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2018 Greetings from Sister Bharati and the Singapore Family

2 January 2018



Merry Xmas & Happy New Year from Hong Kong Family

31 December 2017



Happy New Year from Sr Bhavana & the New Zealand Family

29 December 2017

I wish you, and all our beloved family, a Very Happy New Year 2018


May the coming year bring you gifts of Love, Happiness, Success, Good Health and Joy too……


Hours of happy times with friends and family

Abundant time for relaxation


Plenty of love when you need it the most

Youthful excitement at life’s simple pleasures 


Nights of restful slumber 

Everything you need

Wishing you love and light 


Years and years of good health

Enjoyment and mirth

Angels to watch over you

Remembrances of a Happy Year 2018


With much love and good wishes to you all.

     Have a great and wonderful time.


Love and Regards,

Sister  Bhavana.

New Zealand



Season's Greetings from Indonesia

28 December 2017



Merry Xmas & New Year Greetings for 2017/18 from Sr Meera and the Malaysian Divine Family

24 December 2017



News of Sr Morni's Asia Tour

27 November 2017

Having spent 22 years in Hong Kong, I have a HK passport and an open invitation and ticket for visiting Hong Kong to pop over when I have some time or I am visiting Asia. The purpose of this visit was to re-connect with a group of about 15 influential Chinese women who did the course with our very dear contact soul, Wendy Kwok, 32 years ago.  Amazingly I managed to re-connect with ALL of them, many of whom have been to Madhuban over the years. Their children have grown up and can also relate to the meditation well.  They are all connected with big companies in Hong Kong and so have lots of connections locally and internationally.

Cambodia: Charlie suggested I visit Phnom Penh on the way as Kumar was requesting a visitor. On 20th October I arrived in Phnom Penh and spent two full days.  It was wonderful to see three very intoxicated BKs, Chamroeun, Nary and Sophea, after 17 years of service in Cambodia! 


On Saturday we had morning class in the centre followed by a programme for Teachers and Students at a University where a very popular Buddhist monk, Ven Kou Sopheap also presented along with me.  The room was bursting with about 150 people and there was a very good atmosphere. Nary concluded with a meditation in Khmer language.  The Dean and other senior professors were present.  In the afternoon there was a programme for a group of international women at a students house on Women’s Empowerment.  Many were overseas Khmer who have now returned to Cambodia or were married to Khmer people.


On Sunday after morning class, a programme was arranged at a former Minister's residence.  Veng Sereyvuth is now a professor at Pannastra University as he feels inspiring young people is the greatest way he can serve.  Only about 10 BKs and close contacts attended but it was a very rich spiritual discussion.

Hong Kong: I left from there to the airport to arrive in time for Minoo & Arjan Melwani's 60th wedding anniversary at the Golf Club on Monday. The title was "Happiness on the Train Ride of Life' and it was attended by about 100 people, mostly Sindhis but also local Chinese and expats. 


On Tuesday I read murli at the Kowloon Centre where I was staying for 2 nights. Sr Bindu was away. This was followed by a talk on ‘How Meditation helps in times of Obstacles' at Ayako and Harry's for Japanese, joined by a few Sindhi ladies.

Guangzhou, China: After this, I took the 2 hour train to Guangzhou, China.  There were about 30 souls in morning class both days and they stayed on for a BK class and were very enthusiastic. 20 had just been to Madhuban and amongst them are some really mature, yogi souls who help the centre a lot. I visiting a Tea Ceremony group and did an evening programme for business people attended by about 60 souls. I returned to Hong Kong  the next morning.


Hong Kong (Pt 2!): Rohinibhen kept me busy! On Saturday there was a BK class after morning class on "Exploring Feelings and Needs from a BK Perspective".  On Saturday evening I had 'dinner' with Vanessa Hwang's husband and family and there was a good discussion on meditation and a lot of interest in India One, which I took Vanessa to on our trip.  They have a huge construction company and had completely furnished one of their luxury apartments downstairs just for me!


On Sunday there was a BK class on 'Minding Maryadas' and then I joined Wendy and her family and friends on their boat for the afternoon to release fish to the sea! As I had an evening talk at Simon Chau's Raw Food Cafe the 200 foot launch especially took to a waiting vehicle to whisk me to the venue while the others went for a walk on the island.


On Monday Rohini and I visited Sally Lo at the Cancer Fund office to meet their managers to finalise training in Values in Health Care for her 100+ staff.  Rohinibhen will take this forward.


I then met with the Foodlink Foundation members.  A few years before leaving Hong Kong, after seeing all the waste at Wendy's hotels, I initiated a charity which Vanessa took on and Wendy is now Chair.  They collect 1.25 tonne of food a day from restaurants and cake shops etc. and distribute to 100 charities with 7 vans going around HK all day so that it is delivered fresh.  Mostly Wendy and Vanessa's children work for this charity and also it is mostly funded by their companies.


On Tuesday there was a talk at the centre entitled 'Letting Love in' which was attended by about 35 people. Thursday morning, there was a programme at the Country Club, organised by Shobha Sani for Ravina's 50th birthday, and attended by about 100 Sindhi ladies as well as some Chinese and expats. On Wednesday evening there was an interview on community radio.   On Thursday night there was another programme at the Centre 'The Seven Wonders of the Mind' attended by about 45 guests. 


The grand finale in Hong Kong was a programme at the Indian Consulate in celebration of  the International Day of Non-Violence where BK Harry Wong, a TV presenter and BK Ayako, his amazingly talented Violinist wife backed up Morni;s talk on Non Violence. It was an excellent event with over 80 participants including the Consul General, Mr Aggarwall and other staff members.


India: On 4th November afternoon for Mumbai with Wendy and Vanessa.  The Mumbai/Goa/Madhuban trip was amazing.  Wendy and Vanessa had dinner at the Gamdevi centre.  In Shantivan we met Dadi Janki, had lunch with Nirwairbhai, met Baba, breakfast at India One, met Dadi RatanMohini, Brij Mohan bhai, Denise bhen at Godlywood. In Mt Abu we met Didi Nirmala, had lunch with Pratapbhai, dinner with the Bunnies and breakfast with David.


Singapore: On the return trip I stayed with Jayanti’s cousin, Sanjay Kirpalani as Carmen and David were due in Singapore on the same night. Unfortunately Carmen did not make it due to laryngitis. I visited Bharatibhen at the Peace Café. Amazing for Baba to have a cafe in Little India with BK chefs!


It was a very fruitful 4 weeks with many many experiences. Thank you Baba, thank you Drama!



The Legal Mind - A Conversation on Wellness with Honorable Michael Kirby

27 November 2017

On Saturday 18th November, BK InnerSpace Sydney hosted a programme called The Legal Mind, initiated by Chak Ogoti, a volunteer for BKA in legal matters for many years.  It was a dialogue on Wellness with the Honourable Michael Kirby, who served as Justice of the High Court of Australia (1996-2009) and Charlie Hogg, National Coordinator, Brahma Kumaris Australia, moderated by Michael Harmer, Chairman of Harmer Workplace Lawyers, the most awarded legal firm in Australia.


Thanks to Michael Harmer tweeting to the Law Society of NSW, approximately 90 attended the event, half of whom were from the legal profession. Morni Chen, the Centre Manager welcomed everyone and then led everyone into a five minute meditation.  Michael Kirby was taken back to the ‘trance like’ experience he had at the Brahma Kumaris headquarters at Mt Abu in India, many years ago.


Michael Harmer shared statistics of the stress and depression experienced by lawyers, the highest of any professional group.  He set the scene by outlining the work scene of people from the legal profession – the exposure to extremely inhuman and unethical practices, workload pressure and the intricate details required which challenge the maintenance of the work/life balance. He spoke openly of his own depression and the introduction of a Wellness Centre within his office complex dedicated to the mental health of the staff.


Michael Kirby, in his candid way, also spoke of his own challenges ranging from the very personal experience of coming out as gay and his subsequent enduring relationship with his partner, Johan van Vloten, since 1969. However as former Chairman of the UN Commission of Inquiry on DPRK (North Korea) and his passion for international arbitrations he sought answers from Charlie as to whether world peace in the present climate will be possible.

Charlie spoke of the need for us all to go beyond the labels of the body and to our inner essence where we find that we are beings of peace, love and power.  Personally and collectively we are being called on to draw on this inner strength.


Charlie and Michael both spoke about the importance of seeing the large picture and not getting trapped in the details as a way of rising above stress and worry.


Morni Chen ended the session with a reflection on the discussions and all were treated to a gourmet high tea created by yogi chefs, Raj Kotwal and Ajay Hodar and a team of volunteers.



UN International Day of Peace celebrated in Sydney, Australia

2 November 2017


In Sydney, the Brahma Kumaris participated in two events to mark the UNIDP.


Interfaith Prayer Service at Parramatta Uniting Church.

The service started at 2pm with a welcome dance from two young Aboriginal women, followed by the lighting of the Peace Candle by Hon. Ms. Julie Owens the Federal MP for Parramatta.


There were fourteen contributions representing faith traditions from Aboriginal Spirituality to Zoroastrian. The Armenian Apostolic Church was represented for the first time. Sr Margaret Parker spoke on behalf of the BKs.


After each prayer, there was a moment of reflection after which everyone recited the response together: "Let Peace fill our heart, our world and our universe."


In between the readings there were songs and music from various groups. An unofficial anthem of the day is ‘We are Australian’ which was sung twice bringing unity to a very diverse gathering.


The service finished with each member of the congregation lighting a candle from the Peace Candle. After the service, everyone gathered for refreshments and fellowship.


Interfaith Prayer Service at the Lindfield Uniting Church [formerly St David’s, Lindfield]

BK Sr Helen Chapman and two of the Pennant Hills class location students attended.


Fourteen different faiths offered short prayers, including a reflection from the Brahma Kumaris. Several times during the celebration, choirs from three local schools gave first-class performances for those present to enjoy.


Afterwards, a wonderful morning tea was served and people connected with each other in a very pleasant way. The two students from Pennant Hills said they would like to go again next year.



News of Didi Nirmala's Visit to Sri Lanka

29 October 2017

Didiji Dr.. Nirmala in Sri Lanka It was our great fortune again this year too to have Didiji's presence with us.. Didi's visit was a great inspiration for many of us to reawaken our enthusiasm in Brahmin life.. Dr.. Nirmal a arrived Sri Lanka on 13th of September and reached the main centre in Dehiwala around 10.00 pm.. Till her time of leave on 25th September at 5.30 pm from Dehiwala centre BKs and non BKs were fortunate to receive spiritual sustenece from her at her visits t o Baba's centres in Central,, East,, North and West.. High Lights Inauguration of new buildings:: Kandy


On 14 th Sept Thursday our respected Divine Didi Nirmalaji,, Sangeethabehn and Ganesh Bhai arrived “MMight House””,, Kandy centre around 1.45 pm..


Welcome programme and inauguration of the new house .


In the evening,, the welcome programme began by 5.45 pm.. On behalf of the divine family of Kandy,, Dr Kala delivered the welcome talk and invited Didiji,, Sangeethabehn and Ganesh Bhai to the stage.. They were welcomed with tilak&& bouquets..


Then there was traditional cultural item - Kandian dance performed by Kandian dancers who were the award winners in Kandy..


After that,, we had cake cutting for the new house.. Then Didiji gave a class in which she shared the main qualities of an angel,, specialities of Dadiji,, value of shrimat,, power of silence,, good company etc..


Then we had powerful yoga from 7 - 7.30 pm and after that everyone were given toli & blessings by Didiji and Ganesh bhai..


Then Didiji met all the committee members of Kandy centre and Br Sivagnanam - CC of Matale.. Batticaloa Didiji was in Batticaloa from 16 th September to 18 th September at Batticaloa main center “LLight House””..

On 17th September 11.00 am the new accommodation building in Batticaloa was officially inaugurated by didiji.. The opening ceremony was started with cutting the ribbon by Didiji then Didiji,, brother Ganesh,, brother Suresh and some other bks break coconuts,, then baba‟‟ss flag was hoisted by didiji and finally the lighte ning of oil lamp was here for detailed report with more photos.



3rd Asia Pacific BK Couples Retreat, 2017, Malaysia

29 October 2017

Click here for detailed report with photos.



Happy Diwali greets from Sister Bharati and the Singapore Family

19 October 2017



Diwali Greetings 2017 from Meera Didi & Malaysian Family to BK World Family

16 October 2017




My Stage My Service - 2nd International Tamil Retreat at Asia Retreat Center, Malaysia

12 October 2017

“Feelings-full” achievements were visible on faces of all the participants particularly the foreigners. They highlighted that apart from classes, discussions and Q&A session they were touched by the hospitality and the caring nature of the residents, helpers and other. They also strongly felt Baba’s presence during the blessing ceremony and that each blessing was so accurate.


The song writer, music director, and the singers who are all non-BKs shared their experiences on the task of producing the CD along with the BK Team. It was indeed extraordinary. They all felt that an invisible force has been guiding them all the way through. Their sharing really touched the hearts of many foreign BKs and the live singing melted their hearts. Wah Baba Wah!


Click here for detailed report with more photos.




Asha Didi from ORC, Delhi, Visits Australia, 18-30 August

17 September 2017

Over 12 days Asha didi visited six cities in Australia for a rakhi tour, accompanied by Sr Savitha. She conducted a BK retreat in Melbourne, gave three public talks in Hindi in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, and two public talks in English in Melbourne and Perth. Asha didi visited the three Australian retreat centres and several centres, giving BK classes and sharing her wealth of experiences wherever she went.

Asha Didi and Sr Savitha with Gold Coast Group



Service began right from the moment Asha didi set foot on Australian land. At the airport a Shivani follower came and helped with luggage and later attended Asha didi’s program in South Morang with his family. Asha didi gave him her flower bouquet with a lot of love and blessings so that we all could see the soul overwhelmed with love and regard.

Asha didi and Sr Savitha had a beautiful Aussie-Indian welcome at Fitzroy Centre. Even after travelling for so long, Didi was as though she had all the time in the world and love in her heart to sit with the family for welcome chit chat with drishti and toli. Within three hours of arrival in Melbourne she went to meet

the Consulate General of Indian Embassy in Melbourne. It was wonder to see how Baba’s customs of toli, blessing cards, rakhi tying are so special and create deep impressions on souls. The Consul General and most of the staff had their rakhis tied. Everyone was filled with quiet gems of knowledge were shared by Asha didi with each one. Didi invited the Consul General and staff of the Indian Consulate to attend a weekend retreat at Peninsula Retreat Centre.


Raksha Bandhan at the retreat centre

It was serene, sweet and special. Raksha Bandhan is very close to a BK’s heart and Asha didi’s visit made it very special.

Her style of reading murli left everyone amazed, entertainment and fulfilled. She read the murli in Hindi but translated and verbalised it on the spot in English. This gave non-Hindi speaking BKs a taste of the original version plus the English version. Murli classes were combined with stories from the yagya, her experience with the seniors and her journey into gyan.


Click here for detailed report in PDF format.



Professional Retreat "Living in the Eye of the Storm" with Br Charlie, Australia, 8-10 September

14 September 2017



Interfaith Event celebrated in Sydney, Australia

13 September 2017

5 September 2017: Global Light of Peace event was hosted by the Middle Way Meditation Institute (MMI) at Luna Park, Sydney, occurring simultaneously with six other international cities including New York, Rio de Janeiro, Bacelona, Mozambique and Iloilo City, Philippines.


The event included speakers and items from different religious and cultural backgrounds, including Sister Morni Chen from the Brahma Kumaris, who gave a short talk on inner peace.


BK Br Warren Carey also played the didgeridoo to bring everyone into meditation.

A World Peace meditation was led by Venerable Burin, Director of MMI at the same time as international participants online, as the event attempted to break the Guinness Book of Records for the most people meditating for World Peace worldwide online.


A small group of BKs enjoyed also the views of Sydney Harbour at night.


Report in PDF format.



Sr Judy Johnson's Visit to Australia

13 September 2017

VISIT BY BK JUDY JOHNSON from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada to Australia

Between 24 July and 14 August 2017, Judy Johnson visited BK Centres in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. She conducted workshops for BKs and gave talks for evening classes, which were enjoyed by all.



Thu 27 July – Five Dock

At BK InnerSpace in Five Dock, Sydney, Judy presented to about 30 participants at the Spirituality Matters seminar series on The Dance of Change.  She included four steps to help us dance with change...

- soul

C - choose to change, concentrate, will (power)

- activate image, actually see it

N - never mind distractions

bring in the




Sat 29 July – Blue Mountains Retreat Centre, Leura

Over 50 BKs participated in a day retreat on Vishnu Experience in the Confluence Age and discovered new ways of looking at differences between others in the gathering and the balancing of opposing energies within the self. Judy's lightness and her depth of understanding were appreciated by all.


Tue 8 August – East Sydney

Judy conducted a lunchtime meditation with Sr Conny at the city fringe meditation space.


Sat 12 August – Five Dock

Five interstate guests especially came for the Facilitation Training Skills for BKs, a half day program which introduced participants to contemporary creative ways of facilitating. Judy has many inspiring tools in her facilitation toolkit which not only assist people to understand spiritual concepts but to do this in an appealing modern way. All participants were very enthusiastic about these methods.



Wed 2 and Thu 3 August – Fitzroy and Sunshine West

Judy gave evening classes at the Centres on The Seven Secrets of the Universe and Dancing with Change. On the Friday she went to the retreat centre for a BK weekend retreat.


Fri-Sun 4-6 August – Centre for Spiritual Learning Peninsula

The Victorian family had a wonderful varied retreat with Sr Judy. This included a fun Friday night session on Oh the Places You’ll Go, a 1-day Facilitation Skills Training on Saturday, Vishnu in The Confluence Age experience on Saturday evening, and then an engaging interactive Murli churning experience on Sunday morning.  Nearly 70 souls attended these retreats, and a wonderful family scene was experienced, with Sr Judy conducting much of the final Vishnu session with a child on her lap, providing a model of the inclusiveness she had cultivated throughout. This was followed by a youth retreat.


The themes of engagement, participation, and respect for different learning styles, and methods of participation throughout each of the programs built on each other and were valued by all. The Facilitation Skills Training was identified as a key training opportunity to support teachers in implementing the spirit of the new Core Curriculum, and for renewed efforts to enhance family cohesion within our BK community. It will provide a foundation for further training opportunities being planned by the Care and Wellbeing group, and Sr Judy has graciously indicated interest to come back to build on this in future years.

Margot Schofield (Fitzroy Centre)


Participant Experiences

The facilitators training and Vishnu stage conducted by Sr Judy was a real eye opener. It was a wonderful and fulfilling experience as many aspects were integrated, blending feeling and a deep understanding. Sr Judy was one to facilitate and not teach, all the time showing us how to do the same. The whole time with her was out of the box but also very structured, the blend of it making it a remarkable experience.


We started the Saturday with being open and present, important and initial steps for being a facilitator. An important method that stayed with me was that we must engage the intellect of those we deliver to, so then it becomes all about the experience. Through structured questioning, I was taken to reflect and come to understand what I was ready to open in my soul at the moment.


The whole time there were a lot of activities in groups designed to give a practical understanding of being a good facilitator. I especially liked the task of just being an observer and catching the vibrations of the one recounting their experience. These may have seemed just games but they were actually a valuable catalyst for self-analysis.  With few words, Sr Judy was able to give an understanding of "Intention-based listening" as a very important aspect of being soul conscious. We were then led to the understanding that facilitating is an invisible path by which we are a guide supporting a creative process of learning, deepening and sharing. We were also given the steps and the questions to go with the steps.


The concluding part of the facilitator's session was a real finale as, again in groups, we realized how each of us experience and imbibe understanding differently according to our learning and personality styles. As groups, we realized how we were different and how important it is to allow people to learn without teaching, being mindful of these differences.


All in all, I felt that Sister Judy had a very easy way of letting me personally come to realize many deep points about myself, facilitating, the variety of souls amongst us, and about group dynamics. The whole experience was phenomenal."

Ali Reshamavala, (Doncaster Class Location)


Oh the Places You’ll Go” - The Friday night’s session of watching a story narrated in a drawing form, and then discussing with a group out in a relaxed space, with a cup of coffee, stimulated our minds and engaged us for the weekend. All the activities were very nicely planned. Any discussion in a group or group expression (eg. Joy, love) was wonderful. The “Vishnu Experience” session and the handout gave clarity of my personality now and vision of becoming Vishnu. Hearty thanks to Sis. Judy.  Kalpana Trivedi (Sunshine West)


Om shanti.


Report in PDF format



News from Tahiti Center

6 September 2017

Tahiti, French Polynesia, has had a house for BK service since February 2017. Up until then there had been activities but only during short stays.


In 2015, there was the inspiration that permanent service should be offered and since then, Drama made it possible together with the blessings from the divine family. We have a nice and big house in a quiet area of Papeete, the Capital. 


There is still some sweetness left in these remote islands as if the big Pacific Ocean was dissolving the waves of darkness and heaviness of the world in general before they reach Tahiti. Still, people are very keen and open to spirituality, values and meditation. Many come and take benefit according to their needs and recognition through Raja Yoga courses, seminars, meditation and classes.


The large geographical distances from almost everywhere are balanced with the various means of technology and there is no feeling of loneliness or being far. Baba´s murli, brahmin culture and communications within the family make the distances disappear.


BK Patricia



New Center for Auckland, New Zealand

30 August 2017

Auckland BK Centre relocated after many years. It was with great excitement, anticipation and gratitude the keys for 156 Favona Road, Auckland were collected 11 July 2017.


The purchase of this property was the culmination of much investigation, planning and research and was made possible by many, many supporters.


The property is located a short distance from the South Western motorway, around 10 minutes from Auckland airport and 20 minutes from the central city.


The dwelling is sturdy 1960’s 3-bedroom home on a large, easily accessed site. The closest neighbours include a Buddhist monastery and the Tongan Methodist Church.


A capable Property Team in Auckland has worked on the procurement of the property and in the weeks and months ahead will continue to enhance the property with support of many helpers. Initial plans include relocating a large pre-fabricated classroom to the front of the property and installing additional toilet facilities. This will provide the main hall space connecting to hospitality areas inside the dwelling.


The NZ Board conveys their sincerest appreciation to each and every one who has contributed toward this project according to their capacity.



Asia Pacific Young Adult Retreat Welcomes Sr. Sheilu from Madhuban

29 August 2017

Beloved Respected Dadi Jankiji, Didi Nirmala and Jewels of Brahmin Family. Om Shanti and Loving Greetings from Bali Indonesia


On 28th to 31st July we welcomed Didi’s Sheilu of Madhuban to the Bali Retreat Centre for the Asia Pacific Young Adult Retreat 43 Youth from Asian countries attended the retreat with the theme “Being Naturally Spiritual”


For your enjoyment we present the following photos taken during the retreat


Below: Group photo taken at the rear of BRC - all the rest of the photos are of the Happy Youth (Young Adults) enjoying the retreat


Click here to view full report in photos.



BKs Celebrate India Independence Day in Bali, Indonesia

29 August 2017

At the Indian Consulate in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.


BK Sister Janaki seen with Mr. R.O.Sunil Baba, Consul General of India in Bali during Independence Day of India at the Indian Consulate in Denpasar, Bali-Indonesia.


BK Sister Janaki seen with Mr. R.O.Sunil Baba, Consul General of India in Bali during Independence Day of India at the Indian Consulate in Denpasar, Bali-Indonesia.

Unfurling the Indian Flag is Consul General of India. Also seen in the picture is BK Sister Janaki.



Rakhi Programs in Sri Lanka with Kavitha Behan of Pondicherry

26 August 2017

Divine Family,


Here is the final compiled report Islandwide Rakhi celebration service report in Sri Lanka with Kavitha bhen.


In Baba's yaad

BK Ganesh 

Sri Lanka


Download this Service News



Rakhi celebration with Indian High Commissioner and Staff & Staff of ICC (Indian Cultural Ctr) Sri Lanka

23 August 2017

Divine Family,


Sister BK Kavitha of Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu served  and tied Rakhi for VIPs/IPs in the Indian High Commision and Indian Cultural centre in Colombo city.


Here are the pictures of Rakhi celebrations with Indian High Commissioner H.E. Mr. Taranjit Singh and  staff of Indian High Commission . Also the Director Ms. Rajashree and staff of Indian C ultural Centre in Colombo city.


In Baba's yaad

BK Ganesh

Sri Lanka



Br Letchu from Malaysia Visits Sri Lanka

2 August 2017

Click here for detailed report.



Didi Nirmala Visits Australia from 15 to 18 July

2 August 2017

Didi Dr Nirmala, regional coordinator of the Asia Pacific region, visited five cities in Australia, where her program included a national BK retreat, many BK classes, a few public talks and many personal meetings with BKs which gave a lot of spiritual sustenance. She was accompanied by Sr Sangita.



Australians always enjoy visits by the seniors especially when the whole family is gathered under one roof and receive sustenance from Didi Dr Nirmala. The Centre for Spiritual Learning – Peninsula (Baxter) hosted a national retreat for centre residents, board members and class location coordinators over four days from July 6 – 9, and a day program for all BKs on Sunday July 9. Brothers Charlie and Ken (visiting from Brazil) joined for the retreat and some of the Sunday program with Didi which saw a balance of classes combined with light-hearted fun.


The powerful retreat began with Didi’s session on the ‘Power of Touching and Catching’. A number of sessions over the next few days covered topics of ‘Silence’, ‘Overcoming arrogance and imbibing humility’, ‘Preparing for the future’, ‘being a Detached observer of drama, benevolent observer of others, honest observer of self ‘ and group talks and meetings with questions and answers. Participants who stayed after the retreat ended on Saturday evening enjoyed the extra Sunday classes. Sr Sona and Br Mohit from Abu Dhabi were also in Australia at the time and joined in the retreat, adding and international flavour.


The Baxter BK gathering celebrated the retreat centre’s 21st anniversary with Didi and the rest of the Melbourne Family on Sunday. Didi met the Hindi group and newer students had individual chats with her after lunch. She inaugurated the Centre’s new motor vehicle (a ute) on Monday morning with the traditional coconut breaking ceremony and tilak before taking leave to travel to Canberra.



Mon 10 July: A program in the evening at the Centre on "Master of Balance" was well attended.  As invariably with Didi's visits, some new people came to the Centre for the first time. The next day, there was a morning class followed by breakfast together and an inauguration with coconut cracking ceremony for one student’s new car. Sr Sangita also enjoyed her short stay and saw the ever enchanting kangaroos in the wild.



Tue 11 July: Didi's visit, whilst short and sweet, was all about BK sustenance. There was an exceptional turnout for a deep and well-rounded "something for everyone" class in the evening and a packed class the following morning. After a family breakfast sisters Sangita and Gurpreet were taken to picturesque Southbank by ferry where the public herb and vegetable gardens and the wonderful water features attracted great interest.


Gold Coast

Wed 12 - Thu 13 July am: At Gold Coast, one hour by car south of Brisbane, there was a large gathering for morning class with Didi and Sangita.  Didi met personally with many BKs and asked after others who weren’t present.  Everyone enjoyed her class and company.  The main inspiration taken from her visit was ‘time is short, we never know what is going to happen so we should be aware of this and it should be reflected in our efforts.’  She also visited Tina, a BK of over 20 years who has now moved into a five star retirement village where all her needs are met.  Didi remembered how Tina has helped so much over the years and she in return is now well looked after.



Thu 13 – Tue 18 July: On the evening of 13 July at Five Dock Centre about 80 guests and BKs attended Didi’s evening talk on “The Essence of Things.” Sr Morni summarised her talk in a guided meditation experience and all were very happy to receive sweets and a blessing card. 


After morning class at Five Dock on Friday, Didi went to the Blue Mountains retreat centre where the BKs were pleased to see her as she was not able to visit last year. Being mid-Winter, the weather was cold (max. temperature of 9 deg C) but Didi gave an inspiring class, had personal meetings, lunch and a tour of the property before returning to Sydney. 


The weekend was busy with meeting Class Location coordinators and teachers, personal meetings with individuals, classes and meditations on both Saturday and Sunday evenings followed by supper. Meanwhile, Sangita enjoyed sightseeing including a visit to the beach, a tour of the city by car and a trip to the Opera House and Harbour Bridge by ferry.


On Monday morning, Didi went to the Illawarra retreat centre for morning class and breakfast and to see the newly built additional outdoor dining area which features a wood-fired pizza oven. 


Didi joined a Board meeting in the evening and left after class on Tuesday morning to return to Gyan Sarovar. Didi is stable, clean and clear and many things were addressed with her mature, wise counsel. She especially knows the background of service in Australia and most of the BKs, so it was wonderful to have her presence - so much so that she has been asked to visit twice a year!


Download report in PDF format here.



Sr Judy Johnson's (Canada) Visit to Malaysia

2 August 2017



Br. Ken's Visit to Malaysia - News Report

19 July 2017

Report in PDF format



Service News from Singapore for June 2017

18 July 2017



Sr. Sapna invited to Public Welfare Camp in Guangzhou, China

26 June 2017

BK Sister Sapna was invited to conduct a session on Healing Power of Meditation and Emotional Intelligence in a large public welfare camp organised by a Spiritual Research and Healing Centre that conducts spiritual seminars all over China.


The camp was organised at three main cities of Guangdong province of South China. Thousands of souls participated and Sister Sapna was invited to all the three places (Guangzhou, Foshan and Shenzen)


Guangzhou: The session was conducted on Healing power of Meditation for 1500 participants


Shenzen : The session on Emotional Intelligence & Spiritual Intelligence was conducted for about 1300 people


Foshan : The session on Meditation & Inner Strength was conducted for about 1200 people


It was a great chance to give a spiritual message to many souls.



Dr. BK Shrimant Kumar's Visit to Singapore

26 June 2017

Divine Family,

We were truly thrilled to have with us respected brothers Dr BK Shrimant Kumar, Diabetologist and Holistic Care Physician at Global Hospital and Research Centre, Mount Abu and BK Surendar Bhai, Reception Office, Madhuban joining the Singapore family for a short and productive visit.


As health topics are on trend in Singapore currently, promoting Dr Shrimant’s health talk started a month before his whirlwind visit, and not surprisingly we received overwhelming registrations for the talk. 139, including 39 newcomers, attended the talk. Many were captivated by the simple yet informative talk that Dr Shrimant delivered with such eloquent expertise that stems from him being an authority of knowledge in this field. There were many who signed up for the Raja Yoga course at the end of the talk attesting for the success of the programme.

To add feather to the crown, on the next day both brothers shared their wonderful experiences of BK life and spiritual journey with the divine family. Nothing is more inspiring than to hear real-life experiences of Madhuban residents.

Though their visit was very short, leaving us thirsting to hear more, the benefit many souls extracted from their presence is immeasurable.


We wish them good health, wealth, happiness and success in their every step.

In Baba's yaad

BK Bharti




Sister Beena from Chennai Visits Bali - Service News

19 June 2017

Bali was once again blessed with the visit of BK Sister Beena. BK Sister Beena visited all the centres in Bali and every BK was pleased to hear her classes which were clear, simple and inspirational. Her classes were based on her own experiences and learnings and this made her classes very practical and motivational.


Everyone was happy to see Sister Beena’s enthusiasm and listen to her classes which inspired each and every one. 


Thank you Baba, Drama, Dadi, Didi, seniors and family for all the lovely drama in Bali.


Warmest regards




BK Janaki

BK Sister Beena and BK Sister Janaki seen with part of Denpasar family. 


Time for receiving tolis. BK Sister Beena seen handing tolis to BKs.

BK Sister Beena – addressing the BK family in Denpasar. To her right is BK Sister Janaki.