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Report on 4th Global Road Safety Week from Mauritius

23 May 2017

The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in collaboration with the Road Safety Department of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure & Land Transport and the Municipal Council of Curepipe has organized a major event as part of the 4th World Road Safety Week established by the United Nations. It was held at Sir Winston Churchill Stadium in Curepipe on Thursday 11 May 2017. 


The main objective was to raise awareness on road traffic dangers and the need to slow down for road safety. About 600 Students from secondary schools, accompanied by their teachers and members of NGOs of Curepipe were gathered. 


The first part of the activity was in the form of a solemn photo and video of the participants lying one next to the other, on the grass in the middle of the stadium, each respectfully fully covered by a white sheet... visually representing the 1,500 Mauritian lives lost over the last 10 years on Mauritian roads........Click here for detailed report with photos.






January and Febuary Service News from Seychelles

2 March 2017

As member of the SIFCO (Seychelles Interfaith Council) we collaborated with the Seychelles government in organizing and participating in the National prayer day on the 5th of January 2017 in which the President, founding President, the Vice President and some Ministers and other dignitaries were in attendance. Each group was given 5 minutes to present a prayer for the nation. Sis. Valentina took them on a reflection about peace and good wishes for the country as Bro Francis gave sakaash. Other groups included the Catholic, Protestants, Anglican, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Zoroastrians and Bahai.


The new president seems fascinated by the Sifco group and he has been consulting them on matters of national importance and even invited them to statehouse & the opening of Parliament, so let’s see what Drama and Baba raas is in for us in between.


On the 18th of January we held a special yoga session and as well, shared Brahma Baba Experiences and the History of the Yagya through a short video.


On the 7th of February during what has come to be known as the Sifco week (Seychelles Interfaith Council) we hosted the SIFCO Team headed by Bishop French and Father Eric and other representatives from the Muslims, Buddhism, Catholic, Anglican, Zoroastrians and the Bahai. This is a week where the sifco family (in which we are a member), gets acquainted with the other faiths core practices for more understanding, cooperation and unity.  So we played an introductory video of the Brahma Kumaris and a power point presentation of the various centres and activities all over the world, to their bewilderment on how massive, connected and involved the Brahma Kumaris is.


The press was also present, represented by the country’s main Newspaper-The Nation. They  had all sorts of questions and especially on how we get funded given the huge infrastructure we got, on our practices, membership, dress etc to which we answered appropriately, I think they were mesmerized by the depth of the knowledge, - they praised the center’s neatness and vibrations and the well-executed program. What was meant to be an hour’s program dragged to two hours concluding with toli and blessings.

The Drama & Babas wonder continues…




Sacred Songs of the World - News from Mauritius

20 Febuary 2017

They came, they performed and they conquered our hearts! They are Lynne Holmes and Yusuf Ganief, the two angels from South Africa constituting the ‘Desert Rose’ group. They are specialists in producing and performing universal sacred music and chants drawn from various faiths and cultural traditions. Their visit to our island materialized following a double invitation made to them by Bro. Vikram when he met them at COP21 (France) and COP22(Morocco), for our visitors are also activists on environmental and climate change issues. 


The main aim of their visit was to unite all the different faiths present in the country through music, more precisely through an interfaith, multilingual musical performance of ‘Sacred Songs of the World’ to mark the World Religion Day.


Click here for detailed report with photos.




Greetings from Mauritius for a Blissful & Successful New Year 2017

1 January 2017

Divine Family,


Please accept our hearty 

greetings for a Blissful & Successful New Year  2017.  (Find attached  New Year Greetings).


Wishing you & the Global Divine family the treasured gifts of Unlimited Health, Joy & Happiness for this coming New Year. 


Divine Regards

BK Geeta

Curepipe Centre




Hearty Diwali Greetings from Curepipe Mauritius Divine Family

31 October 2016

Om Shanti


Please accept loving greeting of Diwali from the Divine Family of Curepipe, Mauritius.


Holy regards,

BK Geeta

Curepipe Centre, Mauritius




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