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New Year Message 2019 from Dadi Janki Ji

27 December 2018



Pilgrimage of Love - Collective Remembrance Initiative for 18th January

25 December 2018


Pilgrimage of Love

January 1st - January 18th, 2019

Collective Remembrance from 7:00pm to 7:30pm


50 Hours of Yoga



In light of it being the 50th anniversary of Avyakt BapDada on January 18, 2019, we are calling on the family to have collective yoga and a “Pilgrimage of Love.” The focus of this initiative is two fold to make remembrance a natural part of our daily lives and to rekindle the practice of 7:00 pm yoga.


There are two elements to this pilgrimage:

1.    Collective remembrance from 7:00 to 7:30 pm every day from January 1st to January 18th.  With 15 minutes of yuktis (from 6:45 pm to 7:00 pm) on how to draw love and remember Baba with our hearts. Both the yuktis and collective meditation will be broadcasted New York time via webinar every day for 18 days. The first 15 minutes is an option for those who want to learn.


2.    To individually have the aim of 50 hours of yoga cumulatively from 1st through 18th January.  Each soul can structure the yoga around their schedule - however, and whenever, and wherever. 


Collective Yoga from 1 to 18, January

6:45 pm to 7:00 pm – Set-up

7:00 pm to 7:30 pm – Collective Yoga


The focus for the 18 days will be on love.  Especially, receiving love from Baba because love is the transformative power in the soul.  Our understanding is that sanskaras cannot be transformed unless the soul receives love from God. 


Each of the 18 days, we will take an excerpt from the Murli especially on how Baba says to receive His love through remembrance.  We will use 18 different Murlis and pull the methodology and experiences from it.


Both experienced and new BKs are invited to take benefit from this collective yoga.   Sister Mohini is holding this effort assisted by Sister Gayatri, Sister Waddy, and Sister Shireen.  Senior yogis will set-up the context offering hints, tips, and guidelines for 15 minutes and then 30 minutes we will be in the remembrance practice.  We will live broadcast this everyday from 6:45 pm to 7:30 pm (New York time). If you are not interested in the set-up, then you don’t have to come for the first 15 minutes.


All centers and all BKs are invited to hold one thought from 7:00 pm to 7:30 pm at their respective places.  The idea is if we all hold one thought in the remembrance of ONE then it builds collective energy that unifies us all. 


Daily Webinar

We will use gotomeeting to do the sessions.  Please register at the link below.  We will use the same meeting id and link for all 18 days. The set-up will be recorded and posted on Soundcloud so the global family can take benefit at their convenience.



Time Zones

We understand that the sessions may not be at a time convenient for all time zones.  However, please know the availability of the yogis determines the time. A link will be sent to those who register.


Mahadani (Great Donor) Initiative

We would like to connect the theme of “Pilgrimage of Love” to the on going Mahadani initiative and experiment with BapDada as the Bestower of Love.


Madhuban Initiative

We want to mention that Madhuban is rolling out a 50 day - 4 hours a day yoga initiative.  During the day and after the 18th we invite people to follow the effort but for the 7 to 7:30 yoga time we are suggesting to hold this collective thought. 



The 15-minute sessions will be in English.  Please provide translation at your end.





New Year Greetings from Sister Mohini

23 December 2018



Christmas Geetings from Sr Vedanti & the Nairobi Family

23 December 2018



Season's Greetings from Didi Sudesh  and German Family

20 December 2018



Season's Greetings from Sister Jayanti and UK BK Family

20 December 2018



Nirwairbhai's Health

6 December 2018


Dear All,  Greetings from Madhuban


As you all are aware about Respected Nirwair Bhai's hospitalization at Ahmedabad due to some health issues, we are sending you direct message from him expressing his gratitude for all the support,good wishes and love 






December Christmas Cultural Program in Madhuban During Group 6 - Call for Cultural Items

6 December 2018



Registration Link for December Christmas Cultural Program


For those attending the Group 6 program in December, we are pleased to announce that there will be a special Christmas Cultural Program on the 25th December in Gyan Sarovar.  It is a lovely opportunity to come together as a global family and share our gifts in the form of song, dance, poetry, performance, music, comedy, etc., from our various countries, showcasing the diversity that brings unity.


We therefore request that anyone interested in participating in the program to please register your item online by the 15 December 2018 at:



Please note that Christmas themed items will be given priority.

There will also be an opportunity to decorate Harmony Hall with Christmas decorations, so anyone is most welcome to bring Christmas decorations with them and contribute towards creating a wonderful, festive spirit of Christmas. Decorations can be left at Gyan Sarovar Global Office by the 22nd December 2018.


If you have any questions please email us at: dfseason@brahmakumaris.org

Much love,

In Baba's yaad,

DF Program Team




Essential Spirituality Short Video Series Featuring Sr Jayanti Debuts First Video "Thoughts for a Better Life" on YouTube Om Shanti Channel

28 November 2018


Dear Brothers and Sisters, Om Shanti.


Godlywood Studio is so happy to announce a special series of concentrated wisdom - "Thoughts for a better life" -  from the apostle of serenity, wisdom and purity Sis. B.K. Jayanti. 43 short videos of 2 - 5 min. each, these videos showcases the most elevated of thoughts, simple but extremely powerful, packed with inspiring and life-Changing ideas, coming from a lifetime of dedicated spiritual efforts and selfless service.


Shot with pristine quality, videos are aesthetically pleasing as they provide enriching food for thought. Please watch the series on 'Om Shanti Channel' starting from 28th November at 2.00 PM. Also for viewers in US and Canada, it will be available on Om Shanti Channel (US, Canada).


TEAM Godlywood feels elated to present these uplifting & spiritually stirring conversations to viewers internationally, as we close the gap between Baba's inheritance and the last of the searching aspirants. Thanks a lot to Sis. Jayanti for her amazing thoughts, Bro. Eric, Sis. Judy Rodgers for playing their part in making these videos and Sister Anoli for editing the series despite her busy schedule.


Please find the link to the first video of the series attached. Click here below image to view.



BK Harilal                                                               

Executive Director

Godlywood Studio

World Renewal Spiritual Trust





Updated List of Courses & Retreats for Groups 9-12, Feb to April 2019 - DF Programs in Madhuban

20 November 2018


Dear Centre Coordinators,

Greetings of love,


Please find attached an updated list of Retreats and True Self Esteem Courses for February through to April 2019.


For some of the retreats as noted, you can register online and the links will be sent out in due course. For other retreats registrations will be on arrival in Gyan Sarovar. 


If you would like to join a retreat and you need translation: Please talk to your Language Coordinator (via your National Coordinator). Language Coordinators will explain which retreats there will be translation available for. 

If you have any questions please email us at: dfseason@brahmakumaris.org.


In Baba’s yaad,


Double Foreigner Program Team


Announcement in PDF format.





Report on the October 22nd to 30th Teacher Training in ORC

16 November 2018


Gurgaon, India – For the fifth time, a seven-day retreat, designed to train teachers to conduct the Foundation Course in Raja Yoga Meditation, was held at the Om Shanti Retreat Centre, this time in October rather than February/March. The 47 participants from 18 countries included individuals already teaching the Foundation Course, as well as those who wanted to teach and those simply wishing to review the course in depth. Sixteen participants were from India itself.


The training covered the content of the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of the Foundation Course in Raja Yoga Meditation (15 lessons in all) as well as delivery sessions on student-centered learning and facilitation skills and sessions on meditation. It also included a number of practicums—sessions in which participants practiced developing their presentation skills by teaching a segment of a lesson and accepting constructive feedback from their peers.


The full report can be downloaded here. You can see photos of the training here.






Report on Nimit's Retreat 2018 held in Shantivan from 9th to 16th Oct.

16 November 2018


Dear Family, Om shanti.


The Report on NIMITs' Retreat 2018 for Centre Residents, Gita Pathshala Coordinators and Right Hands of Centres, which was held in Shantivan from 9th to 16th October 2018 can be downloaded here.


In Baba's Yaad,

Organising Team





Greetings of Happy Diwali from Dadi Ratan Mohini ji

9 November 2018


Respected Divine Angels,

Please receive the greetings of Happly Diwali from Dadi Ratan Mohiniji,


Greetings and good wishes on the festival of Diwali.

Wishing a happy,healthy and prosperous Diwali.

May this Diwali and new year bring you all the success and good health.  


We wish you a Spiritually Healthy, Enlightening and Joyous Diwali. May we all be blessed with "shubh" actions, thoughts and feelings. May our elevated efforts help in bringing great peace, happiness and light into the world.




Diwali Greetings for the BK Family in Bharat and Abroad from Br. BK Nirwair

9 November 2018


My dear Brahmin sisters and brothers from Bharat, Nepal and all other parts of the globe,


Please accept hearty-Godly love and remembrances, along with multi-million fold hearty greetings for a very valuable, bright Deepawali.


May everyone rejoice the beauty of celebrating the real Diwali, that is enlightenment of the Self through elevated Godly versions, and God's remembrance to inspire us to reclaim our double-crowned deity world sovereignty for the future 21 lives! You must have noticed how proud our Supreme Parents are of Their would-be heir-apparents. 


May this Festival of Deepawali bring all the tidings of good health and happiness to every individual and every home! 


With all our best wishes,

On behalf of our respected Dadis and Madhuban Niwasis,


BK Nirwair





Diwali Greetings (Video) by Dadi Janki with English Subtitles

9 November 2018


Dear Brothers and Sisters,


Om Shanti.  The festival of lights is here at our doorstep, reminding us the urgent need of lighting the inner lamp, be a lighthouse ourselves and spread the sweet aroma of spiritual understanding to our fellow human beings. Diwali being the festival symbolising a total cleanup, this is the right time to check deep inside ourselves, find out and fill in the shortcomings and march ahead towards the highest destination of self-sovereignty. 


Watch Dadi Jankiji as she shares the essence of Diwali in her sweet words soaked in the love of GOD, saturated by good wishes for the whole humanity and marked by her evergreen zeal & enthusiasm. (Pls click the image below to view the video)


TEAM Godlywood wishes you a very happy and prosperous Diwali to all, let us together light the lamp of self-realisation and steer the world to a brighter tomorrow.



With Warm regards,


BK Harilal                                                               


Executive Director

Godlywood Studio

World Renewal Spiritual Trust





Information of Double Foreigner Programs for December Group 6 and January Group 7, Madhuban Season 2018 - 2019

21  October 2018

The overall theme for this season’s Double Foreigner Programs is: Eternal Mantras – Experiencing Manmanabhav & Madhyajibhav.

GROUP 6, PROGRAM WILL RUN FROM 24 DECEMBER – 1 JANUARY (with arrivals on 22/23 December).

The focus for group 6 will be small group conversations, master classes from seniors, a special 5 day retreat specifically on the theme of Manmanabhav & Madhyajibhav, creative yoga bhattis, a program especially for first timers and a Cultural Program on Christmas Day.  The emphasis will be on reflection, journaling, rich input from seniors, new methods of learning and bhattis.


Those who would like to participate in the Cultural Program are requested to bring their costumes to Madhuban with them, along with any musical instruments, etc.  Announcements will be made for registering items on arrival in Madhuban. Please note that Christmas themed items will be given priority.

There will be an opportunity to decorate Harmony Hall with Christmas decorations, so you are most welcome to bring Christmas decorations with you.  

If you need translation: Please talk to your Language Coordinator (via your National Coordinator).  Language Coordinators will organize the translation and they will explain which programs/retreat you may attend so there will be translation available.

GROUP 7, PROGRAM WILL RUN FROM 9 JANUARY - 19 JANUARY  (with arrivals on 7/8 January).

The focus for group 7 will be an exploration into how Brahma Baba experienced Manmanabhav and Madhyajibhav. With Brahma Baba’s avyakt presence, the focus is on creating a yoga experience. There will be an 8 day bhatti – retreat and classes that will sustain the retreat.  In addition, there will be a day that brings us closer to nature and a day that helps us to sustain our health. The program will be interspersed with time in silence with yourself and Baba and sharing your experiences with others. The murli of the day will be threaded within the program of the day, with points and themes deepened in classes and bhattis.
If you need translation: Please talk to your Language Coordinator (via your National Coordinator). Language Coordinators will organize the translation and they will explain which classes/retreat you may attend so there will be translation available.

If you have any questions please email us at: dfseason@brahmakumaris.org

Much love,

In Baba’s yaad,

DF Program Team



New BK Songs: Sanmaan ke Madhur Swar

18 September 2018


Dear Divine Family, Warm Greetings from Prabhu Upvan, Borivali, Mumbai!  


With BapDada's blessings, Baba's new album "Sanmaan ke Madhur Swar" is released. Nirwair Bhai has especially got this prepared for the Sanmaan program of annual meeting members. Please find below the links to the songs:


01 Abhinandan Barambaar - Manoj Mishra & Shweta Pandit - download here

02 Ye Farishte - Harish Moyal - download here

03 Maharaas - Sadhana Sargam, Shaureen Bhatt - download here

04 Aankhon ke Saamne - Palak Muchhal - download here

05 Nayanon se Chalke Pyaar - Asis Kaur - download here

06 Bharat Desh Humara - Suresh Wadkar - download here

07 Jud Gayi Hai Mann ki Taar - Harish Moyal - download here

08 Jud Gayi Hai Mann ki Taar Flute Instrumental - download here

09 Ye Farishte Flute Instrumental - download here


Divine Regards,

BK Divya,

Borivali, Mumbai




Editorials in Speaking Tree by Asha Didi on Raksha Bandhan & by Khushwant Singh (Sr Journalist) on his experience with Brahma Kumaris

15 September 2018


Respected Dadi Janki Ji and Divine Family,


Greetings on the Sacred Festival of Raksha Bandhan.


You will be happy to know that in today's (Sunday 26-8-2018) Speaking Tree of Times of India - world largest selling english daily newspaper an editorial by BK Asha on Raksha Bandhan andexperience with Brahma Kumaris by Late Khushwant Singh (Indian author, lawyer, diplomat, journalist and politician) is published.  A copy of the news clip is enclosed 


In Baba's Yaad

Brij Mohan Bhai








BK Brij Mohan


Addl. Secretary-General

Brahma Kumaris

Mount Abu




Request for Video Messages of VIPs during Raksha Bandhan to be used at the Global Summit on Science, Spirituality & The Environment to be held in Shantivan at the end of September

9 September 2018

Most Respected Divine and Serviceable Brothers and Sisters,


Rakhi is a thread that binds all the souls in a bond of purity and joy forever. This indeed is a festival of Universal Brotherhood. On this special occasion, we wish all of you multi-million times good wishes and greetings of a cheerful and blissful Raksha Bandhan.  


As per the directions of Bapdada, we all do the divine service of spreading the message of Purity and Happiness during Raksha Bandhan by tying Rakhi to many brothers and sisters. You also must have planned to tie Rakhi to some special mic quality souls of your area.


Therefore, we request you to invite mic quality souls to participate in the Global Summit-cum-Expo on “Science, Spirituality & Environment” from September 29 to October 2, 2018, at our World Headquarters in Shantivan Campus, Abu Road. Along with that we also request you to record 2 minutes video of these VIPs sharing their views in the local language on Spirituality and effects of Science & Technology on our Environment. You can send us these videos on the below email id:




We shall be playing these videos in the mid of our sessions during the Global Summit-cum-Expo event.


Thanking you and with thoughts Divine,


Your Spiritual Brother


B.K Mruthyunjaya

Executive Secretary, Brahma Kumaris

Mount Abu




Raksha Bandhan Article for Service by Br Brij Mohan

12 August 2018


Dear Baba's Serviceable Sisters and Brothers, Om Shanti.


Sending herewith RAKSHA BANDHAN ARTICLE. You can use this for service on Raksha Bandhan festival.


In Baba's Yaad 

Brijmohan Bhai


Addl. Secretary-General

Brahma Kumaris

Mount Abu


Raksha Bandhan Article




Special Sustenance and Subtle Service Program: A Great Donor - 108 Days+3, Starting from Dadiji's Day (August 25th) to Baba's Day (January 18th)

12 August 2018



Dear Divine instruments, Sisters and Brothers,

As time is passing by there is a greater need to serve our places of service and living. With that in mind, a special program for sustenance and subtle service has been created and we would like the whole family to take benefit from it.


A Great Donor is a program that will last

108 days + 3, starting from Dadiji’s Day (August 25th) to Baba’s day (January 18th).


Thirty-six phrases are selected from titles Baba has given us or points from murli. For 3 days, we will be working on one phrase or topic in particular, sometimes using the murli of the day, other times with the chosen murlis related to that topic: one day for yoga, one for gyan and one day for dharna and seva.


The material will be available in written form and there will also be audio or video to complement it, giving more chances for all to participate and to integrate into their own lives. After the 3 days of churning, inculcation, and accumulation of yoga power, there will be one day free for reflection and spiritual enjoyment of the attainment gained. You will be able to access the material on content and process on the website sustenance.brahmakumaris.org; if you are registered, you will receive emails indicating when a topic is available.


Four stages of this program:

●      Inner State – A Great Donor starts from the self…

o   From August 25th to October 10th, we will dedicate time to the self, empowering ourselves to understand the reality around us and to strengthen our own stage.

●      Outer State – Charity begins at home…

o   From October 12th to November 27th, our work will be focused on giving power to the place we live: our center, our city, community or country. It is the place Baba has assigned us to live and our service will help souls to go through the various situations with the help of elevated souls.

●      Global State – We are all World Servers…

o   From November 29th to January 14th, we will go beyond borders and limitations, serving the whole world. Our collective effort will change the atmosphere and empower souls to face situations.

●      Elevated State – Incorporeal, viceless, egoless…

o   From January 16th to January 18th, we will experiment and experience these three last words by Baba, invoking our perfect and complete stage.

Sister Gayatri and Brother Marcelo

On Behalf of Sister Mohini


Click here for full email of this news with details in other languages also.



Rakshabandhan Message for Godly Service

6 August 2018

Dear Baba's Serviceable Brothers and Sisters, Om Shanti.


Kindly find below 'Raksha Bandhan Message' for Godly Service on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.


In Baba's Yaad

BK Brij Mohan

Addl. Secretary-General

Brahma Kumaris

Mount Abu


Download Message here.