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About Brahma Kumaris Website Welcomes Your Input

18 January 2015

Dearest Sisters and Brothers -

Please accept loving greetings and all good wishes for this unfolding New Year. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the ongoing support for the About Brahma Kumaris website.  We hope that you will visit the site frequently and send us your thoughts and inspirations for any topics or issues you would us to cover.

We are pleased to say that a growing number of individuals are visiting the site.   Nearly two-thirds of the visitors are first-timers who want to know more 'About Brahma Kumaris' and are hopefully finding thoughtful and considered perspectives on the issues that bring them to the site.

We invite you to consider becoming a contributing author and we are happy to discuss your ideas for posting on the ABK site.  New articles appear regularly, and we hope that you will enjoy the different features that will be forthcoming in the months ahead.

With all good wishes of light and love,

The 'About Brahma Kumaris' (ABK) Editorial Team



Opportunity to Support the Mental Health & Well-being Department of the Global Hospital Trauma Centre

19 December 2014

Dear Divine Souls,

The activities of the Mental Health and Well Being Department of the Global Hospital Trauma Centre are in need of your support.

The Department is planning to have a biofeedback machine costing Rs.1.7 lakhs.

If any of you can support by forwarding this email or giving us contact of individuals and organisations who can provide funds, kindly let us know by email or through the following phone or address:

Radha Mohan Mehrotra Global Hospital Trauma Centre
Opp. Modern Insulator, Sirohi Road, Talhati , Abu Road _ 307510
Tele : (02974) 228600, 228601 Fax : (02974) 228570
Mob. 07792037935, 09413373410, 07688941416

You can find a report of our activities on the Health Field News page and can download the pdf and forward it to your friends and contacts. Thank you!



Request for Skilled Help from the Global Functioning Learning Initiatives Team

Posted on 27 May 2014

The GF Learning Initiatives Team (LIT) is focused on the development and vetting of new learning initiatives that can be used by CCs and Right Hands at all centres around the world. To date, LIT has been standardizing the quality and presentation of existing learning initiatives (for example the Foundation Course Syllabus, the Self Esteem Course, etc.). The fruit of their efforts is available in English to all NCs, CCs, Board Members and Right Hands on the Global Functioning website:

There are also vetted materials in German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian at

Many new courses and workshops are continually be created and offered all over the world, including Madhuban. To capture these and provide facilitator notes, Power-points, etc. so that they can be replicated anywhere, LIT is seeking help in a couple of different ways.

Additional Members for the Learning Initiatives Review Team

A Review Team member should have the following qualifications:

  1. A willingness to be involved
  2. Availability – on average, a couple of hours per week may be needed for this work
  3. The humility to ask for advice if unsure of something and to notify the Review Team Coordinator if they need more time
  4. A penchant for editing documents and vetting materials
  5. The sanskar of committing to and enjoying the completion of tasks
  6. Good command of the English language (or whatever language the documents are in)
  7. Good spelling skills and the willingness to use a spell checker.
  8. Good grammar skills, including punctuation
  9. Ability to communicate suggested changes in writing Desirable but not required:
  10. Professional education qualifications

Designer/ Formatting Technician for Facilitator Materials

The following qualifications are needed for applying good design and formatting to finalized, approved text (note that the first five qualifications are almost identical to those of a Review Team member):

  1. A willingness to be involved
  2. Availability – on average, several hours per week may be needed for this work
  3. The humility to ask for advice if unsure of something and to notify the Review Team Coordinator if they need more time
  4. A penchant for designing and formatting documents
  5. The sanskar of committing to and enjoying the completion of tasks
  6. Experience in using appropriate software to design and layout materials so they are visually beautiful and user friendly
  7. Ability to create and incorporate graphics
  8. Ability to animate Power-point presentations
  9. A sample of your previous work – please attach a digital version with your application.

If you have the above qualifications, please contact Br Marcelo (LIT Coordinator) at Please also include the following information: a) Years in gyan b) Center name: c) Center coordinator name Also, if you know any BK with these qualifications, please encourage her or him to contact Br. Marcelo.




About Brahma Kumaris Website

Posted on 7 January 2014

The Editorial Team warmly welcomes your inspirations for new topics for the website. You can submit them here.




Global Hospital Offers Eight Ways in Which You Can Support Its Work

Posted 30 December 2013

  1. Sponsor the treatment of a poor victim of trauma

  2. Sponsor eye surgery for a poor patient

  3. Sponsor the meals served to poor patients

  4. Sponsor the cost of a dialysis for a poor patient

  5. Sponsor the cost of nutritional support for a tuberculosis patient

  6. Sponsor the delivery charges of a poor pregnant woman

  7. Sponsor a screening programme to identify cleft lip/palate surgery beneficiaries

  8. Sponsor a screening programme for cataract surgery beneficiaries

Details can be found here.




Green Team Help Wanted

Posted: 18 December 2013

  1. Quite a few people have asked for guidelines for environment friendly management of the centres We have our policy, but this could be some clear and easy tips with pictures suitable for the worldwide BK community. It could be online or maybe even a booklet. Anyone out there who would like to take it on? A small group would be excellent.
  2. We are having a short Environment presentation with the RC's in March, anything you want to be addressed?

To offer your services or ideas, write to


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