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Amidst the Problems, it’s our Responsibility to Remain Brave and Fearless

25 April 2020

SOURCE: Dainik Bhaskar (Delhi Edition – published on 18/04/2020)

All our feelings get influenced by our thoughts. Our health gets affected. Our every thought goes to many around us, and fourth, our thoughts are vibrations that influence the atmosphere all over.  Our thoughts affect the air, water and Nature itself. Along with fruits, vegetables, plants, water, air and everything are affected by the vibrations of fear.

Generally we say, “from which place, village or city you drink the water?” The quality of water influences our resolve (Sanskars) because water directly affects our mind and body.  We talk about air pollution which affects our lungs. But the vibrations carried by air show its effect on our mind.

Say there are 4 persons living in a house. Air is common for all of them. If they are creating an atmosphere of fear at home, the air gets filled with the vibrations of fear. Anyone drinking water kept in there, will get the effect of fear. That is why it is said that where anger exists, the earthen pot with water also gets broken there.

If fear persists in the mind, water kept at home gets polluted with vibrations of fear. We go to a temple or spiritual place to get a spoonful of holy water. What is there in that water? Someone filled that water with his pure positive thoughts in memory of God. We receive it in our palm, remember God and take it in our mouth, thereby we receive, of course, divine vibrations of God. It contains a few leaves of Tulasi, a sacred plant. Still that also is only water. We can as well take those Tulasi leaves and water at home itself but we cannot put the divine vibrations of God in it. So we go to temple for that holy water. If such a small spoonful of water becomes Sacred Nectar by mere thought in memory of God, then how much negative vibrations of fear we must be getting by drinking glass fulls of water kept at home.

When we say, why vegetables and fruits are loosing health-giving powers in them, we say that they contain lots of chemicals. That is true, but along with the chemicals they also carry too much effect of our emotional peacelessness.

Nature is getting influenced more and more by our negative emotional thoughts. We see that the situation is there, problem is there, but to manage and to put an end to all this for better change, we have only one normal option: that is, we must become Brave enough to face the challenge. We must be careful at the same time to see that while saving ourselves from this pandemic, we are not trekking towards any physical, mental, environmental problems, or disturbed relationships.

So we must remain stable, peaceful and — most important — bold and brave in any situation. When everything is fine with me, a little fear in me will not be harmful. But when I am in trouble I must not get afraid even a bit; instead I must remain powerful. This is my normal state. Repeat this thought daily, “I must now be Brave and Fearless, this is my responsibility. At the moment this is the normal thinking for me and I must start working on it.”

The equation in our life, which we all know from our childhood, we have to bring back to our mind once again, “Determination leads to Success.” Now whatever is taking place we are thinking about it. But the equation must be, “As we think, so it would happen.” We have seen it happening in life; if anything breaks at home once, next something else falls and breaks again. It becomes our notion to think that something may fall, something may break and such thoughts become normal for us. Thus, the chances of things falling and breaking in life increase multi-fold. In the evening you return home quite tired. That is true. Then we start thinking that I am tired, I am too tired. Soon we feel that our tiredness increases more. It is because, as we think so, it becomes. We must never think about what is true [i.e., the ordinary state of mind]. Today’s thoughts become a reality for tomorrow. Instead, if we think, “I am perfect. I am fresh. I am quite energetic,” it becomes vibrations that we release. Our thinking gets a positive change and we really start feeling fine.

*These are the author’s personal views*




Sister Jayanti and Brother Golo Featured on Earth Day Concert

25 April 2020

Divine Sisters and Brothers, Om shanti

With Baba's blessings, the Earth Day Concert shown on 22nd April on Awakening channel was appreciated by our global family.

The online event featured 5 Grammy winners, 40 musicians, representatives from WHO, UNICEF, UN Climate Change, and the WWF. Grammy winner Br. Ricky Kej made Awakening his channel partner in India.

Sister Jayanti and Brother Golo represented the Brahma Kumaris in the concert. The 3-minute video segment of Sister Jayanti can be viewed here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgPwzH1Od20&t=21s

The video of the complete concert can be enjoyed here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=It_TPvMpL8c

Our gratitude to Respected Karuna Bhaisahab, Mruthyunjaya Bhaisahab, Sister Jayanti and Brother Golo for making this happen.

Om Shanti

Awakening Channel





Temporary Suspension of ‘PURITY’ Publication

25 April 2020


This is to inform that due to countrywide lockdown imposed by the Government to control the spread of COVID-19, Printing Press of ‘PURITY’ is closed and Postal Services are also suspended. In view of this, it has been decided to suspend publication of ‘PURITY’ Magazine till conditions return to normal. Inconvenience is regretted.






20 April 2020

BapDada – United Yoga Bhatti Videos

Past 8 days of recordings are available here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNuJjpddpQgO1j6ZWC7CTXA

BapDada's Sharings on various topics [pdf and mp4 formats]: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UPV3G-x1Q7x4rYzpHcc_WK2YeC2hfJyt

  • DharamRaj (SpARC) pdf

  • 1984-Powerful Revelations by BapDada pdf

  • Virtues: pdfs of Avyakt Murli Extracts on Tolerance, Love, Introversion and Purity

  • Video: When Someone Gives Bad Wishes


Madhuban Classes

On 17th night, a 1-hour series started in Dadiji’s Meeting Hall, Shantivan, with 30 minutes Meditation, and 30 minutes of Class. This will be broadcast for all BKs and contact souls. Last night it was SR Jayanti, and on 18th night it will be Br Brij Mohan, and 19th it will be Santoshdidi (Mumbai), and this will continue till early May with different Seniors of the HQs. This is in addition to all the tapasya and other activities that are going on.

Classes can be heard here (note that some appear to be only in Hindi):



Sister Mohini

These are the different links to find the recordings of Didi Mohiniji’s sharings.

1.       TELEGRAM  & BK YouTube Channel

(Telegram seems to be the new WhatsApp. Very secure. https://telegram.org/)





3.       Livestream: https://livestream.com/peacevillagewebcast


Sister Jayanti

Sister Jayanti’s sharings on various topics in pdf and mp4 format: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Fys6VIB6G1Hrij_o2C2DVOhynqIGCofk?usp=sharing

1.       Pdf transcripts of Sr Jayanti's sharings with the London Family

·         8th April, the Legacy that remains in the heart

·         11th April on Faith in the Family

·         12th April on Gratitude

2.       Audio of Sr Jayanti’s sharing on Mansa Seva (English and Hindi versions)


Sister Vedanti

Experience of Angelic Stage – 17th April

 https://youtu.be/QceBrhH0IcE  [Starts at 3:25 minute mark]


Asha Didi

Powers of the Soul



Br Yogesh Sharda

Feeling Safe, Secure and Stablehttps://youtu.be/uqHqrTejvUo. Note: Br Yogesh is introduced at the 18:25 minute point of the video.


Br Eric LeReste

Diet of Mind : a very inspiring, honest. simple and powerful talk by Eric Le Reste






United Yoga Bhatti – Deepening Our Remembrance - with Sr Mohini - April 26

20 April 2020

United Yoga Bhatti – Deepening Our Remembrance

Special Session with Sister Mohini


BKs are coming together in a united bhatti of 15 minutes of yoga, at the same time worldwide, with the same aim and objective. 


Thank you for your feedback and comments on your yoga experience. Many of you requested that a senior yogi shed light on how we can best stay in Baba's company throughout the day. In response to your many requests, we have especially planned this session, so please do share this with the BK family.


Sister Mohini will join us on Sunday, April 26th, to share her insights on deepening our experience of Baba and preserving that connection with Him throughout the day.  She will share for 30 minutes, and then we will collectively do the synchronized yoga.  


Sunday, April 26th, 2020

7:00 to 7:45 am New York time

12:00 to 12:45 pm London time

4:30 t0 5:15 pm India time

9:00 to 9:45 pm Sydney time

Please calculate your local time here:



The webinar is available only in English. Please make provisions for translation at your end. Registration is required, see details below:




This program is for the BK family only. Therefore, registration is required. Be mindful when streaming this further to a local BK Family. Please advise and consult with us if streaming on YouTube or any other streaming platform.





Invitation to join 14-day Bhatthi 

17 April 2020

Dear Divine Family, Greetings of love.


All of Baba's children worldwide must be taking maximum advantage of this time for self-progress and mansa seva inspired by the times and by our beloved Dadi. We in New York are beginning a 14-day bhatthi of intensifying love-filled efforts based on our Brahmin time table and Baba's signals from recent times.


Starting Thursday evening 16th April, we will be following this time table from the heart:


1. Amritvela

2. Murli class

3. Two forms (incorporeal & Angelic) drill during every hour traffic control

4. Half an hour sitting yoga after every two hours

5. Evening Bhatthi 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm including spiritual sharing from morning Murli

6. Writing of chart on self-realization & remembrance.


You can share with other centers & also announce for students - those who can follow.


This will be very useful at this time of lockdown. This spiritual discipline will be a great help to being a consistent & natural yogi.


With love,

Sister Mohini New York




Age 16-40? For all BK young adults - Online session with Sr Jayanti - 18th April

17 April 2020

Dear Divine Family,

On Saturday 18th April, 2020 @ 2.15 PM Indian Standard Time, Sr Jayanti will be kicking off the first in a series of online programmes specifically designed for BK young adults (aged between 16 - 40) and youth instruments who hold responsibility in the yagya.  It is also open to those 'youth graduates' (outside the age range) who have participated in previous IYF programmes or have been involved in local/national youth service in their areas.

Please find attached below the invitation flyer (in pdf  and jpeg format).  

Please Register as the space is limited bkiyf.eventbrite.com.

Timings are as follows:

Sydney – 18:45

Delhi – 14:15

London – 09:45

New York – 04:45

Nairobi – 11:45.  

Zoom Event Link is: brahmakumaris.zoom.us/i/2210824743 Meeting ID: 2210824743

Sr Devindree (from South Africa) will be moderating the conversation.  It will be an interactive conversation on the theme of 'Call of the Time NOW'.  If you have any questions please send them to her in advance at musgrave@za.brahmakumaris.org.

Please forward this invitation to all BK young adults in your country and region.

Many thanks,

In Baba's yaad

BK Gopi on behalf of the IYF Online Programmes Team





Recording of the United Yoga Bhatti Master Class with Sister Manda and Sister Waddy

14 April 2020

The United Yoga Bhatti Master Class on ancestor soul, Dadi Janki took place with Sister Manda and Sister Waddy on April 12th at 6:45 am New York time and 4:15 pm Indian time. Sister Jayanti was unable to conduct the Master Class from Madhuban due to technical difficulties


Calling on all BKs worldwide to come together daily by having 15 minutes of collective yoga with the same aim and objective at the same time worldwide, Sister Manda and Sister Waddy opened this United Yoga Bhatti with a Master Class on The Yogi Life of Dadi Janki.





Reminder of Murli resources

14 April 2020

Dear Divine Family,


Om Shanti. At this challenging time, we have a huge opportunity to spend more time in silence and serve the world through our positive vibrations.


We would like to remind you of some useful Murli resources that can help you and your students.


Official Madhuban Murlis 

Murlis in over 25 languages available at: https://madhubanmurli.org/ and on app stores (see Murli App for iPhone and Android Mobiles attached).


This provides Murlis 3 days in advance in PDF and audio.


Brahma Kumaris Murli Search Website

This website is available for all BK Students and enables everyone to search Avyakt Murlis and Sakar Murlis for keywords and phrases; a kind of Google for murlis!  The website is fully open and no password is required. The help button has some tips on how to search. Currently, English, Spanish and Portuguese language Murlis are available.


The website can be accessed at:



We are sure everyone will enjoy these facilities for study, research, and service that Baba has provided. Please do share this information with your students.


In Baba's yaad,






Technical Difficulties - United Yoga Bhatti

13 April 2020


Om Shanti Divine Family


We are all overwhelmed and touched by your incredible response and gratitude for such a timely initiative. As such we have so much more of a response than we could have ever expected and it is a great moment. Because of this, we are also running into using systems and technology that is new to us to support this growth. Please know your feedback does matter and it helps us navigate what is working and what is not, even if we cannot immediately reply. So please keep that coming.


With that said. Please bear with us as we may change the way we get information to you. In the meantime:



If you are unable to join the Live Feeds or access the videos. Please join the 15 minutes of meditation 7:30 AM - 7:45 AM anyways, even in silence as you know your brothers and sisters are joined in a subtle Bhatti across the world.



Translations of the drills are available on https://sustenance.brahmakumaris.org , sent in email daily and in the description of the videos on youtube, as well as captions where possible. Please help your divine family that is unable to find it by sharing it with them. Then 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM your own time, go deeply into what Bapdada asks of us in the drills.



At this time, contribute as much as you can a few minutes of yoga to getting us all connecting and navigating technology well. If you have a skill that can physically assist navigating these muggy waters, we welcome you also.


Lots of Love

Technical Team - BK Sustenance





All in One Place - Recent Resources for Study and Tapasya

12 April 2020



United Yoga Bhatti

The 15 Minutes from 4:30 am to 4:45 am collective yoga Drill which is to be used again in your evening meditation:  https://youtu.be/6bhSBMdGCz8 


“We will use the same drill of the day at the regular 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm meditation YOUR local time. We will continue to send waves of pure elevated light, might, love, and cooperation across the globe with the drill of the day.”


Note that this starts with BapDada speaking in Hindi about the bodiless stage and there is a bit of drishti towards the end, so this Bhatti is really for BKs only because others would not understand... Here is the translation: (Within a second go beyond the body, again come into body – 12-12-1998)


Achha, Baba says, can you become bodiless within a second? Can you do it? So, become bodiless within a second….okay, now, come back in the body…again become foreigner…like this, continue this practice during the day whenever you can spare even a second. Continue with this practice. Achha!


Master Class

According to benevolent drama, due to technical difficulties in India, Sr Jayanti’s Master Class did not go on as planned. However, both Sister Manda (UK) and Sister Waddy (Miami) were close to Dadi over many years and so their sharing is worth hearing. Sister Manda begins speaking at  12:30 mins, after Sister Gayatri explains the context for why the United Yoga Bhatti is the need of the time. The total video is 56:29 minutes. https://youtu.be/PPOQqlSLX0w.


A transcript of Sister Jayanti’s class on Cultivating Gratitude, held on Zoom with the London class, is here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PQizZxaJKYmaoaWB3B6czYkVdoIrjtVX


More Sister Jayanti

In case you missed it, Sister Gopi interviewed Sr Jayanti on 11th April (they’re both still in Madhuban) on the subject of “Faith in the Family”, which BapDada emphasized in the last Avyakt Murli of the season. 1:01:05 minutes long, you can view it here: https://youtu.be/2tmx-PVbhGE.


Also, Sister Jayanti has been giving the ‘Seven Days Course” online every morning (PDT) and those sessions are now available here. These videos are only about 20 minutes long and might a great way to introduce your friends and family to Raja Yoga meditation:

Meditation Ch 1 - Introduction To Meditation  https://youtu.be/zQx4Z7K-H9Q

Meditation Ch 2 - Who Am I https://youtu.be/Er1GjE80J1w

Meditation Ch 3 - Where do my thoughts come From  https://youtu.be/hPAwZ8E7fLk

Meditation Ch 4 - The Source of Love & Truth https://youtu.be/JYL1ZWCYwJU

Meditation Ch 5 - Connecting with The Divine  https://youtu.be/dR0e3zlAE5E

Meditation Ch 6 - Steps of Meditation https://youtu.be/Tx9loEt5VBw

Meditation Ch 7 – Probably should have aired this morning but either because of the Master Class or because of the technical difficulties, it will perhaps air tomorrow.


Madhuban Experience Retreat

All four sessions from this online retreat can be listened to here: https://bit.ly/2xnRTIj.

The first session is about an hour long with Sr Mohini Didi Ji. The second one is Senior Brother Brij Mohan Ji speaking and being interviewed by Sr Judy Rodgers about the need of the time. That is about 1 ½ hours long, as are the other two segments featuring Sr Mohini. In the last on (top of list) Sister Mohini is explaining all about the practice of offering bhog for those of you who are new to the concept or to the BK understanding of it.


Being Alone Without Being Lonely

There were two classes by our prolific author brother Mike George on the subject of “Being Alone Without Feeling Lonely”. I am trying to get a link to the one conducted through Inner Space London. Meanwhile, you can listen to the more recent one, an interview by Sr Aruna. https://soundcloud.com/user-312218454/mike-george. It’s 1:19:54 minutes.


Reflections from Down Under

Moving 25-minute video of four older Australian BKs whom many of you may know: Niall Fenix, Tamasin Ramsay, Pamela, J Chrissy sharing Experiences with Dadi Janki | Awakening TV. Well worth a listen: https://youtu.be/KIrohxS4tB0  


Special broadcast

From the Washington DC center, “Experiencing God During COVID19 w/ Sister Jenna and Special Guest Marianne Williamson” https://youtu.be/byQj84gWJ_4.  





Bhog message from Sr Mohini and Suggested Timings for Tapasya

9 April 2020

Om shanti and greetings of love,


This message is to convey loving wishes and some signals from Baba after offering bhog for Dadiji on the 10th day, 5th April.


Baba was very directly indicating that, in keeping with the times yet to come, there is a need for a lot more attention on tapasya in the family - especially experiencing bodiless, angelic and loveleen stages. 


So here is the direction to all Brahmins - wherever they are - for timings of a 'sit down' bhatti. Please incorporate in your daily routine starting from when you receive this message.


Amritvela time - 3:30 - 5 AM

Murli class and yoga - 6 - 8 AM


Half hour sit down yoga at intervals of every 2 hours as follows:

- 10- 10:30 AM

- 12 noon - 12:30 PM

- 2- 2:30 PM

- 4- 4:30 PM


Evening bhatti - 6-8 PM


Please encourage all to follow a discipline close to this as much as possible and take full benefit of this significant time that Baba and drama are providing us.


With love,

Sister Mohini


Click below PDF version of the Bhog Message and Tapasya Hours:


Document in Hindi language


Document in English language




Master Class with Sister Jayanti - United Yoga Bhatti

7 April 2020

United Yoga Bhatti – Master Class on ancestor soul, Dadi Janki by Sister JayantiApril 12th at 6:45 am New York time and 4:15 pm Indian time (See your local time below).
Calling on all BKs to come together in a united bhatti of 15 minutes of yoga, at the same time worldwide, with the same aim and objective. Sister Jayanti will open this United Yoga Bhatti with a Master Class on The Yogi Life of Dadi Janki.





Sunday, April 12, 2020
6:45 am New York time
11:45 am London time
4:15 pm India time
8:45 pm Sydney time 

Please calculate your local time here:
The webinar is available only in English. Please make provisions for translation at your end. Registration is required, see details below:





Inviting All BKs for Collective 15 Minutes of Yoga

5 April 2020

Dear Divine Family,


Warm greetings filled with love. In these challenging times, the call is to deepen our relationship with Bapdada and serve from subtler dimensions of soul-consciousness – to be manmanabhav, do mansa-seva, and give sakash. Join us in a united yoga bhatti to collectively respond to these challenging times and serve the world as instruments of sakash, shakti, sneh (love), and sahyog (cooperation).


The United Yoga Bhatti is simple and straightforward. It will begin on April 12 and go through August 31, 2020. This United Yoga Bhatti has four components to it:


1.      Every day at the same time in the world, we will observe 15 minutes of united yoga together. We will all stabilize our minds, intellects, and hearts on one pure, elevated thought based on Bapdada’s drills from Avyakt Murlis. The drill of the day will be posted on YouTube and the link sent (if you sign up via email) to everyone in advance. We will all have united thoughts connected to the drill of the day at the same time, globally. See below for your local time.


2.      We will use the SAME drill of the day at the regular 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm meditation LOCAL time. We will continue to send waves of pure elevated light, might, love, and cooperation across the globe with the drill of the day.


3.      We will have a monthly master class English and Hindi on the second Sunday of the month. The master classes are dedicated to our ancestor souls. For example, on Sunday, April 12, Sister Jayanti will do the master class on Raja Yogini Dadi Janki. We will send out a monthly notice regarding these master classes. The master classes will be conducted by senior yogis who were personally mentored by the ancestor souls. They will share how these raj yogis actually practiced the subtler aspects of yoga and did mansa-seva.


4.      The United Yoga Bhatti is an experiment of collective mansa-seva. We will conduct a pre and post-survey of the outcomes of this experiment. We would really like everyone to participate in this simple survey. We are requesting your input because we would like to see the impact of unified yoga on our unadulterated remembrance of Baba, on our relationships, on our sanskaras, and service.  


Drama has given us an excellent opportunity to go underground and practice ‘being as a way of serving’ as light and might houses.  Bapdada said, “The final form of service is through the powerful light of your angelic form.” Let us rise to this new way of being and serving. Value time and use it in a worthwhile way. Bring your angelic presence to this United Yoga Bhatti. SIGN UP NOW.




In Sweet Remembrance of our Beloved BapDada,



Timing of the Fifteen Minutes of United Yoga:

7:30 am – 7:45 am – New York time

12:30 pm – 12:45 pm – London time

2:30 pm – 2:45 pm – Nairobi time

2:30 pm – 2:45 pm – Moscow time

5:00 pm – 5:15 pm – India time

9:30 pm to 9:45 pm – Sydney time


Find your local time here:






3rd April - Avyakt Baba's Milan Video

2 April 2020

Om Shanti.

To all divine family,


On 3rd April from 6:00pm to 8:00pm Special Avyakt Baba's Murli will be telecasted from shantivan. 


This video is very much concerned with the present time. I am sure you will be benefitted.


ओम शांति 


3 अप्रैल शाम 6:00 बजे से 8:00 बजे तक सभी दैवी परिवार के लिए, विशेष अव्यक्त बाबा की मुरली को शांतिवन से प्रसारित किया जाएगा, यह वीडियो वर्तमान समय की  परिस्थिती से बहुत संबंधित है। मुझे यकीन है कि आपको इस प्रसारण से जरूर फायदा होगा 





New Administrative Head of Brahma Kumaris

1 April 2020

Dear Divine Family, Please accept hearty Godly love and remembrances from your unlimited home, Madhuban.


After Dadi Janki's ascension to the angelic realm, a meeting of the Management Committee of PBKIVV was convened on 30 March 2020. After paying respect to Dadi Janki with 2-minutes of silence, and sharing deep and loving sentiments for Dadi and all that she accomplished on the field of service, the members discussed the future running of Yagya systems.


According to the Bye-Laws of the Divine Constitution of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Dadi Hirday Mohini (who was previously the Additional Administrative Head of the Brahma Kumaris) is to be appointed as Administrative Head of Brahma Kumaris;


Dadi Ratan Mohini is to be appointed as Additional Administrative Head and Dadi Ishu will continue her role as Joint Administrative Head.


The other systems for Service/Centres already in place will continue as they are. This Yagya, established by Shiv Baba, the Supreme Father, Supreme Soul, has always progressed in the past, and will continue to do so.


In Baba's loving yaad,

Dr Nirmalaben

Sister Jayanti

Sister Shashi





'Purity' Magazine - E - Edition of April 2020

1 April 2020

Dear Brahmin Family of Bharat and Abroad, Loveful greetings.


Thanks to Bapdada that the Brahmin Family is under the protective canopy of BapDada in the present critical times of COVID-19.


Dadi Janki has also ascended to the angelic region which indicates that it’s time for the world drama to restart.


‘Purity’ printers are under lockdown due to COVID-19. So, we have prepared E-Edition of April 2020 issue (8 pages) which is enclosed. It is requested that this E-Edition may be emailed to the subscribers of your region and also uploaded on your social media.


With best wishes and thoughts divine,

In Baba’s Service

BK Brijmohan



Purity April 2020 in PDF format