Sr Maureen shared all the news of Iceland. We had a big dinner party at night with some guests who joined us. Br Golo has also arrived in London.




Sister Jayanti's News of Her Trip to Iceland

28 April 2017

On 26 April, we had the Reception of Spirit of Humanity Forum at the City Hall. The Mayor gave a very beautiful speech, and Shirto gave a lovely talk on behalf of the Spirit of Humanity Forum Organizing Team. The atmosphere was a very warm one of joy and happiness, as people met together after a couple of years, and welcomed many new ones to the gathering too.


26th morning was the formal Opening, and we had the President of Iceland, the Foreign Minister of Iceland, Leader of the City Council of Reykjavik and the Bishop of Iceland all there with us. Each one spoke beautifully. The female Bishop who has been in the Ministry for around 25 years gave a Prayer and Blessing. There was also the opportunity for BKs to do a Meditation in the Opening Plenary. Bhai Mohinder Singh of the Sikh Community also did the same.


We had little children, from the age 3 to 6, do a dance dressed as little angels, which was very, very moving. There was also a Youth Choir from Iceland, and they gave an excellent performance. The talks from each one of the Political Leaders was very much in tune with the subject of ‘Values, Peace and Building Community’. So it went off to a great start.


Dr Rama Mani, originally from India, did an amazing theatrical presentation with four others, 2 musicians and 2 young people from Iceland, with whom she co-created a presentation about various situations in the world, and the way to be able to deal with them. These were taken from real life situations that her company in Geneva has had to deal with - very moving success stories of making change happen. Each session was powerful.


There were workshops in the afternoon, followed by a Reflective Session. 26th evening, they showed a film about the Quest and this was open to the public of Reykjavik, so that locals could also benefit from the presence of the Forum in their city.





Community Award by the President of Iceland Given to Brahma Kumaris, Lotus House

27 April 2017

Every year the biggest newspaper in Iceland, FRETTABLADID, gives out community awards to individuals and organizations that do extraordinary services to improve the community. There are awards given in 6 different categor ies , and the main award is for organizations.


This year Brahma Kumaris, Iceland was nominated in the category of organizations. Three organizations were chosen as finalists by the com m ittee and the first award amounts to 10.000 Euros. 


This year the first award went to Brahma Kumaris, Lotus House , Reykjavik, Iceland . The new President of Iceland Gudni Th . Johannesson conferred the award on its Director, Sister BK Sigrun Olsen .



European director visits 'hidden gem'

25 April 2017

SOURCE: Worthing Herald; Author - Elaine Hammond; published 24 April 2017;

Sister Jayanti, the European director of the Brahma Kumaris world spiritual university, with Worthing mayor Sean McDonald


Finding stability in turbulent times was the theme explored at The Lighthouse Retreat Centre in Worthing when the head of Brahma Kumaris visited on Sunday. 


Sister Jayanti, the European director of the world spiritual university, spoke to guests, which included Worthing mayor Sean McDonald. 


Mr McDonald was pleased to see so many people attending the centre, in Marine Parade, and said it was nice to uncover the hidden gems of Worthing. 


The Brahma Kumaris teach raja yoga meditation, encouraging a positive approach to life. The university is open to all and charges no fees for its activities. 


Sister Jayanti said one of the outstanding traits was the ability to apply wisdom in very practical ways. 


She said the key to finding stability was found within and this was pivotal in enhancing decision making and developing resilience. 


Jasmine Carter, from the centre, said: “Sister Jayanti suggested that the way forward is to achieve mastery over our own thoughts so that we don’t lose precious time and energy in endless associations, jumping from one thought to another, wondering how we repeatedly go over the same thoughts, entering so many one-way streets. 


“Sister Jayanti gently encourages us to control our thoughts so that they slow down. At that point, the spaces between them will allow that all important inspiration to dawn which can guide us.”



Youth Silence Retreat in Worthing March-April 2017 Summary

10 April 2017

On Friday 31st March to Sunday 2nd April 2017 the London youth had their third Silence retreat at Baba's magical Lighthouse Retreat Centre in Worthing. There were 16 youth present. The weekend went extremely well and all the youth took a lot of benefit. There were a few youth who came for the first time on the retreat.

The silence retreat was called "Be Bold Be Bodiless". The retreat started on Friday with personal sharings and pampering including Bapdada’s voice. Saturday began with an hour of reflection on four deep questions followed by table conversations and sharings. Then everyone had the chance to take part in a creative meditation commentary to experience bodilessness, everyone had to speak a few sentences of what Bapdada was saying to them.

Lunch time until 5pm was the main period of silence for everyone for themselves where everyone could spend time in silence on their own. This time could be used to create something that was experienced during the retreat for the family night of expression. Later there was Med Lab with three set of visualisation mediation on the self, subtle world and soul world. In the first mediation, everyone had the practical experience of being bodiless by letting go of the body by laying down on the floor like they were in a graveyard and had a real experience of just that.

Then we had a bhathi, 1 hour of silence, connecting with the flame and feeling the silence, seeing the first flame as the soul and the other flame as the divine, using the flames as a mirror for the self. A number of commentaries from Bapdada was read during the bhathi to experience bodilessness. After dinner we had an expressive family night where the youth did something out of their comfort zone which was artistic and creative like a song, poem, rap, jokes etc, everyone had fun and laughed and the lighthouse family joined in. On Sunday there was Drishti Circle, reflection on the beach and feedback. It was a busy weekend with lots of variety of activity for the mind and body including space for silence and an experience of true silence.

The retreat enabled people to become light-hearted and remind the self of their real self-respect. There was cleansing, and lots of reflection and realisations allowing a process of churning. It was an opportunity to focus on the self and go deep within and allow clarity and honesty with the self-leading to bodilessness.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and had some experience of silence. Some of the feelings expressed were: Light, rejuvenated, peaceful, inspired, focussed, relaxed, satisfied, content, blessed, clarity and the retreat allowed a shift to happen or the start of newness. Everyone enjoyed all the sessions especially the reflective time with the four questions and the conversations as the questions made an impact and gave a deeper understanding of the self and the creative meditation was very special and allowed the experience bodilessness. They also benefited from the Med Lab and the bhathi. The group want more silence retreats.

Overall the feeling of the whole retreat was of real ease and simplicity, they enjoyed the diversity of reflection, conversations, sharing and the creativity of the sessions and each other as well as each other’s company. Those who came the again felt that this retreat was well structured with variety which allowed the experience of silence to be unique and relevant to the topic. This retreat allowed newness with deep reflection and creativity, now others can practise bodilessness and self-respect. Everyone also felt the love and vibrations of the family.

It truly was a beautiful retreat and another special gift for the Youth from Baba himself.

Much love to all,
In Baba's Sweet remembrance,
GCH Youth Sustenance Group
Jenita, Karishma, Navin, & Minal








Video of Holi Event, Leicester

11 March 2017

Om Shanti

Click on the above image to play

Bk Manis



Growing into Fullness’ International Women’s Day at GCH

16 March 2017

Growing into Fullness’
Celebrating International Women’s Day 2017
at Global Cooperation House
Sunday 12th March 2017 2-5.30pm

From the rapt attention and hushed tones in the room, The International Women’s Day celebration at Global Cooperation House, kept the audience (approximately 100 in total) fully engaged and mentally stimulated from the beginning to the end. Everyone applauded, laughed, nodded or stood to get better views as the program ensued.

Starting with a slide show showing 66 outstanding women from across continents, professions, arts, feats, and ages from AD to the current epoch. Examples such as Mary Magdalene, AD, follower of Christ; Ida B. Wells, 1862 – 1931, African-American journalist, newspaper editor, suffragist, sociologist, feminist and early leader in the Civil Rights Movement; Lee Tai-Young, 1914–98 , Korea’s first female lawyer and first female judge; Dadi Janki, 1916 - ,Administrative Head of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University; Ann Frank, 1929 – 45 , the most discussed Jewish victim of the Jewish Holocaust; Jukuna Mona Chuguna, 1933 – 2011), indigenous Australian artist and writer having first received education when she was in her 50s; and the final slide was of Malala Yousafzai, 1997 –, Pakistani activist for education for women, and the youngest ever Nobel Prize Laureate.

MC BK Leza Scott-Riddell welcomed everyone to GCH and introduced the two artists:

BK Madhvi Lamba - a singer who faced many challenges from childhood to be able to sing, and not allowed to until she married. She became the first female singer to lead an Indian pop band in the U.K. in the late 70s, travelled to many countries, and sang and recorded with top singers from India.
BK Maria Arostegu, (Jos) - a self-taught artist originally from Spain, now working with a private company employing the physically and mentally impaired to do commissions. Jos worked throughout the programme first drawing an angel from a charcoal sheet, then another much larger work in colour depicting the three speakers and aspects of their stories they related.

BK Romina Melwani, formerly in the Finance sector and currently a nutritionist, was invited onto stage to introduce and facilitate the panel of three speakers:

Ravinder Kaur Nijjar, Chair of Religions for Peace UK Women of Faith Network, and a member of Religions for Peace European Council of Religious Leaders. Also an experienced educator, having for thirty-two years. She has worked in the interfaith field for over twenty-five years, and awarded the Scottish Asian Women’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013.
Yuwa Aghedo, naturopath and experienced lecturer, qualified in Nutrition and Western herbalism, has a clinical practice in Knightsbridge, London. She is committed to helping her clients make sustainable choices. Her interest in feminism has led her to explore topics related to body image and women’s worth in society.
Philippa Blackham, former staff reporter and presenter of Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4, now works as an Interfaith Minister and Independent Celebrant. In addition, she co-ordinates activities for the Brahma Kumaris in the Welsh Borders as well as being part of the team for the national project, “100 Women of Spirit”.

The following three questions were asked by Romina:

Q1: What was the initial quest that led you to where you are today? What became your calling in life? Share some of your challenges, realizations and insights on your journey.

Ravinder: doesn’t think of herself as outstanding but just makes decisions to do or not to do something that impacted her. She was initiated into the Sikh faith aged 18; after marriage, she started classes for children, keeping her children involved in the faith; she studied and became a teacher but was always intent that her spiritual inner mind should be connected to God at all times; she saw an opportunity for community understanding of Sikhs and in 1999, the Scottish interfaith was launched. I believe that we should help at least one person in our lifetime then our presence on earth will have been fruitful.
Yuwa: Her journey started with her family dynamics because she didn’t grow up with either of her parents and had a big question on identity about who she was. So she travelled into world to see whom she could grow into, someone to mirror. What helped, is that she always had a strong connection to God and nature. She now has a passion to support people to regain wholeness, ‘when we are wounded in one area of life this is where we can find our freedom’. Her first degree was in psychology; now as a naturopath she looks at things holistically, mind-body-spirit and the emotional body…an emotional wound needs to be given as much attention as physical wounds because it pulls our attention. The key to growing into that fullness is the heart: our heart is the part that relates to every other human being. It is the part she protects no matter what happens, even when we don’t understand (here she became tearful in memory of her brother who died young). She has a sense of peace as her professional and personal life now complement each other.
Philippa: Growing up in a matriarchal family of women, she comfortably went along until she was hit with what she refers to as a “speed bump”, a life event that feels like a bad event and is a catalyst for change in your life. This happened when she learned at age 16 that she could not bare children. Her life plans to be an actress changed. She bought a ticket and a rucksack and went in search of her “authentic self” and to find God by travelling the world. Then in Kuala Lumpur, while in a store, she saw a jack-in-the box in which a point of light jumped out. On the box, were instructions to attend a free 7-day meditation course with the Brahma Kumaris. Here, she found what she was looking for. She went on to marry and adopt two children. She feels that the world needs us to be fully awake, fully connected to ourselves, and to our spiritual power source. It is the power and wisdom of the feminine qualities, that the world needs, not just women. Our journey as humans is to clear our baggage to be free of these things, which prevent us from feeling free and finding that true authentic voice within. We need to become channels for the way we’d like to see the world going forward and to become the best human being we are capable of becoming at this time. She says we play small, thinking we are not capable. So she quoted Oscar Wilde, “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken!

Q2. What is your perception of wholeness? Can we ever regain that sense of wholeness – how would you perceive that?

Ravinder: She sees it as the development of her spiritual path and how she is moving towards the end, i.e., merging with the Lord. You need to move along knowing what is right and wrong. She feels that we won’t realise our potential in this lifetime but must move closer to God; and we mustn’t cause suffering to others in attempting to fulfil our fullness.
Yuwa: It means recognizing all of your being – mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional, ensuring that each day, we water all parts of our being that needs to be nurtured. Her perception of wholeness lies in the smallest particle,each part is everything. It’s about embracing our weaknesses because it’s like nature, we must honour our own rhythm.
Philippa: Wholeness…fake it until you make it; because your failings are self-evident and evident to others…it’s not a moment in time, it’s a journey.

Q3. How can we allow ourselves to feel that fullness when at times we are not feeling wholeness? What do we do at that point?

Ravinder: You need the suffering to remain connected to God. Those are the wobbly bits…You need the suffering to recognize what happiness is and to make the connection to God, to experience fullness.
Yuwa: It is having a sense of women are gatekeepers…they inform each step of the cycle. Connection for her is dance…just movement, looking at the sky or being by the sea, and her women friends are important because they are supportive and natural.
Philippa: The thing, which means the most to me, is my connection to spirit. This is our original wound…the fall from God. We need to incorporate some practise in our life which helps bring back that connection. It is twofold: knowing myself so that I can know that connection to spirit, to the divine.

Question 4: Give one feminine quality you would like to share and take away?

Ravinder: An abundance of love!
Philippa: Think about the whole and think of “we” are we going to move forward? Women hold this quality of being able to see the whole.
Yuwa: We have to nurture. We need to keep the heart open to love, protect it and nurture it. It requires forgiveness…this is the key to being able to keep on loving.

After Tea Madhvi captivated the audience with a Hindi song, Na Tum Hame Jano. A workshop followed led by Philippa and Reena and asking the group:

  1. What have my main challenges been so far [in life]? How have I overcome them?
  2. If I were to dream into a sense of myself living my full potential, how might that be?
  3. What steps might I take to reach my fuller potential?

The following points arose in the feedback:

  • Forgiveness for self and others helps on our journey to overcome challenges.
  • Unconditional love is needed and the realization of old habits so that when we realise something that doesn’t serve us, to be able to address it and change it.
  • To achieve full potential we want to practise soul consciousness and do more meditation.
  • I realise today that I need to free myself for “me-time” to do things I have always wanted to do…
  • As an honorary man here today, I recognize that to be more complete as men, we have to be in touch with our feminine side. An insight I gained, is to be still and allow the magic to manifest.
  • I was inspired by the singing because I was silenced as a child. I am now only really learning to own my own voice. I found today really inspiring. I survived against very high odds as child, and I am taking courage to own my unique singing voice.

Philippa closed this phase with a beautiful meditation to link with all women around the world.

Joss shared about her charcoal pictures, and the symbolism of the characters in charcoal would not last, but the soul and the Supreme Soul depicted in the medium of acrylic would.

MC Leza appreciated all those on the team. Finally, the enriching and empowering afternoon ended first with a rousing song by Sister Madhvi, that got everyone to their feet and clapping to: “I am What I Am”; this was followed with toli and blessings distributed by Sister Jasu, one of the Senior sisters in-house.

Download pdf of Report with photos



Video of International Women's Day Event, UK

9 March 2017



In Photos: Shivratri Public Programme at Harmony House, Leicester on 8th February

22 Febuary 2017



One Earth, One Humanity and One Future held at Gokaldham Center, Wembley - Report

30 January 2017

‘This is the first spiritual programme held in newly build hall, the Gokaldham Centre, so you are making the start!’ welcomed Mahendrabhai Patel of the Sri Vallabh Nidhi UK (Sanatan Hindu temple) to an audience of approx. 150 people.


Gil Fernandes played beautiful music on the violin as everyone entered the Hall, before Master of Ceremonies Benn Abdy Collins introduced a dance by Jayany followed by greetings and good wishes from The Deputy Mayor of Brent, Cllr Bhagwanji Chohan; The Mayor of Harrow, Cllr Rekha Shah and Minister Coordination, Indian High Commission, Mr A Sarma Rajan,  who all expressed gratitude for the work that the Brahma Kumaris does.  The Deputy Mayor of Brent:  It is a feeling that I am also a part of this’The Mayor of Harrow: The message of spirituality and unity is very powerful:  The theme of One World, One Humanity, One Future is very close to my heart and I am looking forward to hearing Sister Jayanti share her thoughts with us.  Mr A Sarma Rajan from  Indian High Commission: I have been practising Raj Yoga for a few years and the deeper we go within Raj Yoga meditation the more guidance is required….I am looking eagerly to get clarity on the doubts I have in my mind during meditation.  This title is very appropriate in this globalized world.  Now meditation is very attractive to developing inner strength and it is our duty to reach out to the younger generation.  This is my wish and I hope much more happens in this direction.


Karishma Patel sung John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ striking a chord with the evening’s topic…..’Imagine all people living life in peace…You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one…perhaps someday you will join us and the world will be as one….’


Benn Abdy Collins invited Sister Jayanti and interviewee Sister Rachel Priestman and they acknowledged January as an important month and a time to take stock and perhaps take courage to do things we think are worthwhile.  Also it is a significant month for the Brahma Kumaris, because it was the month in which in 1969 Brahma Baba, founder of Brahma Kumaris passed away and we give time in this month to personal reflection and silence.   Rachel first asked Sister Jayanti what was Brahma’s Baba’s vision for the world and for humanity and many more questions.  Some of the main points are listed below:


Click here for detailed report.


Link to view photos



In Photos: Sister Jayanti at Harmony House, Leicester with Raj-Yogi Families from Midlands and the North on 22nd Jan

28 January 2017




In photos: Sudesh Didi from Germany speaks on "Investing in Self" and Shares Stories of Brahma Baba at Harmony House on Friday 20 Jan

28 January 2017



The Day of Remembrance of Pita Shriji Prajapita Brahma GCH, London

23 January 2017

Walking into GCH, we were all transported to the pilgrimage places of Madhuban.  Baba’s Room was transformed into The Founder’s Room, with Baba’s bed with a single pillow and rose petals next to the translight. The Seminar Room was the Hall of History - a gallery of photos of Baba transporting everyone to Sakar Days. In the Quiet Room each one was encouraged to experience the power of promise to Baba. And the Conference Hall was transformed into the Tower of Peace, which was centrally positioned, with chairs all around.  Each room was beautifully decorated with flowers, created in unique ways.


Amrit Vela was conducted by Sister Jayanti, Sister Maureen and Brother Balwant and over 250 souls came to experience Baba’s avyakt presence. Toli was shared at 4.45am.


BK’s new and old, from close and far, joined the gathering at GCH for this day of powerful silence and sharings, before Baba’s meeting in the afternoon…


After listening to the Murli in various languages, everyone (approx. 450) gathered in the auditorium gathered first of all to see and hear Dadi Janki’s video message, as she shared special greetings and love on this auspicious day.


Bhog was offered and afterwards Sister Jayanti reminded everyone that when we are offering bhog we create the subtle region and are with Baba in our subtle form. And the signal at this time is that now we have to learn to go up and be with Baba there and we can create the subtle region here.  Sister Jayanti also noted how Brahma Baba was very much the teacher through his personal example and demonstration. She gave as an example the tolerance that Baba spoke of in today’s Murli is what Baba continually demonstrated.  He was with Shiv Baba and there was no appearance of effort.  Tests came to him constantly and he passed the papers instantly.  He didn’t take time to keep his stage stable. So we can here for detailed report.



Latest Goings On in Bosnia & Herzagovina from November, December and January

10 January 2017



Christmas Day at GCH and Boxing Day at Oxford - Latest news from Sr Jayanti

29 December 2016

News by Jayantiben in London (26 Dec): On Christmas Eve, we had a spiritual conversation between Sister Masana and Sister Jayanti.


On Christmas Day, we had various options for those who don’t have lokik families and live around Global House, so they were invited to a walk or could join in games in the afternoon, or do both. We had a very beautiful sit-down lunch for around 120 people in Baba’s house. In the evening, several people went to see the lights in Central London, which this year seem to be particularly beautiful.


On Christmas night, we had uplifting, inspiring readings from several people.


On 26th, Boxing Day, we had a traditional outing to Oxford. This time, apart from the welcome with hot punch and snacks, there was also a collage that everyone was invited to participate in with their vision of service in 2017. It turned out to be a huge piece of very colourful and attractive work, and was laid out in the Anteroom for everyone to see. 


Br Anthony Phelips conducted an interview with Sister Maureen, Sistr Manda and myself, and this was both entertaining as well as profound with lessons learned from 2016, the most memorable moments of 2016, and the vision for 2017. Then of course we had a sumptuous banquet for lunch. Many stayed to have a walk in the gardens, since it was a wonderful sunny day - amazingly warm for December - before returning back to London.





Merry X'mas & New Year Greetings from Team Brahma Kumaris Rotterdam

29 December 2016



Photo Album from the Performance of "Ray-The Story Book That Came to Life" held at GCH on 2nd December

13 December 2016

‘RAY - The Storybook That Came to Life' was performed on Friday 2nd December at Global Co-operation House.  


The play turns the pages of a surprising storybook to meet a wicked Duke, a plucky young girl and a curious pair of 'identical' twins; the audience discovered who, if anyone, had the power to bring back the magic of stories.


Here is an album of photos of this unique event:




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