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Protocols for Operating BK Centers in the USA During COVID19

June 2020



Our objective is to provide guidelines for Brahma Kumaris centers so they can safely reactivate face-to-face activities during the current emergency, as long as local government authorities allow it.

The center’s activities will be mostly offered online. The return to face-to-face activities must guarantee the health of students, teachers and general population.

The following provisions must be complemented to the guidelines given in each country.

General guidelines:

  • All sanitary measures will be followed in order to protect the health of all people, maintaining a welcoming environment with warmth and respect, avoiding any action of discrimination or rejection.
  • If a person does not comply with the measures stated here, they must leave the facilities, because they put themselves and the people with whom they interact, at risk.
  • Access will not be granted to a person with symptoms or signs of cold or flu, or fever.
  • No face-to-face activities will be carried out in case of lack of potable water service in the facilities.
  • The hand washing instructions, the correct way to cough or sneeze, will be kept available and visible; the correct way to use and remove the mask (chinstrap) in the visible places of the facilities
  • The center will keep available and visible the hand-washing instructions, the correct way to cough or sneeze; the correct way to use and remove the mask (chinstrap) and will place them in visible places of the facilities.
  • Utensils for eating food will not be shared, without prior disinfection.
  • The use of spaces that are suitable for gathering people to talk, such as benches, cement chairs and green areas, will be eliminated in order to maintain the appropriate distance suggested by the WHO authorities.
  • There will be no activities such as celebrations, meetings and other crowds that do not allow strict compliance with social distance measures of 1.8m between one person and another.
  • The use of home deliveries will be encouraged.

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