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4 December 2021

Voices from COP26 and beyond!


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News from Climate Change Conference COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, UK, Report 5 and 6

16 November 2021

Dear Family,  Greetings from COP26 in Glasgow.


Please find the last two reports from the climate change conference from

Thursday 11th Nov. - Saturday 13th Nov.



- Interfaith Reflections on COP26 and the Road Forward
- Sister Jayanti meeting first minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon
- Programmes in Edinburgh incl. Eco Diwali

Click here for full Report https://eco.brahmakumaris.org/cop26-11th-13th-nov-2021/


Report from Tuesday 9th - Wednesday 10th Nov



- Stockholm +50

- Healthy Mind, Healthy Planet

- Partnership with Institute for Advanced Sustainability

Click here for full Report https://eco.brahmakumaris.org/cop26-9th-10th-nov-2021/


Link to all reportshttps://eco.brahmakumaris.org/category/cop-conferences-and-articles/cop26-glasgow-2021/


Om Shanti

Brahma Kumaris COP26 Team





News from Climate Change Conference COP26 in Glasgow Report 5

12 November 2021

Report on the UN Climate Change Conference COP26 9th-10th Nov. 2021 - Glasgow, Scotland


The conference is coming towards its end. There is an intense buzz and last-minute announcements, but at the same time there is frustration at the minimal progress being made.


Welcome to listen to a short snippet from our exhibition:

Voices from the Green Zone - Faith, Religion and Beliefs...
We now have the full video from the Interfaith Talanoa Dialogue on the 31 of October.


Tuesday 9 Nov.


Healthy Minds, Healthy Planet

In front of an audience of 100 plus at the Trades Hall, Glasgow, the Brahma Kumaris assembled a strong line-up to discuss the link between the way we think - and therefore behave – and the health of the planet. Held on a rainy November evening, the event was organized by Inner Space, Glasgow and Marilyn introduced the speakers.


Golo started bydrawing from his experience in India to underline the power of the mind to find solutions. Arriving there from his native Germany in the 1980s, he quickly grasped that renewable energy could provide a reliable source of power to the BK community in Mt Abu. Whenever a challenge arose, the senior spiritual leaders advised him to visualize the solution.


Dr. David Hamilton, writer, speaker and “kindness scientist” advocated “kindfulness rather than mindfulness”. “If I am kind to one person, it’s more likely I’ll be kind to others,” he noted.


Sister Jayanti said we are more comfortable when we bring our original qualities of peace, love, joy and truth into our awareness. This connection with our deep, inner consciousness influences how we interact with the world. “Tread lightly on the earth. Don’t walk with heaviness – feel light and easy,” she advised. More pictures at the end of this report.


Climate Justice

Christian Aid and Make COP Count invited faithleaders to share on the topic of climate justice in a series of talks. Sister Jayanti shared a panel together with Lowell Bliss, Director of Eden Vigil, and Alton P. Bell, Pastor of Wembley Church on the questions: Why is climate justice an issue for you and what are the issues that are close to your heart?How can people of faith play a role in working for climate justice?


Panelists Christian Aid Program



Click here for full report with photos.






News from Climate Change Conference COP26 in Glasgow Report 4

11 November 2021

Report on the UN Climate Change Conference COP26 7th-9th Nov. 2021 - Glasgow, Scotland


The climate conference is entering its second week, with the ministers and negotiators trying to hammer out and finalise the agreement. The first week was peppered with optimistic announcements, but it seems that was due more to a P&R spinning campaign by the UK government to declare the conference a huge success.Two days ago Climate Action Tracker (CAT), the world’s most respected climate analysis coalition came up with a sobering assessment of a rise of 2.4C based on countries’ short-term goals for the next decade. For details see


Sunday 7th Nov

On Sunday the COP conference is paused and hence the green team and the Scottish BK group could meet nearby in a small town hall for morning class and breakfast. Everybody enjoyed the murli read by sister Jayanti and meeting in person after the long Covid pause......click here for full report with photos.







Sister Jayanti on BBC Radio 4 Sunday programme on 7th November: Is faith being left out of COP26?

10 November 2021



The topic was:  Is faith being left out of COP26?

UK: A look at the ethical & religious issues of the week with Edward Stourton

BBC Radio 4 Sunday: Is faith being left out of COP26? Is faith central to the debate about caring for the environment? This week the UK’s Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis said religious leaders were left to “scramble around” for the chance to make their voices heard at COP 26, the UN summit aimed at bringing climate change under control. As the conference enters a second week, Edward Stourton talks to faith leaders about their experiences, including BK Sister Jayanti, Additional Chief of Brahma Kumaris, what exactly they have to add to the debate and how they’re going to make themselves heard in week two.

Answering Edward Stourton, BK Sister Jayanti said that in terms of civil society, there’s been a wonderful opportunity to engage with people, to engage with other faith leaders, and leaders of other aspects of life. So there is a lot of interaction and communication happening. Hundreds of thousands of people are gathering not just in Glasgow but across the world, making their voices heard and so, at some point, I think that’s going to carry the motion in a very powerful way, so that people do understand that it’s time to give attention to nature.

"I attended the conference in 2009", Sister Jayanti said, "but over the years, special major change happened in 2014 before the Paris agreement. What happened is that the environmentalists started paying attention to faith-based organizations. Because we have the connection with not only the leaders, but especially with the grassroots, I think they are aware that [religious] voices can have a major impact in terms of transformation of lifestyle especially.

I do know that the government in India is very aware of the power of the religious dimension and I know that definitely they will want to be in touch with people so that the message can be carried through.

Click here for the recording made on a phone of the interview.

Here is the link to the whole programme on the BBC website. The COP26 piece starts at 1.12:



With love
In Baba's yaad



News from Climate Change Conference COP26 in Glasgow Report 3

9 November 2021

The first week of the climate conference is coming to an end. The outcome so far is a bit mixed. On one side there are lots of promising announcements and statements but often it seems they lack clear time lines and targets. For more details, read the article: COP26 week one: the impression of progress but not nearly enough


From Sunday onwards the Peoples Summit will open its gates. The summit is organized by the civil society and BK will participate with five programs. 


Friday 5th Nov. 

COP26 Side event: Raise your voice, join the conversation!


Open Dialogues on Climate Change’ is a space for youth from all over the world to share their ideas and vision. Shantanu shared 3 keys: 

  •         -  awareness is necessary for climate dialogue and it is the key to action
  •         -  contentmentovercomes competition
  •         -  communities come together and sustain their biodiversity


He offered a visualisation as to how the future can look and the participants then shared three concepts with others, see image.

Watch program 



Click here for Report 3 in PDF version.





Climate Change Conference COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland (UK)- Report 2

9 November 2021


Om Shanti

Please accept hearty Godly love and remembrances.


Please find news from the climate change conference COP26 from  Tuesday 2nd Nov.- Thursday 4th Nov.



  • Multi-Faith Declaration
  • Feminine Leadership
  • Press conference on Resilience in Climate Emergency
  • Exhibition in Green Zone


Link to Previous Report 31st Oct. - 2nd Nov.



Om Shanti

Brahma Kumaris COP26 Team


Click here for the report in PDF version.




Brahma Kumaris Voices at COP26: Climate Talks Open in Scotland (with Photos)

8 November 2021



Scotland (UK): As world leaders gather for COP26 in Glasgow, representatives of faith and spiritual groups step up to speak for the unheard.

“What can people of faith offer the world now? In this sacred place, we are here to remind people of what is sacred – life, nature, all creatures” – BK Sister Jayanti, Additional Chief of Brahma Kumaris, Representative of the Brahma Kumaris at the United Nations.

As world leaders gather for climate talks – COP26 – in Glasgow, there is a growing sense that this is make or break for the future of the 2015 Paris Agreement – and for life on earth as we know it.

Along with politicians and negotiators, thousands of people from civil society, including the world’s major religions and spiritual traditions, are also present. Many more are following proceedings online.

Their purpose is to urge drastic action to confront the climate emergency, speaking up on behalf of the world’s most vulnerable, calling for adequate finance to assist poorer countries, and greater justice in how the burden of climate change is borne.

Speaking at the Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Vigil, and launch of Scottish Interfaith Week, in George Square on Sunday, BK Sister Jayanti noted that the critical situation demands we make practical changes to our lifestyle now.

We must choose to make a contribution to keeping the temperature rise to within the parameters envisaged by the Paris Agreement (1.5C if possible and certainly not more than 2C). Drawing on our innermost resources, and spiritual power, we can do this – for the sake of humanity, the planet and all life on earth.

Young people raise their voices

While speakers at the Vigil, and the world’s leaders, have expressed grave concern for future generations, young people taking part in a Interfaith Gathering in Spirit of Talanoa Dialogue, Sunday evening, called for greater involvement in climate talks.

They expressed frustration that their voices are not heard, and they have little impact on proceedings.

The Dialogue was organized by the Brahma Kumaris and the Lutheran World Federation and held at Garnet Hill Synagogue. It was a chance to debate the issues and exchange ideas in a respectful and open manner, based on traditional gatherings among Pacific Islanders. Moderated by  BK Valeriane Bernard and Rev. Henrik Grape, it brought together faith leaders, representatives of indigenous peoples, and members of the public.

In an online break-out session, with as many young people from Africa as from elsewhere in the world, participants identified uneven access to the internet, lack of financial resources, and an absence of mentors and opportunities for training, as major obstacles to their representation at climate talks.

The evening culminated in an interfaith service in the Synagogue, in which BK Sister Jayanti spoke of her deep appreciation of the sacredness of the setting, and urged her audience to keep a sense of wonder and sacredness towards the planet.

“What can people of faith offer the world now?” she asked, “In this sacred place, we are here to remind people of what is sacred: Life, nature, all creatures.”

Program included contributions from Jayanti Kirpalani, Maureen Goodman and Valeriane Bernard.







‘Healthy Minds, Healthy Planet’: See 3 world-class speakers together LIVE in Glasgow on TUESDAY 9th November

6 November 2021

Healthy Minds, Healthy Planet

TUESDAY 9th November 2021

LIVE in Glasgow: See 3 world-class speakers together

FREE. A LIVE in-person event.  (This will not be online)

Booking Essential Here are some clips of our guest speakers:


Why kindness is good for you: Dr. David Hamilton at TEDx   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyX-kTTzM00


Climate Change : Sister Jayanti    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SowQY_LAc-A


World in Transition –  | Golo J. Pilz | TEDx   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Usqj2NPbc0 TUESDAY 9th November 2021
7pm – 8.30pm


Trades Hall, 85 Glassford Street, Glasgow  G1 1UH




glasgow.innerspace.org or emailglasgow@innerspace.org


How do our minds affect the planet?

Any real contributions to change must come from the inside.


By filling our minds with positive thoughts based on love and respect and the interdependence of all things, we will influence each other, the environment and even ourselves in positive and powerful ways.


Sister Jayanti : A spiritual teacher for more than 50 years

David R Hamilton, PhD : Author, speaker, and kindness scientist

Golo J. Pilz : Advisor on Renewable Energy


Masks & social distancing
(We do not require testing for admission)


About the speakers:
Sister Jayanti is Additional Administrative Head of the Brahma Kumaris. She is also the Director of Brahma Kumaris activities in Europe and the Middle East. As a spiritual teacher for more than 50 years, she has dedicated her life to self-transformation and service to humanity.  Sister Jayanti is the Brahma Kumaris representative to the UN in Geneva and is in Glasgow to attend the COP26 Climate Change Conference.


David R Hamilton, PhD, is a writer, columnist, speaker, and kindness scientist. After completing a PhD in organic chemistry, David was inspired by the placebo effect. He left the pharmaceutical industry to write books and educate people in how they can harness their mind and emotions to improve their mental and physical health. David is now author of 11 books, including the Amazon bestseller, ‘The Five Side Effects of Kindness.’


Golo Pilz lives most of the year at the main campus of the Brahma Kumaris in Mount Abu, India. He has established the Brahma Kumaris as one of the major users of renewable energies in India. Golo has directed the construction of India One, a 1MW solar thermal power plant. He participates regularly in UN Climate Conferences.


Event organised by The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (UK).


The BKWSU (UK) teaches Raja Yoga as a way of experiencing peace of mind and a positive approach to life.


Masks and social distancing.
(We do not require testing for admission)

InnerSpace Glasgow offers free sessions in

Meditation, Positive Thinking & Self Esteem.



Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University is a registered charity in Scotland No. SC040512

Other events : https://glasgow.innerspace.org/calendar



News from Climate Change Conference COP26 in Glasgow Report 1

3 November 2021

Dear Divine Family.

Please accept hearty Godly love and remembrances.


Please find news from the climate change conference from Sunday 31st Oct. and Monday 1st Nov.



Wishing you all a very happy, healthy, and prosperous Diwali.


Om Shanti


Download Report 1 and photos here




Report on the UN Climate Change Conference COP26

2 November 2021

Please accept hearty Godly love and remembrances.

The Brahma Kumaris delegation to COP26 is getting ready for the landmark climate change conference opening in Glasgow, Scotland on Sunday 31st October.

You can follow us via our online calendar here: https://eco.brahmakumaris.org/cop-26-events/

Report on the UN Climate Change Conference COP26, Leading-up to Glasgow, Scotland is available for download for your reference. Click here to download.

Happy Eco Diwali Greetings
In Baba's yaad pyar
Brahma Kumaris COP26 Delegation