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BeeZone App - Relax, Refocus, Unwind...

20 January 2018

On the 18th of January 2018, the Global IT team launched a new mobile App.


The App is called BeeZone and it provides tools and techniques for people to relax, refocus, unwind and move into a positive space - a Zone where they can just Be.


This app has been developed as a tool especially to serve those from the IT community, but the app is very neutral and has a number of features including traffic control. It is appropriate for anyone to use, from professionals to kids, also including BKs. We hope you like it and find it useful in serving your local communities.


Attached are two posters which can be posted on your center's notice board for everyone to see. The second one, which is simpler, can be used to distribute via Whats App etc.


In Baba's yaad,

Global IT Team




Brahma Baba - History Video and Songs in Youtube

20 January 2018

Dear Divine Brothers and Sister,


We are happy to share with you the video of our beloved Pitashri, Prajapita Brahma Baba


please find below the youtube link for 18th Jan Smruthi Divas Special Videos in English & Malayalam


Kindly subscribe to our youtube channel and share with your groups.


Click on below images to watch the videos.


(Yuga Parivartak - English)


(Yuga Parivartak - Malayalam)


(Adi Devan - Malayalam)


(Malayalam Song)


BK Meena

Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center






Slide show on some of the ancestors from Bharat and Abroad

20 January 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters


Om shanti.


Here is a new slide show you might like to see, which honours some of our special ancestors from Bharat and 'foreign lands':


In addition, other resources have been created for the 18th January Being An Ancestor programme Dadi Janki's message and answers to questions on the ancestors, Being an Ancestor video, readings and the titles and names of members of the sustenance groups Baba created in early Karachi.  You may have received these already but it is probably useful to have both links in the same email.


Wishing you a very beautiful and powerful 18th January.


In Baba's yaad

Rekha and Rachel


Click on below image to play the video on the ancestors.




Information on Double Foreigner Programs for Febuary and March, Madhuban, 2018

20 January 2018

The overall theme for this season’s Double Foreigner Programs is: The Journey from Om to Om shanti: Navigating a Path of Self Learning   


GROUP 6, PROGRAM WILL RUN FROM 31 JANUARY – 13 FEBRUARY (with arrivals on 30 January). 

The focus for group 6 will be several small group inspired conversations, master classes from RCs, a special 3 day retreat called - Conversations with God, creative yoga bhattis, workshops and a 2 day program specifically for first timers and an Arts Festival.  The emphasis will be on reflection, dialogue and bhattis. 



Registrations where necessary will be on arrival in Gyan Sarovar at Global Office.


If you need translation:  please talk to your Language Coordinator (via your National Coordinator). Language Coordinators will organize the courses and they will explain which workshops you may attend so there will be translation available.


Arts Festival Creative Morning

9 Feb 10:30am-12:30pm
Experience using creative and expressive arts to inquire into the depth of consciousness. Through creativity we will explore spaces within ourselves that perhaps we haven't been to before, open doors that we haven't had the courage to open, or haven't known how to step through.
Take new steps to listen to what your heart is really saying to you. Strengthen your intuition and increase spiritual power to move through barriers. These gentle, fun and non-threatening activities allow you to be ready to touch something deep within. “You can only create what you are ready to see!”.
There will be sessions to choose from where we will explore spirituality and express our thoughts and feelings through activities like collage, painting, movement and sound. Activities will require no skill or prior experience. The emphasis will be on moving through the process rather than creating a work of art.  Each group will be asked to create a way to share their experience in an evening of sharing through a cultural program.

Sr. Chris (Australia) & other facilitators


True Self Esteem Course:  we are sorry to announce that the True Self Esteem Course which was scheduled forGroup 6 has been cancelled. 


FOR GROUP 7 IN MARCH, THE PROGRAM WILL RUN FROM 7-20 MARCH (with arrivals on 5 & 6 March)

There will be a number of activities going on including a Remembrance Retreat, True Self-Esteem Course, Yoga Bhattis, Spirit of Care Course, Workshops, Master Classes, First Timers' Programs, Panels, etc. (Spirit of Care Course registration link and details  have been sent out in a separate announcement).



Registrations Are Necessary.  Please register at Global Office, Gyan Sarovar on arrival in Madhuban.


If you need translation, please talk to your Language Coordinator (via your National Coordinator). Language Coordinators will organize the different programs and they will explain which ones you may attend so there will be translation available.



This 3-day retreat invites you to explore how you can heal unresolved parts of the self and feel deeply connected to your authentic and original self. We will also investigate how to mend relationships with others: including those you live with, are close to and with whom you share service. Mother-Nature and all the souls of this world will be uplifted through this transformation.

7th March afternoon,
8th and 9th full days


Sr Valeriane and Sr Chrissy

GREEN DAY: Your Green day with Mother Earth

Welcome to a journey to fine tune your relation with nature. We go deep into our minds and create fresh awareness of our interconnectedness with the world around us. Mind and Matter are deeply entangled and meditation with a loving heart becomes the powerful tool to heal the planet. A day with a walk, talk, art and outdoor meditation.

8th March full day

Facilitators: Brs. David Kilowsky & Golo Pilz (Gyan Sarovar), Sr Sonja Ohlsson (Denmark)


You are invited to attend an interactive and insightful course on discovering and improving true self-esteem. We know a lot about self-respect from murlis, Baba and spiritual teachings - but do we have tools to accept and manage thoughts and feelings that have gone unacknowledged or unnoticed? In this course explore how to listen to myself and discover meaningful short cuts to spiritually managing my hurt thoughts/confused feelings/ unhealed interactions.  Join this course for a group and individual learning experience.

14-16 March

10am to 12.30pm


Facilitator: Sr Kala, UK


Remembrance is the foundation of Rajyogi life.Being embodiment of true self-awareness works like road map to experience accurate remembrance . In silence we are able to dive deep into the depth of remembrance.

Power of Remembrance can transform the self, matter and the world. Let us spend some quality time together to explore and experience the sweetness and magical power of Baba's remembrance.

10-11 March full days


Coordinator: Sr Meera (Malaysia)


Arts Festival:  we are sorry to announce that the Arts Festival which was scheduled for Group 7 has been cancelled.


Many thanks.

In Baba’s yaad,

Double Foreigner Program Team


Click here for the announcement of the double foreigner programs in PDF format.





New Year Message from Dadi Janki

29 December 2017



New Year Message from Sister BK Mohini of New York

28 December 2017


Dadi Gulzar's Message to Double Foreign Brothers and Sisters - Christmas Day

28 December 2017

Today is Christmas day, the day for all of us to come together. Everyone is celebrating Christmas. All are celebrating Christmas in their hearts and enjoying feasting together.


It is only we Brahmins who have this great fortune of celebrating with Baba, that God Himself becomes Father Christmas and fulfils all our desires. Everyone is so happy seeing all of this and each one congratulates and greets one another and celebrates a meeting. So, today is the day of celebrating this meeting. On this day, everyone’s faces are so happy and filled with so much zeal and enthusiasm. Meeting one another, all also sweeten their mouths.


Today is Christmas day and Christmas means that you must not miss out on anything, so Baba has given all of us a blessing on this day: Always remain happy and share that happiness. Make everyone happy, and without any other thoughts, do Baba’s service with zeal and enthusiasm. Do not miss out on Baba’s thoughts (i.e., catch Baba’s thoughts) and in this way, celebrate Christmas with Baba.


Many, many greetings of Christmas to all of you.




New Year 2018 Greetings from Br. Nirwair, Madhuban

28 December 2017

Dear Instrument Centre Incharges and our divine sisters and brothers from all the Godly Service Centres in Bharat and worldwide,


Please accept hearty Godly love and remembrances.


Very many thanks for your graciousness in sending greetings for the festive season, which I have received from different corners of the world. Within a few days, the year 2017 will walk off like an old person, and the New Year 2018 would emerge like a newly born baby with a wonderful smile, wishing all of us a very, very happy New Year. I take this opportunity on behalf of our beloved Dadi Jankiji, Dadi Gulzarji, Dadi Ratan Mohiniji, and all sisters and brothers in Madhuban to wish you a very splendid, inspirational and ever-happy New Year. 


I am sure you must have enjoyed Avyakt BapDada's Murli of 11 April 1983, revised on 17 Dec 2017, wherein Baba's blessings in essence were for us to become "constantly easy yogis, easy effort-makers, those who make the difficulties of others easy, master almighty authorities who are equal to the Father, constantly full of all treasures, those who serve themselves as well as the world with all treasures, and finally, elevated souls..." Let us accept these spiritual treasures as a gift from the Divine to be used on a daily basis.


Each year we have new inspirations and resolutions in our minds and hearts for a bettertomorrow. It's indeed a gift from God that on the auspicious New Year day, human souls in all parts of the world are naturally filled with joy, and want to wish each other a happy and prosperous New Year, with additions of being 'ever-healthy , ever-peaceful, ever-cooperative and ever-kind towards the needy, and those suffering from ill health and misfortunes'. 


New Year is the best time to resolve in our thoughts what areas of service to humanity can we explore to glorify the name of our beloved Avyakt BapDada, through the great global divine family. I feel some newness in our plans of service would be highly worthwhile. 


Our senior sisters and brothers in Bharat have been specially requested to spare their valuable moments of reflection for exploring ways and means of new services for God's glorification. 


Multimillion thanks and best wishes to all,

With Avyakt BapDada's love,


Bro. BK Nirwair





Loving Greetings for Christmas from Sudesh Didi

28 December 2017




Christmas Greetings from Sr. Jayanti and BK family from UK

24 December 2017



Madhuban Murli Website - Official Adroid Mobile Application

12 December 2017

Om Shanti,


We are pleased to inform you of the release of the official android mobile application for the Madhuban Murli website.


We are also in the process of developing the IOS (Apple) version and will inform you when it is ready.


Thanks to the teams in India and London for this development and the support of the RCs and the Global IT Team.



BK Shashin

Behalf of Global IT Team





Diwali Greetings from Dadi Ratan Mohini ji

19 October 2017



Diwali Greetings 2017 from Dadi Jankiji and Dadi Gulzarji

17 October 2017

Dadi Janki’s message for Diwali 2017

(heard by thousands at Trafalgar Square on 15th October)


Om shanti.  Om shanti.  Om shanti.

Why did I say om shanti three times?  Because “Happy Diwali” takes us beyond any caste, colour, language, creed.  What happens through that?  East and West will become the best.  Not that it will become, but it is becoming that now.  Everything is wonderful with purity, peace, love and happiness.  God, our Father says: Stay together, united as one, with one another with love and beyond any type of discrimination and what will emerge through everyone’s lips.  Happy Diwali.  Happy Diwali.  Ok.  Om shanti.



14th October 2017            Om shanti               Dadi Gulzarji               Gamdevi, Mumbai


Hearty Deepawali greetings for the whole Brahmin family – 
special letter of remembrance and Diwali greetings from Dadi Gulzarji


Greetings of Deepawali to everyone.  Now, according to the time, BapDada wants all the children to pass and no one to fail - this is the result that BapDada wants to see.  Baba wants to see the Brahmin family happy.  “Remain happy and make everyone happy and you will get a good home (ghar) and a good husband (var - Shiv Baba).”  Deepawali means light.  You don’t like darkness in a home.  A home feels good when it is lit up.  Now, on this Deepawali, let every soul sparkle its home - the body - with light and experience the angelic form.  When anyone comes, let the atmosphere sparkle so that they experience the angelic form.  BapDada now wishes to see this form of all the souls.  On Deepawali, everyone cleans their homes and shops and pays attention that there are no marks anywhere.  So, on this Deepawali, Baba wants every soul to keep Baba with them, to sparkle and make everyone sparkle, and to pay attention that the mud of Maya does not make the soul dirty.  Matter now wants every soul to become so beautiful that the Father can be revealed and time also wants everyone to be ready on time.  Baba now wishes to see all the Deep-ranis (queens of light) of Deep-Raj (King of light) to be beautifully decorated with the decoration of knowledge, happiness and contentment.  Let whoever sees you begin to dance with happiness.  Have you put on such decoration?  The Father is pleased to see everyone’s decorated form.  Now, all of you speak, which number will you claim?  Will you come in a number at the front or will you be numberwise?  Give BapDada this gift on Deepawali such that every soul is visibly sparkling. 

Achcha, congratulations, congratulations and greetings of Deepawali.



Letter of Remembrance from Nirwairbhai, conveying good news of Dadi Gulzarji's health

30 September 2017

Dear Beloved children of the Supremely Beloved Supreme Father, Supreme Soul, Shiva, dear teacher-brothers and sisters, all sisters and brothers at the centres, please accept lots and lots of greetings of Vijaya Dasmi (Dashera – burning of Ravan, victory over Ravan).


Today, our Dr. Banarasibhai came with the good news that our Respected Dadi Gulzarji has returned to Gamdevi centre, Mumbai in good health, and after a few days, will return to Madhuban.  Baba and drama has respected the experimentation of special yoga that all of you brothers and sisters have been having, and the medicines that the doctors have been giving also did its work very well.  We hope that Dadiji’s health will be very good for the forthcoming BapDada’s season.


We would like to make a humble request, that just as you have all been having special 10 minutes meditation after class for Dadiji’s good health, to please continue having extra meditation, because together with the physical medicine, the vibrations of the blessings are also essential for Dadiji’s good health.  Our lovely and beloved Neeluben and all her sister-companions have also sent lots of remembrances.  Please accept their remembrance too.


We will continue to share all news about Dadiji with you.  Once again, please accept many, many greetings and congratulations for Dashera from Dadi Jankiji, Dadi Gulzarji, Dadi Ratanmohiniji and all Madhuban residents.


Om Shanti.

In Godly service.

B.K. Nirwair




23rd SpARC Meeting 6-10 January 2018 (inclusive of Double Foreigners)

25 September 2017

Om Shanti. 


Please find attached an invitation letter and registration form for the next meeting of SpARC which will be held from 6 to 10 January in Shantivan.


If any BK Double Foreigner is interested to attend this meeting they should send the completed Registration Form by email to the SpARC office, with a copy to their CC and NC. This message is meant only for BK Double Foreigners and hence only they should fill this form and send it in. A separate form has been circulated to the BK Bharatwasis.


BK Ambika

Chairperson, SpARC Wing

Email: /


SpARC 2018 Meeting Invitation to Double Foreigners


SpARC 2018 Meeting Registration form



Message for centers from BK Nirwair bhai for Dadiji's Day of Ascension

22 August 2017

Our beloved Dadi Jankiji, Senior Sisters and Brothers, and loving BK family from Bharat and all other countries,


Please accept hearty Godly remembrances and very special congratulations for the wonderful service carried out during the festivals of Raksha Bandhan and Shri Krishna Janamashtami!


These festivals are so dear to the hearts of Brahmins, especially when we recollect those sweet memories of honouring these festivals in the presence of our beloved Dadi Prakash Maniji and her companions, especially Didi Manmohini, Sister Mohini, Munniben and of course our other great Dadis. During this month of August we are reminded of Dadi Prakash Maniji's playful personage and the times she would take us for picnics, to enjoy the beauty of waterfalls and nature in general. 


10 years have passed since she flew to the Subtle Region but she always seems to be around, greeting us with a beautiful smile, sweet words, or the soft touch of her hand... Those who have had the chance of receiving her loving hugs would never forget the mother-like Big Sister showering petals of love on us, while strengthening the moral fibre of each member. Her principles and practices for leading an honourable spiritual life continue to be a Guide Book for BK Teachers, kumaris, brothers, householders and young children. 


As every year, her memories and teachings are kept alive through different programmes that carry on for a week, starting with a Marathon on 20 August, to honour Dadiji and her vision of 'Universal Brotherhood'. Journalists, the Maids/Workers, and Close VIP/IP contacts from the neighbouring areas will be invited on different days to take further inspiration from Dadiji, and partake of delicious Brahma Bhojan too. 


On 25 August 2017, we will be offering floral tributes to Dadiji at Prakash Sthamb after Morning Murli, followed by the offering of Bhog in Diamond Hall at 11.30am, and the sharing of experiences by some senior sisters and brothers. 


A bhatti for BK Mothers who have been in gyan 15+ years begins on 21st evening, and so more than 10,000 Mothers will especially be present on Dadiji's Day.


25th evening will be the inauguration of a Retreat for specially invited guests from Bharat/Nepal to share their tribute to Dadiji.


Wishing all of you loving greetings from avyakt Dadiji, other Dadis and Madhuban Niwasis,


On Spiritual Seva,

BK Nirwair




Rakshabandhan Greetings from Dadi Janki - 7th August

11 August 2017

Dear Divine Brothers and Sisters,


Om shanti and greetings of Raksha Bandhan.


On the day of Raksha Bandhan, Dadi Janki had sat an hour and a half to give drishti to everyone tying their rakhi that evening, and at the end of the rakhi celebrations, there was a lot of joy and happiness with singing and dancing and in the midst of all of that, Dadi had shared the following message.


Dadi Janki’s special remembrance for Raksha Bandhan (from London via video) – 7th August 2017

(Rakhi programme for the London Hindi Class on the day of Raksha Bandhan – Hindi typed and sent from Madhuban)


Om shanti.  Om shanti.  Om shanti.  Look, today, everyone is celebrating the festival of rakhi with a lot of splendour everywhere.  According to the drama, I suddenly came to London, and now I am especially remembering all of you (in Madhuban).  Today, in Shantivan, all brothers and sisters will be tying their rakhi on this lovely festival.  All brothers and sisters from Pandav Bhawan, Gyan Sarovar and the Hospital have come to Shantivan.  Though I am physically here, I am with all of you through our spiritual love.  On the path of devotion, people say that God is omnipresent, but now, having the Godly family with me, the power of love is able to take one from one place to another in a second.  Baba says: Child and the children say, “Baba, You are so good!”  Now, I am tying rakhi to all of you from here.  Although I am sitting here in Diamond House (in London). I am celebrating a meeting with all of you.  Although this body is here, the soul is touring around everywhere with God.  Our Shiv Baba is wonderful anyway, but Brahma Baba is no less either.  See how both are sustaining all of us in an incognito way.  The heart says, “Wah Baba, wah!”  Wah, your wonderful part!”  Sweet Baba has tied such a strong rakhi on all of us, that all of us have become pure in our thoughts, words and actions and are creating a pure world.  Now Baba says: Children, do not have any bondage of any nature and conflict in your mind.  I am now putting this tilak of victory in each one’s forehead.


What is the condition of my heart?  Do you know?  The whole family is in front of my eyes.  There are so many of Baba’s children.  Baba used to call me “Child Janak”.  “Janak Janak payal baje (song - the ankle bells are playing).  The whole world knows that this one (Dadi) knows how to love the world.  She doesn’t get caught up with anyone nor does she wander around.  This is our Raksha Bandhan.  This is not a bondage, but the string of true love.  There is also a song: My string is in Your hands, come my innocent Lord Shiva.  Shiva, the Innocent Lord is so wonderful – he is sitting hiding in this one.  This one cannot stay without that One, and that One cannot stay without this one.  So, where should I go?  So, I too sit in their hearts through my drishti.  So, everyone had their rakhi tied.  Baba is the Protector of all of us and He is also our Teacher.  All of you are my brothers and sisters.  Achcha.


My Baba will do through me whatever He wants to go.  The divine game of God is wonderful.  Seeing the divine activities of God, all of us are so happy.  God is pleased to see me, and I am pleased to see God.  Look, all of these people from UK are very clever.  They pulled me with their string of love.  All of them are sensible, clever and trustworthy.  Who am I and who is mine?  The One up above is watching.  Whose creation is all of this?  Just imagine what the Creator would be like if His creation is so beautiful.  Wah re wah!  Wah re me.  That Creator is now in front of me.  The Creator is happy to see His creation.  Throughout the whole kalpa, He too only gets this chance once.  He says: You are My children and we say, You are our Father.  So, having such loving chit-chat and celebrating with happiness, all of you must be experiencing spiritual pleasure.  Achcha.


All instrument sisters from everywhere have very lovingly sent beautiful rakhis.  All have deep love for Baba and the family.  In return for your love, please accept multimillion fold love and remembrance.  Achcha.  Lots of love and remembrance to all.


Om shanti.




Rakhi Greetings from Didi Sudesh and German family

9 August 2017



Message from Dadi Janki - 2nd August

4 August 2017

Dadi Janki arrived in London on Sunday 30th July, and it truly is a dream, not just for all of us, but even for Dadi, how Dadi reached London.  Dadi especially wanted to give her love and remembrances to all Baba's children all over the world, and so recorded this message.


Message from Dadi Janki – 2nd August 2017


I am seeing as a detached observer.  Baba is my companion.  The essence of the whole of knowledge is to be a detached observer and play your part.  There are no questions of what happened or why it happened.  Who am I and who is mine?  Even I sometimes think about who is making me do and I realise, “Baba is making me do everything.” 


I have attention to having the essence of knowledge in my life.  I think all Baba’s children everywhere in the world also have the attention of “Who am I” and “Who is mine”.  


The time for giving many lectures is gone, but now is the time to have awareness and serve through your attitude and drishti.  Internally, there is the awareness of the previous kalpa and we have the knowledge of the drama. 


Baba is so good.  There are no thoughts of what will happen or how something will happen. Dadi is here in front of us and her part is wonderful.  This is real.  Who am I and who do I belong to?  What am I doing?  What is my future?  Baba says: You are my fortunate child.  I am in your hands. 


There is no need to come into words about anything.  We just have to have awareness and serve with our attitude and drishti. We are all one Godly family and all are Baba’s children.


I have come here, and we will see what Baba wants to do through me. Yesterday, I went to class and gave toli to everyone. 


Children are creating their sanskars to go to Shantidham and then to go to Sukhdham.   The whole Godly family in the world knows Dadi Gulzar through her name and form, but I have forgotten all names.  I just belong to one Baba and none other.  Baba’s power is working like a lighthouse.  Just remain light, and take might from Baba. 


OK. Give my love and remembrance to everyone and accept my love and remembrance in the subtle form. 


With lots of love,

B.K. Janki




Greetings for Rakshabandhan from Sister Jayanti

4 August 2017



Rakhi Greetings from Nairobi

2 August 2017



Letters of Remembrance from both Dadis on 15 July

2 August 2017

Beloved Avyakt BapDada’s beloved instrument teachers who make the atmosphere powerful with your pure attitude and who are loved by all, all brothers and sisters who are the decoration of the Brahmin clan, please accept sweet love and remembrance.Our beloved Dadis who are deeply love, who are the pillars of support of the yagya, the ones who are the light of BapDada’s eyes, Dadi Jankiji and Dadi Gulzarji, both of whom are in Mumbai at present.  Dadi Jankiji is having her health check-up in Saifi Hospital near Gamdevi centre.  For some time, Dadi has been having stomach problems, and because of her age, the body is showing its games every now and again.  Now, Dadi will be having a full check-up over the next two days.  The good wishes of the whole Brahmin family are with Dadiji.  With the sakaash of the yoga of all of you, Dadi will very quickly be fine and come back to Madhuban.


Our sweet Dadi Gulzarji has been at the Parle centre in Mumbai over the last three-four months taking benefit there and enjoying good health.  Yesterday, we three brothers (Vallabhbhai, Gokulbhai and Rajubhai) had specially gone to Mumbai to meet both Dadi Gulzar and Dadi Janki.  We met Dadi Gulzar three-four times at the Parle centre and we met Dadi Janki at the Gamdevi centre and it was just after we met her that Dadi was taken to the hospital.  Then we had very sweet chit-chat with Dadi Gulzar at the Parle centre and Dadi was answering our questions very well, in essence.  The sweet chit chat we had with Dadi is being sent to you (below), which you can share in your class.


Question:    Dadiji, all of Baba’s children in this land and abroad are remembering you very much.  From time to time, everyone is asking about your health.  Dadiji, what are your inspirations for everyone?


Answer:    Baba is giving all the signals in the murlis anyway.  Everyone is paying attention to their study and will continue to do so.  Very delicate times are coming now.  In order to pass in those delicate situations, you need to pay attention to creating a constant and stable stage over a long period of time.  Nowadays, everyone has to especially practise becoming bodiless as quickly as possible.  Check how much time you are spending practicing the bodiless stage.  How long do you take to become bodiless while in the body?  Five minutes, ten minutes, or are you only able to create that stage after half an hour?  You have been hearing that you have to become bodiless.  So, whatever you have heard, you have to check to what extent whatever you have heard has become your practical dharna.  No matter what form Maya comes in, let her not make you slack in your effort in any way, because the influence of Maya is increasing in all directions.


Question:    Dadiji, what is going to happen in the future?  What are BapDada’s signals for the time?


Answer:    Now, anything can happen suddenly.  Time itself has become our teacher and is giving us teachings.  There is no greater teacher than time.  Just as time will suddenly show a huge transformation, before that, all of you have to suddenly (immediately) bring about transformation in yourselves, so that everyone says, “Wah!”  The company of all of you is still good.  You continue to refresh one another.  In the same way, the company of each one has to be good.  Just as there is the influence of bad company, similarly, there can also be the influence of good company.  It is only through this that the atmosphere will be transformed.


Question:    Dadiji, how can we make the atmosphere powerful?


Answer:    From Baba’s murlis, note down what Baba wants from us.  From that, check whether your effort is according to what Baba wants.  Now, there is very little time and we have to make a lot of effort.  Check if your effort is according to that.  Am I making as much effort as I should because anything can happen suddenly.  Baba is giving a signal: Children, stay in extra remembrance.  Every now and again, check yourself.  Let it not be that you check yourselves when you sit for yoga in the morning or when you go to sleep at night and that is all.  No.  You definitely need to check yourselves every now and again.  Let your daily timetable be such that you can fix some time for powerful yoga.  Everyone definitely has to pay attention to yoga because anything can happen suddenly – you cannot say anything in advance, and so, you also have to do something suddenly and see for yourself.  Churn the points from Baba’s murlis and you will become liberated from the waste.  By doing this, the atmosphere will become powerful.


Question:    Dadiji, how can be put a full stop to our thoughts in our activities?


Answer:    Definitely there will be situations in your activities, but do not be concerned about these.  Pay special attention to yourself.  Whatever does not concern you, stay away from that.  Since Baba is responsible, it is Baba’s yagya and you are just instruments for the activities of that yagya.  Baba has given all of you some service to do.  Come into activitiy, finish your task and then become detached.  Then it will be easy to put a brake to your thoughts.


Question:    Dadiji, now the festival of Rakhi is coming, so will you give a message for everyone?


Answer:    Tell everyone, now finish all waste.  Now you must definitely realise that this is waste.  Whoever comes to the centre should go away having had the best of all experiences.  For this, make the atmosphere of the centre everywhere very good.  Have special yoga programmes for one or another point of yoga and let it continue for at least one week.  Let there be a wave of yoga everywhere.  Everyone is clever in catching what Baba says.  But now, practically demonstrate doing what Baba says and also remind one another.  Let each one follow the other in this.  Do not follow in situations of waste, but follow in yoga.

Now, let each one pay special attention and check and change the self.  In fact, everyone is paying attention, but now underline this even more.  If you are told that you are not paying so much attention, you will become even more dull and this is why Baba says that everyone is paying attention and has enthusiasm for making effort.  If you have just a little more enthusiasm, then everyone will come.  All are ready.


We asked Dadiji.  Dadiji, Baba’s season is now going to come and so Baba will come to meet all of us, will He not?  Dadiji gave us very sweet drishti, smiled and said: Baba will definitely come.  Having such sweet chit-chat, having a very entertaining meeting with Dadiji, giving and receiving love and remembrance of all of you, we have now come back to Madhuban.  Achcha.


Lots of love and remembrance to all.

In Godly service.

B.K. Raju


Click here to download letter of remembrances from both Dadis in Hindi.




Greetings for Rakshabandhan from Sister Mohini

2 August 2017



Rakshabhandan Homework from Harmony House, NY

31 July 2017

Dear Family,


Greetings of love for Rakshabhandhan


As mentioned by Sr Mohini and Sr Gayatri during the Sunday Livestream broadcast, please see the homework and copy of last Sunday murli for studying.


If anyone needs to have more clarity on the homework - please go to Peace Village Livestream channel and listen to Sr Gayatri's sharing.


In Baba's yaad,


Sr Mohni


Download homework directions here.

Download referenced Murli in English here.

Download reference Murli in Hindi here.




Love and Sakaash from Dadi Janki

24 July 2017

Dear Sparkling Jewels, Om shanti and greetings.


Just happened to be at the right place right time.  Dadi was on the phone to Sister Jayanti just now [Friday, 21st July just after Amrit Vela London time]. 


Doctors have discharged Dadi from the hospital yesterday and Dadi was very keen to come back home, and wanted to come back to Madhuban as soon as possible (she wanted to go home yesterday, but flight had to be arranged)


So, Dadi just arrived at Udaipur from Mumbai and is now on her way to Shantivan.  Dadi is very much looking forward to just being in Madhuban and very happy to connect with Jayantiben and asked Jayantiben to convey her love and sakaash to all of Baba's children everywhere.  Dadi's voice was full of love for all of Baba's children.


With much love


on behalf of Sister Jayanti



International Conference cum Cultural Festival - 23rd to 27th, Febuary 2018, at Shantivan, Abu Road, India

16 July 2017

BapDada's Most Loving, Serviceable Instruments of India and Foreign Lands,


Multi-Million times greetings of Godly love, remembrances and good wishes for an angelic life.


We hereby wish to inform you that a meeting was held on 9th July, 2017 at Shantivan under the Chairmanship of Divine Brother B.K. Mruthyunjaya Bhai ji, the Executive Secretary of Brahma Kumaris. The meeting was attended by about 200 senior brothers and sisters from different complexes of Pandav Bhawan, Gyan Sarovar, Shantivan and Global Hospital. It was decided that it is high time that the self-effacing Indian and foreign instruments of the Almighty should come together to reveal Bapdada.


Hence, it was decided unanimously that we will be organizing an

International Conference cum Cultural Festival on “God’s Plan - Yoga for World Peace, Health and Happiness” from 23rd to 27th February, 2018at Shantivan, Abu Road, Rajasthan, India. The folder of the Conference is attached herewith.


The Conference will focus on the importance of Rajyoga in  changing our lifestyle and creating positive consciousness. People around the world identify ‘Yoga’ with yoga asanas, which are body postures, or with pranayama, which is breathing technique, but they do not have a correct understanding of Rajyoga Meditation, which, is the king of yoga, and addresses and empowers the very aspect of who we truly are, the Soul. This Conference seeks to address that and create a spiritual revolution; as Dadi Janki says, ‘When we nurture the inner aspect of ‘who we are’, we are capable of amazing things.’


The Conference will witness magical moments to reinforce the deep loving connection between the creation and the Creator, the Supreme Soul and will also highlight the diversity and unity among His children.


The Conference seeks to focus on the participation of VVIPs like Top Industrialists, Nobel Laureates, Scientists, Top Media Personalities, and other eminent people from different sectors like arts and culture, social, sports etc. from all over the world. Also, the Conference will witness the participation of Central and State Ministers, Chief Ministers, Governors, Bharat Ratna Awardees and other eminent guests from India.


We seek active participation and cooperation from all to make this Conference a big success and in glorifying Baba. The good wishes and yoga of the spiritual family will take us forward in realizing the vision of our Beloved Bapdada of ‘One World One Family’.


With divine thoughts,

Your Spiritual Brother,

(B.K. Mruthyunjaya)

Executive Secretary, Brahma Kumaris


Letter for Center


International Conference cum Cultural Festival



Message regarding the Grenfall Tower fire by Sr Jayanti

19 June 2017

Message from BK Jayanti


Brahma Kumaris UK


Grenfell Tower Fire


We extend our deepest sympathy to all those affected by the fire in Grenfell Tower.  This disaster has shocked the nation.  Yet in the midst of tragedy we have seen the most amazing community spirit, support and generosity.  This gives hope for the future.  It shows us that value for life goes beyond gender, ethnicity, religion, culture or socio-economic status and that the most important thing is action in the spirit of compassion.


It is important now to focus on healing divisions and moving forward together.  Love and co-operation creates an atmosphere for change.  We cannot effect change on our own; the strength of being together multiplies the efforts of each one of us. 


Whatever we can do, practically or in prayer and meditation with love, will help not only those affected by the Grenfell fire, but the whole of society.


On the third Sunday of each month, Brahma Kumaris around the world link together to meditate for world peace at 6.30pm – 7.30pm local time.


We invite you to join us for an hour’s meditation dedicated to those affected by the Grenfell fire and disasters wherever they strike


Sunday 18th June at 6.30pm

Global Co-operation House

65-69 Pound Lane

London NW10 2HH




Reminder: International Day of Yoga 2017

6 June 2017

Dear Family,


Greetings of peace. We are just about a month away from celebrating the 3rd International Day of Yoga. As in the past two years, we are sure that you are working closely with the Indian High Commissions, Embassies, and Consulates in your country.


At the UN headquarters in New York we have participated in the planning meetings hosted by the Ambassador of India to the UN, and their focus for this year is on health.


We, the Brahma Kumaris at the United Nations, and the International Day of Yoga Committee at the UN are hosting a program on June 22 titled Yoga: The Ultimate Connection. The highlight of this event is a conversation between Sister Shivani and Dr. Bruce Lipton. You are welcome to view the invitation here


Please find below a brief write-up on the topic, which you may find useful in organizing your local programs.


We would appreciate it if you could post on the BKUN facebook page events you are planning for the International Day of Yoga as a build up to June 21, as well as posting the actual events on the day they happen.


If there is anything we can do to help support your local event, please do let us know.


In Baba’s yaad and seva
Gayatri, Julia, Sabita
BKUN team, New York



• True connection matters

• Take time and truly connect with others

• Be aware of the life-giving opportunities for connection

• Love reverberates in the space between true connection

• Sharpening the skills for connection    


People all over the world have discovered that the ancient practice of yoga is one of today’s most important tools to living a life with meaning.    

• Yoga connects a person to the source of life and opens the heart and clears the mind.

• Yoga connects a person to their authentic self, awakening the conscience and harmonizing one’s spiritual trajectory of awareness, attitude, and action.

• Yoga provides one with the ability to tap into a space of greater creativity to receive inspiration and a sense of purpose.

• Yoga connects the hearts of people from all walks of life to each other through its unifying force and through the web of life.    


There are many ways to experience how yoga joins people, communities, organizations, and institutions. When we come together, through these practices, we feel belonging, act collectively and transform our lives, our societies and our planet.


This alchemy, whether within the self or among people, is the essence of our sacred humanity and is the cause for celebration.



Message from BK Jayanti, Director, Brahma Kumaris UK on the attack on London Bridge, 3rd June

4 June 2017

Once again within 3 months we are witnessing a tragic attack in the heart of London.  Those involved directly in the attack may be a few, but in reality the whole country is affected by fear.  Fear leads to defensiveness and even aggression.  Everyone needs peace and the country needs to be able to trust again.  Trust that staying true to our highest values is the best means of safety.  When values such as non-violence, selflessness and generosity of spirit are visible in our decision making and in our way of living, it brings a reciprocal response.  What we can do is to serve others with love, purity of spirit and peace, rather than to blame.  Everyone needs peace.



Special Message: Manchester Terrorist Attack

23 May 2017

Message from Sister Jayanti,

European Director, Brahma Kumaris


We join millions of people around the country and around the world in sending thoughts of sympathy and peace to those directly affected by the terrorist attack on Monday evening in Manchester.

We are, in fact, all affected.  And, wherever we are, whoever we are, we can - through our thoughts - offer support and healing at this time. Our loving and peaceful thoughts can contribute in creating an atmosphere of trust, belonging and hope. By keeping compassion and courage in our thinking and in our hearts, others are inspired to experience their own courage and compassion.

When we nurture our own values and inner strengths, and express these in our lives, we empower ourselves and others. Every human being has the right to dignity and respect based on a loving and honest relationship with the self, with God and as part of one human family. 

We invite you to spend some time every day in reflective silence.  With a mind and heart that are quiet, calm and loving, we can send gentle waves of courage and compassion to the whole world. Together, with everyone’s co-operation, we can help create an atmosphere of peace in the world.


Om shanti   |   I am peace



Greetings from Brother Nirwair Ji: 20 May 2017

22 May 2017

To Avyakt BapDada's very dear and sweet children,

Our loving sisters and brothers,


Please accept very warm hearty Godly greetings and best wishes for the ongoing summer festivals and holidays.


On Thursday, 18 May 2017, I received a very pleasant surprise when our beloved and respected Dadi Gulzarji telephoned me from Mumbai. She enquired about my health, and about the well-being of everyone in Madhuban, Gyan Sarovar, and Global Hospital. She sounded so natural and healthy as a result of proper medication, physiotherapy, diet and loving care from our dear sisters Neeluben, Taraben, Yoginiben and others of Vile Parle Centre, Mumbai.


While she shared special blessings for all the Madhuban Niwasis, and enquired about beloved Dadi Jankiji's health and other activities of Madhuban, she was requested to share special thoughts for the global divine family. Dadiji readily answered, "It's nice to see everyone focused on their own spiritual well-being, as well as cooperating with each other to serve humanity. No doubt the entire world needs God's blessings, and inspirations to keep up their morale in today's world of many challenges." Dadiji commended the love and cooperation of all Brahmin sisters and brothers at the Centre-level, State-level, Zonal-level, National- and International-levels. Her unlimited consciousness encompassed the worldwide divine family as Baba's serviceable instruments, and light-houses and might-houses for all corners of the globe. Dadiji stressed the need for continous positive effort-making to achieve our cherished goal of being merged in Baba's eyes, spreading the light of love everywhere.


On behalf of all our sisters and brothers, I thanked Dadiji for her love,and also Neeluben for taking care of BapDada's chariot. It was beautiful to receive the call from Dadi Gulzarji herself!


With Baba's love,

BK Nirwair



Global Ransomware Attack - Update and Advice for BKs and BK Centers

22 May 2017

Dear  All,


You would have heard of the recent cyber-attacks reported in the media.  We are pleased to report these have not affected UK yagya IT infrastructure and the IT Team continue to work hard to ensure the right protection continues to be in place.


We request each individual to be vigilant and everyone has their part to play in protecting our systems and information.


In order to reduce the risk of a virus attack do not open or click on any suspicious email attachments (tasksche.exe), even if they are displayed with a familiar icon (Office or PDF documents). If you open an attachment and it asks to execute an application, DO NOT click OK, as it may have the potential to infect your device.


Similarly, DO NOT click on any links in unsolicited emails that you receive, again they may cause your PC, Tablet or Smartphone to be infected. This includes messages and phone calls which appear to come from Microsoft, your bank etc. which claim to ‘speed up your machine’ or ‘we have detected a virus and you need to download this to fix the problem’.


If you detect any unusual behaviour from your PC/laptop, or you are unable to log in to your device, DO NOT connect it to the network (by using network cable). If the device is already connected, disconnect it from the network immediately and inform your IT Helpdesk or IT Team.


For further advice or guidance with regards to the above, please log a ticket with the IT Helpdesk


In the UK the PCs/Laptops at Centres are protected by BitDefender Antivirus.




  • Please ensure regular off-site backups so if any centre computer is affected the data can be recovered.
  • Please ensure your PC/Laptop is protected by antivirus/anti malware software. (We recommend BitDefender).
  • Please DO NOT use any 3rd party vendors or software for email management without checking with Mail Support Team (e.g. Boxbe, Boomerang, Mail Storm).
  • Please avoid sending bulk emails via your email account. Recommend that you use MailChimp ( 


Note: It is a violation of the Data Protection Act to send bulk emails via cc: and we have already had 2 incidents this year where Centres have done this by accident and in one instance we faced the threat of legal action so this is a serious matter. Any mailing (especially bulk and periodic) to anyone should be done under BCC and we should have an opt-out mechanism so anyone who does not want to receive further emails can ask to be removed.

Many thanks for your cooperation with this.

Sent On behalf of London IT Team



BapDada's most valuable Instrument Dadi Gulzarji is in Good Health

28 April 2017

Most Beloved Baapdada's sweet Divine Children,


Please accept Godly love and remembrance from Neelu behn, Yogini behn and all Vile Parle west center niwasis, Mumbai.


Yesterday (27-4-17) Our Dearest Respected Dadi Gulzar ji arrived at Vileparle (west) center after getting discharged from Breach Candy hospital. She is in  good health now. During a week in hospital, Dadiji received treatment from a well known physician Dr. Udwaria and other prominent doctors.


Dadiji's Divine presence itself becomes a medium of Godly service. Dadiji served all doctors and hospital staff with her powerful vibrations. Many celebrity VIP souls received blessings from Dadiji.


Respected Dr. Nirmala Didiji was also present here. She had spiritual chichat with Dadiji.


At the time of  Dadiji's discharge from the hospital, doctors and hospital staff assembled to seek her blessings.
Dadiji gave sustenance to everyone with her valuable teachings from time to time and instilled love and happiness into all souls.


Dadiji, the Baapdada's chariot, blessed each and everyone with her powerful drishti and vibrations. With shubhkamana and yog by all brahmin parivar Dadiji will be in full blossom very soon.


With lots of good wishes and regards,


In Baba's Yaad,

B K Yogini
Brahma Kumaris
Vileparle (West), Mumbai.



Feedback for Double Foreigner Program in Madhuban 2016/17

16 April 2017

Please give this notice to Each Individual who visited Madhuban in 2016/17

- also please announce in the class


Feedback for Double Foreigner Program in Madhuban 2016/17


Dear Center Coordinators,


Om Shanti.


With the aim of strengthening the effectiveness of the program according to the changing times and to bring further newness in view of the changing needs of BKs, the Double Foreigner (DF) Program Planning Team is organizing a survey to get feedback from BKs who visited Madhuban in 2016/17


Could you please pass this information to all BKs that are in connection with your Center and who had visited Madhuban in 2016/17.


We would like them to go to the following link and take a few minutes to offer us their thoughtful input:


Deadline for completion of survey: 7th May 2017


We would also like to request that if in your centre some students are not computer literate or do not have a computer to do the survey, can you kindly help them, and to get their input/ideas /suggestions and then forward the information through the link as well.


In order to help us plan for the Program in 2017/18, we would greatly appreciate if the feedback be completed by 7th May 2017. 


Many thanks.

In Baba’s yaad,

Double Foreigner Program Team



National Coordinators/Center Coordinators Retreat 2017 - Manmohini Complex - Abu: News and Photos

10 April 2017

Dear Divine Family,


Please find herewith the News and Photo of National Coordinators/Centre Coordinators Retreat 2017 on A SIMPLE LIFE at Brahma Kumaris Headquarters Complex,  Manmohinivan, Shantivan Abu Road. Dadi Janki ji inaugurated the Retreat on 4th March 2017.


News by Jayantiben in Shantivan (5 March):

The Retreat for National Coordinators and Centre Coordinators of foreign lands started on Friday, 3rd evening in Manmohini Van Complex. According to drama, Dadi Janki wasn’t able to be there, but there was a lovely line-up of Dadi Ratan Mohini, Ishu Dadi, Nirwairbhai, Munniben, and of course Br Charlie, and Dr Nirmalaben as the RC for Australia/New Zealand who are hosting this Retreat. The Opening was a very dramatic performance of the Aboriginal Cultures of Australia and New Zealand, with dance, music and drama with Mother Earth asking for help. Sister Chrissy, the actress played a beautiful role, and there were great messages from everyone on stage.


On Saturday, the first day of the Retreat went very well. Dadi inaugurated the huge display that had been put on in the Garden where the Madhuban Brothers have erected an amazing, wonderful, colourful tent. It’s quite unique, and the exhibits have been put together on the theme of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN, linking Spirituality and the Social Work of the Brahma Kumaris connected with all these goals.


Saturday evening, Nirwairbhai conducted Class, and Meditation.


Dadi Janki has been having Amritvela with a few of us, and also Evening Chitchats sometimes.


Sunday was the Day for Friends, so Senior Teachers have been allocated a group of 8 and they spent the day with them, doing whatever they are inspired to do to bring the others closer to Baba, in the same way that the Dadis became our friends and sustained us. So the whole programme has a lot of innovation this time, and everything seems to be going very well.


The beautiful gathering is around 400 Teachers from 105 countries, which in itself is quite amazing.



Important note - Safety when travelling via Udaipur

5 April 2017

Divine Family,

Many BKs or guests, while on their way to and from Madhuban, often visit Udaipur.

The road between Udaipur and Abu is quiet for long stretches, therefore it is advisable not to take that road at night time. Local people can take advantage of the darkness to attack cars.

At the recent 80th anniversary celebrations a stone throwing incident took place where VIP guests got injured.

Please do not travel to and from Udaipur at night. If you are intending to visit Udaipur or send guests there, please ask the Travel Office in Gyan Sarovar for proper information about the best times of travel.

In Baba's yaad,
B.K. Nirvair



Message from Br Nirwair re Respected Dadi Gulzarji's health

5 April 2017

Most Beloved BapDada’s very near and dear ones from Bharat and all over the globe, Our dear Sisters and Brothers at all the Centres,

Please accept hearty Godly love and remembrances from Shantivan-Madhuban.

Sister Jayanti of UK has just returned today from a short tour of Pune and Hyderabad. She had been to Sterling Hospital, Ahmedabad, to visit our respected Dadi Gulzarji, who has been admitted for the last 5-6 days to receive medical assistance from very prominent doctors, Dr Harjeet Singh Dumra, Dr Sudhir Shah and others.

Dadiji had been in Shantivan during the Conference to honour the Yagya’s 80th anniversary, and also met with some high-level VIP guests. Perhaps due to the change in weather, the chariot picked up a lung infection and so Dadiji was brought to Ahmedabad.

After spending some days in the ICU, Dadiji has shifted to a private room today. It seems the chariot is quite weak, and recovery might take some time.

Everyone is requested to send your good wishes, in Baba’s powerful remembrance, for Dadiji’s well-being.

Many thanks,

With Baba’s love,

B.K. Nirwair ​Madhuban



Request for Footage & Photos from around the world for Dadi Janki Film

2 April 2017

Dear Divine Family, OmShanti and Greetings of Peace from Gyan Sarova​r, Mount Abu.​

This is to inform you that we are planning to produce a video on Dadi Janki and her contribution to the world. For which we are acquiring Dadi Janki`s footages & Exclusive Pictures from around the world.

Following is the list of different types of footages that we are looking for:

  1. Dadi Janki`s talk in any public programs or any BK Programs in your city.
  2. Dadi Janki meeting VIPs.
  3. Dadi Janki Inaugurating any events.
  4. Dadi Janki giving toli, drushti and gifts.
  5. Dadi Janki in various activities such as smiling, loving, dancing, hugging, travelling plus any other exclusive activities.

Video Footages are acceptable with all formats on Standard Definitions (720x576) and High Definition (1920x1080). Photos should be higher than 1920x1080 pixels with minimum 300 dpi. You can send us the footages by following methods:

1. You can send it by HAND on a USB drive or DVD if anyone is coming to Madhuban in the next few weeks. And you can deliver it to Brother Prashant or Brother Prabhu in Audio Video Dept, Training Centre Hall no 2.

2. You can use DROPBOX to upload the footage on your end and share the folder with this email id

3. You can upload the footage on your Google Drive and send us the link to the

4. You can upload the footage using the following FTP SERVER

host name =
user = dadijanki
password = omshanti
folder = dadijanki

Thanks for your cooperation
In Babas Remembrance,
B.K. Karuna
Chief of Media, Brahma Kumaris



Message from BK Jayanti, Director, Brahma Kumaris UK on the recent terrorist attack in London

24 March 2017

We wish to express our deepest sympathy for those affected by the terrorist attack in London on Wednesday 22nd March.
The strength of the City of London is the solidarity that is expressed between religious communities and between people of all cultures.  London has opened its heart to people from across the globe and will continue to do so.  Solidarity comes from a deep commitment to faith in the original goodness of each human soul and to the values that we share.  Solidarity goes deeper than words; it is a solidarity of the heart which expresses itself in many ways.  True solidarity comes from the understanding that we are one family of humanity and that we belong to One Supreme.This awarenessallows a feeling of belonging to grow and is our greatest protection against prejudice and violence.
 At the Vigil held at Trafalgar Square on 23rd March, people of several faiths came together to show their respect for each other with peace.  They expressedtheir compassion for those who are victims of violence and also for those influenced by extremist ideologies.
We invite you to join us in spending some time in silence, each day, wherever you are, to contribute to such an atmosphere in the world.
Om shanti – I, the soul, am a being of peace






Greeting for Holi (the Festival of Colors) from Brother Nirwair Ji

12 March 2017

My dear divine sisters and brothers, especially those from and connected with Bharat, and of course all members of the BK divine family, 


Please accept hearty Godly love and remembrances.

This is to wish all of you a very, very happy Holi - the Festival of Colours (12-13 March 2017 according to the Hindu Calendar). 


May every BK enjoy very intoxicating, colourful divine lives, and also continue to shower petals of spiritual love on each other!!


May the past be burned and put behind us, so that we can start anew with full enthusiasm, merged in Avyakt BapDada's love!! 


Let's enrich our relationships by offering sweets of a few words of appreciation, dipped in spiritual feelings of love. The new world will be created when we learn from and honour every shade of life.


Wishing you all again a happy, happy, happy Holi!


With Baba's love and remembrances,

B.K. Nirwair



Watch Inauguration of 2017 National Coordinators & Center Coordinators on Youtube

10 March 2017

Dear Divine Family,


Watch on Youtube the Inauguration of National Coordinators/Centre Coordinators Retreat 2017 on A SIMPLE LIFE by Dadi Janki in Manmohini Complex Shantivan Abu Road on 4th March 2017.


Following is the Youtube link:


Om Shanti.


In Godly Service,

BK Prashant bhai,

Audio Video Dept.,

Gyan Sarovar


Dear Divine Family,


Please find herewith the News and Photo of National Coordinators/Centre Coordinators Retreat 2017 on A SIMPLE LIFE at Brahma Kumaris Headquarters Complex,  Manmohinivan, Shantivan Abu Road. Dadi Janki ji inaugurated the Retreat on 4th March 2017.


News by Jayantiben in Shantivan (5 March):

The Retreat for National Coordinators and Centre Coordinators of foreign lands started on Friday, 3rd evening in Manmohini Van Complex. According to drama, Dadi Janki wasn’t able to be there, but there was a lovely line-up of Dadi Ratan Mohini, Ishu Dadi, Nirwairbhai, Munniben, and of course Br Charlie, and Dr Nirmalaben as the RC for Australia/New Zealand who are hosting this Retreat. The Opening was a very dramatic performance of the Aboriginal Cultures of Australia and New Zealand, with dance, music and drama with Mother Earth asking for help. Sister Chrissy, the actress played a beautiful role, and there were great messages from everyone on stage.


On Saturday, the first day of the Retreat went very well. Dadi inaugurated the huge display that had been put on in the Garden where the Madhuban Brothers have erected an amazing, wonderful, colourful tent. It’s quite unique, and the exhibits have been put together on the theme of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN, linking Spirituality and the Social Work of the Brahma Kumaris connected with all these goals.


Saturday evening, Nirwairbhai conducted Class, and Meditation.


Dadi Janki has been having Amritvela with a few of us, and also Evening Chitchats sometimes.


Sunday was the Day for Friends, so Senior Teachers have been allocated a group of 8 and they spent the day with them, doing whatever they are inspired to do to bring the others closer to Baba, in the same way that the Dadis became our friends and sustained us. So the whole programme has a lot of innovation this time, and everything seems to be going very well.


The beautiful gathering is around 400 Teachers from 105 countries, which in itself is quite amazing.



Update to information re: Old Indian Rupees of denomination 500 and 100

20 Febuary 2017


This is an amendment and update to the email of 30 January which was sent from the ICO, regarding "Update on Foreign Exchange in India..."


As of today, we have the below information for exchange of old Rupee notes of denomination 500 and 1000.


The exchange of old Rupee notes applies to the Indian citizens (ie only those with Indian passports - both resident Indians and Non-Resident Indians). If one has the old bank notes in the denominations of Rupees 500 and 1000 and provided they have not been in India during the period from 9 November 2016 to 30 December 2016, they can take their Rupees (up to Rs 25,000 max) to India and declare this amount in the form provided at the customs, at the point of entry to India. 

These Rupee notes can only be deposited in their NRO account by visiting any of the RBI branches at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Nagpur and Kolkotta.


If one does not have an NRO account, they will first have to open an NRO account, take their account details to RBI branch and then have the cash deposited in their NRO account. (For detailed information, see attached Document 1).


We have also attached Document 2, which is the form that one will have to complete and take to a RBI branch nearest to them (in the above mentioned cities), together with other ID proof as required.


These Rupees should not be given to anyone in the Yagya nor to put in Baba's bhandari, as they are not considered legal tender.

Please note the arrangement with RBI expires on 30 June 2017. And all this is correct as at now. Any changes from RBI, highly possible, will be further communicated.


In Baba's sweet yaad,




Special Days and Festivals for 2017

10 Febuary 2017


Special Days and Festivals for 2017


Om shanti. Please find below a list of Special Days and Festivals for 2017.


In Baba’s yaad,


Murli Dept.


Special Days and Festivals for 2017


Shiv Ratri                          Friday 24 February 2017

Holi                                   Sunday 12 March 2017 (no travel in India)

Dhuria (Colour Day)          Monday 13 March 2017 (no travel in India until 2-3pm)

Mama’s Day                      Saturday 24 June 2017

Didi Manmohini’s Day       Friday 28 July 2017

Raksha Bandhan              Monday 7 August 2017

Janamashtami                   Monday 14 August 2017

Dadi Prakashmani’s Day   Friday 25 August 2016

Navratri                              Thursday 21 to Friday 29 September 2017

Dussehra                           Saturday 30 September 2017

Diwali                                Thursday 19 October 2017




Bhog Message for Respected Ramesh Bhai

6 Febuary 2017


Today, as I reached the subtle region, carrying love and remembrances from all of you, especially from respected Dadis, all teachers, senior brothers and all brothers and sisters, what did I see as soon as I reached the subtle region? Very beautiful stars were sparkling in a V shape on one side. On another side, they were sparkling in the shape of a half-moon. On the third side, there were stars in various different designs. The light from those stars was very beautiful and the reflection from those lights was making different designs in the subtle region. After some seconds, Baba was visible coming from a distance and Rameshbhai was with Him. From the stars that were in the V shape, many beautiful angels began to emerge and they were holding garlands of light which they were putting on Rameshbhai. Light was automatically emerging from the stars that were in the half-moon form and creating garlands of different designs, and from the stars that were of different designs (on the third side), the light emerging from these was in the form of beautiful tilaks and crowns which were fully decorating Rameshbhai. This decoration was looking very beautiful. Rameshbhai was looking towards Baba and Baba was also giving very sweet drishti to Rameshbhai. Rameshbhai asked Baba: Baba, what is happening? Baba replied: Child, today, all the souls whom you have served in Bharat and in the whole world, whom you have inspired and with whom you have created new plans on the field of service, in return for all of that, all of them are decorating you in their own way. Everyone has so much love for you in their hearts and everyone is remembering you with so much love. 


I said: Rameshbhai, you have left all of us. He said: I have not gone away, I was with Baba and I am with Baba. Baba then said: In the last few days, the child’s body was working at a very slow speed. The doctors were doing their work and the body was doing its work, and this child was with Baba in the subtle region and having a very good heart-to-heart conversation with Baba. I was wondering what the conversation would have been. Baba smiled and said: From the beginning, this child always felt that new plans for service should be made, what the systems of the future world would be, and how intense our effort needed to be at the present moment – he was talking to Baba about all of this. Hearing this, I felt that all of this will automatically exist in the golden age anyway. Rameshbhai said: No, in order for it all to be automatic, we have to create the sanskars before that, then the laws and regulations, and then its setting will all work automatically. I said: While sitting here (in the corporeal world) you used to do all of that. You always used to be engaged in creating the laws and systems of the yagya and the government. Baba said: While doing everything here, the child used to think a lot about what the future world would be like and what the economics of that world would be. He always used to write something or the other about that too. How to do all of that practically – he will now carry out all of that at a fast speed in advance. 


I said: Baba, all the brothers and sisters will miss Rameshbhai, they will especially miss him in the yagya. Our senior brothers and the Dadis will also miss him. Rameshbhai smiled and said: Baba has given His company to everyone and Baba is inspiring everything and I am with all of you. I said: You were looking after so many departments. From the beginning, you created many new plans for service. As he was hearing this, he laughed and said: I didn’t do that. Baba made it happen because it is Baba’s work. Baba taught me and inspired me. 

Then Baba said: From the time that this child recognised Baba, he has been an example in the lokik and alokik family. Having been a trustee, he did everything accurately and efficiently, making sure that nothing was lacking, that there were no mistakes. No matter what happened, he was very strict, and always had the aim of making sure everything was done accurately. He made sure all the systems of the yagya were correct, that there was never anything wrong, and he did everything with a lot of love. In all departments, he has his experienced jewels with him who are doing everything now and will continue to do so. I said: Those from all departments are remembering you a lot. He said: Tell everyone, if you continue as a trustee and always keep Baba with you, if you have faith in one another, are co-operative with one another, and keep the gathering strong as you do everything, then Baba will touch you with new methods. Baba is bound to you to make sure every task is carried out accurately. Baba said: This is My task, I am with you and I will always fulfil the responsibility. 


Then Baba showed a very beautiful scene. Many various scenes were coming in front of me as scenes and scenery. Seeing all of that, Rameshbhai asked Baba: What is this? Baba replied: Child, in the final days, you always used to think that many should receive Baba’s message through the Godlywood Studio. You carried out the work to give the message here, but now I am making the child an instrument for ‘Holy wood’ through which everyone will remain healthy, wealthy and happy in the golden aged world. What will be the scenes of that world – Baba is showing you those scenes now. 


Then I placed bhog in front of Baba. Baba said: Child, you have not accepted bhog for a long time. So, today, special bhog has come for you from Madhuban. So he said: First call our Dadis and senior brothers. In a few moments, all of them were emerged in the subtle region. Then Baba first fed Rameshbhai with His own hands. Rameshbhai said: Baba, feed everyone. Baba took a little piece to feed each one and said: Open your mouth. And I saw, that instead of everyone opening their mouths, everyone had little plates, which had Brahma bhojan from the yagya in it. Seeing that, everyone was very happy. From the beginning, his mother (Shanta Mata) never used to allow anyone to go without feeding them. So, today, that scene is in front of me and Baba made the whole family emerge there. Everyone was very happy to see and meet one another. 


Then Baba asked Rameshbhai: Do you want to say anything to anyone? He said: Let everyone continue to move along as a trustee and continue the work in Baba’s yagya accurately. Let there not be any consciousness of “I” in it. It is Baba’s task and Baba is inspiring it. Make sure that there is never anything that happens that makes the activity of the yagya become slack. Let everyone do this accurately by paying a lot of attention while keeping Baba with you. Then Baba gave remembrances to all those who served him, the doctors and his companions from his departments and asked them: Did you all serve him or what did you do? Baba then said: This is not service, but you have got that experience. Working with such a brother, you learnt and experienced a lot and also accumulated in your account of charity. In return of service, you received this fruit and also blessings. Then Rameshbhai gave remembrances to everyone and said: All are Baba’s hands. Let all these arms continue to work accurately and make everyone move forward. Seeing this scene, I came back to the corporeal world. Achcha. Om shanti.


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Update on Foreign Exchange in India - Further to the information posted on 11 January

30 January 2017


Om shanti. If you or your students still have any of the old Rs. 500/- & Rs.1,000/- notes, these can still be given as a donation in Baba’s box up to the 31st March. If you wish to do this, you may send them to Madhuban at your earliest convenience, for the attention of Didi Nirmala. (The Reserve Bank of India will still exchange notes prior to 31st March.)

In Baba’s yaad,




Dadi Janki's Message for Chinese New Year

29 January 2017

Om shanti.  Om shanti  Om shanti.  Congratulations.  Congratulations.  Congratulations for the Chinese New Year.  The Chinese have played a very good part everywhere in the world.  Wonderful Baba and wonderful Baba’s children, who have so much courage, honesty and are hard workers.  It is wonderful.  I have seen, I have been to China, every soul has so much deep love for making effort.  All souls have so much love to make true effort and to serve their own country.


I say om shanti 3 times.  Who am I?  Who is mine?  Who am I?  I am a soul.  Who is mine?  The Almighty Authority, the One with all Powers is mine and so I receive power.  With honesty and love, interacting with everyone with so much love that all discrimination of colour, language, caste all finishes.  All are the children of the one God.  Congratulations.  Congratulations.  Congratulations for your New Year.  Congratulations.  Chinese New Year.  Happy New Year.  Shakti New Year, you are receiving power.  Be ever happy, healthy and wealthy.  When your mind is healthy, then you are wealthy with the treasures of knowledge.  By having interaction with everyone filled with honesty and love, you develop courage in your heart.  Interaction filled with honesty makes everything natural.  You don’t feel anything is hard work, but everything feels natural.  It becomes your natural nature.  Your nature then becomes one of humility.  You are not hungry for respect.  You are wonderful souls who maintain your self-respect.  Happy New Year for the Chinese New Year.


Thank you.  Om shanti.




Urgent Message from Br Nirwair Ji Regarding Br Ramesh Ji's Health

26 January 2017

To our loving Brahmin family in Bharat and foreign lands, Please accept hearty Godly love and remembrances from Shantivan-Madhuban.


The doctors of Trauma Centre, Abu Road, have informed us that there is no further improvement in Br Rameshji's health. Rather, there has been deterioration for the last 3 days. The doctors feel that we need to inform the global spiritual family that the soul may fly to the angelic region within the next 48 hours (as of 25th January 6:26am IST).


All are requested to keep sending your powerful vibrations of Baba's remembrance to our beloved Elder Brother. 


In Baba's loving yaad,

BK Nirwair




Dadi Janki's Message for 18th January on YouTube with English translation as Attachement

18 January 2017

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Launch of Official Madhuban Murli Website for Daily Murlis

18 January 2017

Dear Brahmin Family,


We are delighted to launch the new Madhuban Murli website to bring you Baba's Murlis with ease. It was launched in the presence of BapDada on 18th January 2017.


The site has been developed by the Yagya Global IT Team at the request of our seniors in India and the RCs, and this first version already has daily Murlis available in 18 languages as well as audio Murlis. Murlis are available on the site a day in advance to cover the needs of people in all time-zones. Other, Murli-related resources, will be added over the coming months.


The site has been kept very intuitive, simple and easy to use. It works on mobiles, tablets, iPads and computers.


The url to access the site is:


Since February 2014 daily Murlis have been provided on the Madhuban Jewels website. From now on, please visit the new website for the daily Murlis. Anyone going to Madhuban Jewels will automatically be redirected to the new website.


We do hope you will take the time to try the site and encourage your students to do the same. Attached is a poster to put on your centre notice board so that students are aware of this new resource for the BK family.


If you would like to send any feedback, please send it to:


In Baba's yaad,






Special Instructions for 18th January

14 January 2017

Dear Centre Co-ordinators,


Om shanti. Please find enclosed special instructions for 18th January 2017 for the Anniversary of the Day of Remembrance.


In Baba's yaad,


Murli Department


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Invitation to the Spirit of Care Retreat 23-26 March 2017, Gyan Sarovar

11 January 2017

Invitation to the Spirit of Care Retreat

23-26 March 2017, Gyan Sarovar


Empowering the Self and Others –

Exploring Facets of Self Sovereignty and Leadership


Dear Centre Coordinators,


Hello and Om Shanti. We are delighted to share with you details of the sixth Spirit of Care Retreat to be held in Gyan Sarovar. This is a warm and open invitation to each member of our beautiful Brahmin Family.


In order to care for one self, one of the essential characteristics in how we live our spiritual life is the “self sovereignty” that Baba has taught us to rediscover at the heart of our own existence…How can we truly live harmonious and fulfilling lives?


We all know how important it is to have “relationships”, but what is our relationship with power? It is important to take time to reflect on questions related to power such as: Do we have a healthy relationship with power? What would a pure relationship with power look like?


Baba has also shared with us the model of future leadership, how close are we to living it?


This 3-day retreat invites you to explore how you can feel deeply connected to your inner self; not just your own personal life but also for the sake of living, sharing and serving others.



Registration is only available ONLINE.  Please follow the link:


Madhuban forms and travel details are to be submitted in the usual way, via the local centres.


If you do not speak English fluently, please make sure with your national coordination teams that there will be someone in Madhuban who can translate for you during the retreat. If you have any questions please contact


Spirit of Care Retreat March 2017:

23 March        4 - 5:30 pm    Registrations and Welcome

24 March                                Self sovereignty

25 March                                Compassionate leadership

26 March        till 9.30 pm     Changing our relationship with Power


In Baba’s yaad,

Spirit of Care Retreat Team




Foreign Exchange in India - Message from Madhuban

11 January 2017

Dear Centre Coordinators,


Foreign Exchange in India – Message from Madhuban


Greetings in Baba’s yaad,


To help with the exchange of money for double foreigners, we would like to share this information with you before you leave your countries to travel to India:


1.  It is advisable for double foreigners to change the maximum amount possible at the airports in Delhi, Mumbai or Ahmedabad before coming to Abu.


2.  Double foreigners can only exchange currency up to Rs.5,000/- (approx. US $70) per week at the State Bank of India Extension Counter at Gyan Sarovar (you will need the exact amount of $70, ie you cannot offer $100 and get back $30). This includes the amount exchanged at the airports. So if you exchanged up to Rs 5000 before coming to Abu, then you can only exchange money at the Bank after a week.


3.  To exchange money, the Bank requires photocopies of 1) passport, 2) Indian visa, together with 3) the immigration stamp. You will also need to show the originals.


4.  Double foreigners have to sign a declaration when changing money at the Bank that they have not changed any money up to one week prior.


5.   Exchange of old Rs.500/- & Rs.1,000/- notes is only possible now at the Reserve Bank of India outlets (not available at Mt Abu/Abu Road) by NRIs, but that too is a long process and requires much documentation. Anyone who wishes to find out more can contact the Seniors or Laxmanbhai.


6.  Foreigners can withdraw a maximum Rs.40,000/- per day using their foreign cards at Indian ATMS, with a maximum of Rs.4,000/- each attempt. Charges will apply. 


Kindly convey this information to everyone.


With regards,

In Baba's yaad,


BK Lakshman Rao

Conference Office, Om Shanti Bhawan
Mount Abu (Raj.)




Love and remembrance from Dadi Janki in response to all the emails and greetings she's received

4 January 2017

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