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UN Calendar of Events for January and February

31 December 2017

Dear National Coordinators and Center Coordinators,

Greetings of love.


The beginning of the year is usually the time for introspection which allows for inner transformation on a deeper level. This provides a good foundation for the success of service at the UN. 

There are a few major UN conferences and observances in January and February which we would like you to be aware of and participate accordingly. These include the 56th Session for the Commission on Social Development, World Interfaith Harmony Week and 2018 Youth Essay Contest!


2018 Youth Essay Contest

Describe Your Spiritual Experiences Of Divine Love

Due to the overwhelming success of The Institute for Research on Unlimited Love’s first Youth Essay Contest in 2016, the Institute is pleased to announce a second essay competition for young people ages 13 to 15 and ages 16 to 19

In the first contest, the essay submitted by BK Maria Paula Cervera was given a mark of distinction with an “Honorable Mention” which she presented at the UN.


The Institute is an inter-spiritual non-profit public charity founded in 2001 in Cleveland, Ohio, and currently based in New York, with a worldwide reach. Dr. Stephen Post, Director of the Institute, is a friend of the BKs with whom we work closely on various projects. 

Please read details of the contest here: Institute for Unlimited Love.


We appreciate it if you kindly let us know of your interest to participate and if there are any submissions.


ECOSOC Youth Forum

The role of youth in building sustainable and resilient urban and rural communities

January 30 - 31

This annual two-day forum, held at the UN Headquarters in New York, is bringing together youths from all over the world, including BK youths! Look out for details in February Newsletter.


Commission for Social Development

January 28 - February 7

The SDG1 team of the BKs will once again be attending the UN 56th Session of the Commission for Social Development under the theme: Strategies for eradicating poverty to achieve sustainable development for all. 
You may read more about the Commission here


Love of God, Love of the Good, and Love of the Neighbor

February 1 - 7

The UN General Assembly is encouraging members of all communities to support this week by spreading the message of interfaith harmony and goodwill in the world’s churches, mosques, synagogues, temples and other places of worship, on a voluntary basis and according to their own religious traditions or convictions.


Each BK center is encouraged to have at least one conversation and to invite faith-based people to talk about this universal concept of love as is understood by the different faiths.

As usual, we appreciate receiving your brief reports and photographs.


UN International Observances Celebrated by the Brahma Kumaris

International Days

Kindly make a special note of these dates so that events can be organized to celebrate or honor them. As usual, we appreciate a brief report and photos for the facebook page and the blog

You are welcome to browse this website for updates on themes and other information and international days you may wish to observe.


February 11 International Day for Women and Girls in Science 
March 8 International Women's Day 
March 20 International Day of Happiness 
April 7 World Health Day 
April 22 International Earth Day 
May 15 International Day of Families 
June 5 World Environment Day 
June 21 International Day of Yoga 
August 12 International Youth Day 
August 19 World Humanitarian Day 
September 21 International Day of Peace 
October 1 International Day of Older Persons 
October 2 International Day of Non-violence 
November 16 International Day of Tolerance 
November 18 World Day of Remebrance for Road Traffic Victims 
December 10 Human Rights Day


International Weeks:

February 1 - 7 World Interfaith Harmony Week 
May 4 - 10 UN Global Road Safety Week



New Year Message for 2018 from Brahma Kumaris UN Office

28 December 2017

Dear National Coordinators and Center Coordinators,

Greetings of peace.


We are standing at the brink of the New Year, aware of the past, the present and the future. There is no need for us to dwell on the past or to have desires for the future. 

All of the possibilities for the future dwell in the seed of this moment.


The hope of the world lives in each of us. So in this moment of promise, forgive yourself and forgive others. Live in peace and be at peace with others.

Fill your heart with happiness and share happiness. Reconnect with the Supreme Source of peace, love and happiness, and make your life a constant light for humanity.


With love at the New Year, 
BK Janki



November - December 2017 Newsletter

24 December 2017

Dear National Coordinators and Center Coordinators,

Greetings of love.


The end of the year is an exciting time for the BKUN community as we become busy with, not only the holiday season, but also participating in the annual Climate Change conference, which took place in Germany this year, Road Safety, Human Rights Celebrations, and the UN Environment Assembly. We extend a warm invitation for you to read news about these events.

Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC addressing the opening ceremony


India One poster on a bus stop in Bonn


Climate Change Conference

Bonn, Germany, November 6 - 17, 2017

A delegation of about 15 plus 6 youths represented the Brahma Kumaris at the 23rd. Conference of Parties, COP23, on Climate Change. Learn more: 

In Raipur


From Global Remembrance to Global Action across the Decade 
Sunday, November 19

UN World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims was observed by various BK centers to extend our compassion to the victims of road traffic accidents and also their bereaved families. This was done through exhibitions and talks raising awareness of road safety, and through meditation. Events were reported from Mauritius, Spain, Borivali-Mumbai, Vasai, Raipur, Delhi, Narnaul and Etawah - UP.

Please read report from Mauritius

Gathering at Narnaul offering prayers and silent meditation


United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)

Towards a pollution free planet


November 27 - December 6

The Brahma Kumaris, holder of observer status with United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) of UNEP since 2014, were represented by BKs Pratibha and Dorcus at the third session of the UNEA that took place in Nairobi from 4 – 6th December 2017. It was opened by Mr Edgar Gutierrez Espeleta, President of the Environment Assembly. The deliberations resulted in 11 adopted resolutions. Read full report

Srs. Pratibha and Dorcus with the Indian High Commissioner

BK Pratibha presenting Literature to the ED, Mr. Erik Solheim


Let’s stand up for equality, justice and human dignity 
Monday, December 11

The Brahma Kumaris attended the UN Human Rights Day event as they celebrated its 70th. anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by launching a year-long campaign The highlight of this event was the actress, Susan Marie Frontczak acting as Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, who played the lead role in the preparation of the Human Rights Universal Declaration. Read more.

New beginnings at BKUN, NY

The new office space is now completed and the first small gathering of 12 was held on Thursday, December 14 for some of our close friends from the wider UN circle. Part of the evening's activities was to write wishes for the world on stars which were hung on the Wishing Tree. This was followed by a powerful 20 minutes of meditation.

Weekly meditation is ongoing with a small, but lovely group of spiritual-minded friends.

The Wishing Tree



News of Inauguration of Baba's UN Space

10 November 2017

Dear National Coordinators and Center Coordinators,

Greetings of love from Baba's transformed space at the United Nations.


On Thursday November 2, 2017 Sister Mohini, together with the New York area Instruments, inaugurated the new and extended BKUN space that was being renovated this past year.


It has been due to many peoples cooperation that we now have this beautiful place from which to serve. The aim was to create a space of peace, harmony, and simplicity into which the UN community is invited and can take direct benefit as they look at the spiritual perspective of global concerns and experience themselves to be spiritual beings. Up until now we have been going out into the UN arena and now we would also like to invite souls into God's home. It is a small space and so we furnished it with modern furniture that could transform into different uses to create different scenarios for dialogues, presentations and meditation.


We were very happy to have Sister Mohini offer bhog to Baba.


Here are a few excerpts from Baba's beautiful message:

Baba said "all the plans are approved first in the subtle region and then here, so you all think you have planed or you have copied the plan? . . . . for God’s task, the plan is up there, and from that plan as much as you are able to catch that much you are able to implement".


"The Yagya is sustained drop by drop so service also happens one by one, one by one. It is not that masses will come but those who are served will serve the masses. Who so-ever is served, even if one light is ignited, how many in darkness are able to see through that light".


"You will see that those who come here, and not only here, but all instruments at present has to keep in mind that I have to kindle, I have to ignite; hope, courage, love all these qualities into someone. So it’s not igniting a candle like this but igniting the spirit of these qualities."


"Baba is always with all of you, you carry Baba’s task and Baba carries you! These were his last words. You carry Baba’s task and I carry you".


Click here for more images


With much love.

Sister Mohini and the BKUN team



Information for November 19 and UN Calendar Dates 2018

8 November 2017

Dear National Coordinators and Center Coordinators,

Greetings of love.


Please see below detailed information on the observance of World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims to be held on Sunday, November 19. As this coincides with World Meditation Hour, it is suggested that the hour, 6:30pm - 7:30pm, be dedicated this. 

Also, there is a list of dates for UN Observances in 2018. Kindly mark your calendars.

From Global Remembrance to Global Action:

2020 Target: reduce road fatalities AND serious injuries by 50%

Let’s make 2011-2020 a Decade to remember! 

Official Link


BK Approach and Message:

At the Brahma Kumaris, we understand that ‘Actions’ for Road Safety need to be empowered by elevated ‘Awareness’. Awareness could be understood here, as a state where the mind is in the present moment, aware of the inside and outside worlds and hence there is clarity, calmness and control. We are helping people become aware of the value of their lives, the methods to enhance concentration and be calm whilst travelling/ driving, the significance of rules and our potential of creating safer road journeys. While we take action for a safer future, let us also remember the lives of lovely people lost in road crashes. 


Thoughts and feelings are the fundamental level of communication among human beings. They are subtle ultra-vibrations that touch other beings and constantly influence matter too. Our loved ones who have passed away in road accidents leaving their current body and role, are now on a new journey. In a state of inner calm, we can feel their eternal presence and give them the best gift of vibrations of peace, love, courage and positivity. Those who have been injured in road accidents and face physical challenges, also need the support of our vibrations of hope and courage. The survivors, victims and their families, all will be benefited by this support from their world family.


Useful Links:

It is our endeavor to practice Spiritual Life-Skills and inspire one and all to join us on this journey towards a safer world. Some Spiritual Life-Skills and few global facts are illustrated here


The previously created BK WDR resources which may be useful are available here

Official Website


We appreciate it if you share with us information of the program along with pictures.

Calendar Dates of UN Observances 2018

These dates are the same annually. The themes for each year may vary, therefore we suggest you check the UN website about a month before for updates. BKUN Office will also continue to send out notices to the entire network periodically.


January 27 International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust 
February 1 -7 World Interfaith Harmony Week 
March 8 International Women's Day 
March 20 International Day of Happiness 
April 7 World Health Day 
April 22 International Mother Earth Day 
May 8 - 14 Global Road Safety Week 
May 15 International Day of Families 
June 5 World Environment Day 
June 8 World Oceans Day 
June 21 International Day of Yoga 
August 12 International Youth Day 
September 21 International Day of Peace 
October 2 International Day of Non-violence 
October 17 International Day of the Eradication of Poverty 
November 16 International Day of Tolerance 
Third Sunday in Nov. World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims 
December 3 International Day for Persons with Disabilities 
December 10 Human Rights Day


There are many other days and weeks that are observed. You are welcome to visit the UN website and participate in what you can. We also encourage you to send in your reports and photos.



UN November-December Calendar of Events

8 November 2017

Dear National Coordinators and Center Coordinators,

Greetings of love.


There a few UN Observances in November and December which the Brahma Kumaris participate in. Kindly take a moment to read the calendar of events below. We encourage you to use these opportunities to share the message of peace, love, and respect within your communities. As always, we appreciate it if you send a brief report along with photographs.


International Day of Tolerance

Thursday, November 16

The International Day for Tolerance is a time for people to learn about respecting and recognizing the rights and beliefs of others. Live discussions and workshops take place across the world on this day, focusing on how various forms of injustice, oppression, racism and unfair discrimination have a negative impact on society. This also serves as a time for reflection and discussion on the positive effects of tolerance and how this can be strengthened. 

Read more


You are encouraged to arrange events in your local area, in partnerships or otherwise, around this theme. 
We look forward to receiving news in writing and photos.


World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims

From Global Remembrance to Global Action across the Decade

Sunday, November 19

"The World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims (WDR) is observed on the third Sunday of November each year by an increasing number of countries on every continent around the world. This day is dedicated to remembering the many millions killed or injured in road crashes and their families and communities, as well as to pay tribute to the dedicated emergency crews, police and medical professionals who daily deal with the traumatic aftermath of road death and injury. Why is there a need for this day?"


World Meditation Hour is a perfect time to serve these souls. You are welcome to organize a program having official personnel and/or family members of victims share their stories. You will also be receiving an E-notice with more details shortly. 

We look forward to receiving your reports, with photographs.

Human Rights Day

Let’s stand up for equality, justice and human dignity

Sunday, December 10

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2018 and is having a year-long campaign to highlight the importance and necessity of upholding human dignity. 

Kindly use this opportunity to have events that raise awareness and uplift the inner dignity of the soul. 


Secretary General's message


Do send your brief reports along with photos.


Other UN Observances

You are welcome to participate in local events around other UN Observances:

  • 20 November - Universal Children’s Day
  • 25 November - International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
  • 3 December - International Day of Persons with Disabilities
  • 18 December - International Migrants Day



September - October UN Newsletter

4 November 2017

Dear National Coordinators and Center Coordinators,

Greetings of love.


September ushers in the changing of seasons and also the busiest time at the UN - the annual General Assembly. We extend a warm invitation for you to read news about the world of the BKs at the UN during September and October.


The Chapel of the UN Church Center

Friday, September 15

The International Day of Yoga Committee to the UN organized a beautiful event to honor this day. BK Gayatri shared an inspiring message on peace and asked everyone to exchange colorful wrist bands that had virtues written on them. Blanche taught us the importance of being in the now. Thalia then accented the afternoon with her lovely song and harp music. The event closed with an inspiring meditation by Buddhist Meditation teacher.

BK Gayatri sharing a message on Peace


Around the world

In Jaffna, Sri Lanka, The International Day of Peace was observed in the presence of BK Dr.Nirmala. This city had gone through a civil war of three decades and the participants were mainly refugees and closest relatives of migrants of war. Read full report


In Malaysia, the celebration was very special as the Rohingya sect was acknowledged and their voices heard. Representative of the United Nations graced the occasion. Read more.

Rohingyas performing in Malaysia                                         Sri Lanka


Friday, September 29

“Nonviolence is not a garment to be put on and off at will. Its seat is in the heart, and it must be an inseparable part of our being” – Mahatma Gandhi.


The Brahma Kumaris participated in the International Day of Non-violence celebrations held at the UN, Geneva. Read more


Sunday, October 2

UNHQ, NY opened the celebration of this memorable day with a minute of silence dedicated to all those who suffered the mass violence that took place in Las Vegas the night before. The newly appointed President of the 72nd General Assembly, H.E. Mr. Miroslav Lajčák, reminded us of how Gandhiji's method of non-violence continues to be an inspiration for us and the world at large, 70 years later, with the hope that this message is shared with individuals more and more.

Geneva                                                                                  UNHQ, NY


Ongoing at BKUN, NY

Weekly meditation is ongoing with a small, but lovely group of spiritual-minded friends. 
The new office space is almost completed and will be sharing with you plans for its use in the upcoming newsletters. This time of year also brings many visitors from across the world to New York, so the new space is being filled with the beautiful energy of 'international' love, light, peace, and power!



Sister Jayanti's Visit to Geneva and Report on a 25th September United Nations Panel Event on "Climate Change, the Extractive Industry and Human Dignity: Ethical Perspectives"

29 September 2017

Greetings of love from Geneva.


It was our good fortune to have Jayanti Bhen with us for 2 days.

She spoke at a panel we had organized here with the Franciscans, the World Council of churches and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.


On the evening of the 25th, she also gave a powerful talk on True Love. And on the morning of the 26th, she met with the class in the early morning after which she went to meet with some new friends from the World Economic Forum in Cologne.


In the afternoon she met with some young people working with the theater of transformation and recorded a session with them. Here is the link if you want to see the dialogue



In the attachment, you will find a small report for the UN Panel.


With much love, 

in Baba's sweet yaad

Valériane Bernard

Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University UN Representative


PDF format of the report.



BKs at the UN: International Day of Peace 2017 is just few weeks Away!

30 August 2017

2017 International Day of Peace

Dear National and Center Coordinators, 
greetings of love.


The International Day of Peace is just a few weeks away. The theme for this year's celebration is in keeping with the Together CampaignTogether for Peace: Respect, Safety & Dignity for All, with specific focus on migrants and refugees.


Kindly read below the variety of information sent from the International Day of Peace NGO Committee to the UN, of which the BKs are a part, on how this year's celebration can be observed. As the virtue of peace is the original nature of all souls, and the International Day of Peace is widely observed by our BK centers annually, we encourage you to discuss among yourselves ways in which you can participate in bringing in the spiritual perspective of what the theme represents.


Here's a great opportunity for you to open your creative wings wide! And have fun.


Also, we appreciate it if you post your event by clicking on the UN global link, also provided below, and we look forward to receiving your reports, as usual.


UN Academic Impact sent this guidance note to 3,600 academic subscribers around the world.



True peace requires building bridges, combating discrimination, standing up for #HumanRights- #UNSG @antonioguterres #PeaceDay #JoinTogether





Proclamations for the International Day of Peace

Citizen groups have succeeded in getting official proclamations declaring declare observances of the International Day of Peace in their States.


Peace Day Philly obtained a beautiful resolution from the Pennsylvania legislature "Recognizing September 21, 2017, as "International Day of Peace; expressing support of its ideals and principles; and encouraging Pennsylvanians to meaninfully engage at this worldwide event."


Students at South School Holbrook assisted in passing a bill through Massachusetts State government in 2016 declaring 21st September as the International Day of Peace in Massachusetts.


Does your State, County or Town in your country recognize the International Day of Peace?


Two Animated Videos Illustrate "Together for Peace"

The United Nations Department of Public Information Education Outreach Section has launched two animated videos to support the Together initiative. See them HERE


"Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All"


The theme honours the spirit of TOGETHER, a global initiative that promotes respect, safety and dignity for everyone forced to flee their homes in search of a better life. TOGETHER unites the organizations of the United Nations System, the 193 Member States of the United Nations, the private sector, civil society, academic institutions and individual citizens in a global partnership in support of diversity, non-discrimination and acceptance of refugees and migrants. It was initiated during the United Nations Summit for Refugees and Migrants on 19 September 2016.


“In times of insecurity, communities that look different become convenient scapegoats,” said United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres. “We must resist cynical efforts to divide communities and portray neighbours as ‘the other’. Discrimination diminishes us all. It prevents people — and societies — from achieving their full potential.” He added, “Together, let us stand up against bigotry and for human rights. Together, let us build bridges. Together, let us transform fear into hope.”


Download the IDP poster at www.un.org/peaceday


What are your plans to observe the 2017 International Day of Peace?

Post your IDP plans by clicking here

    Take part in 11 days of Global Unity, leading up to the International Day of Peace.

    Play the Global Unity Games/Building Bridges, starting on Sept. 9 and culminating on World Peace Weekend, Sept. 23-24, organized by the Compassion Games and Unitfy

    Have your classroom fold and exchange Peace Cranes

    Post all of your events building a culture of peace on the Global Unity Calendar at http://globalunitycalendar.org

    Plan to observe a Minute of Silence at 12 noon on September 21




News about the World of BKs at the UN During the Last Two Months

30 August 2017

Dear National Coordinators and Center Coordinators,

Greetings of love.


We extend a warm invitation for you to read

news about the world of the BKs at the UN during the last two months.


At the UNHQ

Tuesday, August 1, 10:00am - 6:00pm


This was a daylong event designed to raise awareness on the inter-generational dependency in implementing the SDG’s. Youth and the old are assets and are valuable to making the commitment of UN “leave no one behind” a reality. Both groups are at risk and hence this was an opportunity to listen to the voices of the young and the elderly, and actively participate. A BK delegation of three attended this meaningful event: BK Kinnari Murthy, BK Juan Miller, and BK Sabita Geer. Read more.

BK Delegation

With Ms. Binalakshmi of Manipur


Youth Building Peace

Friday, August 11


The theme for this year's observance was 'Youth Building Peace' in which there were two panel discussions - 'Youth-led Peace-building and Violent Prevention' and 'Youth Sustaining Peace and Reconciliation.' Read more.


High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development


This year’s theme for the HLPF 2017 is "Eradicating poverty and promoting prosperity in a changing world." Plan International – Brazil organized a side event on the topic “Tackling child poverty in Brazil: a multi-factor agenda to leave no-one behind.” Read more. 

More about the work of this forum can be found on their website.

Opening of the Ministerial Session in CR 4, UNHQ

Secretary General addressing the Gathering


Ongoing at BKUN, NY


Weekly meditation is ongoing with a small, but lovely group of spiritual-minded friends. 
The new office space is almost completed and will be sharing with you plans for its use in the upcoming newsletters. This time of year also brings many visitors from across the world to New York, so the new space is being filled with the beautiful energy of 'international' love, light, peace, and power!



UN Newsletter for June

2 August 2017

Dear National Coordinators and Center Coordinators,


Greetings of love.


We extend a warm invitation for you to read about the wonderful service that was done for International Day of Yoga and other UN International Days.


At the UNHQ

Wednesday, June 21, 10:00am - 1:00pm 
On the occasion of the 3rd International Day of Yoga, the Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations in association with the World Health Organization and the Department of Public Information, United Nations, hosted a special conversation with Yoga Masters entitled ‘Yoga for Health.’ 

The Brahma Kumaris had an international delegation of 7: BK Karuna (Madhuban), BK Hemlata Sanghi (Trinidad), BKs Julia Grindon-Welch, Sabita Geer, Madhavi Patale and Rona Schweitz of New York, and BK Shashank Mittal (India). Read more.

Dr. Nata Menabde, Exective Director, WHO, NY addressing the audience

Denise Scotto, Julia Grindon-Welch and friends with Keith Mitchell, NFL player


Yoga and BKUN

Yoga: The Ultimate Connection 
Thursday, June 22

The Brahma Kumaris at the United Nations and the International Day of Yoga Committee at the UN (IDYC at the UN) hosted a program on June 22 titled Yoga: The Ultimate Connection. The highlight of the event was the conversation between BK Shivani and Dr. Bruce Lipton, Biologist Scientist, with Denise Scotto, Chair of the IDYC at the UN, as moderator . The evening was accented by the beautiful singing of Paul Luftenegger and interpretive dance by Elizabeth Karmooch and Yuritzi Govea. Read more.


Yoga Events Globally

The BKUN, NY was invited to speak at two programs: at the annual yoga festival organized by the World Yoga Community on the topic Yoga and the SDGs, and at the Asamai Temple hosted by the Hindu Swayamsevak Society on the theme, Raja Yoga in Daily Life. Read summary


Only a few reports from events that took place around the world were received. You are welcome to read more. 
More can be found on the onelink website.


BK Sabita, BK Shashank, Ms. Scotto, BK Julia, BK Madhavi, Guru Dileepji

BK Sabita speaking on Yoga and the SDGs


UN International Days

Radio Madhuban observed Child Labor Day, No Tobacco Day, and World Day for Cultural Diversity by raising the awareness of residents of rural India on the importance of education, human rights and values in our lives. 

Read more 

Special events to celebrate International Day of Yoga and Father's Day were part of the services done in these areas. More


Residents sharing on Cultural Diversity

Participants on Child Labor Day




Eradicating Poverty by 2030 - UN Sustainable Development Goal No.1

31 July 2017


Dear Divine Brothers/ Sisters,


Greetings of Peace and Well Wishes from the BK United Nations team!


The team has committed to work towards one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) 2030, SDG 1: No Poverty - End Poverty in All It's Forms Everywhere. As a part of this global goal, we aim at sensitizing people and eradicating poverty through spirituality. The team has planned to launch an app in November 2017 which is user-friendly and will serve the purpose of:


    Evidence building

    Get better acquainted with the happenings in our centers globally

    Ease our process of entering into collaborations

    Offer User-friendly spiritual experience


To build content for this app, we request your center/ wing to provide us with details of your services that pertain to the Goal of No Poverty.


We appreciate it if you help us in connecting with a regional coordinator or a soul who can proactively share detailed information about the activities relating to poverty and upliftment of society in their respective regions by July, 31 2017.


Information needed: 
Name of the contact person: 
Email ID: 

To enter specific details about the projects please use the link



Your timely help will give sincere impetus to the goal of eradicating poverty! 

If you have any questions please contact sdg1@un.brahmakumaris.org


Thank you and warm regards, 
In Godly Service, 
BK Gayatri and the No Poverty Team



May 2017 Newsletter

18 July 2017

Dear National Coordinators and Center Coordinators,


Greetings of love.


We extend a warm invitation for you to read about the wonderful service that was done during the month of May. Please see below news about Road Safety Week, the Culture of Peace events at the UN, and observances of the UN International Days.


The UN Road Safety Collaboration announced that the Fourth UN Global Road Safety Week was held from 8-14 May 2017. The Week focused on increasing the understanding of the dangers of speed and generate action on measures to address speed, a key risk factor for road traffic deaths and injuries. Speed contributes to around one-third of all fatal road traffic crashes in high-income countries, and up to half in low- and middle-income countries. The Brahma Kumaris organized events in many parts of the world to support this week. You may read more.


Yoga and the UN Culture of Peace


Celebrate Earth: Sustainable Living, Meditation and Yoga


Yoga and the UN Culture of Peace annual program was extra special this year as the Brahma Kumaris was invited to speak on the panel. The event was held in the ECOSOC Chambers of the United Nations Headquarters.


Read summary


View pictures and presentation


Ms. Ganpat, BK Julia and Ms. D. Scotto


K Julia with Yogmata


UN International Days    Radio Madhuban observed Mother’s Day on 14th May and the International Day of Families on 15th May in Abu, Rajasthan. Village outreach events were organized to celebrate motherhood and the spirit of love and care. 

Radio Madhuban also observed World Malaria Day, World Day for Safety and Health at Work. Read more

Kids narrating a skit raising awareness on malaria


World Families Day



Reminder: Spiritual Selfie Videos for the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

19 June 2017


Dear Centre Coordinators,


Spiritual Self Videos for the SDGs


Greetings. This is a reminder about our project for the BK contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


As a contribution of the Brahma Kumaris to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we would like you to 'film-selfie' yourselves for 3 to 5 minutes maximum on your (smart) phone to describe, with your own words, your spiritual experience of going through a situation related to one of these 17 goals.


Special thanks to the wonderful souls from Mauritius, Finland, Costa Rica, Columbia, India, Nigeria, USA and Germany who have filmed their personal experiences of a spiritual approach to the SDGs on their smartphone and sent their inspirational video-selfies. 


In these times of uncertainty it is particularly important to offer a message of hope and spirituality to the UN and to the world. 


Through our extensive network and our unique experience, we can bring a valuable contribution to show that a sustainable world starts with personal development, education and health.  It is important to have self-respect, creativity, higher goals, empathy, generosity, compassion, a simple and balanced way of life and to protect nature in all its forms.


We as BKs can underline the importance of genuine elevated wishes and powerful thoughts and their positive impact in practical life. We can highlight the importance of adding a spiritual dimension to life and how it complements any physical means of sustainability.


BapDada often asks us to give the world a proof of our knowledge and lifestyle through the power of experience. Now is the time! And we need your cooperation.


Your Life Changing Experience will be offered to the new UN Secretary General as the contribution of the Brahma Kumaris to the Sustainable Development Goals.


Please send us any relevant spiritual experience related to one of the 17 goals at the following address:



Or drop them on the Google Drive or DropBox of the same address.


You may also wish to visit the UN website to know more about the 17 goals and their targets at:https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/?menu=1300


Also please remember to hold your smartphone close and horizontal. Close-ups are better for sound quality and make sure you have enough light.


BK Valeriane and Benoit



On behalf of Dadi Gulzar and Sr Mohini, Sr Bhumika accepts Bharat Gaurav Awards for outstanding service to humanity

13 June 2017

Om Shanti Divine Family,


Br Narayanan from Harmony House lent me his $500+ camera which I managed to learn in a few minutes in an elementary way and, at Sr Mohini's request, played the part of the photographer at the Bharata Gaurav Awards program held at the UNO in NYC  on Friday, June 9th. As Sr Mohini was unable to attend, Sr Bhumika graciously accepted the awards that were to be given to both Dadi Gulzar and Sr Mohini for their outstanding contributions for world service to humanity. 


The first few shots (in the linked album) are my practice shots at Harmony House and on the journey to the city. There were many photographers and others taking selfies so had to do a lot of nimble dodging about and it was great fun to see how they were all enjoying the presentations and being photographed. 


It was a loving and lively program with many smiles and much happiness of the many participants who were royally served by adorning their heads with lovely turbans of the colors of India, several beautiful plaques of various sizes with their photographs congratulating them on their spiritual contributions for enhancing positive change in the world, a published book of color photos of their previous five annual programs and many felicitations by prominent keynote speakers..  A vegetarian lunch was served and the program concluded about3 pm. 


Many souls were served with invitations for Awakening programs and were most happy to meet and greet Sr Bhumika and myself and extend their congratulations to the Brahma Kumaris.


Please enjoy the full album of photos by clicking on the photo below.


In Godly service,

Sr Chirya




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