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23 September - Hurricane News from Guadeloupe

23 September - Rakhi Celebration with Mr. N. Chandra Babu Naidu, CM of Andhra Pradesh

23 September - Article by BK Brij Mohan Ji on Raksha Bandhan

23 September - Nashik SpARC Local Chapter Meeting Report

23 September - Important Message from Karunabhai re: Madhuban Messages

23 September - ORC IT Conference

23 September - Sr Yogini addresses 23rd NESCON 2017 Conference as Chief Guest

22 September - Letter of remembrance from Dadi Jankiji - 22nd July 2017

22 September - Sr Yogini addresses 23rd NESCON 2017 Conference as Chief Guest

21 September - Education Seminar at Cochin, Kerala

21 September - 300 BK Sisters surrendered to God Father Shiva in the month of Shravan

21 September - Brahma Kumaris Greetings to President-elect of India Mr. Ram Nath Kovind

21 September - Videos of Administration Wing Conference on "Strengthening Our Roots" held in Gyan Sarovar

20 September - News from the Caribbean via Hemlata Didi as of 4:30 am Pacific Time; Updated by Sr Usha at 9:30 am and 4:00 pm Pacific Time (after storm had passed)

19 September - News from Sr Akasah after the Mexico Earthquake

19 September - Drug De-addiction Campaign Inaugurated by Home & Health Secretary

19 September - News of the Polish Retreat and Dadi in Delhi by Sr Jayanti

19 September - International BK Children's Retreat - The Stars of the World: 26-30 December (Age group 6-12)

19 September - News of the Polish Retreat and Dadi in Delhi by Sr Jayanti

18 September - Spiritual Body & Railway Ink MOU for Cleanliness

17 September - Dadi Leaves London & Sr Jayanti Arrives Poland

17 September - Asha Didi from ORC, Delhi, Visits Australia, 18-30 August

17 September - Farewell to Dadi, special program at GCH

16 September - Hurricane Irma News from Miami

14 September - Professional Retreat "Living in the Eye of the Storm" with Br Charlie, Australia, 8-10 September

13 September - News of St Maarten Island (Baba's miracle as always!)

13 September - Interfaith Event celebrated in Sydney, Australia

13 September - Dadi's Active Schedule on 12th September

13 September - Sr Judy Johnson's Visit to Australia

13 September - Dadi Sarala of Bengaluru Passes Away

12 September - Sashakt Bharat Campaign

12 September - Hurricane Irma News from Tampa Florida

12 September - London news from 9th through 11th September from Sr Jayanti

12 September - Full Report: Celebrating 25 years at Global Co-operation House - with Dadi Janki - London 7th September

12 September - GCH Celebrates 25 Years and Sr Jayanti Participates in a Workshop at Oxford University (Sept 7 and 8)

12 September - International Conference at Shantivan from 23rd to 27th Feb, 2018 

9 August - Rakhi Letter from Dadi Janki Ji

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