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New Year Greetings from the Croatian Family

6 January 2018



BKs at Science Museum, London Contributing to Illuminating India - 5000 years of Science and Innovation November 2017 Report

2 January 2017

2017 is the designated UK-India year of Culture, and the Science Museum in central London celebrated Diwali earlier in November as well as dedicating  an exhibition to showcasing some of the scientific heritage that originates in India:  Illuminating India – 5000 Years of Science and Innovation, which is running from November 2017 through to March 2018.  This included the invention of ‘zero’; surgical instruments; astronomy and various other aspects that India excelled in thousands of years ago.


Alongside the exhibition the Science Museum have held special events also dedicated to Illuminating India.  BK’s  contributed to the India Family Weekend on 25th & 26th NovemberIn the Basement Gallery, A variety of BK’s conducted 12 ‘fun & relaxing’ meditation sessions. Over 100 visitors joined, ranging from little 2 year olds to grandparents, for ‘om’ chants and guided meditations. The sessions were held on ‘magic carpets’, laid out in a star formation, on which they could experience a meditative magic carpet ride. It was lovely to see them joining in and leaving relaxed. 


On Wednesday 29th November from 6pm-10pm, BK’s were invited to contribute to the many activities that were being held at their monthly ‘Lates’ event.  The museum was reopened for the whole evening with free access and it came alive with talks, interactive workshops and performances and this month was dedicated to anything India! Read the rest of the report by clicking the link here below.


Report in PDF format.




Season's Greetings and Happy New Year from Austrian Family

28 December 2017

Dearest Dadi JankiJi, Sister Jayanti, Sudesh Didi, all RCs, Seniors and the whole Brahmin familiy around the globe,


Happy Seasons Greetings


May the lucky stars of the enlightment of BapDada's treasures always shine with you so that all souls are able to take blessings from most Beloved BapDada and His helpers.

May you be constantly carefree and stay in limitless happiness with the awareness of yourunlimited rights.


May the new year be fullfilled with BapDada's love and peace fullfilled with magic andwonders.


We wish you a healthy and happy 2018 guided by BapDada.


In Baba's sweetest Yaad


Your Austrian familiy



Alice's Wonderful Adventure, 8-16 December, GCH London - Full Report

24 December 2017

The story of Alice’s adventures in Wonderland is a well loved and well known fantasy adventure known across the world,, with numerous film versions made in recent years.. It was written in 1865 by Lewis Carroll,, a mathematician from Oxford University.. He was out boating on the Thames,, (aand would have passed Global Re treat Centre)),, and along the journey he told a story to three young girls,, one called Alice,, the daughters of the Vice - Chanceller of the University.. It was a tale of adventure and discovery and immediatel y after the trip he started to write the story dow n.. By the end of the year the manuscript was ready and t he rest is history.. W ith this production at GCH there was a sense of the story coming home and also a return to essence.. Written and directed by BK Minal Patel , so many gyani themes and messages w ere built in to some of the more traditional storylines and characters,, to truly bring it alive and here for full report with more photos.




Multi-Faith Remembrance Day Service held at Brahma Kumaris Harmony House, Leicester on Sunday 12th November

11 December 2017

Dear Brothers & Sisters, 


Please see below and attached news of the Multi-Faith Remembrance Day Service held at Brahma Kumaris Harmony House, Leicester, on Sunday 12th November 2017

Dignitaries who participated in the Multi-Faith Remembrance Day Service at BK Harmony House Leicester, 12th November, 2017.


On the evening of Sunday 12th November 2017, Leicester Brahma Kumaris hosted a Multi-Faith Remembrance Day Service organised in conjunction with the Chairman of ABF, The Soldiers Charity and the Sikh Welfare & Cultural Society.


Over 200 people from more than 8 faith groups and including Lord-Lieutenant of Leicestershire, the Lord-Lieutenant and High Sheriff of Rutland, Commodore Saxena from the Indian High Commission and many senior officers from the Armed Forces came together to remember those who had given their lives in the First World War, in the Second World War and ever since to maintain the freedom we enjoy today.


All were assembled in Harmony House auditorium and welcomed by Sister Jayanti’s message, followed by the observance of 2 minutes silence and the laying of more than 30 wreaths.  Each of the local faith leaders, including the Bishop of Leicester, then lead prayers in their tradition and Sister Maureen spoke movingly about the role of spiritual presence in areas affected by the violence of war.


Lady Gretton, The Lord-Lieutenant of Leicestershire, then read a personal message from the Queen to the gathering.


The very moving service was concluded with a meditation commentary lead by Sister Maureen and followed by those present enjoying a meal and conversations together. All participants were given a gift of a Brahma Kumaris calendar and blessing card, many saying they would return as they had enjoyed the powerful, peaceful atmosphere within Harmony House and emanating from Baba’s children.

Brother Bhupen (Coordinator, Harmony House), Resham Singh Sandu MBE (former High Sheriff of Leicester), Lady Jennifer Gretton (The Lord-Lieutenant of Leicestershire), Rt Reverend Martyn James Snow (Bishop of Leicester), Lt Col David Young and Brother Parmjit (Harmony House)


Click here for report in PDF format.




BKs Receive Certificate of Recognition Award for the Project "Being a Happiness Magnet"

1 December 2017


On the 27th of November, the Three Faiths Forum (3FF) hosted an Evening of Faith Recognition and Celebration. The event recognised the vital work of local communities in making London a welcoming place for people of all faiths and beliefs. The awards were sponsored by The Exilarch’s Foundation and Amersi Foundation, and supported by Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Greater London’s Council on Faith. Please see:


The project “Being a Happiness Magnate" initiated by Wembley Inner Space, UK was awarded a Recognition Certificate which was accepted on behalf of the organising team by Sister Maureen and Sister Daxa. Details of the project are available at:


Well done Team!!


Reigniting the Light Within at GCH on 4th November

20 November 2017

With fireworks going off in the locality, Global House drew in many people to listen and share the message and spirit of Diwali. Over 350 attended and a further 155 joined in online.


An uplifting dance opened the programme followed by introductions led by two MC’s Philipa Blackman an Award-winning documentary maker, and Anila Dhami an Award-winning Journalist, Presenter


At this time of year we become aware of the darkness as the earth tilts away from the sun and we begin the bleakness of winter. However no matter how much darkness there is in the world, there is the light within us.


We are all here to celebrate Diwali. One of the themes is ‘coming home’ and we see this in Sikhism, Hinduism and Jainsim Deepawali in sanskrit means ‘a row of lights’...and we are all sitting here as living deepaks!


Dadi Janki’s video message followed:


Om shanti. Om shanti. Om shanti.
Why did I say om shanti three times? Because “Happy Diwali” takes us beyond any caste, colour, language, creed. What happens through that? East and West will become the best. Not that it will become, but it is becoming that now. Everything is wonderful with purity, peace, love and happiness. God, our Father says: Stay together, united as one, with one another with love and beyond any type of discrimination and what will emerge through everyone’s lips. Happy Diwali. Happy
Diwali. OK. Om shanti.


Click here for detailed report and more photos.



BK Participation in the Om Yoga Show, Alexandra Place, London, 20-22 October

26 October 2017

For the third year at Alexandra Palace this ‘Two in One’ Show attracted many people from London and beyond to all things esoteric and yogi! This year there were noticeably more experiential workshop spaces, and many more small businesses offering ‘retreats’ to get away from it all: both appeared to reflect the need of the time to experience something more and to be able to take the mind away from the stress of these times.


The BK presence and offerings were appreciated by many and a large BK team, who came to serve from many centres, engaged people with a variety of activities. There was a BK area The Soul Connection in the Mind Body Spirit Show hall and a large BK stand in the Om Yoga Show hall. The main area offered a Meditation Space and three popular activities: Tree of Good Wishes, Emergency Optimist and Virtue Wheel as well as the BK Publications outlet.


Many benefited from participating in each of the activities as well as many more who browsed and chatted with BK’s. ‘Met a lovely man, had a lovely chat. He may have said some things that will have a strong impact on me. He certainly opened my eyes. Thank you.’


Click here for detailed report with photos.



Happy Diwali Greetings from Austria

25 October 2017



London - Diwali on Trafalgar Square, Sunday 15th October

25 October 2017

Diwali on Trafalgar Square 2017 was organised by the Mayor of London’s office with organising partners, Diwali in London Team, with the BK representation led by Sister Jaymini Patel. BBC Asia Network, for the second year, were the Media partners. It was a magical day with much joy shared amongst so many, from organisers to performers and the many thousands who came once more to celebrate this festival of light. At 1pm the celebrations began on the North Terrace with a dance of flags followed by a Garba.


To open the afternoon Nil Kumar welcomed the invited guests on stage and there were welcome speeches by His Excellency Mr Y K Sinha – High Commissioner of India to UK; Ravi Bhanot, Chair for Diwali in London for 2017, from Vishwa hindu Parishad, Ilford; Spiritual leader Acharya Krishan Kant Attri MBE; Mr Ajit Singh MBE, representing the Sikh Tradition; Mr Rajesh Agrawal, Deputy Mayor of London, and Ms Anila Dhami who introduced Mr Sadiq Khan as one ‘who believes in equal pay and gender equality, who believes London is open to all and is the greatest city in the world’. The Mayor of London, Mr Sadiq Khan, reminded everyone that ‘This is the biggest and best Diwali on the Square ever! Thanks to all those who make London the greatest city in the world and those from the Hindu, Sikh and Jain faith who help London to be so. In these troubled times around the world, the teaching of the Diwali festival is as important as ever.....for light to triumph over darkness, goodness over evil, for friendship to triumph over enmity....London is so important this year.....when we light our candles across London at this time, remember these lights are beacons for here for detailed report with photos.


On the large video screen before the opening ceremony Dadi Janki’s video message was shown...


Om shanti. Om shanti. Om shanti.


Why did I say om shanti three times? Because “Happy Diwali” takes us beyond any caste, colour, language, creed. What happens through that? East and West will become the best. Not that it will become, but it is becoming that now. Everything is wonderful with purity, peace, love and happiness. God, our Father says: Stay together, united as one, with one another with love and beyond any type of discrimination and what will emerge through everyone’s lips. Happy Diwali. Happy Diwali. Ok. Om shanti.




Happy Diwali from Sister Jayanti and the UK Family

19 October 2017



Diwali Greetings from BK Sudesh and the German Family

16 October 2017



Change Makers Report from Inner Space Brixton

5 October 2017

Dear Everyone,


Greetings of love.


Please find attached the first report of Inner Space Brixton's young people's project, which includes planned activities over the course of a year, and participants response to the programme.  In circulating the report, we hope to generate a two-way dialogue of sharing ideas with other BK projects internationally, that will be supportive in enhancing young adult's projects as a whole.


Click here for the report.



More News from Sr Jayanti

25 September 2017

News by Jayantiben (23 September):


Some of our guests have been around Scotland, and more keep arriving, this time from Brazil on their way to Madhuban. Some guests are ready to leave. Br Deepak of Shakti Bhawan, Shantivan, and Br Madhukar of Head of Carpentry Department, Shantivan, left on the 23 September. We continue to have many others with us.


Madhuban Season is on us, and many are preparing to go to our sweet home.



Sr Jayanti reports of Dadi's return to Shantivan and the Concluding Events of her tour of Poland

25 September 2017

News by Jayantiben (20 Sept): 


Dadi Janki is now in Shantivan, and already settled in well. Dadi has visited all the different complexes in two days, and shared classes, and also met the new BK teachers who are having their training in Shantivan. So Dadi is in full form doing a lot of service.


London of course can still feel the fragrance of her visit, but it’s become very quiet here... However we still have many guests from Madhuban and several brothers from different places: Shantivan, Gyan Sarovar and Pune. All are continuing to share their experiences and classes, with sight-seeing thrown in also.

I just returned to London from Poland. It was a very beautiful tour. After the Retreat, where on Sunday night we had Rakhi which lasted some hours, on Monday we went back to Warsaw. In the evening we went to the original Centre in Warsaw, where Sister Halina stays, and there was an evening of Meditation and chit-chat with all at the Centre.

On Tuesday, Class took place at the Meditation Gallery. Then we went to meet the Ambassador of India to Poland who is very interested in building partnerships with the organisations that have emerged from Bharat, and to work with them to promote the ancient culture and teachings of India.


There was then a public event on the theme of ‘The Seven Keys of Happiness’. Several Indian families came, which is a new scene opening up for Poland. There was a gathering of 180 people and the event was held in a hall in central Warsaw.


On Wednesday morning, we had class again at the Gallery, and left for the airport from






News of the Polish Retreat and Dadi in Delhi by Sr Jayanti

19 September 2017

News by Jayantiben (17 Sept): 

The Polish Retreat is going very well. I have been taking sessions but also meeting the various groups from the different countries. It’s beautiful to get to know them more closely. The 16th was a sunny day, but the 17th was non-stop rain from amrit vela onwards, and the rain continues to pour down. The scenery is so beautiful creating lots of shades of green with the trees and mountains in the background.


Dadi Janki was in the Indira Gandhi Stadium, Delhi on 17th morning, with a gathering of 35,000!



Dadi Leaves London & Sr Jayanti Arrives Poland

17 September 2017

News by Sister Jayanti from Poland (15 September): 


On Wednesday evening, we had a beautiful see-off for Dadi Janki, and a big thank you and honouring of Dadi.


Thursday early morning I left for Poland. On arrival in Warsaw, I then went to the mountain retreat. It was a very long drive but pleasant, lots of traffic on the way also. The hotel is in a very beautiful setting. There are 140 BK participants from a total of 14 countries that have come for the retreat which is called “The Beauty of Simplicity - A Simple Life of Gyan and Yoga”.


The first day went well and there have been several sessions since 14th night.



Farewell to Dadi, special program at GCH

17 September 2017

After evening yoga, Sister Jagruti introduced and evening to honour and bid farewell to Dadi Janki, after her 6 week stay in the UK, from July 30th to 15th September. ‘Dadi, it is a dream come true that you are here with all of us. Baba’s magic, Hansabens determination and Drama’s cooperation....the last 6 weeks have been very nourishing for all of us. Each place here in London and beyond has your strong fragrance of powerful love and unlimited happiness. In 6 weeks you have become 25 years younger. You have shared and given so much. You are a real friend and mother to us all. An example of a true yogi..ever young, ever smiling...ever flying...ever giving toli, ever green and ever our London Dadi!


To show our deep gratitude for all that you have done we have a few performers.....


Sister Karishma and Bro Deven sang a moving duet:I am pure, I am love, I am powerful, I am immoveable, I’m unshakeable....I am love, like the fragrance of God...I am powerful like the angel above....I am peaceful like the Home I have come from....

I am powerful beyond...anything in matter....I have to focus on the now...the past is dead....if God is the Ocean, why choose the desert...follow the river as it will lead to the sea. We are all children of the one Supreme Father......we will radiate ....walk the line of faith.....


You are truth...the deepest treasure you are pure...a mirror of the are unshakeable with Him standing behind....


Sister Joy spoke: With mastery there is fun and there is no fear...I think Dadi has this mastery. ‘The master never reaches for the great...thus she achieves greatness. When she runs into difficulty she gives herself to it, not cling to her own comfort. Thus problems are not problems to her....she competes with no one and no one can compete with her.!


Brother Jim Ryan: Dadi Janki your drishti is strong and long...You are Om Shanti times 3 and teaches us to be peaceful and present with little or no thought.....Your subtle invisible hand is creating the tsunami of pulling us and creating us and finishing the job....


Brother Shalin:God’s creation is incredibly diverse and unique. Everyone has a wonderful part.....who am I and who is Mine....making my eyes as divine.....Your mind is a generator of silence which will empower the intellect to be still! Forging a connection with the Divine allows Baba to pull us up above...don’t make the mistake to forget the journey back Home....


Brothers Minal, Pavan, Mitesh and Minesh performed a hilarious skit at and estate agent for The Golden Age: ‘We can provide a palace’.....when will it be built....we cannot provide an exact date...there is no reservation fee but there is a list of conditions and we will send you an email and an alarm clockset for 4am and you can start reading through the list and will then havetwo complimentary shawls to send you on your journey’.


A beautiful card from the whole class was presented to Dadi and an audio visual mapping the past 6 weeks was shown remembering Rakhi at GCH, Dadi’s visit to Moringen, Germany; the GCH Janmasthami Garba; the GCH 25 years programme for guests and her visits to Bhavans, Wembley Inner Space and meeting many groups at GCH as well as touring GCH.


Maya completed the performances singing: Baba you have done have made our lives very happy.....we were in confusion and you showed us the path. You take us beyond with a glance...Baba you have done wonders.....


Dadi Janki, Sister Jayanti, Sister Hansa and team shared:


Deepakbhai: I give thanks and blessings from the heart to each one...each one has so much love for Dadi...


Kirtanbhai: We have said Dadi has to stay with us to the end and with her I will also see the birth of Krishna. This is not a farewell and we will continue to come. Everything will be well. This atmosphere is very lovely and will stay this way. Dadi has underlined we must remain in silence.


Hansaben: It feels we have just come and now we are going...each scene of the drama is passing by quickly... time is flying very fast; we do service and carry on doing this but to what extent have we created our stage. Baba has asked how much yoga power have we accumulated in ourselves and this is a thought that comes again and again. Keeping this in front of me, I must have so much attention on myself that I can face whatever comes up in front of me well.


Didiben: There is not the feeling that I am doing is like a dream.....Dadi says it is a wonder and I get to see the wonder of Dadi here. Dadi gives us the feeling of Sakar Baba. There is the feeling that we are sitting at home in Madhuban.


Sister Jayanti

On behalf of everyone and from the bottom of our hearts thank you Dadi! Dadi has made everyone’s apron of the intellect elevated and full and there is the feeling that Dadi is going back from London much younger. It is Hansaben’s courage to bring Dadi to London when it sounded crazy. With courage, faith and trust in Baba; with One strength and One support she brought her here very comfortably. The support from the whole team has been beautiful.


Sometimes we think that there is not much difference between sato and satoproadhban. Rajo is the battling stage and tamo is sorrowful and negative. Dadi clarified this time the difference: Sato is when things of below and the ordinary can pull us and we can be coloured; With the satpradhan stage we will elevate others and take them beyond. The soul will not experience anything else. Practically I saw that by Dadi coming into the hall this elevated everyone...I was seeing the meter of everyone’s happiness, purity and power the stage of satopradhan working. What is fortune? It is Baba’s wonder and the wonder of Dadi’s intellect that we receive new make our stage immoveable and stay free of thoughts of others. Remaining in pure thoughts for others is also fortune.....Dadi never becomes disheartened or hopeless for any soul and continues to uplift every soul.....I give thanks for this help in my life and I think I am talking on behalf of everyone......thanks Dadi.


Dadi Janki


Om Shanti, Om Shanti, Om Shanti. Whatever has happened just say ‘om shanti’ and whatever is to happen say ‘om shanti’. Who has created this whole game, this whole play, who has done absolutely everything and hidden Himself away and kept His children in front? This is His wonder. The way to be an instrument is to have a lot of humility through maturity, patience and sweetness. They are easy and necessary.


There are souls here from many places...Dadi is happy that there is no corner of the world that has not been is happening everywhere...but when brothers and sisters come from all these places and meet Dadi it is very good. They come here and receive the feeling of Madhuban here. When they come to Madhuban they also meet Dadi there. I say to you individually in your ear, don’t ever be disturbed or disturb others. Keep this in your mind and heart and practical life. Don’t be disturbed. If for any reason this happens then the atmosphere of that room or household is not good. If some reason has come about, change it in a minute, as if nothing has come about. This is a good method. Don’t ask questions of why and how?


Today Dadi went around the whole of the building and went to Baba’s room as well. Baba you have done wonders. The whole line of the ancestor souls I look at and think how wonderful!


Toli and blessings were shared with all.


Report in PDF format.




Dadi's Active Schedule on 12th September

13 September 2017

News by Jayantiben (12 September): Dadi Janki has been giving a lot of sustenance to all the guests who have come especially from all parts of the world. 12th afternoon, Dadi went to Hounslow to meet with the family there. 


12th evening there was Class in the Conference Hall.





London news from 9th through 11th September from Sr Jayanti

12 September 2017


News by Jayantiben (11 Sept): 


On Saturday, 9th, Br Ken and I conducted a retreat with Senior IT Executives. Br Shashin and the whole team of IT professionals had put together the programme, and people took a lot of benefit.

On the 10th, Br Ken had time with the BK IT Professionals group to look at the subject of Spiritual Teams.

In London, we had a house that was over-overfull. People from the neighbouring Environs had come.

We offered bhog for Aunty Sita (Aunty Betty’s sister). It’s now a year since that sweet soul flew away. A very large family gathering also took place; family members had come from San Francisco, Toronto, parts of the UK and Switzerland to honour Aunty Sita. In the evening, Dadi was able to conduct class.

On the 11th, Dadi went to Greenford to conduct class there. Monday class has been happening there for decades, and Dadi wanted to honour that. Dadi has been incredibly active, meeting many, many groups and individuals also.




Celebrating 25 years at Global Co-operation House - with Dadi Janki - London 7th September

12 September 2017

Brahma Bhojan was served to a group of over 200 invited friends, family and guests from 6pm, including a special ‘birthday cake’ to precede the 25 birthday celebration and appreciation of Brahma Kumaris at Global Cooperation House, which began at 7.30pm in the auditorium.


The evening was introduced lovingly by Sister Rachel Priestman who invited everyone to ‘sit back as we are going to reminisce a little and dream a little….celebrate and appreciate this House, which is a house for all of us and a place where we express our love for God and His love for us’.


The evening then flowed seamlessly with videos mapping some of the highlights of programmes and gatherings down the years demonstrating the inclusivity, belonging and love that so many thousands have experienced as they have passed in and out of the doors of Global Cooperation House.  This was woven with music and song, performed by Lucinda Drayton and Jonathan  …….and uplifting dance and personal sharing from a variety of souls, expressing the benefit and feelings generated within towards this place of love genuine care for humanity:


Lucinda’s ‘I am rich in every way, Abundance flows through me today; health and wealth and strength are mine; flow to me from the Divine’ raised the atmosphere and set the  tone for what GCH has always been and continues to function as.  A home for anyone and everyone to gain and grow.  Dancers Jean, Ditpi, Mira, Leon, Martha, Thiru, Priti, demonstrated ‘abundance’ through their representation of many different cultures and peoples and the beauty and harmony of their dancing expression, celebrating  joy, love and deep respect for the diverse family of humanity. Lucinda reminded everyone that it is God’s love flowing towards us that sums up this house and she invited the first two speakers to share:


Councillor Bhagwantiji Chohan, The Mayor or BrentThis House brings everyone together…here we are all one.  Dadi Janki was asked what do you want to build….a temple, a place of worship:  She answered ‘ a house’  - a house is for everyone where we can all unite and we have to bring the younger generation here to learn too.  Look at that colourful dance performed by peoples from across the globe in such unity…it is possible we can make our world one’


His Excellency, Dr Durgan Subedi, Ambassador of Nepal:  It is an honour and pleasure to be here on this 25th anniversary of Global Cooperation House here in London.  We are gathered in the ancient land of England….this has been a home of unique heritage and Britain has welcomed and assimilated people from around the world enabling cultures and civilisations to continue and flourish….my country Nepal is also an ancient land and a unique place where Hinduism and Buddhism has coexisted.  Beside the peaceful Himalaya Mountains our ancient culture has always looked for the deliverance from suffering.  This region of the world is the cradle of religion, spirituality and civilization and where sacred wisdom of civilization began.  I regard Dadi Janki as a great spiritual leader of the civilized world.  Your dedication and wisdom are the rays for bringing about the victory of love and light over darkness.  Brahma Kumaris is an international organisation creating peaceful coexistence and helping to make the world one family with a commitment to lighting up the eternal thoughts of life and self-realisation, embracing the human spirit.  I also congratulate Sister Jayanti who is a great teacher and mentor.

Another video told the story of the transformation of a small plot of land in North London, purchased in 1987…to become the building of Global Cooperation House…a place that has since witnessed thousands of programmes on non-violence and celebrating the human spirit.  This followed into another song and dance connecting love and peace, before Mr Ratan Thadani, Brahma Kumaris (UK) Trusteeshared some of his fond moments in the construction of the building. ‘This was the largest building built by the Brahma Kumaris outside of India and the surrounding area has experienced the benefit of its peacefulness’.  ‘This building has such a pure vibration and is it really 25 years old….does it look this old?  It will be the same when we gather for the golden jubilee – we never realised how many people this house was going to serve…thousands and hundreds of thousands’  He gave thanks to all those involved in the building project, in particular to the architect, Peter Neal, who was in the gathering.

BK Ken O’Donnell, Coordinator, Brahma Kumaris, South America:  ‘In 1975 I started with the Brahma Kumaris in a tiny room near here and since that time I have continued to visit once or twice each year and have seen it all grow.  This is really because of Dadi Janki.  God is upstairs but he has very capable people at this level!  It is hard to imagine that world service would take off worldwide due to Dadi Janki’s inspiration.  Dadi had a dream to make a space big enough in London so that everyone could come.  It is true that everyone in the whole world can fit in her heart and there is still space left over!’ My physical home is Australia and I serve in Brazil but ‘my home’ is here. 

Song continued with ‘Faith is taking the first step…loving You is like stepping on solid ground….’ Before Lucinda introduced Sister Jayanti, European Director of the Brahma Kumaris.  It is wonderful to have such a gathering of family and friends tonight and the mother, Dadi Janki, with us.  I think we have to thank another angel who takes care of her so well…a big thank you to Hansaben…. This building is a result of the power of faith….and many continue on this journey and are here in this gathering… When we have a powerful pure thought to serve humanity then it is not just our thought but God filling our thought with an amazing grace that makes it happen in a smooth and easy way.  We are celebrating all those who have been touched and continue to carry that love and joy in their hearts. I recognize many in the gathering.  Our friendships and relationships have continued with a thread of love, purity and joy……Many here have been sustained by spirituality and the power of love and faith in God.  My faith in God came through knowledge and understanding as prior to that I thought there was someone up there.  But understanding who I am and who He is through meditation transformed my life within days.  I see how faith in God is something that is now coming up in the world and people are now wanting to know who is the Divine… is a great pleasure and honour to see God’s work happen in a very magical way.  It is the power of faith that will transform the world and create the sort of world we want…allowing people to have faith in themselves and the goodness that lies within.  As this power develops…..together we will create a better world.  The cooperation of everyone together will create that reality and I hold a powerful vision of this.  The power of faith can be experienced in silence.  Sister Jayanti then led everyone into a powerful meditation space to connect the gathering to the power of God’s love to awaken truth within the soul so a world of truth can also be created.

Sister Jayanti introduced Soraya, a 12 year old student at the Brahma Kumaris, who since 6 months old has been attending GCH with her grandmother.  She shared that ‘when we know God is there for us there is no need to be stressed.  At school when it was assessments I remembered God and this helped and I did very well.  I hope any young person who comes here will feel the same way as I have’.

Lord Andrew Stone, celebrating today his 75th birthday: I hope I don’t look 75 years old just as this building doesn’t look 25!  I was looking to meditate many years ago and I met Sister Jayanti at a gathering in the House of Lords to look into human rights. We have to give the self, self-love and I have learnt to spend time with people who can help.  When we meditate we receive love and compassion…..My journey with this all started here, with this love and now soon I am going to go to Mount Abu

Dadi Janki was then welcomed onto the stage and Dadi quickly invited Sister Joan, who has been a student at the Brahma Kumaris for nearly 40 years and lives opposite GCH. ‘Dadi has been my friend and mentor, my Mum, looking after me with such peace and happiness and this is what I want everyone to experience’.  Sister Kala, just arrived from New York, also shared greetings from Sister Mohini of New York ‘who is here in spirit’.’  Dadi has been our remote surgeon.  She has given us so much inspiration in how she heals herself. 


There is already an atmosphere of peace and another energy that does its work.  Om Shanti.  Om Shanti.  Om Shanti.  The first Om Shanti is a reminder of who I am….in spiritual consciousness we go inside and recognize that I the spiritual being is separate to this physical body. I, the soul, am still in the body but when I say the second om shanti I am remembering God and feel His might reaching me…

In that state of Om Shanti, not only do I receive might from God also it creates such an atmosphere that no one else has useless thoughts.  In 1969 when Brahma Baba passed on, we say he went up to the subtle region, the angelic plane.  I asked myself the question ‘what would happen now’.  One of the senior brothers, Jagdishbhai, said that now is the time to serve the world and he was told to go to Dadi Janki.

During Baba’s life in the 1960s there were two places that He would write regularly to:  London and Hong Kong.  One was to Rajniben, Sister Jayanti’s mother, here in London.  Baba would read her letters and dictate to me a letter to send back.  Dada Govind and Sister Kavita’s parents were in Hong Kong and service abroad started in these two places.  (Sister Jayanti: My parents came to London when I was 8 and Dadi thought that this child shouldn’t be taken to London, but as it turned out I had the fortune of bringing Dadi to London.  Dadi didn’t have 5 pounds or 5 rupees)

Whether you are here for the first time or have been studying Raj Yoga for 40 years in the meeting with the Divine there is a power that is generated and this is this power that has created GCH.  I didn’t do anything; I don’t want to be called a Dadi or live in a special place……I want nothing.  When we arrived in 1975 we found an old door and that became the seating by day and by bed by night! 

We have five fingers…they are not the same….The little finger is the symbol of cooperation and this programme has happened with cooperation.  I cannot count the number of people who have benefitted being here in this house.  In GCH we had a big kitchen, dining room and the class rooms but nowhere to stay so Diamond House was built too.  The middle finger is to anoint someone, and the first finger points to God and brings everyone together.  Whatever happened in the past put a full stop.  Whatever challenge may come, the thumb is the symbol of determination and with God’s remembrance there is success and victory.  When the finger points towards the Supreme we receive power and there is no consciousness of ego – just a feeling of being one.  I travel to serve - all I want to do is to enable each one to experience this love and happiness.  He is the one who works directly and through others and even though I am in the body I am detached.  Sometimes there is much pain in the body and I say to Baba:  You can call me if you want….but He doesn’t call me and He keeps me here and makes me well and I carry on and do what I need to do.  There are many friends here who I have known for many years.  So let the mind become peaceful and quiet.  Don’t ask the question what and why?  Let God be your companion and when this is so we can watch the whole drama as a detached observer and everything works out fine in life.


Who is here today…specially invited friends….let us have a moment of silence together and then a chance to have toli (sweet) and become holy.  Let us have a minute of silence in which we experience such stillness no one wants to move.

Lucinda Drayton invited the gathering to an uplifting sing-a-long to the opening song, Abundance: I am rich in every way, abundance flows through me today; health and wealth and strength are mine…flow to me from the Divine…….


Sister Maureen expressed deep gratitude for this beautiful celebration for the life of this House and of those who have come and gone and continue to come….a real celebration of life.  We thank God, The Divine….  Special thanks were given to Pearl Jordan and Minal Patel for co-creating and producing the programme and a special acknowledgement to the many departments throughout the house who cooperated in putting the evening together with so much love.


Dadiji’s final message to everyone was to signal everyone that the work to be done is to put a full stop to the past and to see the three aspects of time.  ‘I am not tired and so I am not going to retire’!


Everyone then met Dadi and Sister Jayanti through personal drishti (sharing of spiritual vibrations through eye to eye contact) and the sharing of blessings, gifts and toli.


Report in PDF format.



GCH Celebrates 25 Years and Sr Jayanti Participates in a Workshop at Oxford University (Sept 7 and 8)

12 September 2017

News by Jayantiben (8 Sept): On 7th evening, Thursday, we had a very beautiful programme for invited guests to celebrate exactly 25 years of the opening of Global Co-operation House. The Programme was put together by Sr Pearl and Br Minal, and it was very beautiful with several East-West fusion dances and songs; Lucinda sang beautifully as ever; we had Jonathan on the cello. There were several messages, and then finally Dadi Janki spoke at the end. We also had clips of programmes that had taken place in Global Co-operation House from the beginning through till now.


On the 8th, I spent the whole day at a workshop at the Centre of International Studies at Oxford University. The topic was “Religion, Freedom of Expression, Conflict and Public Life”. The event actually started on the 7th, and continued on Friday as well, but I was able to be there for just the one day, which was the day of this particular workshop and a Plenary Presentation. There were lots of opportunities to share Baba’s knowledge at various times, including the Meditation. One speaker was one of the main people who participated in the creation of the Good Friday agreement in Northern Island, which was a landmark and had brought an end to the violent conflict and he shared about the whole process that led to the Peace Agreements.




Days with Dadi in London - latest update (5 September)

7 September 2017

News by Jayantiben: London is full of many guests from the UK, Europe as well as from international corners. We are fortunate that Dadi is here, and so many are taking the opportunity to come and visit her. 


Dadi has been giving classes in the evenings, and during the day meeting individuals or groups.



Sister Jayanti's Visit to Berlin, September 1-3

6 September 2017

News by Jayantiben (3 September): The trip to Berlin is nearly coming to an end. The whole trip has been excellent. I arrived on Friday afternoon from London. We went to a Church Hall, it’s the place where they have their Educational Seminars etc. It was in the City and beautifully set out, with a buffet for firstly a small group of women, who came to discuss the subject of ‘Womens Empowerment’. This was followed by a group of around 60 people, men and women, who came for a public event, in which there was an interview and questions from the audience. All this was interspersed with beautiful violin music. At the end, the musician also sang a very beautiful song. She is still a student but has won many awards and competitions. The whole topic was about Meditation, the benefits and need for it in present times. 

The interviewer brought her two-year old son with her, and he was with us on the stage! It was beautiful to see how she managed to look after her child and also continue with the interview.

On Saturday, we had morning class and meetings and then lunch with the BK family at the Centre. The programme started at 3pm and concluded at 7pm. There was a lot of interaction, and also a beautiful music piece with a pianist and a flutist while they showed photographs and videos from NASA in the background. The whole event was very interactive and so time passed swiftly with a variety of things such as presentations, small group discussions, feedback and meditations.

On Sunday morning class, we had Rakhi for the family, and also had many new souls join us for this. 

In London, Dadi Janki had a very good trip to Worthing on Friday and also conductedSunday Morning Class.




31st August - Sr Jayanti's note on Dadi in London

5 September 2017

On the day of the Satguru, Dadi met with the Sindhi Class, and also conducted evening meditation and class. Dadi is in good form with God’s grace.



30th August News of Dadi in London

5 September 2017

Dadi Janki's visit to Oxford went very well. It was beautiful weather, and Dadi was able to take a tour in the gardens and taste some organic apples, pears and plums. Dadi came back by the afternoon to have meetings with various people.



Sister Jayanti's Visit to Worthing and Dadi in London, Leicester and Oxford! (28th August)

5 September 2017

On Saturday, I went to Worthing to be with a group of people who have been to Peace of Mind Retreats in the past. It was a beautiful group who we have kept in contact with and are very interested in deepening their experience. I had two sessions in the morning with them, then a Q&A and another session. I returned to London at night.


In London, Dadi Janki met with the Cambridge group in the afternoon, and conducted yoga in the evening.


There was also a Bhatti to honour Dadiji’s Day in Global House, and in the evening we had a Janamashtami celebration with Garba.


On Sunday, Dadi came in to meet the whole class, which was very beautiful. Dadi insisted on giving toli, even though it was around 500+ people.


I then left for Leicester where they were honouring Dadiji in the morning with the Midlands and Northern family. About 400 BKs had gathered in Harmony House. To our happy surprise, Dadi Janki also decided to come to Leicester, and so she was able to meet the big family gathered there too! Having travelled 2 hours to Leicester, and 2 hours back, Dadi spent 2 hours in Leicester giving a lot of happiness to everyone.


Sunday evening, we had a public event in Leicester in which a few hundred people gathered. This was on the theme of ‘Developing Tolerance’. Two young sisters, Maji’s great-grand-daughter who runs a journal for the world online, and her friend who is also 22 years of age, and helps her with the journal work, both interviewed me on the subject. It was a very sweet exchange, and we had meditation on the same theme, and returned to London at night.


Monday was Bank Holiday and so Dadi again came to Morning Class, and sprang a surprise on everyone that she wanted to go to Oxford! So Dadi is now in Oxford where she met the residents in the morning, and then met with the class in the evening. Dadi will probably return to London by Tuesday lunchtime.





Brief news re: Dadi in London on 24th August from Sr Jayanti

29 August 2017

Dadi Janki was able to meet the lunchtime group that comes on Thursdays. Today was a very large group and they enjoyed Dadi enormously, saying it felt as if they were in heaven! So Dadi is in good form, doing beautiful service, and we have visitors continuing to come in from different parts of the world.



Latest News of Dadi in London by Jayantibehn

29 August 2017

News by Jayantiben in London (25 August): The webcast from Madhuban on the 25th was great. We saw Shashiben offer bhog for Baba and Dadiji, and bring back a very beautiful message. It was also good to see all the family there in Shantivan.


Dadi Janki has been conducting evening yoga and classes currently. We hope this will continue, and the classes have been circulated instantly.



Dadi's 23rd of August in London (News update by Sr Jayanti)

29 August 2017

On the 23rd Dadi Janki was able to meet the Deputy Mayor of London, who deals in particular with Business. Dadi also met the guests who have come from various countries. Dadi gave class on 23rd evening as well. Half of the gathering was people who had come from different places to meet Dadi, but hadn’t heard any classes, so it was a very beautiful experience for them.



Janmashtami at GCH: Celebrating Sri Krishna - the divine inspiration

29 August 2017

This was the 25th celebration of Janmashtami at Global Cooperation House and a very special event.  Everyone entered into a beautifully lit auditorium with a statuette of Krishna playing his flute, appearing to rise from a lotus flower at the centre of the stage.  Approx 400 attended with a further 100 joining online.


MC Sister Sukanti welcomed everyone to this very gentle and evocative programme exploring the significance of Krishna today and how he inspires us to see there is the possibility of a time of peace and happiness on earth…


There was a spiritual video message from Sister Jayanti to inspire everyone to come and enter Satyug, the Golden Age, Sri Krishna’s kingdom. She reminded everyone of the difference between Sri Krishna, the most beloved deity, and Paramatma.  When we connect with God purification and transformation of the soul can take place so we can become worthy enough to play in the world of happiness, with Sri Krishna, the first soul to go through this process. Gopis are remembered as those who danced with Sri Krishna, and they are the ones who became masters of physical senses at this time, the lovers of God.


There followed a dance to take us into the experience of a young Sri Krishna and his world, with young children from the London class dancing together sweetly.  This was followed by a skit by Brother Mitesh, as one who is aspiring to attain the purity that Sri Krishna reached and he wearily asked himself and the audience…is this really possible for us to do too?


Brother Mitesh Manek was shown with a backdrop of a bubble of thoughts showing the image of Sri Krishna and he pondered dreamily how he could enter his world, a place of dance and happiness.  Six older children from Leicester then performed an inspiring Ras of Krishna and his playmates dancing in happiness.


Mitesh was then shown entering a London tube and again came with his bubble of Krishna in his thoughts…how to get there?  his thoughts and actions were the same in himself and with his world….love peace and power in his world.  A world of freedom.  Am I in harmony in my thoughts?  Is my mind racing.  ‘I cannot reach you but why don’t you come to me?’  Then he had a vision of Sri Krishna (played by Brother Siddharth Singh)  on the tube with him and they had a touching   exchange:

Within me, there is so much darkness.  Sri Krishna reassured him ‘Its ok every light is in darkness before it is lit.  The foundation of light is knowledge and yoga. You are looking for love, peace, and happiness.  When we transform our thoughts then there can be peace.  When we live with these qualities we can become it. Just as there is a driver for the tube so you too are the driver of the body.  Our mind and thoughts direct us. 

But my mind keeps jumping… It is the nature of the mind to jump and yet slowly the mind will listen to the intellect. If I call you again will you come. … Keep me in your heart….


Sister Shashi, the keynote speaker, gave a beautiful indepth talk on the spiritual significance of Janmashtami, with her usual humour and anecdote.  Below are some of the main points:

  • He is called the One who attracts each ones mind…I have never heard of Krishna travelling in the tube!
  • Mothers have such respect for him because he had so many specialities.
  • What did Krishna do in his last life that he had so many memorials?
  • They show a peacock feather on his head.  This is the symbol of purity.  There was complete purity at this time and he is shown with a flute…
  • Butter is made by churning the buttermilk.  Churning of of spiritual knowledge allowed him to bring this knowledge into his life.  It was not just for himself that he churned this knowledge.
  • The form of Brahma, the one who is Krishna, is the one who wakens the Gopi’s, the ones who are portrayed carrying and dancing with pitchers, which means the ones who think about spiritual knowledge. 
  • We can all imbibe Raj Yoga in our life and make our life elevated.
  • Tapasya means to transform.  The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul at this time is giving us the teaching of Yoga.  Yoga becomes a fire and destroys the sins of our past and the pure soul is able to share happiness.
  • When we imbibe knowledge and yoga in our life we can create harmony.  The feet of the deities cannot come into this impure world but Krishna says come ino my heaven.  The Supreme father at this time is establishing heaven and is purifying us. 
  • At this time, when there is extreme irreligiousness he takes the support of the body of Brahma (Krishna soul) and teaches us the knowledge of truth.  He transforms us and makes us worthy to go the world of Krishna.
  • God Himself, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul comes at the end of this kaliyug at the time of confluence between the iron and golden age 
  • He also comes as The Teacher to tell us about the beginning, middle and end of the world.  He says: ‘ You were the ones who were deities’…it was not just one or two but a whole community. 
  • In the golden age, each human being is a deity.  Divinity and divine virtues operating all the time.
  • How can we become complete with all virtues.? Give virtues and take virtues from everyone. So we have to stop holding the vision of the weakness of each other.
  • He tells us sweet children, I have come to bring Golden Age into this world. Can you remember Me.
  • At this time there is the distress of all the five vices and the world is confused by these. 
  • God is just asking us for our cooperation at this time.  Can we, like Krishna, make ourselves worthy of going into the pure world.  It is these vices that have made us unhappy and sorrowful.  God has said we are not cowards and with the inculcation of knowledge and yoga we can make ourselves viceless. 
  • He wants His children to be reformed and improved.  So we have to reform and improve!
  • God says that He is present for us at 4 am in the morning.  The soul of Sri Krishna took so much power and virtue and strength from the Supreme Being at this time of day.  We can do this too. 
  • We can learn not to rush.  Have mercy on yourself and give yourself time and then you will be able to imbibe virtues in your life.  You will become worthy then to go into this world.
  • When there is the harmony of the dance within, then we can harmonise with others.  Why do we clash with others?  Because we are all different.
  • This drama that we are all enacting is going to an end soon and He will take us back Home anyway. 
  • Who established Hinduism.  God tells us at this time that he has come once again to light us up.  Become detached from the body as a subtle being of light.
  • What happens at the temple?  We leave our shoes outside.  So let go of body-consicousness and realise the consciousness of the soul and remember God. We have to also remove ourselves from all worldly attractions.  Then there is the attainment of peace and power .
  •  So think…I am a peaceful soul and after time you will start to feel that.  Remember the Home…The Place of Peace.

Shashiben led everyone into a meditation commentary….and thanks were shared by MC Sister ……….to all those who supported and participated in the evening’s programme. 


Blessings, fruit, and toli were shared with all.       


Download full report with photos here.



Family Outing to the Seaside

23 August 2017



Report for Raksha Bandhan at Global Cooperation House, London, UK

23 August 2017

The atmosphere was charged with the arrival of  Dadi Jankiji, Hansaben and team  to Global Cooperation House, London just a few days earlier and the  buzz of the coming and going of guests from both near and afar began as Raksha Bandhan started.  The stage was beautifully decorated, with a lotus theme, and everyone took drishti from Dadi Janki, whilst ‘sitting’ on the lotus.  Over the course of the five day festival there were over 2,200 people who tied rakhi.


Before each ceremony began, SudeshDidi shared words of spiritual wisdom and the significance of this highest of annual festivals:  when we remind ourselves of God’s protection and become self protectors and family protectors.  ‘With God’s blessings we are making our mind powerful, the intellect divine and our sanskars are purified’…..’Baba’s magic is that He transforms a stone intellect into a diamond, divine intellect.  This is the Diamond Age and with Baba focused on us our qualities start to shine. We tie rakhi with love and faith that we are victorious and will remain so as we remember we are bodiless souls.


Bhog was offered to Baba each day before each Rakhi tying session got underway.  Dadi Janki was present at all 8 sessions often sitting giving drishti for up to two hours at a time as the gathering enjoyed powerful tapasya as well as the ceremony.  Sudesh Didi, Sister Jayanti, Sister Maureen, Sister Charu, Sister Jaymini and Sister Kim all tied rakhi on the many souls who came over the 5 days:


On Thursday 3rd morning Rakhi was tied for the ‘differently-abled’ and elderly, followed by Friday 4th evening the London English Class.  On Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th August many came from throughout the UK to join the Bhatti and tie rakhi.  On Saturday 5th evening those from the London Bhavans and instrument teachers tied after Dadi conducted yoga for half an hour .  On Sunday morning too the children’s class tied and on Sunday evening friends and families were invited. On Rakhi day itself, Monday 7th August the London Hindi class tied under a bright full moon.  The festival concluded with tying for the London Tamil Class on Tuesday 8th evening.  The atmosphere in the auditorium was very very powerful throughout the five days.


There were so many  hours of really beautiful tapasya being enjoyed by many. And it was such a gift to have Dadi Janki’s presence with everyone.  Each evening there was a celebration with Dadi and fond farewell as she left the stage.


The five days gave London a chance to enjoy deep yoga power with Baba and was supported by the wonderful cooperation and collaboration of many departments at GCH, especially the kitchen and servery teams who worked tirelessly to provide such warm hospitality to everyone who came, and the stage, toli and technical teams who made it all happen seamlessly.


Click here to view photos of London Rakhi celebrations.



Sister Jayanti's News: Dadi Back in London, Moringen Retreat Winds up, Visit to Hannover, Br. Mruthyunjaya's Party Arrives London

23 August 2017

Dadi Janki met with the Midlands group and several others (around 150) in Diamond House, Conference Hall on Sunday, 20th.


Meanwhile, the Retreat continued in Moringen, Germany. We had lots of activities taking place on Saturday, and farewells on Sunday. I myself went into Hannover cityon Sunday, and we had a very beautiful Rakhi programme in the Sitting Room of a someone in contact with us and there was a beautiful atmosphere. Around 35 people came who were friends of the BKs.


On Monday I had morning class at the Hannover Centre and left for the airport after breakfast. According to drama, the flight got cancelled so we were taken by bus to Hamburg, and finally arrived in London at night. So it was a full day’s journey to get back home. It was nobody’s fault, but these things happen in drama these days.


On Tuesday, Dadi Janki met several people in the afternoon, and conducted yoga in the evening.


Br Mruthyunjaya of Madhuban, Pushpaben of Pandav Bhawan Delhi, and Shivikaben of Shantivan arrived in London on Sunday from USA. They visited Leicester and Oxford, and will be going to India on Wednesday, to be back in Madhuban for Dadiji’s 10th Memorial Day on 25 August.



Sister Jayanti's Update on Dadi's Time in Moringer, Germany

22 August 2017

News by Jayantiben in Moringen (19 August): Dadi Janki flew into Germany like an angel and touched everyone with her love, joy and clarity in her answers to our questions. It was amazing to see the power of her wisdom working so beautifully. Dadi entertained us, made us laugh, danced with us, and left a sweet fragrance behind. Having served us tirelessly with classes in the morning and evening every day, and meeting several individuals and groups in between, Dadi left for London after meeting everyone in class on 19th morning, and has reached London safely.


Everyone was touched by God’s miracle in bringing her here, and keeping her so well, and Sister Hansa’s role in making sure that all of Dadi’s needs are met and taking care of her with such amazing intuition and love.





Sister Jayanti reports on the European Teacher's Retreat with Dadi in Moringen, Germany

22 August 2017

News by Jayantiben in Moringen, Germany (15 August): 

It’s amazing drama that with Baba’s help, Dadi Janki was able to reach Moringen, Baba’s retreat place in Germany, on 15 August morning. Some of the participants of the first European Teachers Retreat already had to leave, but many more were still there. Of course the Residents and volunteers, who are helping out with the Retreats, were all there. We welcomed Dadi with a lot of love and brilliant sunshine. The rains stopped yesterday and 15th was warm and sunny to welcome Dadi.

The story of Dadi Janki getting to Germany is in itself a miracle. We were able to get an appointment with the German Embassy and they processed her passport within a day to be able to deliver her visa. So it really was Baba pulling Dadi to Germany. This is how Dadi describes it: if she thought about her physical condition and how fragile it is, she would think how can she travel any further, but somehow it was as if Baba was giving her the touching that she had to come to meet all the teachers from across the Region, and He made everything happen very comfortably and naturally. Dadi will be in Moringen till Saturday, 19 August morning.

On arrival, Dadi shared beautifully with the group. Dadi came into the Seminar Room and met everyone with drishti and love. She recognised many of the original jewels, and there was special hugs for many of them. It was a very beautiful scene of love. Dadi was in fine form, and in particular she shared that the gift of the present moment is to stay in the present. If we put a full stop to the past and focus on the present and the opportunities that it brings, then we know that our future is going to be a very good one.

There were many other gems of knowledge that she shared, which will be circulated shortly.



News Following the Attacks in Barcelona, Spain

19 August 2017

Om Shanti and greetings from Barcelona. 


Thank you for your affection, love and support after the massive attack in Barcelona and some other attacks in other parts of Catalonia. All Baba’s children are ok and we keep sending peaceful vibrations in the midst of so much panic.


Las Ramblas of Barcelona is a boulevard just fifteen minutes walking distance from Baba's house. Yesterday three of the evening students couldn’t go home because there was no transport to some of the areas. So we invited them for dinner and to stay at the centre overnight (there are several bhawans at the same building where the centre is located). So we could have the experience that Baba’s house is the house of all the children.


Last weekend we had the National Retreat with Sister Vedanti with 117 BKs. It was a powerful Retreat and it was as if Baba was preparing us for the coming scenes. In a bhog message Baba told us to have yoga power in thoughts, words and actions, and also in the today’s murli Baba reminded us of doing everything with love and not with anger.


With love,

In Baba’s yaad,

Family of Barcelona



Sr Jayanti reports from London and on her arrival in Moringen, Germany

15 August 2017

The Rakhi scenes continued with Dadi giving drishti to every group: on Monday to the Hindu Murli Class, andon Tuesday to the Tamil Class.


On Wednesday morning I came to Hannover then by car to the retreat place, in Moringen, which is very, very beautiful. A lot of work has been done here since the purchase of the building last September, and so everything is functioning really well. At the moment, it’s been the Core Group meeting, and we’ve had a lovely space in which to meet. The last couple of days have been rain, but it’s still very beautiful of course. We are very comfortable inside Baba’s home. The first European Teachers Retreat begins on Friday evening.



Sister Jayanti's news re: the First Regional European Teacher's Retreat in Moringen, Germany

15 August 2017

The first Regional European Teachers’ Retreat in Moringen started on 11 August night. The weather has turned cold, and it doesn’t feel like August at all. They had a big stove burning in the main Auditorium that kept everyone warm, together with the love of the family and Baba’s love.


There was a beautiful Welcome celebratory programme with music, song, dance and a comedy skit from the Moringen Team, words of welcome and inspiration by Sudeshben, Jayantiben, Sister Denise and Sister Gabi, so it was a very beautiful programme in an intimate family setting. All the programmes are being held in the Auditorium, which is a one-minute across from the main building on Baba’s property. Everything has been arranged beautifully to give everyone a wonderful experience of going ‘From Om to Om Shanti’. 12th morning after breakfast, there had been several streams of activities happening.





Dadi Janki - Sharing Feelings of Love and Faith - 12th August evening - London

15 August 2017

Dadi wants to share her feelings and her experience (bhasna) with you, whatever the body’s condition. Dadi is very happy to see all her brothers and sisters here - I feel all the love that you have come with. I feel that I brought Baba here and Baba brought me. I will look at all of you with that drishti and you can give me the practical response. My life was practically in Baba’s hands. Baba made me belong to Him and kept me with Him, so I wasn’t aware of lokik relationships. Baba just sat me in His home. Do you all feel: I’m sitting in My Father’s home?


Have you set yourself in such a way that you never get upset? Be so set in your stage that Baba is carefree and Dadi is also carefree about you. Do you feel that with the life you have, you are so light, you take might from Baba and you are an example for everyone, wherever you are on service? An attitude of renunciation, an image of tapasya and a true server?


It doesn’t usually happen that, while you study, you earn an income but here you are doing both at the same time. I didn’t have formal education for even three years, I’m over 100 years old but would you say I’m uneducated? The work I do - I don’t need to read and write in that way. When this house was built, I said there had to be a room allocated for a library, where everyone could come and study. I don’t know if anyone is studying or not.  We are studying and at the same time staying in that remembrance, earning an income and becoming the proof of that by becoming an example. We are not concerned about family or children but just being Baba’s child. My personal responsibility is the actions I perform. If I have made a mistake, then let me ask forgiveness and not make the same mistake again. Because Baba is forgiving. Not to compete with anyone but definitely to race with everyone. 


From deep within the sound comes: Baba. And Baba responds: Child. Some people ask me if I ever sleep or not. Sometimes, lying in bed, I call out Baba. They ask: Why are you calling out to Baba?  I say: Who else is there with me? ‘I sit with You, I eat with You, I talk to You, I do everything with You…’


Are all of you content? Happy in everything that you are doing? Not upset about anything? Let me not be upset with anyone nor anyone be upset with me. This is a picture at Shakti Bhavan with Dadi’s hand giving blessings and the saying: The Lord is pleased with an honest heart. The five fingers are not normally the same but everyone is equal in Dadi’s vision. This is my practical life. From childhood, the Lord has been pleased with me because of having an honest heart. Carrying no money, wearing white clothes, with empty pockets and yet being master of the world - travelling around the world and yet completely carefree. Dadi is enjoying reading a book about the original jewels and their life stories. I am very fortunate that I have seen everyone’s story practically from the beginning. I have lived with all of them; I have given them my company.


Here there are children from every corner of the world – not just London. Whether in London or in Madhuban, I am in Baba’s home. Someone once wanted to suppress Dadi and Dadi told them: I am not eating from you; I am being fed by Baba, I am eating from my Father’s treasure-store. So, let me make sure that I, the soul, am not influenced or suppressed by anyone. Let the mind be peaceful, let the body be cool, let the intellect be connected with just the One. Then no one has any worry – neither I nor any of you. The Lord, the Swami, the Satguru freed us completely from all our worries. Whatever the Father, the Lord, the Swami, the Satguru tells us, that is for our life. If you want to really live, live such a life that others who see it learn to live a life that is worthwhile. No one worries about anyone else and no one should worry about me. Baba Himself the Carefree Emperor, so why should we worry about anything?


Q: I’m not upset with anyone but I think someone might be upset with me…

If you get the slightest vibration of anyone being upset with you, just ask for forgiveness and everything will be fine. I ask myself: Am I upset with anyone?  Is anyone upset with me? If I get the feeling someone’s upset with me, with love, humility and honesty, I would ask them: What can I do for you?  I’ve got the fortune of being able to become detached from the body and to be loved by Baba – what more can I want? Why should I put aside such fortune and get upset with anyone? Every day, morning and night, Baba is making us carefree, giving us so much love. So, are you all happy and content?


Keep this atmosphere of silence. I want to share my feeling and experience – but you have to take it. Not having any desires, just wanting to share this feeling of love and faith with you through drishti.  Such lovely days as these there will never be. Yes, we will be in the golden age but these are the days when we are bringing the golden age to ourselves, so this is an even more important time. Bidding farewell to any last trace of the iron age, we are in the confluence age now. The soul has been separated from the Supreme Soul for so long but now, having found the agent in between, a beautiful meeting is taking place. Baba is the True Satguru. It is this Satguru who is taking our boat across, so that we don’t experience any obstacles. We have found Baba, who is the Destroyer of all Obstacles. Keeping Baba’s company, we are coloured by Him and we colour others also. You are all coloured by that company, aren’t you?  There is no more feeling of the self. This time is the most wonderful time. Sitting in a gathering is a very beautiful experience, because it’s natural remembrance. So, you are all happy? Extra happy?  None of the five fingers are the same, yet each one is very useful to Baba.


Sister Jagruti ended this unforgettable evening with Dadi with a poem written originally for Mothers Day. ‘… Dadi, you are our true mother, because you are very active, alert and an all-rounder… You are a true example of being a tireless yogi. You are ever healthy, ever wealthy, every happy, ever young, evergreen…”


Om shanti.



How Dadi is Managing in London - Amazing!

9 August 2017

News by Jayantiben in London (5 August): On Friday evening, Dadi Janki gave drishti for each one who came for Rakhi, and she sat in the Auditorium for nearly 2 hours, very alert, radiating light.

On Saturday morning, Dadi again sat for about an hour and a half for the Rakhi with the UK-wallas. Dadi had been on the go after Amritvela without rest, giving almonds from 7.30am.


Saturday evening, Dadi conducted yoga for half an hour and was then with the group for about an hour and a quarter. The group consisted of the Residents and instrument Teachers of all the Bhawans. So it was a very, very powerful atmosphere.

We are amazed at how Dadi is managing, and how much transformation has happened in less than a week since she’s been here. Baba has brought her back to the lively, spontaneous Dadi that we used to know. It’s God’s miracle!




Sr Jayanti at the National Retreat in France and Dadi Janki's Arrival in London

9 August 2017

News by Jayantiben in London (2 August): The experience of being in a National Retreat in France was very powerful and beautiful. 185 Residents were present, a few from the European countries, and specially invited guests mostly people from the NCTs. 

On the day of Rakhi itself, we had 200 people because a group of 15 also joined us from Lyon, the nearest city. We had very comfortable facilities for everything, and brilliant cooks serving 5-star Brahma Bhojan. It was a rich timetable following the Madhuban pattern, with classes, panels, Q&A, and interviews, and of course the main programme was Rakhi, which started at 4.30pm and finished at 10.45pm – a very powerful experience of Baba’s presence.

I returned from Lyon airport to Luton, and from Luton I went to Heathrow, where we had the amazing fortune of receiving Dadi Janki, Hansaben, Ketanben and Deviben on 30 July afternoon. It was quite amazing to see Dadi back in London again, having travelled all the way across the oceans. Dadi herself was asking us, is it a dream or reality. I think she herself is surprised to be finding herself in London. Everyone’s concern of course is about Dadi’s health, which is fragile. Dadi prefers to be in more silence rather than speaking. She says, she prefers to be in Baba’s remembrance, and we are understanding that now and accepting it.

On 1 August, Dadi decided to come into the English Murli Classroom, gave drishti to all, and then went into the Auditorium to give drishti. They then gave her a mike, and Dadi spoke a few words reminding us of our fortune, and reminding us of Baba. Dadi then gave toli to all. Everything happens quite spontaneously according to the moment, and time, so we just simply have to be aware and alert and pick up Dadi’s signals of what it is she would like to do.

On 1 August, I came to GRC and we had a Rakhi programme for 105 people who are in contact, and again it was a very sweet, beautiful atmosphere of yoga. On the 2nd, we had Rakhi for the residents and students of Oxford.




In Photos: Dadi's Arrival to London

2 August 2017

Dear Sparkling Jewels,


Om shanti and greetings.


We are very happy to welcome Dadi home in London.  Dadi arrived at the airport just now (pictures attached of the welcome at the airport) and is now on her way to Global Co-operation House.


Dadi looks very fresh and had a very safe and comfortable journey.


Many thanks to Hansaben and team for bringing Dadi safely to London.


More to follow....


Much love





Sister Jayanti winds up Scotland tour

17 July 2017

News by Jayantiben from London (10 July): I am back in London after a short trip to Scotland. In Edinburgh, after the public event, the Consul General came to the Centre to meet us, and there was a little gathering for tea and chitchat, which was very, very lovely. It’s the first time a woman has been appointed in Edinburgh for this role, and she is determined to bring the feminine touch and make a huge difference. Apparently she has been in contact with the BKs in Nepal in the past.

On the 9th, we had an excellent programme in Glasgow. Several people who come regularly to Inner Space had been selected to think about a question that related to their past experience and background, and to share something from that, so this happened and it was a very lively interactive programme; time flashed by. Afterwards, the Speakers and their wives came back to Inner Space for a buffet, which was a really special spread, and they enjoyed it immensely.

On 10th after morning class, we came back to London. There is a difference of 10 degrees Celsius in temperature, and so Scotland was cold and mostly cloudy and rainy, and London is brilliant sunshine and heat. But the hearts in Scotland were very warm and loving also.




Sister Jayanti's Scottish Tour

17 July 2017

News by Jayantiben (9 July): On Friday morning, I left for Aberdeen , and arriving in Aberdeen there was rain. The three cities in Scotland: Aberdeen, Edinburgh, and Glasgow have chosen the same theme: ‘A World in Transition – Where are we going? A New Thinking Conversation’.

In Aberdeen, we had a very lovely programme in the afternoon, with an excellent person who took the course in Dundee but now lives in Cambridge. He is a Medical Doctor, Professor, and registered Nutritionist who has received many awards, and plays a major role in Science and Nutrition. He is also has a good understanding of East and West.

We had a good discussion on the format of the programme, and in the evening the event itself was at the Doubletree Hilton. The programme in Aberdeen was very much a dialogue between the Professor and myself. The Lord Provost of the City came to give his greetings and welcomed us. It was an interested and engaged audience with very good questions, and atmosphere.

On the 8th, we came to Edinburgh, where there is a big family gathering at the moment, with BKs from different corners here. The afternoon programme took place at the Botanical Gardens Auditorium in a very beautiful location. Here we had a Consultant of Medicine, and a Professor from the field of Environment, with Sr Sarah from Newcastle interviewing the three of us. It was again a very fascinating conversation under the same theme. Both people are close to the BKs and deeply spiritual, so that also went well.

On Sunday after morning class and breakfast, we’ll be going to Glasgow, the last stop on our Scottish tour.




In Photos: Celebration of Harmony House's 2nd Anniversary: Early Morning with Midlands Raj Yogis & Evening Public Programme "The Healing Energy of Compassion" plus Interview with Rajiv Popat of Central TV

1 July 2017



June 3rd and 4th News of Programs in London & Leicester from Sr Jayanti

6 June 2017

On Saturday 3rd June we had around 150 people for the one-day Intensive at GCH.  There were many new ones who had just completed the course, together with Brahmins.  The topic was ‘The next step.’  


On Sunday there was a trip to Leicester.  It’s now three years since Harmony House in Leicester started and so the Midlands came together for a Brahmin gathering.  Sukanti interviewed me on the theme of ‘The Mind and the way it works’.  


In the evening there was a public event on ‘The Healing power of Compassion.’  A TV personality from the Midlands who has taken the course in Harmony House was the interviewer.



The Healing Energy of Compassion - Sr Jayanti at Harmony House, Leicester on 4th June

6 June 2017

Click on above image to play this 1 hr, 28 mnt program.




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