2020 31st Jly through 31st August Madhuban News Archive 2020 31st Jly through 31st August Madhuban News Archive

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Mount Abu / Abu Road - Loving Tributes to Dadi Prakasmani ji on Her 13th Ascension Anniversary

28 August 2020

Mount Abu/ Abu Road (Raj.): The Brahma Kumaris institution  has globally observed 25th August 2020 ‘World Brotherhood Day” to mark the 13th Ascension Anniversary of its Former Chief Revered Rajyogini Dadi Prakashmani.

Dadi Ratan Mohini, Additional Head of Brahma Kumaris, Dadi Ishu, Joint Head of Brahma Kumaris, BK Nirwair, Secretary General of Brahma Kumaris, BK Munni Didi, General Manager of Brahma Kumaris, BK Karuna, Multi Media Head of Brahma Kumaris, BK Amirchand Bhai from Chandigarh, BK Santosh Didi from Mumbai, BK Sharda Didi from Ahmedabad, BK Atam Prakash, Editor, Gyanamrit Magazine, BK Mruthyunjaya, Executive Secretary and BK Bhupal, Manager of Shantivan of Brahma Kumaris visited ‘Prakash Stambh'(Tower of Light ) – Dadi Prakashmani’s memorial at Brahma Kumaris Headquarters, Shantivan and paid floral tributes to her.

On this occasion the Meditation sessions were conducted at all service centers worldwide for Global peace and Universal Brotherhood.  Amidst coronavirus pandemic,  strict social distancing norms were followed.



REPLAYS of Recent Madhuban Classes with English Translation from Week of August 17

28 August 2020

22 August - Ramnath Bhai - Destroyer Of Obstacle Siddhivinayak [1:30:00] https://youtu.be/n3cwuAUTqVM


21 August - Santosh Behn - Trusteeship [1:27:30] https://youtu.be/EpPvRMnZ8N4


20 August - Mrutyunjay Bhai - Memories with Dadi Prakashmani [1:26:50] https://youtu.be/MNkP1lDPmO8


19 August - Suraj Bhai - How to Conversation With Baba [1:33:40] https://youtu.be/RVwRMXTW17w 



National Sports E-Conference on 'Role of Rajyoga for Fitness' 29-30 August - Links for Registration & Feedback Forms

28 August 2020

Dear Divine Family, Om Shanti, Greetings of Happiness from Sweet Home Madhuban. 

We are pleased to inform you about our National Sports E-Conference from 29 to 30 Aug 2020 which is on the auspicious day ‘National Sports Day' - 29 August. 


All are welcome to join us for a 2-Day Online Event on the "Role of Rajyoga for Fitness”. Sessions will be live telecasted on Awakening TV Channel and also through our social media platforms, whose details are sent now. 


Important links for the Sports E-conference are as follows: 

Registration Form Link: http://tiny.cc/RegnFormSportsWing

Feedback Form Link: http://tiny.cc/FeedbackForm-SportsWing 

YouTube Channel Link Sports Wing RERF: https://www.youtube.com/user/SportsWing9 

Facebook Page Link Sports Wing Brahma Kumaris: https://www.facebook.com/BKSportsWing/


(Kindly subscribe to our YouTube Channel and follow our Facebook Page for any upcoming Mind Power Training Programs, Service reports on ‘National Sports Day, Olympic Day, International Yoga Day etc in future from time to time for sportspersons.)


Note: Those who wish to have program participation E-Certificate; they need to fill up online Feedback Form.


Program Timings are as follows: 

Saturday, 29 Aug 2020

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM:           Morning Session

06:30 PM – 07:30 PM:           Evening Session

Sunday, 30 Aug 2020

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM:           Morning Session

06:30 PM – 07:30 PM:           Evening Session  


Please communicate in your connections to take the benefit of this Sports E-Conference. 

For more information, you may contact:

Sports Wing Office: BK. Dr Jagbir Singh,

Emails: sportswing@bkivv.org

WhatsApp: +91 94 14 15 1001 (9.00AM-5.00PM)

Call No: +91 90 7 90 90 215    (9.00AM-5.00PM)


On Godly Service,

BK Shashi Prabha, Vice-Chairperson, Sports Wing, Mt Abu, RJ, IND



Online Stress Management Programme for Rajasthan Police Personnel from 27 to 30 August

28 August 2020

Respected Divine Family, Please accept spiritual love from your Sweet Home Madhuban.
The Security Services Wing (SSW) is organizing an online Stress Management Programme for Rajasthan police Personnel (phase 1) from 27 to 30 Aug at SSW Mt Abu YouTube channel, timings 7-8 pm (IST).

Police Personnel of eight districts of Rajasthan (Bikaner, Baran, Sawai Madhopur, Jalore, Dholpur, Tonk, Barmer, Hanumangarh) are participating.

We are requesting all of you to send positive vibrations for the success of this Baba's Service.

Thanks and regards,
for BK Ashok Gaba Bhai Ji,
Security Services Wing



Glimpses of Dadi Prakashmani ji and Video tribute by Nirwair Bhai Ji - all in Hindi

28 August 2020


Just click and watch Rajyogini Dadi Prakashmani Videos and Video Message of Nirwair Bhai.

Glimpses of Rajyogini Dadi Prakashmani Activities Part 1

Glimpses of Rajyogini Dadi Prakashmani Activities Part 2

जिन्हे पूजे दुनिया  ,,,,,,,,,Song on Rajyogini Dadi Prakashmani

दादी ओ मीठी दादी ----- Song on Rajyogini Dadi Prakashmani

कायम  जब तक जमी आसमां ......Song on Rajyogini Dadi Prakashmani

Rajyogini Dadi Prakashmani - Nirwair Bhai for 25/8/2020

With Pure Feelings and Good Wishes
B.K. Srinivas
Brahma Kumaris



Good News: Selection of 'God of Gods' Film for Indian Cinema Film Festival 2020 (8th ICFF 20)

28 August 2020

Divine Family,

I am very happy to share this good news that our Baba's movie 'God of gods' has been officially selected for 8th ICFF 20 (INDIAN CINEMA FILM FESTIVAL 2020).

The result of the festival shall be announced on 06 Sept 2020 as planned. COVID-19 has changed the whole scenario of the world, this time all the selected movies will be screened online Internationally by ICFF 20 Team.  This movie is revealing Baba worldwide by participating in different international film festivals. Thanks to Baba, all your good wishes and blessings. 

Note: The movie is on Youtube in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam.

Bro BK Venkatesh

Films Division of Brahma Kumaris, Madhuban

Email: filmsbk@bkivv.org



Brahma Kumaris Observing Universal Brotherhood Day in Memory of Rajyogini Dadi Prakashmani Ji on 25th August

26 August 2020

Dear Divine Family,  Greetings of Peace and Godly Love!

You are aware that Revered Late Rajyogini Dadi Prakashmani Ji dedicated more than 70 years of her life to Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalaya of which she was the Administrative Head. Through a structured and disciplined method of spiritual development, she showed thousands of people of all faiths and walks of life how to regain true self-respect, becoming free of addictive and negative tendencies and thereby able to contribute more to present-day society as well as a future world. Dadiji promoted inter-religious understanding and cooperation throughout her life.

Considering her unlimited contribution, we are observing Universal Brotherhood Day on Tuesday, 25th August 2020 on her 13th Ascension Anniversary wherein which we shall be commemorating her teachings and conducting meditation throughout the globe for world peace.


Watch a special program on Universal Brotherhood Day going to be telecasted on Awakening TV Channel from 6 pm to 8 pm on 25th August 2020.  


The link of the Promo of this Special Event is given below.


Tata Sky: 1084
Jio TV: 1060
GTPL: 578
InDigital: 996
NXTDigital: 984

You can watch it online on YouTube at:


With love and Regards,

Your Spiritual Brother
BK Mruthyunjaya



Neeraj Dangi, MP Rajya Sabha, Visits Brahma Kumaris HQ, Pays Tribute to Dadi Prakashmani

26 August 2020

Mount Abu (Rajasthan): Mr. Neeraj Dangi, Member of Parliament ( MP Rajya Sabha ) visited Shantivan complex, Brahma Kumaris Headquarters in Mount Abu.

The Honorable Member of Parliament was welcomed and felicitated by BK Karuna, Multimedia Chief of Brahma Kumaris, and BK Mruthyunjaya, Executive Secretary of Brahma Kumaris.  Mr. Neeraj Dangi appreciated and encouraged the selfless services of the Brahma Kumaris to humanity.

Mr. Neeraj Dangi also paid tribute to Dadi Prakashmani, Former Chief of Brahma Kumaris, at her memorial “Prakash Stambh – Tower of Light” on her 13th Ascension Anniversary, which is celebrated as “Universal Brotherhood Day” on August 25th.




Dadi Prakashmani - Series of Experiences on Awakening Channel 20th to 30th August

22 August 2020

Divine Family, Om shanti,

Thank you so much for your support and blessings always for Baba's seva on Awakening Channel.

We have received all your divine insights and precious experiences with Dadi Prakashmani Ji.
The series will be aired from 20th August to 30th August, three times daily - 9 am, 4 pm and 8 pm.
Sharing here the promotional video link - https://youtu.be/R_MtNaHco80  

The programme will be premiered at 8 pm daily on the AwakeningTV Youtube channel on the link - http://tiny.cc/dadiprakashmaniday2020  Plus it will be streamed on BrahmaKumaris & Awakening TV Facebook Pages.

Following are the online links of all the events from 20th Aug to 30th Aug 2020. Kindly click the links to watch the events. NOTE: Only some instruments will be speaking in English; subtitles are not provided for the others.

Episode-1: Dadi Prakashmani: मातृत्व से नेतृत्व 20 August, 8pm I  | BK Brijmohanji, BK Santosh, BK Nalini, BK Laxmi, BK Sudha | 

Episode-2: Dadi Prakashmani: प्यार से परिवर्तन | 21 August, 8pm | BK Chandrika, BK Amirchand, BK Sheilu, BK Raju, BK Waddy |

Episode-3: Dadi Prakashmani: नम्रता से नव निर्माण | 22 August, 8pm | BK Nirmala, BK Vedanti, BK Karuna, BK Meera, BK Moira |

Episode-4: Dadi Prakashmani: स्नेह से शक्ति | 23 August, 8pm | BK Sudesh, BK Yogini, BK Mruthyunjaya, BK Meerra, BK Gayatri |

Episode-5: Dadi Prakashmani: निर्मानता से निर्माणता | 24 August, 8pm | BK Denise, BK Asha, BK Suraj, BK Prabha, BK Eric |

Episode-6: Dadi Prakashmani: पवित्रता का प्रकाश | 25 August, 8pm | Dadi Ratanmohini, BK Nirwair, BK Munni, BK Jayanti, BK Charlie |

Episode-7: Dadi Prakashmani: प्रकाश और सकाश | 26 August, 8pm | Bk Chakradhari, BK Dr. Pratap, BK Radha, BK Geeta, BK Sally |

Episode-8: Dadi Prakashmani: दया और दिव्यता | 27 August, 8pm | BK Geeta, BK Ramnath, BK Pushpa, BK Beena, BK Morni |

Episode-9: Dadi Prakashmani: साधारणता से महानता | 28 August, 8pm | BK Kuldeep, BK Atamprakash, BK Sushma, BK Madhu, BK Pratibha, BK Luciana |

Episode-10: Dadi Prakashmani: अपनेपन से परिवर्तन | 29 August, 8pm | BK Sheela, BK Bharti, BK Divya, BK Nizar, BK Luca, BK Lotta |

Episode-11: Dadi Prakashmani: क्षमा से श्रेष्ठता | 30 August, 8pm | BK Geeta, BK Rani, BK Kanan, BK Enrique, BK Celia, BK Tamasin |

In Baba's Yaad
BK Karuna
Head of Awakening TV Channel



Brahma Kumaris Dr. Binny Sareen Honored With World PHD Chakra Award

22 August 2020

Mount Abu ( Rajasthan ): BK Dr. Binny Sareen was awarded Online with World PHD Chakra Award, Award is for Mission Spread Smile, along with nine others from India in a function held in Surat, Gujarat on Independence Day. These awards were organized by World Prevention Healthcare, World PHD Mission.

The Brahma Kumaris were also honored for valuable contribution of women in the ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’ ( Self Reliant India ) campaign.  BK Dr. Binny Sareen,  Head of Global Peace and Wellbeing, Mount Abu,  was felicitated with a Certificate of Achievement  given by World Record London in support of other Prestigious organizations.

BK Dr. Binny Sareen has been tirelessly conducting Meditation and Motivational classes for members of the Defence forces and their families in India. She has devoted her life to spread peace, happiness and reduce tension and stress amongst them. She was felicitated for the same.



Vandemataram - Special Song Launched as A Tribute to Corona Warriors

21 August 2020

Divine Family,

Brahma Kumaris' Godlywood Studio in this dreadful period of Corona has paid a befitting tribute to the true sons of India on the occasion of 74th Independence Day. The studio has launched a special song titled - Vande Matram. Through this presentation, heartfelt respect has been paid to every Corona Warrior who played a vital role to protect people from the pandemic, their sacrifice and sense of service has been described as heartwarming.

The production is the result of hard work done by the audio department of Godlywood Studio. Harilal Bhai is the producer; it has been directed by BK Shikha. Music has been composed by celebrity Robin Tamu. Singers are famous Lakhbir Singh Lakha’s son and Indian Idol Finalist Panna Gill, Bangalore based famous singer Kavitha Jayaram, Naad Brahma Award recipient Aparna Bivalkar, Idea Rocks India winner- Pooja Giri and Karthik Jayaram from Pennsylvania US.




Revised Cordial Invitation SpARC Wing's SIR e-Conference 11th-13th September

20 August 2020

Due to circumstances, the dates of the  "14th SIR conference" have been changed from 28th-30th August 2020 to 11th-13th September 2020. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Dear Divine Family, Om Shanti.

Hope all of you are doing intense effort to fulfill all expectations of BapDada during the season 2019-20.

It is our immense pleasure to inform you that SpARC Wing is conducting 14th SIR e-Conference and Meditation Retreat for researchers from 11th-13th September 2020 on “Inner Tranquility Leading Research for a Perfect World”. E-conference proceedings will be broadcast live on Awakening TV Channel, YouTube and Facebook.

Kindly share this news with as many souls as possible in your contact.

Participants’ eligibility (criteria):
1. Post Doctorate Fellow, Ph.D. and M. Phil in any field,
2. Research Scholars & Researchers involved in Research activity at various Govt., Private Organisations, NGOs
3. Medical Doctors (MS, MD) involved in research.  
4. Vice Chancellors
5. Director General, Director/ Dy. Director/ Secretary/ President/ Chairman of any Govt./ Private Research Organisation/ Institution
6. University Professors

Please find attached brochure and  Invitation letter for delegates.

Registration Link:  www.bksparc.in

In BapDada’ Sweet Remembrance
BK Ambika
Chairperson, SpARC Wing

Contact Details:
BK Shrikant
Gyan Sarovar, Mount Abu-307501, Rajasthan, India
Mobile: 09414003497, 09772844861
e-mail: sparcwing@bkivv.org
Website: www..bksparc.in

Click here to download Brochure.

Click here to download Invitation Letter.



Revised Dates of Sports E-Conference 29-30 Aug

20 August 2020

Dear Divine Family, Om Shanti, Greetings of Happiness from Sweet Home Madhuban.

We are pleased to inform you of the revised dates of our National Sports E-Conference from 29 to 30 Aug 2020, due tothe ‘National Sports Day’ Celebrations every year on 29th August.

Therefore you are all welcome to join us for a 2-Day Online Event on "Role of Rajyoga for Fitness”: Facing Mental Challenges through Meditation. Now the revised dates are from 29th  to 30th Aug 2020.

The Tentative Schedule will be as follows:

Saturday, 29 Aug 2020
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM:           Morning Session
06:30 PM – 07:30 PM:           Evening Session

Sunday, 30 Aug 2020
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM:           Morning Session
06:30 PM – 07:30 PM:           Evening Session  

Sessions will be live telecasted on Awakening TV Channel and also through our social media platforms, whose details will be sent soon. Please communicate with your connections to take the benefit of this Sports E-Conference.

For more information, you may contact:
Sports Wing Office:
BK. Dr Jagbir Singh,
Email: sportswing@bkivv.org
WhatsApp: +91 94 14 15 1001 (9.00AM-5.00PM)
Call No: +91 90 7 90 90 215    (9.00AM-5.00PM)

BK Shashi Prabha
Vice Chairperson, Sports Wing
Pandav Bhawan, Mt Abu (Raj) IND



International E-Conference on “AtmaNirbhar Bharat - Turn Crisis into an Opportunity” (Mostly in Hindi)

20 August 2020

Dear Divine Brother / Sister, Please accept Greetings of Health, Happiness, and Harmony on behalf of the Scientists and Engineers Wing, Mount Abu.

Scientists and Engineers Wing (SEW)  &  Visvesvaraya Technological University. Belagavi Karnataka. Department of Management Studies, Belagavi  are organising a Two Day INTERNATIONAL E-CONFERENCE on “AtmaNirbhar Bharat- Turn Crisis into an Opportunity”.

Date-20/8/20 to 21/8/20 Time -11.00 am.

An E- Certificate will be sent through e-mail for all the registered participants who attend and submit the feedback form for all the sessions. For further information kindly download the E-Brochure by clicking on the image below.

Note:  Join the Telegram group through the link provided in the registration form.


Participants can also join on youtube. The youtube link is : 


For More details contact BK Vidya Behn, Belagavi, Mobile & WhatsApp: 9448230666, Email: angol.bgm@bkivv.org / bkvidyabgm@gmail.com

It is an opportunity for great service. You are requested to circulate among others (Share all WhatsApp Groups) and encourage all for participation.

Thanking You, 

In Godly Service, 

BK Mohan Singhal,


Scientists & Engineers Wing (SEW),

Mount Abu.

Email: bksew@bkivv.org



74th Independence Day Celebrations At Brahma Kumaris HQ

18 August 2020

Mount Abu ( Rajasthan ): Brahma Kumaris  Head Quarters celebrated the 74th Independence Day of India at its complexes, in Om Shanti Bhawan and Shantivan.  At the flag-raising ceremony in Shantivan, Dadi Ratanmohini,  Joint Administrative Head of Brahma Kumaris,  BK Munni, General Manager of Brahma Kumaris, BK Mruthyunjaya, Executive Secretary of Brahma Kumaris,  were present to unfurl the National tricolor.  Amidst floral decorations and  National Anthem,  the tricolor was unfurled by Dadi Ratanmohini and silence was observed to pay homage to martyrs who sacrificed their lives during the fight for National Freedom. BK Mruthyunjaya addressed the gathering on this occasion.

National Flag was hoisted with due respect in Om Shanti Bhawan by Senior Rajayogi BK Sashi, in the presence of BK Sheilu and BK Avtar, who gave greetings on the occasion.



REPLAYS of Recent Madhuban Classes with English Translation Week of August 10-17

18 August 2020

16 August - Dadi Ratanmohini - Words of Blessings [1:46:45] https://youtu.be/zGSMxVa18PY

15 August - Premmasand Bhai - Reprogramming Of The Mind [1:35:44] https://youtu.be/f3St8Cy-U2w

14 August - Geeta Behn - Benefits Of Being Trustee How To Be Trustee By Being In Family [1:35:40] https://youtu.be/IFaR3sheXzA

13 August - Dr Banarasi Lal Bhai - To Forgive Oneself And To Forgive Others [1:38:00] https://youtu.be/LdVluwv-1Tk

12 August - Suraj Bhai - Blissful Mind [1:33:55] https://youtu.be/8xqshQUlo04

11 August - Raju Bhai - The Complete Personality of “Mor Mukutdhari” [1:21:10] https://youtu.be/5FRLXFMo9O4

10 August - Atam Prakash Bhai - Spiritual Secrets of Shri Krishna Janmashtami [30:03] https://youtu.be/Jjqs4DSr0KU



Update on Didi Nirmala's health

18 August 2020

DearDivine Family, Greetings of love from Madhuban.

After two visits to the hospital - one visit in Ahmedabad for the procedure of inserting a pacemaker and one visit to Global Hospital in Mount Abu for an infection - I am now happy to be back in Gyan Sarovar.

I would like to give thanks to the whole family for your messages of love, good wishes and sakaash.

In Baba's sweet yaad,
BK Dr Nirmala



‘Pathways to Stability & Prosperity’ – Two Day Online Conference By Business & Industry Wing

14 August 2020

Join us for a 2-day Online Conference ‘Pathways to Stability & Prosperity‘ hosted by the Business & Industry Wing of Rajayoga Education & Research Foundation and Brahma Kumaris.
Sessions will be telecast on Awakening Channel.
Tata Sky: 1084
Jio TV: 1060
GTPL: 578
InDigital: 996
NXTDigital: 984

PROMO VIDEO: https://youtu.be/RR7GzQYP5U8    

You can watch the E-Conference online on the following link:



Recent Madhuban Classes with English Translation, Week of August 3rd

12 August 2020

09 August - Dadi Ratanmohini - Silence [1:25:59] https://youtu.be/cWa-RK_ugiM

08 August - Ramnath Bhai - Thoughtless Stage [1:30:40] https://youtu.be/cWa-RK_ugiM 

07 August - Dr Savita Behn - Multimillions in Every Step [30:45] https://youtu.be/zBug1JZ1x5o

06 August - Karuna Bhai - Free from Obstacles Stage [28:09] https://youtu.be/MS3VpCQHS1U

05 August - Suraj Bhai - Detached and Dispassionate Stage [29:24] https://youtu.be/GlLFg343a9Y

04 August - Raju Bhai - Stable or Thoughtless Stage [29:42] https://youtu.be/oFQjJjiU61M

03 August - Atam Prakash Bhai - Real Meaning of Rakshabandhan [31:40] https://youtu.be/PQxg4w9ZDcc



Recent Madhuban Classes with English Translation - Week of 27 July to 02 August

4 August 2020


02 August - Dadi Ratanmohini Reading Sunday's Avyakt Murli [1:20:06] https://youtu.be/ZfUTM92GXaA

01 August - Dr Premmasand Bhai - The Science of Meditation [34:06] https://youtu.be/SrWdvF5ThJo

31 July - Dr Banarasi Lal Bhai - Amrit Vela, the Time to Make Fortune [01:28:50 - Talk starts at 55 minutes in] https://youtu.be/4rGFKu9s3-0

30 July - Karuna Bhai - How to Move Forward in Brahmin Life [29:11] https://youtu.be/4I9rCsUcS00

29 July - Suraj Bhai - Remembering Didi Manmohini [27:34] https://youtu.be/ZgAv_Rc2xjM

28 July - Raju Bhai - Remembering Manmohini Didi Ji [33:31] https://youtu.be/eMuvRh5RCVg

27 July - Atam Prakash Bhai - Silence Power [31:18] https://youtu.be/ct2--rOeel0



PM Thanks Our Dadi Ji and Brahma Kumaris

4 August 2020

Respected Divine Family, Holy Greetings of Raksha Bandhan!!

With great festive vibes, we are glad to share with all of you that our respected Dadi Ratan Mohini ji has shared divine wishes of Raksha Bandhan with our Respected Brother and Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi Ji. He received them with the greatest humility and shared his respect for Dadi Hridaymohini Ji, Dadi Ratan Mohini ji, and all of us Baba's Divine Family. 

Please find below the links shared by Brahma Kumaris on twitter and also the reply from the respected PM.

Tweet by Prime Minister: https://twitter.com/narendramodi/status/1290263853440200704

Tweet by Brahma Kumaris: https://twitter.com/brahmakumarisHQ/status/1290208857671655424

In Godly Service
BK Karuna



REPLAY Rakhi Special: “Experiencing Eternal Love and Power” (Premiered August 2nd, 10 AM IST)

4 August 2020

Mount Abu (Rajasthan): The Security Services  Wing of Rajayoga Education and Research Foundation and Brahma Kumaris  Gyan Sarovar organised a special session with International Motivational Speaker Sister Gopi, on the occasion of Rakshabandhan. She spoke on the topic “Experiencing Eternal Love and Power”. The session aired at 10 AM IST on August 2nd (Sunday). Please enjoy the replay: https://youtu.be/EgS8KDiM_z0



Rakhi Greetings from Dr. Nirmala Didi and the Brahma Kumaris IT Wing

2 August 2020

Dear Brother / Sister,

Divine Greetings of Rakshabandhan (Rakhi) to all the Loving Souls of Godly family from IT WING - RERF, Brahma Kumaris.

The Festival of Rakhi explains the significance of Purity in relationships. Make a pledge to stay in your original nature of Purity, Peace, Power, Love, Happiness, Bliss & Wisdom. Then your every thought, word, and action becomes elevated and divine. This is how to truly celebrate Raksha Bandhan.

Please accept this Beautiful Rakhi message with love.

With Love and Regards,
BK Dr. Nirmala Didi
Chairperson, IT Wing
Shantivan, Rajasthan



Upcoming Art & Culture Wing Online E-Conference-on 1st & 2nd Aug.(Hindi)

31 July 2020

Dear Divine Family, Om Shanti 

Please accept Divine Greetings of Peace.

We are very happy to share about our upcoming Art & Culture Wing Online E-Conference.
Join us for a 2-day Online Event on "Role of Artist in present challenges" on 1st & 2nd Aug.

Sessions will be telecast on Awakening Channel.

1st Aug.       10:00 am     Session-1

                      06:30 pm   Session-2

2nd Aug.      10:00 am     Session-1

                      06:30 pm    Session-2

Please circulate in your areas, centre, and to your contacts so all can take the benefit of this E-conference.

Thanks for your kind cooperation and help to glorify Baba.

You can watch E-Conference on Awakening Satellite TV Channel 

(Session on telecast on Awakening Channel. Tata Sky: 1084 /  Jio TV: 1060 / GTPL: 578 / inDigital: 996 / NXTDigital: 984)

and you can also watch it Online on the following link: https://tiny.cc/artnculture2020

On God Fatherly Service

Cick here to full version.



Hindi Rakhi Songs 2020

31 July 2020

Please download by clicking on the titles:

Pavitrata ke Dhage...Rakhi.mp3

Ye Bhai Behn ka Rishta...mp3

Pawan Pawan...mp3

Savan ka Mahina...Rakhi Song.mp3



Wishing You a Happy Raksha Bandhan: The Eternal Bond of Love, Peace and Protection

31 July 2020

 RAKSHA BANDHAN  - The Eternal Bond of love, peace, and protection

The Festival of Raksha Bandhan, the most sacred festival in the history of humanity, speaks of an unlimited spiritual, loving relationship that nurtures, protects, and uplifts humanity.  Although the present era has modernized and limited this festival to relationships within the nuclear family, its simple and significant meaning, previously incognito, is now revealed as the eternal memorial of us united together in the love of One.

Having forgotten our true eternal identity of being an infinitesimal point of divine energy, soul, atma, a being of light, we became entangled in the bondage of physical matter, 'body consciousness'. The web of the vices (lust, anger, greed, attachment, and ego) overpowered and influenced us to perform negative actions, which in turn caused sorrow.  

Now with Godly knowledge of 'soul consciousness', the soul awakens and remembers how to regain its lost sovereignty. When I am tied with the sacred thread, the rakhi, I take the pledge to stay in my original nature of peace, love, purity, wisdom, mercy. My every thought, word and action becomes elevated and divine.  I see every other being as a child of God and part of my spiritual family.  This unlimited vision of universal brotherhood breaks all barriers of caste, creed, age, gender, religion, socio-economic status, sanskars (personality traits).

The more I purify my consciousness, the stronger is my connection with the Supreme who is then bound to look after me.  My positive actions ensure that I receive His blessings and good wishes from all souls, my brothers, my global family,  and these work as my protection and stay with me forever.

All branches of the BRAHMA KUMARIS organization world-wide, conduct programs. 

The official day of Rakhi this year is August 4


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Raksha Bandhan Greetings from Bro. BK Mruthyunjaya, Madhuban

31 July 2020

Dear Divine Family, Greetings of Peace and Love on this auspicious occasion of Rakhi.

Let us have a determined thought to return to the original peaceful nature of the soul by connecting with the Supreme Father and have the experience of God's protection & love.   

Thanking you and with thoughts divine.     

Dr. BK Mruthyunjaya
Chairman, Education Wing
Brahma Kumaris, HQ, Mount Abu, India



Greetings for Raksha Bandhan from BK Nirwair, Madhuban

31 July 2020

My dear divine sisters and brothers, Brahma Kumaris and Brahma Kumars from all the Centres around the world,

Please accept hearty Godly love and remembrances, along with very special greetings for the most sacred festival in the history of humanity: Raksha Bandhan.

Perhaps this is the most difficult time for the entire human race due to the onslaught of the unseen opponent, who has achieved notoriety as COVID-19.

Our routine for early morning Spiritual Empowerment Practices, clean lifestyle, and pure diet are helping protect us along with the light and might of our Supreme Parents. Most of our sisters and brothers around the globe have been very obedient in following the rules of the local Governments in each country. This has further helped us in safeguarding our precious lives, and that of our near and dear ones.

The storm is still raging having affected the economy of many countries and instilled fear and loneliness everywhere. The efforts of the Governments and Healthcare Systems have been noteworthy. We hope that a proper vaccine for this global pandemic is developed very soon. May the spirit of Raksha Bandhan shower blessings from the Highest on High for protection of all humanity!!

With multi-million fold greetings for a very, very sweet and loving experience at Raksha Bandhan,

On Behalf of our Respected Dadis and Madhuban Family,
With BapDada's love,

BK Nirwair