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ANTIDOTE TO UNCERTAIN TIMES Event for BK Young Adults Sat 26 Sept

20 September 2020

Dear Centre Coordinators,

(Please forward this invitation to all young adults in your area)


A 2-hour semi-global event (America/Europe/Africa/Middle East) for Young Adult BKs

(Our next event will include Australia and New Zealand time zones) 



A way of living Light & Fearless with  Sr. Judy Johnson (Leadership Development Consultant, Author, Halifax, Canada)




Timings are:

San Francisco - 08:30

Calgary - 09:30

New York - 11:30

London - 16:30

Nairobi - 18:30 

Kindly Note: Our next event will include Australia and New Zealand time zones.


Please find attached below the invitation flyer (in pdf format)  

Please register for zoom details: bkiyf.eventbrite.com


The event is for BK young adults (aged between 16 - 40) and youth instruments who hold responsibility in the yagya. It is also open to those 'graduates' (outside the age range) who have participated in previous IYF programmes or have been involved in local/national youth service in their areas.


Many thanks,

In Baba's yaad,


BK Gopi on behalf of the IYF Online Programmes Team







Madhuban Double Foreign Program 2020 - 2021 Season

17 September 2020

Dear Centre Co-ordinators,

Baba continues to sustain us in so many ways and we have all been keen to know when we may again make the pilgrimage to our sweet home of Madhuban. As we are all aware, the situation of Covid is still quite severe in many countries, including India, and so we cannot say with any certainty when this may be possible.

The Double Foreign programme team are thinking ahead and are preparing a virtual Madhuban experience with the theme of 'Madhuban Our Sacred Home'. The first transmission of a special Murli from BapDada will be on the 18th of October.  

Below is the first communication from the Double Foreign Programme Team. We hope you will all be able to join in.

Please do share this note, together with the message below, with your BK students.

With love,
in Baba's yaad,

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Warmest greetings of love to our dear family.

As you most likely understand by now, the first half of this Season from October to January will be online. Our Seniors, the Madhuban Niwasis and the DF Program Team will endeavour to create as special an experience as possible through this new medium of experiencing Our Home.
October 2020
On the 17th of October at both 8:00 and 20:00 Madhuban time, there will be an online experience of Madhuban which will include a live welcome by our seniors and along with many touching scenes: The link for "Home Sweet Home" will be sent out to all the Centres soon. Centers can choose to watch at whichever timing best suits their time zone and a recording will also be immediately available to watch at your convenience.   


Sunday 18th of October is the first date this season for the transmission of a special Murli from BapDada, along with meeting the seniors. The broadcast will begin from 5:00pm India time. Dates for other transmissions during the season will also be sent to you.


November 2020 to January 2021
For November, December and January the DF Program Team will be designing some highly creative programs.  Details will follow.
February to April 2021
For February to April... as we understand Drama will decide the form the second half of the Madhuban Season will take and we will send the design as soon as it is possible.

In Baba's yaad,
DF Program Team:  
Celia, Chris, Dorothy, Manda, Marcelo, Nita, 

Petra, Pratiba, Suman, Sona, Trish, Vijai





Message from the RCs

10 September 2020

Dear Centre Coordinators,


Please find below a message from the RCs which we would like you to share with the family.  Please do send to all the BK students in your connection.


Also below is a link to a recording of this message for those who may prefer to listen.


With love,

In Baba's yaad,



On behalf of the RCs


Message from the RCs


Dear Brothers & Sisters, Most lovely and respected members of the Brahmin family from around the world,


Greetings of love from the Regional Coordinators.  According to the time, we feel the need to connect with you and share occasional messages and subtle signals for how together we can fulfill both our responsibilities and Baba’s hopes during this time of increased fragility and unpredictability.


Baba has told us that things will happen suddenly and to be ever ready.  This means being free of fear and uncertainty about how our centres will run or what might happen. By remaining merged in Baba’s remembrance with the awareness that “nothing is mine; everything belongs to You” we become accurate instruments.  Baba’s company will give us power to face all situations.  Managing our centers and our service is made easy when we follow shrimat accurately. If you are unsure about anything, talk things through with your fellow centre residents, and if something is still unclear, discuss the situation with a senior.  


The strong energies and extreme conflicts emerging in the outer world are part of these times when all karmas are resolved.  Our role is to continuously do subtle checking of the intellect, remain apart from these conflicts and remove any waste as we bring our perfect form in front of us. Our spiritual journey is an inner one, taken through our minds and intellects and ultimately beyond both into silence and stillness.


When we remain in the constant company of Baba, the quality of our yoga will be high.  By sustaining that clear link, we will be able to take His guidance on big decisions and even on small things.  Most important now is our stage.  By making our stage stable and powerful, by being loving and detached we will be able to face any test.  By wearing our costume of light, made of the subtle threads of pure vibrations, we are able to bring the gifts of love, peace, compassion and kind-heartedness to the troubled souls of the world.  It’s in these times, especially where many of us are being asked to be more ‘isolated’, we have this opportunity to accumulate the power of silence and do mansa seva together.


While Baba’s vision has been our protection, time is calling us to live and to share that vision as we serve selflessly to bring peace to a world in conflict and love to hearts filled with animosity and fear.  In this way we also pass on the sustenance we ourselves have received.


As we bring establishment closer this is also the time for love and unity in the Brahmin family, for harmony among the instruments in all of Baba’s places.  Now is the time to pack up and create both the intention and the ethos that will keep us together as we create a new world with a new consciousness.  Each one of us, in this divine world family, is a humble instrument for this.


With love, in Baba’s yaad,

BK Nirmala on behalf of the RCs:

BK Mohini, BK Jayanti, BK Sudesh, BK Vedanti and BK Chakradhari


Link for the recorded message from the RCs:






51 points from Dadi Prakashmaniji's teachings

25 August 2020

Dear Centre Coordinators,


Please find attached 51 Points from Dadi Prakashmaniji's teachings in English and Hindi which can be read in class.


In Baba's yaad,

BK Raju

Murli Department, Madhuban



English Version


Hindi Version






Shri Krishna Janamashtami Blessings are Available

10 August 2020

Dear Divine Instruments, Please download a pdf file of 90 blessing cards (9 per page; English only) for Shri Krishna Janamashtami here: https://bit.ly/3fG9A60

Happy Janamashtami!


The Onelink Team



For your attention

5 August 2020

Dear NCs and CCs,


We hope you are all well, under Baba's canopy of protection.


You may recall that the note below was sent to all centres four years ago regarding the “Alchemy Group”. It seems that the group is still active and so we again wish to remind you that the Alchemy group does not represent Brahma Kumaris in any way.


In Baba’s yaad,



---------- Forwarded message ----------

Date: 18 August 2016 at 20:47

Subject: For your attention


Dear NCs and CCs, the Jewels of Baba's Rosary,


Greetings of peace and love.


We are writing to make you aware of a recurring situation, which may cause confusion or even disservice among your students and contacts. A group of brothers who refer to themselves as the “Alchemy Group” has been distributing films (the Polaris film for example) and papers claiming to offer scientific research and connecting that research with Brahma Kumaris and/or with incorporeal God Shiva. The material they’re distributing includes assertions that are at odds with orthodox science (such as that the earth is actually flat or that astronauts never landed on the moon). They have recently begun submitting their papers to scientific conferences in various countries.


We have formally requested that they stop connecting their work with the Brahma Kumaris or referencing Incorporeal God Shiva, but it is not clear that they have stopped making these connections. We are therefore writing to alert you to the possibility that those in your connection might receive material from these brother or that you may be approached to support them or to facilitate their success in some way. They may use the name “Alchemy Group” or they may approach you as individuals, Moninder, Dyaneswar, Santosh and Hemant.


We hope this letter will help you to take quick and informed action if any of your contacts or students are approached. If you are approached by them to facilitate their activities, please contact your RC immediately.


In Baba’s yaad,

BK Dr. Nirmala on behalf of the RCs





For Americas Region Instruments: Sr Mohini's Rakhi Message with Translations

24 July 2020

Om Shanti and Warm Greetings for Rakshabandhan,

May Baba's canopy of protection be always over you and the thread of avyakt love keep you close.


We have shared Sr Mohini's Rakhi message and four translations, for both BKs and the public. Two word files are also included which you can customize to send out to your contacts and BK students.


With special love for this special festival during this special time.


The Regional Office for Sr Mohini


Click on each image to download.








Progress Report on the Health & Hygiene and Water Project - Madhuban Campuses

22 July 2020

Dear NCs, NCTs & CCs,

Om shanti and loving greetings from Madhuban.


COVID 19 has brought many surprises as well as gifts. Here in Shantivan, almost all work had stopped for 2 months and no labour are allowed into the campus. In all three campuses, it has given the residents to ’spring clean’ and many have appreciated it. The atmosphere of tapasya is intensifying everywhere. In the last few weeks we have also restarted the work on the finishing of the Water Treatment Plant project in Shantivan.  


Of course, such times have brought an even more intense focus on improving Health and Hygiene in all our campuses. To safeguard our immediate future, we are making water safety and kitchen/food hygiene a top priority. 


In this light - our focus over the next 6 - 8 months is the following:


Phase 1 - Finishing Shantivan WTP + Vegetable Area expansion  

Phase 2 - Pandav Bhavan WTP and Gyan Sarovar WTP installation 

Phase 3 - Dishwashers for Shantivan and Gyan Sarovar


* WTP = Water Treatment Plant


Please find attached a summary report of the works so far.


With everyone's finger of co-operation we will fulfill Baba's unlimited task.


If you have any queries or feedback, please do contact your RC for further details.


In Baba’s yaad,

Dr Nirmala 

On behalf of the HH Steering Committee


Attachment1:  Instructions for Indian and Foreign Passport Holders

Attachment 2: Donation Letter/Form

Attachment 3: Progress Report of HH/Water (pdf file)






Templates for Rakhi Flyer and Blessings Available on Onelink

22 July 2020

Dear NCs, NCTs and CCs,


Templates for Rakhi blessings and flyer are now available on Onelink.

Please go here: https://bit.ly/3fQuFM8 to access the 2020 Rakhi flyer and blessing templates (you will need to enter your Onelink login).


Flyer SAMPLE (Venue, Date, Time, etc are customizable):


In Baba's yaad,

Onelink Team






The Program for Rakhi 2020

11 July 2020

Dear Centre Coordinators,


Greetings of love. We hope that you are all well and being sustained by Baba in various ways. We hear wonderful news of the sustenance programmes taking place via the internet. Gradually countries are coming out of lockdown, of course each one at a different pace depending on the situation.


Many of you are asking about the system for Rakhi this year. Rakhi day is on Monday 3rd August. In many countries social distancing measures and guidance for hygiene still apply because of Covid 19 and also we do not know when there may be another ‘spike’ in infections. Keeping this in mind, you may like to follow the system that Madhuban is adopting this year for Rakhi.


Rakhi will be given in a bag that would also contain toli, fruit, and a blessing, along with drishti. There will be no tilak. The bag can be given in such a way as to avoid hand to hand touching. A powerful Bhatti programme can be organised around the giving of the Rakhi so that BKs definitely have the powerful experience of renewing their promise to Baba.


Of course, please do check whether such a gathering is allowed in your country. Otherwise you may need to plan something online.


With loving regards,

In Baba’s yaad,







Event for 28 June to close the International Week of Yoga

28 June 2020

Dear Centre Coordinators,


You would have received a notice recently regarding the forthcoming event scheduled for 28th June – at the close of the "International Week of Yoga", for the public.


However, some of you may wish to show it at another time that is convenient as the programme has stand-alone content. Please do share with family, friends, contacts and general public.


As promised, attached you will find 2 customizable posters as word documents.


1)     Poster version for those airing at their own time locally and on their own zoom channel


This poster is a word document and so you can edit it, to put in the date, time and channel for airing that is specific to your centre.  You can also copy and paste for social media purposes.


2)     Poster version for those airing at 4 PM in UK on the UK YouTube channel 


This poster is also a word document that you may edit.  It is specifically if you wish people to tune in to the UK YouTube channel on Sunday 28th June at 4pm UK time.


Below is a link to a 30 second video promo together with scripts in main languages.


We hope you enjoy the event!

With love,

In Baba’s yaad, 


RC Trustees


Promo Video:



Promo in English Transcript


Promo in French Translation of the Transcript


Promo in Hindi Translation of the Transcript


Promo in Spanish Translation of the Transcript


Promo in Portugese Translation of the Transcript


Heart Centre Template - UK Time


Heart Centre Template - Own URL






8 Postures of the Heart - in Honor of the International Week of Yoga

25 June 2020

Dear Centre Coordinators, 


Greetings of love. Brother Brij Mohan has had the inspiration to create a special video with representation of BKs around the world in honor of the International Day of Yoga. Because there was so much happening on June 21, we decided to create the video for the end of the "International Week of Yoga".


It is a 1-hour video created for public viewing, that tells the story of the soul's search for God in 8 "chapters" starting with seeking, then meeting, then purifying...and so on to surrendering.  In each chapter there is 1 BK storyteller and 1 BK musician.  Most are souls you know well -- Sister Jayanti, Brothers Charlie and Ken, Sister Aruna, Brother David, Sister Asmita from India and so on.  It's a beautiful and inspiring story and it is intended to serve long after the International Day of Yoga is over.  It's produced by Brother Eric (Montreal) and edited by Sister Anoli (New Jersey).


Attached you will find a pdf poster that says -- in a simple way for those at the centre -- what we just explained in this letter.  In the next day or two you will receive a customizable digital poster to share with your extended family and friends. It will invite you to fill in the time you will air it on YouTube and the url for your YouTube channel. It will also include the URL for the UK YouTube channel where it will air at 4 pm GMT on Sunday, June 28.  You may also want to arrange for a "viewing party" at the center.


In Baba's remembrance, 


The RC trustees







A Second Invitation from the Exquisite Exchanges Team

24 June 2020




Cancellation Notice: The Peace of Mind Meditation Experience 2-8 October 2020

24 June 2020




Dear Centre Coordinators,


Unfortunately, we need to cancel this year’s Peace of Mind meditation experience, which was scheduled to be held in Gyan Sarovar, Mt Abu from 2 – 8 October 2020. 


Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the restrictions on international travel, together with the on-site challenges of hosting the program, mean that it is not feasible to hold the program this year.

We hope that we will be able to organise for the Peace of Mind program to be re-scheduled for early October 2021.


In anticipation of the 2021 Peace of Mind program, potential guests can see information about the program on the website http://www.peaceofmindretreat.org.


Thanks, In Baba’s Yaad,

The Peace of Mind Co-ordinating Team

Email: peaceofmind@brahmakumaris.org 




21 Masterclasses notification 7-27 June

8 June 2020

Dear Centre Coordinators,


Om Shanti, hope you are all well.


Since the lockdown, a small international co-ordinating group have been working on a new series of programmes called 21 Masterclasses in New Consciousness. The aim has been to give an international response to the situation with Covid-19 worldwide and shine a light on some of the issues that have come up as a result.


These programmes will be hosted on the London YouTube channel (each one around 45 minutes, including a guided meditation commentary) as well as the Awakening Channel beginning this Sunday 7th June and continuing until Saturday 27th June.


Whilst the programmes are aimed at the general public, they will of course be of interest to the wider BK family as well. A huge amount of effort has been put into producing each episode so we are keen to publicise the series as widely as possible in order to really make an impact.


We very much hope that 21 Masterclasses will shed some light on who the Brahma Kumaris are and how we think, in a very natural way. We have deliberately chosen an interview format in the hopes that the conversational style will come across as engaging, with each of the contributors sharing something of their personal story and speaking about gyan in the context of their own spiritual journey.


Please post the attached promo and links on your social media platforms and extend to your contacts and friends. The YouTube url is www.youtube.com/brahmakumarisuk and https://www.facebook.com/21MasterClassesInNewConsciousness/ 


More information is attached in PDF document.


Best wishes and much appreciation for your help.


In Baba’s yaad,

21 Masterclasses Team

Philippa, Sharona, Antonella, Marta, Yogesh, Morni & Pratiba 






14 Exquisite Exchanges with My Future Life - A reflective journal with exercises

19 May 2020

Dear Centre Coordinators,

(Please share this with your students)


We are writing regarding an artfully designed reflective journal with exercises which invite users to contemplate and explore their future life. The journal can be printed out and used individually, or as a Centre activity over a weekend or a two-week period. The journal comes with a simple resource kit which includes audio links of recorded exquisite ‘secrets’, future form ‘tasters’ by seniors, an educational video link and ideas for suggested uses. 


Our Respected RCs have given their blessings to this journal.


More information about the journal can be found on the attached. To receive a soft copy of the journal and the resource pack, please email us at: exquisite.exchanges@au.brahmakumaris.org  


Much love,
The Exquisite Exchange Team

Charlie, Judy J, Manda, Petra, Trish, Waddy


Click here for Invitation Letter in PDF format.






Age 16-40? For all BK young adults - Online session with Sr Jayanti - 18th April

17 April 2020

Dear Center Co-ordinators,


On Saturday 18th April, 2020 @ 2.15 PM Indian Standard Time, Sr Jayanti will be kicking off the first in a series of online programmes specifically designed for BK young adults (aged between 16 - 40) and youth instruments who hold responsibility in the yagya.  It is also open to those 'youth graduates' (outside the age range) who have participated in previous IYF programmes or have been involved in local/national youth service in their areas.


Please find attached below the invitation flyer (in pdf  and jpeg format).  

Please Register as the space is limited bkiyf.eventbrite.com.

Timings are as follows:

Sydney – 18:45

Delhi – 14:15

London – 09:45

New York – 04:45

Nairobi – 11:45.  

Zoom Event Link is: brahmakumaris.zoom.us/i/2210824743 Meeting ID: 2210824743


Sr Devindree (from South Africa) will be moderating the conversation.  It will be an interactive conversation on the theme of 'Call of the Time NOW'.  If you have any questions please send them to her in advance at musgrave@za.brahmakumaris.org.


Please forward this invitation to all BK young adults in your country and region.


Many thanks,

In Baba's yaad

BK Gopi on behalf of the IYF Online Programmes Team





Recording of the United Yoga Bhatti Master Class with Sister Manda and Sister Waddy

14 April 2020

The United Yoga Bhatti Master Class on ancestor soul, Dadi Janki took place with Sister Manda and Sister Waddy on April 12th at 6:45 am New York time and 4:15 pm Indian time. Sister Jayanti was unable to conduct the Master Class from Madhuban due to technical difficulties


Calling on all BKs worldwide to come together daily by having 15 minutes of collective yoga with the same aim and objective at the same time worldwide, Sister Manda and Sister Waddy opened this United Yoga Bhatti with a Master Class on The Yogi Life of Dadi Janki.





Official Obituary of Dadi Janki for the Media

31 March 2020


Dear NCs/NCTs, Loving greetings from Madhuban,


Below is an obituary for our dear Dadi Janki. You may use this to send particularly to national newspapers and any online media in your contact.


With love,

in Baba's yaad,

BK Jayanti



Passing of Dadi Janki, Spiritual Head of Brahma Kumaris,

the world's largest spiritual organisation run by women,

on Friday 27th March 2020



INDIA -- Dadi Janki Kirpalani, who led the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, a spiritual movement of over a million people, died on Friday in Mt. Abu, India.  She was 104.  The cause was a heart attack.


Born in Sindh, in northern India, it was clear from an early age that she was called to a spiritual life.  This was considered impossible in India, where spiritual leaders were almost exclusively men.  As with most girls in India at that time, she received only three years of formal schooling.  But at her request her father took her on pilgrimages all over India when she was still a girl, introducing her to many sages and saints.  Though she saw impressive demonstrations of devotional practice and special physical powers, none of this satisfied her. 


At 19, while walking with her father in her hometown of Hyderabad, Sindh, a province in northern India that became part of Pakistan after the 1947 partition, they encountered Dada Lekraj, a highly respected jeweller in Sindh, whom she had known since childhood.  Later she described that encounter as a moment that changed her life.   She said that as he approached, his image dissolved into a field of light and she felt transported beyond the physical world into a timeless dimension and engulfed in pure love.  Certain that he was somehow connected with the truth she had been seeking, she requested to go to the spiritual gatherings or satsangs he had begun holding in his home.


But Indian tradition required that young women be married according to a choice made by their parents, and this was her fate.  Newly married, her husband refused her request, making her a virtual prisoner in her home, occasionally even beating her.


Eventually, Janki’s father realized he had made a terrible mistake in marrying her off and helped her escape to Karachi, where a small community that had grown up around Lekraj had moved in 1939.  This community eventually became known as the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, and the spiritual knowledge they taught on the soul, God and time was the focus of the remaining 80 years of her life.


After the 1947 partition of India, the group moved from Karachi to Mt Abu, Rajasthan.  Then in 1974, Janki, now called Dadi, which means senior sister in Hindi, was asked to go to London and to begin serving what they called “the foreign lands”.  With a tiny Air India bag and two white saris and knowing only a few words of English, she moved to a small flat in a poor part of the city.  A door became her makeshift bed.  She very soon met a handful of young westerners who were to become lifelong supporters of the work of the movement outside India.  She was also accompanied from those earliest days by Sister Jayanti, daughter of Murli and Rajani Kirpalani, a Sindhi couple already living in London.


Word of the teachings gradually spread across the UK, and then across the world, where the spiritual university now has a presence in about 130 countries.


Those who studied with Dadi Janki during the years in which the movement underwent such massive expansion remember her relentless drive – her sheer force of will - that they should follow her example in study, remembrance of God, and service.  


Despite teaching non-attachment, Dadi Janki was not afraid to engage deeply with those she saw as potential helpers in the task of guiding humanity through difficult times ahead.  This gave many the inspiration to go beyond normal limitations and to embark on the tough task of personal, social, and world renewal.


She developed real love for those she met abroad, commenting on their honesty, sincerity, and openness. And they developed a deep love for her wisdom, courage, and persistent friendship that lasted the rest of her life.


She was tireless, accepting invitations to speak in city after city, to be a Wisdom Keeper at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, and to speak at the United Nations, where, in 1983 the Brahma Kumaris had become a non-governmental organization with general consultative status.


She gave equal time and love to those leading ordinary lives and to the scientists, prime ministers, and well-known people who came to know her.  Robin Gibb of the popular British singing group, the Bee Gees, wrote a song in her honour, “Mother of Love”, that he performed at Wembley Arena in 2006.


In 2007, Dadi Prakashmani, the then head of the Brahma Kumaris, passed on, and Janki was called back to India to lead the organization.  She was 91.  For the next 13 years, she regularly addressed groups of 20,000 or more at the Mt Abu headquarters.   She took her last international trip in 2019, when she traveled from Dubai to Nairobi, then to London and New York.


Her health began to fail in February.  Finally, her small body, fragile since childhood, was taken to the Global Hospital, in Mt Abu, where breathing difficulties and a heart attack finished her life and service.  Normally, an invitation would have gone out to tens of thousands of Brahma Kumaris and their friends and contacts to come to India for a final farewell.  But with the COVID-19 virus closing borders and grounding flights, her life was celebrated in a small ceremony in the ashram to which she had come in 1950, a simple ending for one who had devoted herself to simplicity and truth.


Downloadable Images

  1. Dadi Janki Portrait
  2. Dadi Janki meeting HE Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi
  3. Dadi Janki speaking at the Parliament of the World's Religions, Barcelona, Spain, 2004
  4. Dadi Janki speaking at the United Nations Conference, Habitat II, Istanbul, Turkey, 1996
  5. Dadi Janki with Religious and Spiritual Leaders during the Millenium World Peace Summit, United Nations, New York, USA, 2000
  6. Signing of Manifesto 2000 at the BK launch of UN International Year for the Culture of Peace at House of Commons (17 April '00)
  7. Tribute to Dadi Janki from Indian PM Narendra Modi ( https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/brahmakumaris-chief-dadi-janki-passes-away-pm-modi-expresses-grief/articleshow/74842617.cms )



Media contact

(please add details)


Editors Note

(please add details of your national organisation, website, registration number, logo etc)





True Self Esteem Course now available

9 March 2020

Dear Center Coordinators,


We are very pleased to announce that the True Self-Esteem Course is now available in two versions: one that has materials for four sessions and one that has materials for five sessions. Both versions consist of comprehensive Facilitator's Notes and new modern PowerPoints. Both versions are now available on Onelink.  


To access them:

  1. Visit https://tiny.cc/7hoaiz

  2. Click on the blue “Sign In” button and log in using the generic username onelink.courses and the password course4all. You will now see a folder for the True Self-Esteem course as well as folders for the previous courses.

REMEMBER: Those of you who are CCs, NCs, Board Members, Center Residents, and authorized Right Hands who have been regularly accessing other classified materials on Onelink will not need to use the generic login. Your regular login will enable you to download these materials. To navigate to the courses once you are logged in:

1.      Go the the “Resources” menu

2.     Click on the folder icon labeled “English”.

3.     Click on the “Course Materials” folder and you will see the folder for the True Self-Esteem course which contains the two versions of the course.


If you are a CC, NC, Board Member, Center Resident, and authorized Right Hand who would like access to the other classified Resources but have forgotten your login, please send a message to contact.onelink@brahmakumaris.org.


If you have any feedback or queries about the True Self-Esteem, please send a message to the following email courses@brahmakumaris.org.  


If you have difficulty accessing the courses, please send an email to contact.onelink@brahmakumaris.org.


We hope you enjoy facilitating the True Self-Esteem course.


Best wishes,

Newness in Learning Team





BK Mental Health Professionals - request to nominate

5 March 2020

Dear NCs, NCTs and CCs,


Re: BK Mental Health Professionals - request to nominate


Om shanti.  As it has been ten years since you were last asked to nominate BKs who are mental health professionals to be part of the BK Mental Health Advisory Group, we would like to ask you if there are any additional people you would like to nominate. Any person nominated must be approved by their NC/NCT and RC before becoming part of the BK MH Advisory Group.


You may nominate a variety of professionals to the BK Mental Health Advisory Group including psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, counselors, social workers, psychiatric nurses and physicians interested in mental health.  Should you choose to nominate someone, please seek the approval of your NC/NCT and RC and only then send the name to your regional MH core team coordinator. Diane Tillman is the MH core team coordinator for the Americas, Gopi Elton for the Asia Pacific, Dr. Sarah Eagger for Europe and Russia, CIS and the Baltic Countries, and Dr. Kala Mistry for the UK and Africa. Their emails are in the attached file.


The attached file lists the people currently on the BK Mental Health Advisory Group. These 57 people were nominated by their CCs and approved by their NCs/NCTs  and RC as being long time sensible BKs and mental health professionals who as part of their service are willing to be consulted regarding mental health issues that arise.


As written in “Promoting Mental Health: A Resource for Care and Wellbeing” (available on Onelink under Resources/English/Mental Health Documents)


Consulting with Your Regional Mental Health Advisory Group — It is expected that each country will use its normal BKWSU infrastructure in communicating. That is, Center Coordinators will communicate their concerns about particular situations and students to their immediate senior teacher and/or NC/NCT as needed. However, each region/country will have access to a Mental Health Advisory Group as a resource to centers and the national team when and if there are situations in which consultation is desired.


With love,

In Baba’s yaad,




Click here for BK Advisory Group Details.




Update on Accommodation for Group 9 – Arr 25-26 Feb – Dep 11-12 March

4 February 2020

Dear Centre Coordinators,

As there will be the 25th Anniversary Celebrations of Gyan Sarovar happening during the Group 9 dates, Double Foreigners cannot be accommodated in Gyan Sarovar between 25th February (the arrival date for this group) and 1st March.
We are therefore inviting Double Foreigners to stay in Pandav Bhavan during this time and to kindly understand that only dormitory accomodation can be offered and that it will be necessary to stay in dormitory rooms during this time
The Double Foreign Program will run in Pandav Bhavan for these days and continue in Gyan Sarovar after 2nd March. 
Those who cannot manage with dormitories, and require smaller rooms for health reasons or rooms for couples, can stay in Shantivan till 2nd March. Those who are Hindi speakers who wish to stay in Shantivan will be most welcome to stay there.


If any students wish to stay in Shantivan, then please have your Travel Coordinator mention this in the 'Comments' section on the DF Travel Database.
From 2nd to 4th March it will be possible for groups to start to shift to Gyan Sarovar. As the group is large, numbers and timings for shifting will be announced.  

Many thanks for your understanding with this change in accommodation arrangements, and we hope to take this opportunity to make this an extra powerful time for the group
In Baba’s yaad,




2020 Shivratri Flyer and Blessing Templates Now Available

4 February 2020

Dear Instruments,

Please go here: https://bit.ly/2Si1Mh7 to access the 2020 Shiv Ratri flyer and blessing templates.

SAMPLE (Venue, Date, Time, etc are customizable):



Revised Stress Free Living and Positive Thinking courses available on Onelink

20 January 2020

Dear Centre Co-ordinators


Wishing you a beautiful 18th January and special experience with Avyakt Brahma,


We are very pleased to announce that our regular Stress-Free Living and Positive Thinking courses have been revised.   Both courses consist of comprehensive Facilitator's Notes which we hope are easy to follow and new modern PowerPoints. Each course has materials for four sessions.  Just as the Positive Thinking course has the famous SOS (Stand back, Observe, Steer) tool, the Stress-Free Living course has a new tool with the acronym OAR (Observe, Accept, Respond) and the slogan ‘Be Present, Stay Light....Remember…..’ for each session.


Both of these revised courses are now available on Onelink.  You will need to log in to access them, as they are under the Resources menu, which is hidden to the general public. Please visit https://tiny.cc/7hoaiz or go to http://onelink.brahmakumaris.org/resources / English / Course Materials / to view.  Please note that as they have been created in the UK, these course materials use UK English.


There has been considerable time and creative input from many people for these revisions to have happened and we would like to take this opportunity to send them our heartfelt thanks for helping to make this happen. 


If you have any feedback or queries about either of these courses, please send a message to the following email courses@brahmakumaris.org.


We hope you enjoy facilitating these courses.


Best wishes,

Newness in Learning Team




Reminder to register for the Self Compassion Retreat – 29 Feb to 2 March - for those 15 years and above in gyan 

20 January 2020

Warmest greetings,


We are writing to remind you about the Self Compassion Retreat for those 15 years and above in gyan


29 February (pm) & 1 - 2 March. Total of 2.5 Days in Gyan Sarovar.


As Baba's children we have the knowledge that our true nature is of compassion and love but we often still treat ourselves harshly. The Self-Compassion workshop includes experiential exercises which will help us to recognise how we are sometimes unkind and subtly violent towards ourselves and how we can learn to respond in a kinder and more compassionate way. This choice is done because we care about ourselves and realise that if we really want to motivate ourselves, love is more powerful than fear.  The emphasis is on building resources rather than addressing old wounds, and positive change occurs naturally as we develop our capacity to be kinder to ourselves. We have also heard that we shouldn’t give or take sorrow and this course will give us some practical skills on how to achieve this.


Maximum 30 participants Facilitator: Sarah Eagger, UK


It is important to attend the full two and a half day retreat 


Students who are interested in this retreat should register by email at dfseason@brahmakumaris.org


In Baba’s yaad,

DF Program Team




Directions for DF Pilgrims coming for February/March meetings

20 January 2020

Dear NCs, CCs and Travel Coordinators, Greetings and love from Baba's home of tapasya!


1)  As the busy DF Season is soon to begin in a few weeks, it would be appreciated if itineraries of pilgrims coming for the February and March Avyakt meetings are uploaded onto the DF Travel Database as early as possible. 


As mentioned earlier, those with special requests for accommodation need to avoid 20 February and 6 March Avyakt meetings.


2)  It saves a lot of time to have the Government Form C filled out, and copies of the passport ID page and visa page attached, to be submitted on arrival at the Accommodation Department.


3)  Many NCs/CCs/Centre Residents may be visiting ORC or other cities for various programmes during February or March, so please ensure that their dates of departure from Madhuban and return to Madhuban (if applicable) are clearly added to the DF Travel Database.


After registering for their respective Retreats, pilgrims need to ensure that their details are also uploaded onto the DF Travel Database.


With good wishes,

BK Shashi




Invitation to the Spirit of Care Retreat, 7-9 March 2020, Gyan Sarovar

12 January 2020

Reuniting with our pure essence:

The real art of caring


Dear Centre Coordinators, dear all,


The cycle of time is ending, and new beginnings call.


We are coming to completion, and like the conch shell echoing in the distance, we hear the call of time and of our hearts. The call to shake old identities, reunite with our original self and return once more to the pure essence of our being.


To do this we need to remember… remember who we are and the art of caring and kindness: caring for ourselves, others, the world and for nature - our companion.

But how can we keep the balance? How can we find the energy needed for this enquiry, for this journey back to our essence?


The spirit of care is a beautiful, unique retreat that gives us the luxury of time and space for spiritual enquiry. Time to reflect on the journey towards authenticity and freedom.


We invite you to spend 3 days to explore, share and learn as we clear the blocks on our journey forward. We will reconnect with the self and the One, ignite the flames of yoga and create the energy needed to bring us resilience and stamina.


This is time spent in the sacred sanctuary of Madhuban, with yourself and others. Time to create a map that guides us, and leads us to reunite with the purity, strength and beauty of our divine essence…..



Registration is only available ONLINE. Please follow the link:  brahmakumaris.org/r/spirit-of-care 

Madhuban forms and travel details are to be submitted in the usual way, via the local centres.


If you do not speak English fluently, please make sure with your national coordination teams that there will be someone in Madhuban who can translate for you during the retreat. If you have any questions please contact valeriane.bernard@ch.brahmakumaris.org.


Spirit of Care Retreat March 2020:

6 March               : 10.30am                  Registrations

7 March               : from 10.00am       Pure essence

8 March               : from 9.30am         Reuniting

9 March               : till 21.30 pm          Flying


In Baba’s yaad,

Spirit of Care Retreat Team



Click here to download PDF format of the Retreat details.




Invitation to International BK Gujarati Retreat 2020

12 January 2020

Dear Centre Coordinators,


 Om Shanti. Please find enclosed an invitation to the  International BK Gujarati Retreat 2020 which will be held at the Serve Africa Retreat Centre in Nairobi, Kenya.


The theme for the retreat is Recharge Yourself - Reuniting with our Pure Essence

 The retreat will be held from:  Arrival Fri 10th April – Depart Thurs 16th April 2020

There will also be the opportunity to spend two nights in Masai Mara National Park.


It will be a beautiful chance to attend the retreats and receive sustenance from seniors and meet the international BK Gujarati families which will recharge, motivate and strengthen you in your efforts.


Please pass on this invitation to those students from the Gujarati background who would be interested in attending the retreat. 


For more information or registration please send an email to sarc@brahmakumaris.org 


In Baba's yaad,

Sr Vedanti




Important notification about OCI cardholders

3 January 2020

Dear NCs/NCTs,


Please circulate this information to those brothers and sisters from your country who may be OCI cardholders (Overseas Citizen of India).


In Baba's yaad,





Dear Divine Brothers & Sisters, Om shanti.


Please see below about Overseas Citizen of India cardholders (OCI). This is the latest update from the Government of India on the validity of the OCI card when travelling to India.


Please arrange to circulate to all BK non-resident Indians around the globe.


In Godly sewadhari,

BK CA. Lalit


Click here for PDF format of the Press Release.