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News of Sister Lucy of the Philippines: Loveful sendoff for an exemplary soul - Philippine BKs applaud beloved elder’s inspiring life

16 September 2020

FAMILY group chats in the Philippines were filled with an outpouring of fond farewell messages and reminiscences the whole day of Sept. 12, when beloved BK elder Lucila Santiago-Perez—everybody’s “Sister Lucy”—left the body due to community acquired pneumonia. She was 89.


The messages all expressed respect, affection and gratitude for “a model of generosity,” “a shining example of royalty” and “an inspiring spiritual parent.” Indeed, she was all that and more.


Sister Rajni Daulatram, coordinator of BK Philippines and Japan, put it on record with a brief statement:

“Sister Lucy was the foundation soul who, with her husband Vic officially invited Brahma Kumaris in 1983 to spread the message of God’s love in the Philippines by opening centers. It was the first invitation of its kind from any country that Madhuban ever received. They nurtured the resulting service from the very start.


“In 1987, Lucy and Vic spearheaded the purchase of Makati Center on Bagtikan St., which Dadi Janki inaugurated alongside her. The couple led trustee lives; their constant support in the form of wealth continued to sustain many centers after that. They kept a very close connection with the Dadis and Didi Nirmala. Dadi Janki in turn sustained them with a lot of spiritual love.”


Vic or Vicente Abad Perez, ex-naval officer and former Philippine Assistant Secretary of Foreign Affairs, left the body in 2006. Lucy was a nutritionist and dietitian by profession. She was the first treasurer of BK Philippines Spiritual Foundation, Inc. (BKPSFI) in 1985, and became its president in 2009.


Sister Rajni wrote to their son Vincent, former Philippine Secretary of Energy: “Lucy was extremely loving and caring. She was many things to many of us—friend, mother, mentor… She lived her life with full meaning and purpose. She served humanity with a lot of love. We will miss her very much, but she will remain in our hearts. Her virtues were a gift for everyone and her wisdom will continue to inspire us. Please receive my deepest condolences.”


Sister Lucy was cremated on the evening of Sept. 12 with two sons, Raoul Vicente and Miguel William in attendance.


With much love,

In Baba’s yaad,

BK Rajani and the Philippine Family


‘One of the royals’

BK farewell bidders were led by Gonzalo Serrano Jr., current BKPSFI president, who gave his own statement: “Sister Lucy was the epitome of altruistic service to humanity, which was the inevitable fruit of her great love for God. She inspired us all by thinking out of the box in the way she sought to convey the knowledge to people from all walks.”

                                * * *

Every message was heartfelt and personal:


“She was always warm and accommodating. Whenever she asked ‘How are you?’ I was compelled to give a deeper response than the usual, ‘I am fine.’ She was truly one of the royals.”— Nida Lagrimas, Quezon City.


“I stayed for a while in Sister Lucy and Dada Vic's home in QC. I got to witness, up close, her impeccable cleanliness, orderliness and neatness in the household, and her strict observance of the BK lifestyle and principles. This rubbed off on us young CNs in 1998. She was an exemplary BK teacher and student, and loved to sit in yoga. I experienced her love and support in many ways. She occupies a soft spot in my heart. I thank Baba for the gift of Sister Lucy.”— Salud Idio, Tagaytay


“She was my spiritual mother, mentor and friend. She helped make me easy and light as I faced obstacles in my first few years as a BK. I will never forget her advice, ‘Continue serving your husband and family and God will do magic!’ That’s exactly what happened.” — Kunj, QC


“Heartfelt gratitude for her life of courage, dedication, and love for God and humanity.”— Mona Reyes, Baguio


“Sis Lucy will forever be in my heart. She paved the way to my being a BK inside out! Rest now, dear sister. Love you!” — Ditta Sandico, QC


“I will always remember how much she supported me.”— Zeny Cenido, QC


“One of the things Lucy taught me when I was a young BK was to first accept heavy feelings so Baba can help take them away. Thank you, dearest sister. I will truly miss you.” — Yogini, QC


“She was a very special soul who knew how and when to touch others’ hearts. Even when I was in the United States, she cared about how I was being sustained.”—Sonia Simon, QC


“Loving memories of an exemplary BK... See u next kalpa!” – Shanti, Tagum


Sister Lucy was a bedrock of knowledge. She helped me mature in gyan and taught me how to stay keen—studious and discerning—and not just accept things and situations. She was innovation unlimited, so to speak, especially with the ‘Think Green, Think Clean’ drive and, more recently, her ‘Lost and Found Project.’”— Merle, Makati


“Salute to a foundation soul! Sister Lucy was tireless, and fully embraced the spiritual disciplines. Loving, motherly, yet spiritually detached, she was a beacon to many of us!” — Jojo Sescon, Makati


“My dearest Lucy, it was truly an auspicious day when I met you in Inner Space Manila. There was an instant and deep connection that, I now know, will re-emerge kalpa after kalpa. You believed in me and saw my potential even if I didn’t. You mentored me with patience, love, and faith. ‘Loca Lucy’ (as you laughingly called yourself), I shall miss your early morning calls, your enthusiastic sharing of insights, and your brilliance, which I found simply awesome.”—Anne Hortelano, Manila


“She was an angel whose cup ran over with divine treasures that she constantly shared with anyone who cared to listen.”— Hema,  Manila


“I came to know Sister Lucy up close when I became a resident of Inner Space Manila. The day I moved in, she had the place spruced up beautifully. She even gathered the family and some guests to welcome me. I felt so important! During that period, we talked about many things—mostly gyan and service—when she came by and slept over. Her dedication to service, on top of her motherly nature, kept the IS family close. Thank you, Sister Lucy, for giving me refuge at a time when I was feeling lost. —Ellen, Las Piñas


“A lovely sparkling star, Sister Lucy guided me through my early BK years in Lotus House, Quezon City. Later, we would catch up on self-progress whenever she was in Davao for service.  She showed me how to go deeper in gyan, her sharp and generous mind filling our encounters with profound joy. Thus, I can say I had a very happy and stable BK childhood. What a timeless yagya mata!”— Madett, Tagaytay


 “My powerful and sweet big sister! You taught me and inspired me in the few weeks that we came together for RefreshLife. You brought new perspectives on how to think, how to question what I am being taught, how to actually use what I learn. You showed me how to stand, too—how to breathe even! I embrace you with waves of love now, and in my mind we are exchanging big, big chuckles as we often did together before parting ways. Thank you for your boundless generosity.”—Dadi Santos, Makati


“There are no goodbyes. You will always be in our hearts.  Your light was like a flame that ignited the minds of young students. As one of them said, ‘Sister Lucy’s aura is that of an angel whose presence nourishes.”— Naga Family


“You are tightly held in God’s embrace now. You will be sorely missed by those that you touched with your love, wisdom and vibrant energy. Your presence was a blessing, and your legacy shall continue to bless many more.”—Leela, Legaspi






Br. Miguel of Orlando, Florida Has Flown to Baba

10 September 2020

Brother Miguel left body Wednesday morning at 6:30 am while he was meditating. Originally from Colombia, Miguel was a student at the Orlando Center. As many of you know, he had been suffering from cancer for a couple of years though he never complained about it. He understood and accepted the drama very well.


He was a very good soul. His heart was full of love for Baba and service.  We miss him a lot.  


May Baba give him comfort and peace.


Date of Birth.         1-2-1955

Year of Gyan.          Sept, 2001

Left Body.                9-9-2020


This Sunday, September 13th, at 10:30 am we will be offering bhog for Brother in our center.  All are welcome.


Orlando niwassis





BK Arjun Bhai of Madhuban Passed Away

3 September 2020

Our respected BK Arjun Bhai, Incharge of Swadarshan Bhawan (Pandav Bhawan), Mount Abu passed away today on 02-09-2020. The last rites of his mortal body will be performed on 3rd Sept. morning.  Our floral tributes to the Bapdada's lovely and serviceable departed soul.


Arjun Bhai, dear BapDada's most affectionate, tireless, and all-round server of all the Dadis and Madhuban residents, had been ill for some time. Today, on 2-9 in the afternoon, he left his old body in the Global Hospital and went to BapDada's lap. He had been in the residence department, responsible for the setting, cleanliness, etc. of the rooms in Swadarshan Bhavan (Pandava Bhavan) which he looked after with great care.


He took knowledge from Tinsukia, Assam in 1976, and since 1980, served in Madhuban's Mahayagya, benefitting many people of this country and abroad. He had brotherly affection for everyone. He was affable, delightful, always lived by saying 'yes' to everyone and keeping good wishes and pure feelings for everyone.









News of Sister Christa Kaiser from Hamburg, Germany

20 August 2020

Dear friends and supporters of the Hamburg Brahma Kumaris Center,


On Saturday, August 15th at 8:00 am our sister Christa Kaiser has left her body after a serious illness. Christa practiced Raja Yoga meditation for over 30 years. She was a very cheerful and caring person and supported our community lovingly and energetically. Christa read the Murli on Sundays, alternating with others, with great love and joy.


In the last years she also came earlier every Sunday to prepare breakfast. In this way she made a valuable contribution and created an occasion to come together again. On Mondays she came for meditation and spiritual exchange with the "Monday group". Even after decades she was very enthusiastic about spiritual knowledge and often shared her personal experiences with us after the morning class. This was always very beautiful and enriching and made it very easy for us to take her into our hearts. With her warm and cheerful nature she has a place in our hearts.


Her life story is also very impressive. She fled from the GDR at a young age and then setteled in the Hamburg region. Christa found Brahma Kumaris in Quickborn at the end of the 1980s and has been part of our community ever since.


She took particular pleasure in intuitive writing. The joyful expression she had

while reciting the stories will remain in our memories.


Our powerful thoughts and pure wishes are now with her and her relatives.

In the next days we will dedicate the morning meditation to her.


With warmest greetings

The team of the Hamburg Brahma Kumaris Center





News of Linda Singer of Boston

6 August 2020

The Boston Family is writing to share with the family the news that on Wednesday, August 5th at 4:00 am Sr. Linda Singer flew to Baba. Sr. Linda came to Baba over 15 years ago and served as a member of the Rhode Island core team since that time.


Linda was an incognito server while living at home with her family. She was a school teacher and she was also certified in the program “Relax Kids” which she loved teaching.


Linda was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer in January of 2019 and since that time she battled to stay in the wonder of the Confluence Age for as long as she could.  August 5th morning, very peacefully, she flew to Baba one day after having her rakhi tied.









Obituary : Mount Abu- BK Kitab Singh Bhai of Madhuban Passed Away

28 July 2020


Divine Family,


This is to inform you that our Madhuban Niwasi Brother BK Kitab Singh (Kitchen Dept.) left his mortal body on 26-07-2020 at the age of 76. The cremation was performed this morning at  Mount Abu. 


Our heartfelt tributes to the departed soul.






BK Padma Behn, Incharge of Kodangal (Gulbarga) Centre Has Passed Away

22 July 2020


Divine Family,


Rajyogini Brahmakumari Padma Behn (Age-67), In-charge of Kodangal (Gulbarga) Centre left for Avyakt Vatan on 20-07-2020.


Our heartfelt tributes to Bapdada's lovely and serviceable departed soul.





News of Brother Michel of Bordeaux, France

12 July 2020

Brother Michel, Bordeaux center-niwassi, flew to Baba’s lap on July 6th. The funeral service took place on Thursday, 9 July at 4pm.


As soon as Michel came in contact with Baba and took gyan, in 1993, Baba’s love has been the one support of his life.


Michel has always been 100% loyal and faithful to Baba, with lightness, joy and grace even though he has always had severe health problems as he had a kidney transplant in 1987.


Over the years, his health has deteriorated, but Michel never ever complained. A deep understanding of the law of karma helped him accept his health issues with spirituality. He was, for the whole French family, an angel of cheerfulness.


In the family, he was well-known for his kindness and his courage, but also for his intense effort. Whenever he could, he would wake up every day at 2:30am and cook for Baba and study Baba’s murli.


Michel’s simplicity, lightness, honesty and humility made him so easy to live with. With his dharna and his courage he won all hearts and deserved the respect everyone had for him.


In 2018, he had a few strokes and spent 10 days in a coma. However, just as a phoenix, he woke up OK. Nevertheless, he had no other choice but to start dialysis again, three times a week. Therefore Michel could not go to BK retreats nor meet the family except in Bordeaux.


In addition to all this, Michel had developed throat cancer which eventually claimed his life this Monday July 6th.


He left us as a conqueror of matter. For all of us, he is an example: fearless, without any bitterness, double-light and royal!


A detached observer, he was prepared and at the end, willing to leave and enter a baby girl body.


The nurse in the hospital said he left very peacefully and that seeing him and Brother Yves who very often came to visit him was as though she was seeing angels.


Our foremost thoughts of love and light accompany him towards his new part. Not only will it be a baby-girl body, but at last, a very healthy body!


With love,

French family





Brother B.K.Sundareshan of Chennai Annanagar Has Left his Old Body

12 July 2020

Divine Bro / Sis, Om Shanti


Avyakt Bapdada's Most Beloved Beads of Victorious Rosary, Greetings of Peace from Chennai.


Bapdada's Valuable Jewel, one of the Strong Pillars of Tamilnadu zone, Beloved Brother B.K.Sundareshan, left this mortal Body today morning at 8.40 a.m. and went to Baba's Lap. Brother Sundareshan had been in Gyan since 1975, 45 years.  From the beginning, he has been closely associated with Respected Rosy Behnji and Laxmi Behnji.  He has offered his services very actively in the Tamilnadu zone and different parts of the world also.


He was Yagya Rakshak, always flying with wings of enthusiasm and zeal, within Baba's Maryada, an example of humility and greatness, a great soul.


He had been suffering for the last 10 days.  He was admitted to the hospital with breathing difficulties.  He was tested covid - positive.  He was recovering today morning and spoke a few words.  Suddenly around 7.30 a.m. his pulse rate started reducing.  The Hospital authorities tried with the ventilator but the heart did not recover.  The soul left the mortal body at 8.40 a.m. and went to Baba's lap.








Our condolences to a Great Soul,


Date of Birth :  23.6.1954 (Age 66 Years)

In Gyan since :  1975 (45 years)

Surrender Since - 18th Jan 1990

Date of Expiry    -  11th July 2020


In Baba's Yaad

B.K.Beena Sister

Tamilnadu Zone





News of Pat Edgcombe of Kettering, UK

12 July 2020

My dear mum was so beautiful, both inside and outside, but of course, everything has its opposite and we also have to face and transform, with Baba’s help.


She has been a lifetime friend, always sharing, supporting and encouraging. Always there in the background, never demanding attention but giving, putting me in front, there to offer shelter when I was in trouble.


She was a Yorkshire village girl, her father a shepherd / farm worker / dry stone waller, her mother baking and delivering to all the village, and looking after the 4 children. They were very poor but a house full of love and happiness. They moved to the Kettering area to find work and when she was in her teens her beloved father died. She married my father and worked as a hairdresser. She longed for a big family but my father would only allow one – me.


She was a wonderful home maker, an excellent cook, interior designer and decorator, seamstress, hostess, gardener. She enjoyed all types of craft and creative work, including painting and sculpting, and later, when visiting her, she was always busy with making blessing cards. Calling all the names in her address book I have learnt that she has been much loved throughout her whole life by all who have known, lived and worked with her including my father. Although separated, he carried on caring for her as best he could. ‘She was loved because she was loving and people felt at peace in her presence’.


She lived in many places throughout her life and it was whilst in Cheltenham that she ventured into a new life, exploring different avenues of spirituality and then became part of Baba’s family. After spending time in London she moved back to Cheltenham where she ran a centre for a number of years.


Then, she was on the move again, to Kettering where she shared her BK life with a companion, Michael. During this period her main centre was GRC. She also loved attending all the Wise Women meetings.


When her health started to deteriorate, she became less and less able to do all the things she loved. Lying in bed, she would look at her big Brahma Baba poster, and talk to Him, and right to the end, she continued to win the heart of everyone who came into connection with her. Free from the old failing body – that joyful, loveful, beautiful soul is dancing in the light of Baba's drishti. 


The funeral will take place on Friday 10 July 2020.


In Baba’s remembrance,


With love,

Kim Edgcombe (Pat’s daughter)






News of Passing of BK Laxmi Mata, Mother of BK Prakash Bhai, Dadi Cottage, Shantivan

3 July 2020


Om Shanti


Pl. See Attached News & Photograph regarding Passing of BK Laxmi Mata of Sunni (Shimla - HP), Mother of BK Prakash Bhai, Dadi Cottange, Shantivan.


Hindi Documentary Link: Please click below image to view the video.




On Godly Service Only

BK Prakash Bhai

Dadi Cottage, Brahma Kumaris, 

Shantivan - 307510

Dist. Sirohi (Rajasthan)

Mob: 9414153333

Email: bkprakash28@gmail.com


Click here for letter from Br Prakash in Hindi.


Br.Suresh Chandel, Member of Parliament, offering tribute to Laxmi Mata


BK. Sheela bhen (Mandi subzone), BK Sushma bhen (Solan service center), Br. Suresh Chandel (Parliament member), Hiralal ji (MLA), BK. Prakash bhai (Mt. Abu) offering tribute to Laxmi mata.