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Los Angeles Br Dennis Hiebert's book "Time to Tell the Truth" is available now

16 November 2015

Dear Brothers and Sisters of my BK World Family, Happy Diwali!


The darkness is gone and we are now living in the light. Our lives are the real celebration!


Some of you are aware that I have been writing a book about my spiritual journey. My journey started in a church parking lot in Elkhart, Indiana when I was twenty-one years old. In 1985, at the age of forty, I met the Brahma Kumaris when I moved to Los Angeles. I have been to Madhuban thirty times and  have the great fortune of three personal meetings sitting in front of BapDada.


I am sure you all remember Baba's Murli of January 31, 2014 when He repeatedly told us to make sure no one in our area can complain that we knew that God is here and we didn't tell them. He told us that it doesn't matter how they respond but do not let them complain. He said, "You can do this in whatever way you want, but let there be no complaints left that they didn't even know. This is your duty because circumstances can suddenly come at any time. Fulfill your duty." That morning, I felt as if Baba was personally talking to me. That Murli is the inspiration for my book. 


I am now sending a similar email message as below to all my family, friends, BKs and personal and professional contacts that the book is available on Amazon. In a few weeks, it should also be available on Kindle.


"Time to Tell the Truth: What I know about myself, life, God and other important things" is now available to order on Amazon. Be prepared to experience surprise, and maybe shock and disbelief, as I share the most personal experiences of my fifty-year spiritual journey. I feel compelled  to share the truth about myself, my life, and, most importantly, my personal relationship with God and why I have been going to India every year since 1985. These are my true experiences. It took courage to be honest and write this book, but by the end you will know exactly why I had to write it and why I am now free. 


If  you would like to order a copy, just go to Amazon and type in the title. I will be donating all income from the book directly to the Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation Center in Los Angeles to support their free classes, events and continuing service to the greater Los Angeles community. 


Comments from some who've read the book so far:


"Dennis Hiebert is one of the founding students of the Brahma Kumaris Center in Los Angeles.  This book is the culmination of many years of reflection on his life and spiritual practice.  Dennis gives us a candid and honest review of the events that led to his participation in the Brahma Kumaris work and his relationship with Incorporeal God.  This is one person's successful journey to find himself, and his relationship with God and with life, presented in an easy to read narrative illustrated with photographs as well as explanations and diagrams of the spiritual knowledge of Raja Yoga." - Sister Denise Lawrence, Director, Rajayoga TV, Brahma Kumaris, London, UK



"Time to Tell the Truth is insightful, honest, courageous, and admirable. Many of us have similarly struggled to find our spiritual path—especially longing for certainty, conviction, and commitment about God, creation, and a ‘proven path.' Dennis' anguish related to his search for God and answers to his spiritual questions, and his determination and persistence, have resulted in a true flowering of love, beauty, and freedom of expression in his describing and sharing the truths of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization. I applaud his efforts and thank him for sharing his incredible journey."  - Camille Goldsmith, MN, RN, BA/BSN, ACHE, Nursing Consultant, Mental Health and Long Term Care


 "This is a poignant and revealing story of a life transformed by spirit. Dennis takes us through critical periods of his life and shares his difficult but necessary journey of going from pain to peace. He offers lessons learned in the spiritual realm that can enlighten even those who question the nature of the divine."  - Connie Corley, PhD, Professor, Fielding Graduate University and host, "Experience Talks," KPFK-FM


 "This book is a touching, heartfelt, insightful story of Dennis' life journey. As he shared his personal struggle from youth to adulthood, I couldn't help but identify with some of his experiences. While sharing the breakdowns he endured and survived, he credits the loving support of his family, friends, and God. As he discovers what his life's purpose and spiritual path is, he experiences an abundance of love for himself, joy, and happiness as a true humanitarian. We are all here for a reason and a purpose. Dennis is living proof."  - Joan M. Flannigan, Board Certified Activity Consultant/Educator currently a board member of these professional associations: SCAAP, ADGSD, SDHCA, and NAAPCC


 "Dennis has peeled back the many layers of a life-long search for life, for relationship, for God. Many portions of this quest were not voluntary; they were necessary for his survival. That is what makes his story so compelling. Truth, honesty, pain, adventure, gratitude, contentment, celebration—they all have their place in this portrait of a life characterized by an intensity and authenticity that was both necessary and admirable. I thank him for letting us in on the whole picture." - John Kampen, Van Bogard Dunn Professor of Biblical Interpretation Methodist Theological School in Ohio


 "Dennis shares his life story—the hopes and the dreams, the disappointment and the pain—it's all there, told with disarming honesty and uncommon courage. What makes this book so special is that Dennis specifically shares how each one of us can achieve the profound happiness that he's worked hard to earn...and so richly deserves. Time to Tell the Truth is truly inspiring!" - John Levoff, Writer and Producer, President of New Frontier Entertainment


"In Time to Tell the Truth, the open and honest story of his life and spiritual beliefs, Dennis' unique voice is candid and compelling. I've learned so much more about my friend. Thank you, Dennis." - Anne Merrifield, a life-long friend


 "These pages contain a genuine story of one person's search for wholeness, meaning, and connectedness. The reader will encounter a candid narrative that flows from one significant insight to another that leaves the reader fully engaged. Along the way, Dennis provides vital insights into family, religion, loss of faith, and the "awe" of renewal.  The journey is unique and the voice is authentic. Dennis' in-depth examination of his quest provides a vital narrative for our time." - Lauren Friesen, PhD, David M. French Professor Emeritus, University of Michigan


In Baba's Love and Remembrance,

Brother Dennis, Los Angeles




Diwali Greetings from Peace Village in a Smilebox

13 November 2015

Om Shanti Living Lights,


On Behalf of Sr Mohini, Sr Gayatri and Sr Kala, special loving greetings for celebrating the true Diwali, the memorial of the Father, Dilaram, the Comforter of Hearts, reigniting the light of the beloved children, the deepaks (lamps). Congratulations from BapDada, "You are the 'deep' children of Deepraj and you children remain constantly lit." Turn on your speakers, enlarge the screen and enjoy the true story of Diwali.

With love and light to all of you merged in Baba's heart.

Click on the image below to play the Smilebox.


Diwali Greetings from Los Angeles

12 November 2015



Diwali Greetings from Sister Mohini 

8 November 2015

Toronto Service News from August to Present

27 October 2015

There has been a variety of service carried out since August and a lot of buzz has been created as a result of which there has been a constant flow of souls at the centre coming to take the course.  Toronto has the fortune of visits by Senior Sisters from all over the globe.  Baba keeps showering blessings upon his children while the visiting seniors fill their aprons with love and enthusiasm.

Sister Mani of London was with us from August to September.  She had a very full schedule and as always, she felt at home and overly extended herself for service.  There were a variety of programs conducted including Rakhi, Janmashtami and New Students' Day Retreat.  Sister Mani tied Rakhi to over 500 souls in two days.  The Janmashtami Program was attended by nearly 200 souls who enjoyed listening to the true significance of the celebration and had a wonderful meditation experience. 

Sister Mani also sustained the Brahmin Family through daily Murli classes, special lectures for various groups (i.e. Mothers, Brothers, Youth, Kumars and Kumaris).  She also did the inaugurations of many new Brahmin homes and gave Baba's message to many souls at programs organized at Brahmins' homes.

India's Independence Day was celebrated with a lot of pomp and splendour by the Indian Consulate   Sister Mani and Sister Savi attended the VIP Program on August 15th where they had the opportunity of meeting the Consul General of India, Mr. Akhilesh Mishra and his wife, various Members of Parliament and other dignitaries.  The following day there was a Public Event organized by the Panorama Organization again attended by Consul General of India, Minister of Immigration, & Citizenship, Mr. Chris Alexander, Members of Parliament and businessmen.  We took part in the cultural program where sisters from the youth group performed a beautiful dance.  We also had a booth where we had literature and our exhibition on display. Hundreds of souls stopped at the booth and got an introduction to the Brahma Kumaris and many registered for the course. We also took part in the parade and were presented a Medal for having the largest representation in the Parade.

We invited the Board Members of Panorama to the Centre for Dinner and this gave them an opportunity to know more about the Brahma Kumaris and they very much enjoyed the presentation, meditation and the food.

We also had the opportunity of participating in an Exhibition at the Albion Square, a shopping centre near the Centre.  This was a good exposure for us as mainly people living in the area near the Centre attended.  There was also an interview with Rogers Television.

It was overall a very powerful and uplifting experience with Sister Mani.

Sisters Vijya and Dhanwanti were in Toronto from Ahmedabad visiting their lokik parents (Devrajbhai and Kamlaben) and they too contributed their time for service whenever possible.

On the occasion of the celebration of 20 years of service in Scarborough (a suburb of Toronto where a lot of Tamil speaking Brahmins attend), a special program was organized and Sister Kala of Peace Village attended on Sister Mohini's behalf.  She arrived on Friday, September 25th evening and started serving immediately.  She read the Murli on Saturday morning followed by a powerful class where she drew everyone's attention on the significance of the power of Yoga. She also mentioned about the importance of Karma Yoga emphasizing that in the lokik world people also perform actions (Karma) but they are not having Yoga with the One.

In the evening, Sister Kala graced the 20 years of Service in Scarborough celebration where nearly 200 people witnessed a powerful program with dance and music, which took them to the world of the golden future. Sister Kala mentioned that to bring this world of golden opportunities, we have to create such a world within.  The program ended with a powerful meditative experience.

After Sunday morning murli and class, Sister Kala celebrated the September Birthdays with the family.  In the evening she inaugurated  the new Scarborough Centre and celebrated with the Scarborough BK family.  She left for Peace Village on Monday morning after murli class.  It was a short but very fulfilling visit.  The souls truly had an amazing experience.



Washington D.C. "Belief" Program Highlights

26 October 2015

To All the Family:

Greetings of love as we approach Diwali and end Dushera. Many are leaving for Madhuban next week and am sure it will be a very special BK season. The scenes of the drama have continued to be intense and full of being Baba's instruments. Baba said, "there will come a time when you won't get sleep, your throat will get dry from speaking too much, and souls will come thirsting for a drop". It is true. For the past few months, having the centers from the US for the first time to come together like they did around BELIEF was magical. We have been on non stop creating of fortune from construction, to UN, the Mall, to a beautiful grand opening, to BELIEF screenings, lectures, then there is always karma yoga.

I have been traveling so much that I have not been able to spend a lot of time with our BK family in DC. Due to this, ?I wanted to let you all know, I might not be there as much as before however, know I am. And, as we observe the drama moving us at GodSpeed, I sincerely invite all of you in the family to come together even more than you are already, understanding the drama deeply, where we are seeing the future becoming more fragile and we are being called to be strong enough to hold ourselves up and each other.

I share this after my amrit vela with love and appreciation for each of you.

From the heart, 

Sister Jenna



Report on Days Three to Day Five of the Parliament of World Religions in Salt Lake City, Utah

22 October 2015

Dear Sweet Family,

We are pleased to send you the report of Day 3, 4 and 5 of the Parliament of World Religions, Salt Lake City, USA.
We will keep updating you the service news of each day.
In Baba's yaad
Sister Chandru
West Coast, Brahma Kumaris


Double Light Rainbows for Double Light Angels

19 October 2015

Om Shanti,

Another double light day with a double light rainbow for all you ?double light angels.

With double love and blessings from Peace Village

Sr Chirya



Are You Ready for Belief? Join Us Today, October 18

18 October 2015

At Last The Day Has Come - Belief!


Dear Friend:

Greetings of love and Om Shanti. I will not attempt to even try to feel what the OWN team, Oprah, Values Partnerships, and all those who have been on the journey to BELIEF's upcoming TV series for October 18th must be like.

After I took a call from a trusted friend a few months ago to support BELIEF, we are pleased to share there will be 34 screenings of BELIEF by the Brahma Kumaris in the US; many friends from the America Meditating Radio Show are doing screenings, they have also garnered wonderful new relations and other friends from across the country are participating in BELIEF.

As we approach showtime, I invite you to be in that space of divinity, balanced with a sweet sigh, with a touch of anticipation of the unfolding for these next seven days as we view Belief TV series on OWN, exploring the lives of people from around the world and learn more about our own lives.

I have witnessed calls of incredible service and pure intent, dinner at the Promise Land, Oprah's home in California. The leadership of the DC committee team led by Lyndia Grant with so much energy to make October 21st at the National Mall screening of BELIEF, an event to remember! I have been awed by BELIEF reaching the United Nations where I witnessed thought raising content in the walls of the UN by Oprah and so much more! The time has come my friends, I call you to fully find the time to attend a watch party, make one yourself, tune in on #belief @own @oprah @americameditate @meditmuseum and let us raise the vibration of our collective consciousness of love, compassion, service, and purity.

I care for you very much and only wish the best for you inside and out. Keep me posted on what you are doing or what you have done and let #belief know.

Enjoy my question to Oprah, What Does God Feel Like? I love how our youths can put these videos together! CLICK HERE


Sister Jenna

Ps. We also opened Meditation Museum 2 in Tyson's on October 14! We thank Congressman Connolly for his support and award. Join us at the Meditation Museum in MD or VA for BELIEF!



Report on the First Two Days of the Parliament of World Religions in Salt Lake City, Utah

18 October 2015

Dear Sweet Family,

We are pleased to send you the report of Day 1 and Day 2 of the Parliament of World Religions, Salt Lake City, USA.

There are about 15 Baba's children from different parts of the world attending the PWR right now. The BK's are spreading their light through their very presence and smiling faces as Baba is doing His magic here.

We will keep updating you the service news of each day.

In Baba's yaad

Sister Chandru

Brahma Kumaris

2015 Parliament of World Religions



Photos of the New Meditation Museum that opened in DC on Day of BapDada's Meeting

18 October 2015



Peace Village Golden Age Sunrise on the day of BapDada's Meeting (Oct 14)

15 October 2015

Om Shanti Special Souls,

Had the fortune of again catching the Light this morning after murli class. I went to cook PV breakfast and was pulled outside (very easily) as the sun was risiing, and what a wondrous surprise --- Blessings of unity 'from the hand of God', as the International BK? ?

Family Globally were preparing to tune into BapDada's first transmission of the season.

Loving Greetings of Happiness from Peace Village. . .

?BK Sr Chirya?



Peace in the Park in Augusta, Georgia

13 October 2015

In order to bring about awareness in the Augusta Georgia community towards Brahma Kumaris in particular and meditation in general, we decided to do a "Peace in the Park" event on Saturday, September 26th. We called it the "Yoga in the Park – Peace in the Park" just to be able to attract more folks.
We booked a park which is very central in location? (Brookfield Park, Augusta, GA)?, so people don't have to travel far for it and it was just the right size. The park had one big pavilion and two smaller ones. We also rented two tents, one covered on all sides for the "Tent Talks" and meditation experience and the other for the Virtuescope and display of Baba's pictures. Part of the big pavilion was used for providing BK food for BKs and the other half for kids flying kits and decorating. One of the small gazebos was kept for henna and face painting and the other for "mind games".
The event was opened to public from 10 am to 6 pm. Ushers took the people around, first to the virtuescope, where they were met by Br Howard, with whom they spun the wheel and got their virtue cards, followed by a quick run-down of our BK philosophy with the help of pictures. 
The tent talks were organized to be on at intervals of 1 hour, so if there was time before the next one, participants were given an opportunity to get henna on their hands or to visit the "mind-games" pavilion. Here we had 2 games: first was a speed writing test. Everyone had to write "I am a peaceful soul" as many times as they could in 2 minutes times and the second was a memory game, where we allowed them to look at the picture of Shiv Baba's qualities for 2 minutes (one brother actually explained the picture to help them memorize) and then they had to write down what they remembered without looking at the picture in the next 2 minutes! For the kids, we had a picture of the "tree of virtues" for them to look at instead.
The topics covered in the tent talks included, "Peace is the Way", "Who am I", "Science of Meditation part I and Part II", "Being Happy No Matter What" etc. Sr. Shireen helped with many of these talks and all of them were jam-packed and the tent was reasonably sized (16x16)!
We provided tomato/ cucumber/ cheese sandwiches to the public and we asked Snowie of Augusta to park their truck at the venue for at least half the day to sell shaved ice and beverages.
Children especially enjoyed the face-painting and kite-flying, and the women enjoyed henna on their hands. Everyone enjoyed the whole event..a lot of learning and serving was experienced. It was a lot of fun overall!!
With Baba's love,
BK Kanishtha


Peace in the (Golden Gate) Park, San Francisco!

13 October 2015

San Francisco (USA):  The 3rd Annual Peace in the Park Festival was held at the legendary Golden Gate Park in San Francisco on September 19, 2015. Over 200 volunteers from 20 organizations, led by the Brahma Kumaris, helped to create this magnificent community event. The objective of this festival was to help people find their calling to peace by offering a variety of well-being activities. 
Over 5,000 people attended and the event was presided over by the Consulate General of India and Police Captain. Twice during the festival, everything came to a halt and people gathered to meditate for World Peace. Each of these guided meditations was followed by a talk by Sister Diane Tillman inspiring participants to deepening their connection with the Supreme Being. Our Supreme Father showed His cooperation by offering a perfectly clear day and keeping everything running smoothly. 
In Baba's Service,
BK Chandru


LiveStreaming of the Parliament of the World's Religions

13 October 2015

Dear brothers and sisters,
Om shanti.  As you know, the Parliament of the World's Religions happens every 5 years and BKs usually have a good part to play.  This time we have a booth and some workshops/panels.
For the first time the plenary sessions are being streamed live.  If you wish to sign up for this, the link is below.  You would not be able to see the workshops and panels but some of you may be interested in watching the plenary sessions.
To find out more about the Parliament programme, please go to: http://www.parliamentofreligions.org/
With love
in Baba's yaad
BK Parliament Team


Invitation to Join Oprah on a LIVE Call Monday, 12 October 7pm EST

13 October 2015


Peace Village Niwassis Do Service at Ahimsa Yoga Music Festival, Windham Ski Area, NY - in Pictures

8 October 2015

Wonderful service was done on Sat-Sun. October 3-4, at a nearly ski area ...  and the day turned out beautifully, externally and internally.


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi meets BKs in California

4 October 2015

Om shanti! Karankaravanhaar Baba gave us a glimpse of His magic this weekend when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited California for the first time. It was also the first visit by an Indian head-of-state to this part of the world in 33 years. The Indian Ambassador in Washington DC hosted a reception for community leaders at the prestigious Fairmont Hotel in San Jose and Baba gave his children a personal meeting with the PM.


One sister and four brothers got the invitation to this high security event: Sr Lavanya Reddy (Seattle), Prof Sudarshan Kapoor (Fresno), Bro Atma Dayal (Milpitas), Br Sanjay Kadaveru (Washington DC/Delhi) and Br Janardhan Chodagam (San Francisco). Sister Lavanya went separately and tied a rakhi to His Excellency. Br Janardhan led the group of four brothers onto the stage. We greeted Modiji with 'Om shanti' and he instantly recognized us. He met with each of us with much love and we felt we were all BK brothers reuniting. BK volunteers had  also been given the key role of ushering and security, so everyone felt the presence of Baba's children in the hall.

?The official photos taken by the media have not yet been received. The photos shown were taken by other delegates in the audience.

PM Modi's Full Speech at SAP Center in San Jose (Hindi only). Click on image to play.


India Day Celebration in Sacramento, CA USA

28 September 2015

After giving godly message, Sister Hansa and other BK sisters with Dr. Ami Bera and Ken Cooley.

Dear Divine Family, Om Shanti from Sacramento!
Sharing a photo report of India Day Celebration with U.S. Representative for California's 7th Congressional District, Dr. Ami Bera and California State Assemblyman Ken Cooley. 
Dr. Ami Bera is the only Indian American currently serving in the United States Congress. Ken Cooley is an American politician currently serving in the California 
State Assembly. He is a Democrat representing the 8th district.
In Baba's remembrance,
BK Family
Sacramento, CA USA



Second Annual Peace Walk and First Peace in the Park Festival, Santa Monica, California

23 September 2015

On a cool Saturday morning in the middle of the hot days of September, peace walkers of all ages gathered at Tongva Park for the Second Annual Walk for World Peace. 

Master of Ceremonies, John Levoff, President of New Frontier Entertainment, welcomed everyone and introduced the Brahma Kumaris. The purpose of the peace walk was to raise awareness of the beauty and importance of peace and spread inner peace through Raja Yoga Meditation into the outer world and create a powerful atmosphere of peace through pure thoughts and vibrations. 
Each registered peace walker was given a free T-shirt, water bottle and a snack bar compliments of the Brahma Kumaris and our sponsors: Wholefoods, 8 Espressos, Café 212, the Hindu Temple Society of Southern California, the Shell gas station on Slauson and Florence, Mumbai Madness from Irvine, Aura's World from Whittier and First Castle Financial from Los Angeles. 
Around 225 souls participated in the walk, which was followed by the first Peace in the Park Festival in this area. 300-350 souls participated in the Festival.
Please read the full report of both the walk and the festival here and enjoy more photos at https://goo.gl/photos/gmTnfJRAYWQo15VZ8 and


Brahma Kumaris Meet Oprah Winfrey as Partners in her Upcoming Belief TV Series

22 September 2015

Sr Jenna with Oprah

On September 17, 2015 in Santa Barbara, CA, Sisters Jenna and Antonia met with Oprah Winfrey and other spiritual and transformational leaders at Oprah's  home. The meeting was for those who have been partnering with her upcoming Belief TV series. You can google BeliefTeam.com to learn more and visit Sr Jenna's  HuffPost blog article. 
It was a scene of great significance, with folks like Jack Canfield, Maria Shirver, India Arie, Panace Desai, Sherry Salata and many others. It was a gathering of souls committed to making a difference in the world and the Brahma Kumaris were present in a special way for a positive shift. 
Brahma Kumaris USA has become instrumental in assisting with TV screenings at their centers and engaging in conversations on God and humanity. 
Bus with thought leaders heading to Oprah's Home     At a theatre viewing the Belief TV seris which focuses on where we pull our power from, is it God?
Author and motivational speaker Jack Canfield and Sr Jenna     Sr. Jenna sharing a moment with Oprah


Healing the Self Requires Letting Go

14 September 2015




What Do You Believe In?

8 September 2015

Source:The Huffington Post Blog page of Sr Jenna (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sister-jenna/post_9878_b_7975572.html)  Posted on 08/12/2015 3:27 pm EDT


I would like to briefly share with you the moment that I was introduced to Belief, and the journey I have been on since.

As I sat in my office at the Meditation Museum going through countless emails and schedules for upcoming activities, I shared with Antonia, who handles most of my schedule, "I will be retiring or at least move into my time of sabbatical". Then, Rev. Carolyn Wilkins, Interfaith minister for Agape in California, called to inform me of an upcoming television series entitled, Belief, narrated by Oprah Winfrey of OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. She shared that Values Partnership (who is collaborating in mobilizing a grassroots movement to bring attention to the upcoming series), is looking at transformational groups in the country. "I was thinking about you and thought you would be perfect," she explained, to be on a call with Oprah as she shares the intent and story of the Belief TV series to be launched Oct 18-24.
A few days later I found myself on a national call led by Values Partnership engaging Oprah Winfrey in a conversation with thought leaders across the nation as to why this show means so much to her. She shared that it is about seeing what is larger in us; examining why faith matters to so many individuals from all cultures and situations in life; and that the project is a result of traveling to 33 countries to explore the lives of real people diving into their faiths to overcome life's greatest challenges.
In that moment, I took a step back inside and asked myself, "Could this really be happening?" Have we evolved to be open to accepting perhaps that our faith gives us some sense of human identity, but it is our experience with God that gives us purpose and reminds us we are here to love?
After the call, an incredible amount of energy began to ensue with regular conference calls across the nation with the OWN team to explore how those of us were receiving this possible shift of narrative in our country and perhaps the world. As is my practice, I kept noticing the energy behind the project, which was coming from a genuine place of how we can all be of service to others and as a result, serve ourselves in a higher way.
I was raised by a Hindu father who believed Krishna to be God, and a Roman Catholic mother who believed Christ would save her from her sins. Rather than choosing who was right, I intuitively felt that God was One, but the choice of which path that would bring an individual comfort and understanding was up to each of His children. It is not surprising that I was called to a deeply spiritual path of being in connection and relationship with God. I believe that when our faith is working, we can accept all faiths and all stories without judgement.
It is perhaps why it is challenging to hear of current events referenced as "religious wars." I believe our wars are more of a lack of ability to understand and accept our differences, than an expression of diverse paths focused on God. When we are deeply submerged into divine power or deep self-realization, the natural emergence would be a soul filled with virtues and values whose only mission is to bestow God's love and light. It seems to me that any form of violence or brutality is an absence of the divine. Perhaps Belief will open viewers to that, among other, profound realizations that can truly shift our world.
When I was led to my practice, it called me to not be focused on being a Brahma Kumari, but instead to be true to the original worth of the self. It invited me to find the courage to see myself honestly and be strong enough to change ALGAE (anger, lust, greed, attachment, ego) into the opposites: peace, purity, joy, love and wisdom. Through spiritual knowledge, discipline with love, and patience of the spirit I have come to realize that I am on a return journey to purity of heart, being clean inside.
Being a part of this gradual build up around the Belief TV series that will broadcast on OWN between Oct 18-24, I am witnessing possibility like never before. That of uniting rather than dividing. That of forgiving rather than seeking revenge. The possibility of laying down arms for flowers and good wishes. The possibility of offering folks permission to look into their inner world with more grace and beauty than any other way. Could the upcoming Belief TV series be a game changer for our humanity?
In this unfolding story with the Belief series, I am consciously embracing the friendships garnered between various faith traditions, economical classes, race and cultural limits, around a conversation that is elegantly not propagating anyone to belong to a religion, but to perhaps explore more how one's religion has the power to use God, and God to use one another, to do great good in the world.
I look forward with love and regard for this powerful project to reach the hearts of many.
If we intend to lay down arms, forgive, let the past be past, to move on, then I believe when we break attachments and love everyone the same there will be the experience of a good life. Then we will see the face of God in everyone.


32 hours of bliss with Madhuban Sister Shielu in Washington DC

8 September 2015

Click on image above to play this 6 minute video. 
Dear Family & Friends,
The drama gave Washington DC the beautiful gift of Sister Shielu from Madhuban. 
She arrived, had an intimate dinner with the Brahmin family, conducted Rakki for Brahmins and celebrated Dadi's Day within her first 12 hours. Then we went to see Baba's new commercial space, The Meditation Museum 2 in Virginia. 
We were then off to DC, to the Ferris wheel at the National Harbor, and then to our sweet and lovely, Dadi's Tree on Capital Hill. The family all squeezed into the van decorated by our three Dadis, and shared spiritual knowledge, stories, and plenty of smiles.
On the evening of August 25th, the Raksha Bhandan event at the Meditation Museum was over-booked. It was a night of sheer beauty, with a famous opera singer, Rev. Hylton playing a sitar, and the screening of Oprah Winfrey's new TV series called "Belief", where a global conversation on how to experience our higher self is explored. 
Twenty-nine hours later, Sister Shielu read Murli, tied a few extra rakkis, had breakfast, and then a group of us were off to the airport in Baba's 'Who Am I' 36 feet RV. She was dropped off in high style!
Thanks to all who assisted, as we continue to celebrate 32 hours of bliss with Shielubhen. 
OM Shanti.


Madhuban Sr Sheilu's Visit to Seattle USA

31 August 2015

Dear Divine Family,
Om Shanti. Special Greetings for a Happy and Powerful Raksha Bandhan to all of you!
Please find below the service news report of Sis.Sheilu's magical visit to Seattle. The report with pictures is available here!
In Baba's remembrance,
Baba's Seattle Family


Article in The Fresno Bee: "Brotherhood, sisterhood celebrated in Fresno with Raksha Bandhan"

26 August 2015

Source: Article by Carmen George in the Religion section of the Fresno Bee, published on 7th August (http://www.fresnobee.com/living/religion/article30404502.html)

At the Fresno home of Dr. Sudarshan Kapoor and his wife, Veena Kapoor, the location for a Raksha Bandhan gathering on Sunday, Aug. 9. Raksha Bandhan is a festival for strengthening the spiritual relationship as well as the ties between each other.  Photo by Eric Paul Zamora

Sudarshan Kapoor spends a lot of time thinking about world peace.

The 81-year-old, a professor at Fresno State for nearly half a century, still teaches one class at the university: "peace building." And for the past 18 years, the northeast Fresno home he shares with his wife, Veena, has doubled as a meditation center — a central San Joaquin Valley satellite for the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization.

The latest in peace building for this peaceful couple is promoting a day that celebrates brotherhood and sisterhood, "Raksha Bandhan."

"If we were to focus on what is the inner love and peace within us, that's universal. So that's really brotherhood and sisterhood." Veena Kapoor

The Kapoors say while this ancient, annual celebration will be observed by many Hindu and Sikh people on Aug. 29, they hope people of all cultures and faiths will partake in the tradition.

"Just like we have a Father's Day and a Mother's Day, why don't we have a brother and sister day in this country, also?" Sudarshan Kapoor asks.

He says such a day is badly needed.

"People are so alienated, people are so isolated, people are so insulated. We need to break those barriers. How to do that? I think this is one of the vehicles to promote that brotherhood and sisterhood — real love and harmony amongst us as brothers and sisters. That's my dream."

"I consider it a very powerful vehicle to promote peace — real divine love that we all need, the real divine protection that we all need, regardless of whatever faith traditions or cultures or ethnic backgrounds that we come from."   Sudarshan Kapoor

There are a number of historic and mythological stories linked to the origins of Raksha Bandhan, the Kapoors say, where once a year, a sister ties a "rakhi" — a kind of bracelet — around her brother's wrist, meant to represent a "bond of love and protection." She also gives him a dessert, meant to "promote sweetness in the relationship," Veena Kapoor says, and the brother presents his sister with a small gift.

"The traditional thinking was the brothers are supposed to protect the sisters, the sisters give them love and blessing, but, you know, who can live up to that?" Veena Kapoor says with a laugh. "It was the 18th century. Not now."

These days, she says, both brothers and sisters can share in the protecting and blessing.

Traditionally, Raksha Bandhan is only observed by siblings, but the Kapoors want to see the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood extended to all.

Sudarshan Kapoor, who doesn't have a biological sister, receives rakhis from friends, and each August, Veena Kapoor also ties a rakhi for friend Imam Seyed Ali Ghazvini, the spiritual leader of the Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno.

The Kapoors are inviting the public to celebrate Raksha Bandhan at their home center on Sunday, Aug. 9, with meditation, a talk and rakhi-tying ceremony by Sister Gita Patel, coordinator of the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center in Los Angeles who has taught meditation for more than 35 years. Like all meditation, talks and classes at the Kapoors' northeast Fresno home, the event is free.

The Kapoors say they find more meaning in Raksha Bandhan than its original cultural significance.

"The deeper meaning that we understand is that the real protection and love is between a human being and God," Veena Kapoor says. "We really tie the bond of protection and love with the Supreme Being."

"The love and protection of the divine is for everyone."  Veena Kapoor

While Raksha Bandhan is traditionally a Hindu observance, the Kapoor's Fresno center is not affiliated with any religion.

"Spirituality comes first, organized religion comes later," Veena Kapoor says. "Neither Buddha nor Christ started out forming an organized religion. They just spoke from their heart, from their understanding, so that's spirituality."

Before rakhis are tied during Sunday's gathering, there will be meditation to promote connection with the self.

"We get so caught up with our own imperfections and putting ourselves down for what we are not doing right, but we are not really looking at the goodness that is underneath, so the attempt is to enable each one to look at the goodness inside," Veena Kapoor says of meditation.

"The peace and love that we want is inside us, and the ritual enables people to really feel and experience that for themselves first. So that then, when they connect with others, that will radiate. They will be able to give naturally."

Veena Kapoor ties a rakhi, a kind of bracelet meant to represent a "bond of love and protection" between brothers and sisters, to friend Imam Seyed Ali Ghazvini, the spiritual leader of the Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno, during a gathering last year. Photo by Sudarshan Kapoor (Special to The Bee)

Rakhis, a type of bracelet, will be presented and used by a spiritual leader during a Raksha Bandhan gathering Sunday, Aug. 9. Raksha Bandhan is a festival for strengthening the spiritual relationship as well as the ties between each other. Photo by Eric Paul Zamora


Didi Sheilu Touches The Heart of Canada

25 August 2015

Om Shanti.
Please find attached, as well as at links provided, a sharing of the precious time we had with dear Shielu Didi. She traveled the vastness of this land with great royalty, lightness and kindness - celebrating Rakshabandhan, bringing the beauty of Madhuban, and creating a wave of good wishes that unite.

Sheilubhen became the Living Rakhi for all of us, uniting the whole country with her pure vision of appreciating every moment and every soul. Didi is a wonderful example of a life dedicated to God; she is not just Baba's Voice to the Double Foreigners...she also brings the feelings of His Heart.
With much thanks and appreciation to Baba, Dadi, and our Seniors for making this possible,

Br Eric and the Canadian Family
Downloadable pdf of full report with pictures

Ebook: http://www.calameo.com/read/000846806751c13a75f06


Upcoming at Peace Village: Retreat for New Murli Students

12 August 2015


Silence as Fasting: Sr Mohini at the Call-of-the-Time, Experiment in Silence Retreat on 6th August

8 August 2015

In some ways having a period of silence is like fasting.  In India there is fasting for many occasions, such as for holidays, but also if there is some kind of an obstacle. They pray and they worship.
The Hindi word for "fast" is upvas and it means to stay in a higher space.  For upvas you have to have pure feelings or a clear purpose so you have the strength to stay without food.  The kitchen is very attractive during a fast. Even as people are fasting they may be thinking of what foods they are going to make and offer to God when the fast is over.  
These days we tend to be intellectual about silence, but actually a period in silence is like a fast from thinking too much.  It's a decision not to allow our minds to go on and on.  There are certain spiritual practices that help us to change the habits of the mind.  One of them is "the 3 points":
The first point is the awareness that "I am a point of light" beyond the pull of the sense organs.  This is a way of thinking about the true self.
The second point is that "the Creator" is also light.  This awareness allows my consciousness to go higher, to go beyond.
The third point is to bring a "full stop" to whatever has happened.  Past is past.  It is one thing to be aware of lessons learned, but to continue to revisit the situation and the story I have made about the situation is something else.
It is possible to go beyond practices and to move into a natural silence.  People sometimes speak about "dead silence," but beyond that there is sweet silence.  In this state we are contented.  It is the way we feel after we have eaten a good meal and are completely satiated.  A critical mind is not a peaceful mind.  Subtle negativities arise from being critical.  In sweet silence we are beyond desires.  I am not thinking of peace, I am peaceful.  So there are spiritual practices, but when you go beyond them, you move into natural silence.  
As we move into this time of silence, we should have an aim.  What am I looking to develop within me in silence?  To face the challenges in our lives, we need power, strength.  We want to be firm and to be stable.  In silence, there should be a lot of realizations for us to work on.  
We talk a lot about habits.  It's very natural to do this kind of fasting of thoughts in silence.  We can be natural, not forceful. 
You can be in contemplation while you are walking.  Many have a habit of going for long walks.  You can combine walking with your spiritual practice.  Notice the habits of your mind.  You may notice that the computer is a pull or that food is a pull.  Life should not be governed by habits but by awareness.  Every physical habit has a related habit of thinking.  If you react to something, it's a habit.  For us to progress, habits have to be changed.
For example if someone has a nature of being attached, then throughout his whole life there will be a series of attachments.  Check internally and change the habit of the mind.  Change the mental attitude.  The purpose of silence is to cleanse the soul.  Fasting is cleansing.  Feelings come, for instance when we react to something.  Thoughts also come.  Remove the habitual feelings and thoughts and ask, "What should be my feelings and thoughts in this circumstance?"  If your response was not the right response, change your response.
With silence power you can be in the midst of things but be very silent inside.  Silence is solitude, ekaat.  It is concentration, ekagrata.  Silence will increase our focus and concentration.  These days the biggest problem, even for those on a spiritual path, is fickleness of focus, a lack of concentration.  In our physical and in our spiritual lives we need to look at deficiencies, for example a lack of focus or concentration.  With physical deficiencies, your immune system is compromised and you are vulnerable to attacks of diseases.  With spiritual deficiencies, you are vulnerable to attacks of negativity.
Catch yourself when you're doing something unnecessary.  Be sensible.  This is how you create and maintain energy.  When your energy is low, you pick up on tension and negativity quickly.  When something happens – say someone leaves – it is not something to worry about in itself, but it is a signal.  Realize that when we are making good spiritual effort 98% is good and only 2% needs a little attention.  Never criticize.  98% is good.
Om shanti.


Sudesh Didi's Smile Does Magic in Sacramento, California

7 August 2015

It was our great fortune in the drama to have the opportunity to spend short but sweet and quality  time with Sudesh Didi. She arrived on July 5th afternoon and was welcomed by Baba's children with flowers, sweet drishti, and 4th of July colored balloons.
An event had been organized for contact souls. The topic for the program was " Discovering the Magic of a Smile." The president of the Interfaith Council of Greater Sacramento, John Fish, was present to welcome Didi and attend the program.
Didi gave very good examples of the magic that smiling can bring in life. One of them was,  "A flower does not lose its fragrance or beauty, regardless of people's comments to it." Didi's talk was filled  with cheerful feelings and the motivation to become like the fragrant and beautiful flower.
The program ended with a  meditation , questions and answers, toli and blessings. Didi  presented  our honored guest, John Fish, with Shiv Baba's  golden picture. In appreciation of  Didi's  world service, Mr Fish then presented Didi with a special plaque depicting the globe of the world.
After the event, we enjoyed a loving gathering of Baba's children with Didi and joyously  celebrated the  75th birthdays of  three of Baba's children. Didi gifted them with  special plaques of Baba's blessings.
Next day morning, Didi conducted Amrit Vela and shared stories of Baba and Mama. While driving to the airport, Didi conducted tMurli class via a conference call with all Baba's children.  Didi is like Ganges of Knowledge, constantly flowing...
Thank you Baba, thank you Drama  for these memorable scenes...



"Coming Home: The Path to the Light" - Sudesh Didi uplifts and inspires at a BK retreat at Anhubhuti over July 4th weekend

4 August 2015

The Anubhuti Meditation & Retreat Center celebrated a meeting of souls and hearts with Sudesh Didi for a BK Retreat, "Coming Home: The Path to the Light", over the 4th of July weekend, 2015.  It was a true joy being with Sudesh Didi.  The retreat was from July 2 to July 5 and a public event, "Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times" was also included so that the community could also take benefit from listening such an elevated Yogini.
During the retreat, Sudesh Didi touched upon a very simply way of keeping ourselves soul conscious:  "The first Shrimat is soul consciousness.  Have a thought, ‘I am a soul,' and create a personality.  Use it as a mantra and practice having only pure thoughts which become your habit.  Take a shower of meditation before going to bed, don't sleep in the car (body), but leave your car in the garage and sleep in Baba's lap.  You can make your mind active by taking dharna points from the previous day.  Create happiness and joy."
Sudesh Didi has a natural ability to be present, light, and humorous. We felt royalty and benevolence in her nature and drishti (spiritual eye contact). We enjoyed her personal stories of how she came into knowledge, her experience of how the Yayga sustained her spiritual growth, and her answers to the Q & A conversation were amazing. (Some of the classes in HD resolution are available by request.) 

West Coast Instruments with Didi



Br Mohan Singhal Visits Dayton Ohio

30 July 2015

It was a joy and an honor to have our senior brother from Madhuban  - Mohan Singhal Bhaiji with us for a few days in Dayton Ohio. Everyone felt the elevated vibrations of his pure renunciate life. He has been associated with the Brahma Kumaris as a surrendered brother for the past 53-54 years and had the fortune of having sustenance from Brahma Baba and Mama. Because of this unsurpassed spiritual experience, the entire spiritual family from Dayton/Mason/Cincinnati felt as if they were being sustained by Brahma Baba himself. 
We were fortunate to have a few programs during Bhaiji's stay with us from Tue, July 7 to Fri, July 10. Even though all of these days happened to be weekdays, a majority of the souls in contact got the opportunity to take sustenance and interact with Mohan Bhaiji, creating a wave of intoxication and happiness in the spiritual family. It was a very memorable experience for all of us.
Below are the links to four programs we did during his visit here. All the programs ended with a short personal meditation done by Mohan bhaiji, followed by distribution of toli and blessings. 
Mohan Singhal Bhaiji- July 7th, 2015 Dayton Hindu Temple, Beavercreek Ohio, USA (public program)
Mohan Singhal Bhaiji-July 8th, 2015, Baba's Home in Dayton Ohio, USA (for bks's)
Mohan Singhal Bhaiji- July 8, 2015, Retirement Community, Apna-Sapna Club, Cincinnati Ohio, USA (public program)
Mohan Singhal Bhaiji - July 9, 2015, Kishore Bhai & Asha Behn's home, Mason Ohio, USA (for bk's)


Toronto Enjoys Visits from Sudesh Didi and Shashi bhen (London)

24 July 2015

Sudesh DIdi's visit from July 6 to 9

It was truly a blessing to have Sudesh Didi with us in Toronto.  It was a short visit but Didi filled each and every soul to the brim.  It was as though she was reading each soul and knew exactly what to share and how to empower them.  Brahmins always look for a boost of spiritual power and Didi was able to bring about instant transformation in many and the scene was of smiling and happy faces. 

Read about the rest of Sudesh Didi's visit here.

Shashiben's visit for the month of June

The Toronto Centre, named "Inspirations House" is truly blessed by Baba and the divine family as Maharathis, one after other have made service stops in Toronto. We were so pleased to have Shashibhen of London with us for nearly one month in the month of June, 2015.
Read about the rest of Shashiben's visit here.


Be Happy No Matter What - Didi Sudesh Leaves Souls in Southern California Smiling

17 July 2015

On Saturday, 28th June, Sudesh Didi was the featured speaker on the topic "Be Happy No Matter What" at the Westside Jewish Community Center in Los Angeles. On Monday she conducted a Southern California Teachers Retreat for a small group of BK instrument souls at Diamond House, Laguna Beach, CA. 


Inclusion Revolution At Meditation Museum(video)

17 July 2015

Click above image to play (length 3:22 minutes).
The International Child Art Foundation (ICAF) added the Meditation Museum as part of its summer camp for children from around the world who visit Washington DC for the Arts Olympiad hosted by ICAF. It was setting where they could engage in an art project on the theme of the Inclusion Revolution initiated by Congressman Elijah Cummings.


Invitation to the Green Retreat at Peace Village, NY

17 July 2015

An invitation to The Third Annual North American BK Green Retreat, Peace Village Retreat Center, Haines Falls, NY from 31st July to August 2nd, 2015
Mind and Matter:  The Confluence of Two Living Systems. 
This year the Green retreat will break new ground by offering enjoyable options for how to serve in our service areas. Environmental issues concern many, and gyan provides methods and answers not available elsewhere. BKs in many countries are heeding BapDada's instructions to try new methods to find mikes and serve contact souls. The International Green Team has designed some workshops now being used to develop green spiritual consciousness in BKs and others. We will test drive some of these during the retreat and brainstorm outreach ideas for workshops in our service areas. Silence and science will cooperate as we combine mansa seva & quantum physics! 
Sunday is the second phase of retreat - we will shift gears and host a workshop for the public which includes an Om Café style session for sharing of ideas, instead of a panel of experts. Feel free to invite any environmentally-minded contacts you have, and please plan to stay for this phase of the retreat, if possible. It's an opportunity to observe, interact and build confidence for trying an event in your area. Having many Green BKs in the Café conversations will elevate the atmosphere, spiritual content and results. Networking will happen naturally, possibly leading to future programs with others.
The North American Green Retreat team is looking forward to your presence and sharing. Please register through your center coordinator.  Arrivals on Friday, Departures after lunch on Sunday. (after public program – from 10:30 am to 1:30pm)
For more information, contact the Green Team Coordinators:
Sister Shubi (Ohio) shubhragoel@yahoo.com   937-361-8039
Brother Gordan (California) peacefulsoular@yahoo.com    415-613-3751


IMPORTANT - Guidelines for travel to Peace Village

9 July 2015

Dear One and All, Om Shanti,
Firstly,  the transport department wants to thanks each of you for being understanding for any delays caused by the transport department.  We especially want to thank those who planned ahead and traveled in groups and rented a car from the airport.  
Please be aware of the following guidelines and inform all those BKs from your center traveling to Peace Village.
We are very pleased that many want to come to Peace Village and we are thrilled about this and want you all to continue to come.  The following guidelines are what we feel we can truly handle.
Guidelines for USA BKs traveling to Peace Village
1.     Transport will be provided for USA BKs that fly into Albany Airport or Newburgh Airport.
2.     If you are using any other airport you will have to use public transport (bus/train) to Hudson, NY or Kingston, NY;  the transport department will arrange a pick up for you from those places.
3.   Plan to arrive by 7pm, unless other times are pre-arranged with the transport department.
4.   Travel in groups and plan to rent a car when you can.
Travel Always under Baba's Canopy,
Travel Ministers, 
Sr. Dorothy and Br. Vijai


BK Retreat with Sudesh Didi at Anubhuti - web links

9 July 2015

Om Shanti, 
To BapDada's lovely diamond light souls.
It has been a thoughtful, fun and refreshing retreat with Sudesh Didi and the BK family over the July 4th long weekend. Here are the AdobeConnect weblinks to the Murlis and classes to refresh our Godly and good times. :) (You will need Adobe Flash Player to access them. Please note that audio quality is poor for the first couple of sessions.)
Looking forward to our next meeting.
Your San Francisco/Anubhuti Family


Invitation to Peace in the Park in Central Park, New York City

8 July 2015


Media Creators Attend 15th Annual "Images & Voices of Hope" (IVOH) Summit at Peace Village

6 July 2015

PEACE VILLAGE, 28 June 2015: Peace Village hosted 140 media creators for the 15th annual Images & Voices of Hope (IVOH) summit on the topic of "Restorative Narrative" on June 25 - 28.  The mostly US group represented many media sectors:  Journalists, advertising executives, film makers, digital media creators, artists, radio and television broadcasters and professors and researchers of media. 
60 of them arrived on Wednesday to take part in a retreat on "The Personal Dimension of Restorative Narrative".  This day included reflection and dialogue with Sister Mohini of New York, as well as a psychologist who specializes in trauma recovery and a protestant minister.  The retreat day looked at how we can experience empathy and how we can remain resilient even when exposed to traumatic experience.  Those who attended the retreat expressed enormous appreciation for the day and almost 20 of them chose to take a raja yoga meditation class offered the next day.
Over the three days, they considered how the stories they create to cover trauma and tragedy can be developed in such a way as to tell not only the story of the tragedy, but also the story of the movement back to hopefulness and resilience.  In addition to the information sessions, there were early morning sunrise meditations, guided mountain walks, reflective sessions with music and guided commentary and a closing with toli and blessings.
On the final evening awards were given to six promising upcoming media makers for their impressive work supporting IVOH's mission of "media as agent of world benefit".
Images & Voices of Hope was started by the Brahma Kumaris with two other partner organizations in 1999.  Since then it has grown into an independent not-for-profit organization with increasing influence in the media community.  The decision to focus on "Restorative Narrative" two years ago has drawn considerable attention from major publications and foundations.  Although the organization has been independent since 2008, the Brahma Kumaris still host the annual gathering at Peace Village and take responsibility for the reflective component of the summit.  For more information, contact Sister Veronica at Miami@us.brahmakumaris.org or Sister Judy at judyrodgers@gmail.com.
Download report here


As the secular practice explodes, some want focus on the spiritual side

By Michelle Boorstein, The Washington Post

25 June 2015

Source: The Daily Herald (http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20150615/entlife/150619610/)

Sister Jenna Mahraj plays with a dog at the at the Meditation Museum in Silver Spring, Md. Promoting the religious component of meditation is part of the purpose of the center, which is more about spiritual advocacy than a museum in the classic sense.

SILVER SPRING, MD -- Inside the newly opened Meditation Museum, exhibits refer to the pursuit of "God," the "Supreme Soul" and often "The One." A constant visual theme is orangeish-reddish light emanating from a vague, otherworldly source. The message is clear: Meditation is about connecting with the divine.

"If the mind can be in a state of experiencing the energy of God's light or presence," said Sister Jenna Mahraj, a nightclub owner turned spiritual teacher whose organization opened the museum this year, "it's like everything we tend to find so disheveled -- it starts to find its own purpose."
Yet in gyms, businesses and public schools in every direction from the museum, meditation is often presented as something akin to mental weightlifting: a secular practice that keeps your brain and emotions in shape. Gyms list it alongside Zumba classes, and public schools say it can help students chill out before tests by calming the mind and training it to look upon disruptive thoughts from a nonjudgmental distance.
This rough juxtaposition between the religious and secular versions of meditation epitomizes a key debate about the ancient practice as it explodes in the United States: What is the purpose of meditation? And who decides?
To Mahraj and her community, called the Brahma Kumaris, promoting the religious component is part of the purpose of the Silver Spring center, which is more about spiritual advocacy than a museum in the classic sense.


Dadi Janki's Departure from PV in Photos

11 June 2015



Highlights of Dadi Janki's Program at Peace Village on Saturday, 6th June - A Photo Summary

11 June 2015

Download full Photo-Summary here.



Dadi Gulzarji's letter for those gathered in Peace Village - 6 June

8 June 2015

To all the sweet sweet Double foreign brothers and sisters who stay under Bapdada's canopy,
You are all so lucky that our sweet Dadiji has been able to fly to you. Dadi always flies and makes others fly, making everyone full. I am in Delhi now.  Dadi Janki has sent your love. I a also remembering her and all of you a lot. 
Look, this song is so good' I belong to Baba and Baba belongs to me'. Whe Baba Himself is mine, what else do I need? There is nothing else left. You just have to become world benefactors and benefit yourself first. you have to make every second and every breath worthwhile. We are not responsible just for ourselves. We have connection with the whole world. The whole world gets affected through my stage. This is why we all have to come together and have conversations only about world transformation and make this final. First self and then world transformation. 
Everyday, you must be experiencing Baba's love, right? Is the love of the heart increasing all the time? Because  whatever Baba is telling us about the heart now, according to that and according to our efforts, the love of the heart is increasing and if there is the love of the heart, the response of that love should also be equally great. 
Churning of the ocean of knowledge can only happen when the power of contemplation is in an emerged form. Invoke your power of contemplation. Welcome it and make it sit near you, then contemplate on the murli of the day. What is the important thing Baba said in the murli? What  was Baba's thought today? What do I have to do? Do only what Baba says. Not just once, but repeat the murli again and again, then you will be freed from waste. Now, each one should have accumulated the treasure of powerful thoughts. Only this will be useful in the end. 
Achcha, please accept love filled remembrances from Bapdada and myself. 
Om Shanti


Celebration of Dadi's Centennial year in Peace Village, New York on Tuesday, June 2nd

8 June 2015

Click above image to view and turn on your speakers


Hundreds of BKs Travel Hundreds of Miles to be with Dadi in PV

7 June 2015

In late April word went out that Dadi Janki would be at Peace Village in early June.  Within days requests began pouring in from all over the US and Canada to come to see her --- even just for a few minutes.  So Peace Village accommodated.  They called for cooks and servers, for air mattresses and trucks full of chairs to make room for those who wanted to make the pilgrimage to Hunter Mountain in the Catskill Mountains of New York.

By Friday, June 5, most of the 200 Regional Retreat participants had left, and by Saturday morning, the kitchen had turned out 1000 pokharas, vats of rice and two multilayered cakes to feed the incoming BK's who had been waiting patiently for a chance to be with Dadi.  When she entered the hall at 11 am, there wasn't a seat left in the house and almost a thousand people were sitting in pin-drop silence.  She stood at the front of the stage and gave drishti to all of those who had come.  Then she took her seat and asked for everyone to join her in saying "om shanti" three times.  The response was thunderous, and she was pleased.

Her remarks were in answer to three questions.  First, "What is the meaning, the experience and the spiritual effort one must make to conquer the vices of the world (to become vikarmajeet)?"  

She thought for a moment, "First commit no mistakes.  Baba has given us a good understanding of the five vices.  Before we were under the influence of the five vices.  Even the elements were under the influences of the vices.  You have seen this.  Suddenly a fire will spark or an earthquake will erupt somewhere.  Now we have to do such elevated actions that we move beyond this influence.  What are elevated actions?  All of the sevadharis making food for you in the kitchen, all of those who cleaned rooms so that you could stay…this is elevated action.  Some are washing pots.  Some are cooking.  Some are sweeping. These are elevated actions.  And the five elements are not only ‘out there'.  This body is made of the five elements – sky, wind, fire, water and skin is the earth.  So now I treat all of them with a lot of love."

Second question, " What is the inner experience of becoming a conqueror of actions (being karmateet), and what is the secret of becoming karmateet whilst living in this fast-paced world?"  

Dadi responded, "God has taught us to do elevated actions.  We are not becoming renunciates of action.  We are raj yogis.  To be karmateet means to become free from all bondages of karma, to be liberated in life.  There should be no shadow of anyone else's nature or sanskar in me.  

"When you do seva in the unlimited stage, your seva is unlimited.  So many have become instruments for service.  Such instruments receive a lot of power.  They have five qualities:  First they have complete, true and real purity.  Within purity is truth.  With purity and truth you will have patience.  Through patience comes humility.  And through humility comes sweetness.  This is the karmateet stage."

The third and final question: "Dadi, you are 1 of the very few who have seen Brahma Baba from the early sakar days and then seen avyakt BapDada for 46 years.  Does this avyakt transition come over time or suddenly, and is it possible to have these three stages while living in the body, or is it only when we leave the body that we can experience these stages?"

"Avyakt," Dadi said, "begins with an internal attitude of renunciation, then tapasya and then that of a sevadhari.  There can be no remembrance of any kind of body consciousness.  No voice should come inside about what I did.  Whatever is ordained in the drama, that's what's happening.  Starting from this morning I have been experiencing the avyakt stage – totally beyond the body.  The body is here, and I am up above.  To create such a stage you have to forgive and forget.  If I have made a mistake or others have made a mistake, let me fly to the One.  In the avyakt stage the soul is totally beyond awareness of the body and is just in the awareness of One.  The mind is calm. The heart is true and the intellect is linked with One.  See yourself like this and create such a stage.  It is we have to create such a stage for ourselves.  We have to become avyakt like this.

Then cakes were cut, photos taken and Dadi left to give drishti and to share her bhavna with those who were cooking and serving the crowd. 


Report on Dadi Janki's arrival in Peace Village

1 June 2015

On Thursday, May 29, Dadi Janki arrived in Peace Village from London. Over 200 Brahmins from the Americas had gathered to welcome her with music playing and an archway of roses held over her head. Mohiniben met her with tears of joy – so grateful that Dadi had made the long trip, since Mohiniben had not been able to be in Madhuban this season. Dadi went first to Baba's room and then addressed the group briefly, asking for 3 om shantis.

She, Hansaben and Jasuben were moved into their newly remodeled quarters where Dadi went to sleep. Though everyone had planned to let her recover on Friday, she was up and ready to speak to the room by 11 am. "Have a strong awareness of the confluence age," she told them. "There is a strong pull to solitude. Baba is present in front of you. You have called Him, and He has come. Don't ask for blessings, but let your thoughts be such that there's not one waste thought."

She continued to meet the group twice each day. On Saturday morning she shared: How do we see Baba and Baba's children? Dadi has had many tests performed on her brain. But human beings are tested in 3 ways: (1) the heart, (2) the brain and (3) your nature. The heart should be clean, honest and generous. The intellect should work such that we are able to catch things through signals. The test for your nature is – can you live together harmoniously? If, because of someone's nature, I don't remain stable, then I have not passed the test of my nature.

Baba tells us that every thought of a charitable soul does service. When you have clean, pure and elevated thoughts, you are able to draw God's love. These days we can see that service is done through vibrations and through the atmosphere.

Saturday evening was electric. By this time there were close to 300 at Peace Village and they all had gathered in the Inspiration Hall to celebrate Dadi's birthday. Each one wore a garland and tilak and they gathered to create an entryway into the hall. Mickey and Minnie Mouse led Dadi into the hall and to her seat of honor on the stage—next to the statue of liberty. A native American Indian chief and princess were masters of ceremony for the evening. For the next two hours there were joyous dances and songs from virtually every tradition in the Americas: the Latin Americans, the Caribbeans, the indigenous people, the USA and even the kitchen sevadharis. Dadi allowed herself to be serenaded, decorated with hats and hugged over and over by the double foreigners --- all of whom consider her to be the mother who brought them to Baba.

Sunday morning, she was present in the hall again, sharing her thoughts: Class is all about getting power from the murli. We read the murli, but then we have to churn and contemplate the murli…this churning is how we get the butter. And this is what gives us our strength.

Keep your intellect in the unlimited, and keep such a quality of mind that we can all be together. The power of the ancestor souls is now working internally.

Whatever you want to do, do it now, because no one has seen tomorrow.

If you have an honest heart, this will show on your face. If your intention is clean, you just have to have one thought and it gets accomplished in a practical way. I have nothing inside but this bhavna. You can open me up and look inside.

Shiv Baba, the Supreme Soul, the Father has given sustenance to us souls. What does Baba want from us? Ask yourself: whatever Baba wants from me, am I doing that? Or do I still have the influence of manmat or parmat? We are not influenced by anyone. Make this deep effort for yourself, and also spread it in the atmosphere. Nothing more should be in your mind. One minute, you are together in the dining room and the next minute you are here meditating. It's as if your seats in this hall are reserved. And you also have a reserved seat up there (points to her forehead). Sit there and allow yourself to be pulled to paramdham. Go to the subtle region.

She asked: Are you sitting in amrit vela having yoga? Or are you doing seva? It's our power of yoga that makes our service reach so far. And there is also the power of silence. We have to be in such silence that there is silence up there. Baba says, you have to be like big clouds and shower peace. People will say, "Where did this peace come from"?

There are hundreds waiting to come see Dadi on the weekend --- many have bought tickets and are planning to arrive starting on Friday. There will not be one square foot of floor space left as Peace Village stretches to accommodate all of those who want to come.



Dadi Janki's Arrival in Peace Village on May 28th

1 June 2015

Click on the image above to watch 4:44 minute video.




Re: Flooding in Texas and Oaklahoma

26 May 2015


The latest word from Sister Ranjan in Dallas, Texas, is that "there is flooding in lower parts of Texas due to heavy rains but the Brahmin family and centers are okay so far."



April Service Highlights from Florida

21 May 2015

Waddy bhen gave talks  and met the BK family in Gainsville and Ocala. In Tampa she met the BK  family.  The College of Central Florida is sending students to the center as part of their Comparative Religion Course.
A Yoga Studio owner facilitated an hatha yoga class and crystal bowls session at the library. Arts Part had a World Peace Meditation. The Meditate @ 8 is going strong. The Living values team gathered.
Brother Dev created an amrit vela project for the Miami BKs'. BK Donna led a cooking class. BK Marjorie co-facilitated a retreat in Peace Village. BK Meredith taught a meditation class in a yoga studio. Sister Marianne moved to Sarasota and Sisters Marjorie and Amar danced for her.
Prison service at prisons at Pompano Beach with plans to have this program ongoing. Return of Madhuban pilgrims. The program to hold bhattis at students' houses as an outreach meditation continues.  A yogic environment started again, the vegetables gardens providing much food for Baba's bhog.
North Port
There was a gathering of souls who had taken the Raja Yoga Intro. Course, to review the knowledge. 
Waddy bhen gave a talk


Improve Wellness Without Getting Off the Couch

19 May 2015 - Blog article by a PV retreat participant

Looking for a way to feel better without any physical exertion?  Spiritual practice and mediation might be an answer for you. I just spent a couple of days out of my "comfort zone", learning about meditation and talking about the "soul" and "inner peace" and various other unfamiliar topics. Led by kind and experienced facilitators (Micheline and Meghan) in a conducive environment, these foggy concepts became a bit clearer to me.   Spiritual practice does take time and repetition and patience, including both looking inward at yourself and outward for a connection to something greater. Is it worth the effort? That is for each person to decide.
My first spiritual retreat
This weekend I attending my first spiritual retreat at a Brahma Kumari center called Peace Village, located on top of Hunter Mountain in New York. I attended a retreat for spiritual experimenters entitled "Living From Our Courage:An Empowering Retreat for Women". I initially was motivated to register since I loved the title of the retreat (what could be wrong with getting more courage? and what a meaningful way to celebrate our over-commercialized Mother's Day!), and especially since I would be sharing time with my beloved "Brooklyn-resident" daughter, Arianna, for three whole days. On a more personal level, I was motivated by my feelings of being seriously out of balance: too much clutter and negative chatter in my head, and too many "to-do" lists;  feeling stressed out with low energy.  I seriously needed some silence and stillness and reflection.
The power of silence and traffic control
I was seeking silence and stillness in this retreat experience and I received both. Two interesting exercises we did were "a silent lunch" and "a guided nature walk in silence". Initially, I couldn't comprehend how eating a meal in silence could be enjoyable for a gregarious person like me who thrives on chit-chat. But eating in silence relieved me of the pressure of initiating discussion and also helped me focus on chewing, tasting, eating slowly, and my thoughts; the entire dining room was quieted so even the smallest sounds and smells, like the coffee perking, were apparent. Hiking in silence was enjoyable and amplified my senses.  I heard birds and smelled the thyme and was aware of my heightened breathing and sense of balance as I crossed the creeks and climbed hills…sensations I might have missed if I had been in conversation. Traffic control was an interesting practice that occurred throughout the weekend: music would start playing and everyone would simply take pause, stop whatever they were doing, and check in with their inner self – how am I doing, what am I feeling? For me, the use of the term "traffic" related to all those thoughts speeding through my head that needed slowing down. My "traffic" definitely benefited from this control.
What I learned about courage
In preparation for this retreat, we were asked to think about what courage meant to us. My definition expanded into new dimensions by the end of the weekend.  I learned that courage can be small and quiet, as well as big and bold.  Courage can be expressed in not doing something as well as doing. I learned that the root of courage is within one's soul and expressed as self-love and acceptance. I learned that the quietness and stillness in meditation can enable me to move forward with courage. I returned to my real world with some calmness and clarity and heightened senses. I am meditating. I am being kind to myself.
About Peace Village
Peace Village is a learning and retreat center that offers weekend retreats on a variety of topics where you can learn to meditate and study spiritual knowledge. The silence and tranquility and beauty of the village provides the atmosphere for self-exploration and spiritual practice. There is no cost for attending (donations accepted) and it is accessible to everyone.  Most staff work on a volunteer basis, and all share a common mission of peace. Vegetarian meals and lodging are provided.  I have already registered for my next retreat entitled "Peace of Mind" on the weekend of September 18-20. Please join me. For more information…http://www.peacevillageretreat.org
For the link to the blog with pictures:


Sr Jenna Interviews Singer Snatam Kaur on the America Meditating Blogtalkradio show

23 April 2015

Dear Friend:
Greetings of love. Maria Shriver booked Snatam for Oprah's 58 surprise birthday party, knowing that Oprah listens to her before she meditates in the morning. Ram Das says, "in Snatam's voice ...there is purity, clarity, and love. One of my all time favorite song is Ek Onkar which you can hear me play almost every morning and at the Meditation Museum.
Tune into our heartfelt interview as Snatam shares the importance of a morning practice to make us stronger. Join Sister Jenna and Sister Gita along with many friends as they arrive in style in the Who Am I rv on May 10th at 7pm at Theatre of the Arts at UDC as special guests of Snatam.
Wishing everyone all the best! 
Sister Jenna 



Seva at Vaisakhi 2015, Surrey, BC Canada

22 April 2015

Greetings of love from Vancouver!

This year we we have Baba`s presence again in the 2 Vaisakhi parade one in Vancouver and another one in Surrey.

The parade in Surrey this year it was the busiest parade.Souls with their families came as far as Seattle. They estimate 300.000 was present only in this parade in Surrey.

Many registered for classes and many flyers over 500 was delivered.

Some pictures of the brahmins but many others were involved including new students who had just finished the courses.

Class in Surrey are very busy just to have an idea 4 beginners class are going on with 20 students in each class plus murli early in the morning and some evenings. Dimple with the help of Anu, Mohinder and Jasvanti  are taking care of that area.

Class in Vancouver are with small numbers but going on 3 times a week in the evening plus some during the day as well.

Palma started giving class in a Seniors facility in Delta/ Surrey to the staff,families and seniors and Manisha was invited to give class in a Hindu temple in Vancouver and is starting coming week..

In Abotsford class are going on as well with Sr.Taran looking after and in Victoria BC Sr. Seema is gradually increasing the students numbers.

With love and thanks to Baba and to all of you.

Claudia and the Vancouver family



Florida Service News - March

14 April 2015

Celebration of BK Chan's 85th birthday.  ArtsPark meditation.  Hollywood Library  audience experienced some of Br. Matthew's magical presentation on Soul Consciousness and Detachment and his singing. Hollywood Library "Love and Forgiveness" workshop with BK Marianne.  Meditate @ 8 Meditation continues having on average 20 souls on the phone.
Nine Miami BK students returned from the Land of Honey, Madhuban. BK Mathew of GRC spent 3 weeks in Miami. There were programs hosted in Orlando, Delray, Hollywood and Miami and Meredith's home. Sis. Aruna from GRC, stopped by Miami from Guatemala for 3 days. There were a total of 92 guests from18 different countries who participated in the Latino Retreat, which took place in ORC and Shantivan, from Feb. 28-March 9. 11 guests were from the USA: 9 from Miami.
8 Tampa Niwasis  returned from Madhuban. The Brahma Kumaris were invited as a Faith Community Partner to the 3rd annual Speed Faithing event at The University of Tampa. The Brahma Kumaris were invited on the panel by the Baha'i of Clearwater to reflect on and celebrate progress made in acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities.
Regular classes in Ocala, Gainesville, and the Villages.


Fans, Leaders, Authors, & Politicians Flock to the Meditation Museum Grand Opening

14 April 2015


Thomas Jefferson talked about the "pursuit of happiness" in 1776.  Actor Will Smith talked about the "pursuit of happyness" in 2006.  It's a timeless value.  We look for it, long for it, and pray for it. How do we find it? 
"Look Inside," says Sister Jenna, the director of the Meditation Museum, in Silver Spring, Maryland. The museum has opened its new 2,000 square foot space at 9525 Georgia Avenue. 
The crowd was standing room only this past Friday, April 10, at the Museum's globally-broadcasted grand opening.  Several celebrities and speakers were on hand including businesswoman and social activist, Marcia Dyson, Indian-American comedian and storyteller Vijai Nathan, Minister N.K. Mishra, from the Embassy of India, and many others who shared their life's experiences and their spiritual journey.      
Visitors took in the beautiful artwork and displays that express spiritual ideas and concepts.  One set of displays focused on the world's major religions, and highlighted a quotation from each one about light (or God's loving energy), symbolizing a sense of oneness among all people.  Other displays included the Eight Spiritual Powers that one can attain by practicing meditation; and the Tree Of Life, where people hung their written good wishes for our world.  On the wall, asks the question, "Who Am I?," inviting us to think of ourselves as spiritual beings having a human experience, not the other way around.
Director Sister Jenna talked about the benefits of practicing meditation, as a way to tap into our innate virtues of happiness, peace and love.  Meditation helps us to be in the moment, rather than regretting the past, or worrying about the future.  Guests took part in a guided meditation, and listened to the museum's new CD titled Off the Grid, Into the Heart, for those of us who live busy lives, juggling career and personal demands.  We strive to "have it all," and now live in a world with more access to media than ever before, at the touch of a Smartphone or tablet.  The CD helps us to relax, detach ourselves from the hectic world, and reinvigorate ourselves.
On a continuing basis, the museum offers many events, free of charge to the community.  These events include Raja Yoga meditation, Reducing Anxiety, Cooking for Peace, Self-Esteem, Women and Spirituality, and various guests from the popular syndicated America Meditating Radio Show which feature experts in areas of finance, health, science, business and more. 
For more information: www.meditationmuseum.org or call 301-588-0144. 


Mindful Parenting Retreat to be Held at Anubhuti,
July 10-12

26 March 2015


Living Values Education Workshop for Educators, Principals, Psychologists, Drug Rehab Counselors and Parents to be held at Peace Village

26 March 2015

Workshop Dates: July 23 – 26, 2015
7:30 p.m. Thursday evening; departures 10:00 a.m. on Sunday
Peace Village Learning and Retreat Center Haines Falls, New York


Join us for an inspiring weekend. Reflect on values and a paradigm and process that builds respectful and caring relationships and resiliency while reversing bullying and violence. Learn about methods that create peace and respect in young people, your school, home or program, and experience activities that help young people of all ages, from toddlers to young adults, explore and develop universal values and positive social and emotional skills.

Please see PDF of Flyer for further details




Florida Service News - February 2015

8 March 2015

Summary of News from Florida Meditation Centers.

Ocala: Veterans Health Fair Service, and courses in the Villages

Hollywood: Programs at the local library, the ArtsPark and a unique USA-Wide Phone Meditation program at 8pm EST on Sundays.

Naples: Library and radio/TV station programs

Margate: Sr Hansa's visit to London and Rakhi on Valentine's Day, classes in Hindi, Bhatti at students' homes and prison service

Orlando: Thursday evening programs and special program in North Port

Tampa: Combo Shivratri & Valentine's Day Public Program, Spanish program, new service in St Petersburg, approval granted for programs at all county libraries

Miami: Comings and goings to and from the Land of Honey, Sr Shireen's special programs


Click here for detailed report with photos.



Sr. Mohini's Update

3 March 2015

Dear Divine Family,

Om shanti and auspicious greetings. We would like to inform you that Sr.Mohini has returned home from the hospital on Wednesday.

She is now settling down to a new routine of therapy and care in the midst of quietly being with Baba and engaged in mansa seva.

She sends much love and appreciation for all your sakaash during this time and wishes all of you a powerful time of easy and intense efforts.

In Baba's yaad,

New York family





Sister Mohini's Surgery Update

23 Febuary 2015

Om shanti and greetings from New York.

This is briefly to say that Sr.Mohini's  surgery was successful and she is recovering well.

We will keep you informed on further progress during the next several weeks of healing and therapy.

Thanks again for your continued yoga power and loving vibrations and messages she has been receiving.

In remembrance of One,

New York family



Peace Village Silence Retreat, May 20 - 25

20 Febuary 2015

Save the Date

Silent Magic is in the Atmosphere

     You are invited to a special Silence retreat and the first of it's kind, 

Sr Mohini had this special thought of a Silence Retreat

     Deepening our Brahmin Experience

From Silence to Purity

This retreat is for those are seriously interested the the 'Silent Experience'

Quotas for this retreat may be needed

Peace Village Learning & Retreat Center

Sr. Mohini and Br. Ken will be our spiritual resources

Arrivals: Wednesday, May 20th, First session 5:30pm

   Concludes: Monday, 25th, after Lunch



Service News from Sacramento, CA

10 Febuary 2015

Sister Hansa with Interfaith Leaders on Tuesday, 13th January

Sister Hansa and other faith leaders welcomed California legislators to Sacramento at the start of the new legislative session. Prayers and readings were offered by several faith leaders and patriotic songs were sung in the beautiful Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament.

Sister Hansa with Interfaith leaders Archbishop Jose Gomez from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and President Jon Fish of the Interfaith Council of Greater Sacramento.

Sister  Dorothy of Peace Village Visits Sacramento January 22nd to 26th

Sister  Dorothy arrived on Thursday 22nd January late evening. On Friday morning, she met with small group of BK friends and shared her thoughts on Newness in 2015 and Harnessing the Power of Intention.

Sister Dorothy and Sister Hansa with Jessica S. Braverman Birch, Director of the Jewish Community Relations Council, Sacramento region, and other BK friends.

Retreat: Beyond Sound - Harness the Power of Solitude /Silence

From Friday 23rd  evening  until Sunday 25th  noon,  Sister  Dorothy  conducted  a  very  special retreat on the theme Beyond Sound - Harnessing  the  Power of Solitude /Silence.

Thirty of Baba's children took good benefit from this retreat, which was organized at  Christ the King  Retreat Center, just  20  miles from  Baba's house. The property was a beautiful, natural setting featuring a water fountain, a brick babyrinth and a residential facility. It is a sacred place for Christians, who gather there every weekend for spiritual empowerment. The Directors of the retreat center are our good friends and have offered us the facility for additional meditation retreats.

The retreat began with gentle, sweet loving music and a meditative atmosphere in which Sr Dorothy applied till and Sr Hansa shared blessings with the participants. 

On Saturday, Sr Dorothy took everyone on an incredible day-long journey of the bodiless stage, utilizing simple and profound exercises and activities and powerpoint presentations. Everyone experienced a very deep sense of soul consciousness.

On Sunday, the retreat closed with Sr Dorothy's class and personal story, everyone sharing experiences of inner newness, a candle-lighting, drishti meditation and an angelic dance.

We all are  so thankful to  Sister Mohini  and  Kalaben for sending Sister Dorothy to  Sacramento and we all  are very appreciative of her  valuable time, expertise and  skillful ways of leading us on step-by-step process.

Baba's  children  with  Sister Dorothy and sister Hansa

Sister Dorothy being honored by the BK Family



Sr Gita of Los Angeles Participates in 
World Peace Ceremony

9th February 2015

On January 10th, Sister Gita of Los Angeles participated in the 20th annual multi-faith "Prayer for World Peace Ceremony" at the International Buddhist Progress Society Fo Guang Shan Hsi Lai Temple in Los Angeles. Leaders of the all major religions and many other distinguished guests from Southern California also participated.
The event was organized with the aim of peace and harmony for all humanity.



More Service News from Florida - January 2015

5 Febuary 2015


1. January 29 : Gainesville Service

A one and half hour session on 'managing stress through meditation' was conducted by Dr. Krishna from Orlando Center at the University of Florida College of Dentistry. The session was offered to the students, faculty and staff at the College of Dentistry and the participants received free continuing education credit for attending. It was sponsored by the College's cultural climate committee. Approximately 70 people attended the session. It was very well received and many people gave positive feedback.

2. January 21: Ongoing Villages Service Class Site Obtained

Br. Hanuman and Sr. Anne visited Unity Church in the Villages spoke with the Reverand about starting meditation classes at the church. We will start BK Meditation classses at Unity Church on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month starting on Febraury 12th. Class will be from 4:30-6pm. We have advertized on Facebook, Meetup, and within the villages contacts including Nancie Lono and the Villages Energy Meditation Group.


Avyakt Programs

The avyakt month of January was focused on bhattis, classes and activities designed to empower us and give us the boost we need to embark on our journey for the new year. 

Activities included small group discussions, classes and sharings with new souls as well as a series of bhattis and collective amritvela sessions during the month. 

Several videos were used to recapture the earlier yagya days and to enlighten new souls on the importance and significance of this precious period (see attached images) 

Continuous Meditation programs were held throughout the week of January 18th. The power of the gathering was truly uplifting. 

Foundation course in Hindi 

For the first time in the coming months, the foundation course will be given in Hindi to a group of Hindi speaking souls. Preparations are on the way to launch these classes around the last week of February.  

Prison service 

Two welfare officers at the Broward prisons have competed the foundation course. These souls have expressed interest in service at the prisons and have already attained approval from the relevant authorities. Prison service should be starting soon. 

Sister Hansa will be going to London to take benefit of Dadi's programs in London.



Shivratri letter to the Region

2 Febuary 2015

Dear Bapdada's Serviceable Instruments:

We are at the end of January, the avyakt month where we paid a lot of attention of creating the avyakt stage, and reinforcing our commitment to Amritvela.  We are also privileged to have the presence of our dearly beloved Dadi Janki with us in London.  Her classes given in London have not only transmitted the wonder of her amazing spiritual journey, but the wonder of her pure and clean intellect and her ever-flowing bhavna take us into the very depths of Baba's love leaves us in awe of who really Dadi is.

Now we are moving into the celebration of Shivratri and we are lucky to have been blessed with such love from Bapdada, the Dadi's, and the family.  I am sure that you are all preparing to celebrate this very auspicious festival with the will to reveal Shiv Baba.

As promised we have uploaded the Shivratri materials created in English on the following website:


No log-in is required to access these materials. They are available to one and all.

The materials available are as below with name followed by a description:

  • In God's Heart Flyer Template - Customizable Flyer
  • In God's Heart Blessings Template (12Up) - Add your own blessing text to this template. There are 12 to a page.
  • In God's Heart Blessings Template (8Up) - Add your own blessing text to this template. There are 8 to a page.
  • In God's Heart Customizable Press Release - This Press Release is from Harmony House, but it can be customized to announce your local program.
  • Maha Shivratri: Ancient Festival Has Relevance Today - 500 word Article in pdf format by Sister Kiran
  • Shivratri: The Dawn Confluence of Light and Darkness - 1000 word Article in pdf format by Sister Kanishta Agarwal, PhD
  • 79th Shiv Jayanti Folio in Hindi p1, 79th Shiv Jayanti Folio in Hindi p2 - Colorful Hindi double-sided folio. Pages 1 and 2 are meant to be printed back-to-back.

I would like to wish you all a very, very happy Shiv Jayanti and as we celebrate Baba's birthday, we will also celebrate the newness that is being born in us every moment spent in Baba's remembrance.

With love in Baba's remembrance

Sister Mohini



January News from Florida: Delray, Hollywood, Miami, Tampa and Orlando Florida

2 February 2015

Delray Beach Transformation Station - February News
Wednesday, February 11th 7pm - 8:30 pm
The Transformation Station will hold the 2nd in a monthly series of public events at the newly renovated center in Delray Beach. Brother Ed Stevenson will speak on the topic: LOOK WITHIN FOR ANSWERS. All are welcome.

Hollywood Library

Tuesday, January 13 BK Rosa brought a ray of knowledge to the seniors with her talk at the Meyerhoff Senior Center in Sandy Levine's weekly class.
Immediately after that talk, she traveled about 5 minutes to the nearby Hollywood Library where she was joined by BK Helen of Tampa to give a talk in English: THE CALL OF THE TIME (for the New Year). These Sisters delighted the audience of over 50 with their meditations and wisdom. The duet-style presentation of 2 BKs together kept the audience's attention very well.


Read more, including upcoming events, here.


Rhythms of Africa

Waddy and other BKs from Miami and Helen from Tampa attended the Rhythms of Africa Music Around the World concert on January 11 at Miramar Cultural Center. Willie Stewart has participated in a number of BK events both as performer and speaker.

Read more here.

Waddy , Barry, musician Willie Stewart and Meredith.
The Art of Non-Violence January 18th Public Program
In honor of Brahma Baba's Day, on January 18th the Tampa Center hosted a public program and world peace meditation that focused on the essence of true non-violence. It was a beautiful evening with a talk from Shireen, a video highlighting Brahma Baba's life of non-violence, and meditation. The participants experienced a deep serenity and were inspired to become beacons of peace for the world.   Read more here.


  1. We had day of peace public program on Jan/18/2015.
  2. Stress management seminar conducted by Dr. Krishna at Shand's hospital in Gainesville, Florida
  3. As usual daily PM classes.



Meditation Museum Wins Best Education/ Non-Profit Award for 3rd Year in a Row

1 Febuary 2015

The BK Meditation Museum has been selected as the Best Education/Non-Profit for the 3rd year in a row in the Best of Fenton Village 2014 annual survey.




Sister Jenna Interviews Acclaimed Travel Writer, Pico Iyer on "The Art of Stillness" on Blog Talk Radio

28 January 2015

Acclaimed travel writer Pico Iyer joins Sister Jenna on the America Meditating Radio Show!  Why might a lifelong traveler like Pico Iyer who has journeyed from Easter Island to Ethiopia, Cuba to Kathmandu, think that sitting quietly in a room might be the ultimate adventure? Because in our madly accelerating world, our lives are crowded, chaotic and noisy. There's never been a greater need to slow down, tune out and give ourselves permission to be still.

Listen to the rest of the interview here.



Sister Mohini's Inspirations for Celebrating Shivratri

22 January 2014

Dear Sisters and Brothers:
2015 is the year of newness at many different levels. One of the ways in which newness can emerge is in the celebration of the various events that we observe. Newness emerges when we look for deeper significance in the observance of something meaningful; zeal and enthusiasm get generated bringing vigor and vitality into the celebration.
The 18 of January is special to all Brahma Kumaris and Kumars, as it touches in us the subtle efforts in embodying the angelic stage and in following the father's footsteps. It puts the focus on "mansa-seva," the subtle service that Brahma Baba is doing at present, and reminding us that this is the type of service that will have maximum impact on the world. The Amritology initiative renewed in us what is foundational to our constant remembrance of Baba. Also the special homework to experience the avyakt stage in the avaykt month is a practical way to stay connected to Baba in the subtle region.
Shivratri is coming up in the month of February and Baba is very clear and specific when He says " you have found the Father, the One who wins your heart, the One who grants salvation to all, the One who removes your sorrow and bestows happiness on you." The Being with ONE Initiative was very inspiring to many, many Brahmins around the world, and so Shivratri is the time to be lost in the love of the Ocean of Love and to share His introduction with our brothers and sisters who are thirsty for a drop of love from the Ocean.
We would like to share with you some of the ways we are planning to celebrate Shivratri in New York and the Tristate area. The motivation is to create a ripple effect in our zeal, enthusiasm in fulfilling Baba's hopes in us. Seeing that Shivratri falls close to the time of Valentine's Day, we have chosen the theme of "In God's Heart."
We are focusing on 4 specific areas:
A simple and beautiful card featuring "Feel in your heart, the gaze of God's Eye" is being printed. This card is intended to give an introduction to Baba in a ‘loving' and ‘personal' way, and goes beyond the celebration of Shivratri and can be used as a general hand-out on God.
Media-Outreach on the significance of Shivratri and importance of time -- this would include getting articles, particularly in the ethnic newspapers, internet outlets, BK center's Blog and Facebook pages and other forms of social media. Also public service announcements on radio that could offer thoughts for today, giving tips on how to connect to God and the benefits. Interviews on radio, tv, etc.
Visiting the Hindu temples and distributing the cards, and perhaps the opportunity to give Baba's message.
A public event at Harmony House on Shivratri. Using creative talents and performing arts to develop an experiential evening that could serve to open people's hearts to receive Baba's love in a profound way. The theme of "In God's Heart" will be the core of the experience and Brother Anthony Strano's poetry from his book of the same name and Sister Sigrun's artwork will be threads weaving through the evening.
We plan to make available to you all the templates that we have created on or before February 2.
The places you can access them are: The Onelink Portal, The Being with ONE website. You can also request these templates by email by contacting Erik on newyork@brahmakumaris.org
With love in Bapdada's remembrance
Sister Mohini



Video Thank-you note to Kalaben for Baba's Service in Washington, DC

22 January 2014



Service News: Los Angeles - Sisters Gita and Hema Join Interfaith Leaders at the Consulate of Pakistan

20 January 2015

The Pakistani American community held a candlelight vigil outside the Pakistani Consulate in Los Angeles. The event was organized by the Consul General of Pakistan, the Rt Hon Hamid Asghar Khan, and was attended by US Congresswoman Maxine Waters, several city officials, and representatives of different faiths. In an emotional and somber ceremony, the over seven hundred people present expressed their sorrow at the horrific murder of innocent children at an army school in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Leading faith leaders from the Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Sikh, Hindu Mormon and Bahai communities condoled with the Consul General of Pakistan Los Angeles at the Pakistan Consulate General.

In an extraordinary gesture of empathy, the participants  were joined  on this solemn occasion by Dr. & Mrs. Pearl, the parents of Daniel Pearl who was murdered by Terrorists in Pakistan  twelve years ago.

Leading Religious leaders attending concurred with the statement and signed the condolences book.

Sis. Gita and Sis. Hema signing the book of condolences. Seen in photo is Consul General of Pakistan, the Rt. Hon. Hamid Asghar Khan.


Sis. Gita and Sis. Hema with leading faith leaders and Consul General of Pakistan, the Rt. Hon. Hamid Asghar Khan.



Peace Village Submits a Smilebox for Dadi's 100th Year Celebration

11 January 2014



Happy New Year Smilebox from Peace Village

7 January 2015

Om Shanti, Special Souls,

Happy Scenes from Christmas Day festivities at Peace Village Retreat Center as the angelic Brahmin family gathered together to meet BapDada, happily greet each other, open our presents (that Santa had delivered during the night!!) and eat delicious Brahma Bhojan.

"Therefore, claim pass marks in every subject by having newness in your thoughts."

With Loving best wishes,
on behalf of Sr Mohini, Sr Gayatri and Sr Kala
and the Peace Village Retreat Center Family.



Florida Service News December 2014

6 January 2015

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40th Anniversary of Service in Canada and a Shower of Good Wishes

1 January 2015

The Canadian family celebrated 40 years of service in Canada and this was marked by a huge three-day celebration at the Toronto Centre. We had the fortune of having Sister Mohini and Bro. Eric of Montreal grace this celebration and Brahmins flew in from all the Centres in Canada to join in the celebration. Brother Arvind and Sister Savi were instrumental in working with Bro. Eric and the the team in Toronto to host these celebrations. Sister Chandru of San Francisco and Sister Denise, who served in Canada at the start of service joined in through a conference call and shared their blessings.

Each day of the celebration was special and unique and it was a wonderful experience taking a walk down memory lane. Special moments in service throughout the years were captured in a slide show and we could not thank Baba enough for having given us such a great fortune. Sister Mohini was the first Brahmin to set foot on Canadian soil 40 years ago when she was hosted in Halifax and today she continues to sustain us and oversee the service being carried out.

The public program was also a huge success bringing together VIPs and IPs who have known the Brahma Kumaris from the very early years of service. Most of them are now our well wishers and they acknowledged the contribution that the Brahma Kumaris have made to the society. The Prime Minister of Canada, The Rt. Hon. Mr. Stephen Harper, was also made aware of this celebration in a personal meeting and he sent a message for this occasion. The program was presided over by Consul General of India, Hon.Mr. Akhilesh Mishra, Senator Asha Seth, Kirsty Duncan, MP – Etobicoke North, Dipika Damerla MPP – Mississauga East – Cooksville. A message was also sent by Judy Sgro, MP for York West.

Read all the blessings.

Some photos of the event


Consul General of India in Toronto, Hon. Mr. Akhilesh    Sister Mohini with Hon. Kristy Duncan, MP for Etobicoke North


Sister Shobna with The Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper,     Sister Mohini with Senator Asha Seth
Prime Minister of Canada