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Message from Dadi Ratanmohini Ji and Transcript of Bhog message for Dadi Jankiji via Rukmaniben - 28th March

29 March 2020

28/03/2020                                Om shanti                                                Madhuban


Beloved Avyakt BapDada’s very loving instrument teachers and all brothers and sisters who are the decoration of the Brahmin clan, ones who watch every scene of the drama as detached observers, ones who always stay in a concentrated stage and have a constant and stable stage, ones who give your subtle powerful sakaash, all Rajyogi tapaswi souls, please accept sweet love-filled remembrances.


Dadiji, beloved of all of us, the beloved of Baba’s heart, the one who always made the lesson of “I” and “mine” firm with the great mantra of om shanti, has now gone to the subtle region to BapDada to give the sakaash of the power of yoga to the service of world transformation.  Bhog will be offered to Dadiji every day in Madhuban.  Then, after the 13th day, on Thursday 9th April, there will be special bhog offered.  All brothers and sisters in this land and abroad have had true love for Dadi in their hearts.  Until this age, Dadi tirelessly served this land and abroad.  She donated her virtues to us.  All of you may also offer bhog to Dadiji at your own places.  For bhog, whatever is possible according to the present times, you can offer that to BapDada and Dadiji because at present, according to the current situation, it will not be possible to have Brahma bhojan collectively.  When all the coming and going is back to normal, then we will inform you when we can have a collective gathering for Brahma bhojan.  Now, at your own places, definitely offer bhog to Dadiji on Thursday 9th April 2020.


Sitting at your own places, along with the facilities of science and with the binoculars of a divine intellect, you must be seeing the conditions of the world very clearly and experiencing it, and must definitely also be doing tapasya.  This is also a beautiful opportunity to increase our concentration and to make our minds and intellects completely viceless.  Now, at the blessed time of amrit vela and evening meditation, all Baba’s children, becoming double light, and being in a fearless stage, must be doing the service of giving sakaash of peace and power through your mind and making the atmosphere free from fear.


With these good wishes, in Godly service.

B.K. Ratanmohini.



28/03/2020                                                                  Om Shanti                                                     Shantivan


Divine bhog message for Dadi Jankiji (Rukmaniben)


Today, I reached Baba in the subtle region carrying bhog for Dadi and giving Baba remembrance of everyone, I said: Baba, today, I have brought bhog for Dadi.  Baba then made Dadi emerge.  I said: Dadi, I used to come to meet you all the time, but today, I have brought bhog for you.  Dadi became silent for one second.  Seeing Dadi’s silent face, Baba said: Child, Dadi’s fortune is very high because before she went, all the elements completely cleansed everything.  There were very strong winds and the elements cleansed everything.  (The day before, there were very strong winds and heavy rain in Madhuban).  When the body became quiet, the child came into Baba’s lap, and then the elements also began to quieten down.  Dadi has come at such a time when the conditions of the world are going through many obstacles.  At such a time, the elements need a lot of sakaash.  When the child was in the corporeal form, she used to specially give a lot of sakaash to nature.  Even now, while the child is sitting with Baba in the subtle region, being with Baba she is giving sakaash to the whole world.  The child’s duty of giving sakaash to the world was very significant.


Now, even people of the world are giving their co-operation to matter and the Brahmin children are giving special sakaash with the power of yoga.  Each one is co-operating in one way or another.  Each one is experimenting with one thing or another.  Baba then said: For this child to come at this time is very significant because from all three places (the souls residing in the incorporeal world, the subtle deities (angels) in the subtle region, and Brahmin souls in the corporeal form) – the child is receiving a lot of co-operation from all three places, and with this co-operation, the work that the child will do in the future, all the souls that are still remaining will be awakened through the vibrations from Dadi.


Dadi was internally very happy.  Baba said: Baba has called this child at such a time when all souls need to receive sakaash.  The child has done this work from the beginning, and even now, she will stay in the subtle region for a short time and will become an instrument to enable this work to be carried out.  Baba was saying this looking at Dadi and Dadi was also looking at Baba and listening with attention.


I said to Baba: I have brought bhog for Dadi and to Dadi, I said: I have brought everyone’s remembrance and bhog for you.  Baba said: The child anyway used to eat very little from the beginning, and so Baba will feed the bhog from that place to His children in the same way and will satisfy all the children.  Baba gave drishti to each of the items with a lot of love and then made Dadi accept bhog.


I said: Dadi, all your companions are sitting here.  The subtle remembrance of all of them is reaching you, is it not?  Dadi said: Till the very end, everyone served me a lot and I can never forget that.  I have taken a lot of service from everyone.  That was also the fortune of all of them.  Dadi remembered each one personally by name and gave them personal remembrance and said: You have accumulated your fortune of service through this too.  Remembering all her service companions by name, Hansaben, Jayantiben, Kumarbhai, Gopiben, she said: I am with everyone.  Just as you have created the atmosphere now, keep it like that.  Saying this, Dadi became introverted.


I then said to Baba: Baba, I will bring bhog every day for the next 11-12 days.  Baba said: You may do so, Baba will keep the child emerged.  Definitely come to offer bhog.  Baba and Dadi gave love and remembrance in this way and I came down again.


* * * O M   S H A N T I * * *





Transcript (E & H) of Dadi Jankiji's bhog message in essence from Shashibehn on 27th March

29 March 2020

27/03/2020                                     Om shanti                                                    Madhuban


(Essence of the message brought back by Shashiben on offering bhog for Dadi Jankiji)


On Friday, 27th March 2020 at 2.00 am, Dadi Jankiji, at the age of 104, completed her life’s journey, shed her physical costume and merged in our beloved Baba’s lap.  The physical body was taken on a pilgrimage of Pandav Bhawan and Gyan Sarovar and then taken to Shantivan.  After offering a loving tribute to Dadiji, the final cremation ceremony took place at 12.00 noon in the garden outside the Conference Hall.  In the evening at 6.30 pm, Shashiben offered bhog for Dadiji in the Meeting Hall and the message she brought back is as below:


Today, as I reached the subtle region carrying love and remembrance of all the brothers and sisters from this land and abroad, the subtle region was very beautifully decorated.  On one side, there were angels standing with garlands in their hands and on the opposite side, in the midst of sparkling light, Dadiji was visible.  First, the angels welcomed Dadiji and sat Dadi on a beautiful throne on which was written: Vishwa Adhikari (one with who has conquered the world), the one who has won everyone’s hearts.  Then the angels started to shower flowers on Dadi, and the flowers were forming the words “Multimillions at every step”.  Dadi was watching everything just being detached and loving.  Then, Baba was visible coming from opposite.  As she saw Baba, she opened her arms and said: My Baba has come!  Then Dadi said to Baba: Why are all of these doing this?  So the angels replied in a very sweet voice: our sweet Mother who sustained the whole world, the one who has multimillions at her every step, is today in the midst of us, and this is why we are dancing with happiness.  Then Dadi became fully decorated with the light.  This scene became merged in a short time, and then the Tower of Peace and some pillars were visible in the front, and these pillars formed a beautiful path.  Baba said: The child has prepared many such pillars for the task of world transformation.  There were also people from many different professions, such as scientists, politicians, Religious leaders, etc.   All of them were sharing their own feelings for Dadiji.


Then I said: Dadi, you flew and went away to Baba.  Why did you go away?  Dadi replied: This body of mine was playing games every day.   I used to tell Baba: Baba, this body does not co-operate with me anymore.  So Baba called me to the subtle region.  Then Baba said: Though, physically, the child was lying in bed, Baba was taking her on a world tour.  The child would fill each one with power for the task of world transformation and would inspire them.  Dadi would say: Baba, this is Your work, I am just an instrument.  You are Karavanhar.  So Baba said: Child, even in the advance party, there are such tasks remaining which need to be given the donation of yoga and to intensify the speed of world transformation and Baba is giving you that responsibility.  Dadi was just smiling.


Then Baba made the whole Brahmin family emerge in the subtle region.  So Dadi asked: Baba, why have so many people come here?  Baba said: They all have a lot of love for you in their hearts.  They have all come to share the feelings in their hearts.  Now, at present, in the world, there are such situations that no one was able to come here physically, and this is why Baba called everyone here in the subtle region.  Dadi was looking at everyone with a lot of love.  I said: Dadi, today, all Dadis, senior brothers and sisters and all your service companions are remembering you a lot.  So, all of them were emerged in the subtle region and Dadi took hold of Baba’s hand and as though she gave everyone’s hands in Baba’s hand and said: All of them are under Baba’s canopy of protection.  All of them are serving with a lot of love.  I also learnt a lot staying with all of them.  They looked after me as though they were looking after a little child.  Then she said: Baba, what return can I give them for the service they did for me?  They taught me a lot, gave me many experiences, kept me light and enabled me to move forward.  Baba said: You played the part of being a conqueror of attachment till the last moment.  You became an example of being loving and detached and came to the Father.  I then said: Dadi, I have brought you special bhog.  Baba began to give the bhog to Dadi and she said: I alone cannot eat this.  Also feed all of them. 


Then along with feeding Dadi, Baba also fed everyone.  I then asked: Dadi, do you want to say anything to all of them?  She replied: Baba says: Always learn the lesson of belonging to One and being economical.  This is what I have learnt, so let everyone pay attention to this.  According to the time, newness has to be brought into each one’s efforts.  World transformation has to be brought about through self-transformation.  The task that remains now has to be accomplished very quickly.  One strength and one support.  I and my Baba.  Always remain Baba’s companion, hold Baba’s hand, step onto Baba’s footsteps, fly and make others fly.  Then Baba said: Look, even the situations are showing their form to accomplish their task.  In the future, the form of service will change through these situations and revelation will take place.  Saying this, Baba gave remembrances to everyone and I came back.  Achcha.       


  * * * O M   S H A N T I * * *


Bhog Message in English


Bhog Message in Hindi




Join Sr Shivani, Sr Denise & Sr  Chandru in the San Francisco Tribute to Dadi Janki and World Meditation.

28 March 2020

Honoring the Ascension of Dadi Janki 


Sunday March 29th 

6:30 – 8.00 pm PDT

(Pacific Daylight Time)

San Francisco, USA


Join us online to celebrate the ascension of Raja Yogini Dadi Janki, Head of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. A liberated master of circumstances and a master of matter, Dadi Janki rose to join the divine Supreme Soul at 2 am on Friday March 27, 2020, at the age of 104.


Sister Shivani, Sister Chandru and Sister Denise will lead us in meditation, Om Chant, spreading of light and peace in memory of Raja Yogini Dadi Janki, especially to relieve the stress and suffering of the whole world, that all those who are affected directly or indirectly by the  pandemic of COVID 19 may receive solace, relief and spiritual support.


Conference Login Details:



One tap mobile

+16699009128,,3582083701# US (San Jose)

+13462487799,,3582083701# US (Houston)


Dial by your location

+1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)

+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)

+1 646 558 8656 US (New York)

Meeting ID: 358 208 3701





Webcast Tribute to Dadi Janki – Sunday March 29

27 March 2020

Dear Divine Family,

Warm greetings filled with love.  I’m sure all of you are experiencing Dadi Janki’s avyakt presence.  We are all becoming well versed in the art of suddenly and every ready.  As many of you know, we were scheduled to have a webcast with Sister Mohini on Sunday, March 29.  As per Drama, we decided that Sunday morning at the same time, we will do an impromptu tribute to Dadi Janki instead of the heart-to-heart with Sister Mohini.  


Everyone is invited to take part.  If you have already registered for this particular webinar, you do NOT have to register again.  Just a reminder that only 3000 participants are allowed in this webinar.  


Tribute to Dadi Janki with Sister Mohini

Sunday, March 29, 2020

7:00 am New York time

12:00 pm London time

4:30 pm India time

10:00 pm Sydney time 

Please calculate your local time here:


The webinar is available only in English. Please make provisions for translation at your end. Registration is required, see details below:


Loving Regards,

The Sustenance Team





Brahma Kumaris Pay Loving Tribute to Dadi Janki, Chief of the Brahma Kumaris, including Messages from President and PM of India

27 March 2020

Mount Abu ( Rajasthan ): Rajyogini Dr. Dadi Janki, Chief of the Brahma Kumaris, passed away at 2 am in Global Hospital, Mount Abu, on Friday, 27th March 2020.


Amidst great love and peace, Dadi Janki was given farewell by the members of the BK Divine family at Global Hospital, Pandav Bhawan, Gyansarovar and her final rites were performed in the ground in front of the Conference Hall in Shantivan.


Dadi Ratanmohini, Joint Head of the Brahma Kumaris, speaking at the cremation of Dadi Janki, said that Dadi Janki was an exemplary figure who fully implemented the teachings of the Supreme Soul.  She always tried to impart these teachings to anyone who came in contact with her. She considered the whole world her family, and gave love and peace to all. She never cared for her bodily comfort while serving the people.


BK Nirwair, Secretary General of the Brahma Kumaris, in his message, acknowledged the tributes of all prominent personalities for Dadi Janki. He also acknowledged the services of the officers of administration who oversaw the last rites. He said that the more we connect with the Supreme Soul, the closer we will be to Dadi Janki. “Vishwa ki Dadi” (Dadi who belonged to the whole world) is now free from the responsibilities of maintaining the body, and rests with her eternal Companion. He read out the message of Dadi Gulzar, saying that she wished peace and eternal companionship of the Supreme for Dadi Janki. He also acknowledged the services of BK Hansa, in caring lovingly for a valuable Spiritual leader.


BK Brij Mohan, Additional Secretary General of the Brahma Kumaris,  recounted his last visit to Dadi Janki at Global Hospital.  He found her in a very peaceful state, beyond the effects of medical equipment and medicines. She was responding to BK Hansa, her personal caretaker and companion.  She radiated tranquility.  The power of her yoga was exemplary.  She was a unique woman Spiritual leader who met leaders of all fields from all over the world.


Dr. Ravindra Goswami, SDM, Mount Abu; BK Munni, General Manager of the Brahma Kumaris; BK Jayanti, European Director of the Brahma Kumaris; and BK Sudesh from Germany, also expressed their heartfelt condolences to Dadi Janki for her tireless services for 104 years to the whole world.


Honorable President Ramnath Kovind, in his tweet message, expressed deep sorrow on hearing the news about Dadi Janki.  Her contribution in the fields of spirituality, social welfare and women empowerment is invaluable. He expressed solidarity towards her many followers.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his condolences said that she served the society with diligence and toiled to bring a positive difference in the lives of others. “Her efforts towards empowering women were noteworthy,” he expressed in a tweeted message.


Honorable President of India Ramnath Kovind, Speaker of Lok Sabha; Om Birla, Defence Minister of India; Rajnath Singh, Law Minister of India;  Ravishankar Prasad, BJP President; J P Nadda, Rajasthan Chief Minister; Ashok Gehlot, Governor of Chhatisgarh; Anusuiya Uikey, Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan; Sachin Pilot, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh; Yogi Adityanath, Congress leader; author Sashi Tharoor; Acharya Lokesh Muni from Delhi; and Baba Ramdev of Patanjali were amongst the many prominent leaders who sent their messages of tribute to the Brahma Kumaris.


About Dadi Janki:

Born as Janki Kriplani on 1st January 1916 in Sindh, Pakistan, she joined Brahma Kumaris sometime around 1937. After independence [of India, in 1947], she came to Mount Abu with Dada Lekhraj, the founder father of the Brahma Kumaris.  She traveled all over India to impart spiritual education. She visited London in 1974 to set up Spiritual services there. She helped set up the first European Brahma Kumaris Center in London.


In 1978, Dadi Janki was declared the most stable mind in the world by the scientists of the Medical and Science Research Institute at the University of Texas, USA. In 1997, a charitable trust, the Janki Foundation for Global Healthcare, was opened in London.  In 2004, she was awarded the Grand Cordon of the first order of Al Istiklal (medal of independence) by HM King Abdullah of Jordon for her humanitarian services to the world. In August 2007, she became the Chief Administrator of the Brahma Kumaris.  In 2015, she was appointed as the Brand Ambassador of Swachh Bharat Mission (Clean India Mission). She has also published many books, such as Wings of Soul and Pearls of Wisdom.


Her Slogan was “Sachchai, Safai, Saadgi” (Honesty, Cleanliness and Simplicity).





Dadi Janki's Funeral Photos 27 March

27 March 2020



Dadi Janki's teachings - shared during the cremation ceremony in Shantivan - 27 March (Hindi & English)

27 March 2020

27/03/2020                                                      Om shanti                                           Madhuban


Beloved Avyakt BapDada’s very loving, instrument teachers, brothers and sisters who are the decoration of the Brahmin clan, ones who constantly stay in an unshakeable stage and spread vibrations of powerful yoga.  Please accept sweet love-filled remembrances.


Today, from amrit vela, we have been hearing news of our sweet Dadi Jankiji having become avyakt.  We are seeing the destiny of the drama as detached observers.  Everyone has this feeling in themselves that we should at least have a final glimpse of Dadiji, but… according to the drama, the situation in the whole world is such, that even those who are staying here in the house are not able to come personally, and so, we can only give the co-operation of our yoga power.  Dadiji always used to say: I always used to say to Baba that not a single penny should be spent on my funeral pyre.  Baba always listens to the sound of the heart of His special beloved children.  Today, we are sending you some invaluable elevated versions of Dadiji which we have heard from Dadiji from time to time.  Reading them, you can offer your loving tribute to Dadiji, simply saying, “Wah, Baba, wah!  Wah, the destiny of the drama!”



The Almighty Authority is my Companion, my Mother, Father, Friend, Beloved and the Satguru.  This is not just a feeling, but I have the practical experience of this.  The bodily relations are perishable.  If not today, then tomorrow, they will not be mine and I will not be theirs.  When they carry away the body, neither will my home remain nor will my relatives.  Those whom I considered to be mine will send me away.  Mine is One and none other.  When I leave my body, I will have just one companion.  While alive, I am sitting here having renounced everything.  I say: You are not mine and I am not yours.



I have written my will.  Just as I have been economical and always belonged to the One from the beginning, in the same way, I will always belong to the One.  Let not a single penny be spent on my funeral.  I do not want any garlands of flowers.  I have always paid attention that there is just me and my Baba and no third person in between.  Just as Baba has said: If a third person comes in between, the third eye will be closed.  So, I have always paid attention that there is never a third person between me and Baba.



I do not have this feeling for even one minute or one second that I the soul am alone.  I have detached from this body.  Sweet Baba made the Janak very firm for me: To be a trustee and bodiless.  In being a trustee, I never have the awareness of “I”.  I have always paid attention that neither is the centre mine nor are the students are mine.  No one is mine.  I am free from “I” and “mine”.  I cannot even say, “I did this work.  What did I really do?”  Yes, it is definite that I have one strength and one support, and an intellect that is victorious through having faith.  Whatever was predestined happened.  I just had the thought that this should happen, so it happened.  Baba did it and made it happen through me, and I just had a feeling for that.  The whole world is being served through those feelings.



Baba had everyone’s name changed, but He didn’t change my name.  He said to me: Janak means having the practice of being bodiless and being a trustee.  To be bodiless means to internally have such practice of being bodiless: I always remembered this.  Even while interacting with everyone, I just remained loving and detached.  When I went abroad, I just made the lesson firm “Don’t worry, no problem!”



I am happy that I maintained the honour of the name Janak.  I never said: This is mine.  Nothing is mine.  Mine is one Baba and none other.  All my brothers and sisters have made this mantra very firm very well: In the mind, there is just the desire to be a trustee and to be bodiless.  To live and die is not a big thing, if you are going to die, then how are you going to die and how are you going to live?  I have always paid attention to this.



This morning I was preparing to die, that is, my final moments should be like this.  Such was my stage.  Listen to me.  You would say, “Don’t say this.”  I said: But I have to remain ready.  If I am going to die, then I have to make all preparations happily.  Let me not just die suddenly.



Baba taught us how to live our lives.  If I were to die, then how am I going to die?  I have to shed this body.  I have to renounce this body.  Everyone knows this.  Each one knows the drama and always remains carefree.  Whatever happened was just a dream.  Baba taught this very good method that whatever happened was the drama, and what will happen will be the drama.  The scene in the drama at the moment is very beautiful and so enjoy it.  Peace is my original religion and happiness is my form.  I am just intoxicated with “Who am I?” and “Who is mine?”  That is, I am flying in the flying stage.  Achcha.


* * * O M   S H A N T I * * *


Click below PDFs document to download:


Dadi Janki Teachings - Hindi


Dadi Janki Teachings - English





Dadi's Bhog Message with English Translation - 27 March

27 March 2020

Divine Family, Om shanti.


To get the simultaneous english translation of Baapdada's message for Dadi Janki and experiences and inspirations from seniors, use the link - (English Language Link)


You can also watch the last journey and last rites of Dadi Janki's chariot on the link - (Hindi Language Link)



In Babas Yaad,

Prashantbhai & Prabhubhai,

Audio Video Dept

Gyan Sarovar


Click below images to view the videos:


Dadi Janki - Bhog Offering



Dadi Janki - Bhog Offering and Last Journey





Honouring Dadi Janki

27 March 2020

Dear Friends,


Out of respect for the departure early this morning of Dadi Janki, Spiritual Head of the Brahma Kumaris, for the next three days each evening from 7-8pm (London time) you are welcome to join us online for live meditations and sharings about the life of this great soul.


It will be webcast on: CLICK HERE 


Our webpage is now open for receiving condolences - please CLICK HERE 


Our sincere thanks to those who have already sent messages.


All usual online activities are cancelled during these three days.








Tributes to Dadi from Brij Mohanbhai, Dadi Ratanmohini, Santosh Didi, Godlywood Studio

27 March 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Om Shanti.


You have already received the News. The Angel has flown back leaving sweet and powerful memories and a legacy of love, peace, power and unlimited disinterest. We don't know what the future has in store for us, but one thing is sure - our beloved Mother/Sister/Angel, our beloved Dadi Jankiji will continue to help and support us, will keep us under her loving canopy, till the task is complete.


Please find obituaries from Respected Dr. Dadi Ratanmohiniji (Addl. Chief of Brahma Kumaris), Respected Brijmohan Bhaiji (Addl. Secretary General of Brahma Kumaris), Respected Santhosh Bahanji (Member of Managing Committee, & In-Charge of Maharashtra Zone-Brahma Kumaris) and TEAM Godlywood attached. Will update you about the proceedings.


Tributes From:

Brijmohan Bhaiji (Hindi) -

Brijmohan Bhaiji  (English) - 

Ratanmohini Dadi -      

Santosh Didi -            

Godlywood Studio -   


With Warm Regards,

BK Harilal                                                              

Executive Director

Godlywood Studio




Dadi Janki, Brahma Kumaris Chief Passed Away Today: Biodata and Photos

26 March 2020

Om Shanti


Our beloved Dadi Janki ji (104 Years Old), Brahma Kumaris Global Chief has left her mortal coil on 27 March 2020 - 2 am at Brahma Kumaris HQ Mount Abu.


Please find her with her biodata  and photos.



Click below links for PDF documents:


Dadi Janki - Biography


Dadi Janki - Chief of Brahma Kumaris


Dadi Janki - The Living Legend


Dadi Janki - News in Hindi





News of the Passing of Dadi Janki

26 March 2020




Physical and Spiritual Precautions in Times of Chaos - 25 March at 4pm (India time)

24 March 2020

Dear DIvine Family,


On 25th March, 4pm India time, Didi Nirmala and Sr Jayanti will be speaking on the topic ‘Physical and Spiritual Precautions in Times of Chaos’.


It will be shown through via YouTube:


The one-hour seminar is aimed at a public audience and of course, BKs would also benefit.


Could you please pass on the information to all your contacts and BKs.

We know that in many countries gatherings are not being held at the centres and so many may like to listen from home.


With love,

In Baba's yaad,






Update on the Murli Experiments

24 March 2020

Dear Divine Family,


Over the past few months we have had a lot of positive feedback from the family about the Murli Experiments. We also heard that when they come every day we lose the value a little.


The RCs met in February and based on the feedback from the family have decided that we will have the Murli Experiments twice a year for just a month. It was felt to maintain the value and newness, just to do them every so often.


This means the Murli Experiments will finish on 31 March and will start again in September for just the month. As time comes closer we will let you know when the Murli Experiments will begin again.


Please let the BK family know.


With love,

In Baba's yaad,





Corona to Karuna - Sister Mohini's Karuna Response to the Coronavirus DATE: 23 March 2020

24 March 2020

Dear Divine Family,


Please find attached Sister Mohini’s sharing on Karuna Response to the Coronavirus.  She did a webinar on this subject this morning to about 2,100 participants. Here is the link if you'd rather listen than read:



Sr Gayatri


Link to PDF document




Corona to Karuna – Webinar with Sister Mohini Sunday March 22nd

19 March 2020

Dear Divine Brothers and Sisters of the Brahmin Family,


Please accept warm greetings filled with love. Hope this note finds all of you safe and well. This Sunday, March 22, 2020; Sister Mohini will share her vision of karuna (compassion) as the paramount need of the hour.  


Sister Mohini has been sharing her thoughts on moving the vibrations from Corona Virus to karuna virtue with a few of us and we felt the whole of Brahmin family can take benefit from her wisdom during these trying times hence the webinar. She feels that the world right now is suffering from collective karma so, our response also has to be collective. The whole universe right now including the plant and animal kingdoms need our compassion. 


During the webinar, Sister Mohini will delve deeply into karuna or compassion and how to inculcate it and vibrationally send it to the whole universe, including the environment, the plant, and the animal kingdoms.  Sister Mohini will also share helpful hints on how to serve at this time of social distancing, how to conserve through simplicity, and how to prepare Baba’s homes as places of spiritual refuge.


Sister Mohini Webinar on Corona to Karuna

Sunday, March 22, 2020

7:00 am New York time

11:00 am London time

4:30 pm India time

10:00 pm Sydney time 

Please calculate your local time here



The webinar is available only in English. Please make provisions for translation at your end. We will devote some portion of the webinar to questions from the participants. Registration is required, see details below.


In Baba’s Yaad and Pyaar,

The Sustenance Team





Directions for Centres abroad re Visitors to Madhuban

18 March 2020

Dear NCs/NCTs and CCs, Greetings and remembrances from Madhuban.


We trust everyone is well, and surrounding Baba's homes with yoga power and light.


The Central and State Government rules regarding holding gatherings and travel within India are getting stricter. Therefore, we request that you do not encourage any of your BK students/guests/contacts, who may already be in India, to visit the HQs till after mid-April, even if it's for a day or two. 


The less that people travel around India, the better it is for their own safety and that of Baba's homes.


Thanks for your immediate attention to this.


On Spiritual Seva,

BK Shashi




Important Message from Bhartiben Lotus House

18 March 2020

Dear Jewels, Om shanti,


All those who are travelling to other countries from Ahmedabad, please go directly to the Ahmedabad airport. 


If it is absolutely necessary to go to Lotus House, then you may do so, but only for a few minutes. 


Under no circumstances can you stay overnight at Lotus House because the local administration has banned people coming to stay there. 


If someone misses their flight, or they have no other arrangements made, they may stay either in a hotel or go back to Madhuban.


BK Bharti

Lotus House




Notice from Delhi-ORC regarding Visits

17 March 2020

Dear Divine Brothers and Sisters,

Om Shanti


Hope you all are keeping well. Drama makes us ever-ready to face any scene and we should prepare ourselves accordingly. Therefore, please note that any BK and Non-BK visitors are recommended NOT to visit ORC or any large gatherings at least till 31 March 2020, as a precautionary measure.


May you stay healthy and safe and empower yourself with Baba's remembrance meanwhile.


In Baba's Yaad

BK Asha





Please Have Special Yoga for Dadi Janki

17 March 2020

Dear Divine Family,


You will have heard about our dear Dadi Janki's health. We now all need to focus our thoughts and energy on the yoga power that will support Dadi and help her to come through this next phase. The more yoga we have, the more Baba will be able to use us as instruments to send sakaash to Dadi and also to the tireless team that is supporting her around the clock. 


Our dear Hansaben has written a letter that we have translated and attached here. She is requesting us to have continuous yoga at all our places. As well as continuous yoga, as a particular focus, we suggest you dedicate one hour of yoga each evening from 6.30pm to 7.30pm local time. That will create a wave of yoga power throughout the world and throughout the day so that Dadi continues to be held in Baba's lap.


Please share with all BKs at your places.


With love,

In Baba's yaad,

BK Jayanti


Hansa bhen's letter.





Message from BK Nirwair regarding Dadi Jankiji's health: 16 Mar 2020

16 March 2020

Our dear divine and loving family of Bharat and foreign lands, Please accept hearty Godly love and remembrances from Shantivan-Madhuban.

Through these challenging times, we know all must be feeling Baba’s protection as we continue to follow guidelines from local Governments, and maintain safety first in all aspects.

Our Respected Dadis are the pride of the Brahmin family, and Dadi Jankiji especially continues to be a great source of inspiration at her young age of 104. All of you are aware that Dadiji’s health has been fragile since February, and she continues to undergo treatment at Sterling Hospital, Ahmedabad. I would like to share news of my recent visit, so that you may feel like you have visited her yourselves.

I reached Ahmedabad on 15 March afternoon, and Dr Banarsibhai and myself went to the Hospital in the evening. We met with Dadiji for about an hour, and it was lovely to also meet Dadiji’s competent and caring team. Dadiji interacted very sweetly; we shared news and loving remembrances of the family, and sang some songs. Dadiji’s eyes lit up when I mentioned that she needs to return home to Madhuban soon… It was lovely to see Dadiji’s courage; Hansaben too is showing immense strength in keeping Dadiji comfortable. It was a very good sneh-milan.

Dr Banarsibhai and I again met with Dadiji on 16 March morning, and it was good to hear that Dadiji had rested well through the night. I then took leave to return to Shantivan in the afternoon.

As of 16th evening, Dadiji’s doctors recommend that she remains in Sterling Hospital for a couple more days so that the chariot can have further rest.

We request the Brahmin family to continue to send their healing vibrations of love and good wishes to Dadiji in Baba’s sweet remembrance, and experience Dadiji’s and Hansaben’s yaad-pyaar in abundance.

On Spiritual Seva,

BK Nirwair



URGENT: Update about Travel to India - ALL VISAS SUSPENDED

12 March 2020

Dear Divine Family,


We have now received further notice from the Government of India that all visas for travel to India have been suspended until the 15th of April, including OCI cardholders. This comes into effect from 12 noon GMT 13th March 2020 at point of departure. Please see the attached notice.


Those who do decide to travel to India today, at their own risk, will have to be prepared to face hours of delays at airports before entering the country and are advised to bring 2 copies of the self-reporting form with them as these are not readily available at airports.


Please note that those with Indian passports are able to travel to India, however any traveller, including those with Indian passports, who have visited China, Italy, Iran, Republic of Korea, France, Spain or Germany after the 15th February will be quarantined for a minimum of 14 days.


These scenes teach us to be stable on the rails of the drama, and we know that Baba will make sure that for His children, wherever they are, they will receive the sustenance that they need.


Please share this information with those BK students who are planning to travel to Madhuban.


With love,

In Baba's yaad,

BK Shashi





Dadi Janki's Health Updates in English and Hindi - 09-03-2020

11 March 2020

Dear Jewels of the Brahmin family,

Greetings of love from Ahmedabad!


Dadi's Team and I would like to thank all those who have been sending emails, WhatsApp messages, and phone messages for Dadi Janki's speedy recovery.


The last month has been very challenging, not only for Dadiji but for all of us. Dadiji's health issues have rolled over from one thing to another, and this has left Dadiji's chariot very weak and fragile.


On Tuesday, 10 March, Dadiji will be discharged from Sterling Hospital on the strict grounds that she remains in Baba's Memnagar Centre, Ahmedabad, to recuperate. Dadiji will only return to Shantivan when she has recovered fully.


Therefore, I would still like to request everyone not to insist on meeting Dadiji at Memnagar Centre, so that she can recover quickly.


With many thanks,

In Baba's loving yaad,

BK Hansa

Sterling Hospital, Ahmedabad



9 मार्च 2020 ओम शान्ति


ब्राह्मण परिवार के सभी अति प्यारे रत्नों प्रति अहमदाबाद से यादप्यार स्वीकार हो।


दादी की पूरी टीम और मेरी तरफ से मैं आप सभी को बहुत-बहुत शुक्रिया अदा करती हूँ कि आप सभी ने दादी जी के जल्द से जल्द स्वास्थ्य लाभ के लिए इमेल, व्हाटसएप और फोन के द्वारा बहुत सारे मैसेज भेजे हैं।  


पिछला महीना दादी और हम सभी के लिए बहुत ही ज्यादा चुनौती भरा रहा। दादी जी का स्वास्थ्य ऊपर नीचे होता रहा, एक बात ठीक होती तो दूसरी शुरु होती, जिसके कारण दादी जी का रथ बहुत ही कमजोर और अस्वस्थ्य महसूस कर रहा था।  


मंगलवार 10 मार्च को दादी जी को स्टर्लिंग हास्पिटल से डिस्चार्ज किया जायेगा, लेकिन डाक्टर्स की सख्त हिदायत है कि वो अहमदाबाद में बाबा के मेमनगर सेन्टर पर ही रहे, और पूरी तरह से ठीक होने के बाद ही शान्तिवन लौटे। तो अभी तक यही निश्चित किया गया है कि दादी जी पूरी तरह से ठीक होने के बाद ही शान्तिवन आयेंगी।  


इसलिए मैं आप सभी से नम्र निवेदन करना चाहती हूँ कि आपमें से कोई भी मेमनगर सेन्टर पर आकर दादी जी से मिलने की विनती ना करे। जिससे कि वो बहुत जल्द से जल्द ठीक हो सके।  


बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद के साथ


बाबा की याद में  

बीके हंसा,  

स्टर्लिंग हास्पिटल अहमदाबाद





Suspension of visas for those from France, Germany and Spain and those who have travelled to these countries since 1 February 2020

11 March 2020

Dear Centre Coordinators & Travel Coordinators, Greetings and yaad-pyar from Madhuban,


We continue to witness scenes of suddenly. Please see the attached information regarding suspension of Indian visas/e-visas for travellers from France, Germany and Spain as of 11 March 2020.


This includes suspension of Indian visas/e-visas for any foreign national who has travelled to China, Iran, Italy, South Korea, Japan, France, Germany or Spain since 1 February 2020.


Please inform all of Baba's children who were planning to come for the Avyakt Meeting on 20 March especially. 


This will also apply to citizens of France, Germany and Spain who are living in other countries (who will be travelling on those passports) or who have visited those countries since 1 February 2020. 


Also, those with a travel history to China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Thailand, Singapore, Iran, Malaysia, France, Spain or Germany, may be required to undergo a self-imposed quarantine for 14 days from the date of their arrival.


More detailed information can be found in the attached 'Travel and Visa restrictions related to COVID-19’ from the Indian Bureau of Immigration.


The situation is continuously changing and we will continue to keep you updated.


With good wishes,

In Baba’s yaad,

BK Shashi


Travel and Visa restrictions related to COVID-19 document





Self reporting Form from Ministry of Health to be filled out by all foreigners on arrival in India

10 March 2020

Dear Divine Family,


Om Shanti. Loving greetings from Madhuban!


We hope you have received the latest instructions regarding travel to India and precautions to be taken.


The Indian Government requires that every foreigner completes the attached form in duplicate and submits this at their first place of arrival in India. As there are long queues and screening happening, it's helpful for each BK to have this ready beforehand to save time.


You can give the following details for Contact Address in India: 


1. House Number: Gyan Sarovar, Academy of a Better World


2. Village: Salgaon

3. Tehsil: (same as District)

4. District/City: Sirohi/Mount Abu 

5. State: Rajasthan

6. Pin: 307501


7. Residence No (not mandatory)


8. Mobile No: 9414038068, 9414154045

9. Email ID: 


Each BK student travelling to Madhuban must take two copies of the form with them.


Click here to download the form.


In Baba’s yaad,

BK Shashi





Urgent notice regarding travel to India

8 March 2020

Dear Divine Family, Greetings of love from Madhuban!


The scenes of the drama are always bringing more surprises and yet, nothing new.


Here is a further notice to the one sent out recently regarding precautions for the Coronavirus.  Stricter rules are being enforced all over the world to try and prevent the virus from spreading. 


1) India has suspended with immediate effect all regular Visas and e-Visas granted to nationals of Italy, Iran, South Korea and Japan issued on or before the 3rd of March, who have not yet entered India.  (This includes Visa on Arrival for Japanese and South Korean nationals.)   This also applies to nationals of these countries who live in other countries.  On the 3rd March, we had a situation where a BK living in the UK but with a Japanese passport was not allowed entry into India and was sent back from Ahmedabad airport (the fact that the BK had not visited Japan recently did not make any difference).


2) Those flying through the Middle East are advised to check before taking their flights, because many countries have introduced travel bans.  (Kuwait has already closed their airport for a week.)


3) As per Dr Pratapbhai's advice, Double Foreigners (of any country) who have recently had a cough/cold in the past week, or whose chariots are delicate are advised not to travel to India this time.  This applies especially to those who are elderly and those who have any pre-existing medical condition such as Diabetes, Asthma (Chronic Cough) and heart disease.


With love


In Baba's yaad,

BK Shashi




Date for responses on the gravel extraction site near to GRC extended to 14 March

8 March 2020

Dear friends,


Thank you so much for your support in opposing the proposed open cast gravel quarry very close to the Grade I listed gardens of the Global Retreat Centre.  Oxfordshire County Council have extended the deadline for submissions until 5pm on 16th March, so there is still a chance for more people to express their opposition to this.  We have over 8,000 signatures so far!


It is likely to be several months before we know of a final outcome, and we will keep you updated with any further developments. Please keep contributing your good thoughts for a successful outcome.


With warm regards,


BK Manda

Director, Global Retreat Centre





Update on COVID 19 (Coronavirus)

2 March 2020

Dear Centre Coordinators,


Loving greetings from Abu. Many Double Foreigners gathered in Gyan Sarovar to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the campus. It was a lovely scene when all the foreigners expressed their appreciation of the Gyan Sarovar Niwasis for their 25 years of tireless service. Now the Integrated Retreat (CNC, NCCC & Boards) is going on in Shantivan.


I am sure you have all been keeping up with the news regarding the spread of COVID 19 (Coronavirus).


Experts say that the window to contain the disease may close rapidly and we may have to face a pandemic. This would mean the virus will spread around the globe.  The infection is already in about 30 countries with Asian countries (along with China) being badly affected.  In India there are three confirmed cases in Kerala.


The major role of Governments is to contain the virus.  Anyone suspected of the virus will be placed in Quarantine for 14 days.


As many Double Foreigners are already travelling to India and will continue to travel during March and April, Dr Pratap of Global Hospital and others have given some advice:



Please avoid / restrict travel. Travel only if essential particularly to and from Asian countries.


Those who are elderly and those who have any pre-existing medical condition such as Diabetes, Asthma (Chronic Cough) and heart disease should avoid travel.


If you have felt unwell (fever, cough, breathing problems) within 14 days of travel, please get a check up before travelling.


Take the window seat while travelling, if possible


Follow the news and advice from the local authorities.  Countries may impose travel restrictions or guidelines which have to be followed.



Avoid close contact with people who have any flu-like symptoms whether at home or if you have stayed in a Hotel / Hostel / Guest House or are in a neighbourhood that has had a case of infection.


Personal Health and Hygiene:

Wash / disinfect hands more often and thoroughly. Wear a face mask, particularly in large gatherings.  Avoid handshakes and close contact.


As a precaution boost your immune system as much as possible.


The virus has already caused substantial financial and economic damage to the global economy. Keep your centre / homes well stocked with all necessities.

When you are in Madhuban please immediately report to your teacher or go to the dispensary if you develop symptoms of flu - fever, cough and shortness of breath.


Baba’s children will always be safe under the canopy of protection while being sensible and taking precautions.


With love,

In Baba's yaad,







Urgent Action Required - Mining Impact to Global Retreat Centre, Oxford

29 February 2020

We feel you would want to know about this.  


Click here




There are proposals to rip up the landscape 400m from the edge of GRC grounds for an open cast gravel quarry – an area 2km long and 1km wide! We have just over a week - till 4th of March - to raise as many objections as possible to stop this from happening.


It is likely to have a huge effect on retreat centre guests: - the silence will go, wildlife will flee, the beautiful landscape will be ruined. This is a a place where poets found inspiration, philosophers pondered the meaning of life and now, anyone who needs it, can find solace.


With your help we can make a compelling case to halt these plans - please encourage as many people as possible to sign this petition - with  personalised reasons for wanting to conserve the historic  landscape, the delicate ecosystem and clean air - for future visitors to the Retreat Centre and the well-being of the local community who are deeply upset and worried.


Please click on this link to sign and send a message to the local government 


The world would want us to protect this priceless treasure.


Warmest wishes

from the GRC team.




Gravel Extraction Intro Letter in PDF format.






Accommodation Update for Group 9 arriving 25-26 February

23 February 2020

We recently notified you about the 25th Anniversary Celebrations of Gyan Sarovar happening during the Group 9 dates, and explained that Double Foreigners cannot be accommodated in Gyan Sarovar between 25th February (the arrival date for this group) and 1st March.


We had hoped to accommodate the DF Family in Pandav Bhawan during this time, but the registrations have grown a lot and so now it is not possible to accommodate the large numbers.  Again we are extremely sorry for this. 


Now the  whole group will need to be accommodated in Shantivan. The Double Foreign Program will also run in Shantivan for these days and continue in Gyan Sarovar after 2nd March.  Happily the Dadis, RCs and seniors will make themselves fully available to the Group during this time.


From 2nd to 4th March it will be possible for groups to start to shift to Gyan Sarovar. As the group is large, numbers and timings for shifting will be announced.  


Many thanks for your understanding with this change in accommodation arrangements, and we hope to take this opportunity to make this an extra powerful time for the group


In Baba’s yaad,






Madhuban Campuses Health, Hygiene and Water project

17 February 2020

Dear NCs & CCs, Om shanti, and loving greetings.


We hope you found the last update sent on 29 August 2019 about the Health, Hygiene and Water situation in Madhuban, useful. Good progress is being made and we look forward to welcome you all. Please encourage your students to book their tickets for Madhuban season as all necessary steps are being taken to ensure food and water safety.


As quite a few BKs have already requested details of how to make a contribution towards the Health, Hygiene & Water Project, please guide them with the attached options.


Please note that there has been a change of law that requires those holding Indian passports or Foreign passports to send their contributions to separate bank accounts, and details of these are attached.


For your information, the project estimate is around 7 Crores (70 million rupees / approx USD$1 million) for Shantivan and 3 Crores (30 million rupees / approx USD$428,000) for Gyan Sarovar and Pandav Bhavan.


With everyone’s finger of co-operation, we will fulfill Baba’s unlimited task.


In Baba’s yaad,



Click here for Donation Letter in PDF format.


Click here for Instructions in MS Word format.






Love and remembrance from Dadi Jankiji (Sterling Hospital, Ahmedabad) - 10th February

10 February 2020

What has sweet Baba made us into from what we were with om shanti!  Generally, I say “Om shanti” three times.  Baba, You have made a garland around Your neck.  Night before last, I was feeling as though Baba was pulling me.  I said: Baba, it’s fine, I can come now.


Whoever has sent me love and remembrance, I happily accepted that with love.  Those who remembered me even a little, please give them my love-filled remembrance.  Last night, my health was not so good and today, I am sitting here.  It doesn’t matter, because Baba is also sitting here.  Who am I and who is mine?  Mine is wonderful Baba and we are the children of wonderful Baba.


Just as Baba has given me love through drishti and taught me how to smile naturally, in the same way, let everyone’s faces always be smiling.  Seeing my face, let everyone begin to smile.  Some say that I am a patient and seeing patience in the patient, they become happy.  I had thought that I would be able to go from here yesterday, but doctors have advised me to stay here a couple more days.  Sister Jayanti has also come here.  So, we shall have a deep and incognito exchange.  What will we talk about?  Service and self-progress.  Baba has made us belong to Him and taught us how to smile – we will see that scene.  Thank you.


Sister Jayanti: Seeing Dadi, we receive the inspirations that no matter what the condition of Dadi’s body is, Dadi’s churning of knowledge continues all the time.  Very good things of Baba continues to emerge from Dadi’s lips.  Dadi’s stage is beyond all these things here.  Dadi says: Drama is wonderful.  I also think wonderful Baba has created a wonderful Dadi.  We take so many inspirations from the Dadis and this Dadi is also in front of us, giving us inspirations all the time.


* * * O M   S H A N T I * * *






Love and remembrance from Dadi Jankiji (Sterling Hospital, Ahmedabad) - 9th February

9 February 2020

Om Shanti.   One om shanti is that I am detached from all bodily relations.

Second om shanti is that I have come in connection with Baba.

Third om shanti is for God’s love spreading in the world.

It is the wonder of spirituality, honesty and love.  He is making me do everything, and so everything is fine and good.  I don’t have to think about anything else.  

Today, I am here and who knows where I will be tomorrow.  Whatever Karankaravanhar Baba is making me do, Baba is pleased with me and I am pleased with Baba.  I understand what happiness is.  

Whatever Baba is making me do, if I the soul am doing just that, then I am very happy.  I have seen that the knowledge of the drama has given me a lot of happiness at every step.  

In the early days, when Baba was in Hyderabad, Sindh, Baba had two courtyards outside his home.  Yesterday, I remembered the scene when Baba gave me drishti and made me completely detached from the body.  That drishti made be become merged in the Father’s love.  I mustn’t think about why something happened the way it did.  After that, everything began to feel good and I experienced peace.  

Baba gives peace and we become peaceful.  It is wonderful.  He is the Almighty Authority, the One with all powers.  His power makes us light and detached from the body and we receive might.

Now, there is just this desire that sorrow and peacelessness is removed from the world and peace and happiness come.  Understand?  Let there be spiritual love for one another.  It is only with this spiritual love that the hopes and feelings that Baba has for us will be fulfilled.

Now, I am sitting in the hospital and I will be in the hospital for a couple more days.  The body is just instrumental, but I am seeing that wherever I set foot, there is an income earned.  Where was I yesterday, what am I today, where will I be tomorrow – only God knows!  This is my fortune.

Hansa tells me every day to send loving remembrance to all of you, and so I am meeting all of you in this way every day.

* * * O M   S H A N T I * * *


ओम शान्ति 09-02-2020 मधुबन 
दादी जानकी जी के दिल के उदगार  
(अहमदाबाद स्टरलिंग हास्पिटल से) 

ओम शान्ति। एक ओम शान्ति, मैं देह सम्बन्ध से न्यारी, दूसरा ओम शान्ति बाबा के कनेक्शन में आ गई, तीसरी ओम शान्ति, सारे विश्व में ईश्वरीय स्नेह फैले। उसमें रुहानियत, सच्चाई और प्रेम की कमाल है। वो करा रहा है, ठीक है, अच्छा है और कुछ सोचना नहीं है। आज हम यहाँ कल कहाँ होंगे? जो-जो करनकरावनहार बाबा करा रहा है, बाबा हमारे से खुश हम बाबा से खुश। खुशी क्या होती है, मैं समझती हूँ,  बाबा जो करा रहा है, अगर मैं आत्मा वही कर रही हूँ तो बहुत खुशी है। मैंने देखा है ड्रामा की नॉलेज ने हर कदम में बहुत सुख दिया है। बाबा पहले-पहले जब हैदराबाद सिंध में था तो बाबा के घर में दो आंगन थे। कल वो दृश्य सामने आ गया कि कैसे बाबा ने दृष्टि दी और देह से न्यारा बना दिया। उस दृष्टि ने ही बाप के प्यार में समा लिया। ऐसा क्यों हुआ मुझे यह ख्याल नहीं करना है। सिर्फ उसके बाद अच्छा लगने लगा, शान्ति का अनुभव हुआ। बाबा शक्ति देता है, हम शान्त हो जाते हैं। वण्डरफुल है। वो सर्वशक्तिवान है उनकी शक्ति लाइट शरीर से न्यारा बना देती है और माइट मिल जाती है।  

अब सिर्फ यही भावना है सारे विश्व से दुख अशान्ति चली चली जाय, सुख शान्ति आ जाये, समझा! हरेक का आपस में रुहानी स्नेह हो, इस रुहानी स्नेह से ही बाबा की जो हम बच्चों में जो भावनायें हैं वो पूरी होंगी।

अभी देखो हास्पिटल में बैठी हूँ, दो दिन हास्पिटल में और रहेंगे, शरीर का कारण निमित्त है, परन्तु मैं देख रही हूँ जहाँ कदम वहाँ कमाई है। कल कहाँ आज कहाँ, कल कहाँ होंगे वो भगवान जाने, यह हमारा भाग्य है।  

हंसा रोज कहती है दादी आप यहाँ से याद भेजो। इसलिए आप सबसे मिल रही हूँ। ओम शान्ति।  


* * * O M   S H A N T I * * *






Love and remembrance from Dadi Jankiji (from Sterling Hospital, Ahmedabad) Feb 8th

8 February 2020

Om shanti.  Om shanti.  Om shanti.  First “om shanti” I say to myself, then to Baba.  Now, whoever is sitting in front of me, in this environment, I am saying “om shanti” to you.  Where have I come now?  Look, I am now in the hospital and will have to stay here for a couple more days.  It is good.  Baba is keeping this soul in this body for one reason or another and making me move. 


We have to pay attention to all three – knowledge, yoga and dharna.  There is a lot of benefit in that. 


·       What is knowledge – for the mind to be manamanabhav. 

·       Yoga is none other belongs to I, the soul.

·       What is dharna?  - Attention – never having any tension about anything.


I am a unique soul, and I move along drawing Baba’s love and Baba is making me move.


O man, look at your face in the mirror of your heart.  (Song: Mukhda dekh le prani)The mirror is the knowledge that Baba has given us which is wonderful.  The mind is peaceful.  The intellect doesn’t wander anywhere, it is unshakable and immovable.  This has become a natural sanskar of the soul.  My deep desire is for each soul to naturally have knowledge of the soul.  With a connection with God, the soul receives light and might and everything becomes right.


Scholars and pundits say that they want peace of mind.  We cannot say this because we souls are embodiments of peace.  The mind is never mischievous or fluctuating and the intellect is clear with a connection with God.  This part is wonderful.  God, the Father, has made this soul an instrument and is making me do everything.  Why do I remember God?  Because I receive sakaash from Him.  I receive both sakaash and love. 


I have to create such a world where the mind is quiet and the body is serene (cool). (Traffic control song: Man ho shant, tan ho sheetal, aisi duniya banani hai).


* * * O M   S H A N T I * * *


Click here for Hindi version.





Love and remembrance from Dadi Janki (from Sterling Hospital, Ahmedabad) in English & Hindi

7 February 2020

Dadi Jankiji is presently being treated in Sterling Hospital, Ahmedabad, and has sent this message for the Brahmin family: 


To beloved BapDada's dearly loved children, the entire Brahmin family across the world, please accept love-filled remembrances.


Drama is wonderful. It's been so many years through this lifetime, and now the entire world knows that I am Janak Raja (Janak, the Sovereign)! It is a wonder that nature listens to its king. Why have they brought me to the hospital? It's the duty of the hospital to make us better, and so I am here.


I am happy here, sending love and remembrance to the world. It is a wonder of science too. Though the hospital is good, however the power of silence is no less. Baba has given each of us the understanding of the soul and the Supreme Soul, and we have to give this to the whole world. I am a soul - the mind, intellect and sanskars are all separate.  When we recognise this, then peace can prevail in the entire world.  When the mind and intellect have a good connection and relationship with the One, wonders can happen.  Wherever Baba has kept me, He will definitely make service happen.


Dadiji and Hansaben are sending lots and lots of love remembrance to everyone. The blessings of BapDada and good wishes of the entire Brahmin family will surely restore Dadiji's good health and bring her back to Madhuban very soon.


With loving remembrances,


B.K. Raju

On behalf of Dadi Janki.


दादी जानकी जी तरफ से यादप्यार
अहमदाबाद स्टरलिंग हास्पिटल

प्यारे बापदादा के अति स्नेहीसारे विश्व का ब्राह्मण परिवारसभी को बहुत-बहुत स्नेह भरी यादप्यार स्वीकार हो।  
वण्डरफुल ड्रामा हैसारी लाइफ में इतने साल हो गये अभी सारे विश्व में पता है हम जनक राजा हैं। प्रकृति राजा की सुनती हैयह वण्डर है। 
मुझे हास्पिटल में क्यों ले आयेहास्पिटल का काम है ठीक करना।

एक तरफ मैं यहाँ खुश हूँसारे विश्व को यादप्यार दे रही हूँ।  साइंस की भी कमाल हैभले हास्पिटल अच्छा है परन्तु 
साइलेन्स की शक्ति भी कम नहीं है। बाबा ने आत्मा कापरमात्मा का ज्ञान जो दिया है विश्व में हरेक को मिले।  मैं आत्मा हूँमनबुद्धि संस्कार सब अलग-अलग है। जब यह पहचान लेंतो सारे संसार में शान्ति हो जाये। मन बुद्धि से आत्मा का कनेक्शन और रिलेशन कमाल करेगा। 
बाबा हमको जहाँ भी रखा हैजरूर सेवा करायेगा।

ऐसे यादप्यार देते हुए दादी जी ने और हंसा बहन ने सभी को बहुत-बहुत याद दी है। सारे ब्राह्मण परिवार की शुभकामनायें बापदादा की दुआयेंदादी जी को शीघ्र ही स्वस्थ करके अपने मधुबन में ले आयेंगी।  


अच्छा सभी को बहुत-बहुत याद.....

दादी जानकी जी तरफ से



Message about Beloved Dadi Jankiji's health from BK Nirwair (5 Feb 2020)

6 February 2020

To our special family, dear Centre Coordinators and sisters and brothers of the BK divine family in Bharat and foreign lands, Please accept hearty Godly love and remembrances from Shantivan-Madhuban.


Our most respected Dadis join me in sharing best wishes for Shiv Jayanti celebrations and the unlimited service that will take place in the coming weeks.


Our beloved Dadi Jankiji had a very successful trip to her special and original service place: Pune, Maharashtra, at the end of January. 


For the past few days, Dadiji has experienced ill health due to intestinal obstruction. Hansaben has been consulting her doctor in Ahmedabad: the Physician and General Surgeon, Dr Ramnik Singh Bhalla, and accordingly, Dadiji traveled to Ahmedabad on 3 February evening so that Dr Bhalla could treat her in person. Within 24 hours, Dadiji has experienced benefit, and is being administered conservative treatment to relieve the obstruction as has been done in the past.


All other parameters are normal. Dadiji will surely return to Shantivan soon.


Dadiji and Hansaben extend their remembrances and best wishes for Maha Shivratri, and we, in turn, will continue to send our vibrations of love for Dadiji's recovery.


With Baba's love,

BK Nirwair  




Brahma Kumaris Murli Search Website

6 February 2020

Dear Centre Coordinators,


Om shanti.  We are pleased to announce that a website is available for all BK Students that enables everyone to search Avyakt Murlis and Sakar Murlis for key words and phrases; a kind of Google for murlis!


Previously, the website was only available for centres to access based on a password, but it is now fully open and no password is required.


The website can be accessed at 


The help button has some tips on how to search. Currently English, Spanish and Portuguese language Murlis are available.


We are sure everyone will enjoy this facility for study, research and service that Baba has provided. Please do share this information with your students.


In Baba’s yaad,





Symphony of Celestial Silence 12 - BK Centre Nadiad - 23 Feb- 5 Mar

6 February 2020

Dear Centre Co-ordinators,


An Intense Silence Retreat for BKs of all spiritual ages, called Symphony of Celestial Silence 12, will be held at the BK Centre in Nadiad (approx. 1 hour by car from Ahmedabad Airport) from 23 February to 5 March 2020.


This series of silence retreats explores the depth of karmateet silence and perfection for the restoration of the world's divine significance and the re-implementation of the original laws of perfection in the self and in satyugi science and technology....the aspect of avyakt love and unity among Baba s angels being the main tool to achieve this.  


This retreat is suitable for mature BK students of all spiritual ages, who have a deep interest in silence.


 Please ask students to register with Sis. Guddi directly on the email below by sending the attached FILLED registration form and they will receive more detailed information. In case a potential participant replies to point 27 with a YES, they should please send the filled registration form only with Sis. Guddi's previous OK.


They are welcome to register as soon as possible, latest before 12 February 2020.


Click here for the registration form.


In Baba’s yaad,

B.K. Guddi


Ph : 00 91 89 55 31 15 18, 00 91  96 94 34 77 20





Update on Accommodation for Group 9 – Arr 25-26 Feb – Dep 11-12 March

4 February 2020

Dear Centre Coordinators,

As there will be the 25th Anniversary Celebrations of Gyan Sarovar happening during the Group 9 dates, Double Foreigners cannot be accommodated in Gyan Sarovar between 25th February (the arrival date for this group) and 1st March.
We are therefore inviting Double Foreigners to stay in Pandav Bhavan during this time and to kindly understand that only dormitory accomodation can be offered and that it will be necessary to stay in dormitory rooms during this time
The Double Foreign Program will run in Pandav Bhavan for these days and continue in Gyan Sarovar after 2nd March. 
Those who cannot manage with dormitories, and require smaller rooms for health reasons or rooms for couples, can stay in Shantivan till 2nd March. Those who are Hindi speakers who wish to stay in Shantivan will be most welcome to stay there.


If any students wish to stay in Shantivan, then please have your Travel Coordinator mention this in the 'Comments' section on the DF Travel Database.
From 2nd to 4th March it will be possible for groups to start to shift to Gyan Sarovar. As the group is large, numbers and timings for shifting will be announced.  

Many thanks for your understanding with this change in accommodation arrangements, and we hope to take this opportunity to make this an extra powerful time for the group
In Baba’s yaad,




Reminder to register for the Self Compassion Retreat – 29 Feb to 2 March - for those 15 years and above in gyan 

20 January 2020

Warmest greetings,


We are writing to remind you about the Self Compassion Retreat for those 15 years and above in gyan


29 February (pm) & 1 - 2 March. Total of 2.5 Days in Gyan Sarovar.


As Baba's children we have the knowledge that our true nature is of compassion and love but we often still treat ourselves harshly. The Self-Compassion workshop includes experiential exercises which will help us to recognise how we are sometimes unkind and subtly violent towards ourselves and how we can learn to respond in a kinder and more compassionate way. This choice is done because we care about ourselves and realise that if we really want to motivate ourselves, love is more powerful than fear.  The emphasis is on building resources rather than addressing old wounds, and positive change occurs naturally as we develop our capacity to be kinder to ourselves. We have also heard that we shouldn’t give or take sorrow and this course will give us some practical skills on how to achieve this.


Maximum 30 participants Facilitator: Sarah Eagger, UK


It is important to attend the full two and a half day retreat 


Students who are interested in this retreat should register by email at


In Baba’s yaad,

DF Program Team




Angel of Shiva - New Mobile App for Android

6 January 2020

Dear International Family,

Many of you are familiar with Dr Sachin's wonderful early morning Madhuban classes held in Om Shanti Bhawan reception at 5 am (English) and 5:25 am (Hindi). Some of you are aware that he also has a website,,  that features those classes as well as others by Dr Sachin and many other brothers and sisters from India and abroad. Dr Sachin recently also launched a YouTube channel (

Now the further good news is that there's an app for Android users which you can download to your phone or tablet from

Whatever mode of access you choose, we hope you will enjoy the daily sustenance and wonderful churning available through these facilities.

The Angel of Shiva team






Important notification about OCI cardholders

3 January 2020

Dear Divine Brothers & Sisters, Om shanti.


Please see below about Overseas Citizen of India cardholders (OCI). This is the latest update from the Government of India on the validity of the OCI card when travelling to India.


Please arrange to circulate to all BK non-resident Indians around the globe.


In Godly sewadhari,

BK CA. Lalit





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