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Happy Diwali Greetings from Sudesh Didi

12 November 2015

Happy Diwali, Happy New World

It is the time  to see everywhere lights  shinning.  It reminds  us 

to be aware of our inner light, which is ignited by 

the Supreme Light, the Supreme Soul.

 On Diwali people buy  new clothes, new pots and jewellery, at the confluence  age the  Supreme Light has  given us  the costume of light, of  being an  angel  and through  us shines  the light of love, peace, purity, happiness and benevolence. May this light constantly lit,  because the  new  world, the golden age, is waitingto welcome the  living  lights, where  there  is  purity,  peace,  prosperity and happiness  for  ever.   Then  we  celebrate   the  real  Diwali,  the coronation of Shri Lakshmi and Shri Narayan, that  is perfection. It is achieved through the  light of  spirituality,  purity,  divinity, royalty and dignity. Baba is  making our vessel, our intellect clean and pure and we wear the jewellery  of divine virtues and powers.

                    Once again happy Diwali, happy new year

                     Didi Sudesh and the family in Germany


Diwali Greetings from Sister Jayanti

12 November 2015



This Year's Annual Play at GCH: The Most Extraordinary Toymaster of Wondariya

12 November 2015



Diwali Public Program at Harmony House Leicester on 7th November

12 November 2015



Diwali on Trafalgar Square

14 October 2015

Diwali came early to Londoners this year, due to the availability of Trafalgar Square….yet it was a wonderful way to lighten the path for Diwali coming up in the next month.  Mr Nitin Palan, founding Member of the Diwali in London committee led a  oone minute's silence to honour all the departed souls before the main event on stage began.
This year's festival on The Square was truly that….a festival of many different activities as well as the main stage dances and celebrations.  The weather was sunny and spirits were high and crowds were huge throughout the afternoon.  There were between 40-50,000 people who came throughout the afternoon.
There was a fabulous parade that entered the Square to start the proceedings.  A group of children who were re-enacting the story of the return of Lord Rama had danced and sung from London's Royal Festival Hall to Trafalgar Square and finished with a beautiful dance on the North Terrace of the Square. As this finished the Garba got going and many gently joined in, swelling the circle to fill the central square.  The celebration had begun..
On the video screen before the opening ceremony Sister Jayanti's video message on behalf of the Brahma Kumaris was shown along with messages from some of the other Diwali in London organisations' spiritual leaders.  To open the afternoon Nil Kumar, along with Sister Jaymini of the BK's, welcomed the invited guests on stage and there were welcome speeches by Mr Roger Evans, Statutory Deputy Mayor of London, as well as a video message from the Mayor of London, Mr Boris Johnson;  Mr MP Singh, First Secretary, Indian High Commission; Mr Jiji Thomson, Chief Secretary of Kerala; Mr Neeraj Dhingra, CEO of Zee Network Europe and Neil Basu, Metropolitan Police Hindu Association.  Trustees from the Diwali in London member organisations, all present on stage too, stepped forward to light a candle and joined the official launch. BK Sanjay Tulsidas was representing Brahma Kumaris (UK).
For the next five hours the Square was filled with live music and dance from a wide range of Indian cultural groups and dance academies performing classical to Bollywood with great energy and enthusiasm.  This year there was the new participation by groups from Kerala living in London, including a group of 35 Karalan drummers.  There was fusion of many different styles too.  After the community acts Zee TV's MC's took over and well known Bollywood artist, Karan.  took the crowd up by creating lots of interaction with them. With ‘the World as My family' theme there were medley's and accompanying dancing from Absolute Bollywood and Neera, a Spanish performer of Bollywood and Indian Classical Dance.  But most of all it was the colour, movement and positive sounds of celebration that the large crowds in the Square enjoyed. 
There were over 20 food stalls selling a whole range of vegetarian dishes as well as stalls up on the North Terrace, including a Diwali Zone and the traditional Sari-wearing activity that is always a bit hit with the London crowd.
This year there were added activities in marquees to one side of the main stage and this included a dance marquee, where performing artists from the stage came and shared their moves with packed audiences.  Here there was also a children's area, henna painting stall and an army museum and for the first time a meditation/yoga marquee.  This was decorated beautifully by BK's with Shiv Baba's picture hung centrally, and  a schedule of meditation sessions ran throughout the afternoon.  BK's conducted two sessions on ‘healing the inner being' and ‘connecting with The Divine'.
The event finished as night closed in,  with a wonderful Arti  of devotional songs which really uplifted the crowd, who were all holding small lit divas….creating a sea of lights in the dark ….and no-one wanted it to end…


"The Secret of Success in Your Life Though Power" with Suryabhai of Madhuban

5 October 2015 - Global Cooperation House, London

Suryabhai was interviewed by Shashinbhai of London. There were over 450 people in the audience and quite a few coming to a public programme for the first time at GCH.
Please see below points arising from their conversation that investigated how we can harness our thoughts, make them powerful and live energetically and with a quiet mind….
  1. We all have two powers - the mind and intellect. With both these powers are life continues. We continuously create thoughts and the intellect has the power of wisdom to discern our thoughts.
  2. Our aim in Raj Yoga is to refine the intellect.
  3. We see youth today following higher education yet their creative and active power is blocked due to such stress and pressure of competition.
  4. The mind can become very powerful and it is where we get our active energy from so we need to focus on accumulating power here by creating powerful thoughts. No-one really understands this even though psychology refers to the power of positive thinking a little.
  5. Medicine is for the brain, not the mind.
  6. If I am thinking negatively the mind is weakened and continues to lose power, even though the speed of thoughts speeds up. For example, whenever we are angry our mind becomes tired and our power of concentration lessens.
  7. We create thoughts all the time and there is a constant flow of thoughts in the minds of human beings.
  8. We need to make our mind and intellect our very good friends.
  9. What is the connection between mind and intellect? Again generally psychologists and doctors cannot differentiate between the two. The brain is in the body and the mind and intellect are the subtle powers of the soul.
  10. We are aware that we are a soul and we live in the body. The brain is like a computer. The mind and intellect operate the brain. We have to energise our mind and intellect which in turn energises the brain.
  11. The brain is formed in the mother's womb as the body is created. The brain is then influenced by the mind. Because the mind has become weak the power of the brain becomes weak too. The pressure of study and parents doesn't help the mind strengthen. We have to energise our mind and intellect and thus our brain and then we will become healthy.
  12. Wisdom comes from within the soul and it is through experiment and experience that it develops. It doesn't just come from study. It also comes as a divine gift.
  13. If a weak mind creates problems then a powerful mind can create solutions.
  14. The basis of my life is that a duty is done happily and ‘dancing'.
  15. The Kitchens in Shantivan we can cook for 40,000 when there is a need and it always takes the same time because everyone cooks with happiness and total dedication, yet without pressure, so everyone enjoys themselves whilst doing. This also means there is accuracy and the right amount is cooked.
  16. A few years ago it was said there are 30,000 thoughts a day but now it has gone up to 70,000 because the speed of thought and life has increased in general. In a relaxed mind there are approx. 25 thoughts per minute but when the mind is anxious this can increase to 50-60. If we don't slow this time the mind is weakened.
  17. Raj Yoga is the method with which we can slow our thoughts down from 50- 10. The more and deeper we meditate we can quieten the mind and release more energy.
  18. As our thoughts slow down our inner power increases. We do not have to sit down to practise Raj Yoga, we can use the practise in actions to help keep the mind very quiet. We can experiment with this.
  19. Information overload destroys the power of thought. Again as I see the condition of young people, who are engaged with so much information I see also their wisdom is decreasing and their inner emptiness increasing.
  20. When you get up in the morning have such beautiful thoughts that the speed of your thinking reduces…there are so many beautiful methods in Raj Yoga. So sit alert and up right and practise the following thoughts at least 5 times a day and the storms of thoughts in the mind will finish and you will start loving life and stability will return, and you will be able to heal relationships
Focus your mind on where you would put a tilak and remind the self…..I am a sparkling light…..a point of energy……I am peaceful…….accept this thought…..peace is my nature…..through me the vibrations of peace are spreading all over……all around……I am a loving soul….filled with a lot of love……I am a pure being……child of God…..My supreme father who is the Ocean of love…..He is the Bestower of Happiness and I too will share love and happiness with others….my father is the Ocean of Peace……I the child of the Ocean of Peace is filled with Peace and this life is a golden gift from God…..This life is a golden gift and I can emerge happiness and bliss. I am a child of God. God is mine….God is mine….
  1. Our mind is jumpy and we do have negative thoughts so we need to transform these into positive. We can do this when we lead a life with certain principles.
  2. Moving with an easy-going nature frees us from waste. When we let go of expectation we can become bestowers.
  3. When there is the awareness that we are powerful then waste and negativity have no space to work. A child of a lion would be a cub, not a dog. Whose children are we? We are children of God and who is He….The Almighty Authority…so do we need to be weak with such a parent. If the cub comes out of the forest and meets the poor dog, it wouldn't run from it………if it did what would its parent say..You a lion are scared of a dog!
  4. Give time to yourself and see and recognize that as a child of God you are very powerful. Remind yourself how powerful you are. 7 times when you wake up remind yourself you are a master almighty authority then you will have an aura around you and the vibrations will charge the environment and you will become free. I have so many experiences of the impossible becoming possible through this affirmative practise.
  5. To have positive thoughts we also need to recognize our own power and increase this. Waste thought is like a leakage and diminishes our inner power.
  6. When the speed of our thought decreases the power increases and so does our concentration.
  7. When we start having positive thoughts our power increases….this is the power of purity which is know as the mother of peace and happiness. Purity at every level empowers us and as we forge a connection with the Supreme Soul…
  8. Any object we visualize we connect with. Think of the sun for 10 mins and you will feel warm. Focus and connect with the Supreme Father….we don't need to ask Him for anything, or give Him praise as we become small with this. Just as the lion's cub has all the powers the lion has, through connecting with God and thinking of Him we charge ourselves…. This is called the link….the yoga….we are then able to receive His energy…this is the practice.
  9. The Supreme Soul is not a bodily being or a deity…He is incorporeal and resides in the soul world.
  10. Einstein the father of modern science shared that the source of energy is not from the sun but from far beyond there is a source of energy which is like a point and through this one we are receiving the energy.
For Five minutes we will experiment with this yoga……
Bring your attention and awareness to the centre of your forehead… I am a sparkling light…..full of light……I have entered this body…..I have taken many other bodies like this and have left them and now I am in this body……I the soul am light…..and light is being spread all around me…..I am a powerful soul…….a point of energy……and I visualize this red light being spread all around me…..Through the ‘eye' of the intellect I look upwards and see the blue sky and then I go beyond that and see the world of angels….and far beyond that, to the soul world….the Supreme Abode where there is nothing but peace all around….this is my original abode….before coming to this world I was here…..this place is far beyond…..and in this region there is the supreme light, The Creator….right at the apex…….The Almighty Authority…….with powerful energy being shared through Him and throughout this realm…….I can only see this Supreme light……These rays that are spreading throughout now come down like a fountain….and this energy touches me...I absorb this…….cherish and enjoy this and feel the supreme bliss that is being showered onto me…..I am under this fountain in happiness……Om Shanti
  1. This is the method to become truly powerful. We need to connect with the Supreme Father for this.
  2. The power of thought is needed but at this present time the current power we need is great too.
  3. We see many intellectuals with thought power and yet anxiety and depression increasing as inner strength is also needed.
  4. People are eating and yet still are hungry as there is external progress in the world and yet the world is continuing to fall apart in human relationships and also in the natural world.
  5. Through the power of Raj Yoga we can change the direction of our thoughts, increase our power and deal with whatever challenges come to us. Here in our day to day life we can develop sweet and beautiful relationships We need to activate therefore this power.
  6. When our minds are quiet then our subconscious mind becomes awake…we feel we are asleep…the mind goes to sleep and the subconscious mind is awake all night…the memories emerge in the form of dreams……..we don't need to be concerned about what we see in our dreams.
  7. Before you sleep sit for 10 mins because the subconscious mind has a lot of healing power and so sleep with the thought that I am very healthy and all the cells are very energetic and think…I am free of this illness…I am enjoying good health…sleep with this thought and then the subconscious will hold and work with it.
  8. As you wake up the very first thought you have will have an impact on your life….often we don't remember this…..So have the thought to meet with ShivBaba, God, The Light who is the Father……think about God first …….Give thanks to Him from the heart……Have this feeling of gratitude and happiness….have lots of beautiful thoughts…..I am very fortunate and happy and wealthy…..my life is very peaceful…..in my family there is so much love and happiness…I enjoy my life…there is success in my life….success is my birthright…I am very fortunate….wake up with such dancing thoughts……and the home will be charged with such vibrations……if we see each other with this lovely attitude see what happens.
  9. Another method is to charge the water and food you eat. Our bodies are 72% water and due to our thinking our water has become very muddy. The doctor also says have a glass of water regularly. When we are eating and cooking look at the food and give vibrations that this is a very powerful food and everything in my family will be right.
  10. Keep a chart to energise your brain with meditation and charge your water with meditation and do this for 21 days…..
  11. Whatever food we eat if it is pure it will be more tasty and energetic. When cooking let there be a lot of love and no tension or feeling to get it done…..Understand that the food is like medicine…nectar and tonic. It is very important to have love filled with happiness and the awareness when cooking that I am a pure soul and the energy in the food will increase. As is the food so is the mind ….as is the mind so is the food……..vegetarian food that is cooked with a powerful awareness will give you a lot of power. It is very important that you cook in the awareness of positivity. When cooking with the awareness that children will become quiet and peaceful. Mothers and sisters have this opportunity……so share this power with your family members……..
  12. People who eat meat and intoxicating drinks will have momentary pleasure but the mind becomes weaker…..
  13. We can increase our power of concentration by having three throughts….I am wise, I am positive and I am focused.
  14. It is important to let go of the pressure or heaviness in your thoughts. If you don't there is a lot of impact on the subconscious.
  15. At night before sleeping, leave behind all the thoughts of the day and read at least for 5 mins the godly versions…then the thing that is bothering you from time to time will finish.
  16. If you have a lot of tensions write to God……write all the things that are bothering you…..then surrender it to God and become light…..do it every day and you will feel very light…..Surrender and hand over to God.
  17. Throughout the day there is always much to do and there can often be tension in relationships so then we have to keep light by keep deleting thoughts. Practise that I am a soul and God is my Companion….this will charge you and effect what is happening around you. We become heavy when we allow things to sit in the mind and we dwell on them…..remember instead you are a fortunate soul.
  18. Within the medical field is there is a nurse or doctor who is very loving then half of the patient's illness is cured. Perform your tasks with such lightness so that as the external pressures increase our energy and increases and we experience our duties as a dance…..not as an irritation
  19. This is a powerful method to have to become stress free.
My good wishes for you are that you come and experience what I have found here.
Sister Jaymini gave thanks and closed the evening.


JANMASHTAMI CELEBRATION "A Glimpse into the Future" - Global Cooperation House, London

28 September 2015

With approximately 300 in the audience, Mayuri Patel performed a beautiful dance enacting scenes of Krishna before MC's Krishma Patel  and Niddhi Shukla welcomed everyone.  Three people:  Nayan Patel, Ridvik Gudlavelleti and Reena Wadwani were all asked what Krishna meant to them and a sense friendship , a guardian angel, a guide, a protector, and his innocence, love and purity, all attracted them.

Sister Jayanti then answered questions from Nayan and Reena and the following points arose:

  1. Sri Krishna is remembered as the Prince of Paradise so would he be lacking butter that he would steal it?  The story of him stealing the butter is symbolic and there is spiritual significance behind this story.  At the end of the Iron Age there is total chaos everywhere…I have come back from the Balkans and there they are feeling that the third world war is going to begin….there is so much chaos in the whole world and everyone wants to have power in their own hands.  In the end when people need this power…the sovereignty of the world is in the hands of Sri krishna…this is the ‘butter'…He receives this power from God.  No one can conquer the world by battling physically, that is not the law.  According to spirituality it is only through yoga with the Supreme that we can claim sovereignty.
  2. The gopes and gopies are shown with Krishna.  Gopi means one who has attained control over their physical senses through spiritual power.  They experience supersensuous joy.  The happiness beyond the senses.  Whilst I am still attracted to the senses then I am not able to hear the sound coming from God.  When I make effort and attain victory over the physical sense then I can hear the sweet music that comes from God himself.  It is shown in the Bhagavad that some could hear this sound and a selected few who could hear it, whether near or far, would come running.  Where is this music coming from?  It is remembered as Sri Krishna playing the flute yet the symbolism is not any physical music.   It is the spiritual music.  When God comes and tells us the things of spiritual knowledge this is known as the ‘sweet murli'.  With this knowledge victory over the senses over the physical senses can be attained and supersensuous joy experienced.  There are many who can hear this sound today. 
  3. We also need to develop victory over the senses so we can feel God's presence.  We need to be able to tune in. If someone has a radio receiver in their hands, without the right setting, the transmission cannot reach them.  When I tune into the right wavelength then I can receive whatever is being transmitted.  This is a matter of the intellect.  I need to recognise God with the intellect and feel Him with this….then I can tune into His frequency and remember and experience Him easily.  Whilst I consider myself the physical body, I am totally caught up in that as well as all the relationships and material comforts, and the experience of God will be far away.  But If I am trying to remember God and my intellect wanders to the past or the things that have created worry, then the first step is to set the intellect, to focus on the self as a spiritual being, and then connect with God to experience His presence.
  4. Raj Yoga means yoga with One to attain victory over the senses so we can experience sovereignty over the self.  We can have this practical experience. 
  5. To face the challenges that life brings and to maintain stability and happiness like Sri Krishna we need to make sure that each day we spend a little time in God's remembrance.  He is the Almighty Authority and the One with all powers so we can learn to charge the battery of the inner self with Him.  In general, our inner battery has become discharged and hence we are not having so much success because we need recharging!  By connecting the yoga of the intellect with God we receive this strength and when we do this at the beginning of the day it helps us throughout the day.
  6. When I can go inwards and connect with God and allow this connection to clean and clear the intellect then I can discern what is right and what is wrong.  We definitely receive the vibration of what is true and what is false and what we need to do next.  For example if someone is getting angry in front of me I could choose to get angry back and add fuel to the fire or I can choose through God's remembrance to keep cool and with peace and silence I help cool down the other person. They will speak once, twice, thrice and then they will cool down when I don't react.
  7. How many times do you drink water in the day……giving nourishment to the body ….we need to give regular nourishment to the soul also.  So for a few moments, done often, connect your intellect to God.  Through this remembrance you can learn to stabilize yourself in this peaceful, original stage……
  8. Krishna means the one who attracts. There is the corporeal one, but also there is the Incorporeal One who attracts.  It is only This One who can attract all souls and connects us all together as One family.
  9. With so many calamities in the world and preparations for physical wars taking place….This is the time of the battle of the Mahabharat, a time of external dissonances and the reason for this are the internal wars happening inside the hearts and minds of people.  Yet at this time we can wake up to being the children of God and without exception we can all claim a spiritual inheritance from our spiritual parent.  This is in the form of a divine intellect and allows us to recognize who I am, Who is God and what it is I have to do now.  We receive the power to understand these three things. Identity crisis happens when we don't know any of these three things.
  10. The deities are souls in their divine and pure state but only God is the One Supreme.  We need to have yoga with Him and as we do we receive divine understanding and we see how as the Supreme Guide, He shows us the path to attain salvation…..there are many other different paths in which we can get lost, but it is the Supreme Soul Himself who can guide us across the path the truth.
  11. In the Gita Raj Yoga is mentioned as the yoga taught to Arjuna by Sri Krishna.  This is the Yoga that is taught at this time by God.
  12. The Pandavs, Kauravs and Yadavas all play their roles in the Gita and these three armies are symbolic of the different intellects people hold.  Some are creating bombs which will bring about the end of the iron age.  The scientists are remembered as the Yadavas with missiles coming from their stomachs.  The Kauravs are a huge army and have love for material possessions and relationships and then there are just 5 Pandavs who are loving towards God and have just one desire to know Him.
  13. We have the three armies in front of us…can you see them? How many have a loving intellect with God?  Pandavs are a handful and the Kaurav army is unlimited and there are those who are preparing the destruction of their own clan.  Can you see this because then you will see that God is visible too. 
  14. This is the time of defamation of religion and there are many wars taking place in the name of religion, yet the religions themselves taught peace….so violence in the name of religion is defamation and we can see this is now in the extremes.
  15.  The time is also here when there is so much darkness of religion that no one is prepared to listen to the truth…..and yet this I feel is when God would come.  God also says that at the point of extreme irreligiousness He will incarnate and it is now this time.
  16. He doesn't come in a beautiful and attractive form but in an incognito form…entering an ordinary old man's body in the dark night and bringing the light of dawn back into the world.  Now everyone is sleeping and God incarnates at such a time…..
  17. What are God's instructions…..if we step away from all the things of our mind and have the feeling about what God is saying then there will be victory.  This is definitely true. 
  18. At the time of destruction there are many whose intellects are divorced from God.
  19. We recognize this with the intellect not with blind faith…….an intellect that has faith is victorious.  When we have understood everything with the intellect it becomes easy to inculcate everything in life.  If someone asks you to do it you will do it for a short time but when we choose and understand it ourselves then we make it the basis of our life.  We should think with our intellect does it feel right and if so let me experiment and try it. 
  20. Try this for 5 days…wake up half or an hour earlier than your normal time and sit in remembrance of God the Incorporeal One.  Just see how your day is spent.  Experiment and you will see how the mind becomes quiet and still, as you start to experience the inner journey as well as the upward journey.
  21. When we first practice yoga we experience peace and then we can experience many qualities from God including the experience of bliss.  Yet first we have to consider ourselves to be souls.  We need to experiment with Om Shanti.  I am a soul, a being of peace.  First we need to practise being this peaceful one.  When we experience this then the power of peace reaches many of the souls around me also.
  22. Then consider God as the Ocean of Peace as well as the Ocean of Love.    
  23. In our minds we have accumulated many things of sorrow and many types of sorrow we hold onto and are unable to shake off from the self…then we cannot experience happiness or love as we are tied in the bondage of sorrow. With Gods love we can attain liberation from this sorrow and our own weakness. 
  24. When we forget the things of sorrow we are able to experience the feeling of compassion and  God's mercy and forgiveness for all the mistakes and everything wrong I have done.
  25. With love we can open up so much we can forgive others too.  In today's world there are few who forgive others.  If I haven't forgiven others this stays inside.  For example because of just one person, my language can become bitter.
  26. Let me make my words sweet so I don't accrue a further burden of sorrow. 
  27. God teaches us to love ourselves.  So forgive the self and recognize the truth and how God is the truth.  He is the Bestower of Happiness and as the Ocean of Purity He is purifying and cleansing the soul from impurities so we can become pure again.

This is what will transform this world into heaven.

Another beautiful dance followed by a group of sisters practicing Raj Yoga meditation, depicting the Gopis in love with Sri Krishna.

Thanks and Toli was shared with all.

Om Shanti.



In Photos: Madhuban Br Surya's Program on The Art of Living a Happy Life at Harmony House, Leicester on 13 September

16 September 2015



In Photos: Sudesh Didi Speaks on "The Spiritual Significance of Festivals" at Harmony House, Leicester on 23rd August

26 August 2015



Creating the Future We Want: A Fearless Mind - Conversation Between Nicholas Sammy and Sr Denise at GCH

4 August 2015

On 2nd August 2015, after an inspiring dance by Thiru Jeyaseelan accompanied by a popular song that yearns for Paradise, to a gathering of over 50 young people, BK Nicholas Sammy held a conversation with Sister Denise and the following spiritual points gleaned:
  1. The mind is very subtle, and it is the mind that is not able to handle things!
  2. We associate fear with dying, the dark, not being loved or appreciated or recognised…..but in fact it is not knowing who I am and being influenced by all that is external to me.
  3. It can still be difficult to become fearless even with this understanding. The best way to develop a fearless mind is to go into the feeling of fear and then see what to do with it.
  4. We have two options.Courage or cowardice.
  5. Fear is a fundamental reality of existence and yet we do need courage to face it.
  6. To live in self-respect requires courage.
  7. How do we emerge our courage……by practising facing your inner stuff with spirituality.....and be willing to put yourself out there and not mind about failing.
  8. Facing our fears brings us into self respect.
  9. When we are young fear of failing is huge.
  10. With life experience we get stronger.
  11. We have to also remove the masks which we hold up due to feelings of inadequacy and talk about this feeling. Then we can see we are not the only ones.
  12. Facing our fears can feel embarrassing and it can hurt, but we have to do it.
  13. We are forced by difficulties to come into our powers. When life is easy we are not strengthened.
  14. We acquire skills through hard times.
  15. You can dance, cry, talk, walk and go into all the things that feel dangerous, otherwise you will ignore and feel weaker.
  16. When we build our capacity for resilience then we develop more bravery and self respect.
  17. There is never a time when we are ‘ready' to face our fears….we need to ‘just do it'. When we take the support of God by our side we gain a feeling for what to do.
  18. Life is an amazing game, films, plays, games are just copied from it.
I am a being of light, invincible, pure, loving and powerful inside different from the body, colourless, ageless, genderless, the spirit, the soul, the eternal child of the Seed of the Universe, though there may be fear, we have everything we need to handle it, face and go through it coming out the other side wiser, stronger and skilful. Take time to go deep inside and consolidate your power.
After tea followed workshops one looking at laughter therapy as a way of destressing and creating a positive state of mind and two others looking at the notion that ‘we have nothing to lose and nothing is mine' and that when we realise we are trustees here we can soon conquer the fear of loss and enjoy the ‘game of life' and feel free.
After a poem by Deven Patel, Sister Denise shared her top tips on how to develop a fearless mind:
  1. Have regular time for meditation practise.
  2. Place yourself in challenging situations, then you will know what to do and gain insights.
  3. Commit yourself to bring yourself back to your original/unpolluted state of being by going into your weak areas where we have been damaged through traumas (abandonment, violence, shock, loss, illness). Meditate and allow these experiences to be healed.
  4. Rehearse before going into a frightening situation and envisage the situation to be a scene and yourself to be an actor who decides how to play it.
  5. Interpret all scenes in a positive way.
  6. Don't be afraid of being exposed and tested – this allows us to find our speciality and reach our potential.
  7. Develop the power of discernment to just what is useful in my life and what is not.
  8. Listen to the voice of your conscience which can be in conflict with the prevailing social attitudes. Don't ignore this as you will lose the ability to use it and always then seek advice from others.
  9. See life as a game.
  10. Keep a strong connection with the Supreme Power, God, and when you take a single step of courage towards God, He gives a thousandfold.



A World in Transition: The need for a Paradigm Shift - Talk by Br Golo at GCH

4 August 2015

21st of July :Joachim Golo Pilz is originally from Germany, but has been living in India for the past 20 years. Since 2010 he has been coordinating the design and construction of India One, a 1MW solar thermal power plant at Shantivan, one of the major users of renewable energies in India.
In the first part of his talk, Golo gave some details of the state of the world. He talked of greenhouse gasses; of the rise in temperature that has already damaged the Coral Reef, the kindergarten of our marine life; of growing deserts and food shortages; of melting ice and rising sea levels; of economic growth and world debt.
(At the moment we use 1.6 times the resources of planet earth, and there is no replenishing it. To get back to using one planet we need to reduce economic growth, which would mean a change of lifestyle, an idea that is not popular).
He explained that the sun produces 1,000 times more energy than we need. If we could place solar panels in the Sahara Desert we could produce enough power for the whole planet! This shift towards clean technology would not be difficult, apart for the problems of storing and distributing this energy. The greater problem is our attachment to the lifestyle we have, that we will not be willing to change without a shift of awareness.
The second part of his talk was about what the Brahma Kumaris are doing to help solve the problems. Brahma Kumaris advocate to live simply, be unlimited, open your heart, respect life, be positive, walk the talk, empower yourself, eat well, follow your dream and feed the soul. Brahma Kumaris have been involved in Climate Change Conferences for the past 10 years, trying to build bridges into society and inspire in people a change of awareness. Change yourself; change your family; change your community; change life on earth and change future generations.
He explained how solar energy is used at the BK Headquarters on Mt Abu, and told of the extensive India One project, part of which involves the building of seven hundred 60 square centimeter dishes used to power Shantivan. The full project is due to be completed by March 2016.
And then, to the crux of the whole matter, a change of awareness. So much of who I am, and how I think and make decisions comes from information hidden so deep within the subconscious that I am not aware of it and have no way to access or change it. All the good and the bad, the fear and the happiness are recorded in the subconscious. If I want to change my habits and to change the planet, I have to deal with the subconscious. The good news is that science has discovered that meditation increases brain cells, creating new brain tissue with which I can override old information. I can change the conditioning in my subconscious, and I can change my habits and become a better person, and if we all become a better person, we can stop climate change.
The other good news is Raja Yoga Meditation, which teaches us to connect with the Supreme Light and allows stillness into the consciousness and subconsciousness. This creates new brain tissue allowing us to override the old agenda with happiness, changing us on a deep level and transforming our character.
Golo tells people at Climate Change Conferences to change their thought patterns from deep inside, and they are starting to listen. Thoughts, he, reiterates, have a strong impact on matter. In our thoughts we talk to plants and matter and they react to these thoughts.
An interview then opened up with BK Trushar Barot asking Golo some questions:
Q: How hopeful should we be about the future?
A: Some scientists say it is too late. Others say if we make changes we will be able to adjust. I say we should have a hopeful and positive outlook. I can influence others by sharing happiness, so it is good to share a message of hope.
Q: Is that a message of let-us-hope-for-the-best, or is it genuine optimism for the future?
A: I have a genuine hope because I believe we are moving towards a golden age where a lamb will drink with a lion. We need to change our consciousness to fit in with that time. I believe that mind is above matter and that mind is the creator of all that we see around us.
Q: You talk about a positive thought being an environmentally friendly act. How much impact can I have on the world just by having a positive thought?
A: I built a solar energy house in 1993 as a demonstration and inspiration to other people. I had to be determined and keep up my idea for such an unusual building. It is now built and does a wonderful service and inspires many people. Accumulated positive thoughts change our habits and we have a positive impact on the environment. If we all do this, we will have a vast impact.
Q: Have you given the leaders at the Climate Change Conferences any suggestions how they can use these ideas to make an impact?
A: The process at these Conferences has been rational and scientific, but in the last years religious leaders, like the Pope, have been involved, so there is a move to bringing science and spirituality back together. Like bringing the heart back in and healing the rift.
Q: How do you convince people who are struck in the consumerism mind-set to change, when they don't really want to?
A: Shopping gives short term happiness. It is important for people to know where the planet is at the moment and how sensitive the times are. They should understand that they are a part of what is happening. We try to inspire people to see the connection between their little inner world with what is happening in the great outer world, because both impact the other. People are beginning to face that we all have a personal responsibility.
Q: Can you give an example of how an individual has a consciousness change and the environment changes as a result of that?
A: I can speak only from my own life. I have meditated for the past 30 years and I have seen the change in my own life. I see the shift in my own life, and I see my ideas have greater power to materialise. That is a result of meditation. I am able to focus and to remove blockages and attract the right solution, the funds, the people and the technology and things happen in a beautiful way.
Q: Can you give me an example of an environmentally powerful thought?
A: Five years ago I had the inspiration to set up the India One solar project and there was some resistance. However, the project is almost complete. If it is a pure idea and you connect your consciousness to the Divine Light, success is with you. You have the feeling of guidance to go in the right direction. I encourage everybody to take this compass and go to where your happiness and your joy is.
Q: Can you tell us more about this connection to the divine Light and the influence it has on our thinking and on the result.
A: One of the first lessons I learned in Raja Yoga was to connect to this supreme Light. It was an intellectual thing to start with, but as I sat in meditation I visualised this divine Light and that I'm also light myself, and suddenly I had this feeling in my body and I could feel my energy field, my aura. I could feel this Light come into me. There were some dark spots in my light, but gradually these dark spots were filled up with Light and this gave me so much joy. I could get rid of my anger, my fear, my impatience and transform them into love, compassion and patience. It overrides old thoughts and attitudes and I become free of my old negative attitudes.


Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW 15)

22 July 2015

The EU Sustainable Energy Week 2015 took place from 15-19 June 2015. However, Energy Days were organised during the whole month of June. BKs participated in a number of events from 26th May to the 21st of June:

  1. 26th May, Frankfurt am Main, Germany: Lecture by Br Golo,  "World in Transition"
  2. 5th June, Copenhagen, Denmark: Outdoor Meditation for the Environment
  3. 5th June, Berlin, Germany: Lecture by Br Golo with power point presentation on "World in Transition – Beginning of a New Period of Time"
  4. 14th June, Mullheim, Germany: Meditation & March to support a Transition to Sustainable Energies
  5. 19th June, Freiburg, Germany: Meditation for the Planet
  6. 15th June, Gdansk, Poland: Workshop - "3 x E: Ecology, Economy and Ethics in our life. How to balance these three dimensions of life in order to restore inner and outer harmony"
  7. 18th June, Warsaw, Poland: Workshop - "Life Style and Climate Change - How to care daily for the Earth - inspirations for the heart and mind"
  8. 15th June, Brussels, Belgium: Seminar & Interview on "Mind & Matter – How is your inner climate?" with Br Golo and Sr Maureen (London) being interviewed by Sr Sonja
  9. 16th June, Brussels, Belgium: Lunch Networking Event at Aloft Hotel
  10. 17th June, Brussels, Belgium Networking Village, Exhibition & Sharing at Committee of the Regions Building, European Commission, Brussels
  11. 18th June, Glasgow, Scotland: Talk by Sr Rose Goodenough plus meditation and sharing on "Healing the Self, Restoring the Earth"
  12. 21st June, Paris, France: Flash Mob and Lecture by Br Golo on "World in Transition"

Please see the full report with photos in the pdf.


"The Gita Decoded" New Audio by Sr Denise on Soundcloud

21 July 2015

Audio from Sister Denise's talk last week is now up on our Soundcloud account to listen online and download for free:
For other GCH Thursday evening talks and from GRC events, you can go to the main homepage:


Report of Brahma Kumaris EU Energy Week Activities 2015

21 July 2015

Please find attached the Energy Week activities report of Brahma Kumaris EU. Click HERE



Yoga Power in a World of Chaos - Leicester Harmony House Celebrates 1st Anniversary with Sr Jayanti on 5th July

8 July 2015

On Sunday, I went to Leicester and we were able to join the Midlands gathering which was to honour the first anniversary of Harmony House, and the BK opening by Dadi Ratan Mohiniji last year. It was a very beautiful time with the family; we had class, yoga, cake cutting and sharings by our guests from Brazil, Canada and India. Brahma Bhojan was enjoyed by all. It was beautiful sunny day so many, many sat in the garden outside. 
In the evening, we had a public programme where we had Councilor Manjula Sood, who spoke very highly of the benefits that Raja Yoga has given her and also the benefit of such a beautiful facility for the whole community in Leicester. Br Parajit then interviewed Sr Jayanti on the subject of "Yoga Power... in a World of Chaos". It was a full house in the evening too and people enjoyed their time in Baba's home. 

Councilor Manjula Sood

  Br Parajit



Creating Magical Conversations: A Spirit of Coaching One Day Event at GCH, London

8 July 2015

‘Learn to talk to your mind as if it were a child". Talk to it with love. Be a good mother to our mind. Teach it good positive thoughts so that when you tell it to "sit quietly" it will. Love your mind. Om Shanti.'   Dadi Janki, ‘Companion of God'
MC's Geoff Marlow and Neil Jordan opened the event welcoming over 100 participants to the day.
Judy Apps opened the day with sharing interesting insights on the topic ‘Creating Magical Conversations: being present' and how we can move from an external perspective to exploring the depths of the soul. She shared the following points:
  1. how we move from external conversation starters (1st state) to do with times, places, things, facts, people etc to transitioning into
  2. the 2nd state which is on a ‘doing' level, activities, roles etc and then
  3. the 3rd state which moves into ‘thinking' wherever we exchange opinions and thoughts. In coaching this enables each one to identify where someone is at and how they are going to get to where they want to be.
  4. There is then a 4th state in a conversation which revolves around feeling, values, the heart and what matters to someone. A good question to ask people is to see what they enjoy about something for example ‘what do they enjoy about their job' so you tap into what is important to them. Feelings have to be noticed and caught, from body language, voice and changes in expression. When we are in conversation with someone to have a magical conversation we need to use all our senses, listening and watching, as well as compassion….to feel what it's like to be the other person. It is about two human beings with a real connection that means more than a coach/client relationship.
  5. The 5th state in a conversation is the ‘being' state…I see you as you are. We tend to mostly envisage what we expect to see in life, especially of people we know well. For this we need to look at ourselves to see ‘who am I when I am most myself'?' And in these times what do we capture about the self when we are just being, not striving, not worrying, not thinking about the future, not seeing the self as a certain type of personality?
  6. The 6th state in a conversation is ‘beyond being'….seeing the light in another, seeing the potential. Seeing what is possible in another that they might not have seen in themselves.
Judy shared the 4 kinds of light she enjoys:
  1. Stepping in the light of world
  2. Treading lightly, playfulness is very important
  3. Lightness of movement, flexibility - I can take a different point of view
  4. Light of transparency - there's nothing I need to hide, I am transparent.
Author Jackee Holder spoke on ‘Letting Go'
  1. Letting go of ‘I'm a coach', but going into a space of coaching with another human being.
  2. When I am disconnected and busy in my mind. It isn't the voice of the child, it's the inner critic working
  3. Magical conversations are about letting go and letting God.
  4. Letting go of the busy mind, the critical mind, means we can let something that is godly come through, the ‘higher self.'
  5. Jackee asked the audience:
  1. "What would it take to step out from behind yourself and be in the moment?"
  2. "What would be different and why?"
  3. People responded saying that when another shows their vulnerability and honesty, it enables the other to express themselves as they are.
  4. Vulnerability is the home to creativity and change.
  5. Jackee ended her session sharing that people who are dying saying that these are the 4 most important things they wish to tell their loved ones:
  1. Thank you
  2. I love you
  3. Forgive me
  4. I forgive you.
Davina Lloyd led the next session on ‘The Power of Appreciation: Coaching with Appreciative Enquiry'
  1. A good question for someone looking to coach themselves is: "what would you do if you knew you could not fail?"
  2. If you think you can or you think you can't, you're absolutely right.
  3. Davina provided the following model:
DISCOVER: Appreciate what is best? What gives life?
DREAM: What might be?
DESIGN: What the ideal could be.
DESTINY: How to make it happen.
Davina's three tips for active listening when sharing experiences of magical conversations were:
  1. Face the person
  2. Don't interrupt
  3. Give regard - pay attention
  4. What we do to find our dream is we turn into children. Davina asked people to think a little bit about a dream and what would it look like.
The morning session concluded with a short ‘How To Meditate' experience with Neil Jordan.
After lunch and a beautiful rendition of the India Arie song ‘I am Light' by Karishma Patel, Geoff Marlow interviewed Sister Jayanti. She made the following points regarding the process of conversations:
  1. The conversation needs to start with the self, then a conversation with the One up above and after that any conversation with others.
  2. She recommended that morning is the time to sit quietly, reflect and start the day.
  3. If this step is missed then throughout the day there is constant input without time to process or reflect.
  4. How many people have a meaningful conversation with the self? Do I give myself time to reflect on things that are meaningful?
  5. Time for the self means quiet time. In quiet I am able to go on an inner journey. The world is so externalized and so materialistic, that whatever is going on inside is just a reaction to the external stimuli.
  6. The first step of creativity is that I am the creator of my own thoughts - as a result, my own feelings and even personality traits.
  7. Conversation with self happens when there is the actual process of introversion.
  8. First have a dialogue with the self, why am I saying and feeling the things that I am.
  9. Modern society demands output, demands action. The quality of relationships and interactions is important. Where action is more important than relationships, things have gone topsy turvy.
  10. The quality of actions in relationships is dependent of what's going on inside of me.
  11. Recognise I need to give time to the inner being that I am, then to relationships, and after this the task.
  12. If I give quality time to people around me then the support and co-operation I need in a task will be automatic. If I don't invest time in relationships then the task becomes difficult.
  13. When there is daily reflective practise it helps to keep you moving on track.
  14. God is the loving Mother, the Unconditional Mother, God is also the Father, He has an inheritance to give me; of love, power, of happiness.
  15. The understanding of God as a Being of Light is something to experiment with.
  16. The second aspect of acknowledging the presence of God is that when I realise I am a being of light and I identify with my spiritual identity I can experience God too.
  17. Spiritual knowledge and understanding who the Supreme Being is doesn't stop there as I can develop experiencing myself in soul consciousness.
  18. In that awareness of spirit, I, the spiritual being, connect with my own inner core values.
Reena Melwani facilitated a ‘Soul Coaching' workshop beginning with a guided meditation on soul consciousness followed by an exercise on sharing drishti in the awareness of ‘You are light', and another exercise when, in pairs, participants coached each other with a spiritual perspective on a challenge/something they want to improve in their lives.
This was followed by a short workshop on ‘Divine Coaching' facilitated by John McConnel who asked the participants to write down a question for DC (the Divine Coach), sit in silence for a minute and then write the answer that came with their non-writing hand. Afterwards people shared the answers they received - they were both inspiring and practical.
The afternoon concluded with action planning, feedback, a meditation commentary by Sister Jayanti and the sharing of toli and blessings. Everyone left very happy and inspired after what was described by many as a ‘perfect' day.


How Bad Risotto Led To A House 'Full Of Yogis': A Critic's Childhood Story

7 July 2015

Source: NPR (online) Arts & Life | Books | Author Interviews | by NPR Staff, published May 30, 2015 

Brahma Kumaris fill Will Hodgkinson's suburban living room on a Saturday in 1982. | Liz Hodgkinson /Courtesy of Will Hodgkinson

When Will Hodgkinson was a kid just outside of London, his whole family was laid low after eating some bad chicken risotto. His father, Nev (short for Neville), a well-regarded science writer, was especially sick and took months to recover. During that time, he rethought his life and put it back together in a way that upended his happy family, but may also have enriched them.

Nev joined a group called the Brahma Kumaris. Meanwhile, Hodgkinson's mother, Liz, became an increasingly strident social critic, especially of men. In The House is Full of Yogis: The Story of a Childhood Turned Upside Down, Hodgkinson writes about how he went from a childhood of upper-middle-class security, private schools and swank vacations to a home filled with chanting, incense and meditation.
Hodgkinson, a rock critic for The Times of London, tells NPR's Scott Simon how his mother reacted to his father's transformation and whether he has found comfort with the Brahma Kumaris.
Read rest of the Interview Highlights here.


Sister Jayanti Reports on Earth Charter Plus 15 Celebrations in the Netherlands

2 July 2015

On arrival in London on Saturday, we had a programme titled ‘Spirit of Coaching', in which Geoff Marlow interviewed me on the whole subject of sustaining the Self, conversing with the Self, conversing with God and others, and how that can help.

On Sunday, after class in which we honoured several souls for their 70 years and 60 years, I left for Amsterdam. Sunday evening we had a VIP gathering for around 40 people, and it was a very lovely meeting in which we spoke about the current challenges and how to deal with them. Baba's Sunday Murli was absolutely appropriate, and essentially I shared with them the things that Baba had said.

On Monday, we left early after morning class for the Conference. On the way, we picked up the Archbishop of Capetown, a very good friend of BKs, and had an hour's journey with him in the car to be able to chat about everything that's happening in the BK world in terms of Dadi, Madhuban etc. The full-day Conference, a celebration of the 15 years of completion of the Earth Charter, was excellent. It was in a very beautiful place in the middle of a forest, and around 100 people were present. Steven Rockefeller, one of the Earth Charter Commissioners, was one of the Key-note Speakers. We were able to meet him and share toli. There were many old friends and new ones that we made. 

In one of the small groups, there was an opportunity to be with Rudd Lubbers, former PM of the Netherlands, Rabbi Awraham Soetendorp, and several other high profile individuals. The topic was ‘Disarmament and Non-Violence', so the message that Sister Jacqueline and I both shared was about inner peace and non-violence, inner disarmament and relationships. It was a very deep and interesting conversation. In the Plenary, there was an opportunity to share the platform with Jan Pronk, a former Minister in the Netherlands Govt, who had also held various posts at the UN. There were others also on the Panel and it was a very good opportunity to share the perspective of the Brahma Kumaris. Brigitte van Baren, a close friend of the BKs, had been the instrument to make this happen. 

On the way back to Amsterdam, we spent a little time with Jacqueline's mother, who hasn't been well recently. She is now 91, but lives on her own and is very independent and very happy. 

On Tuesday morning, there was a class of around 95 BKs, from all over the Netherlands. They stayed for extended class and toli. There were meetings afterwards and I then came to Oxford.

On Tuesday afternoon, I was able to join a preparatory meeting for the Spirit of Humanity Forum. The next one is being planned for September 2016.

Om Shanti


News from Sr Maureen - EU Sustainable Energy Week

25 June 2015 - Brussels

It was a very fruitful four days participating in European Union Sustainable Energy Week together with Golo and Sonja who were here for the programmes.
Sunday was time for the Belgium family to get together for class and then a picnic lunch at a beautiful BK house and garden about 30 minutes drive outside of Brussels. A chance to share news of Dadi's visit and all the deep insights that Dadi gave us.
The main event was at lunchtime on Tuesday on the theme of "Strengthening Personal Resilience and Responsibility -  sustainable transitions demands a new mindset", at a hotel in the heart of the EU Parliament & Commission. Sonja chaired the panel discussion with Anders Marvik, Vice President, EU Political Affairs Office Statoil, he commented that although the energy industry was responsible for much of the damage to the environment they can also be the ones to make positive changes... It went very well attended by people who were part of the EUSEW High Level Policy Conference and working at the European Commission.
On Wednesday we had a stand in the Networking Village - again part of the ongoing Conference for EUSEW,  with a slot for 90mins. Golo presented India One & Yogic Agricultural and we met many interesting individuals and representatives of the EU who came to the stand. People were very touched to receive a pack of Green Blessing Card's which we introduced as a positive thought for each day for the Earth. We observed that when you talk to people about the importance of the human dimension without which nothing else can really change, they readily agree. Many new contacts were made. On Monday we also had a public event at a church in the same building as the the centre on Mind and Matter -  how is you inner climate?  it was a small but very interested audience.


Peace in the Park - Festival of Utopia

24 June 2015

This years Peace in the Park has more ideas to help upgrade your happiness, uplift your wisdom and enlighten your world. With pavilions to explore Dreams of Utopia, the Superpower of Being a Peacemaker, plus inspiring stories from Changemakers, seminars to help tap into the mysteries of great creativity, a vision lounge to cast your mind into beautiful futures and discussions around the Table of Possibilities.


Visit our Wise Ones to ask The One Question you have always wanted answering and hear fascinating answers to life, the Universe and everything. Post your questions here or send them over the festival weekend by ringing the red phone in the grounds or leaving a note in the Chamber of Answers.

Plus this year more feelgood music, more fairytales to awaken the magic in the woods and more natural crafts for families and kids to enjoy.

book here for a festival of ideas to expand your mind, music to nourish your soul and meditations to chill out in gorgeous atmospheric spaces...



One Million Shades of White

15 June 2015

Source:"You Can Meditate Too" blog by Elizabeth Edmunds -  http://granniesmeditatetoo.blogspot.com/2015/06/1-million-shades-of-white.html 

I went to the hairdresser this week to get ready for the summer.  Hideshi the hairdresser wears white and all the other hairdressers in the salon wear white; it is a sign of summer.  In the winter they wear black. They are kind and skilful and I go out looking quite a lot better than when I walked in.  I wouldn't say I could be mistaken for Angelina Jolie or Liz Hurley but certainly it is a big improvement on what went into the salon! The same thing is happening to all the other clients, they all come in feeling one way and go out feeling smarter and of course happier.

At the start of the week I went to see my friends the Brahma Kumaris who also wear white. The remarkable Dadi Janki, aged 99 had just flown into England and was meeting up with several hundred people, mostly also dressed in white.  Her beauty treatment is of a different kind, she reminds everyone that they all have beautiful souls and that they can keep them like that if they remember how important the soul is.  Her beauty regime isn't snipping hair and painting nails, it is meditation and kindness to all creatures.  It is absence of anger and no desire, no jealousy or malice and particularly not basing your happiness quotient on gains and losses.  It is contentment and it shouldn't be hard to come by.  I recommend meeting her sisters and brothers dressed in white to feel how real this wave of contentment is.  See the photograph below, all in white, all happy, no sign of hairdos or artificiality, just very sweet and committed people with open hearts.  It does though take a different kind of work to realise that beauty.  Even if you aren't ready to do it now, you and I can be very glad that Dadi and all the Brahma Kumaris are there doing it and holding the door right wide open for any of us to follow when we are ready.


Sister Jayanti Reports from Croatia - 4th June

8 June 2015

I am now in Croatia, on the Island of Iz. This is their 11th year of Retreat. They started with just a small group of 15 BKs and now there is a group of 65 BKs. Yugoslavia had split into 7 different countries: 5 major ones, and 2 little ones. According to drama, with Baba's help, the family has come together and so representatives of all the different sectors are here. There are some large groups and some smaller ones, but it's really beautiful to see the whole family united by Baba.
The climate is perfect; the venue is fantastic – aquamarine sea - and a very simple vegetarian place right on the beach. Of course its Baba's cooks who are in charge, but it means we started with a kitchen that was already clean so that was a big, big bonus. We had a journey of 3 hours from Zagreb to the Coast, and all of us together on a boat for about an hour and a half, and then a short ride to this place.
We had two sessions on the 4th: first a welcome session which was really giving everybody a particular virtue that they could work on over the weekend, and then secondly, meditation and ‘What we need to focus on in the retreat?' The topic of the retreat is, "Attention, Free from Tension".
On 3rd evening, we had a beautiful programme in the heart of the city in Europe House, where there have been lectures by many BKs before, including myself several years ago. The topic was, ‘Changing Problems into Possibilities'. We had 125 people; they had prepared 110 tolis and about 15 didn't get, so we knew very precisely how many came. There was also a dance performance with live piano music by with a eurthymic dance, at the beginning and then at the end again. So the evening went very well. 


The Happiness Tonic Comes to Inner Space, Brixton on 31 May - as reported by Sr Jayanti

8 June 2015

There was a programme in Brixton, UK, on the topic of ‘Happiness Tonic' and we had an audience of a variety of races and backgrounds. The Mayor of Lambeth came to this; he is originally from West Africa, and his talk was excellent. He spoke about happiness being one of the agendas of political parties because they wanted happiness for all, but that could only happen with social justice. He also commented on some of the things he had learned.

Detailed News here



New Video: "Yoga Power in a World of Chaos", with Dadi Janki and Sr Jayanti

8 June 2015

Click on image above to play video



Update on Br Balwant

3 June 2015

Dear Centre Coordinators,

Loving greetings from London.  

Thanks for all the messages of good wishes and love that continue to come for Balwantbhai.

With Baba's love and the support of the family he is now on the way to recovery. He has been moved from the ICU to the Trauma Ward. He is receiving very good care and seems very aware and alert.

Dadi Janki's drishti has been serving him very well and he has received a lot of encouragement through that.

The neurosurgeon who operated on Balwantbhai also spent an hour with Dadi on her first visit and then again spent an hour with her yesterday.

With love and regards,

In Baba's yaad,

Sister Jayanti



Creating Well Being - A Living With Cancer Event, Global Cooperation House, London

3 June 2015

BK Geeta and BK John McConnell hosted about 45 participants through an afternoon beautifully crafted to create possibilities of strength, peace, joy and fulfilment in the face of illness or other unexpected challenge. 

Jan Alcoe is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and the author of several books, who survived cancer in 2006. She works with people who have serious and chronic illnesses. She spoke on Harnessing the Power of the Mind for Self-Healing. (www.hypnotherapyforliving.co.uk) During her journey through intense medical treatment Jan found the value of the power of the mind and visualisation to help her remain calm.  The good news, she says, is that there is a powerful connection between mind and body, and, using the power of metaphor within visualisation, we can slip past the conscious thinking mind and draw from our own resources hidden in the unconscious mind. We have all the resources we need.  

Being Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual beings within relationships, communities and the environment, any small change in any one of these areas creates changes in all of the others as well, because they are all interconnected. Therefore, being diagnosed with Cancer affects all these areas. 

Well-being is not about good health, but about a state of being in all areas of ‘inner me', regardless of what might be happening. She took us through the visualisation of creating a House of Well-Being. Each room needs to be created including sounds, textures, colours, tastes and feelings to make it real. The brain takes visualisation as reality. Imagine biting into a lemon and feel how real the response of the body is.

Room for Physical Well-Being.

Switch off the stress response which sets the body up for fight-or-flight response, suppressing everything not needed for survival in the body. When we keep triggering this stress response in the body, all these suppressed areas weaken and cause discomfort.

How do we do this? By Switching on Relaxation, which calms the body. Breathe in deeply from the abdomen to the count of 7, and out to the count of 11. This makes a physiological change in the body to produce calm. Learn how to tune in to the moment. When I acknowledge that I am not feeling good in the moment, I can do something immediately to change that to create ‘feeling good'. Create a healing metaphor for your healing, such as triumphantly riding the wave as a surfer. Move. See www.inmindinbody.com for visualisations of movement to use.

A Room for Mental Well-Being

Negative thoughts stick like Velcro, while positive thoughts slip like Teflon.  Focus on what I want, because we get what we focus on. Always expect the best. Be mindful of what you are doing and get absorbed in the enjoyment of doing it. Use the past positively by focusing on things I have done well, and on times when I was happy and well.  

A Room for Emotional Well-Being

Tap into all the resources that I have inside of me and focus on things like optimism and hope. Gratitude is the most important feeling for our emotional life. Constantly create lists of thing to feel grateful for. Open my heart to encourage the emotion of love, together with forgiveness and compassion for self and others. 

A Garden for Spiritual Well-Being 

Like beautiful flowers in a garden, surround myself with people who are uplifting and help me to increase my sense of contentment. Connect to self, to who I really am, and connect to something greater than the self.

An Attic of Self-Value

Instead of filling this highest room of the house with junk, fill it with the treasures of my strengths and talents and all that makes me uniquely me. And visit it often, along with the rest of the house. 

BK Maureen Goodman, then spoke on The Healing Power of the Soul:

Life is like a journey taking us through different phases. As we pass through these phases, what are we seeking deep inside? Normally Maureen would have said "peace", but on this day she was saying harmony, symmetry and synchronicity. 

From a book written by the Prince of Wales, she shared about the sacred geometry of ancient buildings built in perfect symmetry. For example, the Temple of 1 000 pillars, so built that no pillar obstructs a person at any point from seeing the god in the other temple. How did these ancients manage to create this symmetry? It must have been, she mused, because of their own harmony and symmetry deep within themselves that they were able to create such perfect outer symmetry. 

Healing comes from within, creating harmony and alignment from the inner being to the outer being, as there is a deep and profound connection with the inner and the outer. If I feel a state of peace within, it will reflect on my surroundings. Illness, or dis-ease, comes for many different reasons, and, in learning the lessons from illness, healing begins to take place from inside.

I am not my external identities, nor am I the baggage I carry from the past from these identities. In fact, there is inner conflict when I think I have to have different identities to please different people. Maureen reflected that she used to think her purpose in life was to fix everything and everyone. Her journey showed her that was impossible, and, what she learned instead, is that she had to extract herself to find who she is as a single being and then be that same thing in all relationships. Thus, having harmony between head, heart and hand. In fact, healing takes place when I can be true to who I am inside. 

Experiencing inner wholeness is like going into the attic and re-finding those inner treasures, and merging with them once again. It is not just talking about peace, love and joy, it is about becoming them. In this way, they become the foundation on which I live my life, and when the challenge or health issue arises, I have a wealth of inner strength with which to meet it. No matter what is happening around me, I can then draw from these strengths. 

This is the basis of meditation. Knowing who I am inside and connecting with Divine strength to emerge these inner treasures. This brings me into a state of vibrating at a certain level that attracts God's love towards me. There is no greater healing power than this. 

Maureen marvelled that, in spite of the severe illness Dadi Janki has been through, at 99, she is with us again here in London, with even more strength. Maureen's thought is that her body is just powered on God's love. She regenerates her body herself. When Dadi has illness of the body, Maureen explained, she goes into a state of rest that is deeper than sleep. The soul detaches itself from her body so that her body goes into a complete state of rest, and afterwards, refreshment happens.  

Just as I can give vibrations of light to matter, to nature around me when I have alignment of head, heart and hand, so can I can give vibrations of light and healing to my body, which is matter. Why should I not do that? Well-being, harmony and symmetry of inner with outer. 

BK Dulce led a session of slow, beautiful, well-being inspiring movement, and the afternoon was closed off with a workshop by BK Benn and BK Winnie, followed by a meditation commentary by BK Maureen.



Report on Call of the Time Dialogues in Oxford

1 June 2015


For the 18th year Global Retreat Centre welcomed the Call-of-the-Time dialogue guests on the last two weekends in May to consider what they are called to be and do at this time.  Dadi Janki arrived from India in time to participate in both dialogues.

The first dialogue on Wiser Governance was an experiment.  Though small, it was powerful, including someone from the House of Lords, senators from Argentina and Holland, a Finance Minister from Mauritius and others.  They spoke of the climate of distrust in governments and about their own weariness in serving at this time.  Dadi spoke to them about more subtle approaches to governance.  She told them that people in the world feel like they don't belong to anyone and that they can serve through friendship.  She shared a story with them:  that when she asked Baba why he is keeping her in this body, he told her that it is her presence that is serving.  This became a major theme of their time together --- serving through presence, serving through friendship and serving through atmosphere.  Most of those who came to the dialogue have written since to speak about how much benefit they took.

The following weekend was a larger dialogue with guests from all Europe, Africa, Latin America, North America and Asia.  Again Dadi won hearts by keeping them light and reminding them of the 3 questions:  Who am I?  Who do I belong to?  What must I do at this time?  She also spoke with them about "elevated action".  When asked what elevated action is, she said to them that by coming to the dialogue they had taken an elevated action, that whenever we do something that is for our benefit or for the benefit of others that we are taking elevated actions.  Sr. Gayatri offered exceptional classes each morning explaining core gyan.  All of the guests attended those classes and took great benefit. And the majority of them were in amrit vela each morning. This was true in the Wiser Governance dialogue too --- all of the guests were in amrit vela each morning.  They were very touched by the gathering of the GRC residents to tell Dadi good-bye when she left on Saturday.  She came into the reception area, sat and gave toli and drishti to each one.  The COTT guests spoke of how beautiful this kind of love is.

Since the dialogue we have had beautiful and deep messages from the two close friends who support this dialogue --- Tex Gunning and Henning Wolf.
Peter Senge, the MIT professor who has supported the Call-of-the-Time dialogues since the beginning, is now at the center of a new COTT retreat --- Experiments in Silence, which will take place in Peace Village in August.




Summary of Dadi's Sharings at the COTT DIalogues

1 June 2015

Stabilizing the Mind

Don't have the thought that you need to have anything. There's no need to think beyond what is necessary, then you won't experience the suffering of anything. In contrast if you are attached to material things, in one moment there's joy and in the next moment there's sorrow. This becomes a source of suffering.

Seeing the state of the world, be careful not to become trapped. When your mind is stable, nothing will bother you. Every day, every moment will feel right. You won't allow the work you do to make you feel heavy. When misunderstandings happen, your mind will be peaceful and your intellect will work properly. If you want to remain in a state of equanimity, be clear about what you have to do.

Become introverted and connect the mind to the Unlimited. Introversion means to look inside where the thinking and speaking happen. Stay in silence and keep your consciousness completely quiet. Do not come into sound. When you're introverted, you remain separate from your external environment. You become detached from everything outside. To stabilize the mind, make time to be in silence for yourself.


Clearing the Heart

The things you need are in your natural nature: purity, which keeps negativity from touching you; the truth of the Unlimited; patience, which makes anger go away; humility – being egoless; and natural sweetness. As you become filled with these things, they will clear the heart of bondages and burdens.

Someone may say, "I'm tired, because I'm not being successful." Never allow disheartenment to come. When the heart is true and when you have courage, you will have the experience that the Lord is pleased with you.


Creating pure atmosphere

Observe the atmosphere. It has purity and serenity. How do you create a pure atmosphere? First, the mind should be peaceful and serene. The quality of our conversations also creates an atmosphere. Some have dirty conversations; some conversations are confined to physical things; some are worried about children, home and family. The best are spiritual conversations.

Have the awareness of becoming an instrument for creating this quality of atmosphere. With this intention, you will know what you have to do: it will become easy. Raj yoga is easy yoga. When we have the intention of creating a pure atmosphere, distinctions among us finish, and we become united. We experience oneness.

When even a few of us sit together, the vibration of us coming together reaches far. The thoughts, words and actions of those who are spiritually awake are very pure and clean. When you are honest and true inside, the atmosphere around you becomes pure. No matter what someone is like, they should be transformed by the atmosphere you create.


Serving through thoughts

Whatever awareness you have, creates your attitude. Whatever attitude you have creates your vision. And whatever vision you have, serves others. Have a lot of good wishes for everyone. Make your thoughts about serving. Sitting in silence your thoughts, breath and mind become useful.


Influencing through presence

While coming into relationship with others, we need compassion, mercy, love and truth. I'm sure all of you catch my bhavna when we are together. "Bhavna" is a Hindi word for a loving feeling. There is also something called "bhasna", which means to have the experience of receiving something. Wherever we are, we have to give others the experience of love.

A feeling of friendship makes people happy. When people are alone, they can become afraid. In the world outside no one feels like they belong to anyone. It's hard for people to smile. People only smile superficially. A real smile comes from understanding who I am and who I belong to. From this I learn what I have to do. Nowadays, more than ever before, people are searching for spirituality. Merely through your presence, you can care, share and inspire others.


Serving Through Elevated Action

Now, what do we have to do? Make your mind peaceful and connect your intellect up above. Connection of the intellect with the Divine is as simple as bringing two wires together and making light. I the soul am light. My connection with the Divine gives me might. Then everything I do is right, and my actions are elevated.

What is elevated action? Whatever action you perform with truth and love is an elevated action. However ordinary the action may seem to be, there is joy in an action performed with peace in the mind. cleanliness and love in the heart and truth in the intellect.

Check the quality and the quantity of your thoughts. Remove waste from inside, and have no unnecessary thoughts. We speak about thoughts, words and actions. When the mind is right, words will be right. You will be careful about the words you speak and the actions you take.

Spirituality teaches us to be in silence first and then to come into action and interaction with others. Make the light of elevated actions visible in your life. No one should feel that you say one thing, but do another. Do it first, and then speak about it. There's a lot of power in truth. Then it's not as if we're performing action. It's as if we're dancing or playing a game.

These are the things of benefit.


Dadi Janki: "I know how to Live, I know how to Die..." Program in Harmony House, Leicester, 23 May - News in Photos

29 May 2015


Beyond Belief - the Festival of Faiths (Friends for Change)

26 May 2015

On 17 May the Beyond Belief Inter-faith festival was held at the St Ethelburga's Centre in London. St Ethelburga's Centre is a charity organisation that brings together young adults of different faiths and the Brahma Kumaris have been part of this inter-faith initiative. The festival was a celebration of one year of coming together of people from the different faith backgrounds.

Sr Maureen attended together with some youths from London. Brother Juan from Quebec was in London for a few days and he joined us.
The festival was a real success! The turnout of people was more than expected and there was a good mix of items presented: story telling, songs, panel discussions, reflection moments, a "humanitree", instrumental pieces, chanting and meditation. Topics covered in the panel discussions were very practical and addressed the challenges that young adults face nowadays.
There was also a Faith Leaders' dialogue that ran at the same time where seniors and young adults of different faith organisations met to discuss openly how to keep youths engaged in spirituality and what they think the future holds. Sr Maureen participated in the dialogue.
What's unique about Beyond Belief is that each faith group didn't present their items separately but each item was prepared by smaller groups of individuals based on the subject that resonated the most with them, irrespective of their faith background.  The fruit of such cooperation was so beautiful! We could feel the vibrations!
In the centre of London, among the skyscrapers, there was a group of people celebrating God, recognising that all the different paths lead to the same destination, that we call Him different names in different languages but we all identified Him as Light.
The festival ended with a group song where everyone joined in to sing "Where there is love nothing is too much trouble, there is always time".
A few photos are attached to give you some glimpses of how it happened.
Om shanti
Brahma Kumaris UK Young Adults Group


Special Event: Yoga Power in a World of Chaos with Dadi Janki

14 May 2015


Update on Br. Balwant

14 May 2015

Dear Centre Coordinators,

Loving greetings from London.  

Thanks for all the messages of good wishes and love that continue to come for Balwantbhai.

With Baba's love and the support of the family he is now on the way to recovery. He has been moved from the ICU to the Trauma Ward. He is receiving very good care and seems very aware and alert.

Dadi Janki's drishti has been serving him very well and he has received a lot of encouragement through that.

The neurosurgeon who operated on Balwantbhai also spent an hour with Dadi on her first visit and then again spent an hour with her yesterday.

With love and regards,

In Baba's yaad,

Sister Jayanti



Latest News from Sr Jayanti and Dadi Janki's arrival to London

12 May 2015

On Saturday 9th May Dadi arrived in Ahmedabad and then went to see Br Nirwair in Memnegar and it was a very sweet meeting of love, Dadi then returned to Lotus House at night. On Sunday 10th May Dadi went to Mumbai and arrived at Villa Parle, the same time Dadi Gulzar arrived from Panchgani. There was a very special programme that Yoginiben had arranged with beautiful decorations for Mother's day and so from 4.30-6.30pm the family had a very wonderful celebration with two great world mothers. In the evening Br Rameshi came to meet with Dadi and at night at 11.30pm Dadi Gulzar gave leave to Dadi Janki and Dadi arrived in London early this morning and met with the class. Many from the class were still around to welcome Dadi and it was a very beautiful scene of love. Dadi is remembering the whole family world wide with a lot of love.



Further News of Br Balwant from London

8 May 2015

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
First of all, a big thank you for all the special meditations, good wishes and very kind, loving messages that have come from the BK family across the world for our specially loved brother.
We are pleased to let you know that Balwantbhai is now out of danger and was also taken off sedation yesterday.  He did open his eyes a few times, including when Dadi Janki's message was played to him and he seems to recognise people. However his responsiveness varies and he is, understandably, extremely weak.  We will not know the effects of the injury to the brain for a little while.
Please do have continue to send your yoga power for his full recovery.
Together with Baba's children, Balwantbhai's niece and nephew are also with him most of the time.
With love and regards,
in Baba's yaad
BK Jayanti


News of Br Balwant from London

6 May 2015

Dear Centre Coordinators,

Loving greetings from London. This is to give you news of our dear Balwantbhai. Early on Tuesday morning Balwantbhai had a fall and sustained a severe head injury. He was rushed to hospital where it was discovered that blood had collected in the brain. Yesterday afternoon Balwantbhai was operated on for around 3 hours to remove the blood. He is now in intensive care and the next 48 hours are very critical for him.  Please do send your love, good wishes and yoga power to help our brother come through this critical time.
With loving regards,
In Baba's yaad,
BK Jayanti


2015 Parliament of the World's Religions, Salt Lake City October 15-19: Pre-Parliament Event - Reclaiming the Heart of Our Humanity

23 April 2015 - Global Co-operation House, London, UK

Organised by the World Congress of Faiths and the Brahma Kumaris UK

This pre-parliament event brought the spirit of the Parliament to around 50 people of all faiths.
In her welcome Sister Jayanti, European Director of the Brahma Kumaris, remembered how her first exposure to the issue of climate change was at the 1993 Parliament in Chicago, not realizing that years later this would become the major issue of our times with still very few people willing to do anything about it!  She talked of the increasing recognition of the importance of the role of religions in this.  She quoted Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change: "if anything is going to change climate change it has to come from the heart'.
She guided us in a meditation on emerging love, truth and compassion within the heart, so that these qualities keep guiding us in life and our work for humanity.
Rev Marcus Braybrooke, President of the World Congress of Faiths shared greetings from the planning group in Chicago.  He went on to share how the reason for bringing the world's religions and spiritual traditions together is so that we can unlock the spiritual riches and resources we all have for the healing of our world.  And this is both spiritual and practical.  He shared his aim for the Parliament where a world society is created, that embodies the mystic and interconnectedness and of all things related to the Divine, and he quoted Jane Goodall, anthropologist, that ‘the ultimate destiny of our species is a state of Compassion and love'.
A video was shown of the history of the Parliament from 1893 to the present day which conveyed the wealth of culture, tradition, faith, dialogue and the celebration that took place in Chicago, Capetown, Barcelona and Melbourne.
Mrs Mary Braybrooke, retired social worker and Mr Vinod Kapashi, President of the Mahavir (Jain) Foundation, shared their special memories of the parliaments of how the generous listening and sharings meant that many lasting friendships were made.
Enthusiastic group discussions followed on the following questions:
Reclaiming the Heart of our Humanity: working together for a world of compassion, peace, justice and sustainability:
What does this mean to me personally on my life's journey?
How is this theme relevant to the interfaith work that I am engaged in?
Each group was then invited to construct one sentence that would be their message to the Parliament.
In chairing the following discussion, Rev Alan Race, Chair of the World Congress of Faiths noted:
not just words are shared, but short term inclusive projects are created to bring the aims into reality.
neighbourhoods of community in the human world family continue to be developed.
by drawing together the ancient wisdoms of compassion and respect, a new language of tomorrow can be developed.
that we can reclaim a world that we have lost, as well as embark on a journey exploring who we are and where we are going as part of the Parliament process.
Rabbi Jackie Tabbick, Co-President of the World Congress of Faiths, closed the evening with a prayer……a time to meet in courage and truth and in this we share the common prayer of humanity….and may our courage match our convictions and our integrity our hope…..
Everyone was asked to write their personal hopes for the Parliament.  The most outstanding one was as follows:
A Chance for the world's people to CONNECT to: 
Compassionate hearts emerging
Openness to all religions
Newness in the vision of unity
Nurturing a feeling of a world family
Engaging in learning about common goals
Create friendships
Tolerance for all people
For more information:


London to Roll Out New Version of Webcast Service

21 April 2015

Dear all,
Om Shanti and greetings from London!
We are pleased to share that a new version of the webcast service has been developed and will be released on Friday, 24th April, 2pm.
The new service has been designed to work on all devices (IPads, Androids, Apple phones) 
The webcast link will be  http://webcast.bkwsu.eu
The new screen will look as below. The live classes and events will appear under 'Live Channels'.
Please email webcast@bkconnect.net and let us know if you have any problems/feedback.
Best wishes
In Baba's yaad
Webcast team


London News from Sister Jayanti - 15th April

19 April 2015

On 14th, we had a pre-Parliament of World Religions event in London. We had many good friends from the Interfaith group come along and the President of the World Congress of Faiths, Revered Marcus Braybrooke, and his wife, Mary, joined us and spoke. It was a very beautiful afternoon spent together with friends, and there were also refreshments. 

Each one was also asked to write a vision of what they hoped the Parliament would achieve this year, and people wrote their visions with their names at the back. Mary and I were asked to pick out the best one which was a very clear and beautiful vision.

Dadi Janki left for Ahmedabad on 15th evening to meet with Nirwairbhai, who has now reached Sterling Hospital, Ahmedabad, and you will have been receiving the updates on his health from India.



Service News from Sarajevo, Bosnia - March 2015

6 April 2015

In Sarajevo we successfully managed to translate and deliver the self-respect course that had a good turnout of around 25 students on the first night. It then stayed around 20. It seems a great topic and we are looking forward to doing it again. We also had a new BK, who not only travelled for the first time by plane and by themselves, but also went to their first meeting in Madhuban! They loved it.

Sr Sandra Baksa visited at the end of February. We were able to go to Tuzla for a second time and deliver the beginners meditation course. Over two days we had 30 people attending so it was very fruitful and lots of interested souls with a good background of spiritual experience behind them. 

We then took Sandra back to Zagreb and picked up Carole Glover. Carole had a talk in Zagreb and then we left the next day. It took us a few days to come back as we visited some places that Carole had old war friends in and some places with heavy energy like Jasenovac where around 100,000 people were killed in the WW2 concentration camp. Mansaseva was the name of the game. Upon our return to Sarajevo Carole started the positive thinking course. 30 people came on the first night and was consistently busy until the end. 

The wonderful Desert Rose musicians also came from South Africa for a series of concerts. We were able to have three concerts in Sarajevo that also combined guided meditations and talks. We then took them to Tuzla and Carole also. We were able to have a concert there too with the theme of Beyond Words. The next day we were able to finish off the meditation course with five people. Carole is still here and carrying on giving great talks which have included the 7 Stages of Consciousness and, Spirituality and Science. We are very lucky to have her. Looking forward to Michel visiting in April. We are spoiled!

With love from the Bosnia Family



The House is Full of Yogis - Interview With Br Neville & Son on BBC Oxford

6 April 2015

The House is Full of Yogis - Interview with father & son on BBC Radio Oxford

Below is a link to an interview that Neville and Will gave with BBC Radio Oxford on 27 March about Will's book, The House is Full of Yogis. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. I think the best bit is hearing them both laughing about their experiences. Forward it to 1hour 12mins in to get to their interview which lasts till 1hour 33mins


London Media Department




Holi at Leicester Harmony House on 7th March in Photos

13 March 2015



New Videos of UK Events Now Available on YouTube

12 March 2015

Videos of two events from earlier in the year now up on our Youtube channel (www.youtube.com/brahmakumarisuk):
Beyond Fear (Featuring Paul Palmarozza and Lynne McTaggart and Sister Jayanti):
Creating The Future We Want (youth event, also featuring Sister Jayanti)


The Power of the Feminine - Authentic  I  Intuitive  I Purposeful

11 March 2015

Celebrating International Women's Day 2015 at Global Co-operation House

Sunday 8rd March 2015 2-5.30pm

Little did we know that the quality for the afternoon was literally established, when the MC, Romina Melwani, currently studying to be a Nutritionist, asked: "Are you ready to enjoy yourselves…as this is an afternoon just for yourselves!" This set the tone for what was an unusual and experiential afternoon before the introduction of the two charismatic performers. In one instance, an encore was requested after the singing workshop, and granted! 

The following itemization of the afternoon events depicts the program and gives an idea of its lively flavour. 

Song - By Sister Liuba Doga, a Vocal Coach and Dancer, from Maldova, now offering her services in Cambridge. She sang powerfully, filling the Conference Hall, with the melodious tones of a refrain that encouraged us to recognize and remember, "Happiness is not outside yourself; Happiness is just being yourself…and that you are an eternal spark of light"........Click here for detailed report.



Pictures of the International Womens Day Program in Leicester, Sunday, 8th March

10 March 2015



Youth Silence Retreat in Worthing 13-15 February 2015

2 March 2015

On Friday 13th to Sunday 15th  the London youth had their first Silence retreat at Baba's magical Lighthouse Retreat Centre in Worthing. There were 17 youth present. The weekend went extremely well and all the youth took a lot of benefit.
The silence retreat was called "Exploring Silence – DOUBLE LIGHT". The retreat started with an introduction and Drishti with each other and BapDada. Saturday began with a class by Sr Denise on video and a getting rid of waste exercise through commentary beautifully created by Brother Nik. There was also a guiding star exercise in silence and lots of meditation throughout the evening followed by a Bhatti which invoked Baba as it was a special valentine evening and the day ended with a letter to Baba. On Sunday there was Drishti Circle and Feedback. It was a busy weekend with lots of activity for the mind especially for those who were experiencing silence for the first time.
The retreat enabled people to let go of negativity and release of tension. There was emotional cleansing, and lots of reflection and realisations allowing a process of churning. It was an opportunity to focus on silence and go deep within, for some to find that space within which they can go back to.
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and had some experience of silence.  Some of the feelings expressed were:
peaceful, touched, lots of love from Baba, lightness, clarity and the retreat allowed a shift to happen. Everyone enjoyed all the sessions especially the Bhatti that invoked Baba and the Drishti circle exercise. There was a wish for another silence retreat to happen soon where everyone could go deeper into silence. 
Overall the feeling of the whole retreat was of real ease and simplicity, even though some began the retreat with uncertainty of what would happen or if they could be in silence for a long time, it seemed that every single one had a moment of that but were able to fly past that feeling and really enjoy it and connect deeply with themselves, Baba, and everyone around.
It truly was a beautiful retreat and a special gift for the Youth from Baba himself.
Much love to all,
In Baba's Sweet remembrance,
GCH Youth Sustenance Group 


London Tamil Group Service Report For 2014

27 Febuary 2015

Dear All,

Om Shanti and loving greetings. Here is a report on the service activities of Tamil group in London for 2014.

Best wishes, In Baba's yaad,

On behalf of Tamil team

Daxa, Shankar, Rekha



Announcing Peace in the Park Festival for 2015 at GRC

11 February 2015

Live link to the below event website: http://www.peaceintheparkfestival.org/



News from Sr Jayanti - Leicester

9th February 2015

On Saturday 7th February, we first had a gathering for VIPs at Leicester for supper and then from 7pm the general public joined them for the topic: A Century of Wisdom. It was a full house and Dadi very much enjoyed her time in Leicester. Dadi was also had a radio interview for about half an hour prior to the public event and the Lord Mayor of Rugby was also present.
Dadi loved Baba's home, Harmony House, and enjoyed very much the view from her room. Dadi spent Saturday night there. On Sunday morning, BKs from the Midlands gathered to be with Dadi. Dadi then came back to London and in the evening was able to meet with the Tamil group, who had organized a big public event in GCH, and this again was full house. Dadi explained to them each one of the pictures. She asked for the Trimurti, Drama and Tree to be brought on stage, and explained those, and even the photo of the Ancestors. Dadi shared stories of many of the ancestors, so it was very homely and lovely! They enjoyed it a lot.
On Thursday evening, we had a select group of around 100 individuals came together, including many of our friends, to honour Dadi. The theme was An Evening with Dadi: Exploring the impact of Attitude and Atmosphere. The MC has been a good friend of Dadi's for many years and welcomed Dadi very warmly. First of all there were questions from the audience directed to myself and a short chat. Then the evening began with Dadi. It was a very wonderful evening filled with much love.
On Friday evening there was a programme ‘One World Family: The Vision we hold…' This was in Global Co-operation House Auditorium and was a public event; the house was completely packed. Emily Buchanan, BBC World Affairs Correspondent interviewed myself on the subject and took up all the challenges the world is facing, and how do we deal with them. After that, Dadi spoke, and Sr Manda gave a beautiful commentary at the end.


Our World Family...The Vision We Hold -with Dadi Janki

9th February 2015

Programme of 6th February 2015 - GCH, London

To a full auditorium the evening began with a powerful song, "Wonder", sung acapella by BK Minal Patel (originally sung by Emily Sande at the Olympics opening ceremony in 2012):…I am wonder, I am that light….I don't let things push me down. MC BK Sarah Eagger, a psychiatrist by profession, shared how hearing people's stories from different cultures, ages, and states of mind makes us feel we are part of one world family. She talked about how fear of ‘the other' is prevalent in the world today and poses the question: ‘So how can we come together?'
(click image to watch video of interview)
Emily Buchanan (World Correspondent for the BBC, who also presents ‘The World This Week' for BBC World Service) and Sister Jayanti (European Director of the Brahma Kumaris) then took up the conversation. Emily remembered doing a piece on Dadi Janki in 2008 (on her 92nd birthday), describing Dadi as ‘a spiritual firewoman, quenching the fires of conflict.'  She pointed out that the record of conflict in the world since 2008 has worsened and asked Sister Jayanti for her view on this. Sister Jayanti talked about the contrast between the extreme and growing forces of negativity on one side, and yet on the other side, more and more people searching for another, more holistic way of approaching things. 
Emily discussed the rise and ease of communication in the world, which should make people feel closer and more able to feel part of one family but that hasn't happened. Sister Jayanti talked about people ‘retreating into their external identity' – their religion, culture and tradition and, with this, conflict has been increasing. She said this was the result of a ‘disconnect' with the inner self and with the spiritual nature of the self. Emily described how (at the BBC) the more she reported on religion, the less enamored she became by it, witnessing particularly in some of the ‘holiest' places in the world ‘the exclusivity of each within their own religion'.
Sister Jayanti gave the example of a bicycle wheel; "I stand on one side, you on the other – there's a huge divide – food, language, beliefs.  If the other goes on an inner journey and if I go on my inner journey we come to the centre point of the wheel: the things we have in common are the love for the One and the values we hold. Religion has at its root in spirituality.  We need to come to the heart, to the spirituality that's there". 
Emily spoke of how India was the source of this message of spirituality, yet now even there these ideas are struggling.  Sister Jayanti suggested that the problem is consumerism, rather than development, and everyone getting locked into the externals of religion and materialism. This has created further divisions between rich and poor. Yet all people should be able to live well, with values coming from the spirit within. ‘There's a saying that the darkest hour is before the dawn', and this can sum up where the world is at today, as the light is starting to shine with people more interested in holistic health, vegetarianism and taking care of the planet.'
Emily asked Sister Jayanti whether we are moving towards some kind of apocalypse or could mankind turn things around?  Sister Jayanti acknowledged that things are at a climax, at this confluence where we are able to see both, so the responsibility for all of us is to make effort to see the beauty and the good.  Emily enquired about ‘the extreme forces of violence and aggression we see happening in many parts of the world today – is it a matter of just sending prayers? What will change these people?'  Sister Jayanti affirmed that thoughts of love can reach out and touch others.  She also quoted Margaret Meade who said that ‘It has always been a handful of committed individuals who have brought about change'.  To Emily's question ‘Do you see any more Gandhi-like figures emerging?', Sister Jayanti replied that what we need now are ‘communities of greatness'. When Dadi Janki was asked ‘What is greatness?', she replied, ‘If you are good you are fine.  If you are great, you are allowing the goodness of others to emerge'. For this we need to allow the spirituality within each to emerge.
There was a further discussion on ‘mindfulness', now a buzz word in many businesses and communities. Even at Davos (the World Economic Forum) there were meditation sessions, which were full.  So people are recognising the need for it. Sister Jayanti acknowledged the importance of being aware of where I am at the present moment, and to become aware of what is happening inside, to turn inwards and see what quality of thinking the mind is engaged in. Then we are able to change it, by tapping into our own original qualities and by connecting upwards with the Divine to enhance these.  She suggested that although many are shy of the word ‘God', if we can open up to the presence of God and develop a relationship with Him, this would bring huge transformation within.
Emily noted that that successful people are probably the most stressed. In her role at the BBC she was often overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information to deal with.  Sister Jayanti suggested silence can bring great clarity, as we are bombarded with so much information and propaganda.  The impact of images and sounds can trigger negative aspects in our own personality – images of violence can trigger aspects of violence within the self. We have to apply a strong filter to deal with this.  Both agreed that positive news doesn't sell and what is good is ignored due to vested interests.
There is now a growing feeling by many not to watch TV, as it is just more of the same every day.  Then we can create space to look at things from a different perspective – from an elevated pure consciousness.  Someone had asked: ‘Is it possible to send out vibrations of love to people committing violence to help them?'  By sending light they might be able to see things differently. At present many are operating from ego and anger. So, if a wave of love reaches such an individual, as the vision of a fellow human being is held, change is possible.  Sometimes it's hard to accept the acts of others but many people in the world today feel very bitter as the impact of violence has been great sorrow. Humanity needs to put an end to the cycle of oppressor – victim – oppressor. Sister Jayanti quoted Einstein ‘A weak individual will seek revenge. A strong individual will forgive.  A powerful (or wise) soul will be able to go beyond it...' Forgiveness allows the individual to reclaim their inner freedom.
MC Sarah pulled the threads of the conversation together noting: ‘when we look at things on the outside we are divided, yet we have in common love for the Divine and, if it is now the hour before dawn, there is a great sense of hope.  So what is the vision I hold of the ‘other' and how can I see them as my brother?  What is the work we need to do to be able to let go of the hurt?  This is now happening on a grand scale'.  She introduced Dadi Janki as someone who ‘knows how to take power from God and loves to share it.'
DADI JANKI (click image to watch video)
These two have had such a beautiful conversation and so what can I say?  It's a very good thing to consider the world our family.  In this world family we are therefore all brothers and sisters.  And there is only one spiritual Parent who is the Mother and Father, and that One is wonderful.  When we have this consciousness we look at each other with spiritual vision.  Turn to each other now and look at each other with spiritual vision!  
There is so much significance in the words ‘Om Shanti'. Dadi pointed her finger upwards.  Who am I?  Who is mine?  What do I have to do?  Don't think too much or worry about anything.  We normally worry about what to do and who's going to do it.  Time, money, energy is all wasted, when we think too much.
This inner feeling to consider the world to be our family is very simple not complicated.  Some people clutter their rooms with books, etc.  Come to my room – I have nothing – not even a desk to sit and write at.  I have one thing, the daily teaching we call the murli, through which I understand that God is my Mother, Father, Friend, Teacher, Companion, everything.  I do not watch TV or read a newspaper. Someone said to me, that it would be good if I read the newspaper, because then I will know what's happening in the world.  I thought about this:  People go to bed having watched TV at night and wake up and read the newspaper. What must be in their heads? Dadi herself has been on a committed spiritual journey for 78 years and hasn't watched TV for that time, or even before.  I only know one thing, and that is Om shanti, meaning, ‘Hey soul you are the embodiment of peace'. God the Almighty is our Father. It is our attitude, awareness and vision that generate what we see outside of ourselves.  You are my brothers and sisters. 
What you see here is the wonder of thinking, seeing and speaking positively. ‘We are one family'. In our attitude and vision we have to follow the instructions from the Divine, instead of the instructions of one's own mind, born out of ego; the ideas of others, born out of their ego, the instructions of the scriptures or speaking our opinions born out of our status or position in the world.  In India we bring our hands together in front of others, bowing to the divine in the other.  We feel this sense of family when we are free from ego and attachment.  We have to become egoless, viceless and practise the stage of being incorporeal. When we practise being the soul (incorporeal) who is residing inside this physical body there will be no ego or attachment.  It is attachment that causes sorrow.  Greed creates wanting. I never carry a purse or handbag I just carry a tissue and this special badge, which shows the image of divine beings representing a perfect, balanced way of life. To become like that we have to change our character, become divine – angels. When you really practise meditation, the heart that was broken into many pieces becomes one.  We used to have the image of the three wise monkeys: see, hear, and talk no evil.  God adds one more – think no evil.
Sister Manda led everyone into a meditation experience – a silent and blissful experience of the connection with One and of being one family.  The programme ended with a song by BK Karishma Patel ‘I am light", as Dadi gave drishti to everyone.  Sister Jayanti then shared toli and blessings with all.
Full video:
Video of Dadi saying goodbye at the end, with song 'I Am Light':


Dadi Janki - "A Living Miracle" - Celebrating and Honouring 100 years of Wisdom

9th February 2015

Dadi Janki meeting the Sindhi Community - 4th February 2015, GCH, London

BK Sunil gave a special welcome to over 120 gathered from the Sindhi community here in London, including many elders of the community and representatives of the Sindhi Mandir, The Sindhi Association of UK, The Sadhu Vaswani Mission, The Indian High Commission and Air India and others  A dance welcomed Dadi and the community with happiness and a family spirit – to one of Dadi's favourite songs that she learnt in the 1930's when she was first with Brahma Baba: ‘You made me belong to You and taught me how to smile.'
BK Sunil gave Dadi's introduction, highlighting how ‘Dadi's pure thoughts always seem to become a reality.' .He noted how Dadi has transcended every human challenge imaginable and her achievements in the service of mankind are on a global scale.  ‘Dadi is a pure spirit who has taken the power of self discovery and continues to share it with the world.  Her life can be put into context by the word ‘miracle'.  We are celebrating her life and also we are here to understand her power more fully, so that maybe we can perform her miracle in our lives too. This would make her dream come true.'
BK Romina, also compering, noted ‘It is the young people who need spirituality more than ever, as the internet continues to invade our lives.'  She shared: ‘It is Dadi's simplicity and the feeling of being pure and simple that I love'.
A slideshow followed Dadi's life story since arriving in London in 1974 and showed how her zeal, determination and enthusiasm ensured all plans became reality. BK Sunil drew everyone's attention to Dadi as a messenger of peace; and a humble leader who as an instrument and a trustee has performed her part to the best of her ability.  In her words:  ‘I play a hero actor, as I have the Director behind me and the whole world in front of me and then I play my part'
Before Dadi spoke BK Sunil asked: So where does the Spiritual Power come? And is it possible to access this power?
Sister Jayanti added words of welcome to everyone and introduced Dadi further, sharing how that Dadi being here this evening is a perfect demonstration of the vision, courage and determination Dadi has embodied all her life. A month ago it looked impossible that Dadi would be able to travel, due to the body's fragile health at this incredible age.  She shared how when Dadi met Brahma Baba, she knew she had no need to search any more and she decided that her life was going to be devoted to God.  Sister Jayanti shared how she met Dadi first when she was eight years old with her family in Pune and until today she has continued to learn from Dadi's life of tremendous simplicity and renunciation.  She noted we can all learn from Dadi to make God a priority in our lives.  ‘Dadi asks the question what is it He wants of me (not what does anybody else want), and then she connects with silence and speaks what comes from that source of truth'. Sister Jayanti commented: ‘Seeing Dadi, I am constantly surprised by how the power of the spirit goes beyond anything that matter can do.' One of Dadi's great achievements was that those she served in the 1970's and 1980's are all still around today, because she was able to instill in them such a strong foundation of love and faith, and so they have been able to continue on the path – she has inspired and empowered so many.  Another extraordinary fact is that Dadi left to live once again in India in the mid 2000's with nothing more than what she arrived with in 1974.  The principles she has kept in her life have been truth, simplicity and love – and when we nurture the connection with The Divine, then everything we need will come from that One.
Dadi Janki
Baba would wish us to do good actions. He would tell us to sit in remembrance of Shiv Baba and see what the intellect was doing.  The knowledge of the soul says that the mind, intellect and personality are all part of soul, just as the body has the eyes, nose and ears. We listen with our ears and then merge that within the self. Shiv Baba made Brahma Baba the instrument and I witnessed the light of the Supreme Soul come into his body with my own eyes. My uncle also saw Brahma Baba and saw the light and might through him and felt that whatever actions he performed were right. Shiv Baba explains the philosophy of actions. Both ego (‘I did it') and attachment are detrimental and harmful to the self.  So, first we need purity and then truth. Then with patience we speak sweetly. Without patience any plan becomes hasty.  Brahma Baba would feed us the food of knowledge. This was not just knowledge that you repeat through your mouth; this knowledge filters through all areas of your life and becomes practical. Brahma Baba became my mother and father – and Shiv Baba also became these, as well as my Teacher, Satguru and my Friend.
Dadi's secret is in the song played earlier…You made me belong to you and taught me how to smile – this is what happened in reality. God's love and my love for God, and perseverance, is my secret. Baba would teach me how to go beyond the consciousness of the body and be a trustee. When my cough was bad, Baba would feed me honey at night to soothe my throat and call me Janak. So, being bodiless has become a natural practice for me, as I learnt it from Brahma Baba's example. When Shiv Baba's light and might came into Brahma Baba, his actions completely changed. He had such paternal love. I recognised Baba's big and honest heart and his natural generosity. Absolute honesty, cleanliness and simplicity are the most important things.  As soon as Shiv Baba came into the body of Brahma Baba, he surrendered everything – his mind, body and wealth. He didn't hold onto anything. The same too happened with the ancestor souls who came to Shiv Baba at that time. 
We don't have a right to worry.  God is totally responsible. There is nothing to think or worry about. There is thinking and there is churning. When we churn spiritual knowledge we go deep into the feeling of knowledge. When we keep knowledge in our awareness then it comes onto our lips.  Dadi doesn't hold onto anything and doesn't want anything. My hands have always been free and I am always ready to depart from this body. The soul is sitting in this body to perform elevated actions knowing that others will see and follow. So all we need is purity, honesty, patience, humility and sweetness.
When the child has courage then the Lord helps. When the heart is clean then our pure desires are fulfilled. Everyone has their own country they call theirs. The Sindhis lost their land and yet they are everywhere in the world and wherever they are, they create unity in their community.  We are one family. I embrace you all with love.
BK Sunil thanked Dadi stating that Dadi shows us how to create a connection with God, and to nurture it daily, so that what we may feel is a remote possibility, we can somehow do.
Sister Jayanti took everyone on an inner journey to experience the power of God's love with a meditation commentary.
After a couple more sharings of personal experience with Dadi, a cake cutting ceremony was held; everyone sang Happy Birthday and Dadi then blew out her 99 candles. The evening closed with a wonderfully lively and joyful rendering of the Sindhi song Mast Qalandar, sung by Dr Haresh Wadhwani. Dadi and many from the gathering danced and clapped along with a lot of love and happiness.  
Cake, blessings and Brahma bhojan were then enjoyed by all.


News from Sr Jayanti - Programme at Coventry University Centre for Trust

9th February 2015

On the 3rd February there was a programme at Coventry University's Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations which is a new Centre that's recently been established. Coventry has a history of reconciliation after the Cathedral was bombed in the 2nd World War; just a part of the shell remains as a memorial. Coventry as a City had a special ceremony for Forgiveness and Reconciliation, and after that there's been a new Cathedral built. So the City of Reconciliation was the appropriate place to have this Centre established. There were Speakers from all the different faith traditions, and BKs were also there. The subject we were given was "Faith, Politics and Social Justice: the General Elections and Beyond". My topic within that was ‘The Role of the Individual'. This was well received, and after half a day's seminar from 12noon-4pm, we all went to a very beautiful theatre in another part of the University. The Archbishop of Canterbury started a new series of talks, and this was on the subject of the big question. He spoke about ‘Can we build communities of Trust and Peace?' It was a very powerful lectureand he is an excellent Speaker. We were then able to meet him very briefly and present him a book on Values and some toli. He loved receiving the toli. There was also the opportunity to meet the Dean of Coventry Cathedral and various other dignitaries.



Attitude and Atmosphere - Dadi Janki with Invited Guests

9th February 2015

GCH, London - Programme of 5th February 2015

Gina Lazenby introduced and welcomed the gathering of over 100 friends and invited guests, including the Mayor of Brent, Cllr Kana Naheerathan. Gina spoke of Dadi as ‘an amazingly graceful leader', leading a global organisation without any stress, accomplishing so much with great ease: Dadi doesn't experience the loneliness of being at the top that so many leaders do.  Her words are a source of sustenance for me personally, to keep the right attitude in these stressful times.  Dadi's presence shifts the atmosphere and we feel the richness, depth and power now that she has arrived.
Before Dadi took the stage and showered everyone with pearls of wisdom and great sweetness, Sister Jayanti took questions from the gathering and made the following points:
To be a role model we need to build relationships of great trust and be who we are with openness and honesty. People will then take benefit from that.  
One person mentioned how we are all gathered in a shared spirit of peace and yet in the world we are seeing such aggression bubbling all around – how do we deal with this? Sister Jayanti reassured that one candle can create illumination all around it and so, if we hold a commitment to peace and not allow the outside atmosphere to change this, then the power of a positive small minority can move and change things..
It is important to study something of a spiritual nature daily to uplift and elevate the self and also to use this as a protection. 
It is also important to vibrate feelings of love to all those engaged in aggression. This is the only way to change things in the right way, and not by reacting with more aggression. 
Sister Jayanti also shared that she wouldn't have the strength to protect the self from the negativity around, if it weren't for her connection with the One up above.  It is His power of love and truth, which she commits to connecting with each and every day, that can sustain the power within the self and also at some point reach out and help transform the atmosphere of the world around us. It is very important to find ways to keep this connection with The Divine throughout the day.
In the awareness of being the spiritual being, the being of light, we shine light and we can recognise the Being who is the Supreme Light. We understand that this is the same One for all, whatever different region or tradition someone comes from.
For our attitude to impact the atmosphere it is important to send out good wishes and then our vibrations are transformed and these can then impact those around us.  
When there is a safe environment, it is very easy to make real contact with each other.  When there isn't that safety, there is no trust.  
An attitude of spiritual consciousness; seeing the other as my brother and seeing all of us as one human family, is very powerful as the atmosphere that is generated is one of automatic trust.  
The Brahma Kumaris have been asked what it is we do that creates such a beautiful atmosphere at our retreat centres, where people can find warmth and trust and new realisations and a new step forward.  One main ingredient is that people are meditating in these places.
At the UN climate change conferences (COP) it has been noted that they all start with high hopes but very little result is achieved. When there is an atmosphere that is conducive, negotiations take on a very different form.  If the atmosphere has not been prepared, the negotiations are aggressive and so there will be very little result.   
The attitude with which we approach an individual or a situation with will determine the outcome.
Gil Fernandes added to the beautiful atmosphere by playing a piece on the violin by Rachmaninov that, he said, reminded him of eternity.
Dadi Janki
When there are powerful experiences they leave an imprint and we don't forget them.  Is it possible to do this all the time and not just on one occasion?  In this atmosphere when we say ‘om shanti', it touches the heart. First there is om shanti for the self.  Then there is om shanti for ‘who is mine?' When I think of ‘I' the soul, not ‘I' the body, then I remember that the One up above is mine.  When I connect with that one, I know what I have to do, because He gives me the intellect to be able to understand this.  
It has been 78 years since I became a Brahma Kumari.  I am now 99. When I was 19, I saw the transformation in Brahma Baba and, when I was 21, and I decided that, just as he had created an elevated life for himself, I would do the same.  We have a third eye and when this is open we remember ‘who I am and who I belong to and where He lives'.  The original Home of all souls is the Home of silence, where God, the Being of Light, resides.  With this awareness we can feel the might of God.  
Each soul is wedded to the One up above. Each of us has relationships with others yet every soul is connected to that One.  When I travel and immigration ask me ‘am I married?'  I respond that ‘Yes, I am married to the Comforter of Hearts and I have two children; my son is called happiness and my daughter is called peace.'  As you eat and drink, make this connection with the Comforter of Hearts, then you will always have peace and happiness and the atmosphere will be very beautiful.  Wherever I go and whoever I meet, my children are with me!
In one picture here you see the three dimensions: the physical, the subtle and the Land of Silence.  In another, you see the Tree, and those sitting at the root of the Tree are connecting with The Seed to create a foundation for the whole tree of peace, happiness and love.   When there is peace and happiness, there is love; when there is love, there is bliss and when there is bliss, there is power – and when there is power, we don't give or take sorrow.  This is the lesson I learn and teach others.
The One up above is there all the time.  We have created retreat places where people can forget about the clock. We invite them to meditate early in the morning – they find it surprisingly easy in these atmospheres to wake up early.   When there is cleanliness within, the atmosphere can be filled with peace, happiness, love and bliss.  When there is an atmosphere of ego – ‘I am good, I am an enlightened soul…', etc, then the atmosphere changes.  Understand the differences between the consciousness of the physical and the consciousness of the spiritual, then you can let go of ego. As soon as we say the word ‘I', then we can know whether we speak from the consciousness of the limited, physical or the unlimited, spiritual, when every single one is my brother and sister.  God has taught us this through the instrument of Brahma Baba.  
The third om shanti is to come and live together in harmony.  Whatever is in my heart will come into my mind.  Whatever is in my mind will impact my attitude and also my vision.  Whatever is in my awareness and I am reflecting on will create my attitude.   Whatever happens, let me not have the attitude that ‘things should be like this and not like that'.  Whatever happens is all OK.  
All day reflect on the message of spirituality and how it can be revealed to the world.  An attitude of service to the world then manifests.  Whatever actions anyone is performing, I do not react to or reject them. 
When we cook with love, this also creates the atmosphere.  Brahma Baba left in 1969 but the teachings he shared are still with us.  He never thought of himself as a teacher and said it is the One up above who is the Teacher.  I came to London in April 1974 and in these 40 years there has been so much service.  The purpose of having centres in many places is so that many people can come easily and study there.  These are places where people come, study and learn to smile.  Just keep smiling and nothing is difficult.  
Whatever is in our attitude determines what we do with our actions in life.  I am going to give everyone a gift today of five things, representing the five fingers: The gifts of awareness, courage, faith, trust and finally co-operation, which makes everything happen.  Then there are the gifts of purity peace, love, happiness and power – five more for you to take away!  For practical life there are also the gifts of patience, humility and sweetness.
If someone else is angry, what must I do?  Remain blissful.  Whoever I meet, just remember the good things. Through our attitude we create our atmosphere and a powerful atmosphere we cannot forget.  So, create a powerful atmosphere wherever you go, carrying within the self purity, honesty, patience, humility and sweetness.  Never ask ‘why', ‘what' and ‘if'. Thank you for accepting these gifts.
Sister Jayanti gave a meditation commentary to connect with the One and ending with the realisation that our own attitude creates the atmosphere we would like to have.
Gifts, toli and blessings were shared with all and Gina closed sharing, ‘I feel so at home in this beautiful vibration we have all created.


An Evening with Dadi Janki - A Shining Star and Spiritual Powerhouse - 8th Febuary at Willesden

5 Febuary 2015

Dear all

Please see below a special event with Dadi Janki for the Tamil community. 

We look forward to seeing you there.  Please feel free to invite your friends, family and colleagues.

Join a Shining Star and Spiritual Powerhouse - Dadi Janki in her 100th year

Sunday, 8th February 2015

7.00 – 8.30pm

Global Co-operation House,

65-69 Pound Lane, Willesden, London, NW10 2HH

Best wishes




News of the re-opening of Inner Space, Wembley with Dadi Janki

5 Febuary 2015

Dadi Janki, Sr Jayanti and Didi Sudesh, plus many guests and the Inner Space Wembley students and team, got together for reopening of the Inner Space Wembley centre on Monday 2nd February.  We were all very peased that Dadi could come. There was ribbon cutting at the new shop entrance, the lift and the new quiet room, and coconut breaking. Dadi and the seniors visited each and every room and then offered bhog. Sr Jayanti and Didi Sudesh shared first and then Dadi shared and than she called upon all the helpers and the regular students and gave them each a red rose, toli and blessings. It was such a sweet and powerful gathering, totally beyond any of our expectations. It felt like all the hard work and patience had been rewarded by the Maharathis presence.

Inner Space Wembley Team

Click here for photos.



News from Sister Jayanti on the Celebration in Honor of Dadi and More.....

4 Febuary 2015

The 1st February evening was a tremendous experience of pure love with different groups from the Class: Tamil group, Hindi group, Kumars group, Sisters, English class, Punjabi class, all joining together to really honour Dadi and celebrate her 99th. Dadi was really touched and melted by the love. We had tears in our eyes as we laughed at some of the skits that the young people put on. It was a full house with the Brahmin family and we enjoyed every moment.

On the 2nd, Dadi and the family went to inaugurate the renovated Wembley Inner Space. It really looks very, very beautiful and fresh, as there's has been quite a large amount of remodelling done inside. It's only just been completed so the timing was perfect for Dadi to break the coconut. It now has a lift so that individuals like Dadi can use it to go upstairs. They were very happy to have had this very special opportunity.



Sister Jayanti's News Update Re: Dadi in London

2 Febuary 2015

On Friday 30th came back after about 2hrs dental treatment but still wanted to do class in the evening and so we were able to have meditation and then a little bit chit chat with Dadi. Then Dadi asked Gopi to read out some of the questions and the answers that had been given by Dadi for an interview for a magazine in India. On Saturday 31st morning we had a gathering of BKs from all over the UK. It was 400 plus and it was very beautiful meeting of love. Dadi chatted to them and then went on a tour of the dining rooms and the kitchens to see how they were all enjoying Brahma Bhojan. 

In the evening Dadi again was able to conduct meditation and there was an interview. It just needed a few questions – 3 or 4, to trigger Dadi's thoughts and she shared about the Avyakt stage, the Karmateet stage and also how not to be hopeless about the self or others.



Stepping Into 100 Years - A Celebration With Dadi Janki

2 Febuary 2015

Dadi Janki, Sister Jayanti and Sister Hansa entered down the middle aisle from the back of the auditorium, greeting everyone as she came to the stage.  The auditorium was overflowing with 700 + BKs, who had gathered on this chilly winter night, with hearts warm and open and in deep appreciation and delight at this chance to celebrate with Dadi, and all the love she has given throughout the years, here in London.

MC'd by BK Minesh and BK Jagruti and billed as the Event of Century – an evening to celebrate the birthday of this most precious jewel ever to grace our presence, Dadi Janki and the one who keeps making the impossible become possible,

A great variety of BK talent then shared their great love for Dadi with many acts, both light and profound…

BK Davina opened  with a poem noting how ‘Dadi Janki points one eloquent finger up to the Father…and how Dadi and the early ones have left us the legacy of trust and everything is built on their solid foundation of faith.  Davina also spoke of how Dadi's dream is manifest in the bricks and mortar and we walk along the corridors of her vision – the vision she holds for all of us, of seeing our highest selves and she pulls us towards this vision, sometimes by the ear!.. The pictures that Dadi paints make us all feel we know the ones we didn't meet…Dadi has accepted Baba's blessing of immortality…as she dances the dance of becoming equal to the Father…and leads us in the happiness as she dances….

Sisters from Southall then danced a dance of great happiness. Followed by the first of five amusing skits, performed by London brothers, led by BK Minal and BK Trushar and all wonderfully bespoke for a BK audience!  The first one, titled Dadi Tracker, advertised a new phone app to ensure that you'll never be late for class and so never get Dadi's wagging finger!  As well as other great features for every self respecting BK!

Two sisters (spiritual and lokik), Kethiswary and Umaparameswary, sang from the heart a Tamil song, expressing that simplicity is the way that Baba wants us to follow.

A second skit brought more humour with takes on the different poses of BKs before exiting yoga/class and brought much laughter from the audience. This was followed by the third: ‘Webcast or Live?', illustrating the simple dilemma to either come into the gathering as a pukka BK, or to stay at home and snuggle in for the evening and watch the webcast! 

‘I'd like to teach the world to sing…in perfect harmony' sang out from the singing group, before the fourth skit, a commercial, advertising a most useful BK item, the ‘magic bhog cloth away' –  to cover up unwanted mess (or company), when Dadi visits…'a wonderful bit of kit to save many golden aged births…so don't hesitate and order online.'

An inspiring dance was performed by BK Pearl and sisters, to Dadi's words, spoken in English with a background soundtrack created by UK music producer Sunit Panchal. 

This captured everyone's heart: ‘We hold the same vision of a better world…such a world could and will exist….now make it happen…it is what is in our hearts that creates a lovely home….we hold a vision of a better world and speak for all people.'

The final skits again entertained and made everyone laugh, with a take on a less than elegant Rakhi and, finally, a visit to the Blessings Return Counter – for those who wish to trade in, understand and verify that they were genuine blessings in the first place. Everyone was cautioned to ‘only accept blessings from reputable seniors!'

The MCs thanked all the artists for making the evening memorable and BK Jagruti spoke to Dadi: ‘You are 99 but young and sweet, like sweet 16'.  Everyone clapped Dadi up to the stage, as she arrived dancing with Sister Jayanti and Sudesh Didi to ABBA's ‘Dancing Queen'.

Link to Album with all Pictures

Sister Jayanti shared deep thanks to the One above, the One who created Dadi and extended a big thank you to everyone present for joining the celebration, as well as ‘a big, big thank you to Dadi'.

Sudesh Didi noted how much can we express the deep inner feelings of gratitude and love  and how Dadi had spoken about holding the world in her hands, and now what is in her hand is in her heart and we see the whole world holding her in their heart.  Thank you Dadi for making us unshakeable, stable and powerful. Baba glorifies you and Baba has given us such a gift like you, a real diamond.

Sister Maureen and Sister Jaymini also came up and shared words of deep love and gratitude to Dadi. Many beautiful bouquets of flowers were presented to Dadi, on behalf of GCH, GRC, Europe, the five continents and Ketanbhai presented flowers on behalf of the three complexes of Madhuban. Dadi Janki then spoke.

Dadi Janki

One finger points to the self:  Who am I? Who is mine and what must I do?  All of you performed many wonderful dramas.  Don't get stuck or dangle anywhere and don't stick to anyone – all of these things are dangerous.  Be carefree, free and always stay happy.  Keep sharing drishti with each other with love and enjoy the treasure and nourishment of happiness.  The nourishment will make you strong, whatever the circumstances. It is all OK.  Transform any situation from a mountain into cotton wool, so it just floats away.  Don't make a little thing big, rather, minimise everything and make it small. 

This is the time to dance, not give teachings.  See what Baba is like!  My heart says mera Baba, mithe Baba, pyaare Baba, shukriya Baba.  Seeing this gathering, I am giving thanks to Baba.  Baba has made us all belong to Him and taught us to smile. Thank you Baba for bringing you all into this gathering.

I would like to share a gift with you all today.  You have given me many flowers, so let there be no thorns in your life. The thorn hurts. Let there be no defects. Only roses have such thorns.  A lotus is beautiful and detached from the stagnant water in which it lives – but it doesn't have any fragrance.  See each one's virtues.  Ask yourself: what transformation have I had?   I tell all my brothers and sisters to take a gift to bring about transformation in the self.  What transformation?  Not to see anyone's defect – not to even hear or speak of it.

In the early days, when Baba was in Bombay, a sister brought a model of the three monkeys: hear no evil, see no evil and talk no evil.  Baba liked it and wanted to give it as a gift but it was expensive, 11 rupees.  I went to the shop and they gave them to me for 3 rupees and I took a dozen. Baba said even this was expensive!   So then I went to the village where they were made and bought them for 1 rupee each.  We had them made with three little children instead of monkeys.  Baba added a fourth: think no evil.  This is the gift I want to give you all.  Don't worry or get anxious about anything, then you will keep smiling.  This is Baba's gift and it will work as a lift.  Time is up and it's time to go Home.  Look at the image of the ladder.  We come down the ladder and yet next to the ladder is the lift – the lift to go Home.  In the museum in Madhuban they have this as a very big image. 

When the third eye is open, we can be the master of the three worlds.  Then we can see the three aspects of time and the knowledge of the cycle spins in the intellect.  We are sitting below the Tree in meditation, connecting with the Seed and from the Seed becoming the first creation.

I am asked about my religion and I would say that the original eternal religion is of peace and truth and to be sweet.  The hand of blessings is over each one.  So have a happy heart and cool head.  Don't let it get heated and your nature will be easy. This is the gift. Just sit in the lift and you can go right up with no effort.  OK?

Sister Hansa and Sister Jayanti expressed their thanks and love.  Sister Jayanti shared how it was Sister Hansa who never lost sight of Dadi being able to travel and come to London at some point, although no one else could have ever imagined Dadi could make the journey.

Many international teachers then joined the scene on stage for cake cutting. Toli and a very special blessing, in the form of an angel holding a scroll with a ‘blessing' rolled up inside, were then shared with all.



Announcing Dadi Janki's Public Programme in London: "Our World Family...The Vision We Hold"

28 January 2015



Sister Jayanti's Sharing of Events from 23-26 January

26 January 2015

Dadi Janki really seems to be in good form, even though the body is still of course very fragile. Dadi takes a few rounds of walk around Diamond House in the morning and through the day, and usually manages to do one programme a day.

On 23 Friday, there was a major public event in Manchester with a gathering of 600 people. This was with a best-selling author and Life Coach, Robert Holden, myself with Lucinda being the MC as well as providing songs, and also teaching the whole audience a song also! The venue was beautiful: Royal Northern College of Music where there is a beautiful theatre. The Lord Mayor came to share a few words and stayed for the entire duration of the programme. The theme of the programme was: The Tonic of Happiness.

Clicking on the image below will launch the video.

Robert spoke and I did also. Then we had questions from Lucinda. Some people had sent us questions on the website earlier too. The audience was very, very receptive and seemed to enjoy everything.

Next morning after class with the Northern family, Lucinda and myself came to Leicester and again there was a public event on: Seeds of Greatness which was essentially about Brahma Baba, his life, and his legacy. We returned the same night to London and found Dadi still sharing lots of stories with a small group, even though it was late at night.

On Sunday, Dadi met with London and the Environs, all the surrounding suburban areas and around 700 were present for morning class. Every inch was taken and everyone enjoyed Dadi's sharing in a very homely, warm and loving way.

In the afternoon, there was a programme that the young people had organised: Creating the Future We Want – Nourishing the Heart and Strengthening the Mind. My part in it was an interview conducted by Sr Preet, with very good questions and then a meditation at the end.

In the evening, Dadi met with people and was able to keep quite an amazing timetable on Sunday.

Monday morning, after meeting everyone in the house for almonds (Dadi has being doing this on a daily basis also), Dadi went to Oxford and stayed 26th night there.



"Seed of Greatness" Program in Leicester Features Sister Jayanti

24 January 2015







Royal Northern College of Music Presents Dialogue Between Sister Jayanti and Author Dr Robert Holden

23 January 2015



News from Sr Jayanti - Welcome to London for Dadi Janki

23 January 2015 - GCH, London

Dadi Janki was able to be with us on Wednesday (21st) evening. There was a very lovely welcome programme organised by the young people. It was essentially a story in which they described how the Emperor had returned to his kingdom, and it was the story of Dadi Janki coming to London 40 years ago, creating a kingdom for Baba and now coming back again. It was interspersed with song, dance and a lot of love for Dadi with beautiful slides.
On Thursday Satguruwar, we offered bhog for Poonamben Dhalimal's father, Dada LB Chanrai. 40 members of the Sindhi community, mostly from Poonamben's family, gathered in Baba's home. It was a very special privilege for them to have Dadi offer the bhog for this very special soul. After the bhog, Dadi shared and it was a time of sharing not just wisdom but also a huge amount of love for the whole family. Prior to that, Dadi also met other families and that had also been a very special experience.
I was in Oxford for a public programme and returned to London at night. Today I go to Manchester and Leicester and return to London Saturday evening. In both places there are programmes. In Manchester the topic is The Happiness tonic - the science and secrets of healty happy living, and and in Leicester the topic is Seeds of Greatness.
Dadi Janki  - 21.1.2015 Evening Welcome to London – GCH
Happiness and Tenderness
With great happiness and tenderness the London class welcomed Dadi, with a special programme in honour of her journey here from 1971 to this day, and it was themed The Making of an Emperor.  BK Karishma narrated a story with slides of Dadi with Sakar Baba and her early days here in London, as with ‘simple dress and empty pockets…she entered her kingdom, the United Kingdom…'
BK Myriam and BK Preet danced to one of Dadi's favourite Murli songs‘ Kisi ne mujko banake apna muskurana sikha diya - Someone made me theirs and taught me how to smile….and I have lost my heart to Him', with Sister Maureen joining in the dance and then sharing flowers with Dadi.
Karishma continued sharing how ‘This emperor, the destroyer of obstacles, didn't just light up a small dark house, but taught everyone how to light up and be lights for the world… she taught us in an amazing way and stretched us to our limits.
Sister Denise shared a story of how, when shopping with Dadi, she was mistaken for her daughter-in-law by the shopkeeper… ‘ So Dadi become my mother- in-law'. Sister Denise shared stories of Dadi's incredibly caring nature and how she nurtured them all in those days with so much love.  She lived so simply, yet with so much greatness.  
The narration continued, noting some of Dadi's catch phrases, including:  ‘past is past', ‘who am I, who do I belong to and what do I have to do?', ‘no hurry, no worry, no curry (bitterness)' and ‘om shanti, om shanti, om shanti' - and ‘that famous finger wag'!  And how Dadi has never allowed physical illness to impede her relationship with her Beloved and, by being the ‘emperor of love', she has created so many royal kings.
BK Minal sang another murli song: One who has given me life, has never given me sorrow.  Sister Jasu joined in with a song of love, as she presented Dadi with a rose.
Finally, a wall shaped in the form of a heart, with words of thoughts and feelings of how Dadi has inspired each one, was presented.
What we saw this morning was a miracle.  As soon as Dadi walked into Global House, within a short time we saw a difference. She walked right from Baba's room through the dining room and into the seminar room - without a wheelchair.  So returning here is an instant remedy that was needed and I think we should bring her here again and again and again!
Sister Jayanti
Dadi, welcome home.  Everyone is so happy you are here and the tapasya we have done in the month of January has brought you.  I think Baba is very happy seeing this scene with you here, and it brings us all closer to Baba.  
Dadi Janki
Hansa had a very powerful inspiration to come here. 
Do not think of the past and don't have any expectations for the future.  What else do we have to do?  Peacefully and patiently do everything with love.  Patience, peace and love, this is easy is it not?  When there is patience, there is peace and love, and everything is wonderful.   With patience sit on your seat and never become upset.
Someone sensible would remain happy and content and never get upset.  Do not understand in order to show off, but understand with maturity.  No matter what happens, never miss the murli.  There were 13 original murli songs that Baba would have played and we played three of them tonight… The day for which we have been waiting has now come.  I feel very enthusiastic listening to songs from Sakar Baba's time.  London has had the fortune of hearing many, many stories of Sakar Baba and many are here tonight.   If we are stable on our seat, then we would never get upset.
Each one has their own different part.  In every murli Baba always speaks about drama.  Drama is fixed.  Every kalpa is fixed; each one's part is unique and fixed.  Be a detached observer and see how each one has their own place and unique part.  It is a great mistake to ask: ‘Why is this one doing this and that one doing that?  ‘Why, why, why?' becomes a queue. Just put a full stop. If someone doesn't know how to put a full stop, it is like a crow making a bad noise.  When there is a full stop, then we can keep smiling…
Eat toli, speak good words and become holy.
Dadi shared toli and blessings with everyone.



News and Photos of Remembrance Day in London

23 January 2015

Global Co-operation House pulled many BKs from London and beyond to come and celebrate and experience a wonderful avyakt day with BapDada, running from Amrit Vela until after World Meditation Hour. As Sister Jayanti noted ‘we don't often have the opportunity to spend 8 hours together in tapasya'.

Over 300 came for amrit vela in the auditorium, which was then overflowing with over 500 for combined murli, with Baba's elevated versions for this auspicious day read by Sister Jayanti. There followed a slide show of the pilgrimage places of Madhuban, and a recorded message from Dadi Janki, who reminded everyone of her three greatest jewels in this life: Baba, Murli and Madhuban.


Sister Jayanti shared how Dadi's sustenance is to make us strong and powerful so we can then do what we need to do in the world, and at Sangamyug ‘it is generosity and a big heart that allows royalty to shine'.

Sister Jaymini noted how Baba's versions take us beyond sound and it is easy today to experience the subtle region and the angelic form today. She shared how Brahma Baba was the greatest pioneer as there was no-one in front of him and he became the example as he pulled himself next to God, remaining so simple and ordinary externally yet in his mind so elevated. 

Charuben shared to become a pillar of power and peace in front of the world we need to hold a determined thought to keep people, situations and things out of the heart so Baba can occupy this space within. Today Baba is giving us very powerful sakaash and is also sending these powerful vibrations to the souls of the world, as His benevolence is unlimited.

BK Gil shared a powerful experience he had in Madhuban recently, when he realized that if we clear and clean our flow of thoughts we can tap into Brahma Baba's legacy of a current of pure and beautiful feelings.

Global Co-operation House had been transformed into the 4 pilgrimage places: The History Hall, The Tower of Peace, Baba's Hut and Baba's Room as well as a silence room to experience Shantidham. After bhog was offered and shared everyone was invited to tour the four places and with a special writing pack, could reflect on their speciality as well as write a letter to and from Baba and as a lamp for the world, share their hopes and wishes for the world.

Read full report here.



News of London from Sr Jayanti

21 January, 2015

I'm sure you had a very beautiful experience on the 18th.

The news from London is that, London is very, very blessed and fortunate, Baba gave permission for Dadi to travel to London and much to our wonderment and surprise, Dadi travelled from Mumbai to London Tuesday 20th night and reached London on Wednesday morning.

Dadi will be with us in London till 12th February. It's an amazing fortune that Baba has blessed us with and we wait to see what wonders Baba wants to show us.

The Madhuban seniors all gave their good wishes and blessings for Dadi's safe travel and so she comes to London carrying all those good wishes. The doctors had recommended that Dadi should have a change of scene and atmosphere. We're hoping that Baba's magic will make a difference to Dadi's physical health also.



Dadi Janki and Hansa bhen Coming to London!

20 January 2015

Om Shanti
January is a special month of blessings and Baba gave permission for Dadi Janki to travel to London and so we have the great fortune of welcoming Dadi Janki to the UK on Thursday 22 January till 12th February, 2015.
London Family




Day of Remembrance at Global Co-operation House, London, UK

18 January 2015

Day of Remembrance of our beloved Pita Shriji Prajapita Brahma
Global Co-operation House, London UK
18th January 2015
"Celebrate today as a day of power for all time
This day of tapasya and silence"
Global Co-operation House pulled many BKs from London and beyond to come and celebrate and experience a wonderful avyakt day with BapDada, running from Amrit Vela until after World Meditation Hour. As Sister Jayanti noted ‘we don't often have the opportunity to spend 8 hours together in tapasya'.
Over 300 came for amrit vela in the auditorium, which was then overflowing with over 500 for combined murli, with Baba's elevated versions for this auspicious day read by Sister Jayanti. There followed a slide show of the pilgrimage places of Madhuban, and a recorded message from Dadi Janki, who reminded everyone of her three greatest jewels in this life: Baba, Murli and Madhuban.  
Sister Jayanti shared how Dadi's sustenance is to make us strong and powerful so we can then do what we need to do in the world, and at Sangamyug ‘it is generosity and a big heart that allows royalty to shine'. 
Sister Jaymini noted how Baba's versions take us beyond sound and it is easy today to experience the subtle region and the angelic form today. She shared how Brahma Baba was the greatest pioneer as there was no-one in front of him and he became the example as he pulled himself next to God, remaining so simple and ordinary externally yet in his mind so elevated.  
Charuben shared to become a pillar of power and peace in front of the world we need to hold a determined thought to keep people, situations and things out of the heart so Baba can occupy this space within. Today Baba is giving us very powerful sakaash and is also sending these powerful vibrations to the souls of the world, as His benevolence is unlimited. 
BK Gil shared a powerful experience he had in Madhuban recently, when he realized that if we clear and clean our flow of thoughts we can tap into Brahma Baba's legacy of a current of pure and beautiful feelings.
Global Co-operation House had been transformed into the 4 pilgrimage places: The History Hall, The Tower of Peace, Baba's Hut and Baba's Room as well as a silence room to experience Shantidham. After bhog was offered and shared everyone was invited to tour the four places and with a special writing pack, could reflect on their speciality as well as write a letter to and from Baba and as a lamp for the world, share their hopes and wishes for the world.  
At midmorning the gathering returned to the auditorium and enjoyed live sitar music by BK Jaydev, as well as images of this day in Pandav Bhavan, so beautifully decorated with flowers. BK Minal sang a hauntingly beautiful ode to Baba…the One who has given me happiness, has given me life…
We then listened to a very clear recording of Sakar Baba's voice speaking the murli, reminding everyone that ‘we understand that this is all going to change…so come children to the land of happiness, break the attachment to the old world'. 
The morning continued with wonderful insights into the ways of Sakar Baba, through a reading, taken from ‘Padma's story' and her meeting with Baba. It was beautifully brought to life by BK Sharon, BK Navin and BK Grace…his eyes held everyone in them…he was a man who made everyone and every act  valuable…he didn't intrude on anyone's being and yet as God lit him up that spark shone out…
Bhog was offered and further personal experiences shared: Sister Shashi noted how now we have to become like the Father, with mukti and jeevanmukti in our eyes and like Brahma Baba become the carefree emperor, handing anything that bothers us to Baba, Sister Georgina shared her experience of being pulled into the subtle region and meeting Baba well before she took gyan, in a field in Leicestershire and how now, over 30 years later, Baba continues to be ‘my protector, guide and beloved'.
Sister Jayanti shared how we were all having such easy and powerful yoga and such a beautiful atmosphere created as everyone was taking good advantage of Baba's day being on a Sunday. She remembered how when Shiv Baba first came on earth there was just Him, the point: there was no money, buildings etc etc…yet he was able to inspire one soul and with his deep renunciation the Yagya began…and how now we are still eating from this. She appreciated how Baba continues to care so beautifully for his children and that now it is our turn to help those out there to find the happiness they are looking for…
Then came the main feature of this loving day, the live transmission from BapDada's meeting in Diamond Hall. In the evening many continued with the day of tapasya signing off the day with World Meditation Hour and the opportunity to link with Baba and send love and good wishes out to all souls in the world.
Photo Link


Sr Jayanti Heads to London!

16 January 2015

Dadi Janki was very keen that I should travel to London so that I would have the opportunity of being with the family there for 18 January.
On 16th, there was lovely programme at the London School of Economics' Old Theatre, in the heart of the City, called "Love Life, Live it Fully". The Theatre was absolutely packed with several hundred people. After the talk, very, very deep and honest questions were asked.
Dadi also was much better, and shared the following message:
It is so beautiful to be the children of one Baba. The world is being sustained through our vrutti (attitude), smriti (awareness) and drishti (vision). As are our thoughts so is the attitude, which transforms our awareness and then drishti. Waste does not have the strength to come into being when there is such power in our thoughts and attitude.
Rajubhai from the Murli Department suggested that on 17th night we read out the last Sakar Murli spoken by Brahma Baba on the 18th January night, before he became Avyakt. Dadi was revising it today and noticed how Baba would address us as ‘Meethe, Meethe, Meethe, Meethe…' (My sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet children…) What an impact those words have! Let all of us also pay attention that our words, behavior and activity remain good and beneficial for others. Always keep regard for each other.
No matter what the body goes through, Dadi is so grateful and amazed on seeing the wonderful love everyone has for her. Even in Ahmedabad, it was special to spend time with various doctors, who have lot of bhavna for Baba and the Dadis. What else is needed but love… The old world is not ours anymore so what love can we have for it. It's this love and pure feelings that we Brahmins have for each other that make the vibrations of the atmosphere very powerful.


BKs participation at White Ribbon Day and World's Aid Day

16 January 2015

White Ribbon Event - 25 November 2014 – Brent, London
Raising awareness of Violence against Women
Manibhen and Daxaben from GCH, London attended the event. It was well presented and we were able to take part in the workshops - How to avoid violence during Football matches. We made a connection with the other groups supporting the event and we were all invited to release the balloons at the end.
Domestic abuse is not fair game 25 November 2014
Over 100 Brent residents came together on Tuesday 25 November 2014 to show their commitment to ending domestic abuse. The event, which took place at Brent Civic Centre, attracted people from across Brent and there were several speeches by key guests. The theme for this year's event was football and domestic abuse and the event was titled ‘Domestic Abuse Is Not Fair Game'.
For more info check out - http://brent.gov.uk/council-news/november-2014/domestic-abuse-is-not-fair-game/ 
On 3rd Dec 2014 Maria, Nirmala and Daxa attended World Aid Day conference held at Sports Centre near Stone Bridge.  BKs were offered a free table.  They were very appreciative and everyone enjoyed the virtue wheel. There were various representatives from the medical field. Some of them knew about the Janki Foundation, and a few other groups showed interest to work with the BKs. The main organiser and his colleagues recently started attending the Positive Thinking course.


Beyond Fear - Harnessing the Power of Silence - With Lynne McTaggart, Paul Palmarozza and Sr Jayanti

14 January 2015

It is when we go into silence we can quieten the chattering of our mind and can truly hear what is in our heart and find the still purity that lies within the soul…Dadi janki….
Silence is both a physical and spiritual necessity for me…… Mahatma Gandhi
BK Nina Buchanan welcomed an audience of approx. 250 people to this event and immediately took everyone into a silent reflection.  She reminded everyone how relevant the topic was in today's topsy-turvy world where there is lot of fear and insecurity everywhere.  BK Aaron read from BK Anthony Strano's book  ‘Seeking Silence'…which noted that ‘in the alchemy of silence we can go into the unlimited'…
There were then three presentations by the three speakers, who in turn gave their understanding of the need for Silence in today's world:  
Paul Palmarozza, tutor in philosophy at The School of Economic Science and Director of ‘If I Can', a not for profit organization working with values in schools and business, noted the following points:
Fear is a response of pain, prompted by something in the past which is projected into the future, for example fear of failure, or of loss which makes us feel less of a person. We deflect this personal fear and insecurity by finding fault in others.
The power of silence brings about clarity of mind and a sense of peace and contentment
It helps us make better decisions and communicate more clearly
We can observe the self in silence.
We need the quality of fearlessness….to step into this inner unknown
When we go into silence we cease to make judgments
In silence wordless communication starts to happen quite naturally.
Silence is a source of great strength. It takes us into Eternity
Lynne McTaggart is a highly influential author, investigative journalist, lecturer and broadcaster, whose work bridges science and spirituality. She was voted Spiritual Writer of the Year in the 2013 Kindred Spirit annual awards. She gave a dynamic presentation on the power of intention and what happens in silence: 
There is a growing feeling that a revolution of consciousness is what is required.
We need to move out of the ‘I win, you lose' culture of competitive individualism which is causing chaos in the world.
All of us feel like mice at the moment, scuttling around in our smallness.  Yet we are more than this.
We all influence our environment, we are all candles, and we are beaming out to the world at every moment.  
We are communicating all the time……we are sending out light…..when we send it out it comes back.
Our thoughts are our messages. They are being heard and replied to….so be aware of what you are broadcasting!
It is important to be spiritual activists at a time when many of our freedoms are being lost.
She presented some very interesting graphs showing the dramatic and lasting impact of some global group meditation experiments she had conducted on parts of Afghanistan, Shri Lanka and Washington DC – rates of death, crime and violence were reduced by as much as 75%.
Sister Jayanti, European Director of the Brahma Kumaris and author of numerous spiritual books as well as international speaker and teacher, appreciated all that had been shared. She said it was appropriate that the event was happening in the month of January, the time when the Brahma Kumaris celebrate the life and passing of the founder, Brahma Baba.
He was a man who decided it was the time to go beyond fear and limits through the power of silence.  This happened in a place called Hyderabad…in Sindh.  
He had a vision of a better world and recognized that through the power of purity the world could be transformed and peace could come into the world.  At that time he didn't know how this was going to happen…he just held the vision and intention to be an instrument to create a better world. It took 33 years to understand that it would be mostly through women and spiritual education that balance would be achieved in the world.  
At the core of this awareness was equality and going beyond fear in both men and women.
At that time a group of around 300 people gathered together to take up the spiritual study and amongst this group there was a mouse who became a tiger…..Dadi Janki.
She had the courage to face society at that moment.  Without education or finance, she decided that her life was to be one of spirituality and she was not afraid.
Now in her 100th year, she uses the power of silence to overcome many challenges to her health and continues to serve.  
The teachings she shares are that same as his…the knowledge and relationship of the self and The Divine.
At the BKs every morning, we read across the world the same lesson on the same date and so we are very aware of the power of collective thought.
Through the power of silence we are able to move beyond the limits we set ourselves…then personal transformation can happen.
Death is often the greatest fear we all face….with spirituality we can transcend this fear so it doesn't impede us.
When we have the experience of the soul as an eternal being …we are able to detach from the body. There is then greater capacity to tolerate pain in the body and the power to heal it.
Our heart needs to accept that a world free of sorrow can only happen if lust, ego, anger, greed, attachment and fear are removed from the self and the world.
The moment of transition is NOW…this is the time when the dark night finishes and the dawn breaks…
It has already begun. We are in the dawn of a new age.
The Light is in the world and it is up to us to be awake and benefit from that Light and create magic in the world around us.
There were a few questions and the following points came out of the answers from the three speakers:
We all have an innate desire and need to understand and connect with something greater than ourselves …we have to pull ourselves out of matter consciousness to do this.
God has the quality of the Compassionate and Merciful mother and gives unconditional love.
When there have been mistakes God's power is able to transform the self so we can then move forward again.
When I feel connected with the self then I can feel connected with God.
One of the experiences that can create strength in our immune system is hope…so offering people hope is very important…
Nina thanked the speakers for delivering such a wide variety of perspectives and the evening closed with a meditation commentary by Sister Jayanti, taking everyone into a place of internal silence and connection with The Divine. Blessings and toli were shared with all.