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International Day of Yoga 2017

16 May 2017


Dear Family,


Greetings of peace. We are just about a month away from celebrating the 3rd International Day of Yoga. As in the past two years, we are sure that you are working closely with the Indian High Commissions, Embassies, and Consulates in your country.


At the UN headquarters in New York we have participated in the planning meetings hosted by the Ambassador of India to the UN, and their focus for this year is on health.


We, the Brahma Kumaris at the United Nations, and the International Day of Yoga Committee at the UN are hosting a program on June 22 titled Yoga: The Ultimate Connection. The highlight of this event is a conversation between Sister Shivani and a high level person in New York City, who has a daily practice of meditation.


Please find below a brief write-up on the topic, which you may find useful in organizing your local programs.

We would appreciate if you could post on the BKUN facebook page events you are planning for the International Day of Yoga as a build up to June 21, as well as posting the actual events on the day they happen.


If there is anything we can do to help support your local event, please do let us know.


In Baba’s yaad and seva

Gayatri, Julia, Sabita
BKUN team, New York



• True connection matters

• Take time and truly connect with others

• Be aware of the life-giving opportunities for connection

• Love reverberates in the space between true connection

• Sharpening the skills for connection    


People all over the world have discovered that the ancient practice of yoga is one of today’s most important tools to living a life with meaning.    

• Yoga connects a person to the source of life and opens the heart and clears the mind.

• Yoga connects a person to their authentic self, awakening the conscience and harmonizing one’s spiritual trajectory of awareness, attitude, and action.

• Yoga provides one with the ability to tap into a space of greater creativity to receive inspiration and a sense of purpose.

• Yoga connects the hearts of people from all walks of life to each other through its unifying force and through the web of life.    


There are many ways to experience how yoga joins people, communities, organizations, and institutions. When we come together, through these practices, we feel belonging, act collectively and transform our lives, our societies and our planet.

This alchemy, whether within the self or among people, is the essence of our sacred humanity and is the cause for celebration.




Comprehensive Report of all Brahma Kumaris IDY 2016 Celebrations Worldwide

16 August 2016

Dear Divine Family, Greetings of peace. 


We appreciate your effort in organising and supporting the 2016 International Day of Yoga by holding programmes in your district or city. Thanks for sending the report of the programmes organised by your centre.


On the basis of the emails received, we have prepared a report of the International Day of Yoga 2016  programmes organised and supported by BKs Worldwide, and submitted it  to the Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India. 


In Baba's Yaad,

BK Brij Mohan



Download a copy of the report IDY2016_BK_Report.pdf




2016 International Day of Yoga Moscow

24 July 2016

The harmony of soul and body is a vital aspiration for the whole of humanity. For centuries man has been searching for a way towards harmony and perfection. Is there any universal method that can help make this dream a reality? One of the ways that has been gaining more and more popularity is Yoga - not only as a set of physical asanas for maintaining a healthy body, but also as a means for discovering the self and achieving peace of mind.

In 2015, the international community witnessed a real breakthrough in the sphere of Yoga. The United Nations approved the new holiday - International Yoga Day. Its celebration is set on June 21st, the day of the summer solstice. This special day was proposed by Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India. In 2016, the second International Yoga Day is celebrated all over the world.

It's not a secret that many of us know more about Hatha Yoga. Since childhood we remember breathtaking circus stunts with yogis. The most advanced among us have learnt how to strike particular poses and to control our breathing. Yet, many of you will agree, that is not for everyone. So, here comes Raja Yoga! Perhaps you think this type of Yoga is mainly for those who have mastered all the other types of Yoga - but that’s a mistake! Raja Yoga is an easy practice for attaining peace of mind and virtually stress-free life. Or, as we say at Brahma Kumaris, where Raja Yoga has been taught for many years, this type of Yoga is for attaining self-sovereignty. It teaches us how to reign over our thoughts, emotions and feelings.

This year Brahma Kumaris in Moscow has organized a number of programmes dedicated to International Yoga Day: Raja Yoga and Mind-Management; Raja Yoga and Self-Transformation; Raja Yoga and Generating Elevated Revenue, Raja Yoga and the Power to Create. The special guests and main participants of all the programmes were the experienced Raja yogis from India: Senior Brother Atam Prakash, chief editor of the magazines Gyan Amrit and World Renewal; and Brother Rajendraprasad, Coordinator of a Rural Wing of the Raja Yoga Education and Research Foundation (Mt. Abu, India). Each day they shared their rich experience, accumulated during many years of studying and practicing Raja Yoga. Undoubtedly, the seeds of wisdom and powerful positive thoughts sown in the minds of listeners will bear their fruit.



Click here to read rest of report in English with pictures.

Click here for report in Russian with pictures.



International Day of Yoga 2016 in Mauritius

24 July 2016

Two national programs and several regional programs were organised by the Brahma Kumaris centres in Mauritius in the context of the International Day of Yoga:
National programs and Raja-Yoga Meditation at the State House

Her Excellency, Mrs Ameena Gurib-Fakim, G.C.S.K., C.S.K., PhD., DSc, the President of the Republic of Mauritius hosted a special program on Raja Yoga Meditation for Peace and Harmony in the serene and symbolical gardens of State House on Sunday 26th June. After the national anthem and the candle lighting ceremony, she opened the program by a powerful, inspiring address wherein she praised the BKs for the good work the Institution is carrying out for promoting peace. She spoke on India’s contribution in preserving ancestral values. She mentioned the limitations of modern medicine and the move towards these ancestral practices. She described the benefits of AYUSH ( Ayurveda,Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy), praising yoga as one of the components for the well-being of the mind and body. Sister Gaitree gave a brief explanation on Raja Yoga meditation for the invitees who joined the half hour meditation session for inner peace and Mother Earth. Although the sun was playing hide and seek in drizzling rain of the cold winter, around 800 Bks sat in meditation conducted by eight senior sisters and senior brothers. The State House had a huge marquee tent erected for the whole program and also provided refreshments.

Video Link:  4128803258616



Click here for detailed report with pictures.



Br Atam Prakash Madhuban a Featured Speaker at Portland, Oregon IDY Event

23 July 2016

This year, on Sunday, 19th June, Brahma Kumaris Oregon collaborated with eleven other Indian community organizations to put on a 6.5 hour event designed as a one-stop opportunity where people could learn about different forms of yoga, explore related disciplines, or refine their current yoga practice under the guidance of experts. 


The event was held at the Conestoga Recreation Center in a suburb just south of the city of Portland. BrAtam Prakash conducted two sessions: a general talk on Raja Yoga and an experiential session called "Poses for the Mind the develop Inner Peace and Inner Power". He also met some of the leaders of the participating organizations as well as the Swami of the local Balaji Temple, Sri Rajagopal.


The other organizations included Art of Living, Ekal Vidyalaya, ISHA Foundation, Greater Portland Telegu Association, Hindi Sangam, Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS), Intel India Oregon, Kannada Koota, Oregon Marathi Mandal, Samskrita Bharati, Sewa International. In addition to Raja Yoga, Upa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Surya Namaskar and Vedic Math were featured.


More photos of the event can be seen here:




Grand Mass Meditation at Hyderabad Public Gardens as Part of IDY

23 July 2016

Dear divine family, Omshanti


We take pleasure to share the special news about organising a Grand Mass Meditation at Hyderabad Public Gardens on the occasion of the International Yoga Day Celebrations.


Over 3,500 BKs of Hyderabad-Secunderabad and few representatives of Telangana states gathered at the public gardens for collective yoga on the theme of ‘Global Peace’. Collective Meditation was conducted from 6.00 – 7.30 am followed by Murli Class. A big LED wall with meditation audio-visuals added extra charm to the programme.


Respected Santosh Didi came specially for this yoga programme. Sisters Kuldeep, Manju, Saroj and others took an active role.


BK Kuldeep ben

Shanti Sarovar Retreat Centre, 





Sister Dr Binny Conducts Yoga with the Security Forces of India in Jaipur

23 July 2016


On the occasion of International Yoga Day celebrations, Sister Dr. Binny conducted Raja Yoga meditation sessions for members of the Police Academy, Jaipur and the Indian Army setup at Ud a ipur. Yoga expert Br Gulshan Kumar  also connected physical exercises in the programme.


More than 2,000 security personnel were benefited by this event. More than 400 female Superintendents, Deputy Superintendents and Training Lady Constables also were benefited. The Director, Asst. Directors and staff of the Police Academy as well as officers and other ranks of Army personnel appreciated the experience of meditation for stress management and for maintaining and improving the health of mind and body while performing security duties. 


Dr Binny Sareen 

Global Hospital & Research Centre,

Mount Abu (Raj.)




News and Photos of 2nd IDY - events in Wembley and Watford

23 July 2016

Dear all, Om Shanti. 


Here are some service news and photos of IYD events in Wembley and Watford. 


Thanks to all that helped physically or subtly. Special thanks to Baba and Jayminibhen for being the ones to sow the initial thought about having an open day.


Open Day events were organsied on Wembley High Road on Sat 18th June and Tuesday 21st June, followed by evening meditation.  About 350 people (including children) living locally stopped by. Information about Rajayoga and other free courses, a taster session in Chi Kung, the virtue wheel game, free sweets and face painting with beautiful designs for children were some of the things that we offered. Below are some of the photos to give you a taste of what happened, enjoy.



Watford: Introduction to and benefits of Raja Yoga were shared by Meelu Wadhwani in Watford on Sat 25th June.  About 20 people attended the event

Photos: See below


Many Thanks and Best Wishes

Inner space Wembley Team.



Brahma Kumari Sister Dr Hemlata Sanghi Receives IDY Award

15 July 2016

On Sunday June 26th, at the NCIC auditorium in Chaguanas, Brahma Kumari Sr Dr Hemlata was presented with an award by Mr Deoraj Teemul, Chairman of the Yoga Week Celebrations which commemorated the second anniversary of the International Day of Yoga. 


Dr Hemlata is the Spiritual Head of the Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centre located on Pointe a Pierre Road in San Fernando Trinidad. She has been teaching the art of meditation for the past 49 years. Born in Hyderabad, India, Sister Hemlata  migrated to Trinidad in 1979 as a yoga teacher. She has empowered families and touched the lives of thousands of persons through the practical experiences gained through her yoga practices. In 2014, Doctor Hemlata also received a National Gold Award from His Excellency, President of Trinidad Anthony T.A. Carmona, for her contribution to the development of women. 


The week of yoga activities were organised by the High Commissioner of India, Mr Gauri Shankar Gupta, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the United Nations Organisations, and Yoga Centres in Trinidad and Tobago. Activities were held throughout Trinidad and Tobago, including the famous boardwalk in Chaguaramas. They concluded at the NCIC auditorium.




On the Eve of IDY in St.Petersburg

15 July 2016

About 100 Raja Yogi students who are the members of the Brahma Kumaris Centre in St. Petersburg, Russia, joined the global community in a worldwide celebration of the International Day of Yoga. Early in the morning, 19 June, enthusiastic yogis of every age group from little children to 80-year old great-grandmothers gathered in the Brahma Kumaris Peace Park to spread the wave of positivity and freshness in the atmosphere of the predominantly “bedroom neighbourhood” the majority of residents of which were still in their beds! Light physical exercises with elements of dance and a round of jogging to variety of beautiful musical tunes were sending the message of waking up mentally and physically and enjoying the life.
Even the nature became co-operative with the happy yogis dressed in white. The heavy rain stopped for a while, right at the time of the exercise session to restart a few minutes after the event was completed!

The function became a prologue to a series of events that are going to take place at the Brahma Kumaris Centre during the Yoga Week, starting from 21 June, the official date for the IDY. These will include early morning meditations, outdoor exercises and a lecture on healthy dietary habits followed with a Taste Test of delicious vegetarian recipes.
Being the king (raja) of all yogas, Raja Yoga states that the way to mental and physical fitness is to be constantly seated on the throne of spiritual self-awareness. “I, the pure soul, am ruling all my physical organs as well as my mind, intellect and personality traits”, – this is the best Asana, or mental posture, to attain health, wealth and happiness in life.

News in Detail



International Yoga Day in Madagascar

15 July 2016

Curtain raiser for Yoga Day organized by Brahma Kumaris and a group of dancers on 17th june.


Press Conference at Indian Embassy on 17th june , François Becher from France presents Brahma Kumaris worldwide activities and the importance of meditation practice in a fast changing world. Our article appeared in the local news paper.

Brahma Kumaris Exhibition pavilion at Hotel Carlton on the International Yoga Day. The most visited by public.



François Becher introduces Brahma Kumaris activities and conducted meditation with music played by our violinist in the presence of 300 guests and dignitaries. The Theme chosen was The Foundation of Harmony is balance.


Life is movement, movement is possible if there is a flow of energy which can only occur if there are 2 polarities, such as positive and negative, high pressure or low pressure or south pole and north pole. Which are remembered by the force of Yin and Yang. If the 2 polarities are not in balance the system runs into extremes and gets stuck. There are different balances in our everyday life, balance of diet, balance of our budget, balance in our inner being, like time for introversion and time to communicate with others.


The balance needed in today's world is between silence and communication (relationship with others). And also between actions (work) and relaxation (contemplate).




2016 Inernational Yoga Day: Sounds of Stillness in Melbourne, Australia

15 July 2016

To celebrate UN International Day of Yoga (June 21st), BKs in Melbourne presented an evening of gentle guided meditations with interludes of silence. The evening was promoted as an event to celebrate Raja yoga, the ancient art of meditation. The theme was ‘stillness’ and over 80 people (of all ages, men and women) joined BKs in an historic building near Southern Cross station, one of Melbourne’s major transport hubs in the CBD. The doors opened at 6.00pm for the 6:30—7:30pm meditation.


The atmosphere sparkled for one hour with the transcendent tones of BK Carmen’s voice and music from Australia’s Master percussionist, BK David Jones. BKs Barbara and Kalvinder added readings and commentaries on stillness after BK Julie introduced the evening with gentle, seated movement to lead into the meditation.


Brahma Kumaris from Fitzroy, Melbourne, hosted the evening.


More about the presenters:

BK Barbara Ramsay is a professional actor, singer and writer whose life-focus changed when she found spiritual answers she didn’t even know she was looking for. From that spiritual awakening she writes plays, books, and poems that take you on a journey to your own ‘doorway to the Divine’. 


BK Carmen Warrington is a best-selling author, singer-songwriter, actress and ABC Meditation Artist. She is an intuitive sound healer (using singing bowls and voice) and also a funeral celebrant.


BK David Jones is an award-winning musician and music-educator. He is Honorary Fellow at Melbourne-Uni-VCA/MCM. He is a long-term meditator and intuitive sound-healer.           


BK Julie Pugh’s hatha yoga classes include a gentle flowing practice suitable for beginners, guided breathing exercises and meditations about stillness.


BK DrKalvinder Shields is an Associate Professor in Economics. Currently, she is the coordinator of Calm in the City (, a not-for-profit meditation initiative engaging with city communities to bring calm into the heart of the city.




Yoga Day at Red Fort, Delhi

15 July 2016

"Raj-yoga is essential for individual and world peace"-Dr H R Nagendra


"Yoga is soul’s loving link with Supreme Soul" -Rajyogini Dadi Hirdaya Mohini


New Delhi, June 19: On the eve of International Day of Yoga, a Grand Yoga Assembly on ‘Raj-yoga for World Peace’ was organized by Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya at the Red Fort Grounds.


This grand assembly was attended by about forty thousand Raj-yogis and yoga aspirants including inter-faith Leaders who also practiced yoga and addressed the congregation with their peace message on yoga.


Yoga Guru Dr H R Nagendra, Chairman of the Swami Vivekanand Yoga Sansthan was Chief Guest. He said that raj-yoga, which aims at calming, controlling and mastering the mind, if regularly practiced, can not only restore peace, health, harmony and positive powers in the self, surroundings and in the world but also can elevate human beings to the level of the divine.


Rajyogini Dadi Hirdaya Mohini, Addl. Chief of Brahma Kumaris, presided over the assembly. She said that raj-yoga, which is the natural way for a soul to maintain a loving link with Supreme Soul while engaged in all human relations, can endow the individual with inner powers and qualities which are needed to lead a balanced and blissful life.


Mr E I malekar, Head Priest, Judaism Synagogue, Delhi said that yoga has nothing to do with any religion in particular, as it is essentially a scientific technique of promoting physical, mental and spiritual health of a person.


Dr M D Thomas, representing Christianity, said that such public assemblies for yoga can strengthen our communion with the Supreme and can ensure discipline and balance in life and society.


Dr A K Merchant, National Trustee of the Bahai, said that yoga is must for peace of mind.


Budhist Lama Lobzong said that yoga can help us grow better and become successful in life, while Jain Sadhvi Sarita Maharaj extolled yoga as a stress buster and guarantor of peace, balance and bliss in life.


Rajyogi Br Brijmohan, Chief Spokesman for the Brahma Kumaris, said that the purpose of the yoga assembly was to create and spread awareness among the public of the true meaning, process and benefits of Raj-yoga as a simple, natural and easy way of remembering our spiritual father, the Supreme Soul, while doing daily worldly duties.


A few minutes of yoga, pranayam and stretching exercises were conducted with the congregation in between speeches. At the end, Rajyogini Asha Didi, Chief Coordinator of the program, conducted raj-yoga meditation with the audience, guiding them to positive contemplation and divine visualization.


Downloadable press release in Hindi only


Downloadable English Press release



In Photos: Godly Service in China on IDY

12 July 2016

Greetings of Peace & Love


Below are some photographs of Godly service in China on IYD2016 . Br Bharat Bhushan of Panipat  is conducting meditation in different places in Beijing.



With Regards

Bk Bharat Bhushan




BK Participation in the UN International Day of Yoga in Philippines

12 July 2016

BK Sister Rajni met with the Indian Ambassador to the Philippines, H.E. Lalduhthlana Ralte and his wife in the Ayala Triangle Garden Park where hatha yoga groups participated in an event organised by the Asia Society.


There were also simultaneous one day retreats at two Metro Manila BK Centres on “Meditation for Busy People” where Sr Rajni shared the process of meditation and conducted meditation experiences with the participants.




The Yoga Day? The Yoga Week? The Yoga Life!

12 July 2016

A series of events dedicated to the International Day of Yoga in St. Petersburg, Russia
21-26 June, 2016

“Raja Yoga is not about tough physical exercises or religious practices. Rather it is a lifestyle based on understanding our inner self as a sentient, thinking entity and directing our thoughts towards the Supreme for developing the powers of purity, peace and love”, said BK Raju, headquartercoordinator of the Rural Development Wing (Brahma Kumaris HQ, Mount Abu), speaking at a seminar in St. Petersburg, Russia, on the occasion of the International Day of Yoga (IDY).

It's for the second time already that the Yoga Day is being celebrated in Russia as well as worldwide.

This year the series of festive events organized on this occasion by St. Petersburg Brahma Kumaris Centre were graced with the presence of our respected BK Atam Prakash, editor-in-chief of “Gyan Amrit” and “World Renewal” magazines, a yogi with almost 60 years of meditation experience, and
BK Raju, who has been doing tireless service in Madhuban, the Brahma Kumaris Headquarters, since early 1970s. All the regular BK students of St. Petersburg as well as 70 BKs from 14 cities of Russia and Belarus took part in the celebrations.


Click here for detailed report with photos.



International Yoga Day in Kandy, SriLanka

12 July 2016

A meditation experience program was held from 4.30pm to 5.30pm at the assistant high commission of India in Kandy, Sri Lanka, to mark the second International Day of Yoga. BK Br. Ganesh, national coordinator of BKs in Sri Lanka and the Indian Assistant High Commissioner, Her Excellency Miss Radha Venkataraman, graced the occasion.


The event commenced with an exchange of flowers between the Assistant High Commissioner and Br Ganesh expressing goodwill between the two organisations.


The first item in the program was a video about Brahma Kumaris’ worldwide activities, followed by ‘lesson one and lesson two’ of the BK’s introduction to meditation through a further video presentation. Br Ganesh then spoke on how he transformed from professional engineer to spiritual teacher through Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga meditation. He outlined the distinct difference between the hatha yoga he had learnt prior to adopting the Raja yogi lifestyle and the very unique benefits of this meditation. He also conducted a half hour guided meditation. Live commentaries were given in English and Tamil languages and the meditation concluded with a recorded Hindi commentary by BK Sr Shivani. Very pure and positive good wishes and feelings were created.


The Indian Assistant High Commissioner, Her Excellency Miss Radha Venkataraman, shared words of wisdom, saying how the Raja Yoga Centre in Kandy has supported her in the activities of her office, especially in the International Day of Yoga programs. She thanked Br Ganesh and the BKs profusely.

The program concluded with sweets and blessing cards. 35 staff of Assistant High Commissioner's office, 20 BKs and 20 guests took part.


The Assistant High Commissioner suggested that BKs conduct the introductory meditation course for her and her staff and follow up action will be taken soon.


Sr Jeyamany and the service team




IDY in Germany - Frankfurt, Cologne, Bonn

11 July 2016

Dear respected divine family.


Baba´s children in Frankfurt felt that the International Yogaday was a success on all levels for Baba`s service. The day was celebrated on the main shopping street in Frankfurt. With other, mainly Hatha Yoga schools, we also had a stall and it has shown to be very attractive for the visitors - shining with visible light and joy. The program started with an introduction of Brahma Kumaris followed by a meditation commentary spoken by us. Having come to Babas stall the visitors were very keen to spin the virtue-scope wheel and enjoyed the magic of the virtue-cards. For the first time we included a “Dristhi session” and offered thereby an experience of a meeting from soul to soul. Most of the people realized the difference and were really touched by it. There was for us a never-before-felt interest and openness from the visitors. Additionally it was a very sweet experience to see that also the involved members of the BK-family came closer to each other. 


In Cologne a short program on the Roncalliplatz near the cathedral was held. We participated only individually in the exercises.


The program in Bonn on the 25.06. was cancelled because of the heavy rain. 


It was planned to have an exhibition stall and meditation commentary; see the program here: Bonn1 & Bonn 2.


Sudesh Didi and the German family




IDY Program at GCH London: Master Class in the Ancient Art of Raja Yoga with Two Master Yogis, Sister Jayanti and Dr Nirmala

11 July 2016

The programme began with a videoed message from Dadi Janki. Her vision for International Yoga Day being that each and every person in this world gets the message of how to connect to the Divine through yoga.

MC Sister Jaymini and BK Mathew Earl introduced IYD and also the Indian High Commission's role in promoting this in the UK and invited Mr Rajan, the IHC representative , to speak. He said that to create a happy and peaceful world, there is a strong need for Raja Yoga meditation to increase all over the world, changing the relationships people have with one another.

BK Pearl Jordan and her company performed a beautiful narrative through dance, expressing the power of yoga and how it works to harmonise our relationships with each other.

From the discussion between the two master yogis, Dr. Nirmala and Sister Jayanti

  • Since the mind affects the body, worrying and holding onto negative emotions can adversely affect the body, while meditation helps in the healing process of the body.
  • Look after the mind and the body will function well.
  • We have freedom to think anything we want and since the mind is in our control, we can train our minds to go in any direction we choose. Positive qualities can be developed through meditation, such as happiness, which is the best nourishment, while worry is like fire, burning away our energy.
  • If we are not peaceful, we can't be happy. However, when we do experience that inner peace, our minds open and we are able to experience the quiet joy of discovering all the many other treasures that we carry inside.

Just as prince keeps himself happy by knowing that one day he will be king, we can remain happy by remembering who we are and to whom we belong. Practising this kind of meditation brings us super sensuous joy.



Guangzhou, China: Int'l Yoga Day Celebration co-organized by Consulate General of India and Brahma Kumaris

11 July 2016

Wonderful Drama! This year the Consulate General of India in Guangzhou asked the Brahma Kumaris to be the co-organizers with the Indian Embassy to celebrate the Second International Day of Yoga. It was a 4-hour program in which about 400 souls took benefit. 


Hatha Yoga teachers from Yoga Sutra College were also invited and given a presentation of one hour, but this time Brahma Kumaris were given two hours to explain the new perspective of Yoga, i . e . , Rajyoga. So we got a very good chance to present Baba's knowledge and its uniqueness through videos, silent meditations and conducting guided meditations and some moving meditation. 


It was a very good chance of service, where many important people of the province were present along with the Ambassador of India in China.

Thanks To Bapdada

Bk Sister Sapna

Guangzhou, China




H.E. Shri Narender Modi, Prime Minister of India, graces Chandigarh IDY Celebrations at Rajyoga Bhawan

10 July 2016

On the Eve of  International Yoga Day, a public program  was held at Rajyoga Bhawan, Sector-33, Chandigarh. The topic was "Rajyoga for Peace and Happiness in Daily life". A number of VIPS participated:


1. Chief Guest:  Sh. Sanjay Tandon, State President of BJP, Chandigarh

2. Guest of Honor: Dr. Rakesh Sharma, Director, AYUSH, Punjab

3. Key Speaker: Rajyogini BK Sheilu Didi JI, Director Rajyoga Shivir, Mount Abu.

4. Guest: Hon'ble Justice AN Jindal JI (Retd.), Chairman VAT Tribunal, Punjab.

5. Guest: BK Prakash Bhai, Mount Abu



BK Uttra Didi

Director, Chandigarh Circle



IYD 01,  IYD  02,   IYD  03,   from right :  H.E.  Prof. Kaptan Singh Solanki (Governor, Punjab and Haryana and Administrator of Chandigarh),  H.E. Sh. Narender Modi, Prime Minister of India,  Sister  B.K. Shivani


IYD  04  from Left  :H.E.  Prof. Kaptan Singh Solanki (Governor, Punjab and Haryana and Administrator of Chandigarh),  Mrs. Kiron Kher (Member Parliament, Chandigarh),  H.E. Sh. Narender Modi, Prime Minister of India,  Sister  B.K. Shivani,  H.E.  Sh. Parkash Singh Badal, Chief Minister, Punjab



IYD  05  from Left :  H.E. Sh. Narender Modi, Prime Minister of India,  Sister  B.K. Shivani, Mrs. Kiron Kher (Member Parliament, Chandigarh), H.E.  Sh. Parkash Singh Badal, Chief Minister, Punjab



In Photos: Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh Presides over Lucknow IDY Event

10 July 2016



In Photos: International Yoga Day in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

10 July 2016

Sister Janaki giving the book “Companion of God” by Dadi Jankiji to the current Ambassador of India to Indonesia, H. E. Mrs Nengcha Lhouvum Mukhopadhaya, during the International Yoga Day 2016 in Denpasar, Bali which was celebrated on 19/06/2016

Sister Janaki giving a meditation commentary

A view of the participants


BKs Participate in International Day of Celebrations at the NASA Space Center Houston, Texas (USA)

10 July 2016

Dr. Hansa Raval and BKs with the Consulate General of India, Houston

6 June, Houston: The Consulate General of India Houston, the Brahma Kumaris Texas (USA), and several yoga disciplines celebrated the 2nd International Day of Yoga at the NASA Space Center in Houston. Brahma Kumaris conducted Raja Yoga Meditation to start the event. 


Yogis from several groups were seated in front of the United States space shuttle.  With the rocket of the mind, the group had the experience of going beyond the physical world to the subtle world.  The power of silence charged the atmosphere with deep peace and BapDada’s presence was felt.


Bro. Mark conducting Raja Yoga Meditation session




Bangalore City Celebration of International Yoga Day

10 July 2016

Divine Brothers/Sisters,


International Yoga day, celebrated all over  the world, was also  celebrated successfully by Prajapita BrahmaKumari's Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya on Tuesday morning, 21st June 2016, at Udaybanu Kala Sangha Playground Near Bull Temple Road. 


Smt.Tejaswini Anantha Kumar, President Adamya Chetana Trust, Bangalore; Sri DN Ramesh, Member of CMC Sunkenahalli Ward; Sri Sadashiva, Ex. Municipality Member, Sunkenahalli Ward; Dr. Wooday P Krishna, Honourable General Secretary, Sheshadhri Puram Educational Trust, Bangalore; Sri V Srinivasa Raju, Director, Unnathi Project Banagalore; Sri GS Bhardwaj, Adviser of Union Associations, Bangalore; and many more VIPs were present on the occasion.


Senior Rajayoga Teacher Sr Roopa delivered the introductory speech and Sr Vijayalakshmi anchored the program. Srinivas Bhai of  Mount Abu also addressed the gathering. 


Thousands of white dressed Brahma Kumaris & Brahma Kumars participated in the program.


On Godly Service,

BK Padma

Brahma Kumaris, Bangalore City





Vadodara (formerly Baroda) IDY Celebrations

10 July 2016

On the occasion of the International Yoga Day, the Vadodara BK Family participated in a Yoga, Physical Exercise, Pranayam and Spiritual Talk programme held at Sayajibugh (Kamatibaugh), Band Stand, Vadodara.


More than 2000 people participated and more than 12 schools and institution also participated in this program. 


BK Dr. Niranjana conduct a meditation with commentary and Sr Raj delivered spiritual message to the assembly.


With Sweet Baba's Yad

BK Dr. Niranjana and BK Raj 

Brahman Family Vadodara 


News in Hindi only here.



Toronto, Canada - International Yoga Day Celebrations

10 July 2016

The International Day of Yoga was celebrated in Toronto, Canada on June 18, 2016 in the cities of Mississauga and Brampton, in the Greater Toronto Area.


The Mississauga Yoga Day celebration in Mississauga was in collaboration with the Mississauga Waterfront Festival. The Chairperson, Ajit Khanna, Committee Members Anu Srivastava of Panorama and Dr. Bhalla provided a platform for the Brahma Kumaris to make a presentation on Meditation. A 25 minute presentation was prepared that comprised of an introduction to the Brahma Kumaris, a message for the celebration, introduction to meditation, meditation commentary and the Om Shanti song. A group of 13 Yogis conducted meditation on the stage and the audience were very attentive and truly had an experience of peace and felt relaxed. We also had a Booth and many souls came to get more information and register for the meditation course. The Wheel of Virtues was a huge attraction.



The Special Guests included the Indian Consul General of Toronto, Hon. Mr. Dinesh Bhatia and the Mayor of Mississauga, Hon. Miss Bonnie Crombie. The Consul General was very happy to meet us and very interested to remain in touch and visit the Centre. Mayor Bonnie Crombie came to the booth and spun the wheel of virtues and expressed her appreciation of the work that we are doing.


The Brampton celebration was at the Brampton Soccer Centre. It was a whole day event and hundreds of souls came throughout the day. Mr. Fateh and Anju Malhotra of the Art of Living Centre organized this Program. Our presentation was in the same format as our Mississauga presentation. This too was a great success and many souls came forward to thank us for enabling them to have an experience of meditation. The Mayor of Brampton, Hon. Linda Jeffrey and two members of Parliament, Hon. Sonia Sidhu and Hon. Ruby Sahota were in attendance. The Mayor actually registered for the Meditation course. All three of them visited our booth. It was a great opportunity to meet them for the first time since the last elections and introduce ourselves.


Brother Balwant of London was with us and took part in both the above celebrations and met with the Special Guests. Our team comprised of nearly 50 souls, all of whom worked tirelessly.





IDY at Peace Village - A Day to Reclaim Your Inner Spirit

10 July 2016

SOURCE: The Daily Mail (online edition); Posted: Wednesday, June 22, 2016 12:30 am By Greg Hudson Columbia-Greene Media (

Greg Hudson/Columbia-Greene Media

HAINES FALLS — While cars and trucks drove past on Route 23A in Haines Falls on Tuesday, more than a dozen people gathered at Peace Village retreat center took no notice. Instead, they assembled on mats and turned their focus within themselves.


“There is unlimited happiness, bliss and wisdom within us,” Peace Village Sister Dorothy said to the group. “It’s just a process of reaching down inside to a place where we already are all those things: happiness, bliss and wisdom.”


Those gathered came to observe International Day of Yoga, a day for meditation and spiritual reflection which began two years ago after a vote in the United Nations. “Indian Prime Minister Modi started this two years ago and it’s really taken off since then,” spiritualist and event organizer Sister Chirya said. “Today more than 35,000 have assembled just in the Indian city Chandigarh.”


International Day of Yoga is recognized by more than 75 countries, with millions of people worldwide taking part by gathering together to meditate and exercise the mind and body. “It’s a very centered, very focused moment,” hatha yoga instructor Nicole Sansone, of Windham, said. “It is about the mind and the spirit, and it is about the body. Breath is a huge element which connects the two.” Sansone said yoga can take many forms, from simple meditation to full-body activity.


“There are types of yoga where you are moving and you’re sweating, and there are types where you’re moving and you’re cold, or where you’re seating in a chair or even just lying down,” Sansone said. “My particular specialty is hatha yoga, which is one of the movement yoga.”

Regardless of the variety of yoga, the ultimate purpose is internal focus, awareness and peace, Sister Chirya said. Chirya embarked on her journey more than 30 years ago, leaving the corporate world behind in favor of the spiritual. “I was a fashion executive and a ski instructor,” she said. “It was very competitive and all of a sudden it all seemed rather limited, and I asked myself ‘Isn’t there something more to life than this?’”


For Chirya, the answer was yes. “So I left,” she said. “Eventually I found myself at a spiritual community in Scotland called Findhorn.” At Findhorn, Chirya met yoga instructors who introduced her to raja yoga, a mental yoga designed to exercise the mind and lead to spiritual awareness. “They came and I saw them and what they do and I was fascinated, so I went to London with them,” Chirya said.

Today, Chirya teaches the meditative raja yoga at Peace Village, and organizes events like Tuesday’s observance.


Sister Dorothy praised her colleague’s efforts. “It’s wonderful Chirya has spent so much time putting this wonderful event together,” she said. “We think of yoga as physical, as mental and as physical. It is good to gather to celebrate yoga today and meditate with our bodies and minds.”

Chirya said the observance, and International Day of Yoga as a whole, are positive, life-affirming ways for people not involved in yoga to seek inner peace.


“People are beginning to appreciate the value of yoga,” Chirya said. “And we don’t tend to just exercise the body through yoga here. Instead of learning to stand on your hear, here you use your head in yoga.”


Sansone’s brand of motion yoga also involves meditation. “We are earth, we are water, we are the air,” she said. “Meditation heightens you, it lifts you up to your own religion.” But religious background or affiliation is of no consequence. Sansone said yoga can enhance the spiritual experience for people of all faiths, because the inner being in all people is fundamentally the same.


Peace Village Sister Susan agreed. “Each one of is a beautiful drop of light, a diamond full of light and life,” she said. “Each soul is a being full of goodness.”


For Chirya, exploring that goodness and finding inner peace is the core of her spiritual beliefs.“Dis-ease causes disease,” Chirya said. “But inner peace and inner ease, that causes joy and happiness in infinite amounts.”




Governor of Maharashtra Invites Brahma Kumaris to Host a Large IDY Program

10 July 2016

On the occasion of International Day of Yoga on 21st June,2016, we were invited by the Governor of Maharashtra, Hon.Shri. S.Vidyasagar Rao, to host a large scale program.


Our center was represented by Sr Rukmini (center In-Charge) and Sr Puravi. Both gave speeches on the significance of meditation and engaged the audience in the experience of Rajyoga Meditation.


The photos include the ones captured during the Candle Lighting Ceremony and the token of thanks given to the Governor.


BK Rukmini,

Center In-Charge, Nepean Sea Road, Mumba




Mt Abu Celebrates International Yoga Day - Photos plus News in Hindi

10 July 2016

CLICK HERE:  News in Hindi only



IDY in Malaysia

10 July 2016



International Yoga Day Celebrated on 19th June at Vodafone Event Center, Auckland NewZealand

10 July 2016

The hall was mostly occupied by few hundred souls. Jim bhai began with an essence-ful and efficient talk followed by a 15 minute video on the introduction of Soul, Supreme Soul and World Meditation. Click on the image below to watch it.


[VIDEO IMAGE that plays when clicked]



Overall, all programs went well. We were given the last slot and there was a powerful impact finishing with silence and giving sakash to the world. The whole gathering was very receptive and there was immense silence in the hall after the yog asanas. 


Flyers and Blessings were given and we were able to share around 150 tolis with some of our brothers and sisters.


We also had the opportunity to meet all the other organizers.


Please click on the image below to enjoy a two-minute video containing images of our part of the day's event:


[IMAGE that plays when clicked]





International Yoga Day Photos - Majuragate, Surat

10 July 2016



Barbados Celebrates International Yoga Day

15 July 2016


Dr. Harris, the High Commissioner of India organized the activity for the International Day of Yoga. The Raja Yoga Centre was invited to participate. We shared a meditation at the end after explaining the connection between Hatha yoga and Raja yoga…. Soul and body. This year the teacher emphasized during her asanas, that yoga was not limited to an exercise only for the body but that it was a technique for raising the consciousness of the self. It was not just sitting on the mat. The meditation provided the atmosphere in which participants could have personal experiences. 


Approximately 22 persons attended the session which lasted for 2 hours. Blessings were shared and during the mingling many expressed their appreciation for the meditative exercise.




Report of 2nd International Yoga Day Celebration at Potter's Fields, Tower Bridge, London

2 July 2016

It was a wonderful bright sunny day.  More than 500 people visited the Brahma Kumaris stand and BK  Matthew Earl & BK Dr Pavan Kumar presented Raja Yoga on the main stage and shared meditation experiences through short videos.


The High Commissioner of India H. E. Mr. Navtej Sarna  visited the BK stand, very patient and interested, listening to what we were sharing.  Many other visitors from the High commission also visited.  There were people from many different countries & cultures who attended.


People enjoyed spinning the Virtue wheel and there was a beautiful atmosphere at this venue on the Thames riverside, opposite the Tower of London, and next to Tower Bridge on one side and City Hall on the other.  There were many different forms of  Yoga practices shared throughout the day.

Report with photos.




2nd International Yoga Day at Alexandra Gardens, London

2 July 2016

More than 6,000 people visited this free event now in its second year and many of these were served by the large BK presence and the many activities offered.  BK’s welcomed visitors, running the registration tables at the entrance and the day was opened with BK Tony Wong’s Raj Yoga meditation and movement class on the main stage.  The BK site included two marquees.  One offering a rolling programme of live guided meditations throughout the day and the second marquee offered the Star Card activity, which had continual queues throughout the day, as well as BK publications and a Raj Yoga exhibition and the ever popular virtue wheel.


A new activity was offered this year – Where has the human (soul) connection gone? And many took up the opportunity to experience eye to contact (drishti) with BK brothers and sisters throughout the day.  Many were visibly moved by the experience.


The mown Labyrinth was popular again, offering a kinaesthetic approach to Raj Yoga where people were invited to Release, Receive and Return as they walked in silence to the centre and out again.


On the main stage there was a range of different yoga practices taught thoughout the day and there were four further teaching spaces with continuous sessions running all day.


The BK’s closed the event with a beautiful dance by BK Thiru Jeyaseelan, and a powerful meditation commentary by Sister Maureen and accompanied by yogis on stage, which synchronised in with World Meditation Hour.


Report with Photos




Article on IDY by Br Brij Mohan Published in Times of India's "Speaking Tree"

17 June 2016



Education Wing Produces an Additional Flyer/Folder for International Yoga Day 2016

25 May 2016

Most Respected Sisters and Brothers of the Divine Family and Bapdada’s instruments of all centers in overseas countries, please find links below to jpg files of a flyer/folder for International Yoga Day as well as the original Coral Draw (Version X3) file.


For any help, please contact BK Chunesh, Value Education Office at Shantivan. (Mob. No.: +91 9414003961; Email:


Thanking you and with thoughts divine.

Warm Regards,

BK Mruthyunjaya

Executive Secretary, Brahma Kumaris

Mount Abu (Raj.)


Click here for Corel Draw file.




International Yoga Day Brochures in English and Hindi

2 May 2016

To the serviceable instrument teachers and brothers and sisters who are the decoration of the Brahmin clan, please accept divine remembrances from Madhuban,


As all of you know, International Yoga Day was celebrated on June 21 last year by the government and local organizations, during which the programs of our institution about Raja Yoga reached a large number of people. Similarly, this year International Yoga Day will be celebrated by the Government at national and local levels, and we are invited to join. Thus an opportunity has been given to us in which the message of Baba, Raja Yoga and the descent of the Supreme Soul can be delivered to millions of people.


For the purpose of such divine service, Hindi and English folders have been created which you can use to invite people to join our programs. They shows how, through Raja Yoga, we can keep both body and spirit healthy.


You can download the folders here: English Front, English Back, Hindi Front, Hindi Back



For more information, please contact the Media Center in Anand Bhawan, Shantivan, Abu Road


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