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Videos of Diwali Songs and Programmes: Awakening Channel, Madhuban

21 November 2020



Divine Sisters and Brothers, Greetings of Love for Diwali!

With Baba's blessings and your constant support and pure wishes, Awakening Channel has created a variety of programmes for Diwali.
The entire week has given a powerful message of Baba's descent and coming of Satyug to all the viewers.

Sharing here the links to all the videos created. Apart from these complete episodes of 30 mins are also created for the channel. Sharing also the videos of the 4 New Songs.

Many of the videos are with English Subtitles.

1. Blessings and Greetings of Seniors - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6aGkpuoo5G7ZXR1r8fxf1Jz_s4DeZLVh

2. What do we learn from the 4 days of Diwali - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJ9VGOqK5ro

3. The Power of Giving - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9oqeojyjvA

4. Aarti: Prabhu Ko Yaad Karein - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXQta4TTLF4

5. Aaayi Nurani Diwali - https://youtu.be/XpXavLRxxlc

6. Diwali Aayi Khushiyan Layi - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpb1mUaKI_k

In Babas Yaad,
BK Karuna
Awakening Channel



Diwali Greetings from BK Sheilu of Madhuban

21 November 2020





Diwali of Hope Courage & Resilience

21 November 2020


Dear Brothers & Sisters, Om Shanti

Anger, Lust, Greed, Attachment, Ego - This is the 'ALGAE' that infests the human soul and puts the light out. All we have to do is to light the Lamp of soul consciousness and initiate the much awaited inner cleaning. Let us make this Diwali eternal by being cooperative in the huge task of God - The cleaning up of the dirt in the world.

Godlywood Studio Wishes all its viewers a Diwali of Courage, Hope & Resilience.

With Warm Regards,
BK Harilal                                                               
Executive Director
Godlywood Studio
World Renewal Spiritual Trust




REPLAYS of Recent Madhuban Classes with English Translation from November 2nd to 16th

19 November 2020

15 November - Raju Bhai - Experience the subtle world [1:43:00] https://youtu.be/WG8wlD9zNac


13 November - Gita Behn -  Commentary [1:36:35] https://youtu.be/tjNf-dKK8aM 


12 November - Diwali Celebration Shantivan: Cultural program and Addresses by Seniors [2:07:55] https://youtu.be/b57FdHjxQZk


11 November -  Dr. Savita Behn - Commentary to feel light and might through angelic stage [1:44:25] https://youtu.be/jktNf_4dtj4


10 November - Ramnath Bhai - Amritvela: Time of Blessing  [1:44:20] https://youtu.be/YirvUbm8nQU


09 November - Dr.Banarasi Bhai - Protector of the code of conduct [1:38:15] https://youtu.be/mhTR4Ryiz-U 


08 November - Monan Sighal Bhai - Brahmachari Life [1:33:10] https://youtu.be/3ZDvjxT_YSw


07 November - Ramnath Bhai - Pure Food [1:45:00] https://youtu.be/I7OZQjHrkTU 


06 November - Atam Prakash Bhai -  Protector of the self [1:35:45] https://youtu.be/EHNEVv-2iTw


05 November - Ramlochan Bhai - The Importance of Satsang (Gathering) [ 1:39:30] https://youtu.be/c1zHngj-T88


04 November -  Dr. Savita Behn - Importance of Traffic Control in daily routine  [1:24:25] https://youtu.be/42uMlafQfw8


03 November - Dr Prem Masand - Control on Senses  [ 1:23:45] https://youtu.be/J7QqunYl5vU


02 November - Usha Behn - Importance of the drill of 5 forms [1:31:30] https://youtu.be/d9hyYv873d4





REPLAYS: Recent Madhuban Classes with English Translation from Week of Oct 26- Nov 02

6 November 2020

01 November - Avyakt BapDada LIVE (Eng) - 01/11/2020  [4:03:37] https://youtu.be/W382kzwJBOI

31 October - Dr Prem Masand - Accomplishment Or Success Through Purity [1:48:15] https://youtu.be/70Nfv_qehho

30 October - Pushpa Behn - Our Responsibility Is To Protect Yagya [1:45:30] https://youtu.be/hwrvCWJ9Cxc

29 October - Usha Behn - Victorious Is With Ones Who Has Faith In Intellect [1:36:45] https://youtu.be/66yv3grSirQ

28 October -  Suraj Bhai - The Call Of Time  [1:40:19] https://youtu.be/CpMnFBLjI_Q

27 October - Raju Bhai - The Power Of Gathering  [ 1:37:15] https://youtu.be/ljG0rW-1vlc

26 October - Atam Prakash Bhai - Embodiment of Blessing Life [1:31:30] https://youtu.be/KuSh_eBvu7w




REPLAYS of Recent Madhuban Classes with English Translation from Week of October 19-26

26 October 2020

Dear divine sisters and brothers of all the Centres in Bharat and overseas,

24 October - Ramlochan Bhai - The Power Of Elevated Actions

[1:23:55] https://youtu.be/7UV0eEXGtsM

24 October - Ramnath Bhai - The Power Of Elevated Sanskars

[1:47:00] https://youtu.be/yRM_L6d0pDg

23 October - Gita Behn - Glorious Life

[1:39:30] https://youtu.be/7vL_idaBxF8

22 October - Mrutyunjay Bhai - Act Worth Praise

[1:37:30] https://youtu.be/o94ux0g0TJ8 

21 October -  Suraj Bhai - Mutual Trust 

[1:34:15] https://youtu.be/jGvg52VqexM

20 October - Raju Bhai - Beautiful Life from Moderation and Dictates 

[1:37:25] https://youtu.be/9r5BZG9BP7c

19 October - Atam Prakash Bhai - Food of Intellect- Jewels Of Knowledge [1:42:55] https://youtu.be/YVi_czpnTPk

18 October - Avyakt BapDada LIVE (Eng) - 18/10/2020 

[3:28:45] https://youtu.be/JGY3sJmKJk0



Greetings for Dussehra from Brother Nirwair, Madhuban

26 October 2020

Dear divine sisters and brothers of all the Centres in Bharat and overseas, Please accept hearty Godly love and remembrances from your unlimited home, Madhuban.

This is a special message to extend hearty greetings to all of you on the auspicious memorial day of the Death of Raavan, 'Raavan-Dehan' (Dussehra). 

May the victory of righteous thoughts, and righteous actions prevail upon all shortcomings, including the onslaught of the pandemic COVID-19!! Let's continue to send vibrations that the challenging atmosphere created by the virus gets cleared soon, so that everyone can return to enjoying the freedom of unrestricted breathing, playing and working.

Youth and Children seem to be particularly facing set-backs at this time, and we hope they can resume their overall development at universities and schools at the earliest.

May our BK sisters and brothers of the global divine family continue to cherish ever-healthy, ever-joyous moments of the remaining Diamond Age, as beloved Avyakt BapDada had shared in today's Murli of 25 October!!

Thanks and with Godly love and remembrances,
B.K. Nirwair



REPLAYS of Recent Madhuban Classes with English Translation from Week of October 12-19

26 October 2020

17 October - Dr.Prem Masand - The Power Of Elevated Sanskars

[1:48:24] https://youtu.be/5YmyFOR4XCs

16 October -  Dr.Savita Ben - Proper Decision

[1:38:15] https://youtu.be/DmW_lzkyq5A

15 October - Usha Ben - Collective Responsibility 

[1:37:45] https://youtu.be/s0bJQIbaql0 

14 October - Suraj Bhai - Yog Sadhna (Tapasya)

[1:35:45] https://youtu.be/fDhSFZ-YvTk 

12 October - Atam Prakash Bhai - Maryadas of Brahmin Life

[1:37:25] https://youtu.be/u82GgHe-AH4



REPLAYS of Recent Madhuban Classes with English Translation from Week of September 28- October 05

9 October 2020

03 October - Dr.Prem Masand - God Needs Children To Establish Heaven 

[1:27:45] https://youtu.be/daFiNipVyR4

02 October - Ramlochan Bhai - Divine Intellect Makes The Soul Divine 

[1:36:45] https://youtu.be/GRobEjsOHrc

01 October - Usha Behn - Mansa Sewa

[1:46:09] https://youtu.be/DLkocxD1XV0

30 September - Karuna Bhai - Praise of God

[1:35:55] https://youtu.be/a6aOQsTClGQ

29 September - Raju Bhai - God Being Almighty and Still Law Abiding

[1:37:05] https://youtu.be/hPiEkfsdOQs

28 September - Atam Prakash Bhai - Satisfaction as Virtue and Power

[1:41:33] https://youtu.be/ZYDmhrDpuRk



“Mansarovar” Isolation Centre of Brahma Kumaris is a Boon for Corona Patients

5 October 2020

Abu Road (Rajasthan): The Corona patients appear to be on the increase in the country and the state.  It is a matter of pleasure that a number of those being cured in the State is better on Abu Road.  Especially, the Mansarovar Isolation Centre of the Brahma Kumaris is the biggest in the Division located at Kivarli on Abu Road, provided with 800 beds and all the facilities required.

In this Covid Care Centre, Medicine, Medication, Meditation, Yoga, and Spiritual Ambience are doing miracles where there is not a single case of death found out of more than 1,000 patients being admitted so far. Hundreds of patients were discharged after a complete cure. Medical in Charge Dr. Saleem and Mr. Sukhbir Singh bid farewell to them by clapping. Out of them, many belonged to Revdar, Abu Road, and Pindwara, and were recently found positive.

Dr. Saleem said that whoever comes here as patients, go away very happily. Here recovery is fast because the atmosphere is Pure, Moral and Spiritual. So far, not a single death has occurred here.

For all Covid-infected patients coming into Mansarovar Isolation Centre, meals, tea, and tiffinis are provided by the Brahma Kumaris. The Spiritual Atmosphere, Cleanliness, Yog, Rajayog and Pure Food are very beneficial for people. The recovery rate is also more than 95% at this Centre.



REPLAYS of Recent Madhuban Classes with English Translation from Week of September 21-28

29 September 2020

26 September - Ramnath Bhai - Satyam Shivam Sunderam 

[1:33:56] https://youtu.be/QH5PsZCfmLs

25 September - Savita Behn - Shower Of Knowledge in The Confluence Age  [1:19:40] https://youtu.be/ZBwTgWgHdVY   

24 September - Usha Behn - Ocean Of Knowledge Supreme Soul Shiva

[1:39:56] https://youtu.be/ibvZCkzTxeY

23 September - Ramlochan Behn - Happiness of Being With Ocean of Happiness God

[1:43:41] https://youtu.be/LYLf_T5kbp4 

22 September - Raju Bhai - Destroyer Of Sorrow and Bestover Of Happiness

[1:37:05] https://youtu.be/hPiEkfsdOQs

21 September - Dr Banarasi Lal - Experiences of Happiness of Ocean of Happiness God

[1:35:25] https://youtu.be/vPhYdRJPrxI



Dr BK Sunita Conferred With ‘Global Peace Guru’ And ‘Angel Of Peace’ Awards

28 September 2020

Mount Abu ( Rajasthan ): The Brahma Kumaris Organization was conferred with ‘Global Peace Guru’ award on the occasion of International Day of Peace. This award was given by Honorable Mayor of Itahari, Nepal, during an online Webinar hosted by DVM Global Academy Nepal, on the topic ‘Ashaanti Mein Shaanti’ ( Peace in peacelessness) to Dr. BK Sunita. The webinar was addressed on the topic by BK Dr. Sunita and blessings were given by BK Raj and Guest of Honor Dr. Mridula Sinha, First Woman ( Former) Governor of Goa and Founder of DVM Society,  New Delhi.

BK Dr. Sunita, Senior Rajyoga Teacher from Shantivan and International Management Consultant, in her address,  said that peace is the natural quality of our soul. Real peace is tested when we can be calm in the face of total chaos. She conducted a short meditation session for world peace.

BK Raj, Director of Brahma Kumaris in Nepal, in her remarks said that it is highly appreciable that such an initiative is being taken in today’s atmosphere of fear and anxiety. Remembering the Supreme Soul brings peace.

In another online Webinar on the topic ‘Peace- Now or Never‘, Brahma Kumaris were conferred with ‘Angel of Peace‘ Award. This was bestowed by Chairman Mr. Vijay Gupta of Ludhiana College of Engineering and Technology.  The webinar was conducted by Dr. BK Sunita, with blessings by Rajyogini BK Saraswati.

Speaking on this occasion,  BK Dr. Sunita said that peace should not be made conditional on anything. Living in the present brings peace.  The right place to find peace is within us.



E-Conference on “Linking Hearts” from September 25-27

28 September 2020

Join us for a 3-day Online Conference “Linking Hearts” hosted by the Shipping Aviation Tourism (SAT) Wing of Brahma Kumaris. Watch the conference on 25, 26, and 27 September, 2020.

E-Conference on Linking Hearts

25th – 27th September,2020

25th September 2020 Linking Hearts:
6:30 – 8 pm IST Evening Opening Session

26th September 2020 Travelling Towards Transformation 

10 am -11:30 am IST “Morning Crisis: Gateway to Opportunity”

BK Piyush, Member, SAT Wing: “Crisis – Gateway to Opportunity”
BK Sangeeta, Delhi Zonal Coordinator: “Creating Opportunity”
BK Vidhatri, Rajyoga Teacher: “Enlightenment of Mind through Bhagwad Gita”
Meditation by BK Jyoti, Bjipal Zonal Coordinator
6:30 – 8 pm IST Evening: “Unlock Positivity”

BK Kamlesh, National Coordinator, SAT Wing: “Journey towards Transformation”
BK Vinita, Executive member, SAT wing: “Positive Mindset”
BK Suraj, Senior Rajyoga Teacher: “Positive Transformation”
Meditation by Bk Ujjwala, Executive member

27th September 2020 World Tourism Day 

10 am – 11:30 am IST Morning: “Tourism – Building Peace”

Prof. Swaminathan, Motivational Speaker
BK Vedanti, Regional Director, Brahma Kumaris, Africa
Hrishikesh Pandey, Indian Cinema Actor

SAT Wing celebrating World Tourism Day

6:30 – 8 pm IST Evening: “Celebrating Universal Brotherhood”

BK Dr. Nirmala didi, Chairperson, SAT Wing
BK Shivani, Rajayoga Teacher
BK Sudha, Regional Director, Brahma Kumaris, Russia
Watch us on Awakening TV Channel: https://youtu.be/O8Rd-vXwxt8

You can watch the E-Conference online on:



REPLAYS of Recent Madhuban Classes with English Translation from Week of September 14

22 September 2020

19 September - Dr Prem Masand - Sachchidanad Shiv [1:34:45] https://youtu.be/4cnslb0ZIsE  

18 September - Dr Satish Gupta - The Embodiment Of Supreme Soul

[ 1:31:45] https://youtu.be/Uodv0_IMVvk

17 September - Geeta Ben - Praise Of  Supreme Soul Shiva

[1:37:10] https://youtu.be/2_cRcGnxAoA

16 September - Suraj Bhai - The Incarnation Of Almighty Authority

[1:33:45] https://youtu.be/aCPtYIx8bgU

15 September - Raju Bhai - Ordinance Of The Ocean Of Purity

[1:30:40] https://youtu.be/q9F5dEZcNk4



PEACE-A-THON 2020 : “Shaping Peace Together” – Online Event On September 20th and 21st

21 September 2020

You are Invited to Join ” International Peace Day Celebrations on UN Theme ” “Shaping Peace Together”, Exclusively With Eminent Faith Leader’s & Spiritual Leaders Organised by Brahma Kumaris & Global Peace Initiative & Wellbeing Mount Abu.
Date – 20th September, Sunday at 11.30 am IST
– Monday 21st Evening 8 pm on PEACE OF MIND TV


You can also watch on YouTube, Omshanti channel on 21st September Monday – Morning 10 am to 12 am noon



24 Hrs Meditation Experience on Awakening Channel

20 September 2020

Divine Sisters and Brothers, Om Shanti

21st September, the International Peace Day, is being organised as a 24 hrs meditation experience on the Awakening TV channel. 

Promo Video link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKgczx_V4rI

24hrs Event link - https://tiny.cc/shapingpeacetogether

Shanti Ki Sanskriti, Shaping Peace Together, is the name of the programme. 
Sunday night 12 am to Monday night 12 am - 24 hrs Meditation Experience. 
Meditation Commentaries, Divine Songs and Dances, Art - all in a meditative experience. 

Meditation Commentaries in English by - Sister Mohini, Sister Jayanti, Brother Charlie, Brother Ken, Brother Eric, Sister Gayatri (New York), Sister Aruna (Kuwait), BK Yogesh (Turkey),  BK Michael & BK Arielle (Sedona USA).

Meditation Commentaries in Hindi by - Sister Mohini, Shielu Didi, Chandrika Didi, Suraj Bhai, Ramnath Bhai, Sushma Didi (Jaipur), Chandrakala Didi (Jaipur), Anita Didi (Chandigarh), Niha Didi (Gamdevi, Mumbai), BK Rama (Siri Fort, Delhi), BK Kavita (Borivali, Mumbai), BK Kamla (Dwarka, Delhi), and little angels BK Tajveer and BK Bhuvi. 

Please share this with Baba's family and contact souls, so that we all meditate together at any time in these 24 hrs.

Om Shanti…
In Babas Yaad,
BK Karuna



REPLAYS of Recent Madhuban Classes with English Translation from August 31 to September 12

18 September 2020

12 September - Ramnath Bhai - Power Of Love  [1:20:05] https://youtu.be/Y00k8L8sHHM 

11 September - Mrutyunjay Bhai - Loveful Behaviour of God, The Ocean Of Love Towards Everyone

[ 1:30:55]  https://youtu.be/Iv5Lg1pijRk

10 September - Singhal Bhai - Experiencing the Love From Ocean Of Love

[1:33:22] https://youtu.be/2FSp8NmmvhM 

9 September - Suraj Bhai - Secret of Baba Being Merciful and Supreme Judge

[1:18:53] https://youtu.be/AK_pnhc8rFY

8 September - Raju Bhai - Experiences with Mohini Behn Madhuban

[1:47:10] https://youtu.be/BwXr8PtnfMI 

7 September - Atam Prakash Bhai - Experiences with Mohini Behn Madhuban

[1:38:00] https://youtu.be/bS4zqOFXgko 

6 September - Geeta Behn - Experiences With Our Ancestors Soul

[1:29:50] https://youtu.be/qIp0XXtoibE 

5 September - Dr Prem Masand - How To Embibe Power Of Peace 

[1:28:50] https://youtu.be/3CK824yd53k

4 September - Karuna Bhai - His Experiences With The Father Ocean Of Peace

[ 1:30:55] https://youtu.be/VLHOsKBIIOg 

3 September - Geeta Behn - Imbing the Qualities of Supreme Soul

[1:34:45] https://youtu.be/bISruiU__hU

2 September - Suraj Bhai - Dharna and Religion

[1:41:15] https://youtu.be/F-ADp9FaGxk

1 September - Raju Bhai - Nectar Of Glorification of Supreme Soul Shiv

[1:31:05] https://youtu.be/TMy9KwxHtWQ

31 August - Ramlochan Bhai - Efforts According To The Current Scenario





“Sleep Management and Mental Empowerment” – Online Session for Naval Personnel

15 September 2020

Mount Abu (Rajasthan): BK Veerendar, faculty of the Security Services Wing presented an online session on “Sleep Management and Mental Empowerment” for more than 300 Naval personnel.

Vice Admiral SN Ghormade and many other senior naval officers including Commodores, Captains, and Commanders along with other ranks participated in this program. The session was conducted for two days, for an hour each day.

Senior Rajyoga teacher BK Dr. Savita conducted a guided meditation session.



REPLAYS of Recent Madhuban Classes with English Translation from Week of August 24-31

2 September 2020

30 August - Dadi Ratanmohini - Words of Blessings [ 1:38:35] https://youtu.be/L0NH9V_THaA

29 August - Geeta Ben - Memories with Dadi Prakashmani [1:46:25] https://youtu.be/wImMWjv4FEE

28 August - Dr Savita Ben - How To Be Creative [ 1:27:00] https://youtu.be/u5Ez88bULlE

27 August - Prakash Bhai (Dadiji Cottage) - Experiences with Dadi Prakashmani [1:42:00] https://youtu.be/37AftD0wjMU

26 August - Suraj Bhai - Memories with Dadi Prakashmani [1:37:30] https://youtu.be/LMMp0C1i-0Y

25 August - Raju Bhai - Memories with Dadi Prakashmani [2:53:29] https://youtu.be/FtODcfd1_5A

24 August - Atam Prakash Bhai - Balance of Self Respect and Respect [1:39:35] https://youtu.be/QuH3pGp3OOg



Dadi Hridayamohini Condoles Passing Away of Former President of India, Pranab Mukherjee

1 September 2020

Mount Abu (Rajasthan): Dadi Hridayamohini, Chief of the Brahma Kumaris, condoled the death of Honorable Pranab Mukherjee, Former President of India.  She said that he lived a simple and honest life. His mind was always focused on spiritual development and people’s welfare.  He was a great patriot, able leader, administrator, and statesman. This loss is irreparable.  She prayed for the peace of the departed soul and strength for his family.

Dadi Hridayamohini recalled her personal meetings with the Former President and said that he had an easy nature. His life will always be remembered for the service of this nation.  He was connected with the Brahma Kumaris Organization and invited her on several occasions to Rashtrapati Bhawan for spiritual discussions.