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Peace Village Learning & Retreat Center Schedule for 2015

15 February 2015

The full year's schedule of all retreats being held at Peace Village is now available. If you are a BK, please register for retreats via your Centre Coordinator.

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Global Retreat Centre Schedule for 2015

15 February 2015

The full year's schedule of all retreats being held at Peace Village is now available. If you are a BK, please register for retreats via your Centre Coordinator.

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Dates and Outline for DF Program in Gyan Sarover, March 12-19, 2015
Theme: My Stage My Yagya – Making My Stage the Center of My Life

14 February 2015

Dear Center Coordinators,

Om Shanti. An international team, with the RCs as Advisory Consultants has put together a program for Double Foreigners, with the aim of bringing newness in our learning, and expanding the depth of both Gyan and experiences. The program will run from the morning of March 12th to the evening of March 19th. Could you please pass this information to all BKs that are in connection with your Center and who are going to Madhuban at this time. Please note that each of the courses consists of two sessions in one day. (9:30am-12:30pm AND 4:30pm-6:00pm.) So we request that you stay with the course that you have registered for, as it will not be possible to swap courses in between. Please register your interest on line as soon as possible, by February 15, 2015. This will enable us to consider the facilities available. We will do our best to make translations available for all courses. Register for the course of your choice on http://tinyurl.com/maloelm

Many Thanks,
In Baba's Yaad,
Program Planning Team

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Retreat for Centre Support Team, 20-24 March 2015, Gyan Sarovar

13 February 2015

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Om shanti. This is the fourth time a Retreat for Centre Support Team (CST) will be held during the Double Foreigners' Madhuban season. The aim of this retreat is to offer Baba's children who do not live in the centre but are part of the Centre Support Team, a chance to come together for their spiritual refreshment in Madhuban. The retreat will facilitate learning from experiences and deeper understanding of the roles of Centre Support Team. It will begin at 4:00pm Friday 20 March with tea in the garden near Dadi's Cottage and end midday Tuesday 24 March 2014. The venue will be Gyan Sarovar.

Who can attend: 
1) All those who attend Murli class at least 5 days a week and are active in giving the 7 day course, conducting classes and other courses, or take major responsibilities in supporting the centre activities in various departments like the Kitchen, Literature Shop, Audio Department, etc.
2) All those who live in Shakti Bhavans, Pandav Bhavans or Baba's homes and who are active in the activities mentioned in (1) above.
3) All those who have been in this role for two (2) years and above.

When should you arrive and depart? 
4) Participants are welcome to be in Madhuban for all of Group Seven of BapDada's season, arriving on 8/9 March. On arrival you will stay in Gyan Sarovar. Your meeting with BapDada is on Sunday 15 March. You are requested to come for one meeting only with BapDada.
5) Departure for Group Seven BKs will be Tuesday 24 March 2015.
6) Participants are requested to plan their travel to enable them to attend the full five days of the retreat.

Sending invitations and ONLINE BOOKING: 
Centre Coordinators can individually invite eligible students from their centre according to the criteria above by sending them the invitation letter. If unsure whether to invite someone, please check with your NC. Upon acceptance by the BK, CCs are to register students, or students can register themselves, ONLINE by 5 March 2015. The link to register is http://tinyurl.com/npuw3vm 

All participants please also follow the normal procedure of giving information about your travel to Madhuban via the Double Foreigners Travel Database, once your travel details are finalised.

The POWER Retreat – Special SILENCE RETREAT at ORC – 25-30 March 2015 
You are invited to a special silence retreat ‘The Power Retreat' taking place at ORC, Delhi from 25 March (arrivals) to 30 March (departures after breakfast). The theme of the retreat is Developing Inner Strength through Silence. Please register ONLINE by 5 March at http://tinyurl.com/kp2fu82

PLEASE NOTE: Due to increased numbers in the Double Foreigners season, you may not get the preferred accommodation. Please be flexible and willing to share with others.

In Baba's yaad,

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The Power Retreat - Developing Inner Strength Through Silence
Om Shanti Retreat Centre (ORC) in Delhi, 25-30 March 2015

12 February 2015

Special invitation open to all our Global Divine Family,

Otherwise known as the yearly ORC Silence Retreat, this year's focus will be on accumulating spiritual power.

The specialty of the retreat this year is that there will be no classes as such. By removing this traditional form of support, the aim is to give time and energy to the many treasures already received from Baba, so as to organize them in new ways for our own personal journey and become more effective in applying them. An empowering process, indeed!

Quality time will be given for doing exactly what we always wished we could do -- take a few days off to get ourselves into some genuine silence, deepen our experience of eternity, sort out those bothersome sanskars, and create some new habits of introversion, study, remembrance and yoga.

Please arrive by March 25th, we will start with tea in the garden. Departures on March 30th are after breakfast.

Please register ONLINE by 5 March at http://tinyurl.com/kp2fu82 

We very much look forward to a powerful and transforming experience.

With love
In Baba´s yaad
Silence Retreat Team

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