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Sister Jayanti, 21st February, GCH - Contentment Brings Stability

24 February 2021

Baba has made gyan very simple. Baba has managed to teach those who didn’t know anything about the Indian scriptures in such a sweet simple way that the whole thing then made sense.  We were then able to even talk to other people about these matters and give them more insights than they already had.


The word “Om” in Bharat is so complicated and yet Baba made it very simple.  “I am”.   And then “Om shanti” - I am peace.  So simple…  When I heard about yoga from other people they would talk about complicated things that I was not interested in and Baba changed the whole subject with the one word “remembrance”.  He made it so natural and easy. 


Baba has explained dharna so easily and today Baba has explained the subject of service and made it very simple so that you can even think of it as something that is ongoing all day.  Baba said day and night, and Baba and Mama did that. Dadi Janki would speak about her dreams in the early days and sometimes speak of future service and sometimes she would dream of present service and even in her last period Hansaben and Deviben would laugh and say that when Dadi is asleep she makes the action with her hands as if she was picking up tolis and giving tolis and sometimes they would call her and say Dadi it is time and she would say I need 5 more minutes to finish my tolis and disappear for another 5 minutes.  So we can see that service can happen day and night and for some of us if it is all day, that is wonderful, but how to make service happen through the whole day so that all complaints stop, otherwise it is service that gets most complaints. “I didn’t get a chance, someone has more of a chance.”  Then all the games of the sanskaras.


Baba explains that service first and foremost is serving the self and if I serve myself then that will be the basis for me serving others. We forget this. The balance of remembrance all day and night is service that brings blessings so even if there is nothing else I can do,  if don’t have any skills or expertise I can work on myself.  So Baba has put that into the category of service. And there is world service and you have a lot of information about serving through words and then serving the yagya with your body and wealth and both are equal, using my skills and energy serving the yagya.  Fourth, we have heard complicated things about mansa seva and Baba has made it simple.  Baba has taken up the subject of sakaash with mansa seva and today Baba is simply saying you just have to have pure feelings, elevated thoughts, good wishes, good attitude and good vibration and now understanding it is simple and when doing it make sure that the quality of my thoughts, feelings and my attitude is elevated all the time is then the work to do on myself and mansa seva will work.  Whether my body is healthy or not and whether I have anything or I don’t, but each service has equal marks and so even if you focus on the two you can do, even if the body is not well you can still claim the highest reward.


In the blessing that Baba has given today is the biggest virtue of all and that is contentment.  Also, Baba said even if you become a great donor, thoughts, words, and actions - in the final period the highest service you will be able to do will be through your stage of contentment.  You are able to give blessings to others and this is then the memorial that continues in bhakti.  It is the ones who give blessings. 


Purity is the foundation.  It is really the original core quality of the soul and has its own part. 


No one is born with contentment.   We constantly see what others have and want to have the same.   This wanting is coming up all the time in so many different ways and when we come to Baba then Baba tells us that He gives us everything and how much we take and keep using.  How much do I keep it and stop it leaking away?  How much am I using and serving others with that so at each step along the way multiplication of that same quality that I can develop and develop as I use those treasures in my life that Baba has given me.


Am I using the treasure of time, the assets I have, connections I have but most importantly the treasures of knowledge, virtues, and powers and as I fill myself with these I can say what more do I need and most BKs have managed lockdown pretty well and those who haven’t are getting help from their centres.


There is that feeling of connectedness every morning and not just with Baba and Incorporeal Baba in the subtle region but also with the family.  A little family, a big family, so lockdown has not been so isolating as it has for so many people and we feel that sense of the family and the energy of the gathering and even through cyber-net, we are feeling that connection.


Where other people have missed going out for entertainment Baba made us renounce that a long time ago.  We weren’t made to renounce it.  We realised that our time was not to be wasted on those external things and we see that we do know that we have treasures but am I fully content within myself and appreciating all the treasures that Baba has given me already.  Baba didn’t say I am going to give you these when you go to Satyug, Baba says I gave them to you at your moment of birth.  Did you recognise them, did you use them?  


Why is contentment so important - it creates stability.  When there is discontentment the soul fluctuates.  Baba gave the example the other day of the bean jar and when the jar is full and you shake it nothing moves.  There is stability and if there is space there is movement and a jar that is almost empty, only a few beans, it makes so much noise. That is exactly what is happening with the soul.   The peacelessness and complaints that come when I haven’t filled the soul.   So if I the soul am not full, if I am complaining about anyone or anything it is important for me to see what am I not taking from Baba.  When I feel full and content then that is a stage when I can really make progress.  Also when there is a state of contentment there is not so much irritation.  When I am empty small things can trigger a lot of reaction.  Something very minor has happened and the amount of reaction is huge There is a straight line connection. Check this contentment and move forward with that.  If I can give others a state of peace they will have received a blessing.  When someone is not content a vibration around them makes others fearful and anxious.  Contentment creates a vibration of peace around you and this happens with the Dadis. 


This particular blessing is a reminder of the stage we need to attain in order to fulfil Baba’s task in this final period now.  To see how much am I progressing I only have to look at the murli.  What is the murli saying and what am I experiencing.  If there is a big gap I know how much work I need to do on myself and be able to catch up with that. 


Today, Baba picked up on two words “Yours” and “mine”.  Tera, mera.  When I come to Baba, Baba takes responsibility for me.  He is the parent and I am willing to hand over responsibility to Baba.  It is not easy to let go.  That is the challenge for everyone.  We don’t want to let go of responsibility and we are not throwing away responsibility but Baba is saying that He is responsible for you and for your task and if you keep that awareness and there is that surrender to God,  in that state you become very light.


In the state when it is yours and mine I am hanging on to that and I am not dealing with that very well and so to be able to be free and experience that state when everything is moving on in the right way because you know that Baba is responsible.  


Baba is speaking to a group and asking them how you can experience lightness.  At the moment of need in a particular situation we don’t always remember the lesson Baba has taught us.  If it is only at the time of need, a time of crisis, then at that moment I may not be able to remember because at that time it is whatever I am accustomed to.   Your habit kicks in.  You don’t consciously think do I do this or do I do this.  It doesn’t work like that and in a crisis whatever is inherent will come out and this is why when Baba says make sure you keep the stock of all the virtues, powers and be the embodiment of gyan that it is natural and that is what is in you and that is what will help at that time. And so to experience lightness even though there is constantly so much going on, lokik, alokik, especially what is going on in our heads and if I allow things to become natural during the day through my practise and discipline and that natural stage will help me at that time of an emergency and if I haven’t developed that during the day then I am going to fall flat on my face.


So each Murli has many different things for me to practise, to experiment with, especially the avyakt murli.  In the Sakar Murlis, we get Baba’s gyan and Brahma Baba’s experience and in avyakt murlis we get to know the effort that Brahma Baba made that brought him so quickly to his karmateet stage and so if I do the same then I am going to be able to achieve the same.


Also the subject of the treasures that Baba has given us.  Last Saturday we heard the Murli on the transmission and Baba said His children are the highest, holiest and richest in the world, reminding us of who we are. 


When we were sitting in front of avyakt Bapdada He would generate that energy and 25,000 people and other people watching outside but especially in that hall 25,000 people, would feel uplifted. 


Now we don’t have that physical presence any more but we have to create that stage of being in the awareness of being the highest, holiest, and richest because Baba is reminding us that is who we are so can I ever feel discontent if I only remember just these three words from Baba’s Murli?  The highest people in positions of power are sitting on a cushion full of thorns.  Many troubles, many problems.  Not just a crown of thorns but sitting on a cushion of thorns and it highly uncomfortable. 


We are the children of God and it is the highest title that anyone could ever get:  A child of God.  And it is equally available to everyone.  For the deities, it is numberwise but right now, when you come just to the awareness of a child of God, nothing to do with qualifications, effort, nothing to do with any work on our side but just simply the beauty and joy of being the child of God. 


And then the holiest.  At this moment on the one side, it is the soul that is becoming pure but on the other side, the soul is a server.  Mind, body, and soul are all pure and therefore worthy of worship.  But in fact, a holy place is where someone goes to experience solace when there is sorrow and so if my stage is that in which I am with Baba and in my presence, others are able to feel comfort and solace because people are experiencing many tragedies at present.  Things that would not normally be happening.


Each soul has its own part to play and if the soul is carrying good sanskaras with itself and experiencing the power of blessings in terms of the service that it has done, it is carrying that with it, it is not finished and so there is another place where that soul will go and serve. 


For us this is a simple idea because Baba’s gyan has taught us that.  When someone leaves, this is our immediate thought – they have gone to serve in the advance party, and whatever effort they have made they are carrying that with themselves.  They are carrying those sanskaras.  Very simple gyan, not complicated, but people out there don’t know this and so there are questions of why and how.  All of these batter them and they feel helpless and sad and then a little bit of explanation of what gyan has taught us and you can turn it around and they begin to appreciate it and understand in a better way and so the solace that Baba’s children are able to offer people especially at this time when people are so distressed and unhappy it is amazing service that is possible with just a little bit of gyan.


So the holiest, the place that can offer solace, the souls that can offer solace.  They come to you to take solace and just looking around and knowing who is watching and listening I know that to a certain extent everyone has had this experience.  Even people who maybe don’t want to know about God, with a little bit of gyan and they are able to come to a different awareness and come to a state of stability.  So definitely the holiest.  We are fulfilling that task that Baba has given us.


Then the third: the richest.  The story about Dadi Kumarka in the early days of the Yagya, Baba had an advert put in the newspapers in the late 30s - the early 40s and the offer was:   Do you want to marry the richest girl in the world? and there was a picture of Dadiji. Baba was very entertaining and this advert went around and phone calls came and Dadi asked Baba why he didn’t tell her and he asked: Would you have said yes? 


Baba did it because he knew her faith, loyalty and trust were absolute and so it was fine.   If you want to marry one of the richest girls in the world come to the Om Mandli is what Baba had put.  The feeling of contentment when you think about all the things that Baba gives us in one Murli. 


Enjoy being on top of the world and beyond the top of the world and be with Baba.


Om Shanti


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Sister Jayanti – 6th February 21 - (UK Intensive) The legacy of Brahma Baba

15 February 2021

I chose this topic very specifically because it follows the month of January and most of you know that 18th January is the day when Brahma Baba attained his angelic form, in 1969. I had a good fortune of knowing him while he was still around and at that point I had been surrendered for about 9 months but before that I had known him for many years.


One of the things that Brahma Baba would always say is that don’t think about me, just think about God, the Incorporeal one. And that is absolutely vital and that is the foundation of spirituality in our life to stay connected with God. Even in the murli Brahma Baba would even say: I don’t give you any inheritance; all the inheritance comes from your Parent; I am one of your brothers, I am also a student.


But of course that was his tremendous humility, which he displayed at all times. He never thought of himself as a guru or being in charge. He always said that it was the One above who is in charge. I am just an instrument. Everything you receive is coming from the One so connect with the One. Yet those who knew Brahma Baba and loved him took so much benefit from Baba. They didn’t just take the teachings that Shiv Baba, the Almighty was giving through the murli, but they also took a lot through the practical example of Brahma Baba’s life. But that was all kept incognito, because Baba wanted all attention on the One, which is right.


After Brahma Baba left the physical form and took on his angelic form, the avyakt form then both BapDada would come through Dadi Gulzar, the trance messenger and they would speak the murli together.But sometimes Shiv Baba would point out the qualities of Brahma Baba and how he had attained his final state of perfection, the angelic state and what were the qualities that allowed him to do that.


Just imagine we are all moving on the same path; we are all moving from the impure state to the perfect pure state at different point of our journey, but Brahma Baba attained his absolute perfect state in 1969 and here we are, 51 years later. Even those who started the journey with him, most of them gradually attained their state of completion and perfection some years later. They also had a longer role to play here, on the world stage, for many different reasons. But this is just an indication of the quality of Brahma Baba’s effort of what he attained in a very short space of time of 33 years.


If you were to make a list of all the qualities of Brahma Baba there would definitely be a few hundred! Honesty, benevolence, generosity, patience, these are just the few, which I am not going to take up in detail. But I would like to take up 5 different aspects of Brahma Baba in a little bit more detail. And all the virtues of Brahma Baba are his legacy to us. This is because Shiv Baba explained the theory but we saw Brahma Baba do it in practical form.


Even if you did not have the fortune of seeing Brahma Baba in a human form, yet from the murlis and from all the stories that you have heard, especially through the month of January,  you must have become aware that “this human being”, demonstrated all these qualities. And so you were able to understand that love wasn’t just the love of God and love from God, the ocean of love, but Brahma Baba absorbed this love within himself and was able to radiate it and share it with everyone.


I will speak about these 5 different aspects of Brahma Baba for a little while and then we will have a few minutes to take that legacy into ourselves. Actually we are able to take everything by connecting with God; there is no doubt about that, but seeing how Brahma Baba managed everything in his own life, we are able to take it in a way that is very human, because he is a human being who is demonstrating all of his.

  1. The first and foremost quality of Brahma Baba was the quality of faith.
  2. The second quality is of the quality of love.
  3. The third aspect is the quality of renunciation
  4. The next one is the quality of his intense meditation; tapasya. Tap implies fire, heat and so that state of meditation is like the fire of love, fire of yoga.
  5. The fifth one is the quality of service.


There are so many other qualities which are Baba’s legacy to us. He is allowing us to follow in his footsteps so that we can become the same as he is. He wants us to and he is reaching out to us; he wants us to get there. We may lose hope but he says: come on child, get up again and start walking and start flying. So he is with us and is helping us all along


So, the first one is faith.

There are two qualities, in the Gita that has been listed as being the qualities that lead you to victory. And victory is nothing to do with anybody else. Victory is that state in which, ‘I change my habits’ and ‘I begin to change’. That is victory!


It is in little things…maybe I say: “I am going to be more punctual”; “I am going to be on time”, whether it is for early morning meditation or for class but I am going to have that determination and Baba will help me. Baba was always very punctual himself. These are many little things in which in our day to day life, where you can tick the boxes and say done. And so you are able to have little victories.


But you also want to have big victories!  The traits of personalities that I carry within me are seated very deep within me and I want to change and transform those sanskaras and become a few steps closer to the father. Maybe it is attachments or maybe it is ego, whatever it is, but when I have been able to deal with that then I can smile at Baba and say: “thank you”, for leading me to victory.

  1. The first quality mentioned in the Gita that allows us to come to that state of victory is faith; “nishchay buddhi vijayanti”- “faith in the intellect will make you victorious”.
  2. And the second quality is the love; “prit buddhi vijayanti”- “the loving intellect will lead you to victory”.  

Both these aspects take up the word “buddhi”, the intellect. It means that faith is not a blind faith. Sometimes they say that “love is blind”, but in this case, it is not just “blind love of infatuation”, no. But it is faith that is deeply experienced because I understand what is going on. And through the power of understanding and experiencing it I am able to develop this strong faith that keeps me moving forward, knowing that even though maybe I am not able to see what the next step is going to be, but my faith in God, my faith in myself and my faith in the drama will help me to get there and there will be victory.


Again love is not just an emotional or touchy-type of feeling, but it is a deep love that cannot shake. There is nothing that can take away the love that is absolutely stable because I have experienced the Ocean of love and I know how that love has transformed me


And so let us begin with the power of faith. Some of you may have heard today’s Murli and so just think about it. Brahma Baba’s faith was incredible. And yes, he had a very solid preparation for that. Brahma Baba went through the series of having 12 gurus and they could see that this individual thirsty for truth and they would explain as much as they could and then they would step away. When he started having visions of light and he saw God as a Being of Light, Dada Lekhraj – (that was Baba’s previous name) asked his gurus to explain, but they couldn’t and so they said to him: “you will discover”- which Brahma Baba did.


And he understood it was the form of God that he had seen and he stayed connected with that Being, through the whole of the journey for the next 33 years. And so of course there was the subtle connection before but that was without clarity and without that full understanding and comprehension. So the buddhi, the intellect was very involved: “how come I used to think like this before and now I am seeing this and now I am feeling something different. Now I am feeling that connection. I am feeling I am connected with the Ocean, who can give me all that I need. The intellect was definitely involved but first and foremost he had faith in God.


Then he had the vision of Vishnu, the four-armed figure, the symbol of perfection. He used to actually worship the image of Vishnu and also of the two forms of Lakshmi and Narayan, that he spoke about in today’s Murli.   I felt today’s Murli was a preparation for me now, and that constantly happens. You couldn’t organise it, I couldn’t have told people in Madhuban earlier that this is the Murli that I want you to circulate for today and three months ago I didn’t even know I would be speaking on this topic to all of you. But it happened.  There is a synchronicity within the drama and you have faith in the drama then you know that things are going to work out and in the right way at the right time in the best way possible. And so today’s Murli was the best way possible; perfect.


In the Murli Baba was talking about how he saw Lakshmi and Narayan as being equal; equality for male and female.  But that vision of Vishnu that he had and the words that he heard was: “you are him” - “tat-tvam-asi”. Baba was puzzled because he thought  Vishnu was God and he had a different vision. And now things were changing; things were topsy turvy. So it took him a while to assimilate all of this with his intellect but also with his experience and his feelings that he was having and something was triggered within the soul of a past memory. A past memory was being touched and had been awakened through that vision. We don’t need visions to be able to have that but we can just simply understand the knowledge and through the opening of the inner eye of wisdom –the divine intellect, we can reach the same.


But Baba was a pioneer. There was nobody he could to turn to; there was nobody he could ask or tell him what is going on. He just had to figure it out himself and know that it was God who was guiding him. It was not his imagination; it was not anything mystical that somebody was pushing on him, no; it was truly the One above who was guiding him and explaining to him.


Just imagine the quality of such faith…there is no one in front of you and you look behind and suddenly there are a few 100 people following you and you are carrying the responsibility and then, on the other hand, there are people who are turning against you because they don’t want their women folks to become free or to go off in another direction that they don’t understand.


And it was just a tip of an iceberg! Many things were happening but Baba’s faith from the very first moment: “this is God and this is His task is of establishing a New World and He is asking me to help Him in that task.


(It could have been the mad side of my personality emerging going through all these ideas that has nothing to do with reality). But no, within his awareness, within his heart and talking to the One above, he knew that this was the truth.


So let us have a few minutes of meditation on that capacity to be able to clear my intellect and recognise that this is the truth.

Going deep inside I connect with myself …the living being …the being of light …this is I the soul …do I believe this…my intellect tells me did anyone tell you exactly what a soul is…did anyone point out… how the power of the soul works …or what the faculties of the soul are… how the record within the soul is recorded… did anyone tell you that you are peace… you are light… you are love …you are truth …and had you ever experienced this before…


And so my intellect confirms that these are truly the teachings that have come from God. No one could have told me any of these things; I looked I searched –but only the One above has been able to tell me…and with the awareness of the soul …I begin to connect with God the Supreme Soul the Being of light… holding this awareness I come back and become aware of the things around me… and the need of this moment …but now with the deeper awareness of the self and faith in who I am… and faith in the One who has told me all this…


And so my intellect confirms that these are truly the teachings that have come from God. No one could have told me any of these things; I looked I searched –but only the One above has been able to tell me…and with the awareness of the soul …I begin to connect with God the Supreme Soul the Being of light… holding this awareness I come back and become aware of the things around me… and the need of this moment …but now with the deeper awareness of the self and faith in who I am… and faith in the One who has told me all this…


Does faith come overnight? It did for Brahma Baba. But I claim the legacy of faith from Baba and see how he went through all the obstacles that he had to face, but with the power of faith, he was able to remain stable and unshakeable. I take that gift – the legacy - the inheritance from Baba for myself.


The second legacy from Baba is of love.


Love is also in the intellect, not just in the mind not just the feelings and emotions but there is a big difference. When there are just feelings of love it could be temporary; it could be fleeting. Pure positive feelings are fleeting; they come and they go very swiftly and they are very subtle and so you can’t hold on to it, they disappear quickly.


But something deeper than just a feeling is that sense of total belonging, in which I know that God the Supreme Being, the One with whom I have all relationships and all connections is the One I belong to and He belongs to me. That is it! That is the relationships and connection forever; it is for eternity.


And so Brahma Baba experienced this pure love from God and it awoke the experience of his love for God, which had been very powerful even before he understood these things. And so his search for God and his search for truth were absolutely tireless. This was his mission, his purpose.


Everything else that he was doing, the jewellery business and the family work, all of those things carried on. But he would want solitude early in the morning from 4 am until 10 o’clock in the morning or he would sit in prayer gathering and leading prayer gathering. But his purpose was to find the truth and to find God.


So when he had this vision, then it gradually became clear this was the form of God; it was the experience of absolutely finding the One Beloved and his life changed dramatically as a consequence. There was a total transformation in his life but also the inspiration to serve in an unlimited way. And the power of that love carried him through the dishonour, the defamation, the insults that were coming to him because people were seeing something new happening which was beyond their control. And if you are a control freak or even if you are not, you know how if I control things and I see things slipping out of my grasp then I get agitated and I want things to come back into my grasp. And so those were the primordial feelings and emotions that were being raised within the community. “What is going on?” But Brahma Baba’s love carried him through to all of that. There were court cases against him but yet that love kept him steady and immoveable and unshakable There was nothing that could change that faith and nothing could change that love because he was receiving the love of the Ocean and he surrendered himself to that Ocean the Being who was the Divine.


As soon as everything started and people started to come, he didn’t understand but he had faith and love and so he began to see everyone as belonging to him  Love gives a sense of belonging in a way that nothing else can!


So the love that he experienced and the love that he became the channel for, he was able to share that with all and that radiated from his eyes and from his words and through his actions.  He accepted everyone. He accepted even the ones who didn’t come to him and even the ones who defamed him; he had one sentence for them: “they know not what they are saying – they know not what they are doing”. And so the loving heart is able to accept everything. No recrimination - no accusation - no conditionality and no judgement – just acceptance.


When 300 + people suddenly turned up at his doorstep in Karachi - he didn’t tell them I am going to Karachi - but the power of love touched them and they came. And with his generosity and spirit of love, he arranged accommodation for all of them. He didn’t say: go back I can’t look after you. But he accepted them and he made arrangements to rent 7 different houses for them to stay.


Again the love, Baba arranged 15 – 16 years old to become the teachers and teach 9, 10, and 11 years old.  and he would visit them in the morning and at night and he would give them special treats! Dadi Gulzar had shared something very beautiful. She said Baba and spiritual mother mama would come to visit us in the morning and evening and they would treat us like we were little gods and goddesses- little Thakurs. When you have a shrine in your room- they have little Thakurs, the idols and people worship them.


Dadi Gulzar said Baba and Mama treated us like little thakurs (little images)  – they treated us with so much respect and love as if they were worshipping us! Any new fresh fruit that came in the season, the children were the first to get that.


Whatever it was Baba’s love was immense. I also experienced that in a very beautiful way when I first met Baba in 1957…it was a magnetic charisma that was just powerful love and I experienced that further on through my life also again and again…


And even today what is it that gives me strength; it is love from not the incorporeal One but the love from BapDada. And so the power of love - yes truly God is the Ocean but this individual was able to capture the ocean and allow it to flow through him and in the process, he was transformed so he became Master Ocean of love also.


And so when you remember BapDada then you remember the love and the sweetness with which Baba taught everyone. Baba’s strength and purpose and spiritual power and authority was always with love


And so when Baba would look at every d soul Baba would see the original goodness of every soul. And Baba would also see their future and Baba would talk about their future. Baba would see potential and qualities of the soul that nobody else saw. And Baba would say this child is going to do amazing things. This child is going to serve the world. And it was true everyone who heard those words were inspired and empowered and began to change and do the amazing things that Baba was talking about.


Baba is serving tirelessly from the subtle region for 51 years and more to go…and it was pure love that allowed him to move into the subtle dimension and to continue to stay there and serve all over the world. So the angel Brahma became the one who started centres abroad - sustains the souls who live far away from Madhuban, the pilgrimage place which gives us so much strength. Angel Brahma is with us and is not only supporting us but he is guiding us and continues to lead us together with the One above


So that love allows me to cross all boundaries. It didn’t matter whether you were young or old Baba’s love was there for you. It didn’t matter if you were of one particular racial background or another or one particular religion or another or what your social standard was… for Baba whoever came in front of him, Baba would call them: “child” even when – government officials would come and Baba would give them such drishti – (the vision of soul consciousness and God-consciousness) and Baba would call them: “child” and they would melt because it was not a word but Baba said that from his heart. Baba’s vision for everyone changed overnight.


And so the legacy of love is to be able to absorb from God but learn from Brahma Baba and take from Brahma Baba how he behaved with every individual but also how he has the love for the whole world. Baba would stay awake at night sharing good vibrations with the world so that souls would awaken from the slumber of ignorance and come to the awareness of spirituality and God.


I can’t even count the number of people who through the years have told me, how they have had a vision of Brahma Baba. A few people in a critical situation who were about to leave their body had shared how they saw that figure in white coming to them and just simply giving them love and power – and when they recovered theyasked to see that doctor that they had seen and they couldn’t find him. So they thought maybe it was a dream. But it was a vision and Baba had come to them but they didn’t know until they saw the picture of Baba that they said, “that was the man who came to me and helped at my time of need.”


 And so Baba’s love is for all souls and that love is touching souls and guiding souls and helping souls through their journey so that they would come finally to God and recognise God through that instrument. And so Baba’s power of love and how he transmitted that love to all of us and how that love has changed us and how today all of us can be instruments to share that love when we take that legacy from Brahma.


The third aspect is the quality of renunciation.


The big one is the total and complete renunciation of ego. It is the one that most of us have the most difficulty in dealing with it, but for Brahma Baba, it happened. Again I attributed to the fact that the preparation that Baba had made prior to Shiv Baba taking him as an instrument and using that instrument was incredible.


The touchings must be coming from above and so Baba was teaching himself and training himself and he was more and more aware of the inner being without knowing the detail. But he became more and more aware that there is something separate to this body. And so he was able to renounce that ego and surrendered all his assets to the young women who did not even have bank accounts. The instruction came from above that you have to have them in charge and so he readily surrendered all his assets to the foundation that he set up to these young women. How could he let go of that ego? “I know better” – “they don’t know” ”they are young girls they have no bank accounts or experience”…But the instruction came you have to surrender everything to them and he did it instantly. And so from the very beginning, the reason why he became the instrument is because it was thepreparation and destiny of his role. But he was able to let go of ego instantly.


And so the renunciation of that consciousness of “I” and “mine” and not just of his physical assets which even his relationship with his wife and his children – and then a few years later he stayed with them – he spoke to them and they agreed but a little bit later the son said he wanted to go and create his fortune out in the world and the other one said I want to get married but he let them go…He didn’t control or hold on to them;  whatever is your destiny, create it for yourself.


And so the renunciation of I and mine was very powerful…he let go of his business, let go of his assets, let go of that ownership of family. He, loving towards them and was responsible for them and taking care of them but let go of that internally. He did n let go of his responsibility for the ones who were there now but now his family is a large one, more than anyone could ever imagine and he cared for them and looked after them.


And after they moved to Abu that stage of renunciation in which, things that had been surrendered had now been used to bring 350 members (by then it was 350) across from Karachi – after the partition - to Okha Harbour in Gujarat - they hired a whole ship and then from Okha Harbour they hired a whole train to bring them to Abu Road and then up the mountains to the top of the mountain to this very special summer palace of one of the kings – Brij Koti and they settled there.  


From sea level in Karachi - now they were up on the mountains and across the world there was a shortage of food –I am talking about May 1950. And as time went on there were shortages of food everywhere and Baba was trying to feed the big family.


There is a photograph that Dadi Janki used to look at and it showed Baba in shorts. They were going for a walk on the mountains and Baba made them exercise – and so in picture Baba is carrying this long stick and Baba’s legs were very skinny and Dadi said Baba would eat last because Baba would make sure, everybody had something and then Baba would say: now I can eat.


And there was a renunciation to the nth degree – renunciation of comforts, facilities, food for the sake of the children.


Then things began to change but until the end of his physical days, Baba stayed in a small room which is now Baba’s room in Madhuban. But at that time that room was one quarter of the size of that room that is today.


That original cottage in Pandav Bhavan – all the other buildings were gradually built later on – by 60’s the History Hall and the rooms above the History hall were ready and other buildings were also ready, but Baba said Baba is going to stay here; that is for the children.


And so think about the walls of the stable - it was that thin and so the heat and more so the cold - in Abu in those days used to get freezing temperatures at winter times and the water would freeze but Baba stayed in the stable. Baba would laugh and say this chariot is an old one and so this chariot can stay in the old cottage. Shiv Baba doesn’t want a young chariot or a new house –no, this is fine. And so that was total renunciation.


These are some of the external aspects of renunciation, but the inner level of renunciation is also amazing. Baba let go of attachments, desire, fame, fortune –he gave away fortune he wasn’t going to create another fortune for himself; he let go of fame, he had had that all around by all the kings as “this person who knew about jewels and created jewellery” and so he didn’t need fame. If he wanted fame he wanted children on this path; if he wanted popularity he wouldn’t have talked about purity. That would be the last subject he would have talked about


So none of those things mattered but what mattered was his connection with the Divine and also his love for the family; his immediate family that was with him and when they went out on service the extended family, but also the family of the world.


Baba gave away a bullock cartload of coal to a convent school – (long story but another time for that) there was no coal in the village and there was no hot water for bathing girls in the boarding school and so nuns had come to ask for coal and so Baba gave a bullock cartload of coal to them and they said “how much does it cost?” and Baba said: they are my children. He didn’t know those girls – and nuns belonged to a different religion but that didn’t matter, Baba wanted nothing but the renunciation of attachment to a few and love for all and love for service Let all of them be served so that they can come close to God That spirit of renunciation was incredibly powerful.


Let us take a moment …


With faith and love I come to that being who is the Supreme… the Highest on High Shiv Baba …the Being of light.. …and from Shiv Baba I receive love… spiritual power …and joy …and the power of these this …allows me to let go to let go of I and mine …because all that I need …and all that I want… come from the One.


I see the angel Brahma… and I see his renunciation …and how that has made him an angel …and I say to Brahma Baba …thank you …for showing me the way to follow in your footsteps… and let go of everything here and be able to fly up above….I come back here and now I look at the other aspects of legacy that Baba has given me of faith… love… renunciation and all that lead through Baba’s incredible tapasya


Baba’s tapasya has been huge.


Tapasya, intense meditation was for the self to settle all karma from the past and to have the power to not be influenced or impacted by the things around so that there was no karma being created at all. For us we fall, we learn, we stand up, and move forward. But for Baba, once Shiv Baba adopted him and he belonged to Shiv Baba he just performed good karma - and nothing else at all


 The power of tapasya settled the things of the past very quickly and the power of tapasya insured that every step from that moment on was one of good karma; nothing else except good karma. And so in a way, tapasya and seva come together. Let me take them up together because the good karma that Baba did, it showed us what we have to do; that is part of the legacy. And the service that he did showed us the consciousness with which to serve; altruistically and unselfishly.


 Brahma Baba did tapasya was first with the self but also his tapasya was to keep everyone safe by creating a fort of the power of silence and of power of love that would protect everyone. And so yes it was the individuals who were there in Karachi in the days of the partition war but of course, Baba would take the lead all night meditation - all-day meditation; Baba was the embodiment of meditation. Baba would wake up at 2 o’clock in the morning - they would see a little light in Baba’s room around that time and they would know that Baba is up in meditation Baba’s meditation was for protecting everyone.Baba’s meditation was to reach out into the world and share those vibrations.Baba’s meditation was also to give help to souls in need, souls who deserved that special help. And we know from the Murli that Baba gave different help to different individuals at different times through the power of meditation.


So that tapasya was not just for one or for a few but that tapasya was the power that reached out everywhere. When Baba was walking, you could feel that Shiv Baba and Brahma Baba were walking together. We had a good fortune for having picnics with Baba having meals with Baba and Baba would pause and say: “child who are you remembering?”  And he would remind us because it is so easy to get distracted. Whilst playing badminton, Baba would pause and say: “do you know who you are playing with?”By asking questions there would be a reminder.


Whilst giving drishti you could feel that Shiv Baba and Brahma Baba both were together So it was Brahma Baba’s practice of soul consciousness and seeing everyone as a soul – no discrimination - but also Brahma Baba was learning to keep Shiv Baba with himself more and more…and so there was no difference- both of them was together.


In 1968 for a few months, in April, May and June, Baba would be conducting 4 o’clock meditation and people would feel the power of that silence reaching out…and Dadi Janki would say that it was as if Baba was reaching her…and afterwards Baba confirmed that he was remembering her and sending her that light. So Baba’s meditation was so powerful that when Baba remembered somebody to give them help, they would feel it.


So meditation was extremely powerful – but even whilst listening to Murli you would feel Shiv Baba as the Teacher was very official and very present But even when Brahma Baba was talking to the group then again you would feel both Brahma Baba and Shiv Baba together with you. Ask Baba a question and Baba would pause and invoke Shiv Baba and then give you a response.


So when Baba was walking, talking, eating or playing Shiv Baba was with Brahma Baba because Brahma Baba was remembering Shiv Baba and invoking Shiv Baba to come and you could feel the presence of Shiv Baba.


So real tapasya is not just when I am sitting down for meditation for half an hour, but tapasya is when there is that internal connection with the One above that is constantly alive – constantly engaged, so that you are with Baba And so the tapasya that Baba did is again the legacy for all of us.


Tapasya was also service


Today we would say we have four subjects; 1) gyan, knowledge; 2) yoga, meditation; 3) practical life, the application; 4) service. For Baba, all four subjects were merged together. The knowledge was not separate from the yoga; knowledge and yoga informed the practical life, the practical application at every step; there was no moment of unawareness but there was constant awareness and that is what did the service, whatever it is that Baba was doing, was service. n the early days in Abu, Baba actually engaged in service of doing laundry.


And one person came with bad intention in front, and Baba just gave him drishti –(that vision of soul consciousness in God’s remembrance) -  and the man fell on his knees and asked Baba for forgiveness because he had come with the intention to kill and he couldn’t…he had a vision of Baba.


 So whatever you do on the external physical level, whether it is the laundry or cooking or cleaning or today whether it is typing on the computer…whatever it is… Brahma Baba demonstrated how it is possible to be in yoga at the same time. Yes, I acknowledge that there are things that require a 100% focus of your intellect, but as soon as you have done that, come back and be in that state of yoga.


And Baba describes his efforts of this in the Murli - so we know it was not automatic and it just happened– it didn’t just happen, but Baba made it happen. In the Murli, Baba describes how he starts eating and at that point, the remembrance slips away and so Baba says: ‘hold on, let me come back again. And so Baba made incognito effort, we never saw it as labour, but there was that constant attention and awareness And so the legacy from Baba – can I have yoga because of my love, because of my desire to be with God all the time? Baba’s deep desire was only to be with Shiv Baba and let everybody know who Shiv Baba is so that they can experience that love


And so today, I ask myself: what is the quality of my tapasya? Can I keep Shiv Baba with me all the time in the way Brahma Baba  Did?


On the one side we would say that Shiv Baba was with Brahma Baba all the time – true, but also Brahma Baba carried a big load of responsibility and yet Baba would be so light and Baba would be smiling and Baba would move with such dignity and grace that the responsibility was not the burden – it wasn’t heavy.  It was God’s task and he was the instrument and so he never felt it to be a burden.


When service becomes a burden, I have forgotten that it is Baba in charge. If I stay with Baba in that same state of tapasya then my tapasya and service go together hand in hand – not separate. And so my tapasya gives power to my service and my service brings me closer to God and so allows that tapasya to be even more powerful. Baba demonstrated this all the time.


So often we hear people say: “I have to just let go of everything and focus on tapasya”.Well, there is something that I quite haven't understood there, because if my tapasya can only happen at the expense of not engaged in activity and service, then yes the soul will be purified but what about the power of good karma? That space would be vacant and so where will I be? I will be up there in the soul world; I won’t be down here with Brahma Baba enjoying the beauty and the joy of the world of the golden age.


So let me do tapasya and service together. And when I have learnt to do that then I will reach the stage of perfection. If I do service on its own then there will be ego! If I do tapasya on its own, then I won’t be able to do the good karma that I need to do. And so I need to have the perfect balance of both together And when I have learnt to do that then when I see Brahma Baba then I will say: now I know how to follow in your footsteps and claim my legacy from you.


Let us have few minutes to reflect on this and then we will take a short break.


I see Brahma Baba sitting in a semi lotus posture… in my mind’s eye …and the light that is radiating is Shiv Baba’s light… Brahma Baba’s connection with Shiv Baba is total …absolute… and light radiates all around… not just here… but far and wide across the globe…and God’s light serves the world…the highest service through the mind… mansa seva …and God’s light touches human hearts… so that they open their hearts to God’s love … God’s light …ignites hope…and souls begin to see… the future… in which there is light… hope has removed the darkness… and they begin to move to the light…  Baba’s tapasya and Baba’s service both are combined …and seeing Baba… I take this as my legacy …to serve through my mind… and to continue to serve through my mind…even if I serve through words …and even if I serve through actions…


I come back to the awareness of everything here, but now I am aware that just like Baba, I have to combine tapasya and service, so that service can be unlimited, incognito, but very real, bringing souls to God.


Om Shanti


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Bhog Message of 31st January Brought by Sister Mohini

15 February 2021

To Baba’s elevated instrument children around the world,


Greetings of love from Madhuban. We are sending the final bhog message from Sister Mohini for the month of January brought on January 31. 


The RCs request that you make it available to your students to support their spiritual efforts this month and that you read it in class and share the video link:


In Baba’s sweet yaad,

BK Dr Nirmala on behalf of the Regional Coordinators


31 January 2021 - Bhog Message brought by Sr Mohini


Taking everyone’s love and remembrances, I went to offer bhog to Baba. Today it was a beautiful scene in the subtle regions.  It was unlimited.  There was a large number of flowers in front of Baba, which was such a beautiful scene.  Generally, we will see flowers with the plants, but today it was only beautiful flowers, and Baba was looking at this beautiful garden of flowers.  The face of each one of you was like a beautiful flower, very colorful and blossomed.  Baba was first seeing from above, and then He was walking in between among the flowers, sharing drishti, looking at everyone with a lot of love.  I also was sharing drishti with Baba.  I said, ‘Baba do you see all the flowers?  Are you seeing them, or are you feeling something?” 


Baba smiled and asked, “What do you feel?’” I said, “I feel love and that through your drishti you are filling and doing something to each one of us.”  Baba said, “That’s what I do: I look at each child, and through drishti, I give something to each child, and today, Baba is especially giving a lot of light to each child.  Because light is important for each flower.”  So, then Baba was looking at me and said, “What do you do when you share drishti?”  I said, “In soul consciousness, I think of you, and I know that you will give.”


Baba said, “You all have to remember that we are not looking at what someone is at this moment, but just sharing love, light, and power. Why don’t you all look at each other now and share Baba’s love and light.” And I said, “But Baba now you are here.”  But Baba said, “Still look at everyone as a beautiful flower.” I don’t know how to explain it to you all, but it was like a moving garden as if each flower faced another flower and looked at each other.


The color of each flower is each one’s specialty.  Each one is unique and special, a different color and variety, and you like each one. You don’t say “red is better or white is better” but in the subtle region it wasn’t red and white.  Everything was golden. Every flower has a different fragrance, so Baba said that the fragrance in each one is of purity.  As much as there is purity, the fragrance smells very sweet.  So, this sweetness of the fragrance should be the quality of your drishti for each other now.


Then Baba said that outside in the world there is a lot of tension and fear, but children are free from tension and fear.  Children are fearless and loveleen.  Because when you are merged in Baba’s love there is no fear.  So, remain loveleen and free from any effect of the outside world of kaliyug.


Then Baba said, “In the month of January each one of you had the aim to be Bap samaan, to become complete and perfect.  So, congratulations to the children, because the children had the very sincere aim to be Bap samaan and have made good effort.  Now is the time to give the finishing touch.


“For the finishing touch, you have to be very stable and also very subtle, very avyakt.  Minute details are very subtle.  So now you have to see what subtle aspects are still there to be transformed or decorated. The protection of each child is that no one, nothing, can touch you.”


You say, “I have to follow the footsteps of Brahma Baba, and Brahma Baba took every step by following shrimat.  So, all your thoughts, words, actions, and relationships should now be based on shrimat.  Some children may not be sure what shrimat is, so have a discussion among yourselves and go into details of what shrimat is for thoughts, words, and actions.  Talk about not only his sanskars, but what he thought; what he spoke and his relationships with everyone.  This will help you to be complete and perfect.


When we came back into our original form, Baba gave drishti to everyone with a lot of love, which made every child very blossomed and happy.  Baba said, “Stay loveleen.”  And I brought remembrances for each one of you.  Om Shanti.


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Sister Jayanti, 31st January, Detachment  & Purity

9 February 2021

Om Shanti. Good morning.


We have had two powerful Murlis.  The transmission from Madhuban and again this morning Baba’s revised Avyakt Murli is very powerful.  I am seeing there is a question many have. ‘How to’ questions which Dadi Janki would refuse to acknowledge because Baba tells us ‘how to’ in every Murli.  When He gives a direction, He also gives us the method to apply it.  Maybe 10 years ago people were telling me that the fastest-selling books were the ‘How to’ books...from the simple to complicated things…Baba’s Murli is a ‘How to Manual’.  Now the books most popular out there are about meditation!


I want to pick up on the ‘How to’ that Baba has explained through these two Murlis.  In today’s Murli Baba is talking about ‘check and change’.  This is a great expression and He uses the English words, originally used in the 1980s.  Yesterday’s Murli is 2008 and today is from 1987.  We then started to use this expression for Youth programmes much later.  Baba makes a very interesting comment.  If when we check we see something in the self, then change it immediately: otherwise the soul weakens and the time has gone.  If I don’t see (recognise), that is a separate story.  But if when I check and I see it is not what Baba expects from me or what I want for myself, and I allow it to continue, I will become weaker. With courage and strength today, Baba is available and Drama is with me.  At the moment I realise, I have the power to change…and time gives me a push and helps me change at that moment.


I remember Nizarbhai mentioned to me when he saw in both Serve Africa and Future of Power the first year of both was magic.  Everything happened so fast and many were served - 48 countries in Africa in one year, with hands for all these countries…everyone helped and it just happened!  Then there were a few countries we hadn’t reached and it became hard work.  It was as though at first Baba’s special drishti was on that land and it all happened fast and easily.  The same thing with FoP: Baba gave blessings and told us to put a time limit to it.  At first, Nizarbhai thought one year, and throughout that time it was fast and later more effort was required.  There is a time for everything and Baba’s help is available at that moment.  Otherwise, we lose impetus and strength and it will take much more effort to make things happen.  Baba’s help is still available and He says it is not ‘too late’ at the moment.  So check and change.  Baba spoke about how to have success in something, using the words ‘Nirman’- humility, and ‘Nimit’- being an instrument.  Where there is the thought: ‘I can do it’, Baba will say – go ahead, try and see what you can do.  However, if I say I am an instrument, it’s Baba’s task and Baba has to make it happen, then whatever effort in thoughts and time is my fortune.  If I am looking for instant results it might not happen.  It may take years before a see that has been planted to bear fruit.  There is no use poking or disturbing it, and asking why isn’t it growing!  However just keep on with it, doing service tirelessly.  This discipline, principle, and practise is good for the soul.  Also, we don’t know what seeds are going to take root.  With humility and awareness we recognise it is Baba’s seva; serving with ‘our bones’, our love, and the fruits will come when it is time, in the right season.  If you pick fruits that have been nurtured through artificial means they don’t taste the same.


There is the reality in any task in service that it is the cooperation of a whole team that makes it happen.  It can never be one individual.  There is a time for everything…When the big conferences were happening in Madhuban in 1984/5 a group of seniors spoke to Baba and told him that the village was not supporting us as there was a lot of jealousy because well-known people were coming to the Brahma Kumaris.   Baba said to serve the village people with a lot of love and humility and also all the souls that come to help, those who prepare the stage, those who cook and clean, etc.  He said if these tasks are not all done with love then the results won’t come.  For if what the guests witness whilst moving around is not congruent with what is spoken on stage, what would they think. It’s just words like everywhere else.  Everyone contributes with their love and cooperation and has an impact in service. Baba related the story of the King who had no attachment, whose son dies whilst out hunting, and when someone meets the Queen and all the subjects they see that they have the same detachment so he is a true king. Why this story?  Everyone’s role is essential.  This creates the culture, atmosphere, and success in service.  Whatever I am an instrument for that is my fortune. The atmosphere of love and cooperation comes where there is humility and the awareness of being an instrument and this brings success.


We know these things and so how come we are not doing it? Today, Baba talks about 4 ways of detachment.  The secret of coming to the stage of detachment doesn’t have a short cut….it is practise. This is the only way.  The first step is detachment from the body.  Baba is saying let this become completely natural.  Before we had no idea of being the soul and just thought of the body in our thoughts and dreams.  Can we turn this around so that the soul state becomes natural?  We have had 2,500 years to develop the body as ‘natural’ and we don’t have that much time to make the switch back.  Yet on our side, this is real and that was not.  Also. soul consciousness brings happiness. Body consciousness kept bringing us sorrow.  When we are soul aware there is the experience of lightness, joy. and the experience of Baba’s love, which has the greatest benefit.  This is the question most ask.  How do I experience Baba’s love?  Baba has one word ‘nyara’ detached and then ‘pyara’- loved by God and by others. 


What fascinated me today was Baba spent little time talking about detachment from the body. I think because He explains soul consciousness again and again in the Sakar Murlis.  The Dadi’s would say that in the early days, Baba’s practise with everyone was simply soul consciousness.  Detach, detach, detach from the body, bodily relatives, facilities, and sanskars.  They thought Baba was God and they didn’t know Shiv Baba and Brahma Baba were different, that came later.  So what was their yoga?  It was detachment.  I the soul am detached.  What was their practise for all the days of silence for so many days Shiv Baba gave instructions for?   The same.  Can I see you as a soul and act from being a soul. Can I be detached regarding all those I have left behind and have no waste thoughts about them? Baba says if we practise this then we will be able to manage the later scenes that are going to come. 


In the 1980s there were water shortages, (as there was no movement of water using boreholes, etc).  We would have to cut down and manage with a small amount for washing and cooking etc.  Baba was asking how well did we manage in our stage with this.   Baba also talked about fire and what if this too became unavailable would we be ok?  So look within and see what it is I am dependent on. In this long paragraph, Baba elaborated on detachment from possessions and facilities.   He encouraged us to think about if each comfort or facility was removed how would we feel?  Baba says experiment and explained how they did this by eating only chapati and buttermilk for two weeks to test themselves.  And they did.   Baba said the reason why they were able to manage was everyone knew it was Baba’s direction and due to their love they wanted to follow it.   


Dependence on external things is a big subject!   Maybe It is not so much about ‘need’ but what does happen often is ‘so and so has this so why should I not have the same’.  This becomes a big maya.  How many waste thoughts!  Baba says if we are busy looking at what others have or are doing, we don’t have time to look at the self.  Forget what others are doing that is their business, karma, and story.  Can I be free from these dependencies?  Can I experiment with what Baba has told me to?   The Dadi’s would make another point in the early days: for each one to see what am I giving in terms of service to the Yagya and what am I taking.  Am I taking more than I am giving?  The whole subject of give and take and my relationship with the Yagya is the relationship with Baba, on a physical practical level as well as with the happiness, joy, and power that Baba gives.  


The fourth subject Baba talks about is our sanskars and nature.  Baba uses the expression the ‘sanskars of the body’.  I remember having a conversation with Dadi about it, as I said to her: The sanskars are in the soul, not the body?’.  She explained at that time and I understand more since.  Whatever actions I am speaking and doing, when I am in body consciousness it is the recent sanskars of Raven that emerge.  The negative sanskars that we carry are connected to the bodies of Kaliyug and so when I detach from the body I detach from those sanskars.  It is not only the thoughts in the mind that impact the body. It is experiences too.  Positive experiences are subtle and come and go fast and leave little imprint.  But the experiences of anger, pain, and sorrow create an imprint in our body and the aches and pains we carry are all connected.  When we get upset or react and negativity emerges we feel it physiologically.  This mind-body connection is being explored in a deep way in the world today.  This is why Baba is saying that the sanskars and nature are connected to the body.


The main topic in yesterday’s Murli was of purity and  the connection with ‘putting a full stop.’  How come I hear the Murli but where did I not put a full stop so I can remember the Murli? And when there is a situation of upheaval do I need to scratch my head and say ‘what happened’.  It is imprinted so deeply I cannot put a full stop.  The disciplines of purity we follow - celibacy, food, and many other aspects.  But the subtle aspect of waste and negativity is part of purity.  This time Baba was connecting purity and the full stop.  If my attitude is one of purity, of good feelings and wishes the mind won’t be repeating any negativity and at the end of the day we feel good.  But if in a situation I have a negative take on it I am left buzzing with that.   If I have a compassionate take, I am left with a compassionate feeling.  We have to cultivate compassion and happiness and yet do we have to cultivate anger!  When we make sure our thoughts are full of good wishes and an attitude of good feelings for all, it is going to be easy to put a full stop and we move easily.  With negative feelings, if we don’t put a full stop then that feeling will grow, my attitude will change and I will experience physical pains.  Baba says be aware and practise putting a full stop.  When we are in it, we don’t even realise it.  Check and change, be aware and alert and take action to deal with it instantly.


Baba today talked about stubbornness as something that prevents us from experiencing detachment and God’s love and success. When there is a principle yes let me hold onto it and be determined.  But when I ‘want’ something and I am trying to prove myself right and I am stubborn about it, then I will have to deal with this negative sanskar as it is ego coming in.  Baba is pushing us from all sides to perfection and to reach the stage of ‘number one’ which is a whole division.  Don’t think no 2 is ok, as Baba says that is lazy effort!  If we keep our vision high, then Baba says He will help us get there.




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Dadi Prakashmani Ji 16th November 2000 Madhuban (night class) - Steps to Perfection

31 January 2021

Baba tells us again and again that you may carry on with your business and activities but do not keep any burden of ‘I’ or ‘mine’  in your intellect. The method for this is to make Baba responsible.  We are just instruments following His shrimat at every step.   We are earning multimillions. Today Baba said we are multimillion times fortunate and He told us the secret of this.      

In order for us to bring perfection close to ourselves Baba has given us special shrimat and Baba has also given us 6 months to pay attention to this. If you really think about it, 6 months goes by very quickly.  Time is moving so fast.  So, we also have to conduct ourselves at a fast speed and make effort according to Baba’s signals.

The aim of our efforts is to pay attention to ourselves.  With attention, your intellect can experience what Baba is saying.   If you are paying attention then you will not find it a burden or hard work to move forward.  Baba has given us many signals in the Murlis to become complete and perfect.  Remember those signals that Baba has given and you will be able to churn those points throughout the day.

The first step to become complete and perfect is to have faith in the self.  Ask yourself: Do I have that faith in myself that I will make such effort that even though I have come last I can go fast and come first?  Call it my sanskars or any bondages of the past but let me make effort easily and transform those bondages - those sanskars.  For this I first of all have to have faith in myself.  Baba says that my promise to you children is that if you take one step forward, let alone ten steps, I will take 100 steps towards you.  Baba says when the children have courage, Baba helps.  Have faith in the intellect and you will definitely be victorious.  So first of all you need to have complete faith in yourself.  Have full faith and you will definitely receive a lot of help from Baba.  This is also a huge blessing that we receive from Baba.  When you have faith in yourself you will also have faith in Baba and because of having faith in Baba it is as though this is Baba’s blessing for you. When there is this faith in the intellect you will be able to be victorious.

The second faith you need to have is that I am the same child of Baba as of the previous kalpa.  I had become victorious in the previous kalpa in the rosary of victory.  We are the same ones as in the previous kalpa.  The ones who created a new world in this world and then ruled in that world.  We are those lucky children.  So first of all have faith in the self and together with that you also need to have faith in Baba’s elevated versions.

Does Baba not know to what extent His children are complete and perfect or to what extent they will become complete and perfect?  Baba has given us 6 months to complete this and according to the time Baba will also test us and we have to pay practical attention and pass in that paper and so what should you pay attention to at amrit vela every day?

When you wake up at amrit vela remember your stage of perfection.  Someone asked me what is perfection and I replied for me the stage of perfection in front of me is Brahma Baba.  We know how Brahma Baba became perfect and achieved the angelic stage in a practical form and continued to give us that experience.  Even now in the subtle region through that subtle form he is having a heart to heart conversation with us and you could even say he comes into our physical world and so the sample of perfection in front of us is the avyakt and corporeal and in the incorporeal form the Supreme Father, the Supreme Teacher and the Supreme Satguru is in front of us. But in the physical form in front of us we have the sample of the angelic stage, the form of perfection and that is avyakt Baba.

He created such a stage in the physical form that today even in the avyakt form He is celebrating a meeting with all of us.  Baba has clarified many times that Brahmins are going to become angels and then deities and so the closeness to perfection is for us to become angels and Baba says angels means those who remain free from bondages and the bondage of this body. The sanskars, nature, vision, attitude and drishti that we had has now been transformed.  To what extent have they been transformed?   So I have to become my own master and check my own self to check to what extent has that transformation taken place

It is the old sanskars that are a bondage for me.  To be able to transform them - this is what is known as becoming free from bondage and when you are free from bondage you can be liberated in life.  So ask yourself:   Am I this soul free from all those bondages or are my sanskars and nature keeping me in bondage like chains?  Sanskars are the chains.  If there is the slightest bondage then my happiness and supersensuous joy will be reduced. To be free from bondage is to experience supersensuous joy and then I have the stage of liberation in life and so let us experience being ever happy, not just happy.  Check: am I always ever happy?  Baba says: may you be an angel.   To what extent do I experience myself to be that angel?

Also, check yourself.  In order to be complete and perfect, and I keep this aim, then for that there are many deep secrets of knowledge because knowledge itself is very deep. So Baba is telling us deep knowledge of the pilgrimage of karma, neutral karma and sinful karma.  I have to finish sinful actions and experience myself to be becoming free from all such negativity.

Am I still bound by that karma or have I burnt away negative karma and become one with neutral actions? The deepest knowledge is to understand the deep philosophy of karma, neutral karma and sinful karma.

If I am performing actions on the basis of sanskars that is not a neutral action but can be an ordinary action or a sinful action.  In other words this would be termed as maya.  Not being a conqueror of maya but being influenced by aya.  There are many subtle points. Your attitude is pulled and you have a desire.  There are waste thoughts and there is body consciousness.  There is a selfish intent of experiencing name, fame, respect and honour and so for me to become free from all of that I have to burn away actions of the past but I must not create a karmic account.   If you perform any sinful actions then you will experience the punishment of that.  Let me create such a stage that I become free from punishment.   So may I not experience any punishment and pass with honours.

Baba is not asking us to just pass but to pass with honours.  In this study the first grade is to get up to 95% marks.  Some will get 50%.  To simply pass with 33% - to just barely make it - I must not pass in that way.  I must pass with 95% to 100% marks and that is to pass with honours.  I must claim the full inheritance and so I must attain full marks and this is called perfection.

If there is a strong karmic account then let me burn away all of that with the power of knowledge and yoga.  I need to make that effort and then whatever kind of account there is I will be able to settle that.   For this, Baba gives us a lot of power.  He gives me the power to merge, the power to face, the power to tolerate.  I have to check: do I have all these powers to an equal extent.   Am I a master almighty authority or a shakti who is weak?

Baba has given us this time to make effort and so whatever power is lacking, to have deep tapasya and to become powerful in those powers.  Become a master almighty authority in all powers.  I need to make effort to make myself full in every power.

Sometimes the sound emerges: What can I do?   I don’t have the power to tolerate.  Is that a courageous reply to say I don’t have the power to tolerate?  Is that something to be proud of - am I being honest? Am I taking the support of a Dunlop pillow?  We have to make effort and if there is any power lacking let me make myself full with the power of yoga.

We are the ones who are constructing the new world and if I am hungry for name and honour how can I bring about renewal of the new world?  This is why, in order to become complete I need to pay attention to burn away the account of sinful actions and just perform neutral actions.  Only then will I be able to experience the stage of liberation in life and I will have that intoxication.

When we think of perfection then attention is drawn.  Perfection means to become karmateet, so for us to beome complete it means that the final paper of our efforts is to become karmateet. So am I becoming karmateet or are there still subtle actions such as waste thoughts, because waste thoughts will not make me karmateet.  Instead my time, thoughts, breath, power and energy will all be wasted.

I am seeing that many times, the reason for waste thoughts is we don’t pay full attention, and then we waste our thoughts and energy. So, in my daily time table let me make sure that there are no waste thoughts for myself or others.  Some have waste and negative thoughts for others; we have to come here to liberate ourselves and bring salvation to ourselves so why do I waste my breath, time and thoughts on others?

Baba has given us the title: Those who have good thoughts and feelings for others, and so we are the benevolent ones.   If someone does something for some reason or another and I have waste thoughts about that that is also a waste of my energy.  So Baba has now given us the signal for the stage of perfection that we must not waste any of our thoughts and we all have our parts in the drama.   We should have good positive thoughts about everything and just have a pure interaction with everyone and be pure in our actions.  Good wishes is the main service even if I don’t have any other service and this will enable me to spread very good vibrations everywhere.

Whoever comes and goes in front of me – let me give subtle blessings and be a bestower.  Giving and receiving blessings.  By giving it is not a question of receiving blessings but if I give, then I receive.

I feel that Baba has sustained me with so many blessings and I constantly move forward with these blessings.  I receive good wishes and blessing from everyone and the reason for this is because of always having pure thoughts for others.

Never think of ‘I’ in any context.  Always put others first.  If I constantly keep say “I” “I”, I don’t receive blessings from others.  We are the children of the Bestower and so we have to give and in giving the receiving is automatically merged in that.

Even name, honour and pride are forms of taking, but Baba has given us the slogan of becoming bodiless, viceless and egoless  and so these are the elevated versions of Baba’s avyakt murli and remembering these things will enable us to become complete and perfect and the beads of the rosary of victory around Baba’s neck.

Perfection means I have to pass with honours – that is, I have to become karmateet.  Don’t think I have six months, but from today just think that I am not going to have any waste thoughts but that I am a benefactor like the Father.  The father is an example in front of me.  This is the way to become karmateet, to be a conqueror of karma or to come into the rosary of victory.  And through this stage we will gradually become angels the same as Baba.  So if you make this effort of receiving the stage of perfection then all the tension and unhappiness will no longer remain.  

For this Baba gives us the warning about time.  We have to be an unlimited renunciate and you have to stay beyond.  To the extent you remain bodiless and a renunciate to that extent automatically your pilgrimage of remembrance will become powerful.  This practise of being bodiless will help us to become complete.   This is why Baba has given us many different yuktis, many different points for us to reach our goal.  Our aim.  The effort is easy so why should we be labouring in that?  We do have to make effort because we have this sanskar over a long period of time. But if you keep saying it is very difficult, it is very difficult then you won’t be able to pass. If I have the faith that I am going to pass and if I show the chart to Baba that I am definitely going to pass then everything will become easy and if everything in the world is going to be so easy why would this not be easy?

Baba tells us to make effort but this is the first time that Baba has given us a limit saying He is giving us six months.  He wants to give everyone the blessing of the flying stage and make everyone fly.  We don’t have to walk but we have to continue to fly in the flying stage and when we fly in the flying stage then we will easily be able to come close to the stage of perfection.   We don’t have to stay below the clouds.  We have to go beyond the clouds.  Completion, perfection means the signal for us to go into the flying stage.  We have to fly and make others fly and go completely beyond.

Don’t think about six months.  Think of it as six days because 6 months will go by like 6 days.  This is such deep knowledge and yet when we speak about this knowledge to someone we say you only have to do a one week course.    So Baba has also given us one week.  It is not 6 months but one week.  Make effort and move forward with this understanding.  Is it difficult?   Baba is keeping hope in us.  Does Baba know how much power and courage His children have?  

Of course Baba knows, so instead of walking Baba has given us wings to fly saying you have to become complete.  Come close to perfection and bring about revelation of the Father.  Come close to the stage of perfection and you will be able to reveal the Father.  He has given us this temptation.  Reveal the Father and for this you need to become perfect.

Baba is very clever.  He has told us to do this tiny little thing.  With our courage and Your help why would we not become angels and become perfect?

So now let each one write this down in their diary:  Every day write a special point of perfection and then remember that throughout the day.  I also try to put some points for every day from the murli.   There is a point for our stage of completion and perfection.  Just as there is the blessing there is also this point for perfection, so paying attention to that we will definitely make effort and reach that stage.

We will continue to receive reports of such a stage from all countries.  We will see what is to happen in the drama and we will see what Baba wants to happen.   So if there were such good reports coming from everywhere then we will call Baba and say:  Baba come.  Come down from up above and yes of course, you will receive a prize.  If someone claims a first number then they get a prize.  So claim the first number.  Take this prize from Baba.  He will look at the stage of the children and so in order to claim a prize for such a stage we will have a plan for such a programme but first of all let us celebrate our day of happiness and bliss.  Take every step according to Baba’s shrimat and become complete and perfect. Follow Baba, did I move along according to shrimat, did I do this service according to shrimat?   Did I speak according to shrimat? Is my dharna according to shrimat?

Just remain constantly intoxicated - that is shrimat.  If you sometimes feel a little bit of confusion – is that shrimat?  No.   Let me constantly keep shrimat in front of me.  Call it my good wishes, my orders, instructions, everything is included in shrimat and by following shrimat you are able to make a very good stage for yourself – being able to remain carefree, and so for this Baba has given us the signal for us to make our stage complete and perfect.   So let us follow those signals that Baba has given and continue to make that effort and we will have a right to claim 100% marks from Baba.  Tell me my dear double foreign brothers and sisters, is it possible?  

In the final report I will see who it is who goes ahead.  Will it be those from Bharat or those from abroad who will go ahead?  I will see who has the highest marks.  Who has the stage of being close to perfection?  I will ask for the report in May and ask Baba who has come first.  Will it be those from Bharat or from abroad?  He has His hopes and I also have hopes and I also pay attention everyday to becoming complete and perfect.  No one has become that yet.  We have to become perfect so we will continue to have the experience of this lovely stage, that unique stage, but yes, we must also have that happiness

Let there not be any greed, attachment, tension or any waste thoughts. Don’t waste your time.  Don’t get caught up in ‘yours’ and ‘mine’ or any unhappiness.  Just surrender and sacrifice all of that in Madhuban before you leave.

Is there anyone sitting here who thinks this is very difficult?  Or do you think you will be victorious in your efforts   (No one raised their hand to it being difficult)   Look the whole class has passed!  So, it’s not difficult at all.  Very easy.   Baba has given us easy knowledge and so it will all be easy.  We have to become complete and perfect and nothing else.  We will show wonders and fulfil Baba’s hopes.  The day of the drums of revelation will definitely come.

Thank you and good night.

Om shanti           

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Sudesh Didi.  24 January GCH - Niraakari, Nirvikaari and Nirahankaari’

27 January 2021

Om shanti. Om, I am. What am I? I am a pure and peaceful soul.  In the philosophy of karma, regarding purity and the secrets of drama, the more you explore and experience each point, the more you realise it is the beginning. It is one realisation after another. This can be compared to the trunk of a banana tree. The beauty and significance of the trunk of the banana tree is that, unlike other trees, it grows in a refined way. Its trunk is composed of overlapping leaf sheaths, with many layers of leaf over each other. The philosophy of karma has this significance; whether it is the karma of thoughts, mind, intellect;  karma in our expressions, attitude, intention, behaviour, to different types of karma: from past karma, present, recent, instant, long-term, short-term, individual karma, family karma to collective karma. There are many layers to explore; the deeper you go, the more you feel the need to go deeper.


The final mantra that Baba gave before his departure to the subtle region on 18th January 1969: ‘Niraakari, Nirvikaari and Nirahankaari’ (bodiless, viceless and egoless), are also like that with layers. Being bodiless is the beginning, and nirvikaari is the final of the beginning. There is a cyclical pattern. We can consider it the stages of reaching the incorporeal stage. Being bodiless is a practice of a human being. Being incorporeal is not a human being since being incorporeal means it does not have a body, but being bodiless is while being in the body. We are conscious of our body while we are here. In the incorporeal world, we do not have any awareness of body, or that I lived in a world where I had a body, or that I will take a body. Everything is merged in the seed at that stage, but it is full of potential. It contains many secrets in it, and manifests itself as it comes into the physical body.  


At the Confluence Age, Baba comes to make us aware of the layers of body consciousness. When we are in the body, in order to reach the incorporeal stage, there has to be constant practise of soul consciousness. Without being soul conscious, I cannot practise bodiless-ness because it is the soul that is using the body, and is experiencing itself through the body, and expressing what it contains. The body functions as the ground, and the soul is the living seed, the living energy, pure being of light, with strength and power in it. That is the power of purity when it is aware, that I am not this body. But we have been taught to use the body more and more. Baba tells us to use our body less; to be bodiless.  If I want to use my body less, I have to use my mind with particular awareness, and give attention to how I am using my body.


So body consciousness not only teaches us the awareness of the body, but the quality-function of the body, that is, the natural nature and the natural quality of matter, because the body is made of matter. It has potential but also an impact, and this is how matter works. Baba teaches us how the nature of the soul works, that is, how this eternal nature of the being works. So to use my body less and less while making it more useful, beautiful with long life and good health, I need to use it less. So what does it mean? Do I keep my eyes closed and my ears shut? Or shall I just sit somewhere and do nothing? I am not a sanyasis. We are karma yogi. For a karma yogi, the first practice is the awareness of I am the master of this body. This means I am a soul, conscious that I have this body. And how I use it is with the real qualities which are in me. Do I have the right sense? Do I understand the significance of using my sense organs? I can announce the worth of these senses, and appreciate the beauty and the specialities that these senses have. These sense organs have continued to be with me throughout my 84 births. I have accounts with matter, with the body; through the change of form, time and strength. And still I have connection with matter.


In order to reach the incorporeal stage, I need to be bodiless, and to use the body less and less. But what is it that makes us use our body more and more? What is the key that winds the body more and more? It is the mind. Mind is the operator. In order to operate as a yogi, I need to be sensible with my senses. First, I have to be aware of how my mind functions, my attitude and what my qualities are. My thought patterns need to be positive, pure and powerful. Now we realise that being bodiless is a very important aspect, we must hold the key of the mind with soul consciousness. Thoughts will not remain thoughts; thoughts create feelings. When I connect with the senses, feelings are also connected. My thoughts, my attitude, my vision, my words and my behaviour, all are connected with my organs. In order to hold something elevated in our vision and our words, our thoughts need to be powerful, pure and also refined. What is of quality is always small; ordinary things are big in size with a lot of expansion and a heavy load. We can now see in science and technology that anything of quality is becoming minute in size; the better the quality, the more it is refined. Cotton has its own strength, but when it is silk, it is of quality and it is refined. What is of quality is light, it does not weigh us down. So, check your mind: Is it heavy? Is there any kind of burden on the mind? If so, it means I have picked up something through my senses which has made me heavy. What makes us heavy are things not of quality. Instead, it is of big quantity. So check, is my mind pure? Am I seeing through the sense organs in the bodiless state of mind, and as an observer? In this way, my intellect becomes clean, and is able to discriminate between right and wrong.


The second word of Baba’s mantra is viceless. I cannot become viceless without becoming virtuous. We do not use our sense organs in an ordinary way as ordinary humans, because we understand that the more body conscious we are, the busier are the ears. The busier we keep the ears, the more the blockage. By listening to waste and gossip, our level of virtues decrease and our impurity increases. To become viceless, my senses should only be used to pick up what is elevated in small quantity, stay merged in it and sustain it in order to increase the value of it. Then we share with others. But with rubbish, it comes in such big quantity that it becomes too much to digest. For example, hurt is heavy, intellect is confused, then understanding is not clear. As a result, words through our mouth are useless and meaningless. This is followed by anger.  So, practise being avyakt, that is, preforming elevated actions, paying attention not only to physical actions, but to the actions of my mind. The mind is activating and directing my physical senses. The senses do not direct themselves. This is why purity is the foundation: pure attitude, pure vision, words filled with virtues and blessings, actions and behaviours which are inspiring. Therefore, the more bodiless I become, the more viceless I become. Virtues create a shield of protection; it is also a weapon with which I can cool down the fire of anger and jealousy. Anger and jealousy make the mind upset. Jealousy creates a fire that is burning inside. With the awareness that I am a pure and peaceful soul, my attitude and my vision have the power to cool down the senses. We begin to express love and mercy. The more virtuous I am, not only am I conquering vices, the soul with a benevolent vision also cools down the vices of others. Without virtues, I continue to think of that one as a jealous person, which means I am invoking that jealousy to come and sit in me. We must stay in self-respect, while having mercy for the soul, knowing they are not able to see their own fortune at this stage. I send vibrations of the beauty of the specialities and qualities of this soul, so my heart remains pure and clean, and my feelings remain beautiful. This quality of love, that I am the child of God, the quality that I am a benevolent being, is protecting my mind as well as sending out good vibrations.


The philosophy of this action of mind is that if I feel I am catching the negativity of someone, that is a weakness in me. Weak energy reaches. Godly energy, divine energy reaches at a faster speed because it is a silent and refined energy. As we mentioned, what is refined moves faster. A river that is clean flows faster. When rubbish is collected, it is not fresh and the movement becomes slow and it spoils the atmosphere. If rubbish is stuck in my heart, I will not want to stay and look at my own heart. We will find that we react to our own heart a lot, and it is tying us in bondage. This is why Baba is inspiring us today to imbibe all types of purity. Purity is not only the control of the physical senses.  Celibacy is the control of the lower sense organs. But the real sense organs of the soul are our mind and intellect. Making my mind and intellect pure with the understanding of knowledge, Baba is giving us the vision and the aim and objective, this is why He is giving us this study. This is a school, a university. In pre-school, we learn the alphabet with pictures. As we go to higher levels, we begin to understand the subtlety of many languages. In the same way, Baba’s language of purity and its significance is very refined. He is saying that whatever we are thinking as a thought, it is the action of the mind. Therefore, we must check: Is the thought meaningful? Is it valuable? Is it benevolent? Does it bring power in me? Is it filled with value? Is it meaningful and useful for others? Otherwise, it is waste. Waste thought will make us waste our energy.


The power of the four types of purity: thoughts, words, actions and dreams. Thought is the mind. With words, we can criticise and make others feel guilty. While thinking we did not do anything wrong by commenting, we do not realise that even words spoken as a joke is a waste that carries no benevolence for the other person. It is the subtle ego of my own self, my inner body consciousness, which I have been using through the sense organs, that is taking the impression of the activities of others. Words of benevolence are only possible if I have the quality of peace in me. Viceless and vicious mean sukarma (positive) and vikarma (negative). Sukarma is filled with strength, with soul consciousness. Are my thoughts filled with Godly strength? Are my words inspiring? Are my words creating self-respect in them? Are my words blessings for them? Virtues create vibrations even in words.


Vicious actions are not just physical actions of vice, but also are of the subtle vices. Let’s look at the five vices. The vice of lust is gross, it makes one dependent on the body of others. Anger can be verbal shouting, but on a thought level, it can also happen with someone who is not near. Attachment is that even after the person has left the body, we want the body with us. Greed wants material things for the body. With ego, I do not even need anyone. This vice is unlimited. To be viceless means complete virtue in the mind; pure thoughts, pure actions, pure vibrations and even dreams are also pure. Baba spoke about dreams having an effect on our system, so other subtle thoughts and actions certainly have an effect on us.


Keeping the awareness of purity is not just one aspect, but keeping the awareness of purity of the mind, intellect and sanskaras. Then we will reach our karmateet stage. Actions filled with purity have to be constant and unbroken, that is, lagataar, the constant connection without discrimination of I will be more merciful with some and not others, or I will be more loveful to and favour this one, but not with that one. Purity is natural and equal with everyone. Flowers give fragrance to everyone equally. The sun shines equally for everyone. When purity is natural, my action is neutral, natural and pure, and is constant. Today, Baba says, with this unbroken state, you become worthy to be worshipped. If purity is broken, we will not qualify to be worthy-of-worshipped, but only a statue to be shown in a museum. People go to the temple every day, and our actions are worshipped. If purity in thoughts, words, actions and behaviour are not constant, it means it is broken. Broken things are not worthy to become deities. During the day, Baba says, if we are not able to keep to the discipline, other vices will creep in. I must stay attentive and not be careless. Baba has included carelessness and laziness as vices. To be vice-less means to be all virtuous, that is the beauty of the soul. Purity is the mother of all virtues, so with complete purity, not only I become good, I am a donor of virtues by inspiring others to be good, and giving that goodness to others. But if I have laziness in the mind, it means I am sleeping. We need to be awake, attentive and alert in order to become the embodiment of purity. While becoming the embodiment, I must maintain the consciousness of being a trustee, then the bondage of karma will not be created while we are sharing good things. Through being the embodiment and a trustee, I attain the angelic stage. I am unlimited and free from bondage. So be bodiless, be soul conscious and become avyakt in order to be free from attractions and influences. Be detached from ‘I’ and ‘mine’ consciousness as real subtle impurity is ego. This is why ego can be with thoughts, with vision, with actions and with vibrations. Bodiless and viceless mean virtuous; then we will reach the incorporeal stage, when the soul becomes the seed again. When this bodiless seed reaches the level of being incorporeal, it creates the new beginning of divinity and purity. Today’s murli is especially on the definition of the philosophy of karma and the state of purity.  





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Bhog Message of 18 January 2021 brought by Sr Mohini

24 January 2021

18 January 2021 – Bhog Message brought by Sr Mohini Today we all, as rivers of love, were merging in the Ocean of Love. Everyone’s heart was full of love for Baba. Baba was in front, giving drishti. In a few moments Baba opened his arms. When He opened His arms, some children wanted to be in Baba’s arms and just ran to Him, but some children were still sitting wherever they were. Then Baba came towards them, as if Baba was asking them to come. Baba gave them His hand. Some were holding His hand, and some were taking drishti. I said, Baba on behalf of Avyakti Parivar, I have brought bhog for you. With a lot of love Baba accepted flowers, fruits, bhog and whatever we had sent for Baba. Baba continued to give very loveful drishti. Baba knows that everyone has a lot of love for Baba. I kept looking at Baba with the subtle question about why everyone didn’t run to Baba’s arms. Baba smiled and said, all children are different; some run into his arms, some hold his hand, and some only want to take drishti. Children have kept the good aim to be like Brahma Baba and to be in remembrance of Shiv Baba. You all are sincerely making your effort. Baba said, at this time all the virtues and powers should be merged in your thoughts, because it is with one thought that whatever virtue or power that is required can be created. Now is the time to merge all the virtues and powers in your thoughts, because the time will come when you will need to emerge the right virtue, the right power at the right time. You might not get a lot of time. It might happen very quickly. Brahma Baba said, its one thing to have attention on not having wasteful thoughts but another to make each thought virtuous and powerful. You must pay attention to not wasting even a single thought. Which power do you need to not have a single waste thought? Baba said, this is the homework. Look at your chart. If any wasteful thought comes, think which virtue or power you need, whether you need love, tolerance or you need to adjust. Then pay a few minutes of attention to that power, so it is emerged in you. This is a matter of very naturally looking at virtues, donating virtues and cooperating with virtues and powers. At this time, you have to serve through sakaash, give rays of light and might. Baba said the subtle energy that is in you, is in your attitude. Keep your attitude so clean and elevated that very powerful rays can quickly reach and give sakaash. So sakaash is not just through thoughts, it’s through the attitude also. It will become very powerful and reach wherever in one second and be able to do the work, whether you are bestowing blessings or whatever you are bestowing. Through the attitude you will be able to do it. So, make sure that it’s clean and elevated. Now more and more this kind of service will be required. Even the words you speak will have that power from your attitude and your thoughts. Brahma Baba’s quality of effort was always consistent. He was always ascending and consistent. There was never a gap. He never stopped, even for a few moments. The children have to keep this aim to be consistent in your efforts. Past is past. Whatever quality of efforts you made was then, but now looking at the time for both your journey and also in the world, it’s very important to be consistent and Baba also said, “unlimited”. Don’t get stopped by your limits. Don’t be limited; be unlimited, very generous. Because this is what souls need at this time. Drishti should be of blessings towards everyone. Through your drishti just keep giving blessings towards everyone. Then Baba said, one important aspect is that you have to be detached. When you are detached you will be loving. It’s very important to be detached from any influence, any energy. For any energy to work, it is important to be detached. Just remain detached and very lovely. Everyone in their center or home should have one special corner or room. Whether you call it Baba’s room or not. Whenever you sit to remember Baba, sit in that place, so the energy in that room or corner becomes full of that power. Whenever you have a few moments, or whenever you want to decide something, to use your power to discern or to find some answer, go to that corner or that room. This is Baba’s advice to the children. You can sit and meditate anywhere while walking around, but it’s important to have at least one place where you sit every time. And during the day when you feel the need of charging yourself, go and sit there. Baba is very happy to see the sincerity of the children. Understanding and capacity is numberwise but love and sincerity is there. Baba is giving lots of love, power and blessings to all the children I said, Baba, everyone had a lot of bhavna. Baba said, yes, everyone’s bhavna, everyone’s love, reaches Baba. Again, Baba opened his arms very wide, extending both arms of protection to the children. When you are in the arms of Baba, you are protected. Then Baba gave love and remembrances.

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Sister Jayanti, 17th January, GCH - The Unlimited Vision of Brahma Father

23 January 2021

Today is an invitation to join the subtle region and, thinking about Brahma Baba, I was remembering one word in particular that Shiv Baba uses a great deal and that is the word: ‘unlimited’.  The unlimited Parent, secrets, knowledge, every aspect of the Ocean.  The inheritance, the kingdom - many aspects in which Shiv Baba uses the word unlimited and this is true of Brahma Baba too. 

When Brahma Baba became avyakt, Shiv Baba said that this is my one and only son and all others are my grandchildren and it can be said ‘grandsons’.  We are sons of God but the first one, the pioneer, the one who claimed that title of unlimited was Brahma Baba. Brahma Baba could claim the inheritance from Shiv Baba instantly – a master ocean of knowledge - and so there was no time lag between recognising Shiv Baba, having full renunciation, and taking the full inheritance at the same time. For each one of us - slowly, slowly, numberwise.  But for Brahma Baba one moment he is the father of a handful of children and the next moment he opens up his home and people start coming and he is amazed and surprised by the magic that is going on, but he accepts it.

Then he goes away and he comes back and he sees that the satsang has grown even more and the magic continues and he is surprised by what is going on.  Then he has to face unlimited defamation and again there had been no indication in his life that he was going to face such a thing.    However, it happened and according to drama he was given directions to go to Karachi and he had to again open up his heart and home and say: welcome. 

Can you imagine 10 people, 300, 400 people arriving at your doorstep?  He didn’t turn anyone away, just provided accommodation for everyone.   So right from the very start his heart was unlimited.  He had been a generous man in his lifetime.   We have heard stories from Dadi Nirmalshanta especially and often Dadi Brijindra.  But Dadi Brijindra flew away in 1990 and so maybe not so many of you knew her but she would share many stories of Brahma Baba’s unlimited generosity and kindness. Dadi Nirmalshanta shared many stories of Brahma Baba’s big, big heart and so Brahma Baba instantly had that big heart and then further that unlimited sustenance he gave the children and his unlimited vision. 

Just imagine a class of little children around 7 - 11 years old, Dadi Gulzar, Ishu Dadi, Latchu Dadi,  Dadi Ratanmohini, and here is Baba saying to  them that they  are going to serve the world and all of them did.  They developed those qualities. These children not only achieved the status of being world servers but some of them still continue. They spare time and share sustenance with everyone  That unlimited vision in which there were no boundaries, no limits, Baba seeing the whole world.

At that time Baba travelled to a few places in India but still his world was a small part of the world, but when he surrendered to Shiv Baba it was never this place, it was always the world, and so we hear the Murlis of the 60s and Baba is talking about carrying Baba’s message to the world and so right from the beginning Baba’s vision was for the world.  Sitting in Karachi in meditation Baba would be serving the whole world.  Finding the children across the world and so many people in the 40s, 50s and 60s have said that they have had experiences of Baba.  One person was about to leave the body and saw someone in a white coat who came to help and save her. 

So not only helping those in front of him but Shiv Baba was taking Brahma Baba on tours and carrying him here and there and serving. When Dadi Janki was out of action for a whole year in the early 80s, we asked her what she did during the day she said that Baba was taking her somewhere and she didn’t know where, but she did know that Baba was using her for service.
I didn’t ask Brahma Baba, but he must have had the stage that Baba would take him on a tour and make him serve. He would have given visions and come in dreams and so Baba’s service was never on one level   His service right from the start was also of granting visions.  Very powerful.

I am also remembering the blessing yesterday:  If you maintain that stage where you maintain that eternal awareness of the soul then your stage will be such that you are able to give others the stage of that light and might.  You are able to give others the vision of who you are but also their own identity as a soul.   And meeting Baba as a child I don’t remember anything about soul conscious vision but I do remember the unlimited love and the amazing beauty of his physical form.  Just an amazing personality that was shining, so maybe I wasn’t seeing the soul but I was seeing that light and might radiating from that personality.  The scene wasn’t through the eyes, the scene was the feeling.

Shiv Baba’s presence is of course a very powerful ingredient and yet I know that Brahma Baba himself must have been practising soul consciousness to such an extent that not only was it his natural nature to practise soul consciousness but someone coming in front of him who isn’t a meditator, Baba would still be able to pull them out of their body consciousness and give them that experience of the soul.  Can you imagine how much practise Brahma Baba had but the beautiful thing is that whatever Brahma Baba was doing at that time was what Shiv Baba was instructing.

Brahma Baba and Mama never heard an avyakt Murli so how did they reach that stage? All the information is contained in the sakar Murlis. Sakar Murlis not only tell us the stage He wants us to attain but how to attain it.  Let others experience light and might from you; the shining star in the forehead, and Brahma Baba is telling us that the way to do it is soul consciousness. Brahma Baba and Mama attained this.

When Baba became avyakt, Bapdada had to spell it out for us – this is what Brahma Baba was doing and this is why you experienced what you did experience through Brahma Baba.  Brahma Baba didn’t need the detailed explanation.  Shiv Baba told Brahma Baba something through his mouth and he understood and immediately applied it.  Baba would ask:  what is the proof of your love.  If you love then you obey what your Parent, Teacher, Satguru is saying and so the proof of my love today is when I follow in Baba’s footsteps and move into that unlimited stage.

Of course, the one who literally became bapsaman - and not just at the end when he became karmateet, but continuously bapsaman right from the very start was Brahma Baba and so the first step of following in the father’s footsteps is, I think, the stage of soul consciousness.
If you read the sakar Murlis Baba will say He wants you to become like the Father and He is speaking about both the Fathers and so become like the Father- how – first experience that just as God is incorporeal, Brahma Baba was able to set aside the context of body and bodily relations and everyone here and again be detached and soul conscious and so become like the Father just in one very simple thing.  The beauty of Baba’s knowledge is that He wants all of us to become like Him.

When Brahma Baba left no one took the gaddi because when a father goes you don’t elect someone to take his place but the elder brothers and sisters look after the family. And so this is not a gurudham, it is a family. And then within the family it is not one it is several.  It is many and so Baba not only created the 8 jewels but he created the 108 and we can guess the names of the 8 jewels but the 108 - no.  They are scattered all over the world. But there are examples of those following in Baba’s footsteps and coming to that victory.  Right from the beginning Baba’s intention was to create many others.

Brahma ignored the divisions of gender right from the start.  He had a vision of equality.  In Pakistan today in Karachi many parents would not allow their daughters to wear shorts in public and yet this was the uniform for everyone on the beach for exercise in the late 30s.  He did not allow any division to be made in the capacity of the women.  So, the women will be the teachers.   The young girls will be the trustees of all my assets.  They knew nothing about banking or accounts but they will be able to learn and will become my trustees.

And of course, until the end of Dadi Ji’s life, she was one of those young girls selected to be one of the trustees of the Foundation.  And then there was a period in Abu when she was a treasurer.  Different people play different roles and Dadiji was the second treasurer and right until the very end Dadi knew the cost of everything because Brahma Baba had taught her. Brahma Baba knew where it was available from the farm.  He knew everything on a lokik level.  Brahma Baba was the one who taught the Dadi’s and Mama everything they knew about management. Baba would give instructions and Mama would implement it.  But Baba was the one with the farsighted vision.

Spending years with Didi from 1965– 69, Didi knew all the intricacies of the Yagya because Brahma Baba was already planning succession.  Baba knew that she was the one who was going to take care of the Yagya.  Then when it was nearly time for him to leave, in October time he sent her away on tour.  And the tour went on and on and every time she phoned Brahma Baba would send her to another place until she was far away and she didn’t return to Madhuban until 21 January 1969 and in that space of time Baba was training the next successor, Dadiji and Baba told her all the secrets of the Yagya, the finances of the Yagya.  She would share the stories with us.  And then of course finally giving her the final drishti before flying away and so Baba’s unlimited intellect, farsighted planning and not just for the next year. 

Many of the systems that Baba speaks about come from planning for the return journey home and the period just before then when there is going to be total chaos.  The training that they had in Karachi.  They didn’t know that there was going to be a partition war and lokik people were all in denial.  Shiv Baba giving the signal and Brahma Baba implementing it with an unlimited vision and saying to the children:  Prepare.  Prepare with silence. 

Brahma Baba helping them prepare so that then when a war was actually going on nobody knew that there was anyone inside.  There was such silence and the silence was such that it was not only that they were quiet but it created a fortress around Kunj Bhawan  
60 young kumaris living together and nobody was touched.  Nothing happened.  The power of silence, but Baba had started training them with his unlimited vision and unlimited consciousness and today we are receiving all the signals, but to what extent am I using them.

Baba is training us for something that is going to be scary for other people but not for Baba’s children.  Many BKs have said that they are fine because Baba is with them.  Those who have been practising what is in the sakar and avyakt Murlis are feeling the benefit of that. 

So today at the start of the year all the messages we are getting from the trance messengers are about silence, silence, silence so can I experiment with that knowing that Trikaldarshi Baba is giving me the signal.  I don’t know what is going to happen this year but I know that it is not going to be easy and maybe it is going to be easy for Baba’s children because Baba is taking such good care of us.  But is it possible for us to have that stage where we can serve the world and help them come out of that fear.

It is going to be the power of silence that is going to help you and so the training, 5 days silence, a week of silence, a month of silence.  Total silence.  Not just silence with words but silence of the mind. And so for all of us, some people will be enjoying long periods of silence in lockdown but maybe just today and tomorrow can we have silence in words which is important but silence around the house and when we need to speak everything can be reduced.  What you would usually say in 15 minutes can be said in 5 minutes.  But also silence in the mind. 

Whatever happened in the 40s was a small rehearsal but the power of silence helped them. And now it is going to be total upheaval and chaos.  When -  I don’t know, but over the next period of time, and so this  has been a rehearsal and so now, like Brahma Baba,  I have to keep my vision beyond.  Not just what is going on here but Baba told us in the sakar Murlis, Brahma Baba practised two things in particular.  The practise of soul consciousness and the practise of unlimited vision.  That my vision should not be restricted here or by anything external and physical.  My vision far beyond - able to see the journey back home very soon. Able to see the future world just ahead.  Brahma Baba could see the trees of satyug in front of him and he could see and feel that the next step was going to be Krishna and he could be dancing when he was 92 years old, dancing alone in the History Hall.

So, the more I keep my vision up above the easier it is going to be for me to be totally safe inside so that my internal state isn’t shaken but also it will be the state that can give visions to others and serve others and so the word that describes Shiv Baba is unlimited, and the same word describes Brahma Baba.  Unlimited in absolutely everything and so if I catch myself thinking in a limited way let me see Baba in front of me and get pulled into the unlimited stage. 

The last thing I wanted to say:  Brahma Baba followed Shiv Baba in everything.  He is Shiv Baba’s s one son. He is the one who is able to be out of the cycle for any length of time and be there up above supporting and helping everyone across the globe.  So since 1969 Brahma Baba hasn’t been in retirement but Brahma Baba has been very active.  World service started after that in a visible way.  Everything that has happened in India, in Madhuban.  The expansion in India.  All that happened after Brahma Baba became avyakt.

Also, the change in atmosphere in how people saw the BKs   There were no centres abroad in 1969.  One or two years later, one centre, two centres, and then they all mushroomed everywhere and now nearly the whole world is covered and this is because Angel Brahma Baba has been available for service all the time. We are not going to be free from the cycle for 50 plus years but the more we practise the angelic stage the more we are going to be able to help Baba in serving whatever remains of the world to serve.  In terms of countries just a few, but in terms of population many - maybe 1% of the world has been served.  Maybe point one percent. - 1 million, but our angelic stage like Brahma Baba’s can help serve.  So, I am keeping this word: unlimited in front of me?

Om shanti.

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Brahma Baba–The great grand "Paterfamilias' of the world

20 January 2021

Article by BK Jagadish Chandra


Not only Brahma Baba uplifted the spiritually fallen ones to new heights of spirituality but he applied on them that alchemy which transmuted them so much that they became instruments of ShivBaba, the Holiest of the holy. He gave them such a life-style which is of special class, kind and quality. He gave them to follow a special code of life, a special philosophy of social, ethical and spiritual relations and simple but most valuable solutions to human problems and, above all, the realization of profound spiritual truths. He gave them the realization that forms the bedrock of the wisdom, one small part of which is that: “Hatred breeds hatred; covetedness and violence inevitably lead to ruin; anger is the arch-enemy of the soul; sex-lust is the leader of all evils; attachment is the bane of spirituality; pride does the worst harm to man. So, the real war is the war against these. The real conquest is in the battle against these enemies.”


The Sanjivini that he had


Brahma Baba had wheedled out of ShivBaba the secret about the Sanjivini–the mythical herb that can raise a dead person into life. So, those who came to seek spiritual knowledge under his tutelage, he raised them from their state of being fallen, dead spirits, into new, vigorous, divine beings. With the help of the Kalpa Tree, the World Wheel and Trimurti – the three basic pictures he used to explain God’s knowledge – he told them the grandest of sagas or what he called 'the wonderous story' of Satya Narayana. By relating this eternal story or amar katha to the present, he inspired a great many to do heroic spiritual deeds and enabled the humble to face boldly and valiantly, and with faith and fortitude, the trials and tribulations that block one’s spiritual path. By these teachings, he enabled many to resolve and also to fulfil their vow of unbroken chastity.


He recycled the worst into the best


Brahma Baba, in his corporeal form, was unique in many ways. By his own high character, not only did he mould the character of those who came in touch with him but his character moulded a new civilization out of the present degenerated one. Nowadays, people talk of recycling the waste material so that it can be used again. Brahma Baba recycled this waste that is left of the worn out society into the best that can be and that once was. And though he did this creative act, for which he is known as Brahma, the Creator (or Master Creator), one did not quite notice that high drama which one generally sees when anyone does a big difficult task. One did not feel from Baba’s face that it was, for him, a strenuous work. He didn’t ever express the view that he was doing the impossible or that he had done something which was the highest a human being could do.


Ali, the world-famous boxer, had once said, as was reported in a newspaper, “I am the mightiest.” He said so because, in boxing bouts, he had defeated a great many by his sheer physical strength and boxing tricks. But Baba never gave one the feeling that he ever thought of having done something as high as is the sun or the moon -- even though, he, in fact, had done that high because the seers and sages and the erudite scholars of the yore had said in explicit terms that to secure a decisive and final victory over all the many forces of Maya was humanly impossible. Baba never took any credit of doing this greatest spiritual miracle–if it be called a miracle. Brahma Baba always said: It is ShivBaba’s work. It is He who is doing it. I am only His long boot! I was only a rustic boy and it is ShivBaba who transmutes an ordinary stone into the ‘Paras’ or valuable and sacred touchstone which, according to mythology, changes iron into gold.


A universal man 


When we mention the birth place of Brahma Baba, we say that he had his physical birth in Sindh. But, his personality and character were such that he belonged to the world and not only to India or ‘Sindh’. He was a ‘universal man’. No doubt he loved and praised India of the ancient times but his life-style, his understanding and his sympathies reflected his global concerns and his teachings were an unfailing and perennial source of spiritual strength to all– whether they be Sindhis, Indians or foreigners. It is said, in the scriptures, that a teacher who imparts spiritual wisdom to the ignorant is a father and a preceptor as well. Brahma Baba was all these three in one. But since all had taken their spiritual birth from the knowledge which ShivBaba gave by oration through Brahma Baba’s lotus mouth, Brahma Baba was also the mother of all. He was truly Prajamata and Prajapita Brahma–the great grand 'Paterfamilias' honoured by all mankind.


He forgave and forgot he forgave and forgot


Not only did Brahma Baba not claim any credit for his great work but, on the contrary, some ill-informed people wrongly blamed him for nothing. Some ignorant and ill-mannered persons cast aspersions and affronts on him. “Fie on him”, they said, “Why does this old man teach absolute purity or total abstinence from vices?” The poor fellows did not understand or recognize the fact that it was ShivBaba who taught and ordained absolute purity through this old man, or Brahma Baba, and that he was not to be blamed for God’s own Act. But whatever anyone did to him, never did anyone see him ablaze with anger. On the other hand, he forgave them, forgot their evil acts and blessed them too with his spiritual inheritance.


It is these and a thousand and eight great qualities of his that come to our minds again and again, especially on the 18th of January – the date in the year 1969, when he gave up his mortal coil to work at the subtle level and in an angelic form, called Avyakt Brahma.








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