2020-2021 DF Madhuban Season Archive 2020-2021 DF Madhuban Season Archive

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Madhuban Double Foreign Program 

2020 - 2021 Season 


Global Silence Retreat
The Sanctuary Within:
In the SILENCE of the ONE


Replays of the Sessions are available here: https://tinyurl.com/silence-of-one





Note Dates & Details:

Saturday 17 & Sunday 18 April!

Dear Divine Family, Warmest greetings of love.

We warmly welcome you to join the final online DF Madhuban Program of the season on the 17 and 18 April.  This "Silence of the Home" Retreat will be based in our dear home of Pandav Bhawan, Madhuban.

The registration link is: https://brahmakumaris.org/r/silence-home

Registrations close on Saturday 10th April.

Please note:
Retreat Morning Murli on 17th & 18th April

As the retreat will take place in your local time zones we have included both Amrit Vela and the Murli of the day within the retreat.  We would like to share with you that our seniors Didi Sudesh and Didi Nirmala will read the morning Murlis of the 17th and 18th of April  to us from the beautiful gardens outside Baba's Hut in Pandav Bhavan and Dadi's Cottage in Gyan Sarovar.

The Retreat is designed as a 'Madhuban Day' and includes  morning sessions and also evening sessions with the full schedule being sent shortly to all those who register.   There is also a journal with reflective exercises which will be guided by a local MC.   (This journal along with other materials have already been sent to the language coordinators for translation.)

We will use a Retreat Portal which will contain all the zoom links, the English journal along with translated versions, etc.  

The link for this portal will be sent out early next week to all those who register.

If you have any questions please email dfseason@brahmakumaris.org

Much love,
In Baba's yaad,
Double Foreigner Madhuban Program Team






 Dadi Janki 1st Anniversary
27th March 2021

Replay Links


Dadi Janki Memorial (English Link): http://tiny.cc/DadiJankiMemorial

Dadi Janki Shakti Stambh (Hindi Link): http://tiny.cc/DadiJankiShaktiStambh


Dear Divine Family,
Loving greetings. It is one year since Dadi Janki reached her angelic stage. Since then, many of us have felt Dadi’s presence working in our lives. In marking Dadi Janki’s first anniversary, we wish to celebrate Dadi’s presence as a real experience, here and now.

On this day there will be the inauguration of Shakti Stambh (Tower of Power) and also the launch of the commemorative stamp for Dadi, issued by the Government of India.  We wish to celebrate her life for the Brahmin Family and also for the many contacts and friends who came close to Dadi and benefited so much from what she shared with them.

We also invite you to participate in a Global Tribute: IN THE PRESENCE OF DADI JANKI To be broadcast on the 27th or 28th March according to your time zone. This event would be for all who came into contact with Dadi or knew of her. So it is aimed at non-BKs but of course BKs would also greatly benefit. The whole programme would be for about one hour.
For the BK Family
Live Streaming from Madhuban
On the 27th March the inauguration of Shakti Stambh will be streamed live from Madhuban.  The time table is as follows:
8:30 am IST        Inauguration of Shakti Stambh

10 - 12 noon IST    Sharing of Personal Experiences of DadiJi
12 noon IST           Offering of Bhog and Baba’s message

(Please work out the timing according to your time zone)
Details of how to tune in will follow from Madhuban.
Offering of bhog
Centres are invited to offer special bhog for Dadi on Saturday the 27th March, in the morning class. Usually we would have many people come on such an occasion to share bhog, but due to Covid restrictions everywhere, centres are asked to please share bhog with everyone according to the system in your country.
Your centre may also like to hold a special evening where BKs remember Dadi and share their special experiences of how Dadi has transformed their lives.

For Contacts and Dadi’s Friends

A Global  & National Tribute: IN THE PRESENCE OF DADI JANKI to Dadi Janki will be aired on Saturday 27th or Sunday 28th March.

With all good wishes for unlimited service,
In Baba’s yaad,





REPLAY LINKS of the Inauguration
of Dadi Janki Shakti Stambh from Shantivan


Divine Sisters and Brothers

Loveful remembrances from Madhuban
It has been a year since our dear and divine Rajyogini Dadi Janki Ji became avyakt. Saturday 27th March, is the inauguration of the Shakti Stambh. Due to the current covid situation and government restrictions imposed, only those who are in Shantivan will participate in the programme. For the rest of the Global family, the event is being aired LIVE on Awakening Channel. 
Sharing here the LINK for the LIVE transmission. Separate links for Hindi and English commentaries and translations. 
27th March - 8am: Inauguration of Shakti Stambh, 9am to 11am: Experiences with Dadi Janki, 11am: Bhog and Baba's message.
Dadi Janki Shakti Stambh (Hindi Link): http://tiny.cc/DadiJankiShaktiStambh  [11:54:55]


Dadi Janki Memorial (English Link): http://tiny.cc/DadiJankiMemorial [3:35:38]




 REPLAYS are Available!
FEBRUARY DF Madhuban Experience
Weekend of 27th/28th February
(26th/27th February in some time zones)
All replays here:




Dear Divine Family, Warmest greetings of love.

Please find the details for the February Double Foreigner Program as follows. 


Saturday 27 February,  Nakki Lake and Baba’s Rock with Br David

Enjoy the legendary walk from Pandav Bhavan to Nakki Lake and Baba’s Rock as we DFs always do when we visit Madhuban. Brahma Baba and the children used to take the same route and climb up to the Rock in the mornings and evenings. You will notice the amazing work done by the BKs to beautify the lake with plants and a waterfall. And then finally spend those precious moments watching the sunset in powerful remembrance of the Sun of Knowledge.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/abwPuDUl8A4


Saturday 27 February,  Current Subtle Signals -- Sr Jasu (London) interviews Raju bhai ji (Madhuban) 

to expand on the subtle signals that we are getting from Baba and drama and the spiritual stage we need to create to respond to those signals. Is the subtle region closing soon? Will Madhuban be open for us to visit again as we did before the pandemic? AND MUCH MORE!! There will be time for Q&A from the listeners.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/97cezmY9a0g


Sunday 28 February,  A Unique Story - Pandav Bhavan narrated by Sr Jayanti

A beautiful narration of Pandav Bhavan’s journey through the decades; from early days and humble beginnings to the ultimate place of peace on our spiritual pilgrimage. Sr Jayanti guides us to appreciate how each brick was laid in the growth of Pandav Bhavan - from the beggary part to expansion of service in India and the foreign lands. Pandav Bhavan has always been, and will continue to be, our sacred home and the heart of Baba’s yagya. 

YouTube: https://youtu.be/i00s89oBb-U


Sunday 28 February,  What Is Next?  Sr Sona interviews Sr Denise

At every level people are faced with uncertainty. We want guarantees. We want to know in advance how much time and money we can expect. Even Brahmins want to plan ahead for our holidays and special events... including our trips to Madhuban. We want to know what is next. But in these times of uncertainty, we BKs have to go with the flow like never before. We must be agile and use our power to adjust to the unexpected rapidly and without taking on undue stress. We must be flexible enough to adapt to increasing levels of stress, emotional pressure, social and professional instability. What role does our direct connection with Baba play in this scenario?

YouTube: https://youtu.be/Nw6s3R7xbRo


Sunday 28 February,  A Yoga Bhatti with Mohini Didi (NY)

Mohini Didi will be guiding us into a Global United Bhatti to reach our powerful stage through a 15 min sharing and deep drishti.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/viyvv-dQc1g


For questions please email us at: dfseason@brahmakumaris.org


To watch the programs after they have been broadcast:


Much love, 

In Baba's yaad,

Double Foreigner Program Team






Replays Available! Online Global Silence Retreat
for the Global BK family
from Fri 29th to Sun, 31st January 2021






Replays Available! JANUARY DF Madhuban Program

Catch the replays here: DF Madhuban Program






General Instructions for Connecting Via Zoom


If you are NOT familiar with using Zoom, please find below information on how to use it. Even if you are familiar with Zoom, please review the "Additional Guidelines" further down in this communication.

Zoom is very simple to use, you just have to:

  • Click or type the Zoom link (above) that is appropriate for your language and you will be taken into the Zoom room.
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Regardless of which device you are using, when you enter the Zoom meeting room, you will either
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Please choose whichever of these options appears to you.


We would like to request one small cooperation from you with regard to your camera. When you join a meeting, both your microphone and your video camera will be set to 'off', indicated by a red line through the microphone and video camera icons that are located at the bottom left of the Zoom window.

Where possible, we would like you to switch on your video camera, so that everyone can experience meeting the whole family. It's easy to do this: Just click on the video camera icon and your camera will be on.  (If you don’t see the video icon, move your mouse or touch your screen).

Please, be aware:
•    When your camera is on, you should be in front of it with sufficient light on your face so that you are visible.
•    If you need to get up for any reason, even for a few minutes, please switch off your camera (because it can be distracting for other  participants and speakers to see you moving around)
•    As it is a Madhuban program, please dress accordingly.
•    Be aware of your environment, particularly if you have other people around you.
Following these guidelines will deepen the quality of everyone’s experience.  To see the others in your world family who are in the Zoom room, from time to time simply switch to the Gallery View in the computer (upper right corner of your Zoom window) or, on your phone or tablet, simply swipe left through successive screens.




Avyakt Milans of the 20-21 Season


Archived Murli of Oct 18 (in Stereo) is here.

Archived Murli of Nov 1st (English) is here.

Archived Murli of Nov 24th (English) is here.

Archived Murli of Dec 5th (English) is here.

Archived Murli of Dec 19th (English) is here.

Archive Murli of Dec 31st (English) is here.

Archive Murli of Jan 17th (English) is here.

Archive Murli of Jan 30th (English) is here.

Archive Murli of Feb 13th (English) is here.

Archive Murli of Feb 25th (English) is here. 

Archived Murli of March 10th (English is in two parts: 
Part 1: https://youtu.be/IZAuLZhlO38
Part 2: https://youtu.be/NXRrqo552rY

Archived Murli of March 23rd is here.