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Your invitation to Exquisite Exchanges Golden Gathering and reminder of upcoming Golden Laws session

30 August 2020

Dear Family, Greetings of love,




Saturday 5th September    Session: 2 hours

Asia: 12.30 Delhi;  14.00 Jakarta;  17.00 Sydney Link: Golden Gathering Asia

Europe & Americas: 10.00 Miami; 15.00 London Link: Golden Gathering Europe & Americas


A reminder of the upcoming third session of GOLDEN INSIGHTS TRILOGY:

Golden Laws - Visioning the natural laws of the future. (http://tiny.cc/goldenlaws)

Wednesday 2 Sept 2020 (8.00 Miami; 13:00 London; 22.00 Sydney)



All Golden Insights are being recorded and the links for these recordings are the same as the link for each of the Golden Insights:                                

For Golden Visions, 19th August, the recording is available on:  http://tiny.cc/goldenvisions

For Golden Threads, 26 August, the recording is available on:  http://tiny.cc/goldenthreads


Please do contact us as at exquisite.exchanges@au.brahmakumaris.org  if you have any questions.


Much love

In Baba’s Yaad

Exquisite Exchanges Team






This week's Brahma Kumaris page in India's Daily Guardian newspaper

30 August 2020

Click HERE to download the pdf.


REPLAYS of Recent Broadcasts by Sister Shivani Week of August 17-24

28 August 2020

(NOTE: All have English subtitles or are in English.)


23 August -Think Right To Change Destiny  [29:18] Ep 32 of BEING DIVINE Series https://youtu.be/Uc_kR2B0v4A



21 August - Being Ganesha [21:24]  https://youtu.be/xVJzx3iEuB8



19 August -1 Thought To Be Peaceful In The Day  [25:13] Ep 31 of BEING DIVINE Series https://youtu.be/Uc_kR2B0v4A



18 August - Number ONE Rule To Face Challenges With Stability- Part 2 [19:10]  https://youtu.be/f_yktkEfuys 






The Future of Power - Recording of The Future of Power Conversation, 21st August

27 August 2020

Dear Divine Brother / Sister, Greetings from the Future of Power team.


We are pleased to send you here below the recording of the second in the series of future of power Conversations, relevant to the current times, hosted on the 21st August,2020.




Best regards,

BK Neetu Gupta

Head - Communication

The Future of Power

Email - enlightened@futureofpower.in






This week's Brahma Kumaris page in India's Daily Guardian newspaper

23 August 2020

Click HERE to download.the pdf.




Dadiji's day of Remembrance - Photos and Video resources

23 August 2020

Om Shanti Divine Family,


The Confluence Age is the age of meeting our long lost Father and divine family, the Age of Remembrance.


Let's relive some good memories with our sweet Dadiji on the day of Remembrance of Dadiji!  Here are some links that I came across on the internet that may come handy. 


Click on the below images to play.



Instrument of Baba

Dadi Prakashmani slideshow (English) by the UK family [5:53]


Dadi Prakashmani with Bliss song (English)  [2.21]


Dadiji slideshow intro (Hindi) [4:21]


Additional Dadi Prakashmani slideshows (pictures nice background music) [9:04]

(images with back ground music) [1:38]

(images with back ground music) [5:25]

"A Story of Dadi Prakashmani " (Hindi)  [13:55]

Dadiji reading murli [1:01:57]:

Classes by Dadi ji:





Two other additional resources:


Dadiji's Life Story - A beautiful video made in Madhuban in 2014 of Dadiji from birth till she departed, with lovely music. Listen to her reading murli and doing service.  Some sections are in Hindi and could use subtitles. [30:04]


Master Class by Sr Jayanti and Br Charlie on their experiences in Knowing Dadiji






Golden Insights Trilogy Recordings, Reminder and Save the Date

22 August 2020

Dear Family, Greetings of love



All Golden Insights are being recorded and the links for these recordings are the same as the link for each of the Golden Insights. (For the Golden Insight on Wednesday 19th August, the recording is available on:  http://tiny.cc/goldenvisions


Upcoming Golden Insights:


Golden Threads - Secrets of Satopradharn Energy.   (http://tiny.cc/goldenthreads)

Wednesday 26 Aug 2020 (5.00 Miami, 10.00 London, 19:00 Sydney)


Golden Laws - Visioning the natural laws of the future.   (http://tiny.cc/goldenlaws)

Wednesday 2 Sept 2020 (8.00 Miami, 13:00 London, 22.00 Sydney)


Golden Gathering Online September 5-6th - save the date

Jayanti ben is offering her experiences of exploring her future form and world, along with rich offerings from Waddy, Manda, and Charlie and opportunities for deep experiential exchanges. More details very soon. 


Please do contact us as at: exquisite.exchanges@au.brahmakumaris.org  if you have any questions.


Much love

In Baba’s Yaad

Exquisite Exchanges Team




Stories of Dadiji by Sister Jayanti and Brother Charlie

20 August 2020

United Yoga Bhatti – Stories of Prakashmani Dadiji by Sister Jayanti and Brother Charlie, August 23 at 6:30 am New York time, 11:30am London time, and 4:30 pm Indian time (See your local time below).


Brought to you on popular demand. After our last masterclass on Dadiji, many of you requested this so here are Sister Jayanti and Brother Charlie again!  They will share their experiences of Prakashmani Dadiji.  


Sunday, August 23, 2020

6:30 am New York time

11:30 am London time

1:30 pm Moscow and Nairobi time

4:30 pm India time

8:30 pm Sydney time 


Please calculate your local time here:



The webinar is available only in English. Please make provisions for translation at your end. Registration is required, see details below:



Livestream on YouTube.  Use this link only if you are unable to connect to the webinar:






REPLAYS of Recent Broadcasts by Sister Shivani Week of August 10-17

20 August 2020

(NOTE: All have English subtitles or are in English.)


16 August -2 Ways to Prepare Yourself For The Day

 [29:30] Ep 30 of BEING DIVINE Series https://youtu.be/GW_JeN0K0jE


15 August -Freedom is Emotional Independence

 [29:23] https://youtu.be/rrC9mGs4V6U 


13 August -When To Adjust & When to Avoid People

 [23:17] Ep 29 of BEING DIVINE Series https://youtu.be/7eA4x6czIf4


12 August -How To Help Someone Who Is Not Willing To Change ?: Part 2  [25:13] https://youtu.be/nt_sR4eOjIo


11 August - GIFT Of Life: BK Shivani about Organ Donation [Hindi Only]

  [6:16]  https://youtu.be/uXVpwPFySvM 


10 August - Krishna Janmashtami- New Song  [5:13]  https://youtu.be/VOGyor_IVn4





Golden Insights Trilogy Invitation and change of timings

19 August 2020

Dear Family, Greetings of love


We are inviting you to the upcoming Golden Insights Trilogy - Experiential Exchanges. Please see the attached invitation for full details.


Also, note change of timings:

Wednesdays 19 and 26 August  (5.00 Miami, 10.00 UK, 19.00 Sydney)  

Wednesday 2 Sept 2020 (8.00 Miami, 13:00 UK, 22.00 Sydney)


Please do contact us as at: exquisiteexchanges@brahmakumaris.org.au  if you have any questions.


Much love

In Baba’s Yaad

Exquisite Exchanges Team

Golden Insights Trilogy - Experiential Exchanges


We invite you to listen to these short golden insight recordings below to stimulate your own reflection in advance of the Golden Insights Trilogy Exchanges. 


Golden Visions - Visioning via Vishnupuri- subtle experiences of the future.     ( http://tiny.cc/goldenvisions )

Wednesday 19 August  2020  (5.00 Miami, 10.00 London, 19:00 Sydney)



Subtle World: Geoff, Shantivan, India



Night Time Gazing: Phil, Australia



Golden Threads - Secrets of Satopradharn Energy.   (http://tiny.cc/goldenthreads)

Wednesday 26 Aug 2020 (5.00 Miami, 10.00 London, 19:00 Sydney)



Golden Age Reflections: Kal, Australia



Deity Experience: David J, Australia



Memories of my Future Form: Julia, New Zealand



Golden Laws - Visioning the natural laws of the future.   (http://tiny.cc/goldenlaws)

Wednesday 2 Sept 2020 (8.00 Miami, 13:00 London, 22.00 Sydney)



Laws of that World: Arnoud, Holland




Click on the image above to download





REPLAYS of Recent Broadcasts by Sister Shivani Week of August 3rd

16 August 2020

(Note that all have English subtitles or are in English.)


09 August - Clean Your Mind Before Meeting People

 [29:15] Ep 28 of BEING DIVINE Series https://youtu.be/Tvz-LZY7DbA 



07 August - Ways To Manage Your Mental Health: Part 1

 [28:40] https://youtu.be/x0afcjyo0cQ



05 August - 3 Steps To Forgive & Heal Yourself: Part 2  [22:36] https://youtu.be/56Y1US4Tqrc



04 August - How We Absorb People's Negativities  [28:52] Ep 27 of BEING DIVINE Series  https://youtu.be/xQJvxRTK8cI






Awakening to the Call of Time - Live Webinar in English with Sr Shivani Saturday, 15th August, 4 pm IST

15 August 2020

Saturday, 15th Aug 2020: 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm IST

Location: Online webinar (English)

Registration is FREE but compulsory: https://bkitwing.org/webinar/


These are unprecedented times; too many changes, too many challenges on personal, professional, and societal fronts. How to face these challenges and come out stronger? Where should my focus be during current times? How can I help protect the physical and mental health of myself & my loved ones? These are some of the questions that will be addressed in this much-needed webinar on “Awakening to the Call of Time”. Do join us to learn more about the art & science of Inner Resilience during current times.


BK Shivani has been a practitioner and a teacher of Rajayoga Meditation that is at the heart of the teachings of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization, since 1996.


First telecast in 2007, her widely popular television show aimed at self-transformation, Awakening With Brahma Kumaris enjoys the rare distinction of having completed 2,000 episodes. For over a decade, the show has empowered individuals from all walks of life in India, USA and Canada, UK, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, and South-East Asia. Viewers have overcome mental stress, depression, addictions, low self-esteem, and unhappy relationships, by taking personal responsibility for their emotions. 


In March 2019, BK Shivani was awarded the prestigious Nari Shakti Puraskaar, the highest civilian honor for women in India, for her role in transforming human behaviours. The award was conferred by His Excellency Mr. Ram Nath Kovind, the Honorable President of India. Since 2017 she has been appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador by the World Psychiatric Association. For her excellence in empowering Spiritual Consciousness, she was honored with the Women of the Decade Achievers Award by ASSOCHAM Ladies League in 2014.






“Meditate for Lebanon” : Online Event in English on Sunday, August 9

11 August 2020



This week's Brahma Kumaris page in India's Daily Guardian newspaper

11 August 2020

Click HERE to download the pdf.



REPLAYS of recent Broadcasts by Sister Shivani Week of July 27-August 02

8 August 2020

(Note that all have English subtitles or are in English.)


02 August - 3 Ways to Increase Emotional Immunity [24:14] https://youtu.be/aQDFX6rc8zY



02 August - Song for Rakshabandhan [03:53] https://youtu.be/KxCYSSvmHqg



31 July - WIN Over Your EGO [29:10] Ep 26 of BEING DIVINE Series  https://youtu.be/S8j8TLmVJx8



28 July - 2 Morning Routines For A Perfect Day: Part 2 [23:26] https://youtu.be/rseHCX3N6DY






News of Lebanon from Sister Anna

6 August 2020

Dear Family, 


Greetings of Love and Light from Beirut!


We are very much touched by your heartfelt, elevated, good wishes regarding the explosion that happened last Tuesday in Beirut. 


It is said to be 'unquestionably"one of the largest non nuclear blasts in history.

ln anticipation of the construction of Baba 's  new house, for the last almost two  years Baba's home has moved 40kms away from Beirut on  mountains of 1000 mtrs height, sizes that proved not enough to stop the deafening sound of the explosion and the shaking of the land. We all felt the explosion in the area like the other few millions in Beirut did. However we are far enough for the poisonous gases not to reach us.


We are all very well in all levels.   There is a great feeling of lightness, inner subtle happiness, natural inner stability knowing the accuracy and benevolence  of the drama  and genuine love and compassion for all the souls that are  now ready to remember that they are eternal and secure anyways no matter what and that their Father is there for them as the Eternal, Perfect Companion. 


The increasing service due to covid 19 in the whole world has more reasons to keep increasing in this country that has witnessed total bankruptcy since last October, political anarchy and chaos, conflicts at the borders with Israel plus this massive explosion .


The  Brahmins keep increasing at a fast speed . We enjoy welcoming the younger members of the family . 


From our hearts we would like to thank  each one of you individually and sincerely for your so genuine and love filled good wishes...very touching...


Our hearts are also filled with gratitude to sweet Baba who is still there till the last minute of the end of the performance to remind us that we are like Him. Which words can describe our gratitude...


Thank you...


With the  One in the heart

On behalf of the Family in Lebanon






Raksha Bandhan Greetings from Chief of Brahma Kumaris, Dadi Gulzar, and Additional Chief Dadi Ratan Mohini

3 August 2020

Divine Brother/Sister, Accept greetings of Peace and Purity.


The festival of Rakhi reminds us that the greatest celebration is that of knowing GOD – The Supreme soul who is the Father of all souls of the world and that He is our protector. Rakhi also symbolizes the special bond we share with Him and thus realize the vision He has for us as spiritual beings of light, who sparkle with love, peace, and purity. This awareness gives the sacred thread a beauty such that we have a vision of equality and good wishes for all.


We wish you on this occasion, an attitude, vision, and thought of divine love and inner bliss!


In Godly Service,

BK Hridaya Mohini ( Dadi Gulzar ), Chief of Brahma Kumaris.




Raksha Bandhan Greetings from Dadi Ratan Mohini, Additional Chief of Brahma Kumaris


“Multi-Million Greetings Of Raksha Bandhan”


Carefree Emperors Brahma Kumars and Kumaris, Fortunate Children of Divine Father, Bestower of Fortune, His Royal Students, are experiencing the Joy of Confluence Age by staying Happy always witnessing every scene of Drama as Detached Observers.

Raksha Bandhan Festival is a symbol of Purity and Safety. Keeping the purpose of this Festival in Mind, you Brothers and Sisters have to safeguard yourself by empowering with Purity and Powers of God, have to render service through Mind by spreading Vibrations of Purity and Powers that you have acquired, for the safety of the entire Universe.


On the occasion of this Holy Festival tie the Rakhi of God’s Love and Contentment to all other Souls, both Physical or Subtle ways and give them a treat with Sweets of Peace and Happiness.


With Good Wishes,

Dadi Ratanmohini, Additional Chief of Brahma Kumaris.


In Hindi:

रक्षाबंधन पर्व की पदमापदम बधाई

मीठी बहनेंराखी के त्यौहार को उमंग-उत्साह से मनाने का समाचार और अलौकिक स्नेह से भरी राखियों का पत्र एवं -मेल आदि हमें पहुँच गये हैं। आप सभी को ईश्वरीय स्नेह सम्पन्न मधुर याद के साथ विशेष रक्षाबंधन के पावन पर्व की हार्दिक बधाई होबधाई हो।


आप सभी ब्राह्मण आत्मायें भाग्य विधाता बाप के भाग्यवानरॉयल स्टूडेन्टसंगमयुग की मौजों का अनुभव करने वालेसदा खुशहाल रह हामा की हर सीन को साक्षी हो देखने वालेबेफिक्र बादशाह ब्रह्माकुमारब्रह्माकुमारी हो। रक्षाबंधन का पर्व जो पवित्रता और सुरक्षा का प्रतीक है। इस पर्व के उद्देश्य को ध्यान में रखते हुए आप सभी भाई-बहन को स्वयं में पवित्रता और परमात्म शक्तियों का बल भरकर स्वयं को सुरक्षित कर पूरे विश्व को पवित्रता और परमात्म शक्तियों की सकाश देकर सुरक्षित करने की मंसा सेवा करनी है। इस पावन पर्व पर सभी आत्माओं को सूक्ष्म और स्थूल दोनों रूप से परमात्म स्नेह और संतुष्टता की राखी बांधकर सुख-शान्ति की टोली खिलायें।


धन्यवाद ! इन्हीं शुभ भावनाओं के साथआपकी दैवी बहन

बी.केरतनमोहिनी अतिरिक्त मुख्य प्रशासिका






Greetings from Dadi Gulzar for BK Family.


The Saviour of Universe, Beloved Angelic Bapdada’s very friendly, living under the Canopy of Supreme Soul, as a spectator witnessing every scene of Drama, ever blissful Minded, with cheerful Face, our Trusty Teacher Sisters and the Jewel some Brothers and Sisters of BK Family,


Millions of Greetings on Holy Raksha Bandhan and Janmashtami with Godly Memories.


On giving us this Super Human Birth, our beloved Dilaram (Comforter of Hearts) Sweet Father instantly blessed us, “Be Holy, Be Yogi”. As the very Foundation of BK Life is the Holiness. Has everyone got this Rakhi firmly tied? Father says that even an ordinary or negative thought should not arise in mind. Always think good, talk good. In our view, thought and memory none else but only One God must always be there. Has everyone established Dilaram (Comforter of Hearts) in your heart? The Resident of Subtle World, Sweet Father daily, early morning rests His Blessing Hand on the heads of His Children. Though in Subtle World He makes us Brave enough with His blessing, “Be full of all Divine Powers”, in this fearful atmosphere. Every child sings from heart, “Wah, my Sweet Beloved Father, Wah. Wah, my Good fortune of present Confluence Age, Wah. Wah Drama Wah”. Thus while singing such exhilarating songs of Wah Wah, keep flying with the wings of Joy and Enthusiasm.


Now all over, there are waves of Austerity but still experience the Bliss of being immersed in Love and Belonging of One Father.


With such Good Wishes,
Many many Hearty Greetings to all for the Raksha Bandhan and Janmashthhami Festivals.
May you also accept the loveful greetings from all the Sisters of Gamdevi Brahma Kumaris Centre.






Greetings of Raksha Bandhan from BK Raj Didi, Kathmandu, Nepal

2 August 2020

Most beloved BapDada’s all elevated divine lucky stars brother and sister,


The multimillion fold of congratulations, love and greeting on the auspicious occasion of Rakhi festival from sister Raj and Kathmandu Brahmin Family. I wish every success and the attainment of the flying stage under the sustenance and canopy of the supreme Shiva Baba for your good health, serenity, and prosperity. May you have a successful time in powerful vibration to all human souls, the entire globe, and every element transcend of them into pure peace. With many thanks.


On the service of humanity

BK Raj

Kathmandu Nepal

Email Id: kathmandu.np@bkivv.org

Website : http://brahmakumarisnepal.org.np/






Today's Brahma Kumaris page in India's Daily Guardian newspaper

2 August 2020

Please download the file in pdf format here.




Coming Soon! English Master Class on Prakashmani Dadiji with Sister Jayanti

2 August 2020


Masterclass on Prakashmani Dadiji by Sister Jayanti

Many BKs are coming together in a united bhatti of 15 minutes of yoga, at the same time worldwide, with the same aim and objective. Sister Jayanti will enhance this United Yoga Bhatti with a Master Class on The Yogi Life of Prakashmani Dadiji.


Sunday, August 9th, 2020

6:45 am New York time

11:45 am London time

1:45 pm Moscow and Nairobi time

4:15 pm India time

8:45 pm Sydney time 


The webinar is available only in English. Please make provisions for translation at your end. See registration details below:







Spiritual Perspectives for a New Normal: Brahma Kumaris Address The IUCN Virtual Dialogue

1 August 2020

People of faith and spirituality are all thinking about and offering guidance on, what an earth-centered [1], new normal, might look like, and how we can practically contribute to it.


To help and guide The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the broader community as it thinks through other visions for a new post-2020 world, the IUCN Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy (CEESP), its Specialist Group on Religions, Spirituality, Environmental Conservation and Climate Justice (ReSpECC) and the IUCN Nature-Culture Initiative, held a virtual dialogue on June 25, 2020, to talk with some of IUCN’s faith-based member organizations, members of the ReSpECC Specialist Group and others.


As the UN Secretary-General stated, the current crisis is an unprecedented wake-up call (message on International Mother Earth Day). Our mother earth is teaching us a lesson in universal responsibility (HH Dalai Lama), and it is the responsibility of each one of us to learn from it and grow in our humanity and in our compassion.


Fostering shared responsibilities to rebuild our troubled relationship with nature is a cause that is uniting people around the world (Rev. James Shri Baghwan, Pacific Council of Churches).


No, we don’t want to go back to normal (Pujya Sadhvi Bhagavati Saraswati) – but what does a new normal look like? How do we emerge from our homes, from this time under lockdown, and be part of creating a new, earth-centered, normal, based on the values and ethics of our diverse faiths and spiritualities?

As His Holy Father Pope Francis asked, How can we restore a harmonious relationship with the earth and with the rest of humanity?

And what does this mean for IUCN? What’s IUCN’s role in building a new normal? And what will conservation look like post-2020?


To talk about all this and more, some of IUCN’s faith-based member organizations, members of the ReSpECC Specialist Group, and others, including A Rocha International, Brahma Kumaris, UNEP Faith for Earth, Quaker Institute for the Future, Gaia Foundation, Pacific Conference of Churches, Soka Gakkai International, Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Sciences participated in this IUCN Virtual Dialogue and CESP members were invited to join the dialogue.


The discussion was moderated by Jessica Sweidan, IUCN Patron of Nature, and hosted by Dr. Grethel Aguilar, IUCN’s Acting Director General; Kristen Walker-Painemilla, Chair of UCN CEESP; and Liza Zogib, Chair of IUCN CEESP – ReSpECC.

Speakers included:

  • Dr. Fazlun Khalid, Founder, Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Science
  • Valériane Bernard and Sonja Ohlsson, Brahma Kumaris
  • Reweaving our Ecological Mat in the Pacific (Rev. James Bhagwan)
  • Dave Bookless, Director of Theology at A Rocha International, IUCN member
  • Alexandra Masako Goossens-Ishii, Soka Gakkai International (Buddhist network)
  • Lindsey Fielder Cook and Sara Jolena Sequoia Wolcott, Quaker UN office and Sequoia Samanvaya
  • Iyad Abu Moghli, Director of Faith for Earth, UNEP


Valériane Bernard, Brahma Kumaris Representative to the  United Nations, Geneva, focused on the values of Respect, Self Empowerment, and Living your dream. She defined “New Normal” as the condition in which human being finds it easier and possible to function, strive, and live. The disruption of sense of normality creates fear and anxiety. But for a resilient person it can also initiate adaptability, creativity and the desire to strive, help and care. She encouraged two things needed in the human family and work, one is self-empowerment. One needs to learn the art of nurturing the self, and be strong, only then can they uplift others and have Quality of relationships with others and the environment. A Winner is a dreamer who never gives up, sharing the vision with joy and hope. She spoke about creating a relationship with mother nature and serving the five elements with vibrations, paying attention to the quality of mind in each and every interaction.


Sonja Ohlsson, National Coordinator of Brahma Kumaris, Denmark, spoke about the value of being ‘Unlimited’ – to expand consciousness – and that we include each and every element of matter and environment in our consciousness. To use good wishes and vibrations to stay interconnected all times, it needs pure heart and pure mind. Open the heart,  and have love as mercy, forgiveness, compassion, caring, and sharing.


More than ever before, we need Solidarity, Unity, and Change.


Below is the link for the dialogue:



[1] Many faith traditions would say all our thinking should be God-centered, but in terms of our practical decisions we acknowledge speaking of being earth-centered is important to highlight as opposed to being human-centered.





Greetings of Rakhi from Didi Chakradhari

1 August 2020