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Invitation to the Spirit of Care Retreat 12-14 Feb 2019

31 October 2018

Invitation to the Spirit of Care Retreat

12 - 14th Feb 2019, Gyan Sarovar

 From your inner sanctuary –

Open your wings and fly


Dear Center Co-ordinators,


Hello and Om Shanti. We are delighted to share with you details of the sixth Spirit of Care Retreat to be held in Gyan Sarovar. This is a warm and open invitation to each member of our beautiful Brahmin Family.


We all have our own silent, safe and wise place within us - at the epi-centre of our soul.

The place where the light burns brightest....


A ‘sanctuary’ of our own ... a sacred place within where we can take refuge and find peace ... a place where God’s presence waits patiently for our return.


With one thought we can be there... to find peace, re-connection, love and the wisdom of insight...


Here in our inner sanctuary we can be free from the constraints of the world. Free to heal the self, our relationship with others, empower nature and the elements, and sit in God’s presence.


We would be happy if you could join us to explore this inner sanctuary over 3 days at this the 10th anniversary of the Spirit of Care retreat. We will explore the sacredness, silence and greatness our inner sanctuary offers us....


Spread your wings and fly free.... 



Registration is only available ONLINE.  Please follow the link: brahmakumaris.org/r/spirit-of-care

Madhuban forms and travel details are to be submitted in the usual way, via the local centres.


If you do not speak English fluently, please make sure with your national coordination teams that there will be someone in Madhuban who can translate for you during the retreat. If you have any questions please contact valeriane.bernard@ch.brahmakumaris.org.


Spirit of Care Retreat February 2019:

11 Feb        4 - 5:30 pm    Registrations

12 Feb        The inner sanctuary

13Feb         Baba’s gift of freedom

14 Feb        till 9.30 pm     Flying


In Baba’s yaad,

Spirit of Care Retreat Team





2018 Diwali templates have been uploaded in the Resources section of Onelink

25 October 2018

The 2018 Diwali templates for flyers and blessings have been uploaded in the Resources section of Onelink: Go to Resources, then English, then Special Occasion Kits, then Diwali and scroll to the folder Diwali_2018. 

Or click this link:




March Silence Retreat at ORC

25 October 2018

Dear Centre Coordinators,
There will be a Silence Retreat at ORC from 3rd to 8th March. Arrivals will be on 3rd March and  departures after breakfast on 8th March, and we encourage all those who would like to stay on for the Delhi Double Foreigners program to remain in ORC on 9th and 10th of March.

The Delhi event will be held at the Indira Gandhi stadium for around 30,000 people, Brij Mohan bhai, Ashaben and the Delhi family would love as many double foreigners as possible to stay and take part. We will send more details soon.
The Silence Retreat is aimed only for NCs, NCTs and CCs and those over 25 years in gyan.
More information about the Silence Retreat is enclosed in the invitation together with the link for registration which is also below:
In Baba's remembrance,
Silence Retreat Team



International Youth Forum Retreat Registrations for Dec 2018 & Jan 2019

14 October 2018

Om Shanti and Greetings of Love,


This email contains the invitations (jpeg/png attached) and online registration links for the IYF Retreats to be held in Madhuban (December 2018) and Delhi (Jan 2019).


We would appreciate it if you could organise for it to be circulated to all BK youth and centres in your area/region as soon as possible.  


The Young Yagya Instruments Retreat is by invitation only and we are checking with all NCO's separately about participation from their countries. Once participants are approved, they will receive a personal invitation.


This year we will offer an additional special retreat at ORC for International Youth and Bharat Youth together. It is by 'invitation only', and for youth who are already pukka in BK lifestyle. If you would like us to send a Youth from your country a personal invitation, please email their name and email address to iyf@brahmakumaris.org.


If you have any questions please send an email to iyf@brahmakumaris.org.


Thank you.


In Baba's yaad,

BK Maureen and BK Gopi



Save the Dates: NC & CCs 40 years and under, CNC Meeting, NC/CC Retreat, Board Retreat and Silence Retreat (ORC)

8 October 2018

Dear NCs & CCs, Loving Greetings.



18 – 19 Feb – Pre-retreat gathering of NCs & CCs 40 years and under (physical age)

20 – 21 Feb – CNC Meeting

21 – 27 Feb – NC/CC Retreat

28 Feb – 1 Mar – Board Retreat

4 – 7 Mar – Silence Retreat (ORC)


Arrivals and Departures – Manmohini Complex

The CNC Meeting, NC/CC Retreat, and BK Board Retreat will be held in Manmohini Complex in Shantivan, and you are invited to stay in Shantivan from the morning of 20th February onwards.  Departures will be on 28th February, except for those who will be attending the Board Retreat in Shantivan on 28th February and 1st March, for whom departures will be on 2nd March.


The Avyakt Meeting will be on 17th February or 3rd March for those attending the Retreats. 


Pre-retreat gathering of those NCs and CCs who are 40 years and under, of physical age

Again this season, there will be a gathering of those NCs and CCs who are 40 years and under, of physical age. This will take place in Gyan Sarovar on 18-19 February and more information will be sent to you.


CNC Meeting

The Meeting of the Council of National Co-ordinators will be held at Auditorium B, Manmohini Complex, starting at11am on 20th February, with Registration and Morning Tea at 10am, and conclude at 11am on 21st February 2019.  A separate invitation with more information and registration link will be sent to the NCs/NCTs closer to the time.


NC/CC Retreat

The NC/CC Retreat will be held from 21 - 27 February 2019 in Manmohini Auditorium in Shantivan. The theme we will be exploring for this year's retreat is ‘Nimit - Responsibility with Humility’.


Morning Tea and Registration for the NC/CC Retreat will be on 21st morning from 10.30am-11.30am, and the opening session of the NC/CC Retreat will be at 11.30am on 21st February. The retreat will conclude on the evening of 27th February at 7.30pm 


A special yoga bhatti will also be arranged for those not attending the CNC on 20th February evening.

Who can attend?

·   One National Coordinator plus one representative, or two members of the NCT;

·   One Board Member (to be invited by NC); and

·   Centre Coordinators


Board Retreat

The 5th BK Board Retreat will be held in the Auditorium in Manmohini Complex on 28th February and 1st March. This Retreat is specifically for Board Members and NCs/NCTs. The main theme of this year’s Board Retreat is Caring Management. In last year’s event, they explored spirituality in the Yagya administration including interviews with seniors, panel conversations, parallel sessions on practical and relevant matters, and also movement and fun! Participants appreciated the opportunity to get together and to know other board members, to explore the marriage of governance and spirituality, the integration of pure love and benevolent law. A separate invitation and registration link will be sent closer to the time.


Silence Retreat at ORC

There will be a Silence Retreat at ORC from 3rd to 8th March. Arrivals will be on 3rd March and the Retreat will finish on8 March, and we hope that people will stay on for the Delhi program on 9th and 10th. This is aimed only for NCs, NCTs and CCs and those over 25 years in gyan.


Event in Delhi

There will be a special event on 9th and 10th March in Delhi, previously attended by double foreigners from over 70 countries.  As many Double Foreigners as possible are welcome to attend and participate. For now this is just a diary note and we will be sending you more information.


Design Team

A design team representing all the regions is helping to plan the program for the retreat in consultation with us, and the Latin Americas are taking overall responsibility for hosting the retreat this year.


This email is to give you advance notice so that you may plan your time accordingly. More information will be emailed to you in the coming months with details on how to register and prepare for our time together.


We look forward to seeing you.


In Baba's yaad,





Rings for First Timers during their Madhuban Visit

8 October 2018

Dear Centre Coordinators,


Warmest greetings of love,


We are writing with regard to those BKs from your Centres who will be visiting Madhuban as 'first timers' this season.


As you know first timers are invited to join a ring ceremony during their Madhuban visit and in this ceremony all the first timers receive a special ring which signifies their commitment to this spiritual life. 


It is felt that for a commitment of this kind, it is appropriate that the person receiving the ring be 18 years or above. We thank you for your understanding and appreciate the patience of those who have not yet reached this age. When they do, their ring will be waiting for them. 


It would be wonderful if you could kindly convey this information to your students in advance of their Madhuban visit. 


Much love,

In Baba's yaad,




International BK Children's Retreat - 26 to 30 December, Gyan Sarovar (age group 6 - 12)

18 September 2018


Dear Centre Coordinators

Greetings of Love and Remembrance

Theme of International BK Children's Retreat 2018 is -
26th to 30th Dec 2018, GYAN SAROVER
(Age group 6 - 12)

As the time is heading towards the end of the cycle, reminding us about the Golden age, the team of ICR has chosen a very beautiful theme of this year 2018 - 'THE GOLDEN SPARROWS FOR GOLDEN ERA'

We warmly welcome the children from across the world to this 5 days retreat. In this beautiful retreat, children will enjoy the experience of their golden sanskars of ROYALTY, REALITY and DIVINITY. While being in the loving hands of the Goldsmith - BaapDada, they will also happily experience the transformation within...from real Gold to Golden Sparrows . These little Golden Sparrows can now fly from one branch to another, spreading the message of Golden Era through their glittering deity sanskars...and with a song in their hearts - 'We the Golden Sparrows are the one who will open the gate of the Golden Era.'  

All the BK children of age group 6-12 who are willing to participate in the International BK Children's Retreat this year are most welcome. Kindly register before 15th of December 2018 by filling the attached form. Please send the filled form to Sr Karen N asiaretreatcentre@brahmakumaris.org together with a copy to your NC. More information about the Retreat is attached.

·  There will be a special cultural evening on 30th December for the children. Those who want to present any cultural items, please bring your own costume along with you.
·  Children’s parent/guardian should accompany their child with an FM radio for BapDada’s meeting.

For any further information please contact Sr Meera meera.nagananda@my.brahmakumaris.org

In Baba's yaad,
Retreat Coordinators
International BK Children’s Retreat


Click here for International BK Children's Retreat Information Document


Click here for International BK Children's Retreat Personal Details Form






Essential Spirituality - A Series of 42 short videos by Sister Jayanti

12 September 2018


Dear Centre Coordinators,

We are happy to share with you the fruit of a collective work: "Essential Spirituality" – 42 short videos emerging from an insightful interview with Sister Jayanti aiming at offering a practical application of Baba’s knowledge for everyone. Please see it as a "tool box" that can be used for service in many ways. Here are some examples:
- Personal learning
- Video presentation during a public event, workshop or VIP meeting.
- Background for seminars that can be structured as a course offered at the centre on practical spirituality in daily life
- Sharing of the videos on Social Media with your local contacts
All the videos are available on the International Website at: http://www.brahmakumaris.org/


You can also see how this project has been launched at the same time by a spiritual group called "Conscious Good Media". They really found Sister Jayanti's talks inspiring and they wanted to post it on their website. It shows how Sister Jayanti's presentations are relevant and accessible to everyone. You can see their post here: www.consciousgood.com/profile/Sister-Jayanti
Please share and use these videos as much as possible so that their content can bring maximum benefit to all.


If you have any questions then please send an email to info@brahmakumaris.org

With loving regards to all,






Please Re-Register: Retreat with Center Residents,
Gita Pathashala Co-ordinators & Right Hands of Centres - October 2018

10 September 2018



Dear Centre Coordinators,

It seems there were a few problems with the registration website, so if anyone has registered, but not received an email confirmation, please ask them to re-register.

Also, please ask anyone who is joining this retreat to register by 23 September, and they should receive an email confirming their details.

Booking link: https://tinyurl.com/2018CR-GPC-RH-Retreat

The RCs are inviting all Centre Residents, Gita Pathshala coordinators and Right Hands of Centres to a retreat in Shantivan from 9-16 October 2018, with the theme of RIGHT HAND INSTRUMENTS FOR BABA.
The RCs felt that just as the NCs and CCs have a special annual retreat, that we should have a special retreat for all those living in centres, those coordinating Gita Pathshalas or Class Locations and those Brothers and Sisters that are very involved in service (and any Centre Coordinator who cannot attend the NC/CC Retreat next February 2019).
We want the retreat to fulfil your needs, so, even if you are not coming to the retreat, please fill the survey you will find on the website https://goo.gl/forms/Hqw9LpfKy3W4Ii3E2
Many of the seniors will be present to give quality time to create an atmosphere of sustenance and learning.
In Baba’s yaad, 


Booking link: https://tinyurl.com/2018CR-GPC-RH-Retreat