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On Replay: Murli Revision with Sister Jayanti, 25th Apr, 2022

26 April 2022


You can listen to the replay here: https://youtu.be/jvyx14GPubo [56:25]




Transcribed Classes of Mohini Didi, April 11 - April 20: Manmanabhav

25 April 2022

Dear Divine Family,


Please find attached transcribed classes of  Mohini Didi from April 11 - April 20 : Manmanabhav


Thank you

Avyakti Parivar


Manmanabhav - April 11


Manmanabhav - April 12


Manmanabhav - April 13


Manmanabhav - April 14


Manmanabhav - April 15


Manmanabhav - April 16


Manmanabhav - April 17


Manmanabhav - April 18


Manmanabhav - April 19


Manmanabhav - April 20





Satguruwhar Bhog Messages from Pandav Bhawan and Shantivan on 21st April in English

22 April 2022


Bhog Message (ENGLISH) 21st April by Sister Sashi & Sister Rukmani


[Sr Shashi's message goes to 11:34. Sr Rukmani's message starts at 11:39.]






Sudesh Didi – 18th April 2022 Easter Monday Morning Class - GCH, LondonThe sweetness of the beloved twice-born children

21 April 2022

Om Shanti. Om Shanti. Om Shanti.


The heart says. "Wah, Baba, Wah." Baba says, "Sweet children, lovely children, beloved children." Is there any difference: lovely children, sweet children, beloved children? He uses these different expressions from time to time. What is the difference?


The innocent ones are loved very much. The little innocent ones, everyone loves them. We also recognise and realise; experience it ourselves and express it. And we remember Baba, as Baba's twice-born child. Twice-born. Can we take birth without dying? The uniqueness of this Brahmin birth is that you die but you are alive. Some memorials also; death and resurrection; died but appeared again. How?  Died but then didn't die.


What does it mean to die from the old world with the old vision from the old community, from the old system, from the old consciousness, from old I and my? This is what is called 'dying alive', yet twice-born. Brahmins are called dvij, which means the ones who have taken two births. This second birth, the physical body is still there, but it's a new life. Baba adopts us and we adopt all the systems. What types of new system? As a new life, new family, new community, new education, and learning about the new world.


In India, a girl is always known as do janmi, which means she takes two births. In one life, she takes two births. How does she take two births in one life? So, birth means new parents; birth means new family. When she is at home in her parents' house, she has her mother, father, brothers and sisters. When she gets married, she adopts the custom, system and rituals in the mother-in-law's house. Nowadays, in-law is very not pleasant. It is about the laws of the new family system, where she has gone. It is called in-laws. It is not that she says to her mother-in-law, sasuji, no. Actually, she also calls them mother, brother. So, the law has changed, brother-in-law, mother-in-law, sister-in-law. The system has changed because a different family has a different tradition. She follows their tradition. Before, in the West, there was also the system whereby girls change their surname after marriage. Now, of course, you have the freedom to choose whether to keep the old or the new. So, in the new birth, even your surname is changed; you got a new name.


Here, we are in the old world. Baba says that is the world of sorrow, the world of karma bondage, the world of separation from the self and from God. This separation causes loneliness; the separation from God means that we begin to separate our own consciousness from ourselves, as a soul. I begin to be more connected with my body, which I adopted later on, as an eternal being, a point of light, I did not have this body. I was just an egg of light, living in Brahmand, in the brahm element, like an egg, which has life, but not in action. It is just in protection and being sustained by the Mother Hen.


So, Baba is the Supreme Mother, and we are just under the wings of the Light, the Light of God's Purity, the Light of this deep, sweet Silence. We are sleeping, and still awake, because the soul is absorbing something, though not consciously, just like when you are sleeping, you are not aware you are sleeping. But when you get up, you say, "Quite a nice sleep." but when you're sleeping, you don't say nice sleep. So, when we are in the Soul World, in fact, we don't even go in our personality, the soul has not taken another birth. They have only one experience. I'm coming from the Soul World of peace, but not the real comfort, of happiness, of purity of divinity, of happiness, heavenly kingdom.


So, there is a difference between twice-born. We Brahmins live in this old world, but we let go, leave behind the old way of handling, working through the body. And so, Baba says, "You are My lovely children." Then, He says that, "I love you, and you love Me," and love means cooperation; love means sustenance, love means trust; love means respect. Love alone does not exist without respect. When you love someone, naturally, you respect their values, their teachings and their directions, and you do it with pleasure.


So, God says, "Now, renounce all the consciousness of the body," because, we know in body consciousness, we are so much covered, or saturated, drenched in, drowned in, becoming the embodiment in the body, body conscious and the embodiment of Kingdom of Ravan's system, that is vices, weaknesses, which are known as sins.


Vices, when put into actions, is known as weakness. But when it is performed an action, it is called sin. What is the reason? It is this separation from my own self and separation from God's relationship or from my system, my culture, my divinity, my purity, Godly purity and Godly family. So, as I come down the cycle, the Divine family is forgotten, Godly family is forgotten.


Then, we started adopting from Sun Dynasty to Moon Dynasty, Moon Dynasty to Copper, and Copper to Iron. In fact, now, it is not even Iron. Iron is still strong; we are not even Iron but plastic; not even the plastic but paper. Very quickly, paper can catch fire. So, whatever printed looks very nice, whatever you plan, but it catches fire. And so, we are plastic and paper conscious. Now very quickly, it gets burned.


Baba says this is bitterness: anger is bitterness, hatred is bitterness, jealousy is bitterness and you begin to burn inside. So, He reminds us: Sweet children, sweet children, sweet children. Sweetness means that now I enjoy and others also enjoy what we share. Bitterness, for example, if I get angry, I lose my patience, what happens is that the words become forceful; they become just like a demand, like an order. And sweetness does not remain. Anger is like fire. It's burning.  So, Baba wants us to imbibe divine qualities and virtues.


So, sweetness means I become humble, gentle; speaking with respect and love. You share these qualities with others, create a sweet relationship with each other. Sweet binds, sugar binds, and so, sweetness connects us with each other. Salt separates, lemon separates. Sweetness means relationship. So, Baba is now saying: Sweet children, sweet children, sweet children, recognise again, you belong to Me; you don't belong to the Satan world. You don't belong to Ravan's kingdom. Maya is not your mother, but drama is your mother. Brahma is your mother; world mother Jagadamba is your mother. So, we have got a new mother. Before that we had the physical mother.


So, our consciousness changes, relationship changes. Gradually, we begin to recognise the system and custom of Brahmins. Otherwise, we thought, it's okay. Anger is natural. When you are not accepting to my ideas, I must get angry. The mother gets angry; the father gets angry, and we get angry with each other. Relationships separate; it becomes like you put milk and then lemon in it, immediately, water becomes separated and milk becomes separated.


So, this is what Baba is saying: Children, now transform yourselves. Then, you are My sweet children, lovely children, sweet children, worthy children, beloved children. Beloved children, that you are so much loved, that I surrender Myself to you. Automatically, the quality of love changes. You give time, you give energy, you surrender yourself in every aspect.


So, here it is, Baba says, "My beloved children." The song was: I surrendered to You. You surrender to me. It's a Kalpa, Kalpa relationship, constant, every Kalpa we have this relationship, because you yourself offer everything to Me with sweetness, with respect, trusting Me, that I will do what you say. So, I'm obedient, faithful, loyal. So, these qualities, then, begin to increase. They're still the same qualities, but on a totally different level; the quality changes. So, love is there, but also loyalty, faithful trust, dedication, so a mother's love is also for the child in the same way. But when it is a beloved, it's a question of being connected, and for as long as you live.


So, Baba says that you are My beloved. My most beloved children. And we also say, "My most Beloved Baba, Mother and Father." And so, some souls are loved by Baba, for certain. But for the others, it is not a question of Does God not love the others?  He loves, but we are not able to experience Baba's love because of our 'container'. Our intellect has another thing in it. Our mind also has something else in it. It doesn't matter how much milk you have, if you put a few drops of poison, the milk will become poison. It is not that Baba does not give love to the lovely children and beloved children. He gives love to everyone, but He says, "Knowledgeable souls are loved by Me." What knowledge? It means knowledge is the property of intellect.


Divine intellect has the knowledge. When this knowledge really makes me knowledge-able, that is, the ability to use knowledge; not only knowledge, when there is the ability to use knowledge, then, you are capable of facing the situation, with sense, with understanding, with patience, with care. Just an observer; the difference is knowledge is there.


So, we learn the art of using knowledge; that's what is meant by 'knowledge-able children are loved'. But if only knowledge is there, but the abilities are not developed, the practice is not, and it is not used in a proper way, then, it becomes numberwise. Because yoga, the first knowledge is that: I am a soul and I am a child of God. The first knowledge is not the knowledge of the cycle; the first lesson is: I am a soul. Which kind of soul? A pure and peaceful soul. What is my spiritual authority? Godly authority, Supreme authority, child of the Almighty Authority.


When I am aware of these qualities, automatically, inner power comes. Then, I am playing in the lap of Mother Drama. We are able to play the role in a different way rather than thinking:  Oh, what's my karma? What is my karma? You are going in the office, and you have a different set of sanskaras with different people. You handle it by saying: Oh, my karma to go to the office again with the same people. Now, you know it's your karma. But what is karma? Not karma bondage. It is my action; it depends on how I play. I am going to Disneyland. I'm not going to a place where someone, at this moment, without even knowing with for fun’s sake, wears the costume of a monkey. And some children come and wear a costume of a lion. He knows inside that he is not a lion; he is a human. So, when we are handling by understanding that this is a soul. I am a soul, she's a soul. When I am conscious, I am able to use this knowledge every second. When we forget this, we forget everything.


Achcha, I am forgetting the time now, I have to become aware of the time. As now we have meditation before class, so classes are shorter. Achcha.


So, this is why Baba loves the ones who are knowledgeable. But the power is received by yogi children. It is about the connection with Baba.  When my connection with Him doesn't break no matter where I am, then, it is called the surrendering of the intellect. I am knowledgeable, but I don't have ego. I am virtuous, with intoxication, faith in intellect, but at the same time, there is humility. So, there is such balance, and this is a blissful life.


Yoga gives me the power to handle the situation. So, I am faithful, obedient, cooperative, with a surrendered intellect. Ego immediately doesn't allow me to surrender myself.  My and I become a bondage, a tie. This is how we become tied in the bondage of karma: actions, reactions and interactions.


The mind that is full of love all the time is, whoever you love, you think about that person; your heart speaks. So, the mind becomes the heart. Very pure feelings, loving feelings. And then, you say, "I had a heart-to-heart conversation with Baba." It is not the physical heart. It is the true loving feeling, because you are lovely and innocent at that time. You have a different quality; conscious of yourself. So, in yoga, you get power. 


Then, when we have dharna, certainly, we are Baba's faithful children. Because Baba loves us, others also love you. So, it is just like automatically not only loved by God but loved by all, because we are giving. We become a giver, a bestower, merciful, loveful; how much capacity I will have by using the qualities that Baba has given.


We say we have this sometimes. So, most of the time I will okay but sometimes... But Baba says the word sadaa, that means constant. Constant means keeping this energy all the time, and then, you are naturally surrendered. Baba says, "Surrender does not mean that I make you My slave, but I make you a trustee. Everything, my mind, body, wealth, time, energy specialities, are not mine; they are given by God. And God is the more of a Trustee than others. He says, "What is Mine, it's yours. You look after it."


So, I will finish because I am aware of time as well.


So, He makes us trustees. You are not a garhasthi; we are not householders. Your house, consider it a service place, a centre, cook with that consciousness. Live with the children, but they are not my children. My. my, my, no. You, as a trustee, what you cook, you cook with flavour. I know that you cook with the flavour. What do I know? You cook with pure consciousness. What you do is that you cook with total awareness: It is pure and Baba is the Purifier. Om Shanti. Today, bhog is not offered, but it will be given to you. It is a very special Easter Monday, but you don't have to search for egg (do egg hunt) . But you have to search for the egg inside yourself.  


Om shanti. 


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Sudesh Didi – 17th April 2022 Sunday Morning Class - GCH, London:  Pure thoughts through introspection

18 April 2022

Om Shanti. Om Shanti. Om Shanti.


Baba's beautiful mantra, advice, direction and teaching is Om Shanti. But what is the source of shanti, peace; I am a peaceful soul. Peace is actually a result of purity. Where there is purity there is peace and prosperity. Where there is purity, there's health, wealth and happiness. But purity is not only just namesake purity, but purity in reality, purity and spirituality, our value of life; the spiritual aspect of purity is a very deep, subtle, elevated, inspiring.


The result is divinity, happiness, bliss in life and elevated life. Baba's praise is the Liberator and the Purifier. He purifies what? He purifies human beings; He purifies the elements as well. This purification is transformation. It's a realisation. Without realisation of my true reality of being a spiritual being, the soul cannot actually practise real purity. It is different to practising the ritual of purity; which means there are some systems like keeping fast or, there are some special days and people practise purity; go on pilgrimage, practise purity; something has gone wrong very difficult in life, practise purity.


Purity means having discipline in life. Discipline is of becoming detached from the physical attraction, the physical pull or the influence of matter. In fact, everything begins with the mind; purity of the mind, words, actions, connections and relationships. Baba is making the soul pure and for that, it's very important to have introspection. Self-inspections and self-realisation are not only just like a ritual or purity for just a few days.


When the character becomes divine, the sanskaras are divine, that is natural purity in life. There are two aspects of purity. One is that some people think, if it is clean, it's pure. In fact, that which is pure is of a different level because it's original. The original form of the soul, as Baba defines it is the purity of the mind. The mind is a place where whatever thought is created, that thought becomes feelings. Thought expresses itself in drishti; thought expresses itself in words because it is a seed. It is like a tree expressing itself into a fruit and the fruit again has a seed. So, it continues, cycle after cycle, whatever we created this time. 


The Confluence Age is called the auspicious age where we understand what purity is. Today in the Murli, Baba says that purity is okay for Brahmins; the children of Brahma recognise the importance of purity. It is not only celibacy, which is common, but we are living a pure life; a yogi life. Baba says, be holy, be yogi. Yogyukt relates to my relationship with God. The deeper my relationship with the Supreme is, the soul receives that power to change the thought pattern, because as you think, so shall you become.


So, thought is also an action of the mind. And this is why pure thought, positive thoughts, powerful thoughts, not only just positive, but pure and powerful, with determination. When there is introspection, I'm inspecting myself, what is in my thoughts? Then, checking of the thoughts automatically becomes the vision. Checking is the job of the intellect; the intellect checks, the mind itself does not check. It is the intellect. So, introspection means inner inspection. In Hindi, it's called antarmukhta, introverted-ness, turn within, find within, search within, go within, explore within what it is I have to find, not only just the wrong things, but find the good things as well.


Appreciate the good you have in you. With that vision, you are able to appreciate what is wrong within you, because you have to gain power first in order to inspect the wrong within. If we begin by seeing the wrong within ourselves, very quickly, it leads to depression; it leads to hopelessness; it leads to anxiety; it leads to suffering, because there's no power to handle it, and you'll begin to feel inferior, downtrodden, I am nothing; I am unworthy. Gradually, gradually, you go down. Whatever Baba says, that you are the children of God, you are a Brahmin, not in a caste system way that Brahmin means topknot. But I am staying at the top here (pointing at the forehead), I have a knot here, dot here.


When I am remembering the top of my head, I am thinking I am a dot and, in this dot, a lot is given by God. So, when there is introspection, not only inspecting myself and inspecting others, but this introspection is a spiritual introspection, my physical face turns within, of course, my physical organs do not turn within, not physically, but the organs of the physical body are connected with the organs of the internal self. Just like these eyes, looking at others, looking at external things; the ears, hearing what others are saying. The mouth works in two ways: to put in certain things, which are sometimes not pleasant, sometimes not healthy, and some sometimes harmful; to speak words, which are also sometimes pleasant, sometimes harmful, sometimes benevolent, sometimes a curse and sometimes filled with virtues. So, it's checking. Introspection, that my inner mouth, my mind, my pure consciousness, my divine consciousness, Brahmin consciousness, that I'm the child of Brahma. And when I understand that the child of Brahma, there is a well-known saying, follow Father.


Brahma is the Father of humanity. Follow Father. Remember the Supreme Being and follow Father. Remember only One, remember God and follow Father Brahma. That is following the footsteps of Brahma. With the light of knowledge, with divine intellect, you begin to see the footstep. It is not the physical foot; the footstep symbolises your movement, moving forward, step by step and watching with the light of knowledge, with the divine eye, with the third eye in soul consciousness. The thought pattern of the benevolent Father in every thought. Baba is benevolent. He is the Benefactor. And Brahma is the one who puts into action these thoughts of knowledge, thoughts of purity. So, following the footsteps of the thoughts, words, actions, directions, the destination that Brahma is reaching, we are following in.


In Hindi, Brahmchari means celibate. Brahmchari is pure, celibate; Brahmachari, the one who follows the character of Brahma; the correct actions that Brahma Baba performed following the Directions of the Supreme Being, the Supreme Soul. So, Baba, the Director, looks at this action taking place. Through introspection, the first practical result is that, the mind is filled with pure thoughts and benevolent thoughts; self-service.


The mind, instead of thinking about others, it is thinking about the self: what transformation I have to bring about in myself; the intellect is picking up the virtues as a holy swan, to inculcate the qualities of others. Valuing the qualities I also have, but checking that my qualities do not make me egocentric. My qualities make me happy, proud that these are blessings of God. But in my behaviour, if this quality becomes ego that leads to downfall, then, here I go, instead of the right direction, I go in a totally different direction. So, I begin to follow the dictates of my own mind, the desires of my own mind, the thinking of my own mind; follow whatever I think is right, but others are thinking, that is wrong. Then, you begin to check others and not check yourself.


Listen to what Baba says instead of what others are saying about me. God is singing my praise, I hear, but it takes a long time to maintain that intoxication. Baba is saying, "You are my holy swan children, you are the elevated children, you are the divine children, you are masters of the three worlds, you are the knower of the three aspects of time, you are the angels." So many titles Baba gives, and it takes so much time to believe them and to practise them.


If somebody says one word which is not pleasant to me, I immediately lose my stage. So, I have to check: My ear hears; how did I react? Do I actually look at it and see that there's something I have to learn, or immediately, my ears, instead of becoming golden ears to take the golden versions of God, instantly, an ant comes inside, and the elephant's intoxication goes in one second? There is an example of the Maharathi Ganesh Ji, the elephant rider. The meaning is that the elephant has great intoxication. Elephant, as wise as an elephant, very wise and goes with its masti, intoxication moves. But when a tiny ant enters the intellect faints. This is what is saying about.


So, I am very intoxicated with the zeal and enthusiasm I received from Baba. But then, I am instantly, influenced by small things. So, what I hear from God, what percent I practise; there is introspection, inner inspection, how much transformation I am taking; my purity in my thoughts, in my words, in my actions and interactions. So, the main thing in introspection is self-service, self-support. When service first started, Brahma Baba served himself. Through self-service, he accumulated strength and became the world server. So, Baba also says, following Baba Shrimat, you will do the first service, do world service, do the service through the mind, intellect, vision, words, actions vibrations and interactions and connections because the most important thing is how much purity is in my behaviour, in my sanskaras. I will take the sanskaras of purity in me.


My divine intellect decides that this is Godly step, it is a benevolent step. Then, these Godly virtues and knowledge are visible in my life. I am, then, not influenced by the weakness or defects of others. Definitely, I will see, but am I a detached observer? Introspection makes me an active actor in looking at myself, and a detached observer in looking at others; what is the result of the good actions, and what is the result of the wrong actions; this means vices or virtues. Then, we are able to immediately recognise.


If my intellect is not clear, then, impulsively, I would attack others and try to control them. When I'm an observer of myself, I have the power to break when the break of the other person fails. This is a race, and I require a powerful break to complete the race. So, introspection is a really deep deep power. Today, Baba said this one-word introspection (from the Murli: "the face and activity of someone who is a Brahmachari are constantly experienced as introverted"). From what I understood, when you are really introspective, your heart is very clean; chit, the subconscious mind is very clean, it's very pure. Then, naturally, you are picking up good virtues from others and removing the weaknesses of yourself. The result is happiness.


But when you take any wrong thing from others, the machinery is: one wrong makes 80% wrong because it multiplies not only one time, not only 10 times; in one day, how many times I repeat it; how many times I hurt myself with one word of others. In this way, we lose our happiness. So, I needed to change. When my chit is clean, my subconscious is pure, then I have the power to immediately remove the influences, to change the attitude. When our vision changes, our behaviour toward each other become loveful and respectful. It takes time, but attention is needed.  


Antarmukhi, introspection makes you ever sukhi (happy). In Hindi, antarmukhi sada sukhi, the one who is introspective, is always happy, because he's able to use the inner resources that God is giving, not dependent on the other resources from outside. We need to be introverted in order to be happy, otherwise, we may become happy with very superficial resources.


Someone appreciates, I'm very happy, someone criticises me, I immediately get upset. I fluctuate so much in one second. In introspection, I'm still coming up and down, but I'm swinging in the swing of supersensuous joy. There is also happiness when someone is appreciating you. But then, one word from others, all happiness disappears. It is just like I have a bucket of milk, and somebody has put a lemon acid in it, immediately...few drops...finish...one drop of poison, milk does not remain milk anymore. We lose power very quickly. So, with every step, I am checking myself that I am following in the footstep of Brahma Baba. There has been so much defamation, and revolution against his task. Baba has become an example of giving upliftment to others, of the balance of world service and self-service.


To the extent that I balance service for myself and others, accordingly, my body, my mind, my wealth, everything is used in a worthwhile way. Introspection makes me economical.  Negative thoughts will come because of sanskaras, but introspection enables me to have controlling power and ruling power. This means that I am economical, not wasting my time. Time is wealth. Knowledge is wealth. Virtues are wealth. So, I am becoming wealthy. I remain healthy. I remain happy. Not only happy, but supersensuous joy through introspection, then, I'm able to have a relationship with each other which is harmonious, with the balance of intoxication, humility and sweetness.


The Avyakt Signals for this whole month is sweetness, balanced with humility. Humility is greatness. Through introspection, you begin to see your own greatness while maintaining humility. Then, not only time, but whatever we have been given by God, we use it in a worthwhile way. Money is not wasted. That's become a very subtle philosophy. Today, Baba is speaking about wealth, you will hear it in the Murli about karma philosophy, about how to create our spiritual bank balance, through mind, words and actions, through body, mind and wealth, through yagya seva. So, this subject is very deep, actually. We will hear it in Murli, but it can happen only through introspection. 


Introspection is the real medicine for infection. So quickly, we become diseased, by the influence and infection of something which comes from outside. So, it is resurrection as well, otherwise, we die very very quickly. Not only do we become unconscious, as we are not able to cross out the bigger 'I', and stay in my small 'i' with the dot, not only do we become unconscious, we die. With realisation and with the intoxication of God's relationship with me, protection comes. In an incognito way, through the cave of introspection, resurrection happens. This becomes 'good' Sunday; holy-day makes us holy. We are holy and also yogi. Not only are we holy and yogi, but we are immortal.


Om shanti. 


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Satguruwhar Bhog Messages from Mohini Didi in Avyakti Parivar on 7th and 14th April in English

17 April 2022



Bhog Message - Avyakti Parivar - Mohini Didi [8:28]





Bhog Message - Avyakti Parivar - Mohini Didi [5:25]







Satguruwhar Bhog Messages from Pandav Bhawan and Shantivan on 7th and 14th April in English

17 April 2022



Bhog Message - Pandav Bhawan - Sr. Shashi [10:35]




Bhog Message - Shantivan - Sr. Rukmani [8:35]





Bhog Message - Pandav Bhawan - Sr. Shashi [11:14]




Bhog Message - Shantivan - Sr. Rukmani [6:43]







Sudesh Didi – 15th April 2022 Morning Class on Good Friday - GCH, London Happy Easter, not Sad Easter

16 April 2022

Om Shanti. Om Shanti. Good morning.

Happy Easter. Why don't we say Happy Easter? Why shouldn't we?

We don't say Happy Easter. We shouldn't say happy. How can we say happy when someone departs? The departure of Jesus, the day which is well known that he was put on the cross. And if someone hears the news, and understands that it is true, they would feel sad. And here you say Happy Easter? You should not be happy. It shouldn't be Sad Easter. But it is never said, "Sad Easter" because there is a secret, a very powerful message of Easter.

Externally, it is not good news, but deep within is a secret. It was not a debt. It was not putting him on a cross. He crosses out his ‘I’. That's why Easter’s memorial is, I, big big I is crossed. This is the symbol. Not only was his memorial of when he was put on the cross, but also when he was in his matured age, and even when he was Baby Jesus.  Baby Jesus is also shown with a cross, but he wasn't put on a cross, then. 

So, Jesus and Christ, this is a story of a relationship of three, Jesus, Christ, and God. Jesus who established Christianity. Christianity is established in the name of Christ, not in the name of Jesus. So, who has left Jesus alone? And Jesus had to face the experience of being put on the cross. God never leaves anyone alone. Who was his companion at that time, when he was serving humanity, when he dedicated his life, with the power of love, kindness and forgiveness? What was the internal effort that he would have been making, that death is not death. He became immortal even after 2000 years, 2022 years.  His name is immortal.

So, what is the message of Jesus? of Easter? Of course, there is also that Easter egg. Find out the eternity of an egg. It's very interesting to search the egg, find out the hidden energy of the egg; find, fun and prize. In fact, it is the matter and soul. Eternal egg. The soul is like the energy, which is the living energy but it's not in action. The egg means, there is life in it, but it is still silent, not moving, stable, but being sustained by a mother hen. The souls that are living in the soul world, are eternal, immortal, and it is known as the egg shape in the image, or an oval shape.

It is an eternal play of the soul and body, mind and matter. So, what is first, the soul or the body? Which came into existence first? Egg or hen, which is first? The seed or the tree, which is first? So, it is the story of eternity. When we are able to really recognise and find the secret of our eternity, we become immortal.  Then, there is no fear of death, because death doesn't exist. Sadness is only the expression of the sadness of departure; someone is gone. Then, you feel sad about those who became immortal, but in name of dedication, in the task of world service. It is a task of curing the sickness of the sick world, helping those who are confused, anytime, any service for humanity, brings eternal joy in the self, in the soul. Then, for that, I did, I did, I did. No.

It was the task of the Supreme Being, the Supreme Soul, the power of God, or the power expressed through the instrument, by the messenger, giving Jesus the message, Christ's message through Jesus, but who was the Bestower of power and peace? The Supreme Being the Supreme Soul. We explain that Jesus was put on the cross, but Christ was not. Why? Because the messenger, a new soul coming from the Soul World, has no karmic account, when facing the challenges, but not experiencing any kind of suffering. Because the karmic account means that you have to pay, you have to suffer; you have to settle your account. But a new soul that is coming from the Soul World as a messenger of love cannot suffer. Love never suffers. It's only when I become my, that it becomes attachment. And the attachment does not want to leave.

Attachment is like mud. And the pure love is like the flow of the energy of water. When the water is clean, the flow is very clean. It's gentle, it's nice. Even the sound is music, pleasant, it creates the atmosphere. So, love is actually the power which has the power to let go. It's the light inside. Love is the light inside, which knows nothing belongs to me. But there is something which is belonging and that is the quality of belonging to each other. And that creates relationship.

Attachment creates possessiveness; attachment creates fear; attachment creates control; attachment makes you bossy; attachment creates anger, because I want to do that. It becomes like, in the beautiful clean fresh cool clear water, dust is mixed. Water is very good, clean, you drink, "Ah, it's so nice." You drink it, it is transparent; you can see your face in it. And you drink it. It's healthy. Now, this glass of water has a little bit dust mixed in it. Is it healthy, or does it make me sick? So, in love, when little dust of ‘my’. Okay, I with a dot. Not with this question mark. No, like the big I, when you write it, it's half of the question mark. And when it is the small i, I am a small point of light, dot.

As soon as ‘my’ comes: my body, my relatives, my position, my task, my energy; my, my, my, doesn't allow you to fly. It says, why why why, not fly. There's no freedom in it, ‘My’ means attachment, and ‘I’ with the dot means free.  When a little bit of dust is mixed, then what happens? Sickness emerges. It makes you ill, more dust is mixed.

At the moment (holding a glass of water), I can see the reflection in a glass, my face is clear. But when more dust is mixed, I cannot see; my reflection is not clear. I cannot see myself as I am, what I am, who I belong to. Then more dust is mixed in it. The water becomes dirty. Clean water washes the dirty clothes and dust is mixed in. It makes the clean clothes dirty. So, it becomes dirty because dust is mixed in it. When more dust is mixed in it, energy changes; flow stops and it is not even called water. What is it called? Mud, muddy, dirty; the mud sticks on you; water does not stick. Even if you try to hold water like this, forcefully, the water disappears. But mud. Once you have held it, it sticks with you. So, this attachment means it is attached, it sticks with you. And love means let go, let go, let go.

So, let go of my ego, let go of my authority, let go of the wrong use of authority and open my heart for kindness for forgiveness, for love, for acceptance and have a vision for everyone. Actually, the soul is pure; no one is bad. Everyone has special qualities. So, have the vision of a holy swan; pick up or choose to pick up qualities from each other. Appreciation. Pure heart is open. When the heart is open, the vision is divine. With this open heart, you exchange the experience of what goodness you have in yourself and what goodness the other person has inside. This relationship is of love, the message becomes immortal.

Love is a quality of purity; pure and it is the pure energy That's why He is elevated pure energy, enlightenment. So, love for God. So, the feeling, "Oh God, oh my Father, why have you left me alone. He cannot leave you alone. God is my Companion. God is my Goodness, God, divinity, spirituality, all is love. This is why God is love and in love, there is power. His energy is Love, is enlightenment. Even if there is sacrifice, but the sacrifice makes you immortal, because love makes you immortal, eternal, imperishable.

Your name doesn't die. It continues, right? And so, the body doesn't remain, but still, the body becomes so immortal that not only at one place, people, it sits in people's heart. The photograph of this same person in everyone's heart, those who follow it in everyone's home, every temple and church. It is the image of love. It is the purity of the love. This is why the message of Love is: Always look at the sunshine, not the darkness. Look at the sunshine, not that shadow.

Shadow influences you in a very subtle way. Shadow makes you run after it in deception. You feel you are going to catch it, and when you think, you are going to catch it, and you are running after it, it is running. It can never be achieved. It is just like attachment, desire, and disease.

So, always look at the good qualities of each other. And also then, but the possibility is, only when you go, it doesn't matter if others defame you or torture you or disturb you in your task, just sit in the cave; hide yourself in the cave of introspection. Then, we look at the introspection of ourselves. We are able to see what it is that I have to leave behind and so, it disappears. And it was eternity that came in existence. So, the message Baba is giving us is that, it doesn't matter what festival, what day it is, there are always some lessons, some secrets.

This is why, they don't say the Sad Easter. They would say Happy Easter, immortality. Love is immortal, pure, clean, Godly, Divine. Om shanti.

Today, many messages have come back from Madhuban. Madhu-ban, from the land of honey. From the forest of honey. And these madhu makhee (honey bees) have come. Do you know what the honey bee does? Buzz, buzz, buzz, singing song. And as soon as it sits on the flower, it goes quiet, fills itself with honey. There is the power to create honey, but one doesn't create it alone. One honey bee does not create honey. Honey bee hives together create honey. So today we have many, many flying angels coming from Madhuban, bringing honey. They will share their experiences of Madhuban. Om shanti.


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Sudesh Didi – 13th April 2022 Murli Revision Class - GCH, London

13 April 2022

Q: This morning, I went to Baba’s room before I came into the Conference Hall. I read the slogan. Then I went into the room with this thought about love, and respect. And it got me thinking, as I was sitting, talking to Baba, about what love and respect mean for me, and how, if I don't love and respect myself, then no one else is going to love and respect me.


I was looking at the certain ways in which certain people present themselves. They may decide that this is how they want to be. And it's not wrong. It's not good, bad, wrong or right. But somehow, it's not how the group possibly wants the person to be. If that person accepts wholeheartedly, what they've chosen to do and be, then it's almost as if it's left, it's, it's accepted, because I have accepted myself and the group, it's not an issue with the group. But if I go around thinking, “I should do this. But I can't do it because I'm not disciplined enough to do this,” then, it means I'm not accepting myself and they won't accept me. What are your thoughts on this?


A: Flexibility. Because if I cannot even think I cannot, it means internally, I am not recognising that I also have the quality of flexibility.


Q: There's conflict within me. Is that the conflict within me about not doing what I think?

A: Expectations and acceptance. I expect from others. So, I have not accepted them.


Q: Does it mean I have not accepted me first because everything starts from inside.

A: If you have not accepted, then you have to think about what it is that you want out of yourself. Then, it is not accepted, but not expectations from others, but what it is I want out of me.


Q: I'll give you an example. It is recognised that coming to class is good. At times, it's not really possible to come to class every day. However, I feel guilty that I don't come to class. So, if there's a conflict within me about my ability to come to class, then, it will be expressed from within the group.

A: Inside, subtly, there is a need for appreciation for what I’m doing. I am not doing it for anybody else. And if I'm honest, my honesty will be known.


Q: I'm not appreciating myself. Is that what you mean?   

A: Appreciate what you can do. Certainly, honesty is also important. Otherwise, very easily, I can make excuses for something. But I have to see if I can really make it, then I will be there (in class). It is not because I need appreciation from others, “Oh, this one is very regular.” But they themselves are not regular. So, what is my expectation? It means I want a reward from them, and not from Him (Baba).


Q: It was said today, Baba is Antaryami (Knower of all secrets within) and Janijananhar (Knower of all secrets).  Please explain the difference.

A: Antaryami is that He is sitting inside you and He sees everything. Janijananhar  is that He knows what is in you. But when they say Antaryami, they mix it up with omnipresent. Then, they become careless: “He knows anyway.” “He's doing everything.” This is why sometimes Baba says, “I am not Antaryami, I'm not sitting in you. But I am Janijananhar.” It means, “I have the knowledge.”


Just like a doctor feels the pulse. He is not sitting in the body. But the herbalist has the knowledge, so he can treat. But he's not sitting in the body. And neither he is suffering from the same sickness as the patient. So, God knows our personality, our sanskaras, our knowledge, our capacity, and also accepts, how we go through the stages, Golden Age, Silver Age, where we have reached, so He knows. He also knows what is happening inside us. He is not sitting in us, but He knows what our feelings are.


This is why He's Merciful, Loveful, and He speaks about it. Brahma Baba is also experienced, because he has also gone through this. When we talked to him, he said, bachcha, Baba knows this. Baba knows, but I had only spoken one sentence, and he said, “Bachcha, I know.” How did he know? Because he has experience of the same situation some time. Just like you are driving and I am sitting with you, and I say, “There is something wrong in the car because the car is jumping. Are the wheels okay?” The driver says, “It is because of the road being repaired and the car is okay. But the road is not okay.”  This is because he has the experience and he has travelled on this.


So, God knows because of being Knowledgeful, of anything which is gradually gradually loses its power,  of the law of nature and the capacity of the souls, and Brahma Baba is experienced. So, in that way, He is Janijananhar; He knows what is happening inside us.


Q: Can Didi explain the ways in which Baba intends for us to become, and always remain, a master eternal surgeon like Him?

A: Surgeon always, even the worst situations, think of the best cure. He always thinks, and he knows that the situation is very complicated, the condition is serious, but still, he tries his best to do it. So, God also never loses hope in us. And we are our own surgeon and also the surgeon of others, so we have to have mercy, love and constantly, in whatever we can do, do it with full faith. So, even in the worst situation. Still, the vision is of the best.


Q: What does Baba mean by not wearing something according to personality and culture?

A: This is wearing the clothes from the Sunday Murli from the day before yesterday.


Because sometimes we wear dresses that, I should look like a nice person, impressive; my hairstyle should be impressive, my dress should be impressive because I am in this culture. So, I should wear that dress accordingly.


Now you can wear it but not to impress someone, not to attract someone. So, of course, if you have and if you can afford them, wear nice clothes, but not with body consciousness and with culture consciousness. For example, this was actually going into, but Baba said, when you are going for service, you can wear whatever you have, according to culture. I am wearing it but sometimes, the situation is such that, according to that culture, for example, in India, if someone leaves their body, then we wear a white dress, here (in the UK) is a black dress. In marriage, here, a bride wears a white dress. There, the bride wears a very colourful dress. So, it's according to culture. And now, freedom, doesn't matter what you wear. So, the reason for what you wear, it means you want to have fashion. You wanted to have something different and the desire of what I want. I don't want to please others. I want to please myself. But then, is it the dress I am wearing is body consciousness, in the name of fashion, what I'm losing and what I'm careless about. So certain things are not the culture but more about, somewhere, you need to respect the system of the society. When we see it anywhere now, people have this actress, and others are still coming back. It's a wave of one time. No clothes, little clothes, not good clothes.


Body Consciousness is increasing to the extreme. You're attracting human bodies towards the body. There was a time when there was royalty, you cover your body fully up to here (the neck). You wear nice shining dresses, Queens and the royal family. And our (modern people’s) royalty is wearing worn out clothes. Before, worn out clothes were poverty, a poor person’s trousers are torn up. Here, a rich person means wearing trousers which are torn up, and they give money for that. So, that’s not actually culture. It is fashion. They are rich, but their fortune is to live like poor people, and think it is culture.


Om shanti.


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Transcribed Classes of Mohini Didi: April 1 - April 10 : Manmanabhav

12 April 2022

Dear Divine Family,


Please find attached transcribed classes of  Mohini Didi from April 1 - April 10 : Manmanabhav


Thank you

Avyakti Parivar


Manmanabhav - April 1 


Manmanabhav - April 2


Manmanabhav - April 3


Manmanabhav - April 4


Manmanabhav - April 5


Manmanabhav - April 6


Manmanabhav - April 7


Manmanabhav - April 8


Manmanabhav - April 9


Manmanabhav - April 10






The World Renewal Magazine for April 2022

10 April 2022

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Sudesh Didi – 10th April 2022 Sunday Morning Class - GCH, London: Maintain your wings of zeal and enthusiasm

10 April 2022

Om Shanti. Om Shanti. Om Umang (zeal). Do you know what umang is? Om Utsaah (enthusiasm) Baba gives us the mantra, or the title of the flying stage, of angels; gives us wings, wings to fly. The wings are umang and utsaah, that is, zeal and enthusiasm. So, today's blessing from Baba, a gift from Baba, power from Baba, so that we create our Confluence Aged final stage. Confluence Aged final stage, the aim and object of Brahmin life, from Brahmin, we become angels. From angel, the future of Brahmin is an angel, and the future of an angel is to become a deity.

Before becoming deities, we need to develop, as Brahmins, because Brahmins have to have developed the flying stage. When there is zeal and enthusiasm, then it’s Om anand (bliss).  Om shanti. Om prem. Om anand. Bliss. Where there is bliss, the heart opens, and Baba gives us this power to maintain our stage stable. With stability. the power is lightness, easiness, and so we are easy yogis. Raja Yogis means the spiritual authority of the master of our sense organs.

Today, Baba is reminding again and again, to continue to fly, and maintain your wings of zeal and enthusiasm. But with zeal and enthusiasm, courage and confidence are needed because if you see a mountain, zeal and enthusiasm is I have to fly, I have to climb the mountain. But then, oh, the mountain is so high. zeal and enthusiasm become soda water, go down. Confidence is, I, the soul am a flying bird. But we are not birds because birds cannot fly beyond the sky. Up to a certain level, a bird can fly. Angels fly up to the subtle region, but the souls fly to the soul world.

So, in soul consciousness is the power to fly high, but flying alone is a challenge, flying alone might have tiredness. But with confidence, who is my companion? With the awareness, who is with me? So, me and my Baba. Baba and the soul, holding the hand of in the hand of shrimat, because Baba incorporeal, does not have his hand. And I, the soul, don't have a physical hand. It is the hand of the intellect holding Baba’s shrimat. And with this power, the intellect becomes clear, mind becomes cool and calm, enthusiasm comes in our personality, and you feel that Baba is making you fly.

Baba also says, in yesterday's Murli, if you are in the flying stage, Maya is very tiny, a crawling insect, does not have power. But because in nature, everything has power because nature is also natural energy. It does not have the living energy like the soul, but it works very powerfully when we forget who we are. So, He gave a very wonderful example: a fly, even a very little insect flies. With insects, we cannot catch a fly while it is flying. But as soon as the fly falls, or dies, other insects swallow it. So, the flying stage comes only when My Baba and I are together. This also becomes the intoxication: Who is my Companion, who is my backbone, in whose Company I am… and so, this Company and Companionship becomes the Code of Conduct of Brahman life. And this, then once again, brings courage and enthusiasm, and it becomes a Canopy.

Baba, my Company, Companion, and when these two are connected together, it becomes a Canopy. I am protected. I am not coming down. I'm aware of my aim, that from the flying stage, from the angelic stage, I'm going to become a Divine Being. Whereas in the Golden Age, my sanskaras is the ignorance of what Maya is.

Deities are ignorant. In which aspect are they ignorant? Here, they learned the knowledge; they became master knowledge-full, they became all-virtuous, completely viceless, attained the degree from God, the master almighty authority, got the degree of the divine being; how can this master knowledgeful be buddhu, or ignorant, do not know what they do not know. They do not know what Maya is, they do not know what vices are, they do not know because it is just like, same energy which was negative energy transformed into Godly energy, pure energy, divine energy. Then the environment changes, the atmosphere changes, the season changes. In winter, you don't see flies, cold weather, flies are not flying. As soon as the warm weather begins. where do the insects emerge from? So, it is just like the environment itself, the nature becomes so natural, so pure. So, our eternal nature of the stage of soul consciousness, which is practised here, become so natural: purity, peace, love, happiness, harmony, and joy; they are aware of that, that is what it is working. Because this is aim and objective is clear at this time, and, also, of having the awareness is where I'm going first. First, I'm going to my Home, I'm going to the Soul World. And there, I don't have to take anything with me. So, it is renunciation, of not only the body; the renunciation of weakness, or vices, of defects. Baba says, “I have come to purify the souls.” So, it means that all the qualities which are there in the Soul World, do not exist, do not work, because the soul is just a soul. There's no matter. Here we have to say, in the corporeal world, in order to take away some pressure, tiredness, influence, because with the matter, with the body conscious, the moment the soul forgets I am soul and forgets this line of Code of Conduct of “My Baba,” or with tiny leakages or a little break, breakdown takes place. Then, the intellect is confused, weak; we cannot catch anything; tired, happiness goes away.

This is why, it is very important for the soul to keep the Company and also the aim and object. Eventually, I have to become a (bodiless) soul, because the body does not go there (the Soul World). Here, I have to make effort, definitely. It doesn't matter about somebody's nature and sanskaras. Why should I fight? Why should I waste my energy on that? Doesn't matter. If this one is saying this and that, it doesn't matter. So, I don't have to keep that subtle connection with anything which is born through the body consciousness.

So, I have to be soul conscious; aim and object; my Home; Baba as my Company, the companionship. But at the same time, I don't have to sit in the Soul World. Very clear. If I have to sit and stay in the Soul World, I have to come again, anyway. So, remember where I have to come. That's why Baba says, “Remember your intoxication of your inheritance; what you are receiving from God. You are receiving the power, but you also receive the environment. Baba is giving empowerment, and you are receiving the Golden Kingdom where the five vices are totally finished,  false enthusiasm falls down and then emerges. The phoenix emerges again, that becomes the divine bird, divine angel, and in the Golden Age, new life begins and we come with new sanskaras. We are born, we are born with Godly sanskaras, pure sanskaras, perfect sanskaras. That's why we have to remember we come down.

We have to come down as our destination is not the Soul World; our destination is the Golden Age, via the Soul World. So, via, we have to go because I am free, and the destination is important, because I'm full: knowledge-full, bliss-full, peace-full, but vice-less, completely viceless. The more we become viceless. The place is there, Baba can fill it. And if I'm full, he cannot fill. So, the secret is: empty yourself and God will fill. So, His power is to fill us and we have to develop the power to make ourselves empty. Then, zeal and enthusiasm remain. But courage and confidence are also important, Companionship is also important.


Now I have to put a full stop, because today, something else is very important for us to learn, understand and practice. Okay. Om shanti.

(A presentation of the new recycling system at GCH was given by Sister Maria and Sister Jagruti)

Sudesh Didi:
First step is cleanliness, svachta pahale step, svach mind swach heart swach environment. Doosara hai (The second is) pavitrata, purity. Purity is actually pure mind, pure intellect, pure sanskaras, pure actions, because actions have a connection, how we spread the atmosphere, our worlds, how we create whatever we speak and behave in the environment. So, this is also purity in thoughts, words, actions, vibrations, and then we are making divinity, we are reaching, and becoming divine beings. So, divinity is our destination. In the Golden Age, everything is perfect and pure. Nature is pure, the environment is clean; the elements never cause any disasters. Baba says these five elements support you. And purity is so much remembered, all this, earth, air, water, all this creates the environment, as we create our internal environment. And they are remembered because they become so pure that they are remembered as deity air, jal devata (water god), vayu, air, jay devta, fire devta, So, all our divine energies are considered. So, cleanliness leads to purity, and purity leads to divinity.

And that, I was speaking about our destination. If we remember, we are not only going to the Soul World. The Soul World. The sixth element, is pure. There's no question of purification there, because it is beyond the sky. But under the sky, whatever it is, under the ether, these five elements are purified, the soul’s five types of waste energy, the vices, are incinerated. That is the final, because really, waste does not bring any energy, and it does not create anything. And so, no recycle, no need to recycle. So, it is in divinity, then, we reach the destination.

This is the final part of the class. So, I just wanted to finish with that. Om shanti.

Sister Maureen:
Thank you. Thank you, thank you, Sudesh Didi. Everything rounded off perfectly. And thanks for everyone's cooperation.
And I'll also take leave, I think some of you received information that tomorrow morning, I'll be going with a group of religious leaders. We fly into Romania, and then on Tuesday, the whole day will be in a city in Ukraine, which is very close to the Romanian border. And the idea of going there and its leaders from all faiths is to bring peace is to give solace to people be with People and that whole day we will be visiting refugee camps and other maybe organisations. And then at 5pm Ukraine time which is 3pm London time there will be a public event and it will be broadcast and information has been sent to some of you; more information will be sent, so you're welcome to tune in and to watch that event of the religious leaders at 5pm, or 3pm our time. Then, before the curfew starts, we have to go back to Romania to stay. Then, I'll be back ON Wednesday morning. So, I'll let you know the news.
I feel Baba and Dadi must want to do something and so this opportunity has arisen. So, I go with all your good wishes. Thank you. Om shanti.

Sudesh Didi:

So final, Ravan Raj means waste. And Ram Raj means pure and best. Best and purity. Ram Raj. So, today is Ram Navami, the memorial birthday of Ram. But we are not thinking of the Silver-Aged Ram. We are thinking, understanding, and contrasting Ravan Raj and Ram Raj. So, we are going to Ram Raj, finishing, Ravan Raj, all the negative forces come to an end, and divine forms of powers come into existence. So, greetings of Ram Navami. Om shanti.


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Sister Jayanti - 15th December 2021 - Revision of Avyakt Murli

9 April 2022

Q: Om Shanti, welcome to everyone. Jayanti behn, a long time ago you said that a bondage is that which doesn't allow you to do that which you want to, and makes you do that which you don't want to. You said it many, many years ago and it stayed with me. If we look at the yagya, I think that has always been the test hasn't it? How many have been able to free themselves from those bondages, and that enables them to go ahead. Like sometimes when we say what is the one thing? Maybe according to today's murli, it's really to what extent can you free yourself from all the bondages?

A: Om shanti to everyone who’s joined us. I was fascinated by the thread of the murli; how Baba weaves an amazing story and always starts with a huge amount of love, encouragement, and empowerment, raising us to the highest state. Then Baba gradually, gently unfolds the story of what's going on and how you can sort it out, and closes with the solutions. This time also Baba spoke about the eternal love, the imperishable love, the godly love that God has for his children, and the children also are in the hearts of the Comforter of Hearts. There are two types of children in terms of the world; those who have recognised him and attained him, and have received the treasures, and those who are still searching and are calling out. Baba makes us realise that the vast majority still don't know God and don't have a living relationship with him. It’s our amazing fortune that we do know God and we've received endless, infinite, eternal imperishable treasures from Him. And so, just making us aware of our fortune if we keep forgetting. The reminder is very beautiful and the upliftment that comes through this. God's love for me. My love for God. Baba actually made it very clear that our love is for a very specific motive: we know that these are the treasures we can receive and so our love for God is because of all of the treasures he's giving us. So it isn't that pure, altruistic love in which we just simply receive God's love and give God our love, but there's a motive there. But that's okay. Baba doesn't mind. Baba says, well all these treasures are for you anyway.

And again, Baba using this term; the first treasure. Think about all of the other treasures that Baba didn't mention. We know Baba has given us so many, so many treasures. This time Baba's treasure was focused on the treasure of knowledge, the very first treasure that we recognise. And, again I was thinking that in the early days, right at the beginning they didn't have the treasure of knowledge. They just had the awareness that this is God. I am God's child. And that's it - nothing else, nothing else. And so, how did they come to Baba and manage to sacrifice everything? Just simply God's love? We're lucky! Maybe luck, maybe destiny, whatever it is, that we've had the fortune of receiving huge treasures of knowledge from Baba which He gives us and continues to give us. We take it, we use them, sometimes we share them, sometimes we lose them, we forget them. All of this goes on. And Baba keeps giving and giving and giving.

And so, the result of treasures. The treasure of knowledge is that which makes us sensible. That which enables us to see the three aspects of time so that whatever actions we perform are absolutely right. Because I understand the past, I can see what I need to do in the future because I know the outcome that I would like to have. And so, trikaldarshi, see the three aspects of time and perform action on the basis of tha, and yes, then you're free from bondages. Where I'm free from bondage then I say, wah Baba, how wonderful is God, how wonderful this knowledge, how wonderful is my destiny, my fortune. How wonderful am I? If I'm not using the treasure in my life in a practical way, then I find myself trapped, and a sign of being trapped is there's great distress. Neither am I experiencing the wonder of God and treasures, and my fortune and so on, and neither am I able to fly. I'm just experiencing distress. How can I fly if I'm distressed? Baba's saying; don't allow any distress even in your thoughts or in your dreams, and to come to that stage where it's just wonder. I was remembering how wonderful everything was for Dadi. Everything. I remember one sister telling me that she'd fractured her wrist or her arm, and her arm was in a sling. She went to meet Dadi in Shakti Bhawan. She'd travelled from abroad. Dadi saw the sling and said - wonderful, and this sister said it made me smile, that for Dadi everything is wonderful. Even a fractured arm in a sling is wonderful.

Wah, wah, wah everything is wonderful when you're free of all bondages. And of course Baba saying that this is what is jeevanmukti. You can experience jeevanmukti here and now be free from all bondage. If there's distress then there's bondages. If you're not liberated in life now, how are you going to be able to experience liberation in life in the future? If you're still experiencing bondages today then what does that mean? The gates of mukti are not being opened for others also. Then Baba says drama is waiting for you. It's absolutely a fact because I think everybody is more than ready to go home now just seeing what's going on in the whole wide world. Let me be able to liberate myself from all the royal, gold and diamond bondages that might still exist, so that I can be free and allow others to be free also. Then the gates of mukti can open. Again, Baba teasing us and reminding us, God can change the world at any moment. He has this contract, this responsibility that God wants to give us the opportunity to create our fortune. Out of love he offers us this opportunity so that we've fulfilled this responsibility of transforming the world and fulfilling that contract together with him. Are we remembering our responsibility? Baba always, always links it to whatever's going on at the current time, at that moment. Also this is a murli from March, 2004. And so Baba's saying, how many Shivratri’s have you celebrated? Not just through the years, but just imagine there are 14 flags hoisted in the three complexes and the hospital etc, etc. Fourteen flag hoistings happen in Madhuban every single year now. The Dadi's used to enjoy every single one and do every flag hoisting with great, great enthusiasm and love as if it was the first flag they were hoisting you know. People joining them would sort of say, oh well another flag, but the Dadi's never said that. For them it was joy, exuberance, dancing and clapping, and inspiring everyone. So you've celebrated Shiv Ratri many times but when are you going to celebrate hoisting Baba's flag in your hearts? Baba spoke about how corruption in the world has reached its peak and the contrast of corruption, that which is elevated, that which is noble. (Baba spoke in Hindi.) And so, when are you going to celebrate hoisting the flag of greatness, of nobility, of that which is elevated in your hearts? Can I allow that flag of greatness, nobility and that elevated consciousness to fly in my heart continually?

Baba's saying that the reason why it's not yet happening is for two factors. They both start with one in Hindi. And so it's two words. But they both start with 'ek' one. One is unity, 'ekata'. There's a variety of sanskars. There's a variety of all sorts of things. But yet, within all that diversity to be able to be unified, ekata; one idea, one direction, one task. The second is to be able to have focus, concentration and be able to achieve that which is elevated, within not just our thoughts but our practical life, our actions. Baba is looking at everybody's chart, and saying what Baba is seeing is that in your thoughts, 90% of the time you have very high elevated noble thoughts, pure thoughts. Then when it comes down to words, it's reduced, and when it comes down to actions, it's reduced even more. So, that concept of unity, that concept of raising the flag of 'shretaacha' - behaviour which is elevated - mustn't just be in my thinking or in my head, but it has to be in my heart. Then it's going to manifest in my relationships, my actions and my connections. I don't even want to mention the figure that Baba gave for the percentage of by the time it moves from your thoughts to your actions. No, let it be in your heart, not just in your thoughts, but in your heart, so that it can emerge. Not to stay merged, but actually emerged in your life, in practical activity. And so 'ekata' and then 'ekrata' - concentration, focus, determination. Because if it's there in your thoughts determined then it's going to manifest also. Baba said that the double foreigners are very good at this. If they have a thought they're going to make it happen, and yes, the double foreigners have that double determination that Baba loves. The Bharatwassis also, and so Baba said, triple determination for them too.

What are those royal bondages that Baba spoke about? What happens is that instead of remembering that through self transformation there can be world transformation, we are waiting for world transformation, and then the self or transformation of others and then me. And so Baba asked us, teasing us, should we change the slogan? Should we delete the slogan that self transformation brings world transformation? It's not going to happen like that, waiting for somebody else. Baba said it's because you're looking outside instead of looking at yourself. Be Arjuna. Be the one who takes the initiative. Take the responsibility and carry that for yourself. And then you won't say, but, if, maybe this, maybe that, what about this one, who about the other one? No. When I change, the world changes also. So remember the slogan that we have always used for a long, long time. When I start using that understanding that I have to change, Baba says it's like dying. It's not easy but it is death. It's the death of the ego. It's the death of the old "I". But this dying is a sweet dying which gives you liberation in life for half the cycle. And so it's a sweet death. And who else is going to do it except you! Yes there'll be a few new ones who come along, who'll go ahead and become last so fast, or even last so first. But, that'll be a rare few. We're seeing this at the current time, that more and more numbers come to Baba, where in India there's huge numbers. But even abroad through zoom where we used to get 40, 50 people for a talk. Now we get not just hundreds but sometimes thousands for talks. Yes a little bit of gyan, a little bit of knowledge, and a little bit of benefit. So responsibility is being fulfilled. Are they the ones who are going to hoist the flag? Are they the ones who are going to fulfil the contract that God has taken and offered us also to share in that contract? Baba said no, it's going to be all of you. The 8 have emerged. 108 have emerged. The 16 thousand have to emerge. That's also all of this. The 8 okay are fixed, the 108, 16K it's all of us who'll be part of that. It's not any strangers. It's not new ones, except like Baba's saying one or two individuals who will be the examples to prove the law wrong. But no, a few will come still. This is the challenge that we have at this moment. Not to give excuses or not to put problems in front of Baba because of this, because of that, because of the other but to be the embodiment of solutions. To use the gyan that Baba has given us already and the gyan that has given us so much. To be able to use it, and through that to be effective in whatever it is we would like to do. So Baba's words of love, words of blessings, but also very straight pointers about what it is we need to do. The task of world transformation has to be completed and it has to be completed soon. And we have to be the ones who are going to make all of this happen. So, powerful and very, very loving.


Q:  It reminds me of, especially this last point about the percentages, you wake up in the morning and you say you want to donate a thousand whatever pounds, dollars. And then by lunchtime you want to donate 500. And then by evening it becomes 200. So Jayanti behn, what is the missing link? Is it not just time. It's not just that time has lapsed, you know between morning and noon? Is it about  insecurity? It's a lack of self respect. A doubt, what is missing, what is degrading that thought?

A: Baba's saying that I've forgotten my eternal identity and I'm not ready to die. Yes, it's my old insecurities, my fears that have crept in and so the living death and rebirth just isn't there. That consciousness is fading away as the day goes by and the things that are happening around me get squeezed in. They squeeze out those pure, vibrant energy thoughts that I had in the morning. So I allow my consciousness _- instead of being up there with Baba, the flag of nobility and 'shretaacha' that elevated state - gradually, I'm looking around seeing what's going on and that intoxication, that passion gets reduced. As the day goes by, more and more stuff starts to come in. And by the end of the day I'm quite depleted. Dadi used to tell us the story of a person from when she was in Pune. Dadi would switch on the red light in the mornings at 0330, 0345 and everybody in that area knew that it was time for meditation. This person who was living in that neighbourhood could see that light. He told his wife at that time, Dadi is now up for meditation, I want you to take this to Dadi. And the wife says, but I can take it later. It's so early. It's still dark. And he says no, by the time the light comes, and I start thinking about other things, maybe I'll have changed my mind. So, he sent his wife out to take whatever it was, the treasures that he had, whether it was notes or coins or whatever. He sent them to Dadi. Right first thing, amrit vela, early in the morning, because he knew that as the light comes and the sun rises then his own pure thought might change.


Q: Because it started off with a pure thought, what gave birth to that pure thought?

A: My faith I have love for Baba. I have faith in Baba. But then I'm not willing to keep that pure thought absolutely powerful with that determination and focus and concentration 'ekagrata'. Yes the thought has come, but am I able to sustain that? Baba mentioned concentration and focus, but also determination. I'm allowing other things to enter my intellect and dilute that thought. And so it gets more and more diluted until it actually loses its power. I do maybe a little percentage of that rather than the fullness of what I have thought in the mornings. Baba's saying, okay donation of money is whatever it is, but any pure thought for self transformation - early morning, sit with Baba at amrit vela and there's such a powerful thought. For Baba I'm ready to do anything. For Baba I will do this. Then I look around me and I'm saying well, they haven't changed. They haven't changed. They're not doing anything. Why are they doing this? That finger of Baba actually made that gesture. The finger is pointing there and I'm not seeing the fingers pointing to me. That responsibility and that focus of absolute concentration: again the word 'ek' comes into focus and concentration, 'ekagrata'. I'm not allowing that thought to be impacted by anything that's going on around me. It doesn't matter what's going on. My thoughts and my commitment to Baba are important. When Baba's saying die the living death - it's a sweet death. It means I'm not going to look at other things. I'm only going to let go of my own ego and I'm just going to be with Baba and put that pure thought into practical life. This is where Baba uses the expression, it has to come from your heart. It's not going to happen if it's just logic and reason but something that moves my heart and I say out of my love for Baba, this is what I'm going to do. It doesn't matter whether somebody else does whatever it is they're doing, it's nothing to do with them. It's me and my relationship with One. That's the only important thing for me at this moment, and if I have that, and I'm nurturing that, then I'll have the power and capacity to move mountains. Service will happen automatically and literally in whatever way it's meant to but my vision has to be focussed on Baba and me. What do I need to do? As soon as my vision goes around here; they this, this one this, this one that, finish! That power is lost. And so that amrit vela determination by the time it comes down to practical life and the activity, it's gone.


Q: Is every ego crunch a sweet death? I think the result is sweet, but when you're going through it it's not that sweet. Could you elaborate on this death, this death of ego?

A: Think about something else connected with this. The sign of ego is pain. And so what Baba's saying to me is let go of your ego, and you'll be free from pain, the bondage, the distress. When I recognise with my heart that it's my ego that's causing me distress, not this one, this one, this one, this one. Stop, stop all of that! Just look at Me. And, if I'm in distress, why am I in distress? What is the pain I'm experiencing? The pain I'm experiencing is the ego. When I'm ready to let go of it then there's going to be freedom for me. A very simple example and it's a very external type of example, but it was a big lesson for me. I love coffee. And many of you know this. And even the smell of coffee today I still love. But, at some point I had to realise that the coffee was actually causing me problems and physically, health wise. And I didn't want to let go of the coffee. But when I decided yes, I understood definitely there isn't another problem (and I'm not telling everybody to give up coffee), but I'm just sharing my own story. I had to realise that the coffee was the culprit and I had to stop. So I decided and stopped the coffee. Gradually the things I was feeling were getting sorted out. Not easy, but once you really truly accept that this is the cause of problems and you're ready to take power from Baba and let go. I didn't say to Baba, Baba give me the power to let go of coffee. I just knew that I had to be more soul conscious. I had to draw the power and use that power and I let go. And definitely it's been beneficial. And so letting go of my ego and of course coffee was an addiction for some decades. But ego is an addiction for thousands of years. It's not just one birth or you know decades but it's thousands of years, millennia. And so I keep thinking, I've dealt with ego, but something else comes - a different manifestation, and a different manifestation and a different one. This is why when finally I've let go of ego and there's consciousness of one. Then yes, I'm nearing that state of being karmateet. Until then it's the onions. You know the onion skin? I keep peeling, peeling, peeling and as I'm peeling the tears are coming down my cheeks. But I have to keep on peeling, peeling until really there's no more pain. And that's the sign there's no more ego. While I still have pain and suffering and distress there's ego there. No other reason. Because as God's children we're blessed. We have everything that Baba's giving us. How come I'm not happy? And of course this big thing that Baba identified. I'm not looking inside for the cause. I'm looking outside for the cause. I can spend my lifetime doing that. Today it's this thing. Tomorrow, it's this thing. Tomorrow it'll be another thing. They'll always be reasons and factors that I can point to but I'm not looking at myself. And so my ego is preventing me from looking at myself - that's causing me pain. I don't want that pain. I don't want this distress. The remaining period of Sangamyug that is left for us, I want to experience super sensuous joy that Baba talks about. And I've had a glimpse of it from time to time. It's not that I've never had it. I've had glimpses of it. But now I want to be able to claim it as my birthright. Whatever time remains, that's when I want to experience that super sensuous joy without any other influence working on me. Only God's canopy above me. The problems stay out there and the solution is within me.


Q: We have this love/hate relationship, as you were saying, with bondages, as we do with maya. Today we were discussing different types of bondages. There's many and each one knows what their bondages are. How do we know? You had a wake up call with your coffee, but how do we know that we are in bondage? It's just sorrow is it? Do we experience sorrow?

A: Yes, absolutely. The sign of bondage is sorrow.


Q: What about the royal bondages then?

A: Baba's talking about royal bondages and then the golden, diamond. The lokik bondages are really painful. You can see that they're stopping me from doing what I want. All of those things you know there's an imposition. There's a control which is quite external. And so the iron chains are hurting me and I can feel it. It's not deep and subtle. It's quite gross. And so I say, okay, Om Shanti. I'm going to see them as souls. I don't have to leave them. Maybe I can but maybe I can't. But I have to change my attitude and vision towards them okay. They're the ones who are going to show me how much tolerance I have. How much I love Baba. How much I've taken power from Baba. So I free myself from those bondages so that nothing can touch me within the lokik situation. The golden chains are the chains of relationships within the Brahmin family because they start off by being service companions. They start by being friends within the Brahmin environment. And so, I'm not checking because I think this is natural you know. This one is such an important player in the whole scene of drama for service. And so they have this speciality. They have this quality. And so I come very close to them. Except that, at some point, they want to go a different way and I want to go a different way and there's a problem. But even before that problem starts, or even if drama intervenes and takes them off to a different place, a different country, or takes me off to a different place and a different country, or something happens between us, some misunderstanding causes a rift, whatever it may be. But, that relationship isn't going to last forever. And before it brings me sorrow or pain, can I recognise my dependency? Okay, if this person isn't there for service can I manage? If this person chooses to do other things, am I going to miss them? Am I going to remember them instead of Baba? And so the golden chains are the relationships within the Brahmin family and the diamond chains are what Baba mentioned. I am the right person. Nothing can happen without me. I need to be the one in charge. I am the one who makes the decisions. Why? Because Baba has blessed me with a good intellect. I am the one who is wise. And so I am the one who has a right to do everything. So these thoughts of I, I, I, I, those are the diamond bondages that finally Baba talks about. You have to die from that ego and then you'll be free. And so, most of this at some point you've left the lokik bondages, we've dealt with the golden bondages, the golden chains. They look very nice, very beautiful and attractive, but they're chains. And then the diamond chains: but what I'm saying is right! Can't you trust me? Of course I know what I'm talking about. This is right. How come you're not in agreement with me? You should be in agreement with me. I have the experience. I have the skills. So that's the running commentary that's going on inside. That no, I'm an instrument for Baba and each one who is around me or even not around me, but each one within the Brahmin family is an instrument. And, how could God's task happen with one? Even Baba is saying, I don't want to do anything on my own. I want all my children to be with me when I do it. Brahma Baba couldn't do anything on his own. And not only Mama, one companion but all of them. All the children. Try doing something in Madhuban. Some of you know that Aruna behn has tried and has done well. But I think many on this program must have seen that I want to do a little program in Gyan Sarovar. My goodness. How many people do I have to connect with and make sure that they're on the same page? That they're understanding is what needs to happen. Just a little tiny 10 minute thing in Gyan Sarovar. And if you want to do a whole retreat in Gyan Sarovar, you of dealing with many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many. And, if you're thinking about a bigger program than just one retreat, it's a huge amount of dying that has to go on so that you win everybody's hearts. You win their cooperation. And everything goes smoothly. Otherwise, one individual sticking their leg out and you fall over it. And the program doesn't happen. The event can't happen. So, the ego of I can do it. I can't. It's only with everyone's cooperation. And, if I can manage in a little centre with two or three, wonderful. Baba will put me into a bigger arena managing 20, 25. Then, I'll be given another task of dealing with hundreds. And so, drama gradually, gradually teaches us and we learn to accept that responsibility. We learn that we have to be flexible. We have to listen. We can't do things on our own. And whatever another is saying I have to listen. Because, they are speaking from their perspective and their experience. I look at things from here. They are looking at things from that side. And the task is not one dimensional. It is multidimensional. And so everybody sharing their perspective and giving their finger of support and cooperation is going to make something happen. And I have to match up with everyone. And so that's the dying in which yes, then it's a very sweet experience.

Baba praises all the sevadharis who come from different regions to do service in Madhuban, and Baba. Cutting vegetables in Madhuban - a simple job. And somebody will tell you, don't sit here, please sit here. Somebody will come and say, but why are you sitting here? Can you sit there? I don't know whether you've ever experienced that. And if you get stuck, no I'm not gonna move, I'm gonna sit here. Well, then probably you won't be asked to come and even help cut vegetables tomorrow. It must be a reason why they're asking me to move and they know I don't know and yes if I want to get into a debate about it - fine I can try. But, it's not worth it.


Q: On to this thing about service. When you do service, at the end of that service there should not be that feeling that you owe anybody anything, right? No feeling of bondage? A very deep point; that you owe anybody, or that there's any kind of obligation.

A: It's true isn't it that, if I do something for you then, I'm expecting something in return from you. But, if I've done it for Baba whether you acknowledge or don't acknowledge, it's okay. A story that I've sometimes related and maybe some of you have heard, is that very, very early days in Tennyson Road, and Baba had this little car that stood us in very good stead for many years. It needed washing and there was a very new brother who had come along, and it was Sunday. And so it was the tiny little space we had in Tennyson Road, not even next door, just that little flat. And, he said to Dadi, Dadi I'm available for service, is there something you'd like me to do? Dadi said to him, can you wash the car? And he was very happy. So he did a very good job. And it took him a good amount of time. But it was Sunday so he was happy to have done it. And a sparkling, gleaming car outside Baba's house. And so I said thank you to him. And he turned around and he said, I didn't do it for you. You don't have to thank me. I did it for Baba. He was very polite, very courteous, he wasn't rude or sarcastic or anything. But it touched something very deep. Of course he had done it for Baba. And so I still remember Baba said, Baba's smiling and was pleased with you. Something like that, instead of, oh thank you. And so a very simple thing. He wasn't expecting any thanks. And he didn't want to accept any thanks. And so a big lesson. Little things I do. Am I waiting for your approval? Then I might be disappointed. Because you've got her head into something else and you're not about to give me your approval. Am I going to get disappointed and say well, I don't think I'm gonna bother to help anymore. They don't even realise how much time I've given you know. So that expectation I have is going to create sorrow and bondage for me. And, my distress. And on the other side, I'm expecting you to do this. Why? Because I'm God's child. I'm an instrument for Baba. If I ask you to do something, how dare you say no to me. You shouldn't be saying no. And if you say no, then I get upset. But that was again my expectation. These tangles that come into service instead of just pure altruism. And to know that I'm doing it for Baba out of pure love. I'm not even thinking I'm doing it for my future, and this, that and the other. No, I love Baba. I have talents. Let me use them for Baba. I have time. Let me use that for Baba. I have health. I can do something physical. I met somebody who's been in Gyan since the 70's. And she said I had made ice cream at home, because I knew that the sisters wouldn't be having ice cream outside. And, I brought the first box of ice cream. And for me it was an experiment because I hadn't been making ice cream at home before. But I found a recipe and I tried it and I made the ice cream and I brought it to Tennyson Road. And Dadi was so happy. And she said, I'm going to share it with all because those who really are following Baba's principles don't even want to eat ice cream outside. So there are some who haven't eaten ice cream for a long time and I'm going to share it! And she said, all I knew was how to cook. I didn't know how to do anything else. But then, just doing that brought me so close and I understood more and more of gyan. I started to give the course to people. And that soul created amazing powerful instruments. And she said that soon, it was not just me, it was a team of us and we were all cooking with Baba together. So, really just doing it out of love for Baba, whatever it is you can do something little, something big, offer that to Baba. And Baba will make good use of you, if you just simply do it with that love.


Q: If there is friction between two people, and a teacher is trying to mediate between these two people, how is one to look at the situation? Is it that both are wrong? Both are right? Basically what attitude, what mindset do you use when dealing with conflict or mediating two people? What kinds of thoughts?

A: Remembering Mama, and how one person would come with one story. Another person with another side of the story. Mama would bring them together and Mama would say, well this one is right because of this. And this one is right because of this. Mama would never say this one's right and this one's wrong. But Mama would see the virtue of this one and what is good, and the virtue of that one and point it out to each one. So that they could appreciate things from a different perspective from each other's side. Example; one person was in the kitchen and something got burnt and the other person came in and said, why did you burn it? And so one person said, well maybe it needed a little bit more attention on your part. And so this person, never mind the tone they used, but this person has cautioned you to be more careful. And this one well, okay so this time things got a bit burnt. But, the love with which she was doing it, and then she got a bit distracted, and so it became occupied so that's why things happened. But, she's been doing this for so long for such a long time with such love. I appreciate that. And so, this way of not saying you are right and you are wrong. But just pointing out that both are coming from a good space but something went wrong within that. And so this clash happened. And so a simple example that you can see, that was the way Mama dealt with conflict. Helping each other see the good in another. So then they would come together. 


Q: In this Brahmin family there are sanskars. The sanskars of everyone are very different, and we're in it together because of service or karmic accounts. How do we still keep going forward without affecting our stage?

A: I have to learn to step above. I can't allow myself to be impacted by the thoughts of this one's like this, that one's like this. My time, my energy, my stage everything is going to go, and I don't want to lose anything at the moment. I just want to be able to take and share and accumulate for myself. There’s a very, very short time left. I don't want to get involved in this one's sanskars, and this one's doing this, that one's doing that. I have to create a stage by just being with Baba, not just at amrit vela and the murli, but through the day and just practicing that stage. There was a lovely murli a couple of weeks ago, in which Baba was talking about the Companion and the observer. If you remember these two things, who is your companion? And the fact that just as He is the Observer, I too have to be with him and be the observer and watch all of these things going on. Otherwise, the game of sanskars is endless, it's infinite. It's going to carry on till the end. I can just be part of that game, and be looking here and there, and there, and there, and all my time is gone. But I don't want to do that anymore. I want to be up above. And through that then, maybe that'll set a new culture, a new tone and others will also decide they want to be up above and they don't want to be caught up in sanskars/clashes.


Q: How to be free of other's expectations?

A: I have to have a chat with them, and tell them what I can do and what I can't do. And just open dialogue and then maybe if I've put straight what I can do then I can put a full stop to it.


Q: What qualities are needed to unite people in a task?

A: It starts with introversion. That introversion, that power of silence and then you're able to have the capacity to bring people together.


Q; How to get out of the golden and diamond bondage even after knowing that it is a bondage?

A: Dying. I have to kill the ego, again and again and again. Layers and layers, peel them off.


Q: Last question, I think from yesterday's murli, so for being viceless, if you have any trace of vice it will not allow another soul to be transformed from the shudra clan to the Brahmin clan, how can we block a soul's fortune?

A: I also had the question as I was reading that murli. Part of it is their destiny, but partly it's also my impact on them. With Mama, somebody came to her, whatever condition they were in, and because of her purity she was able to empower them and inspire them to become a Brahmin. So, we have that example, and then numberwise along the line. So I'm not completely free from the vices, and so whatever I say to them, Baba said that it's probably an indication that they also are of that clan in which they're battling. Baba wasn't saying that you've cancelled their fortune or anything, but I'm seeing how similar energies work together. Think about the service that Baba and Mama did in creating the Dadi's, and after the Dadi's, then those souls who came in the 50's and became instruments for such powerful service. So they created heir quality souls and what are the souls that are coming today? It’s their fortune, their destiny, but also my involvement with them. So, drama works in a very cohesive way where energies are drawn together.

Om shanti.


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Om Shanti. Om Shanti. Good morning.
The line of the song: “Baba, I sacrifice myself to you. You have sacrificed yourself to me.” Does Baba sacrifice, or do we really sacrifice?

Where there is love, the word sacrifice does not exist. Love is so powerful that you offer everything; you renounce everything. You put first, the one that you love. Baba says, “I have come to serve you, I sacrificed Myself.” In this world, the words sacrifice and surrender, are used in a totally different context.

When there is a defeat, then, you surrender. Sacrifice is when the heart is not happy, because there is a desire of the heart. Generally, sacrifices are of animals. finish everything, surrender everything. Regarding the word sacrifice, I don't know whether the spiritual aspect of sacrifice exists in rituals in the West, but in bhakti, this word sacrifice is used. But in a natural way, actually. When we are offering everything: time, energy, achievement; every thought is connected; vision is connected; efforts are connected, to serve others.

Parents sacrifice their lives for their children, yet, this sacrifice does not mean they kill themselves. On the path of bhakti, they sacrifice their physical body to express great love, but that sacrifice does not inspire. Not everyone will sacrifice themselves. But Baba says, “I have come to serve you. I have come here to be your obedient servant. So, this service is done with so much love. Bones are used, not the physical bones which are in the fire of yagya (sacrificial fire). We are serving with deep love, with pure love and with a deep feeling of belonging. Then, you don't have time for yourself, you give time to Baba. You have all the things that you can enjoy, but you give preference to use in Godly Service. You have time which you can enjoy and can sleep maybe eight hours. But, Baba says, “In order to burn your sins, remember Me. Have tapasya. Wake up early in the morning.” So, you renounce something, there is renunciation.  

There is another aspect of surrendering the self: whatever I have, I am offering it to You. It is a process and not just a one-day thing, “Okay, surrender.” First, love is developed; step by step. For that, Baba gives different mantras. Shiv Baba’s mantras is, “Be holy, be yogi.” Yogi means, “Remember Me, and Me alone.” Be holy, not only just physical purity, but the purity of thoughts, words, actions, connection, vision, feelings, vibrations; purity in every aspect of our life.

Purity begins with cleanliness; to keep the heart clean. Our vision is pure, when you pick up the virtues from others, we learn from others; we appreciate their specialties. Pure feelings and good wishes are emerged. So, the mantras of Shiv Baba are ‘Manmanabhav’ and ‘Madhyajibhav’.

Another mantra is, ‘Follow Father.’ Which Father do we follow? Follow Father Brahma, be holy, be yogi. Shiv Baba does not have to become, but Shiv Baba makes us holy. Be yogi. He Himself is Yogeshwar, the Purifier, the Ever-pure. In order to become holy and yogi, you follow Father Brahma, but you don't remember Brahma. You remember Shiv Baba. When you follow Brahma Baba, automatically, you will remember Shiv Baba, because Brahma Baba surrenders his everything, offers his everything with great love, with faith, with great dedication, with intoxication that everything belongs to Him. Whatever is offered is worth because the intoxication and achievement were immediate. Then, there is no desire for any praise, any kind of temporary achievement, or worldly appreciation from human beings of this world. Your vision is focused on the unlimited. Brahma Baba’s mantra is ‘Remember Shiv Baba. Follow Brahma Baba, but don't follow brothers and sisters.’ See Shiv Baba. What does it mean by ‘don't follow brothers and sisters.’, ‘don't see anyone else.’? The meaning is that when we begin to follow others, we might begin to follow the weaknesses of each other. Instead of routing the destination, we might lose our way. Follow Father Brahma. Brahma Baba did not lose his way while following the path, but constantly had his vision on the destination. For that, he had to sacrifice, he had to surrender; offer, in other words. To surrender the physical body means that I don't have a right to it. I have the right to use it, but I don't have a right to use it the way I used to use my body. But I promise that I will use this physical body, all the bodily organs as a trustee, because now I have offered it to You. I have surrendered it to you. Once you have surrendered yourself, you do not use the body to fulfil your personal desires. In reality, there are no personal desires remain after that. There is so much satisfaction. There is so much intoxication, there is so much inner contentment by offering, by surrendering yourself to Baba, because, you get an immediate reward for it. You have offered your heart; you are never hurt. You have offered your good action, time and energy; you feel you are comfortable. You have offered your wealth; you feel it is multiplying. You are not obliged, but with great love, you surrender everything. You are not offering out of mercy or you are offering out of need. Baba doesn't need anything. Baba is not poor. On the path of bhakti, we offer and we use the word ‘donate’, saying “I am donating.” God says, “I am not poor. You don't have to donate to Me.” But inwardly we say donating, contribution and offering.

Donation, contribution and offering are the same act, but the effect is different. Donation is when you have mercy in your heart, or bhavna, or with faith when donating. For the Godly task I donate, it will multiply; it will come to me. To poor people, you donate with mercy. You do not expect a return, but you experience instant happiness. And the poor people will also give blessings and say thanks to you. When you give a contribution, you are happy and there is love, there is cooperation with each other, good connection with each other. It is like support. So, the actions are the same, but the effect and result are totally different. You plant the seeds in the land, but you don't say that I have donated the seeds to the land. You have knowledge and give a donation without expecting an instant return.

The whole basis of what I want to say is that the actual joy of surrendering, of offering cooperation, is from deep within, when there is the knowledge; the purpose of why you are donating, why you surrender, why you are giving cooperation.

So, using the example of planting the seeds in the ground: it is not that you have mercy on the land, but you have your need, you want something. So, it is not that you are giving a donation; you are actually planting the seed. And you know, the result, the potential of this land. The nature of the land is that whatever you plant in it, the return you will receive will be multiplied. Given time and attention, planting the seeds, watering them, caring for them, you know, the reward will be very elevated; it will be multiplied multi-million times. So, you renounce your sleep; you announce your food; you work at it the whole day, and it doesn't matter if you are hungry. A farmer continues working hard the whole day, knowing if they sacrifice time, they will soon receive the reward. Hard work is not hard.

Godly surrender, in this surrender, there is great joy in it, because the aim is very clear. Whatever we are going to achieve, our focus is there. So, Baba says, “Offer your mind, body and wealth to Me,” “Follow Father Brahma,” Follow the footsteps of Brahma.” In January each year, we read about the 18 steps of Brahma, the 6 steps of Brahma. So, one by one. we offer with great love, time and energy,

Shiv Baba does not need anything. Shiv Baba does not have a body. So, what would He do with Brahma’s body? But in reality, He accepts this Brahma’s body, and He loves it so much that every Kalpa, He comes in the same body. Why does He not come into another body? Why comes just in this person? Deep within, Brahma Baba, with great love, with faith, with dedication, this renunciation was made. God knows that Brahma’s qualities, certainly, will go back to Brahma through many children as well. God makes Brahma, not only from Brahma to remain Brahma, but He makes him so divine, that he becomes Shri Krishna. All the praise of Shri Krishna, of Shiv Baba, no matter how much Baba has been speaking about God of the Gita is not Shri Krishna for the past 86 years, still, the concept of Krishna as God of the Gita continues. This is because the account between Shiv Baba and Brahma Baba became so great that he is being paid automatically, through all the devotion and surrender and sacrifice by the devotees of Krishna. This also applies to all those who have a very subtle account of surrendering or sacrificing or giving everything as trustees with selflessness. There is no selfish motive. There is a desire just to serve with Godly qualities.

Today, I am given only 20 minutes we have another item in the programme, but I would like to share a good example. This is Jesus and Christ. Who is worshipped? Is Jesus worshiped or is Christ worshiped. Who was put on the cross to be sacrificed? Christ or Jesus? It is the energy of the Christ, that entered Jesus's body. And Jesus had to face all the problems, all the difficulties, all the tortures. Now, Christ has paid him for the whole 2000 years. In fact, when Jesus was baby, he did not have a cross. And now, they show a cross even on baby Jesus because they became so connected. When any kind of sacrifice is given, this allows, in the name of God, in the name of the deities, in the name of humanity, you become immortal. So, this sacrifice brings immortality, for long time achievement, surrender, because you are humble, you become a servant, you follow everything, you follow directions, you have a right connection, with every direction, you don't mix the dictates of your own mind.

This is the secret. Everything is done according to the direction, according to the truth. This is why, the achievement is truth. And when there is a deep relationship, the friendship with each other, you always give cooperation, you contribute your time; you give your energy; you send good wishes. So, when we remember Shiv Baba, the power of Shiv Baba helps us to follow Brahma Baba. This one, Brahma Baba, has good wishes for everyone, a good vision for everyone, pure feelings for every child.

Brahma Baba has demonstrated the qualities of Shiv Baba; Brahma Baba becomes the instrument to qualify God, because God does not have a physical body. So, how will he show love? From the Soul World, there is no love. Love is here in the corporeal world. Knowledge is not from the Soul World. A bodiless being cannot give knowledge; the being has to take the body of the sakar. This enables knowledge, love, or any kind of power, to be expressed in a practical form. His power is when the virtues and this knowledge are expressed in practical actions; when light becomes might. If it only stays in our mind, it's not power. When that quality becomes an action, that is power. Only an idea in our mind is not called power. It is power when this idea becomes practical, when Godly Shrimat becomes practical through Brahma Baba. This is why we say Brahma Baba surrendered himself to Shiv Baba, and we should also surrender or sacrifice. But He does not say, “I want to make you into My slave.” Surrender means you become a slave. But He doesn't make us a slave. He makes us into masters. Sacrifice is the proof of love, cooperation, and respect.

Om shanti.

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Sudesh Didi – 20th March 2022 Sunday Morning Class - GCH, London: Become the conqueror of matter with a divine intellect

2 April 2022

Om Shanti. Om Shanti. Good morning.  Good morning to the holy swans, Raja Yogis. Watching from here from a little bit higher stage, it is a beautiful gathering of swans. With Spiritual Vision, Baba is watching and seeing His children as happy swans, holy swans, as the bestowers of wisdom, with a divine intellect and a spiritual vision. He Himself has this vision of seeing us as we are, what we are; not what we are on this physical level. He is seeing us with a spiritual vision.

A spiritual vision means to see with a divine intellect with this pure consciousness, with the light of knowledge, the sight of the divine intellect. Seeing His children as we are, souls, He speaks about the sparkles of spirituality, the divinity, the Godly qualities, and the original personality of the living energies of us souls, His children. Today, Baba, the Bestower of that divine intellect, is once again reminding us, holy swans and happy swans that, in fact, the soul originally has a divine intellect. Every soul exists with this real energy of mind intellect and sanskaras.

The mind, intellect and sanskaras make us living beings. But our character, the actions we perform, and how we are using these three organs are the main questions that we need to ask ourselves. Baba’s mantra is Manmanabhav, be Mine with your intellect, focus your mind on Me, make your mind like My Mind. What kind of thoughts, and which energy level is actually the mind’s creativity; the kind of thoughts we are creating in our mind.

The mind is like the land; thoughts are the seeds; the intellect is like the sunshine and the clean water. So, all thoughts that are being created, it is the power of the intellect that bears fruit. Our actions are the result of what the intellect decides, discriminates and recognises. The intellect is able to observe, and discriminate between right and wrong; the actions are performed, and that becomes the fruit. The fruit bears the seed again which enables another action. The whole action, connection and interaction is the play of these three energies, the mind, the intellect and sanskaras. This is our first lesson.

Baba gives us different titles. Now, the intellect is a natural power, the energy of the soul, eternal energy. Baba gives the divine intellect. Intellect and divine intellect, Baba speaks about the difference between the state of an intellect and that of a divine intellect. Scientists also call this intellectually, that human beings have intellect. They say clever intellect, bright intellect, sharp intellect. But there is a difference between a divine intellect, a sharp intellect and a clever intellect. Scientists are professionals, those who work with their skills. They are the experts who are very, very intelligent. But there is a difference between being intelligent, being wise and a divine intellect.

A divine intellect actually explores the internal energy. The scientists’ intellect is working with matter; they are exploring the beauty, the power, the energy level in matter, in the five elements. This is why all these universities are exploring matter. But the spiritual energy, the spiritual intellect goes deeper in itself. How the mind, the internal energy, works, which kinds of thoughts I am creating, the intellect is able to check and to discriminate. But am I able to control and decide the kinds of thoughts?  And am I able to stay beyond something which is not good in myself and others? Can I be beyond influence? My thoughts can determine if I am a master of my sanskaras, because they are very visible. What is in me cannot remain hidden, because there is the subtle energy. It is said the face is the index of the mind. Whatever is happening in my mind, it is reflecting through my face, through my eyes. Seeing someone’s face, we ask them, “Where are you? What are you thinking?” As an observer, we immediately can tell that this one is going through some kind of storm, or some kind of joy, or some kind of deep insight. If others are able to see it, it means, as an observer of myself, I am also able to see. Others can only observe, but are not able to control our mind. It is our intellect that has the power to control and power to rule, and to direct for the mind. I need a divine intellect and a spiritual vision; that is the third eye. Vision is the divine light, the energy of knowledge, that is, the truth that Baba is revealing to us and so, this spiritual vision enables me to take the benefit from Baba. And I am able to use these qualities, or use the knowledge to direct myself in the right direction, or discipline myself and control myself by becoming the self with a higher consciousness as the detached observer of time.

Baba said that the world is like a playing field. It is a ten-a-side game. Which ten players? Five elements. Sometimes it is an earthquake, sometimes it is a tsunami, sometimes there is a storm; one time, there was an atomic bomb, with a shower of fire. Both the power of the vices and the power of the five elements. We do not fight with them. So, what do we have to do? First, you protect yourself.

Today, Baba said that you are the conquerors of matter. So, in these types of situations, it is not a question of fighting. What is happening with the five elements outside is affecting us inside.

The inner earthquake is the upheaval of body consciousness. As the five elements are outside, I do not have to fight with them. But I can control the body that is entrusted to me, this beautiful memorial made of the five elements. What is the “earthquake”? Body consciousness. I get upset, I fluctuate, I don't remain stable and cannot remain unshakeable. So, it is an earthquake of emotions.

There is attachment: an upheaval of tsunami takes place, when I am attached to my ideas, when I am attached to my creativity or when I am attached to my body or when I am attached to my plan and my achievement. It brings our stage down, just like drowning in a tsunami.

Then, there is the fire of jealousy, hatred, anger and lust that happen inside. So, here, nature and the five elements are really this energy within me.

With the divine intellect, I can conquer matter. With scientific energy we can see in advance when there is going to be an upcoming rainstorm. The scientists are able to measure the speed but how much can it be conquered? Within each soul, there is inner power. With the divine intellect, the soul can direct this inner power, and conquer this energy of the five elements within. Baba says you will conquer the elements you are prakrutijit (conqueror of matter). This means to be unshakeable in all these five elements. They are also parts of the elements. What is filled in matter itself first, has gravity. And the more I am body-conscious, the more I am attracted towards my own physical form or attraction of others. It is the attraction, the energy level of matter. Where there is a blood connection, I am more emotional. 80% water or 90% blood water together makes me emotional. On the one hand, when storm comes, immediately, tears flow. On the other hand, when I am really blissful, and I am enjoying this relationship with Baba with supersensuous joy, tears come, energy flows. There is a difference between conquering this emotion which causes me sorrow, and enjoying the feeling which brings bliss and happiness, freeing me from any kind of possessiveness, because Baba has this kind of this energy.

Then, there is the air of greed. I'm not hungry, but I am attracted by the smell of chips as I come home. I don’t really eat fried food. But I think, “Oh, I will have a small portion.”  Instead of one, I begin to eat more and more, again and again. It's the air that is making me greedy. So, to what extent am I disciplined on carrying out what I have decided to be right?

Vices are in matter but matter was originally pure. It is my consciousness. When I am body conscious, matter conscious, then my own creativity is making it impure. This is why Baba says you have your intellect divine. With a divine intellect, you are able to play this role with the five elements and the five vices do not influence you.

The five vices: lust, anger, greed, attachment, and ego; are playing their parts and affecting us through matter. If matter was not there, we would not be influenced. We are in the Soul World; we are just a bodiless soul and a bodiless soul does not have vices.

By being here in this physical world, the practice of staying as a yogi, then the more and more we become detached. A detached yogi means my yoga is with Baba. To have a divine intellect means I truly begin to see myself as I am originally, as a soul. I recognise myself, I recognise Baba, we recognise each other, not as this physical form of the fluctuating stage with vices or weaknesses or defects. In soul consciousness, you become a detached observer.

An observer means you are detached, you are observing, but you are not absorbing. It means not being influenced; you are watching how your mind is playing the game. Without being detached, it is so big, so difficult to control. Maya is so powerful. When being detached, though Maya is powerful, the influence of it is very small. You accept it as it is. But I don't have to be influenced by that, I don't have to take it, I don't have to make it belong to me and I am safe. Baba is speaking about the other day, upram, just to stay above and watch it. Anything you watch from a high level; when we are in a plane, we can see that on the road, big trucks are moving, but they are little toys. Big big factories are like just tiny houses. This is a physical vision. In the spiritual vision, the influence becomes less, the attraction is less. You are observing it, but you are far away from it.

When the third eye is open, we are watching with this power of purity. A pure soul has a clean mind and a clear intellect. I'm seeing both things, but I have to pick. Instead of the intense defects, within that soul, there must definitely be one virtue. In body consciousness, our focus is on the negative. If I am not satisfied with myself again and again, I am suffering because I am focusing only on, I'm not good, I am not good. At that time. I am not good because, at that time, I belong to the community of Ravan. I don’t need to have ego, nor do I need to be careless. Yes, the defects are there. But originally, I am a child of God. So, as soon as I see myself as I am, what I am, the power comes. As the situation happens, you change yourself.

When a situation comes, or a problem comes, or when there are challenges, what helps us? Either Baba’s knowledge or our good experience or good company. It is the goodness of that soul, or of that time that helps us. So, I remind myself that I am a divine being, a child of God.

When I am disturbed by others, I create twenty more weaknesses. After experiencing them, I start speaking about them. Then these twenty players have a chance to conquer me. So, I need to bring my players, my qualities, Godly qualities, and the qualities of the soul. In other words, in Brahmin qualities, Brahmin power and Godly powers, there are ten players. This means that Baba’s qualities, which are the original qualities of the soul: knowledge, purity, peace, love and happiness. There are the original five or seven qualities. Then, there are Brahmin powers: the power to pick up, the power to observe. the power to discriminate, the power to let go etc. All these main powers enable us to immediately shift from upheaval into the stability of the observer stage.

The intellect is divine, is picking up virtues, is playing with the virtues and is seeing virtues, as a holy swan, who discriminates between a pearl and a stone. There are twenty stones and one pearl. So, we'll only focus on that pearl. So, there are twenty stones, but it's okay. Within those, there are two flowers and thirty thorns. So, what do I have to do? It's my question. It is my choice whether I put my finger on the thorn, or I put my hand on the flower. So, it's a question of observing at that time, and instantly focusing on the virtue. The flower is virtue and the thorn is weakness.

If I have to change, certainly, then I have to focus on changing my weakness, but not I'm weak, I am weak. No. This weakness can go; I am the child of the Almighty Authority. Baba says that when you have a divine intellect, and a spiritual vision, you are able to recognise Baba, as He is. You are also able to know yourself as you are, what you are. As you are, in what condition and what situation; and who you are, as originally. When both are there, and I'm seeing with the spiritual vision, then the power helps me to change my state of mind. This is called having the yoga of the intellect with Baba. Manmanabhav, but the intellect cannot become divine without having the yoga of the intellect with Baba. So, this is man, that the mind is concentrating, and the actions are also changing.

Today, Baba says we celebrate Holi, play Holi, colouring ourselves with the divine colours of divine virtues, and play with the players of the original sanskaras of divinity, spirituality, purity, royalty and of dignity. These are the five players: spirituality, purity, divinity, royalty and dignity of a divine being, a child of the Almighty Authority, the reality of soul consciousness.

These Godly five players and these five virtues of the self, of Brahmins, when playing in the field, we are victorious, unshakeable Mahavirs, Angard. We are colouring ourselves with the divine colours of virtues, colouring each other with the divine company. So, as is the company, so is the colour.

So, be the companion of Baba and the company of Baba’s virtues. How do you remember Baba the whole day? What is the method to keep Baba as your Company? Through His virtues, it becomes natural. So, we stay the whole day in action and connection. Om shanti. Happy Holi to the happy swans.

Om shanti.


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Transcribed Classes of Mohini Didi: March 16- March 31st, Companion of God

1 April 2022

Dear Divine Family,


Please find attached transcribed classes of  Mohini Didi from March 16th  - March 31st Companion of God


Thank you

Avyakti Parivar


Companion of God - March 16


Companion of God - March 17


Companion of God - March 18


Companion of God - March 19


Companion of God - March 20


Companion of God - March 21


Companion of God - March 22


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Companion of God - March 27


Companion of God - March 28


Companion of God - March 29


Companion of God - March 30


Companion of God - March 31





April 2022 Homework: "Manmanabhav" from Mohini Didi | अप्रैल 2022: “मनमनाभव” अभ्यास (होम वर्क) - बी.के.मोहिनी

31 March 2022

Om Shanti,

To all the dearly beloved brothers and sisters, instrument teachers, and the whole Brahmin family, who use the powers of self-sovereignty according to the time & who have unbreakable love for the Father, please accept sweet Godly love and remembrances.


In the month of March, with BapDada, we experienced fast effort as we remembered each one's speciality and teachings given by our beloved Dadis.


Now In the month of April we are going to start a new series with the topic of “Manmanabhav”in Avyakti Parivar.


We welcome you to join us on this pilgrimage of special effort “Manmanabhav” “मनमनाभव”

Promo: https://youtu.be/HKae6bWhvnU

You will receive a daily point of self-awareness and the method of practice in the YouTube folder link given below. All of you are requested to share the information of this special effort with all regular students, brahmin brothers and sisters.


Please keep sending us your experiences and feedback from this special effort.

Thank you.


In Baba’s loving yaad,

BK Mohini



Homework Link – you will receive a daily video in the below YouTube folder link.


English : https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHSAb26Vm7rklINc0acE5S64QBrb5mwL_


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Hindi (translated classes) : https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHSAb26Vm7rnCwTCmGES3aW64O0WzXLVR


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ओम् शांति 


सदा बाप और सर्व आत्माओं के अटूट स्नेही यज्ञ के वरिष्ठ भाई-बहनें, निमित्त टीचर्स बहनें तथा सर्व ब्राह्मण परिवार के प्रति, ईश्वरीय मधुर याद प्यार स्वीकार करना जी। हमने मार्च महीने में बापदादा के साथ अपनी प्यारी दो दादियों की एक-एक विशेषतायें और शिक्षाओं को याद करते अपने पुरुषार्थ में तीव्रता का अनुभव किया।

अब हम अप्रैल के महीने में, अव्यक्ति परिवार “मनमनाभव” का टॉपिक ले नई सिरीज़ का आरम्भ करने जा रहे है।

आप सबको भी हम इसमें शामिल होने के लिए आमंत्रित करते है और आशा रखते है कि आप सब भी इस विशेष पुरुषार्थ की यात्रा पर हमारे साथ चलेंगे। 


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बाबा की याद में,



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